All Rise (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

The Tale of Three Arraignments

Previously on "All Rise"
This is David Sanders, strategist
for my Attorney General campaign.
- What'd you find?
- A big ol' ethical violation.
I'm withdrawing
from the Attorney General race.
I was just really looking
forward to seeing you,
especially since that blizzard
messed up last weekend.
Yeah, it's killing me, too.
Pack your stuff. You're benched.
I love you, too.
I'm not entirely sure, but it is
it's the best I can do.
Is that smile for me?
Who else would it be for?
Well, you could be enjoying
the hell out of that tea.
It is a damn good cup of tea.
Mmm. You're right. This is really good.
Come here.
Last night was nice.
I mean, it's always nice,
but last night was, um, different.
Not for you?
I love you.
Love you, too.
It feels weird.
What, this?
No, saying it. Saying "I love you."
- But you do love him.
- I know, but saying it
Well, you don't?
I don't know. What does that mean?
Em, stop. You need to
I see how you look at your Luke.
Don't doubt your feelings.
- I'm overthinking it.
- You're overthinking it.
Oh, I can't.
I just can't. I can't.
These poses are barbaric!
They're They're barbaric!
I can't believe I let her talk me
into doing this before work.
- Where are you?
- Culver City, turned around.
Don't even know
if I'm in the right place.
You want me to jump off
so you can check that address?
And let you off the hook? Mm-mm.
You know I wanna be there as much
- as you want me there, baby, but
- This case, I know.
Go. Go do you what you do.
Go be a kick-ass husband?
Love you.
Girl! When I got your call
- I wanted to surprise you.
- And you did.
- Coffee?
- You do love me.
Is all this for me?
Or is this newly minted judges
rock it these days?
I had a little time
this morning. You like?
I love it. Absolutely gorgeous.
I still can't believe you're a judge.
- I'm so proud.
- Thank you.
Now, me, I couldn't see myself
sitting on my ass all day.
- It isn't all day.
- Still, it's, you know
I'm sure we're not here
to discuss my ass.
I don't know. It's a pretty great ass!
Girl, stop. Now why am I here?
Rachel Audubon & Associates.
Rach, oh, my God. Are you serious?
You are gonna start your own firm?
Mm-hmm. We're gonna start off small,
but we will special in criminal
and civil litigation
where advocacy matters for the ones
often overlooked.
I remember. This is fantastic!
I couldn't be happier to have you back.
And I'm glad to hear it
'cause I am straight coming for you.
For me? Why? What? What?
To do what we talked about,
dreamed about.
I want you to join my firm.
Come on. Had to be a small
part of you that enjoyed it.
Yes, the part where I left.
Hold the door, please.
- She is gonna be extra today.
- Uh-huh.
- Where you headed?
- Arraignment court.
Ooh, good luck.
Hey, Em.
Relax. Let it be good.
- Ahem!
- All right.
Pamela Pinafore?
- Pamela?
- Over here!
- Pamela?
- Diamond.
- Excuse me?
- She prefers "Diamond."
Okay, then, Diamond, I'm Emily Lopez.
I'm an attorney with
the Public Defender's Office.
I'll be representing you.
Do you have anything
a little less revealing?
Okay, well, how about
how about we just
have you wear this one for court?
How long is this gonna take?
I'm sorry. Who are you?
- My uncle.
- Well, Uncle
Freddie. Name's Freddie.
Okay, uh, I need to speak
with my client Diamond,
so if you could just stand over there,
that would be most helpful. Thanks.
Any idea how long this is going to be?
The more questions,
the longer it's gonna be. Okay?
Your uncle seems really overprotective.
- Yeah, he gets like that.
- Oh.
All right. You are being
charged with drug possession
- with the intent to sell.
- Those drugs weren't mine.
Okay. We'll figure out
a way to show that.
Cops put a lot of things on you,
don't always make 'em true.
Well, we will have more time
to speak about this
after the arraignment.
