All Rise (2019) s01e21 Episode Script

Dancing at Los Angeles

Good morning, good morning,
good morning, Los Angeles!
D.J. Tailwind Turner with the burners,
and it is a brand-new day,
not like any of us know
what day it is anyway.
To all the fine people
on the front lines,
the hospital workers,
the first responders,
to the couriers and the truck drivers,
the men and women
stocking food on our shelves,
to the sick and the recovering,
to our brothers and sisters
behind the prison walls,
good morning, my friends!
You are not forgotten.
You are not forgotten. Mm.
This world
is in a whole lot of trouble ♪
Because I believe that there's
a solution to all of this ♪
Hey, oh.
Finally. What took you so long?
What are you eating?
Cap'n Crunch. I can't stop.
It's a problem. Where are you?
Back deck. Keep talking.
Gotta keep my heart rate up.
Would you stop it? That's obnoxious.
- Hey! You called me.
- You hear anything new?
- No, I got nothing.
- Trials cannot keep getting pushed.
I know. Choi's having a heart attack.
- Multiple heart attacks.
- I don't care about Choi's heart.
I mean, obviously, yes,
I care about Choi's heart,
but I care more about
The American justice system imploding
and the end of the world
as we know it? Yeah, me, too.
Would you seriously stop it?
I can't go to the gym,
and I'm going nutty here.
I know. Me, too. I'm going stir crazy.
- The backlog is insane.
- It's insane.
It was hard enough keeping up
before this happened.
If trials keep getting pushed,
there is no way.
I have another day of remote
fire sale plea bargains.
- It's a good time to be a criminal.
- Don't start.
But I want to. Lola, I want to start.
Yeah, hang on. That's Roxy.
Hi, Mama.
Hello, daughter!
Lo go good.
- You, too.
- Me, too, what?
No, Mama, that was Mark.
I can't see him. Am I supposed
to be able to see him?
And, Lo, go easy on the Cap'n Crunch.
Shut up.
Mama, how's Daddy doing?
Oh, he's fine. He's cleaning out
the crawl space
and listening to Bill Withers records.
And if you wanna convince me
to stay inside
you're wasting your breath!
Mama, you can't be going out all day
delivering care packages.
They need my help!
Mom, you should be having things
brought to you,
not the other way around.
You have an underlying condition.
It's dangerous.
Oh. One second.
I'm sorry.
Carmichael, you're late.
Mom, I have to I have a meeting.
Wait. How How's Robin?
You don't have to keep yelling.
He is fine.
The Bureau doesn't want him leaving D.C.
He sends his love, okay? I gotta go.
Mama, stay inside.
Don't forget to breathe, people.
I'm doing yoga literally
three times a day. I'm addicted.
I am not mad at it.
That's it. Flower your buttocks.
I need to flower my buttocks.
Can I call you later?
Wait, wait. Did you get my package?
- Mm-hmm.
- So what'd you think?
I think it's intriguing,
and I think we'll be testing it later.
- Mm.
- Okay, Cat Cow. Everyone inhale.
- Okay, gotta go.
- Wait. I'm I'm watching.
Now press your chest forward
like this and inhale.
Think like a cat who needs
a really good stretch.
Tilt the tailbone up
What part of "shelter-in-place"
do you not understand?
Hey, outside exercise
is a specific exemption.
- Thank you very much.
- I know. I just Be careful.
Em, people see a black man
running down the street
with a mask on, they tend
to cross to the other side.
I miss you.
I miss you, too, but I have to Ugh.
Hey, listen, have you been
reading the latest?
Jails and prisons, it's just like
- They're trying.
- it's not good.
- We're trying, Luke.
- You look good.
- Ugh.
- Let's have a date.
Luke, I am buried. Buried!
My calendar changes every time I log in,
and Carol just keeps
just throwing files at me.
No, come on. We'll make the same thing.
We'll eat together.
Who knows where it'll lead?
Oh, I am at my brother's house,
helping him and his wife
with the kids.
- The little terrors.
Who come into my room at any
moment without notice. Just
Okay, then we'll have
a late, late dinner.
