All Rise (2019) s01e20 Episode Script

Merrily We Ride Along

Previously on "All Rise"
- Have you met my son Ben?
- Your name is Ben Benner.
You have been on two dates.
Both of which, I will remind you,
went spectacularly well.
I kind of want to have
lunch with Detective Harris.
What? You can order another one.
It was just one martini.
Okay, it was two,
but I thought it was vodka, not gin.
Gin makes me loopy.
Daphne, did you do
what you're accused of?
No, I wasn't even in the house.
- You and I should go for a ride.
- Oh, I got work to do.
No, no, no. I put on the uniform.
I'll get a patrol car.
You can see for yourself
what we're doing out there.
Isn't this is the first
domestic violence trial
- you've had after
- After my abusive marriage to Joe?
Emily's worse for the wear,
but I did not see that coming.
You can only bury
pain like that for so long
before it just
Breaks you.
He got in my face,
and that's when I swung at him.
- So you lied to the police, right?
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Overruled. Witness may answer.
- Yes, but
- Objection, our Honor.
- What else are you lying about?
Counsel, that's enough!
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Are you okay?
You okay?
Where you flying to, Maverick?
Shouldn't you be a mile out by now?
Cute. I thought ride-alongs
were for new D.A.s.
Weber was persistent.
Oh, he likes you.
I remember the first time
I went out on one of these,
and it hit me being part
of this huge effort to help people.
Is that why D.A.s always
believe law enforcement?
Uh, police are trained observers
with experience testifying.
And incentive to hide mistakes
and protect their careers.
- Why do you believe your clients?
- You calling me gullible?
Are you calling me credulous?
That's the same You're using my words.
Go. I don't want the detective to see me
consorting with the defense.
- You should be so lucky.
- Ah.
Never seen her before in my life.
Good morning. Good morning.
Whoa! Hey. Good look on you.
Shut up. Good morning.
There's coffee in the thing.
Oh, no time. Breakfast with Mother Judge,
- and I'm already late.
- Dude, it's 7 a.m.
Tell me about it. My entire life.
Hey. Wait, wait, wait.
Not so fast, Mister.
- Mwah.
- Have a good day.
You, too.
Uh, "Mother Judge"?
Oh, I know. He's so freaking adorable.
Oh, shoot. I'm sorry.
It's fine. He's dead to the world.
He was up studying till
4:30 a.m. for the bar exam.
Why is my mom calling?
Mom, it's 7 a.m. What's wrong?
Hello? Who's this?
Who's this? Mom?
Sara? Is that you?
Judge Benner?
Oh, my God. You switched phones
with Ben Benner.
It is not funny.
She doesn't know about us.
- She does now!
- Oh. Ben!
"Step 7 Simplification
unclutters the mind."
- What time is it?
- Good morning, sunshine.
You're moving out?
Simplifying step 7.
- What?
- Don't get me wrong. I love the steps.
- All 21 of them.
- 21, mm-hmm.
But would it hurt to try actual therapy
with an actual doctor?
This is actual therapy right here.
This is me, working through
all of it, all my stuff.
You know, I'm I'm helping myself.
And I couldn't do it
without you, pumpkin.
Come here.
You smell like
Fritos and desperation.
- Go shower.
- Yes.
Go on.
I don't need all this.
Didn't expect the uniform, Detective.
Giving you the patrol experience.
Try Romanian deadlifts.
- Why?
- Sitting at a desk will kill you.
I work out.
A wobble board at your
standing desk doesn't count.
No. I just bench press
your shoddy paperwork.
Would it kill you guys
- to actually interview eyewitnesses?
- Why bother?
Your team just pleads down
to a slap on the wrist.
If we had the evidence,
we wouldn't have to.
You ready to see some real policemen?
Hey! Arturo!
Where you been at?
Callan, under the seat grab that.
What's he doing, man?
How's your kid brother?
Better. Flu was brutal this year.
Nice uniform. Get demoted?
- Oh, that's funny.
- Who's the suit?
Mark Callan. I'm with the D.A.'s office.
It's a quiet morning.
Yeah, the streetlight
by the park is out again.
- You nudge the city?
- Sure.
Hey, counselor, does Three Strike Reform
- darken your day?
- You studying law?
Gotta know the power
to fight the power, right?
Your kid brother might like these.
"Hawkman." Classic.
I'm more of a Dark Knight guy.
Nah, son.
Check that out right there.
That's tight.