Right now we just need to
Whatever you gotta do
to get Diamond out from under,
I will make it worth your while.
Okay. Let's
Let's get going.
Robin, you will not believe.
Rachel is starting her own firm.
Asked me to join. Call me.
- Join what?
- Morning, Lisa.
- I love your hair.
- Thank you.
Did you hear about Judge Reynolds?
- No, what happened?
- She needed emergency surgery.
- Skiing accident. Wasn't pretty.
- Mm.
Anyway, they need somebody
to take over arraignment court.
- I nominated you.
- But
It'll just be for the week.
I think it'll be good for you.
- Thanks for volunteering.
- But I didn't.
- Did she just say
- Arraignment court.
Ah, I knew something
like this could happen.
- Ooh, just the mere thought.
- What? What?
- Blowback, pure and simple.
- You think she's punishing me?
- For what?
- Of course she is.
Wait. Does arraignment
court pay overtime?
I knew she'd be a little unnerved,
peeved, even, but pissed?
At not being able to pursue
her track to the Senate,
fulfilling her dream to be
the first female President?
- Pissed.
- We may never see the light of day.
Judge Carmichael.
David Sanders, what are you doing here?
- Sherri, did I have a
- No, you didn't.
How did you get in here?
That's not the question
you should be asking.
The question you should be
asking is why
Okay, step away from the judge.
Why am I here? I underestimated you
A mistake I don't often make,
but now there's the issue
of your culpability
with upending my political calendar.
You want me to get him
out of here, Your Honor?
You just say the word.
No, thank you. I'm fine. Mr. Sanders,
you obviously have some things
you wanna get off your chest.
Indeed I do.
Then make an appointment
like everyone else.
Sorry, am I interrupting?
Oh, my God! What are you doing here?
Were you here this whole time?
You were messing with me this morning.
I wanted to surprise you. Surprise.
Three surprises in one morning.
I'm scared for the afternoon.
This is David Sanders,
Judge Benner's political strategist.
- Was.
- Was, yes.
And this is Robin Taylor, my husband,
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
- Nice meeting you.
- Same.
- You're busy.
- Mm-hmm.
We can continue
this conversation another time.
Oh, right this way, Mr. Sanders.
So that was David Sanders.
- According to the
- Ahem.
Great. Callan, you're here.
They're expecting you over at C.E.U.
The C.E The Charge Evaluation Unit?
Yes, one of the filing deputies
is out on maternity leave.
- Boss, no, I
- And they need help with the backlog.
Apps for arrest warrants
have been piling up.
Told them you're available
as long as they need you.
You can't be serious.
CEU is not a good thing?
It's where DDA's review case files.
And broken toys go to die.
Tony, follow the warrant.
It never takes this long with Goldstein.
- You have two witness accounts
- Whoa.
saying two different things.
But coming to the same conclusion.
Not helpful. Come on, Weber.
Give the DDA something
that a defense team
- can't tear apart.
- All right, Tony.
Can't cut in front of the others, son.
- Line's over there.
- Choi sent me down to help.
- Oh, Mark Callan.
- You're expecting me.
Well, nobody ever comes here
without being sent,
and you are early. I like that.
Try not to reinvent the wheel.
Detectives here are gonna always
try to get you to work faster.
Faster don't mean better down here.
That's Margaret's space.
- And coffee's over there.
- Thanks.
- Where you going?
- To get coffee.
- No time for that.
- You just told me to
We're about to be slammed
by a bunch of "here" bodies.
I do not have a lot of time
to hold your hand.
"Here" bodies?
Yeah, bodies here from jail
with pending arrests.
Charges have to be filed
against the arrestees
before the arrestees can be charged.
Can you handle that?
Sounds fairly straightforward.
Don't just stand there, son. Saddle up.
Arraignment court, day 1.
You should've taken me up
on my offer to take a vacation.
And have you face it alone?
We've got your back, Your Honor.
Well, thank you both. Appreciate you.