Just finish your run. Just run it off.
- Just run it off.
- Okay.
- Mwah.
- Bye.
I can't believe I survived ♪
You need to give yoga another chance.
It helps with the anxiety.
Sara, I do not experience
anxiety. Please fix yourself.
Just because you don't call it anxiety
I am labeling spices,
and I am experimenting with
a new way to fold my towels.
It's very relaxing.
I only have three
Instacart deliveries today.
So let's do corona cocktails
after to unwind.
It makes me nervous you doing that.
What? I've got my gloves, my mask,
and I have a car payment, Sherri.
Transcript work has totally dried up.
I will call you at 7.
Police are still making arrests.
We could do all the arraignments
and prelims we want on video.
We're just delaying the deluge.
Once the emergency order is lifted
Carmichael. Good. That's a quorum.
Jonas, have you been motorcycling?
The freeways are glorious!
Albert has an invasion of gall mites.
- Gall what?
- Yeah!
The leaves of my fuchsia are pimpling.
- We're talking about the backlog.
- Good. We need to do something.
We are doing something. Bail at zero,
O.R. release for low-level offenders.
All due respect, Jonas, it's not enough.
The conditions inside
of the jails are appalling.
21 more inmates tested positive
in the last day,
four more guards.
We have to do something.
- I have a thought.
- Hmm.
- What a surprise.
- Oh, go mute yourself, Jonas.
- Out with it, Carmichael.
- Okay.
How is it in there?
Things getting any better?
Oh, yeah, things are great, Ms. Lopez.
I'm taking Japanese lessons,
practicing calligraphy.
Kurt, seriously.
I need you to get me the hell
out of here, Ms. Lopez.
I can't get a bar of soap.
Toilet paper is a myth.
Courts are still very chaotic.
They They keep pushing
trial dates back.
How long?
Right now, 60 days.
60 days?! No, they can't do that, right?
They are doing it.
I'm gonna talk to the DDA
and see if I can shake this loose.
Look, Kurt, I know that you
don't have money for bail
I didn't do this thing.
He put his hands on me.
I mean, we're brothers. We argue.
We've been our entire lives,
and now he calls the police on me?
The car's mine, too. Both of
our names are on the title.
And I am gonna argue that point.
We have a good case here.
My girlfriend Rosa she's due
in, like, five weeks.
You didn't say anything about y-your g
Yeah, I didn't think
I'd still be in here.
She is all alone, Ms. Lopez.
This is
This is killing me.
I need to see her,
and there are no visits anymore.
Can we maybe do this with her?
This video thing
could you make that happen?
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
This land is your land ♪
This land is my land ♪
California ♪
Look, online trials
are simply not practical.
Why not? We are already
doing arraignment.
- The Constitution, is why not.
- Because of the Constitution.
- The right to face your accuser.
- The right to a jury.
Both of you settle down.
What if the defendant's network dies?
- What if he can't talk to counsel?
- Then we'll wait.
The technology isn't the point, Jonas.
- It's the entire point.
- The spirit of what the founders intended
- is still maintained.
- Says you.
I like it. Clients can waive
certain guarantees,
or they can sit in jail
for God knows how long.
- They're ganging up on us.
- It's possible they're right, Jonas.
It's not much point in trying the accused
if they're no longer alive.
Little dark there, Albert.
Mm-hmm. These are dark times, Abigail.
- Yeah.
- So we agree.
Carmichael, since you're
so keen, you'll be up first.
- Find me a test case.
- I already have one in mind.
Good, because you're going to
need to figure out
how the hell this is gonna work.
Yeah. Don't get up. Don't get dressed.
Give yourself a break. Five more minutes.
Ain't nobody outside to play with anyway.
So stay warm with the one you love
or the one you're with,
or the one you're dreaming about.
Stay right where you are.
Stay right where you are.
You say that
life's got you feeling down ♪
Whoo! Well, that was a first.
I think it works.
Oh. It works. It works.
I have to say, all this yoga,
my body is doing things
it has never done before.
Oh, really? Like what?
No, seriously. Give me every detail.
I think I need a few minutes
to, you know, regroup.
