All Rise (2019) s01e19 Episode Script

In the Fights

Previously on "All Rise"
So do I have the green light to return?
When Margaret returns,
your office will be waiting.
- Mr. Sanders
- I wanted to apologize.
Bennett dropping out of the race
caught me off-guard. I'll be in touch.
- Robin, how'd your interview go?
- Pretty sure that I nailed it.
It's be great to have you
back here for good.
MARK: Some good news, though.
Robin's home.
And Rachel's back. You know she
asked me to join her new firm.
We did discuss it in law school
Audubon, Carmichael, Callan & Associates.
LOLA: Hold on. We are in for a ride.
Your boyfriend's letting off
a little steam. My boyfriend?
Sorry. Was that supposed to be a secret?
No, but it's none of your business.
When did you know you
picked the wrong guy?
When he hit me.
The wrong question, and he
would just get so insulted.
But I got out, and I just
wanted to turn the page.
But it is a process Long one.
I am not even out of it yet.
Good, good, good. Keep looking good.
Nice. Nice. Emily, good.
Bang, bang, gotta break
through the silence ♪
Making it our disciples ♪
What you gonna do when
they don't start stopping? ♪
Hey, Emily. Finished.
What you gonna do
when they don't stop coming? ♪
Breathe out, breathe out ♪
Breathe out, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Breathe out ♪

Robin, you've got this in the bag.
Except they haven't made an offer.
- Babe
- It's just every agent
fantasizes about landing
the director track,
and I've got it, and now I want out.
- But you do want out, right?
- Of course I do.
Another agent here, she said
that the L.A. field office,
they're understaffed, so she thinks that
it's a strong incentive
for them to hire me.
- "She"?
- She's engaged.
And attractive, from the sound of it.
Who said anything about attractive?
You did when you told me about
"she's" relationship status
before you told me her name.
Tiffany Jenkins, and, Lo,
why are we even doing this?
I don't know. I guess it's just
Ah, I'm sorry.
Work's calling. I gotta go.
- That's becoming a thing.
- Baby, please.
I love you. Bye.
I love you, too.
FEMALE ANCHOR: And in a bit of good news,
a local man was awoken
in the middle of the night
by a sounds of an intruder.
When he went to investigate,
he found the perpetrator
was, in fact, a 2-month-old puppy.
Souvenir from last night.
Come on, you got to admit
last night was pretty mm-hmm!
Big day today.
First hearing since partnering
with the fancy law offices
of Rachel Audubon.
It's just a motion to suppress.
Ah, suppression motion.
What's the charge?
Client's on felony probation,
and cop found a gun in his house.
Automatic violation. Loser case.
Which is why we took it.
We get the gun quashed.
Case gets dismissed. Word gets around.
We secure the bigger clients.
Just gotta bring my "A" game today.
Lot of "we's" in that statement.
You and Rachel
becoming fast friends, huh?
We share the same philosophy
Go big or go home.
I like that. So I like her.
You have a problem with that?
Why would I have a problem with that?
Rachel and I are
old friends, so [SIGHS]
Motion to suppress sounds
like a cakewalk right now.
Choi emails me less than an hour ago,
telling me one of my colleagues
got the stomach flu,
so he dumps the guy's felony
domestic violence case on me,
but the kicker The trial starts today.
- Where is my yogurt?
- Oh, then it gets better.
The D.A. investigator emailed
the subpoenas to the witnesses,
so I don't even know
if anyone's gonna show up.
- If the victim's a no-show
- Mark, where
- Which isn't abnormal in a D.V. case
- Mark.
- What?
- Where are my coffee mugs?
Makes no sense for them to be over there.
[WHISPERS] Way more efficient this way.
And, uh, what happened
to my throw pillows?
[MOUTH FULL] You never heard
of the karate chop technique?
You karate chopped my pillows?
Yeah! Gives more dimension to the space.
I almost forgot. The judge hearing
my motion today
Lola Carmichael.