Besides, how bad could it be?
Oh, we are so not ready.
I'll just wait back here.
Call me when the bailiff is ready.
Chicken. Your Honor. Ooh.
Excuse me.
Maggie, Diamond Pinafore was caught
with only 10 grams of meth.
Drug possession is still a misdemeanor.
10 grams isn't enough
for sale standing alone.
Yes, but the opinion of the officer is
she possessed those 10 grams
with the intent to sell them.
All rise.
No other indicators
of sales were found
No scales, no packaging materials.
What the Carmichael?
Good morning, everyone.
You may be seated.
Maggie, can we at least
agree to discuss
On the record
in People vs. Pamela Pinafore,
- case BA889F43.
- Uh, stand up.
- Fine.
- Your Honor,
I'd like to waive time for arraignment
and set another court date.
- That okay with you, Ms. Palmer?
- Yes, Your Honor.
And dare I say how lovely
it is to see you here.
Yes, Ms. Palmer, I'm sure it is.
Very well, Ms. Pinafore,
we will see you back in
this courtroom in two days.
Thank you, Your Honor.
- People vs. Antonio Jose Alvarez.
- Okay, let's just go outside.
I need to head to another courtroom,
but I will call you afterwards
to talk about your case
in more detail, okay? What's your number?
- 323
- Uh, Uncle Freddie, thank you.
- But it's Diamond's number I need.
- Yeah, I'm giving it to you.
You can reach Diamond through me.
He keeps my cell for safekeeping.
I move a lot
and misplace things, you know?
Come on. Let's go.
Wait, Diamond, um,
I forgot, I need your ID
to fill out some forms.
Why does your uncle need
to keep your ID and your cell?
- He doesn't keep my ID.
- Just now, I saw him.
It's pretty clear he's not your uncle.
Diamond, look at me.
I'm thinking those drugs
were probably his.
Is he
Is Freddie your pimp?
You ask too many questions.
Be less in my business
and more on keeping me out of jail.
Gon' mess around and get me killed.
Mark, it's barely noon,
- and already I'm
- Exhausted?
- Yeah, I'd be pissed if it wasn't so
- Pathetic.
Every time I go up against Choi, I lose.
You kinda deserved it.
You were grandstanding.
I was trying to right a wrong.
Maggie Palmer was
my first case up this morning.
Why does it feel like both of us
are in the penalty box?
Mercury is definitely in retrograde.
Some good news, though. Robin's home.
And Rachel's back, apparently for good.
- How do you feel about that?
- How do you feel about it?
Ironic, isn't it? Her showing up
right when we're both in time-out?
And she's flourishing.
Even in her return back home to L.A.,
she's the golden child
and already making demands.
You know she asked me
to join her new firm.
We did discuss it in law school,
the three of us.
Audubon, Carmichael, Callan & Associates.
I see what this is.
You get your hand slapped,
and you're thinking it
might be a good time to jump.
Choi might call your bluff.
Hey, you free for drinks tonight?
- With Robin and Rachel both in town
- On a school night?
We'll go somewhere around here.
It'll be fun.
Shoot. Let me get back before
Sherri realizes I'm gone.
Uh, pretty sure she knows before you do.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
It's like you gave it to me!
Remember that time at Howard
when we got locked out of the Towers?
- And we had to take off our
- And then we couldn't
- Yeah!
- No, no, no,
this talking in code has got to stop.
You're jealous.
Hey, Rach, you're looking
great as always.
Oh, my God.
Well, I never want
to be one to disappoint.
This is Quinn I mean Amy. Amy Quinn.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Rachel.
Look, if you're with Mark, you're family.
- Hi.
- And this is Robin husband.
- Hi. Amy. Nice to meet you.
- Thank you for this.
- You got it.
- Thank you so much.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So how did you end up friends
with these two powerhouses?
We all went to UCLA Law together.
We clocked him the moment
he came into our Crim Law class.
He came in, thinking he was all that.