Dad, Robin tried getting back here.
Maybe I should think about D.C.
You're only saying that
so someone can tell you
how foolish it is.
I want my marriage to work.
I just can't figure out another way.
- You feel stuck?
- No.
I just keep forgetting why
we thought it was a good
- Daddy, I brought doughnuts.
- They won't fit under the door.
Roxy won't leave the bedroom.
Why didn't you lead with that?
You needed to talk.
She had second thoughts about resigning,
but the leadership at the nonprofit
doesn't want her back.
- She claims she's old.
- Oh, God.
I'm on a personal retreat!
You're on something.
You are being ridiculous.
- I don't want to talk!
- She's not talking to me.
You need to find out what's wrong.
Stop feeding her. She'll come out.
- Lola Carmichael.
- I'm sorry, Daddy.
Uh, but I I I gotta get to work.
- Check in as soon as you can.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm still not coming out.
How long have you known Arturo?
It's been a minute.
I, uh, appreciate your style.
- Still think we're slackers?
- I didn't say you were slackers.
You implied.
Y'all think y'all smarter than us.
Our jobs are to recognize patterns.
What kind of patterns
are you talking about?
Every year, you'll care
more about the criminals
and less about the folks
trying to stop it.
Man! Ha ha ha!
- Watch it!
- Get out of the road!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Back it up.
- Sir, do you need assistance?
- Leave me alone.
- Get back in the car.
- Get back in the car!
Sir, I'm here to help you out, okay?
- No, don't.
- Sir, just calm down, okay?
I'm here to help you. Relax.
Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Stop resisting.
- Let me go!
Stop resisting, or I'm gonna zap you.
What are you doing?
- Yo
- Stop resisting.
- We need someone
right down here.
Max, behind you.
Ahh Coming through.
Is he gonna be all right?
The guy was out of his mind.
When he went for my gun, I had to end it.
I'll be taking your statement.
- Of course, yeah.
- Relax, Callan.
Now you got a good story for the office.
Tell me what you saw.
Still trying to make sense of it.
It appeared that the man
Kavon Finch. Did you see him
go for the detective's gun?
I saw a struggle,
and Mr. Finch was taken to the ground.
That's not what I asked.
Dad, is Mom talking yet?
She's not even complaining
about my cooking.
Ooh. That is bad.
Tells me everything.
Not talking that's
All right, Daddy.
I'll seen when I can get away, okay?
All right.
Emily, what is that?
What are you drinking?
Kombucha smoothie
full of gut bacteria.
That is disgusting.
Do you know what's in that?
You're drinking fungus.
Get that away from me.
What is your next case again?
- People v. Woodley.
- Right. That file's a loser.
You'll be done in an hour.
- Seven new files on your desk.
- Daphne?
- What?
- Uh,
nothing. My client will be pleading out.
Daphne, what are you doing here?
How you doing, Jordan? Everything okay?
Well, I'm being tried for murder, so
I have good news.
The prosecutor's made an offer
just as we hoped.
She is going to reduce the charge
to voluntary manslaughter.
11 years in state prison.
Which means, instead of 25 to life,
you will be out in just over nine.
It is an excellent deal.
Last time we spoke,
you were pretty upset.
You maybe weren't
absorbing all that much,
so so let's go through
all this again, okay?
The evidence against you is strong.
You confessed to the police
that in the course
of robbing the delivery truck
and taping up the driver's mouth,
you blocked both of his airways,
- resulting in his death.
- Yeah.
You also have prior convictions
for theft and assault.
Yeah, you wouldn't think that
looking at me, would you?
But in prison, you learn how to fight.
You have no alibi,
and most problematic of all,
your DNA was found underneath
the victim's fingernail.
Now, that is a slam-dunk
for the prosecution, Jordan.
I can't beat it. My advice is to accept
the deal that's being offered.
All right.
- Do you have any questions?
- Yeah. Did he have any kids?
The driver did he have any children?
No, Jordan. He was 21.
He was a kid himself.
He was 21?
Yeah. You don't remember that?
You don't remember that he was
that he was young?
I don't remember
anything about that night.
Jordan, you gave a full
confession to the police,
- and now you're changing your story?
- I know.
You admitted to both
the robbery and the killing.
I know I did, but yeah, I know.
I know this is hard.
It's scary, and it's getting real now.
And you're wondering
if maybe you should risk
going to trial, but like I said
It's good. I'm good.
I'm on board with the deal.