Well, good morning.
The fork is spotty.
According to Yelp, this place is a gift
from the culinary gods.
Here is the Raymond file
for the suppression hearing today.
I don't know why this
couldn't wait until
Because you and I would not
be able to enjoy
our first breakfast together.
- You tricked me.
- I so tricked you.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Caffè Americano
with a side of oat milk and
honey, please.
Sure. And for you?
- Coffee, black. Thanks.
- You got it.
There is another reason
I wanted us to meet outside of the H.O.J.
Is this about your run
for Attorney General,
or what's the opposite of run?
Loud, screeching halt,
and we are not gonna
mention that ever again.
What about Mr. Sanders?
Let's just say he won't be
sending any more flowers.
Now, no more work talk.
How's Harris?
Fine. Spontaneous.
He's very spontaneous.
Ooh, do tell.
- Not that.
- Oh.
The other day, he suggested
we go skydiving in Lake Elsinore.
Can you imagine me skydiving?
No, absolutely not. Not happening.
Relationships are all about
finding that midpoint.
In your case, embrace the unexpected.
Still not happening.
- Sprouted hummus?
- No.
All right.
- "Chireezo" and eggs coming right up.
- It's "chorizo," and wow.
I might butcher the name,
but these are gonna be bomb!
Already on coffee número dos?
See? I'm getting better.
- [SIGHS] This cabinet.
- I can fix that for you later.
You were up before the sun this morning.
I took the 5 a.m. class.
I thought you took the 6 a.m.
Didn't you take two last night?
Yes, future prosecutor, I did.
Oh. Sorry.
It's okay.
Aw, see, normally, I'd be
a little jelly of you guys,
but I got a boo, too,
and he's got skills.
- Last night
- BOTH: We heard.
Oh. Well, then you know.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Just Just coffee for me.
It's my first day of trial.
I'm eating light.
Em, you are missing out.
This chorizo is delicious!
Good on you, Luke.
- You're a true Angeleno.
Hey, Em, you're in
Madame Benner's court today, right?
- Yup.
- What's the case?
Felony domestic violence.
Young couple living together,
attending law school.
I'm defending the boyfriend
Aiden Matthews,
and that's all I can say about that.
Why didn't you say something before?
Isn't this the first
domestic violence trial
- you've had after
- After what, Sara?
After my abusive marriage to Joe?
- Em, we're just
- Well, don't, because I'm not.
This case is no different
than the 40 other cases
that I have, and I happen to think
that Matthews is telling the truth.
I have to go.
I'll see you guys later.
Thanks for coming in early, Aiden.
Hey, no problem. I'm an early riser.
If first day of your trial
on a felony D.V. charge
doesn't get you up before dawn,
don't know what does.
Wasn't trying to be insincere.
I know. Let's just have a seat.
I want to go over a couple things
that you should expect in court.
Almond latte, extra shot.
Oh, I
Sorry, did I get that wrong?
That's what you ordered last time.
It is my order. Thank you.
But I can't accept gifts from clients.
Oh, I haven't taken
Professional Responsibility
in law school yet.
If I had, I would have known that
and avoided feeling like a jerk.
D.A. has the burden of proving
beyond a reasonable doubt
that you intentionally
pushed Molly into the glass coffee table.
Which I did not.
She was the one who initiated contact.
- She was the aggressor.
- I'm aware,
which is why we're arguing self-defense.
You really think that theory would work?
Absolutely. As you stated,
she scratched you
and proceeded to swing at you
with a fist.
Ms. Lopez?
Yeah. Um
Molly swung at you with a fist.
You blocked it,
and she fell into the table.
In the morning of that date
The day Molly and I
talked about eloping.
Been together since high school.
Figured why not?
Little did I know I'd be
in handcuffs that evening.
That's how fast it happens.
Ever since I saw Gregory Peck
in "To Kill a Mockingbird,"
I've wanted to be a lawyer.
Trite, I know, but it's the truth.
And, um, I'm scared that the truth
might not be enough here.
A felony will cost me my future.