- With a chip on his shoulder.
- And a lot of attitude.
But we quickly showed him what
being a real boss looked like.
- Ahh!
- Ahh!
And we've been friends ever since.
Do you see what I had to deal with?
Robin, how'd your interview go?
- Oh.
- Interview?
Yeah, I told you about the job
that came up at the Bureau.
No, you didn't.
That I would've remembered.
Another surprise, then. Yeah,
pretty sure that I nailed it.
- Now it's just a waiting game.
- Well, I hope it all works out.
It'd be great to have you
back here for good.
Ah, thank you, thank you.
I feel like I've been away from
this woman for way too long.
So what was that look
on your face last night?
What look? There was no look.
- Oh, there was a look.
- I saw it, too.
Okay, Rach, don't come back in here,
stirring up the pot like you do.
Oh, I am not I was just
surprised at your ambivalence.
I wasn't being ambivalent.
It's just I don't wanna get
my hopes up, that's all.
- Well, that's some bull.
- Hey.
So what is it, then?
This was not the plan,
him being gone so long.
But then also
You got used to having
the bed to yourself.
Okay. I'm not talking about this anymore.
I suggest we move on.
- What about this Amy?
- Ohh.
I think this one could go the distance.
You've never been serious about anybody
in your entire life.
What makes this one so different?
I don't know. Maybe
Maybe she reminds me of you?
Both of you.
You know what you want.
You go for it, no apologies.
- We don't put up with your bull.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, Rach, what about you?
Why the sudden move back to L.A.?
You know, um, I gotta go.
I will catch up
with the both of you later.
- What?
- I have a slew of licenses
and permits to submit.
See ya.
Well, that felt like a good,
old-fashioned blow-off.
Mm-hmm. Hold on. We are in for a ride.
I need to talk to you about Diamond.
- Okay. Who now?
- Pamela Pinafore.
I think I believe
she's being trafficked
by her so-called uncle,
who I think is really her pimp.
I didn't like my uncles much, either.
What's your proof, counselor?
He controls her whole life.
He holds her ID, her cell,
when I asked, she didn't even
know her own phone number,
but he jumped right in
and rattled it off for her.
Sounds like the definition
of trafficking.
What's that got to do
with her drug charge?
I think a small amount
of drugs is insignificant
in comparison to sex trafficking.
You're gonna have to give me
something more than that, Lopez.
In exchange for the uncle,
I want a misdemeanor straight possession.
You don't have enough evidence
to prove intent anyway.
She was caught
with only 10 grams of meth.
Well, did you talk to her?
Did she say that she'd roll
on this pimp-uncle?
No, Diamond, I know Freddie
is your pimp, not your uncle,
and you are facing jail time
because of him.
I know those were
Freddie's drugs, not yours.
- I can help you.
- You don't know my life,
what he does, how he protects us.
Us? Who's us? Diamond, how many girls
does he have working
for him on the street?
I don't work. I'm not some street whore.
Can I see your house keys, please?
- What?
- What about your wallet?
Is your wallet in there?
No wallet, no keys, no cellphone.
This is about more
than just drugs, Diamond.
If he is taking you places
and forcing you to do sex work,
that is called trafficking,
and we can get him arrested.
You're fired. I want a new lawyer.
No, no, Diamond, please, let me help you.
If you roll on Freddie,
I will keep my end of the bargain.
He gets arrested,
and you get out of the life.
And he He's not gonna be hurt
- or nothing like that, right?
- Diamond, he is going to prison,
not a 5-star resort.
Why would it even matter?
He is the only one
who has ever cared for me.
Diamond, no.
That's not what caring
about somebody looks like.
Come on, really? It's barely been a day.
- All right, I'm leaving.
- This is ridiculous!
Wow. He is really on him. What happened?
He can't yell at Choi,
so he's taking it out
on the closest representation to him.
Did you think I wasn't coming back?
Clean up after yourselves!
Right, displacement.