Can we just do this?
Do we have to keep talking about it?
My dad is literally sliding
food to her under the door.
- Flat food.
- Depression?
That's just it.
She's never had depression.
She's turning 64 next week.
Maybe that's it?
I don't know. I've never known.
My dad's the Roxy whisperer.
The man has the patience of a saint.
Daphne Rivas? What's she doing here?
She's with Googan. Googan's a P.D.
I can't believe it. She reoffended?
You need to go to the P.D. office.
- Find out
- Your Honor
Find out why she's here.
All rise.
Department 61 of
the Los Angeles Superior Court
is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
Let's make this quick.
I have 34 other files,
and my desk is about to collapse. Lopez?
You know what's bothering me
about Jordan's confession?
Are you serious?
She doesn't offer a single
piece of new information.
Everything she tells the cops,
if you flip back, they told her first.
What are you doing, Lopez?
I thought you wanted to plea.
Thank you, Counsel.
Submit your findings
at your earliest opportunity.
Moving on. People vs. Jordan Woodley.
I feel nauseous.
Jordan, were you
telling the truth before?
Do you really not remember what happened?
You know what? It's fine.
Like you said, it's a great deal. Great.
Counsel, I understand
we have come to terms.
Uh, yes, Your Honor.
If the defendant will
plead guilty or no contest
to an amended count 2
of voluntary manslaughter
In your confession,
all you did was confirm
what the police told you had happened.
Because I probably did it.
You probably did it.
11 years in state prison.
Ms. Woodley, you've been
informed of the terms
- of the deal?
- Yes, Your Honor.
You understand that by pleading guilty,
you will be forgoing
your opportunity for trial?
Sorry, Your Honor. Sorry.
If we could just
Can we stop?
Respectfully, Your Honor,
if I can have a little more time
- to discuss this matter with my client.
- Oh, come on.
One day, Your Honor. It's a big decision.
Just back tomorrow?
Jordan, I'm your lawyer.
You have to trust me.
We are not accepting that deal
unless you tell me
exactly what you do remember
about that night.
I bought a bottle of rye
at Jason's on 9th Street.
It was maybe 5, 6 p.m.?
And then I woke up in MacArthur Park.
- When?
- I don't know.
It was late. It was dark. I don't know.
And nothing in between? Nothing?
No delivery truck, no driver, no murder?
Look, I'm an alcoholic.
I have blackouts,
which doesn't mean that I pass out.
It means that I do things
that I don't remember
crazy stuff, like I steal things, stuff.
Whatever, like purses, phones.
I get in fights.
I wake up in jail with cuts and bruises.
One time a broken ankle.
Half my life is made up of lost hours,
and the other half is me
trying to figure out
what the hell I did,
who I have to beg forgiveness.
They found my DNA on his body, Ms. Lopez.
That poor kid.
He died.
I mean, I could've done it.
I wouldn't be surprised if I had,
but honestly, I-I have no idea.
I wish you'd told me this before.
Do you have anyone?
Any friends or family that I can call
and and let them know
how you're doing?
You're more worried about
the essay or the Multistate?
I can talk my way out of anything,
so the Multistate?
The essays are brutal.
Hey. What happened? You all right?
- Yeah, uh
- Callan.
Welcome back.
The D.A. wants Peter Diaz
on the prosecution of Kavon Finch.
Hard gang unit? That seems like overkill.
Diaz works in another office
and doesn't really like you,
so no conflict of interest.
- Diaz doesn't like me?
- With you involved,
we need to keep it as clean as possible.
Kavon assaulted a police officer.
Assault? He's looking at five years.
What about misdemeanor battery?
He tried to take an officer's weapon
with the DDA watching.
Leniency is not in the cards.
You guys are moving fast.
Follow up with Diaz and have fun.
You're a witness now.
- She's turning 64.
- Which is young.
Which is young.
I thought she wanted a break.
Roxy finds energy and purpose.
She's gonna work herself to death
if we don't kill each other first.
Let's talk about you. How are you?
You're gonna be a witness.
Shoe on the other foot.
Ball in the other court.
- That's not a thing.
- Eh.
Detective Weber claims
Kavon went for his gun.
That's not what you saw?
No, I don't
Kavon lurched, and a second later,
he's injured and facing a felony.
But if you say Kavon shouldn't
be charged with assault
Then I leave Weber vulnerable
to charges of excessive force.
You think Weber is lying?
He doesn't seem like the type.