According to her police statement,
Molly wasn't the aggressor,
but the defense will argue she was.
Aiden has scratches on his neck.
They were minor,
but playing devil's advocate,
even if Molly attacked Aiden
first, which I doubt,
her injuries indicate
disproportionate force.
- Unless she actually fell.
- That'd be a pretty vigorous fall
- to cause a broken leg.
- But Molly didn't show up
at the preliminary hearing to testify.
- That raises questions.
- Like what? She's lying?
Victims in D.V. cases
don't show up to prelims
all the time. Same with trials.
Speaking of, Molly hasn't
gotten back to me.
If she doesn't show, it'll sink our case.
But we have the 911 call.
- Mm-hmm.
- And that's another thing.
If Molly did fall,
why did she call the cops?
Why didn't the boyfriend?
Because Aiden was afraid.
Afraid for his future.
He needed those minutes
between the 911 call
and the cops arriving
to craft his lie.
That's for coming in,
Ms. Park. I'm Mark Callan.
I heard the other lawyer got sick.
He did, but I've been brought
up to speed on the case.
I just wanted to talk to you in person.
To serve me with a subpoena?
Excuse me?
Your D.A. investigator
emailed me a subpoena.
That's improper service.
I see you nailed Civil Procedure.
Not exactly, but I do my homework.
And since I just acknowledged
th did receive it..
Service is effective. That's good.
You feel ready to testify?
Mr. Callan, I came to assure
the new prosecutor
Well, you that I am.
I know I may not fit the bill
of battered woman,
but please don't mistake my lack of tears
for lack of emotion.
I'll see you in court. Thank you.
Can't tell if her poise
helps us or hurts us.
Hmm. I don't doubt her pain,
but juries latch on to visible grief.
They want to feel what the victim feels.
What's up with you?
Opposing counsel on this case
- Yeah?
- Emily Lopez.
She seems to be fine, but
- Not fine?
- Yeah, and I don't know what to do.
And you think you should
sit this one out?
There's a conflict of interest
anyway, right, with me and Emily dating?
- It's a gray area, but I understand.
- Thanks, man.
I'll sit in on Sam's case.
Uh, Sam's what?
Hearing on a motion to suppress
in the Raymond case.
Choi said I could appear
with a supervising attorney, of course,
but it's official. Today is
my first court appearance.
Oh, am I being, like,
so overly girly right now?
Bite me.
- Here's the case law you asked for.
So the Raymond case is in Lola's court?
And Amy Quinn is the opposing counsel.
Don't most judges deny
motions to suppress?
The implication being
my job will be easy?
Oh, just an observation.
You're gonna kill it, Sam.
[WHISPERS] Thanks.
Almond croissant from Lou's?
- Your punctuality is so
- Sexy?
Yes. Very sexy.
So tomorrow's my day off,
and I wanna take you out to lunch.
And before you say no,
I promise to have you back
in exactly one hour.
In Downtown L.A.?
Scout's Honor.
Oh, in that case, nuh-uh.
Here is the time and the restaurant.
The answer is still no,
but thank you for the croissant.
Well, I'll still be there, just in case.
What is Joshua Raymond's
probationary status?
He's on formal felony
probation for three years
for possession with intent
to sell narcotics.
Officer Schneider,
what happened on the morning
of January 5th?
At approximately 11:15 a.m,
I conducted a routine probation search
of defendant's residence.
He lives with his granny, Eloise Raymond.
I then recovered a 9-millimeter
semi-automatic handgun
in his bedroom closet.
Did Mr. Raymond
Objection. Leading the witness.
Overruled. Let's let Ms. Powell
finish her question first, counsel.
Officer Schneider,
did Mr. Raymond violate
his probation when you found the gun
Objection. Leading and legal conclusion.
Officer, can you please tell us
whether Mr. Raymond's probation prohibits
the possession of firearms?
Oh, it most definitely does.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Ms. Quinn, your witness.
Officer Schneider, did you have a warrant
when you searched
Mr. Raymond's residence?
- No.
- Why not?
Because when he agreed
to felony probation,
he waived his search and seizure rights.
Meaning his probation officer
or police officer
such as yourself could search
his home at any time
without probable cause?
That's exactly what that means.
Officer, isn't it true that your mother
lives on the same street as Mr. Raymond?
Yeah. She does.
- Do you love your mother?
- Yes.
Do anything to protect her?
I got to take this.
Don't you agree that Mr. Raymond
is a no-good thug?
- Objection. Argumentative.
- I'll rephrase.
Isn't it true that you referred
to Mr. Raymond
as a no-good thug when you arrested him?
Yeah, I did. So?
So isn't it true
that your probation search
was part of a pattern of harassment?
- Objection.
- No, it's not true at all.
What are the grounds
for your objection, Ms. Powell?
- Um
That's the one you want, sweetie.
Assumes facts not in evidence.
Counsel, approach the bench.
Got wheels on those pumps or what?
Callan, I don't have time to chat.
- I have a
- Trial, I know.
I got the handoff this morning.
You're going against me?
Yeah, I'm trying the case.
Listen, I know we're
technically adversaries here,
but I just wanted to say I understand
- if this case is
Do you want to talk about an offer or
My offer stays the same.
Domestic battery.
243 misdemeanor for summary
probation, no jail time.
Matthews is facing nine years
in state prison, plus a strike.
It's overcharged.
He was acting in self-defense,
and I have the scratches
on his neck to prove it.
Scratches which pale in comparison
to the victim's multiple lacerations
requiring stitches,
not to mention the broken leg.
The severity of the injuries alone
- could have five years.
- Matthews has no priors.
He fully complied
with the protective order,
and he ranks top of his class
in law school.
So does Molly. The GBI alone
is worth more than your offer.
It's reasonable given the totality
of the circumstances.
Circumstances which warrant
the felony charge.
These D.V. guys walk all the time.
Reducing the charge risks
condoning the behavior.
So your dad getting charged with murder
didn't inspire any compassion in you?
Ah, that's a shame.
Anyway, hope you're ready for trial.