It's like a wreck you
can't look away from.
This is my office!
Yeah, but come on.
They are taking advantage.
I mean, they're using his office
like it's a DDA lounge.
It's just everyone enjoying
themselves at his expense.
What's going on?
Your boyfriend's letting
off a little steam
about being thrown in the penalty box.
- Penalty box?
- Oh, you didn't know.
My boyfriend?
Sorry. Was that supposed to be a secret?
No, but it's not
general knowledge, either,
and frankly none of your business.
Yeah, I'm looking at you, man.
Frank! Your coffee cup.
Nice surprise.
I'm in this building
the majority of the time.
- It shouldn't be.
- Headed to court?
Yeah, Just wanted to say hi.
You were benched?
Really buried the lede on that one.
Mark, why didn't you tell me?
Because, contrary to popular belief,
I do have some semblance of pride.
It is nothing to be embarrassed about.
You did what you thought was right.
You got slammed for it. Case closed.
- What I don't like is the dishonesty.
- I'm not being dishonest.
Lies by omission. Let's work on that.
Thank you so much for coming.
Diamond, this is Detective Rick Kramer.
He's out of Vice. He's here
to do a preliminary interview
You didn't say anything
about talking to a detective.
Diamond, I'm here to help.
I can bring in a victim's advocate,
a female detective, whatever you
need to feel more comfortable.
It's okay. I've made
it very clear to Diamond
that we are all here for her,
right, Detective Kramer?
- As long as she gives us what we need.
- See? Told you.
- Diamond, please, sit down.
- I thought you said she'd be cooperative.
Trying being helpful, okay? Please.
Ms. Pinafore, we give you our assurances
we'll assist you in every way we can.
It's okay.
This, um, Freddie Davidson
- Did he work alone?
- Far as I could tell.
And you mostly worked
the Figueroa stretch?
Like I told her, I don't work the blade.
Where, then?
Different places.
Motels, massage parlors, churches.
- In the downtown area?
- Mostly Westside, Santa Monica,
Palisades, sometimes Beverly Hills.
- Freddie, uh, he escorts you out there?
- In a van.
- How many girls?
- About 30 of us.
30. And who are these johns
you're serving?
Businessmen, doctors, cops.
Men looking for something kinkier
than what they're getting at home.
And they kept you all in the same space?
He can control us better
if he knows where we're all at.
How long have you been with him?
Four years.
Met him when I was 15 at a house party.
Said he'd look out for me.
Said he wanted to be
my boyfriend, take care of me.
I figured, yeah, okay.
You know, foster family
wasn't providing much,
and here he was, promising the moon.
Um and, uh
and, um
one night, he says
"Prove you love me.
"Have sex with that guy.
Uh, get money for it."
I refused.
He made sure I never did again.
Where can we find him?
Um just one second.
Her drug charge gets
dropped down on misdemeanor,
her record expunged,
and we get her into a program
and out of this life.
We give her a chance at the life
that she should have had four years ago.
Diamond, you can tell me
where to find him.
No photographs in the filing paperwork.
Defendant waive Miranda rights
and give a statement?
No? Then try again. And you were clearly
cutting and pasting from another report.
Dates and names are wrong.
Can I offer you a little advice?
You think I'm being too hard on 'em?
Strike the right balance.
Is it wrong that I want 'em
to cross every
- and dot every I?
- Within reason.
Don't berate them. Guide them.
I appreciate the advice,
but I'm only here temporarily.
That's the same thing
I said 20 years ago.
Excuse me a sec. I'll be right back.
This coffee really has a tendency
to run right through me.
Lisa. How long do you plan
on punishing me
for a decision you made?
- Who says I'm punishing you?
- The glint in your eye
every time you hear
the words "arraignment court."
See? There it is.
You're just being paranoid.
I just figured working the bench
in a different environment
would be a great way to build character.
- My character is fine, thank you.
- Not a punishment.
Just filling in for
a fellow judge, simple as that.