Oh, damn. I've got a meeting.
- Well, put a shirt on.
- I'm working on it.
All right. How do I look?
Little flushed, maybe.
I'll see ya.
Believe ♪
Lopez, hey.
- Hey.
- Nice home office.
I am in a closet hiding
from a nephew invasion.
Where are you? Are you
Are you in your bedroom?
Yeah, sorry. I was just, um
Oh, no, don't tell me.
- Do you need a minute?
- Amy Quinn says hi.
No, she doesn't.
Hi, back.
Okay. So my client, Kurt Beto
Hang on. Choi just sent
the file over, and it's
- There's no case here, Mark.
- Carjacking.
- Nope. Family feud.
- Not according to the prelim.
Uh, the prelim was the arresting officer
spouting back what the victim told him
Victim is Joey Beto,
your client's brother.
It was a sibling squabble,
not a carjacking.
Totally overcharged.
So let's talk about an O.R. release.
Lopez, your guy has a violent past.
Or we can wrap it up
at misdemeanor joyriding,
10851. No further custody.
- Time served.
- It's not gonna happen, Lopez.
- I have another call.
- Yep.
So cool.
- Hey.
- Everyone wants more toilet paper.
Why aren't you dressed?
This woman texted that she was pregnant,
and she had to have baby dills,
so I went to, like, six different stores
to find her baby dills.
She hasn't even said thank you.
- Oh, my God.
- I need to get dressed.
Do you know what I miss?
Stop it! Sorry.
The little terrors found me.
Fun! I miss fun.
Stop it! Sara
Sara, I'll call you.
I'll see you in a few minutes.
What did I say?! Guys!
In the matter of
the People vs. Kurt Beto,
I would have preferred you would
come to me with a plea deal.
- Couldn't reach a resolution.
- We tried, Your Honor.
- Sara, are we on the record?
- Yes, I'm typing.
Yes, you are in
Judge Carmichael's chambers,
standing right in front
of her desk, in fact.
Okay, good to know.
And Judge Carmichael is
very displeased with you two.
- I would have expected
- "Displeased"? Really?
Is that how you're gonna talk to counsel?
- Come on.
- Excuse me?
Wait. Callan, is this
your first time appearing
in front of Judge Carmichael?
- First time.
- It doesn't matter.
- Oh! Besties!
- Wow.
Ah. Mnh-mnh. Everyone, be quiet!
Your Honor.
Thank you, Sherri. Ms. Lopez?
I'd like to ask, Your Honor,
to consider a motion
to release my client O.R.
All right. People, what's your position?
Kurt Beto viciously attacked
his brother, Joey Beto,
who is an upstanding businessman
with no prior criminal record.
He also jacked his vehicle.
My client is not violent.
He is a street artist
He has a record for assault, Lopez.
Two years ago, he threw a punch
when he was high.
He has been clean ever since.
He was clean when this incident happened.
They're brothers. They argue.
Your Honor, my client
has a pregnant girlfriend.
Given the catastrophic health conditions
where he is being detained
- How far along is she?
Due in five weeks,
currently self-quarantined
and alone, Your Honor.
The public's safety should be
the court's primary concern here.
The accused is under 50.
He has no underlying condition,
and he has a felony assault
on his record, period.
Thank you. I have heard enough.
Perhaps we should go to trial right away.
I have been given the latitude
to explore conducting trials remotely.
I think this would be a great test case.
- What?
- Really?
A bench trial. We will
live-stream the whole thing
so the proceedings will remain public.
Obviously, it would involve waiving
certain constitutional rights?
- Uh, yeah.
- The right to trial by jury,
the right to face your accuser in person,
the right to have your attorney
in the same room for a start,
but flip side, it would also
guarantee a speedy trial,
which it is clear
Mr. Beto needs in this case.
- Your Honor, this is not
- Talk to your bosses.
Talk to your client, and get back to me.
- But
- Ready for the call ♪
Whenever you're ready ♪
Go, go, go. Now.
Am I muted? Go!
If this virtual trial thing works,
it'll go a long way
to solving the problem.
Having nightmares about the backlog.