- How do yow Molly and Aiden?
- We're good friends.
Tell me about the party
you attended on May 17th.
Our cohort had just finished
law school finals,
and so Molly and Aiden
threw a party at their place.
- Were you drinking?
- No, I don't drink.
What did you see that night?
I saw Aiden corner Molly
at the end of the hallway.
She looked upset.
[VOICE FADING] Uh, then she went outside.
Aiden followed her. They were outside
[NORMAL VOLUME] for a while,
so I went to check on them, and, um,
Molly was crying,
and I saw Aiden yank her arm.
Objection. May we approach?
Your Honor, this is clearly
propensity evidence
that we did not discuss pre-trial.
The witness statements were disclosed.
Besides, testimony goes to
a prior act of domestic violence
- under 11.09 of the evidence
- Don't blow smoke, Callan.
It's a cheap shot, and you know it.
If the court allows this in,
it will condone
the People's flagrant, deliberate,
and unconscionable disregard
for my client's right
to a fair trial.
I appreciate your zeal, Ms. Lopez,
but the evidence is both
probative and material.
I'll allow it. Overruled.
You may continue, Mr. Callan.
Mr. Alnatour, you were in the process
of describing what happened
that night. Please continue.
Your Honor
this is proof
of Officer Schneider's
pattern of harassment.
California law bans probation searches
that are arbitrary,
capricious, or harassing.
Objection. The defense did not
give the People proper notice.
Your Honor, we are still
more than 30 days from trial,
so I was under no obligation
to turn this evidence over until now.
Unfortunately, Ms. Powell,
despite the normal professional practice
of disclosing material in advance,
Ms. Quinn is correct. Overruled.
Marking Defense Exhibit "A."
This photograph was pulled
from Mr. Raymond's
doorbell security system.
It appears that on Tuesday, October 15th,
an uniformed LAPD officer paid a visit
to Mr. Raymond's house
at 10:35 in the evening.
Again, it was a Tuesday
at 10:35 at night.
Sir, is that you?
- Yes.
- Defense "A."
Marking Defense Exhibit "B."
This is yet another photograph
pulled from Mr. Raymond's doorbell system
on Wednesday, October 16th.
The time is 10:15 at night.
- That you?
- Yes.
Again, for the court's clarity,
this photo was taken
not one day after the October 15th photo.
- The court is clear.
- At 10:15
- You've made your point.
- in the evening
- Ms. Quinn.
- on a Wednesday,
a work night, as far
as most Americans are concerned.
Do not utter one more word
about that photo.
This court is in recess.