And David Sanders paying me a visit
That wasn't in your plan, either?
All rise!
Stand up.
How many more on the calendar?
Better not to ask, Your Honor.
You may be seated.
The People vs. Randall Summit.
Preliminary hearing is set
two weeks from now.
Bail remains at $250,000.
Does either side wish to be heard?
- No, Your Honor.
- Okay.
Thank you. Sure.
Oh, well, now look at this.
You don't waste any time.
Sorry to be late, Your Honor.
And who are you representing?
Behind the glass next to you,
Your Honor. Frederick Davidson.
Well, have a seat, Ms. Audubon.
We'll be with your case in a moment.
The People vs. Chris Turner.
Pursuant to the stipulation
Ms. Audubon, I'm Emily Lopez.
I represent Pamela Pinafore.
Ms. Lopez, your client
is the reason I'm here.
Your client has been trafficking
my client since she was 15.
Allegedly. According to him,
they're in a relationship.
A relationship? Freddie Davidson
coerced my client
to turning hundreds of tricks.
How would you categorize that
as a relationship?
People vs. Frederick Davidson.
Uh, Your Honor, may I have a second call?
Make it quick, Ms. Audubon.
Do you know Judge Carmichael?
You have a deal on the table.
If Freddie gets bailed out,
my client is the first person
he's coming after.
Pamela has a chance
to get out of the sex work
that your client forced her into.
Help me give her
and those 30 other young women
a chance at some kind of better life.
Ms. Audubon, are we finally ready?
Your Honor, we waive time
for arraignment and plea
and ask that the matter
be continued tomorrow.
Mr. Davidson, your attorney
wants to come back tomorrow.
You agree?
Yes, Your Honor.
Then that will be the order.
- Thank you.
- No, Ms. Lopez, thank you.
You bought me an extra day.
So that's it? You're just leaving?
- I have other clients.
- I don't really care.
I want to know what you're
doing about this one.
I do not work for you, Ms. Lopez.
No, you're right. You work for the scum
who's selling young women for sex
like they are property
to be auctioned off.
- It is appalling. It is slavery.
- Freddie's a street pimp.
Exactly, a pimp, who could
somehow afford to hire
a rainmaker out of D.C.
- I do my research.
- So do I,
and you and I both know
that taking one Freddie
off the street means nothing.
There will just be another
to take his place.
What do you want me to do about that?
I want you to go after the bastard
who is funding this entire
sex trafficking operation.
I want you to go after the person
who keeps pimps like Freddie
in the sick business
of preying upon the vulnerable,
and I want everyone involved
in the exploitation of my client to pay.
You think I can do all that?
No. I think we can do all that.
Do you think the DDA
would be amenable to a deal
with my client?
No, I already placed a 1275 hold
on Frederick Davidson
so he can't bail out unless he can show
the money came from legitimate sources.
No need. The sources are legit.
I came to talk plea.
I've got your Freddie dead to rights.
For the retainer I was given,
Freddie's just a middleman.
What if he rolled
on the one above his pay grade,
bringing down
the whole sex trafficking house of cards?
- Give me a name.
- Give us a deal.
You've already got one.
You, give me a name.
I'll get you a name,
and we'll get you the guy.
Thanks for lunch, Luke.
I cannot believe we've never done this.
- No problem. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. If this is about Emily, I can't
Do you think she loves me?
Oh. Luke, this is
I mean, I hear the words.
I see them coming out of her mouth,
but the thing is, I don't
believe she means them.
Okay. I think
- It's above my pay grade.
- Sara, come on. Look.
Honestly, I'm not looking
for you to spill any secrets.
I just need a little direction
here. I'm out of my depth.
I can't. I mean, Luke,
just give it some time.
That is not helpful.
I'm sorry. That's all I got.
I shouldn't have brought you into this.
I know how close you are,
and I just thought
I'm sorry. My bad. I apologize.
Appreciate your time.
Shall we?
All right, let's have a look.