Every time I follow my instincts,
I end up fighting my own team.
What am I doing wrong here?
Might be a sign you're
doing something right.
If you're worried about Roxy,
take the day.
You're a judge. You can.
Mm-mm! And run the risk
of her taking it out on me?
No, thank you.
Weber has his version of events.
Tell yours. Trust the system
to sort it out.
mushrooms for the Bolognese sauce.
That's right. Some people
also use a mille fois
Now let the flavors blend.
That is true. Since we have
a lot of veggies
already in the quote, unquote pasta,
we could skip that step, but I have
Good God.
Should've had that fixed
when you were a teenager.
You knew?
I know all your tricks.
So are you going to tell me what's wrong?
Oh, so you gonna chase my problems
- to avoid your own?
- That's not true.
Is it Robin?
Actually, I'm worried about you.
I tried to go back to work
at the nonprofit,
teach a workshop.
And the new director told me,
"Keep enjoying your rest."
Daddy said they were
trying to push you out.
Well, it's a young person's game now.
It is ridiculous.
Mom, you still have a lot
that you could teach them.
Yeah, I used to knock on doors,
and now they're doing
the tap, tap on FaceChat,
and a thousand people show up.
- Snapchat?
- I know what it is.
All those years, and when
you are doing that work,
when you are down in it,
you justify every sacrifice.
- But in the end
- You're not at the end.
Listen, what you and Robin are giving up,
be sure it's worth it.
It is unbelievably awkward every time
I run into your mother,
which is all the time.
She is just down the hall.
Why haven't you told her yet?
I know. I
What, are you, like,
embarrassed or something?
No, of course not, no. I just My
My mother historically can be
a little overprotective.
What does that mean?
We'll tell her tonight, okay? Together.
Oh, no, she is your mother. You tell her.
Okay. Okay.
I promise. Tonight. I'll text you, okay?
He tell her yet?
Tonight. He said
his mother's overprotective?
- That's worrisome.
- Tell me about it.
- Ah, celery juice. Step 8.
- Mm. Ew.
Hey, did you catch that look
Carmichael gave me yesterday?
What, in 802?
She knows what happened
in Benner's courtroom
in that domestic violence case.
I mean, judges talk.
She totally knows, but I just
I feel like she's waiting
for me to fall apart again.
Well, she's just worried
about you. We all are.
Not worried, concerned.
She's rooting for you.
- Carol, hold the door.
- Sure, yeah.
I'm fine. All right.
Talk to you later.
Okay, so Jordan Woodley
is a blackout drunk.
She does crazy stuff
that she cannot remember.
So maybe she killed the guy.
Maybe, but but maybe not, Carol.
The confession is bogus.
The cops fed it to her, every detail.
- Really?
- Yes. I can tear it down on cross.
I can explain away her priors
by talking about her blackouts
and the crazy, reckless behavior.
And then, if I can undermine the DNA,
I have got a shot at reasonable doubt.
Well, then you gotta go for it.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Talk to Jimmy Slimms.
Jimmy Slimms. I'm going there right now.
- Tell him howdy.
- Howdy.
And let me know if you need any help.
I will. Yep. Nope.
Hold on. Start over.
You got this.
Luke, can I get your eyes on this?
- Uh, one sec. Larceny?
- Taking and carrying away.
- What are you doing?
- Personal property.
- With intent to deprive.
- Boom!
Callan, you remember Peter Diaz.
You haven't returned my calls.
I can't prosecute Kavon
without my star witness.
Been very busy.
Uh-huh. Well, now looks like a good time.
Aren't we late for that, uh, conference?
- They expected you on the
- Sixth floor.
Second fourth floor
at, like, 10 minutes ago.
Sorry, Peter. I have to
We will reschedule. Soon.
Uh, come on. Let's go talk.
Sure. That kid.
You shouldn't be reviewing this.
Another minute.
Is that a lurch or a lunge?
This could alter your memory,
and it feels sketchy.
"Feels sketchy" isn't on the bar.
No rules broken.
Calm down, okay?
I'm here to help you. Relax.
Did he go for the gun?
I can't tell.
I know firsthand that cops make mistakes,
if that's what you're asking.
I wanted your unique perspective.
It's not what you want to hear,
but if I saw that coming at me,
my training would kick in.
Are you sure? I mean
- Look at this.
- From that angle, you can't tell.
If this is the truth, Kavon goes to jail
five years minimum.