Seriously, 2 a.m.,
I'm lying awake. I'm a mess.
So you're on board?
They will need to waive
the right to appeal,
not on the legal merits,
- on the procedure.
- On the procedure. Agreed.
There's Watkins. Great.
I told him to call.
Stay on for this. Hang on.
Luke, you got Callan too.
- Hey, bud.
- Hey.
Tell him what you pitched me
in your email.
I wanna go down to
county jail, Men's Central.
I spoke to a buddy a
sheriff who works there.
He says it's utter chaos.
They're struggling with
the sheer volume of releases.
I wanna go down and make sure
that no one falls through the cracks.
- Are you insane?
- No way.
I need to do something.
I just can't sit here.
- Uh, yeah, you can.
- The answer is no.
The linen closet?!
Kids are hiding my papers.
I really hope you didn't read this!
It's a double homicide!
How you holding up, Rosa?
I pee all the time.
My back is killing me.
The father of my baby
is in jail during a pandemic,
and I can't even drink wine.
So good.
Okay, you've got five minutes.
There's Kurt. Can you see him?
Oh, I promised the baby
I wasn't gonna cry.
Hey, I'm gonna mute myself
and just step off
so you so you two can talk, okay?
Hey, beautiful.
Let me see the belly.
- Oh, my God.
- Can you see it?
It's beautiful.
- It's okay.
I'm all right. It's okay.
Do you have a fever
or anything like that?
Nothing. Nothing yet.
And you're gonna do the trial?
- It looks like it.
- I can watch, right?
- I can log in?
- Uh, Ms. Lopez. Ms. Lopez?
Could she
Yep, I can send you a link, Rosa.
Okay. Thank you.
Ms. Lopez?
Kurt's gonna be a great dad.
I know.
An incredible dad.
But he needs to be back
for when his son gets here.
He needs to raise his son, okay?
We need him. Okay?
- I know.
- Do you?
I do. I know, Rosa. I know.
I know.
Dark is coming,
and the daylight's almost gone ♪
- I love you.
- I love you.
Kurt, time's up. Let's go.
- Thank you, Ms. Lopez.
- You're welcome!
It's all right.
Gonna figure this out.
But a change is gonna come ♪
I want my restaurants back
all of them.
You are doing great.
My mother wouldn't let me in the kitchen.
I never learned how to cook.
Well, maybe that's one good
thing to come out of all this.
You wouldn't say that if you had
to eat yesterday's risotto.
- So you heard from Choi?
- He's on board.
And it's Mark Callan for the People?
If we weren't running
short on lawyers and judges,
I wouldn't approve it.
- Lisa, we'll be fine.
Better be. What are you
wearing for robes?
- I hadn't thought about it.
- Oh, fudge!
I forgot to take the phyllo
out of the freezer.
Ohh! Carmichael. This is the internet.
Anything you wear or say
or do is going to be seen
and captured by a Russian
troll farm and posted,
so don't screw it up.
Lisa, can I call you right back?
Sure. But be warned.
Pastry makes me swear like a sailor.
- Okay.
- Ugh!
Marky Mark!
Your Honor.
See? That's why
we need to talk. Let's go.
Why are we doing this?
Because it's our thing, and I
need for this to feel real,
feel normal now more than ever.
How's your dad? How's Roxy?
He's good. The other one scares me.
She keeps trying
to deliver supplies to people
when she needs to be staying at home.
Roxy will be Roxy.
See? Isn't this nice?
If you like stairs.
Okay. So, this trial, our first,
we need to set some ground rules.
Lola, I'm not gonna risk any ex-parte.
Rule number one do not
try to make me laugh.
- Lola.
- And do not expect any special favors.
As a matter of fact,
you better bring your "A" game,
because I plan on being
really hard on you.
Oh, okay. All right.
Well, then no eye rolling in my direction
or that look that says,
"I know better than you"
that you seem to reserve just for me.
I do not give you that look,
and I am serious, Mark.
Don't try to make me laugh.
Ooh. Look at you. What's going on?
Laundry day?
I'm going downtown.
I wanna look presentable.
Oh. Okay. But
I thought the D.A.
furloughed all the law clerks.