The gang enhancement's still listed.
It's not worth filing if you
don't have the enhancement.
It doesn't make any sense.
A gang member voluntarily
gives up his affiliation
but doesn't say what happened
10 feet in front of him?
You do realize that this
makes my job more difficult,
- arguing the case in court, right?
- The dichotomy of the streets.
Gang members self-admit,
and snitches get ditches.
And now you see how my job
is often more difficult.
- I weep for you. I really do, but
- But what?
Garbage in, garbage out.
You know what I'm saying?
This one's got a mouth on him, huh, Tony?
Yeah, used to that rarefied air upstairs.
I used to be a hotshot lawyer
just like you,
but I got burned by a case
because of insufficient evidence,
and I got sent down here.
But the difference is
I stayed to help out
so you all can keep enjoying
that good air upstairs.
You and I should go for a ride.
- Ah, I got work to do.
- No, no, no.
I'll put on a uniform.
I'll get a patrol car.
You can see for yourself
what we're doing out there.
Maybe change your perspective
a little bit.
Still needs more.
- I'll be coming for you, Callan.
- All right.
Be ready.
Hmm ♪
Oh, baby now ♪
Ohh ♪
I put a song ♪
I heard you made quite the entrance
at the HOJ, Rach. A pimp?
Damn. It was a referral from a colleague.
Triple my normal retainer.
What happened to defending
the overlooked?
A girl's gotta eat.
I mean, it's kinda shady,
but it does take a lot
to start a new firm, Lo.
Oh, come on. Rach has done
very well for herself.
Have you seen the commercial
rents in this town?
Firm needs to attract
deep-pocketed clients. I get it.
- I also need new legal talent.
- Okay.
- How long are you on ice?
- You are relentless.
- What? It was just a question.
- Yes.
- You don't just ask a question.
- I appreciate the question.
Thank you. You allude. You intimate.
- I want you to
- You insinuate. You imply.
Mark is in a place
where he can be persuaded.
You, less so.
Prosecuting is
in Mark's blood, right, ark?
- Uh, ish.
- This house
Wow. This view is spectacular.
Thank you. Baldwin Estates
Best views in L.A.
I was gonna show Amy
the new remodel in the garage.
Lead the way. Ladies.
- Mm-hmm.
- Show me.
I know you think I sold my soul.
Girl, no.
That P.D. Emily Lopez,
she can be very persuasive.
She convinced me to strike a plea deal
with DDA Maggie Palmer.
Mm. Maggie Palmer. And she went for it?
Uh, no, but it turns out
she hates sex traffickers
as much as we do.
It's a very delicate balance,
so we're hoping we find ourselves
in your courtroom for the prelim.
I have no control over
where cases are assigned.
Of course, but you know who does.
I can't, Rachel. It's
Just think about it.
I would hate for this to land
in some old, crusty judge's court
The kind of person who doesn't understand
the value in saving young women's lives.
I think we should talk
about something else.
We have a chance
to bring down the whole
awful operation, Lo,
and defend those often overlooked.
- That's my girl.
- Thank you.
- You don't even stop and ask.
- Come on.
Lo, this party thank you.
- Did you have a good time?
- Better than good.
But I'm I'm wiped.
I think I'm just gonna grab
an Uber and go home.
I'll drop you off. Quinn already left.
She had an early morning briefing.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Thanks for being such a good host.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, Robin.
See you tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- My man.
Think about what I said.
You know what? I'm gonna see them out.
Maybe it'll get these stragglers
the hint to get out.
You are a mess.
Mr. Sanders, it is way
too late to be calling.
Wanted to apologize for coming off
too strong the other day.
That certainly was not my intention.
Bennett dropping out of the race
just caught me off-guard.
I accept your apology.
Have a good evening, Judge Carmichael.
I'll be in touch.
Wow, okay, Rach, you don't need to push
the hard sell on me joining
your firm, all right?
I am definitely tempted and flattered,
even if you are just, you know,
saying that to reel me in.