- Hey.
How's Emily doing? She hasn't
responded to my texts.
I don't know. I've never
seen her like this.
She's acting mean.
- Mean?
- Yeah, like a private defense lawyer.
- Like Amy Quinn?
- What does that mean?
Nothing. I I gotta go find Emily.
Hey, what's up with Sam?
Amy Quinn's eating her alive.
Almost for sport.
- So
- You know, I have to say, the way that
you're handling this trial,
it's really impressive.
That's exactly the kind
of lawyer I want to be
A shark.
- It's a compliment.
- Thanks.
Now, the prosecution
will likely highlight
that Molly called 911 instead of you,
who's claiming that
she fell into the table.
As I said before,
in addition to my panic,
I couldn't find my phone.
By the time I did,
the cops had arrived
But to a jury, it's strange.
She had the broken leg.
At the very least, they will question why
you did not use her phone to call
I I already told you why.
I'm aware, Aiden.
Then why do I feel
like you're testing me?
I'm not.
A smiley face? Really, Robin?
This suppression motion
is eating up our day.
We are so backlogged.
Amy Quinn is sandbagging the prosecution.
- That poor law clerk.
- Oh.
And did you see how Amy was
sashaying across the floor?
You wanted to see me, Your Honor?
Who is Tiffany Jenkins?
Amy Quinn's tactics
That's why I hired her.
Apart from shrewd, she's fearless.
If I want my firm to grow,
I need risk takers.
- High risk, high reward?
- I am a big believer
in the fact that life
is about preparation,
preparation, pre-par-ation.
Johnnie Cochran. Good words.
Preparation for what?
I thought you were in this
because you believed
good people make mistakes.
Why do you think
I showed up to court, Lo?
To stir the pot? Joshua Raymond
has no one but his grandma Eloise.
She still sees the good in him.
I came to show her
she's not the only one.
I believe the client is the priority,
even at the risk of
pissing off judges and lawyers.
It's dangerous, Rach.
Maybe, but that's for me to worry about.
Lo, out there, that's business,
but here, it's just you and me.
Okay. Now who is this Miss Tiffany,
and why are we doing a deep dive on her?
I have to get back to work.
We are backlogged.
If you need to talk?

MARK: Nothing further.
Mr. Alnatour,
did you see Mr. Matthews
drink at the party?
- Nope, he wasn't drinking.
- Was Molly drinking?
- Yes.
- What was she drinking?
- I saw her take a couple shots.
- Be more specific.
- Two? Three? Four?
- I counted four.
- So it wasn't a couple.
- Objective. Argumentative.
Sustained. Next question, counsel.
You said earlier that you saw
Aiden corner Molly
at the end of the hallway.
- How long was the hallway?
- Um, about 10 feet.
You also said the music was so
loud that a neighbor complained,
so given the distance
you were standing at
and the volume of the music,
you didn't actually hear
what Aiden and Molly
- were talking about, correct?
- Uh
- Answer the question.
- No, I I didn't.
Uh-huh. Isn't it true that,
when you went outside,
you again did not hear
what they were discussing?
- Yeah, but
- And you also said
they were in the parking structure,
so isn't it true that Molly
was trying to drive
- after drinking at least four shots?
- I guess so.
And isn't it true that Aiden
was trying to stop Molly
from driving under the influence?
- But she was crying.
- Yes or no?
Objective. Argumentative. This
Objection. Non-responsive.
I'm going to overrule this one,
but, Ms. Lopez,
please watch your tone.
Did he stop her from driving drunk?
No more questions.
Mr. Alnatour, you're excused.
Thank you.
People may bring their next witness.
Permission to approach.
Your Honor, despite being
ordered to appear,
the victim, Molly Park, isn't present.
May I have the afternoon to locate her?
- I'm I'm trying
- Your Honor,
the People should not be given
additional time to prepare for trial
when we are mid-trial.
I'm going to give the jury
the rest of the afternoon off.
- Your Honor
- We'll resume tomorrow
at 10:30 a.m., Ms. Lopez.