They did. I'm going to Men's Central.
Is Choi sending you?
Em, I used to be a bailiff.
I'm still on the Sheriff's reserve.
And did they call you?
I left my uniform at the courthouse,
and no, they didn't.
Oh, can you just please
stop it with the tie?
- Please?
- I'm tired of sitting on my ass, Em.
Luke, I am doing a virtual bench trial
for my client who is
giving away a boatload
of his constitutional rights
because it is so dangerous.
I'll wear gloves. I've got a mask.
No. Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at my face.
Pick up the phone.
Call who you need to call,
okay? Get a list together
of inmates who are due to be released.
You can help them by finding housing,
by finding other services that they need.
That's one of the reasons that
everyone is so bogged down.
Don't go down there.
Don't get comfortable.
Don't get cozy
with that warm cup of coffee
or that hot, hot tea,
'cause there's still some people
we need to take heed of
some people who can't hear the music
people who are exposed.
Question is, what are we doing
to help those
who can't always help themselves?
in the heart of the town, oh ♪
Hello? Anyone?
Bueller? Bueller?
Oh, this is fun.
Hey, Sara. How you holding up?
Oh, great. How are you, Your Honor?
Great. Are you really great?
I'm terrified and anxious,
and I can't sleep.
Yeah. Me, too. Have you been
listening to that D.J.?
- D.J. Tailwind Turner.
- Yes!
Oh, my God. He is
my new internet boyfriend.
Listen. I am a judge
and a happily married woman,
but that man makes me wanna
break the law, okay?
Judge Carmichael?
Please mute and turn off your video
until the court is in session.
If we're gonna do this,
we're gonna do it right.
Hmm. I will see you soon, Sara.
Ooh! That's pretty!
Courtrooms in space!
This must be the place.
Hey, Em.
Hey, Sara. I-I can't
- Is my client here yet?
- Do you see your client?
I hate this already.
Kurt! Good. You made it.
Oh, wait. Where did I go?
Oh, guys, I think we've been hacked.
No, it's me. I need to put
everybody in their place.
All rise.
- Are we seriously doing this?
- I'm glad I wore pants.
Ooh. Okay. This is gonna take
some getting used to.
Everyone, please, sit down.
Department 61
of the Los Angeles County
Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
That means we are now
live streaming to the internet.
Can everyone see and hear me?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, Your Honor.
- Yes, Your Honor.
- Welcome.
We are no longer in our kitchens
or our bedrooms.
We are in Courtroom 802.
I expect decorum.
If you wish to be heard
or want to make an objection,
you will raise your hand.
So calling the matter of
The People vs. Kurt Beto.
- Counsel, your appearances.
- Emily Lopez,
Deputy Public Defender, on his behalf.
Deputy District Attorney
Mark Callan for the People.
Very well. Mr. Beto,
I will address you now.
- Can you hear me?
- Yes, Your Honor.
Do you understand that you are
waiving certain rights
by taking part
in this online bench trial?
The right to face your accuser in person,
the right to a trial by jury,
and while you retain the right to appeal
on the merits of this case,
you are waiving the right
to appeal on the procedures.
Do you agree?
Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Callan, you may begin.
The evidence will show that Kurt Beto
took from his brother,
Joey Beto's possession, a vehicle.
He used force and intimidation.
It's a carjacking, plain and simple,
and Kurt Beto is guilty.
I've been wearing the same thing
for, like, five days?
And thank God you can't smell me,
'cause, whoo, boy.
What are you doing? Studying?
- Making lists.
- That's fun.
All my roommates deserted me.
I am here alone, drinking margaritas.
Sam, are you okay?
There are several instances a day
when my cortisol levels skyrocket.
One is when I'm playing sidewalk chicken
with someone coming toward me and
another is when I check the news.
What kind of lists?
Uh, inmates.
The ones that we're releasing.
I'm trying to find support services
for the ones that have nowhere to go.
- Can I help?
- Aren't you hammered?
I'm funny when I'm drunk,
and tequila makes me charming.
Send me the names. I need to feel useful.
You got it. Thank you.