See, that's the problem with old friends.
They always see you coming.
I just I don't know if I'm ready
to leave the DA's office.
I get it. This is a big leap for me, too,
but there's no denying
we've always been good together.
Yes. Yes, we have, all three of us.
All I ask is that you
really think it over.
I could really use someone
of your vast legal talent.
I will. I will definitely
give it a thought.
Well, ahem.
Thanks again for the ride.
Tonight was fun.
Just like old times.
Hey, Carmichael, what a nice surprise.
How's arraignment court?
Great. I love it. Can't get enough.
Glad to hear it.
And Judge Reynolds is back tomorrow,
so all is right with the world again.
Thank you for being a team player
and doing me that favor.
Speaking of favors,
I have one to ask of you.
Young woman, 19, was
brought up on drug charges.
Turns out she was a street
worker being trafficked,
but the man has deep pockets.
And you're afraid he's going
to wiggle out from under.
I want the prelim
assigned to my courtroom.
I know that it's unorthodox,
but you are the only one
who has the power to assign cases.
The counselors have forged
a delicate stack of deals
to bring down the entire
trafficking ring.
I'd really like to be
the one to see it through.
And I did just do you a favor.
I want to make sure
that the record reflects
that the parties had
an off-the-record discussion
regarding plea negotiations
in Ms. Pinafore
and Mr. Davidson's matters.
It is the contemplation of the parties
that Ms. Pinafore will be pleading
to misdemeanor drug possession
and will receive probation and treatment.
Mr. Davidson will plead to pimping
and will receive three years in prison.
Both of these offers are in exchange
for Ms. Pinafore and Mr. Davidson
having identified Dr. Matthew Denton
and agreeing to testify against him.
Mr. Denton has been arrested
and charged with trafficking
hundreds of women
over the span of four years.
I will take the pleas
on the next court date
in order to give the prosecution time
to secure the testimony
of both defendants
against Dr. Denton
at his preliminary hearing.
Court is adjourned.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Diamond.
- Pamela.
- Yeah.
Do you love me?
Of course.
Of course I love you.
'Cause when you say those words,
that's when I can't feel it anymore.
Luke, um
maybe you can read me better
than I can read myself.
I know the words.
They come out of my mouth.
And you regret them.
No. No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I think I think I-I
I want them to mean more
than I'm capable of conveying.
And I look at you, and I feel them.
But I think
I think those words
They don't have the same
meaning for me anymore.
Because those words
they came with caveats
and pretense and lies,
and for three years
and I don't feel the way
that I should when I see them,
and I don't feel the way that I should
when I hear them.
It's like they got hollowed out somehow.
So let's not use those words.
Let's find other words.
Hell, let's make our own
language if we have to
language that he no longer can touch.
Hey, boss.
How was the CEU?
I heard you managed to ruffle
some feathers even down there.
I am who I am.
I certainly got that.
It's what I admire about you.
So do I have the green light
to return or
- Is Margaret back?
- Couple days.
When Margaret returns,
your office will be waiting.
I recognize I don't often give you props
for trying to do it
just for justice's sake.
Message received.
' Cause I found
the strength inside of me ♪
I can always delay my flight,
take the red eye.
That would just be
delaying the inevitable.
Mm. Well, when you put it that way.
I didn't mean anything by it.
This is about me not
telling you about the job.
I'm sorry. It was purely selfish.
I didn't want you to get your hopes up.
As long as that's all that it was.
- What else could it be?
- That you were doing this for me.
First off, why is that a bad thing?
What's wrong with me wanting to come home
to my beautiful badass of a wife?
Because I know that being
an agent in L.A.
pales to being one in D.C.
Yes, of course, all that.
But here's the thing.
I also know the value of this.
This is just as real to me,
just as valuable.
So let's just leave it as is,
not get ahead of ourselves,
just wait and see
whether or not I even get the job.
I'll call you when I land.
I love you.
I love you.
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