- Stop resisting.
- Let me go.
Come with me to the scene.
- See things from my perspective.
- Okay, that's not
How would you like it
if one of your witnesses
went investigating?
I'd hate it, but I'm not
the lawyer on this case.
Come on. You can nap in the car.
- I'll give you two hours.
- Okay.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Yeah, no, this doesn't look good.
- Why, Jimmy?
- Their guys did everything right.
Casework is superbly thorough.
Two different DNA traces
on the victim's body
matching those of your client,
swabbed from under the fingernail.
It is an emphatic match.
- Jimmy, I'm gonna ask you something.
- Why am I not surprised?
Is it possible the DNA
got there some other way?
Maybe Jordan knew him or
received a delivery from him.
Technically possible, vastly improbable.
What about
Secondary transfer.
Maybe Jordan had contact earlier that day
with whoever actually did the murder,
who then carried her DNA with them,
and it transferred
onto the victim's body?
You've been Googling. Once again,
technically possible, vastly
Jimmy, all I need to establish is
Reasonable doubt.
- I know.
- Yes, I just need to convince the jury,
and you are gonna help me.
Change of plans, Your Honor.
My client has elected
to reject the terms of the plea deal.
- Really?
- We are prepared to go to trial.
Ms. Turani, I assume
the People have offered
As much as they are prepared
to offer, Your Honor.
Ms. Woodley, you're in agreement?
Can I say something, Your Honor?
You may.
The police told me his name
I'm horrified that he died,
and I can't stop thinking
about his family.
But it wasn't me, Your Honor.
I couldn't have done that,
no matter how drunk.
Yes. I'm in agreement.
Okay, then. Much better.
I'm gonna remind you,
if this matter goes to trial
and if a jury convicts
your client of murder,
my hands are tied
when it comes to sentencing.
My point exactly.
Life in prison. No parole for 25 years.
Yes, Your Honor. We understand.
Okay. You may step back.
The plea deal is rejected.
We are going to trial.
Okay. Okay, I'm gonna come talk to you.
You have been checking
that thing every 30 seconds.
I may have been a little
blame-y with Detective Harris.
You two still don't use first names?
I may have suggested
it was his fault the whole
Day drinking? 2-martini Tuesday?
And now apparently,
we are taking a break.
By the way, no intel on Detective
Daphne Harris. Rivas.
How is that even possible?
Have you checked TCIS?
TCIS. Of course.
If she's here, then she's
been charged with something.
You need to go to the P.D.
office and talk to Carol.
Stop being all weird about that place.
It's not that bad.
And if you want your detective back,
then go get him.
I have never pursued a man in my life.
- Hmm?
- I am the pursuit.
- Anything?
- No security cameras.
- No ATMs.
- All right.
Walk it through with me. Kavon's there.
He's leaning against the pole.
- Like this?
- More bent at the waist.
Like this?
Weber's approaching. "Sir, calm down."
Listen. I have to study, okay?
- Hey.
- Can we go?
Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Are you sure? Hey, give me your hand.
You all good?
- Yeah. I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah.
I know it's not, you know, proof,
but I think Kavon just tripped.
If me falling has you thinking that,
then I feel like it's even shakier.
You're certain enough
to testify that it was a trip?
Kavon didn't assault Weber.
But then Weber gets charges.
It's probably a civil suit.
Well, Internal Review clears
this stuff all the time.
When it's a criminal's word
against the cop.
You're a DDA. That carries weight.
Even if I'm not certain,
shouldn't I voice my doubts?
When Kavon was being loaded
into that ambulance,
blood streaming, my first thought was,
this didn't have to happen.
Ms. Kansky. To what do I owe?
- Uh, Daphne Rivas.
- What about her?
She's been charged with something?
- What did she do?
- She applied for a job as a filing clerk.
- Carol.
- I'm just about to go interview her.
- What are you doing here?
- Leaving.
Judge Carmichael would like
a word with her after.
Yeah, Jordan Woodley cited
for public disturbance,
8:03 p.m. night of the murder.
- Really?
- Outside the Palace Theatre.
She was singing Eminem tunes.
I like her style.
8 p.m. She doesn't remember any of this.
Ambulance was called. They would've
Ambulance. The paramedics.
What about them?
If it was the same one that
Yes, yes. Ambulance 71.
8:03 p.m. It attends
on drunk Jordan at the Palace,
and then later that night, 10:45 p.m.,
the same ambulance is called
to the murder scene.