The People call Joey Beto to the stand.
Mr. Beto, can you tell us, please,
who actually owned the car?
Technically, we both did,
insofar as we were both on the title.
Can you explain?
I was trying to be nice.
All right, but I paid for it.
All of it. I bought the car.
I paid the insurance.
Marking People's exhibits 1 and 2,
pre-marked PDF. Can you
tell us what they are?
That was the bank draft in the amount
of $8,200 for the car.
- And this one?
- That's the insurance policy
with my name on it Joey Beto.
I even paid three years of his rent.
I gave him so much money
Objection! Objection.
Your Honor. Relevance?
- Just a second
- Your Honor, the brothers'
past relationship
- is very relevant.
- Hang on.
Ms. Kansky, do we have the exhibits?
They should be
in the exhibit drop box thingy.
The objection is sustained.
Deputy District Attorney Callan,
you may continue.
Joey, please tell us what happened
on the morning of January 10th.
I run a catering company.
Uh, I got kitchen off of East Olympic.
I got out of my car. Kurt was waiting.
All right, I could already
tell that he was pissed.
He told me he wanted a car,
but I told him
Look, I refused.
All right, that's when
he started yelling.
He He pushed me.
He tackled me to the ground.
He grabbed the keys,
and then he took off with the vehicle.
Ms. Lopez, you've gotta object.
- Not now.
- No, but that's not what happened.
We're gonna let him We're gonna
let him tell his story.
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.
- It's okay. Carry on.
Joey, when your brother attacked you
One hand is sufficient,
Ms. Lopez. Sustained.
Mr. Callan, please rephrase.
How did you react, Joey, in that moment?
Look, man, we are brothers.
We've been fighting for 30 years.
But this was different. He was in a rage.
And you were terrified.
You were afraid he'd hurt you.
- Objection. Leading.
- Counsel. Sustained.
- Lola, I am trying
- Mr. Callan!
- What?
- Whoa, whoa! "Your Honor" or "Judge."
- Nothing else.
- Okay. Okay.
We had a good start.
Let's take a recess.
I don't have a gavel.
A book, maybe. Something.
Feeling it, too
that 2 a.m., nothing's okay, hopeless,
middle of the night feeling.
There is freedom within ♪
Can't sleep, can't sleep, cannot sleep.
But you're not alone. You're not alone.
You are not alone.
I want you to reach out to me.
There's a battle ahead ♪
I'm here if you need me.
Hit me up.
But you'll never see
the end of the road ♪
If you're traveling with me ♪
Hey now, hey now ♪
Hello, sara.c.242.
I see you.
Hey now, hey now ♪
And I just started a brand-new firm.
I know, Rach. I am so sorry.
And then the plague? I mean,
I gotta tell you, Lo,
it's kinda hard being a trial attorney
when there are no trials.
Listen, I know you're gonna be fine
because you are Rachel Audubon!
Come on!
This is silly.
Wait. What is that noise?
What are you doing?
Oh, just going through
some boxes in my closet.
Papers from freshman year
and a stack of letters from Roxy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I was gonna read 'em,
but I'm a little nervous.
It was a rough time for us back then.
Wish I had letters from my mom.
Well, tell you what?
I will mail these to you,
and then you can read 'em.
Girl, bye. We both need to sleep.
Tell that to my brain.
I'm gonna go through a few more of these,
and then I'll I don't know.
Good night, Rach.
I'll talk to you later.
- Night, hon.
- All right, bye.
Nice knowing you, Mr. Knight. Buh-bye.
Pawn to Queen's Bishop 3.
It's nice knowing you, Mr. Bishop.
I miss your skin, how warm you are.
I was thinking maybe
maybe we should do this together
the whole isolation thing.
You mean live together
for possibly months?
In the same place?
It could be a nightmare,
or it could be pretty great.
I wouldn't wanna give you
any of my germs.
If it didn't work out, we'd just
go back to our corners.
There's things I wanna tell you.
Yeah? Like what?
They come, they come ♪
To build a wall between us ♪
Scared for my client.
I feel like every minute
he's in that place,
he's at risk.
You are doing everything that you can.