Let's talk plea deal, Callan.
You and I both know
Molly isn't showing up.
You want to talk about compassion, Lopez?
For just one second,
think about that victim,
especially since you
Since I've been one myself?
Let me tell you something, Callan.
I'm no victim. Good luck finding Molly.

Em. Hey, I've been texting you.
- I've been busy.
- I know. I just wanna
I'm just trying to be there for you.
Okay. You wanna be there for me?
Then stay out of my way
so I can focus on my case.

Lost in a city ♪
I feel I belong in ♪
I don't feel like a stranger anymore ♪
And it's all I need ♪
Lost on this feeling ♪
- And it's all I need
It's just a change of time ♪
This has been the day from hell.
Not only is my D.V. trial
turning into a boxing match
Were we getting together tonight?
- but the victim, my key witness
- Pretty sure we weren't.
decided not to show up,
even though she gave me
her word that she would,
and now she's not answering
my texts, my calls.
This case is going to tank.
Falls and springs back
in the summertime ♪
Is this Malbec?
By the way, I thought you were bringing
your "A" game to 802, not claws.
Sam is a law clerk.
- She's no match for a hardball
- Shut up.
First, you delete my basketball game
from last week, twice.
- It was the Celtics.
- Ah-ah!
Next, you're moving coffee mugs
and assaulting
my goose down throw pillows
with a karate chop.
Now you're showing up unannounced
to critique my lawyering
and choice in fine wine.
By the way, Malbec is delicious.
And to top it all off,
you eat my last gherkin?
For your information, Mark,
you do not eat gherkins
like you're popping an Altoid. Ugh!
Thought you liked having me over.
Over where? Oh, you mean my place?
Because I'm pretty sure this is my place.
Yes, Amy, I know this is your place.
I don't think you do
because you're treating me like
It's just a change of time ♪
And it's all I need ♪
Who eats a charcuterie board alone?
Made for two people.
I can't believe we're arguing
over mini pickles.
Well, then you clearly don't know me!
I have a witness to find.