The paramedics transferred the DNA.
It sounds far-fetched.
Maybe, but
it's possible.
It's possible.
That's not what I saw.
- You think I'm lying?
- I just saw it differently.
I know it feels personal.
You question my judgment.
Mess with my job, it's personal.
I have a duty to tell the truth.
If the media gets a hold of this,
you think me being brown will
save me from the outraged mob?
You haven't been paying attention.
- Kavon tripped.
- Which you got to decide
from a safe distance
after hours of thinking about it.
I had a split second.
Don't you think The smallest doubt
isn't there a part of you
that thinks maybe you went too hard?
Oh. You don't like the messy parts.
The law isn't some pure idea.
It's applied to bodies,
and some of those bodies bleed.
He was high, and he was scared.
What kind of call will you make
if it's life or death?
It was.
Daphne. It's good to see you.
You, too. Am I in trouble?
God, no, no. Please, sit.
- Okay.
- I just
wanted to check in on you,
see how you were doing.
I have to admit, when I saw you earlier,
I thought maybe you'd been charged again.
I was gonna take it personally.
No. No, that's all behind me.
I have a little girl now.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- You have a photo?
- I do.
Her name is Sofia.
Oh, she is gorgeous.
Yeah, I turned my life around.
I'm working two jobs,
and I'm saving up for school,
and I actually just applied to work here,
- at the P.D.'s office.
- So I hear.
And also, I don't talk
to my mother anymore.
She's out of my life.
That must have been difficult.
She used to be different,
and people change, I guess.
It just took me
a little while to catch up.
Well, I am very proud of you.
Well, what about you, Your Honor?
You're good?
Mm, some days are better than others.
Today is one of the good ones
because of you, Daphne.
We can all do way more
than we think we can.
You said that to me.
Yeah, I did.
When you get that job
in the P.D.'s office,
don't be a stranger, okay?
There has to be more photos.
There are.
- Okay.
Look at her.
One citation. That's all I can find.
I don't have an alibi, and, yes,
I can go after the confession
and the priors,
but the key to this whole thing
is the DNA.
And the problem is that even if I put
Jimmy Slimms on the stand,
and even if he makes
a brilliant case for secondary transfer,
which he will, the prosecution's guy
will just refute it.
It's battle of the experts.
They will cancel each other out,
and I am dead in the water.
Boom! He told Judge Benner.
You weren't talking to me
just now, were you?
Tell me everything.
Every detail from the beginning.
I am gambling with this woman's life.
Why do I think I can pull this off?
Are you kidding me? You can do anything.
Have I told you about step 11
do something every day
that brings you pleasure?
Thought you might like
to, you know, pitch in.
I am really stressed right now.
I could give you something for that.
- Ow.
- I'm so sorry.
It's okay. My ankle hurts.
I have to study.
- I get it.
- I'm sorry.
The samples collected from the right hand
generated two profiles of alleles
one male and one female.
He's good.
He's too good.
It's battle of the experts.
It's okay. Jimmy's good, too.
But if I can get this guy
to sign on to my theory,
I can win this whole thing
right here, right now.
That's too risky.
Just trust Jimmy Slimms.
next to a level
of 1 in 17 quintillion.
That's 17 with 18 zeroes after it.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Ms. Lopez, your witness.
Dr. Lee, this profile you built,
it came from just a few cells
of DNA, correct?
Oh, yes. The technology is surging.
Our instruments are uber sensitive.
And these couple of tiny cells were found
- on the victim's right hand?
- Correct. Right index finger.
Was my client's DNA found anywhere else
on the victim's body?
- It was not.
- Is your conclusion that
my client was present at the crime scene?
No, my conclusion was her DNA
was at the scene, which is why
So you can't actually place my client
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Overruled.
It's likely she was at the scene,
given the presence of
Likely. I see. Is
Is there any other way
these tiny cells could have
Secondary transfer.
- Yes.
- The victim would have to have
touched with his right index finger
something your client
also touched highly unlikely.
Thank you, doctor.
Now can you tell me what this is?
A pulse oximeter.
- Used to check blood oxygen levels.
- Paramedics use it?
- Yes.
- So it would've been used on the victim
at the murder scene to check his vitals?
- Yes.
- And where would they have placed it
on his body?
Right index finger.
Objection, Your Honor.
Calls for speculation.
Overruled, Counsel. Sit down.