I know.
And I wish that I could
say everything was gonna be okay, but
But you can't.
I know.
Go to sleep.
Stay with me until I do.
Rise up. Rise up.
Rise up!
Here comes the sun, y'all.
Raise your arms with me
and move with me and say,
"I will seize this day"
Right after I take out this garbage.
Let's go.
Every day would feel like this ♪
Mr. Beto, you told police that
you arrived to work that morning
just before 8?
That's right. Just before 8 a.m.
I assume other employees
were already there.
As a commercial kitchen, you
guys get an early start, right?
One or two, yeah.
And when this altercation happened,
these one or two come running?
No. I don't think they heard.
You previously testified
that my client was shouting.
I think we're recording this.
Can we play that back?
Your Honor, Ms. Lopez
is arguing with the defendant.
Is there a way to mute her
maybe, or I don't know.
Sustained. Take a breath, Ms. Lopez.
Joey, I get it.
Kurt's clean now for two years,
but there was a time
when he was an addict,
and you gave him a lot of money.
Some would say that's just
what brothers do,
but I get it. You felt betrayed,
and then Kurt showing up,
demanding the car back.
That was the last straw.
Your Honor, this is wild speculation.
You wanted to punish him.
Sustained. Take it easy, Ms. Lopez.
But we're not talking
about the past, Joey.
This is about the morning
of January 10th.
Well, Kurt Look, he's changed.
He didn't used to be violent, but now
- Mr. Beto
- Look at him sitting in that jail.
That's who he is now.
I don't even recognize that guy.
- That That guy ain't my brother.
- Okay. Objection, Your Honor.
Joey, come on.
Ms. Lopez is the one who
used the word "punished."
Sustained and stricken. Callan.
Well, just tell the truth, Joey.
That's a bunch of crap.
- That's not what happened.
- Kurt
- Okay.
- Your Honor, if everyone
- talks at the same time
- This isn't working.
Your Honor, we need to control this.
I'm not the violent one.
You put your hands on me.
- I'm done.
- I didn't touch you!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Stop talking.
- What happened?
- I pulled the plug.
- Sherri.
- Wait 10 seconds and reboot.
Works every time.
Okay. Sorry, everyone.
- Technical difficulties.
- Ohh.
- Your Honor, this trial is not working.
- Kurt
My brother's out there somewhere.
I'm in here like this.
Everybody's talking on top of each other.
- It's not working.
- Mr. Beto, you waived certain rights.
- Remember?
- Right now I want those rights back.
This isn't fair. I want my rights back,
and I want a real trial.
He's not wrong. It was a mess.
I know. I was watching.
I underestimated the importance
of being in the same room
as the witness, the counsel, the accused.
I didn't realize how much body language,
all the things that aren't said,
how much I rely on those things
to determine the truth.
The Constitution named
those rights for a reason.
What if a fair trial
this way is not possible?
Carmichael, we have no idea
when it'll be safe
to be in the same room again.
A fair trial this way
it has to be possible,
because it may be the only way forward.
So keep it together. Figure it out.
And get it done.
- What is it? What's wrong?
- You can't just say hello?
Well, if you're gonna yell at me,
can it wait until after
I've had some coffee?
I need to ask you something,
and I need for you to just listen, okay?
I was going through some boxes,
and I found a stack of letters
that you wrote me when I went away
to college freshman year. "Dear Lola"
Oh, you're gonna read it to me?
"You left for Howard a week ago,
"and you've only called once,
"and that was to ask
your father something.
"The house is quieter now.
"The first day, I thought
it was more peaceful,
"but the truth is, it's just lonely.
"Your father says there are so many ways
"that you and I are connected,
"and he's right, Lolo.
We are connected."
"We don't need to be
"in the same room or the same city.
"We will always be together,
"and I am going to find
strength and comfort in that
until we are in the same room again."
I remember that letter.
So how? How were we connected?
What did you mean?
Through the books that we've exchanged,
the meals that we've eaten.
- The fights that we've had.
- Mm.
The songs that we've sung
together out of tune.
And the times
we have laughed so hard,
we couldn't breathe.