So, members of the jury,
think about your lives as they are.
They're messy. They're complicated.
None of them are straight lines.
And those lines cross with others
in unexpected ways.
My client's life crossed
with the plaintiff.
But like yours,
the plaintiff's life was also messy.
They're both at fault.
And so because of that,
the law requires you
to hold the plaintiff
accountable for their part.
Thank you.
If you're here to get me
to testify, the answer's no.
California legislature
states that domestic
Domestic violence victims
can't be held in contempt
for failure to comply with
a subpoena to show up in court.
You know the law,
but I get the feeling
you're hiding behind it.
Did something change
since this morning, Molly?
- You and Aiden reconcile?
- Absolutely not.
when Aiden and I met,
we only had each other.
We attended Berkeley together.
We became first-generation
college graduates together.
got in here together.
You accomplished all that
on your own, Molly.
We've been one for so long,
I couldn't tell the difference.
And a year ago, I got into Moot Court.
I made friends, started
hanging out with those friends.
Aiden hated it.
He twisted it
into a "me versus them" thing,
and that was the beginning of the end.
And that's the story you tell?
You don't get it. I
I had a choice to stay or to leave.
And I stayed.
I, too, had a part in those arguments
The horrible things
that I would say to him.
It doesn't excuse what he did to you.
I swung at Aiden first.
That night, he got in my face, and
I swung at him.
I let my anger justify my actions,
but I couldn't take
that stand and lie.
That's why I didn't show up.
Our lives are never
a straight line, right?
If you take that stand,
I promise you won't have to lie.
MOLLY: [CRYING] My boyfriend
He he pushed me.
OPERATOR: What's your name, please?
Molly. It's Molly. Molly Park.
Please hurry. God,
there's a lot of blood. Please.
Help is on the way, Molly.
Can you move your leg?
[SOBS] No, I can't move it.
I have cuts all over, please.
- Where's your boyfriend?
- I don't know. Just please get here.
MARK: Ms. Park, do you recognize
the voice in that recording?
- Yes.
- Is it your voice?
- Yes.
- Does that recording represent
a true and accurate recording
of the call you made for help?
- It does.
- That night
did you attack Aiden first?
Yes, I did.
Tell us what happened.
I was getting ready to go out
with some friends when Aiden came home.
Aiden didn't like that I was going out.
We started arguing.
Then he got in my face,
and that's when I swung at him.
How many times did you
swing at the defendant?
Twice, then I turned around
and started walking away,
and that's when he pushed me from behind.
Why didn't you tell the police about it?
I had so much resentment towards him
All the times he told me
He made me feel like
I was nothing without him.
It doesn't make what I did
right, but it's the truth.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Ms. Lopez, your witness.
Wouldn't you agree that you
were the aggressor that night?
Objection. Calls for legal
conclusion and argumentative.
- Sustained. Your next
- So you lied to the police, right?
- Objective. Argumentative.
- Overruled.
Witness may answer.
- Y-Yes, but
- Are we to believe
that the lie you chose
to come clean about
removes the possibility that you
were lying about something else?
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Are you omitting another truth,
like you fell into the table?
- Ms. Lopez.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- What else are you lying about?
- Counsel, that's enough!
Look, you can gaslight me all you want,
and maybe it'll work for that jury,
but you're not gonna break me.
He already did.
Counsel, you know better
than to raise your voice at a witness.
[VOICE FADING] If you need a moment
to regain your composure
I think permission to approach.
- Hey, hey, hey. Are you okay?
Are you okay?
MAN: What's going on?
- Emily?
- [WHISPERS] I'm fine.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
MAN: I don't know. Something happened.
Is she okay?
I'm fine. I just need to eat something.
Right, and you didn't
just have a panic attack?
I can't believe you don't
see what you're doing.
What am I doing? Defending my client?
- Em, you're hurting yourself.
- I'm fine, Sara.
Just stop.
I love you, Em.
No case is worth your health.
Sara, I love you, too.
I really do.
Now please take your hands off me.
I will not tolerate
any more grandstanding.
If I want theater, I will
pay a visit to the Pantages.
Need to take that, Your Honor?
Respectfully, I was acting on behalf
of my client's best interest.
I know Raymond is on felony probation.
For which he agreed to waive
his 4th Amendment right
against unreasonable
searches and seizures.
But he still has the right
to be free from a search
that's the product of harassment.
Raymond is genuinely trying
to stay out of trouble
and comply with his
probation requirements.
Except that he failed
to comply with them.
Okay, I have heard enough.
We can save it for court later today.
I look forward
to your ruling, Your Honor.
Yes, I, too, look forward
to your ruling, Your Honor.
Do you need me here during lunch?
I can stay, but I kind of maybe
want to have lunch with
Detective Harris outside
Go. Embrace the
Unexpected. Yeah.
What about Molly?
I made it very clear what
going to trial would dredge up.
Molly and I have
so much history together.
For it to go down like this,
I just I
Do you want to be
a great trial lawyer one day?
Then you need to be
prepared to get dirty.
Molly's not the only one who lied.
I pushed her, okay?
I pushed her.
All this time, you you were lying?
Ms. Lopez, please, just let me explain.
I've defended you.
I have had your back, and you lied to me?
- I just
- Who do you think you are?
You think you're someone special
because you can remember coffee orders
and you have this
charming Atticus Finch bit
tucked in your back pocket?
You want to know the truth,
Aiden? You are not special.
You take away the lies,
and all that is left
is a miserable, spineless piece of
Do you feel guilty enough
to plead guilty?
That's what I thought.
See you in court.