Doctor, drawing your attention
to Peoples' Exhibit 4,
can you tell the court, please,
which ambulance attended
at the murder scene?
- 71.
- Rescue Ambulance 71.
Your Honor,
marking Defense Exhibit "B"
a medical report from my client
less than three hours prior.
And this ambulance number?
Also 71.
Same ambulance. Same paramedics.
Same pulse oximeter.
Doctor Lee, could my client's
DNA transfer to the victim
by means of the oximeter?
Could she, in fact,
have been nowhere near
the victim or the crime?
Would you say that that is reasonable?
I would.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
The bar's a marathon, not a sprint.
No more caffeine.
Callan. A moment.
- And get some sleep.
- Sleep is for the weak.
Am I headed for the penalty box?
I prefer "sin bin."
Not this time.
Diaz wants to plead Kavon
down to misdemeanor resisting.
That's surprising.
Maybe the D.A. saw
a P.R. disaster in the making.
Or maybe it's the best call,
given the facts.
And Weber?
We don't ask people
to make the right choices
with perfect information,
just reasonable choices
with what they know.
We done?
Kavon gets a good deal.
Isn't that what you want?
I think I want to know
I made the right choice.
Sticking to your story?
About this. About all of it.
Do you ever wonder if you are
where you're supposed to be?
In my experience,
if a D.A. asks that question,
a case comes along to answer it.
What kind of case?
You'll know it.
If you take 3rd all the way up,
make that right, you'll be fine.
- Great. Thanks.
- No problem.
What can I do for you, Prosecutor?
I was
For the cause.
Judge Benner?
Well, I'm not gonna, like,
damage your son or something,
if that's what you're worried about.
He told you I was overprotective.
- Yes, and
- I am, but not of him.
Sara, I love my son, and I always will.
But how can I say this?
Um, just be careful.
Hey. What was that? You okay?
I'm not sure.
What are you doing here?
I can't talk right now,
but I'll talk to you later, okay?
Oh. Go ahead. She's waiting.
Okay. Thanks.
Your Honor? You wanted to see me?
Emily, come on in.
- How are you? Everything good?
- Yeah, everything's good.
That was some high stakes poker.
That cross?
Well, it worked.
Every time you appear
in my courtroom, Emily,
I see something in you
something I recognize.
Your whole life you've done it
all by yourself
everything you've achieved,
and there isn't anything
you can't fix, right?
Including your clients,
including yourself,
one step at a time.
I have been in therapy more than once.
Three different therapists.
It never worked for me.
Me, neither. Just made it worse.
Until I met Dr. Bhatti.
Just in case.
You are not alone, Emily.
Don't ever forget that, okay?
We have got you surrounded.
Thanks. Thank you.
Good, 'cause I wasn't
sliding this under the door.
- Strawberry rhubarb pie?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's my favorite.
- I know.
Let's get right into this.
Listen, Mom.
We don't always get to know
if the hard work is worth it.
We do it on faith, but if we're lucky,
we'll get a sign.
Oh, look at you with the tough love.
We can all do way more
than we think we can.
You taught me those words.
Today I got the gift
of seeing its impact.
My mother taught me those words.
Remember when you and Grandma Ella
took me to the NAACP meeting?
I was what, in high school?
Almost grown, couldn't sit still.
Why did you stop going?
Well, I guess I just had my own fight,
and it started to feel
like a place for old ladies.
Well, you are an old lady now.
What can I do to help?
Pass the pie.
- I'm serious.
- So is she.
Eat pie. Stay close.
I could do this on my own.
I knew exactly what to do,
how to approach the problem and solve it.
I had the skill. I could
see the path, the steps,
and I keep thinking that I should be able
to do that with this with this thing,
this with this problem.
But you can't.
I have no clue
where to begin, even.
I'm lost.
I need help.
I went shopping.
I, uh, I should hydrate.
It's mostly water.
I don't know if the cops
will buy that argument.
How'd it go with Choi?
I will live to fight another day.
You know, I became a D.A. to help people.
Did you? Or was it to piss off your dad?
People grow out of things.
No idea what will come next.
Well, whatever it is,
you'll make it interesting.
Come on.
But I'm
All right.
You know you forget
the end of that quote.
"We can all do better
than we think we can,
but we can't do it alone."
I am not alone, Mom.
Oh, so you and Robin are all right?
We will be.
I think I will go down to the NAACP
and see what the old ladies are up to.
I think it would be good for you.
This is so good.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Finally did something right?
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