Aren't you gonna talk?
I'm still recovering from shock.
- Hilarious.
Hello again.
It's my day off.
But don't worry.
I won't try to convince you.
What? You can order another one.
I mean, Emily's worse for the wear,
but I did not see that coming.
You can only bury pain
like that for so long
before it just
Breaks you? I'm torn.
I wanna talk to her for real,
but I don't know.
You two are adversaries.
That's unfortunately where
you have to draw the line,
as crappy as that sounds.
You know, Emily said earlier
that she wasn't a victim?
She's right. The label is different
for everyone coming out
of an abusive relationship.
On another note,
Amy Quinn has been one hell
of a force to reckon with.
- I've heard all about it.
- She is an excellent lawyer.
I'll give her that, but it's
like she is intentionally
getting on my damn nerves.
That's your girlfriend.
Hey! She's yours, too.
Rachel, I mean.
You and Rachel are friends, too.
I didn't say we weren't.
You've been saying her name weird.
- How?
- Like "Rachel," with a little pause.
There is no pause.
- It's weird, right?
Amy and Rachel working together. It's ew.
I love seeing you like this.
It just means that things
are going really well
with you and Amy.
- Actually, we had our first argument.
- Hmm.
She says I'm invading her space,
treating it like it's mine,
and then she said something bizarre.
She said I'm treating her like you.
I knew it.
Knew what?
Tell me.
Our friendship is
the healthiest relationship
you have, Mark.
It only makes sense that you
would use it as a template
for how you act with the first
woman that you really like.
That's enough Yoda for today.
I have a motion to suppress to rule on.
[AS YODA] Like her you do.
This hearing has been theatrical
Unnecessarily so, I must say.
- Despite being on probation
for drug possession
with the intent to sell,
a low level felony,
Mr. Raymond retained the right
to be free from a search
that is arbitrary,
capricious, or harassing.
Based on the evidence
presented in this court,
I believe the probation search
was the product of harassment.
Motion granted. How do
the People wish to proceed?
The People are unable
to proceed, Your Honor.
The defense moves to dismiss.
Case dismissed.
Mr. Raymond, you're free to go.
Ms. Powell, a word.

You did good.
You should be very proud of yourself.
Thank you, Your Honor.

It was just one martini.
Okay, it was two,
but I thought it was vodka, not gin.
Gin makes me loopy.
- I'm so impressed.
- I'm so mortified.
Impressed? If Benner finds out
She will never.
It's our secret. Pinkie swear.
I don't pinkie swear.

before you say anything, I know I said
moving back had to be your idea,
but I miss waking up next to you.
I miss coming home to you.
Baby, I need you to come home.
I need you.
I miss you, too, baby,
which makes it that much
harder to say this.
Lo, I didn't get the L.A. job.

Your Honor, the jury is deadlocked.
Then I have no choice
but to declare a mistrial.
Members of the jury,
we thank you for your time.
I give you my word, we are
going to retry your case.
I admire your persistence,
Mr. Callan, really,
but I don't expect this case
to go anywhere.
I promise.
It makes no sense.
How can you still love someone
you feel so much anger
and resentment towards?
You got me there.
What's the next move?
D.A.'s probably gonna retry the case,
- meaning you're looking at
- Another trial. Great.
Or you plead guilty to the felony.
Since it's your first offense,
you may get probation.
- What do you think we should do?
- I think
I think that
I am going to head back up to my office,
march right up to my boss, and tell her
I'm removing myself from your case.
- Emily.
- Yeah.
How about we all grab a beer?
I'm buying.
I'm game. Em?
You go ahead.
I just wanna be alone right now.
I'll see you guys.
It's not you.
Catch up with you later, all right?
Two days since we talked.
And peace offering.
Don't show up to my place
without a call or a text.
Don't alter my décor,
and you were right about the mugs.
Roger that, and for the record,
I know you're not Lola.
You are the woman I'm crazy about.
Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

Oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

When the darkness comes to light ♪

When tides roll into waves at night ♪
Like the seasons let them die ♪
I could be free ♪
- What?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
give them life ♪
Like the seasons let them die ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Today ♪
Today ♪
I'll find ♪
My way ♪
I could be free ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
I can be free ♪

All my reasons, let them die ♪
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