But more than that, we're connected
by our shared sense
of purpose in the world,
by our faith.
Thank you, Mama.
You know I worry about you, right?
Mm-hmm. I know that you do.
Oh, and I stopped those deliveries.
- Thank God.
- You were right.
There are people that need
taking care of right here.
Love you, Mama.
I love you more.
All rise.
Department 61
of the Los Angeles County Superior Court
is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
You may be seated.
Ms. Lopez.
Your Honor, Defense moves
to withdraw Mr. Beto's waivers
of his constitutional rights.
He would like to exercise his right
to a traditional jury trial.
Your Honor, the waivers are binding.
They can't, in the middle of trial,
- be capriciously revoked
- My client felt compelled
Just a moment. Before we continue,
I would like to speak to both brothers
Defendant Beto and witness Beto.
Your Honor, what are we doing here?
We are giving me some leeway.
Now, Joey, yesterday you said
that, "That is not my brother.
I don't recognize him,"
but you do. Of course you do.
Now I need you to look past
that screen in front of you,
and I need you to get into Courtroom 802,
because that's where I am,
and that's where your brother is
the brother you grew up with,
the one you went to Disneyland with
or the zoo or wherever,
the one you snuck
your parents' booze with.
A half-inch from each
bottle so they wouldn't notice,
mix it together. Did you do that?
That's him,
across that courtroom.
And you know him. You have
known him your whole life.
And, Kurt, Defendant Beto,
I need you to have some faith
in me, in this process, in all of us.
Now we might not be in the same room,
but we are connected.
We are together, and we can do this.
Now I am prepared to hear
the Defense's
Your Honor.
- Can we have a short recess?
- My thought exactly.
Of course.
Back in 10.
So my witness is changing his tune.
"It shouldn't have come to this.
It was just a car." His words exactly.
Misdemeanor 10851, credit time served,
two years summary probation,
and Kurt gets out of jail today.
Then I think we can make this work.
You just can't help yourself, huh?
- You and Carmichael, just
- Shut up.
Yeah, come on, whoo ♪
Let's get this party started.
Who here is ready to dance?
Come on ♪
Who, I say, who in
this great city of Los Angeles,
are home or are home away from home,
is ready to stand up and sway?
Tonight, my friends,
let's get up and dance
and show the rest of the world
that we still know how to party.
I'll see you soon.
You've had a hell of a year, Carmichael.
Yes, I have.
Which means
I've had a hell of a year, too.
Well, I knew what I was
in for when I chose you.
No, I had no idea.
Anyway, you made history today,
so you know what?
Don't bother coming in tomorrow.
You can work from home.
- Lisa?
- Carmichael?
Too soon. Too soon.
Hi! Just checking in, Rosa.
How you doing?
Look who it is.
We get to be isolated together.
That's not really the way you're
supposed to do that, though.
Oh, they gave me one
of those rapid tests.
- Yeah.
- Negative.
That is great, Kurt. Thank God.
And I'll tell you what else.
I'm not wasting any time.
I'm gonna Skype my brother
- so we can start that talking today.
- I love it.
Thank you, Ms. Lopez. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, I am getting another call.
- I'll let you guys go.
- Say, "Thank you," baby.
- Bye.
- Yeah, bye, you guys. Bye.
- Hey!
- Hey!
You ready?
Yeah. Can I Can I get changed first?
Ooh, that looks so good.
Two minutes. Two minutes.
I told you not to make me laugh.
- Come on.
- I should hold you in contempt.
Yeah, you and what army?
Do you think justice was done today?
I think it follows you, Carmichael.
I don't think you accept anything less.
Now, all year, I've hearing
about the "Lolacoaster."
- Oh, God.
- And no, I'm
I get it now.
There's something magic
about you in that chair, Lo.
- Yeah? Well
- Mm.
I hope you enjoyed it,
because you are never
going to see it again.
I cannot have you in my courtroom, Mark.
- Ahh!
- Yeah.
Because I need you as my friend.
Ooh! Okay. You gotta go.
Where am I gonna go?
I'm already here!
Bye, Mark.
Hi, handsome.
Hey, Lo.
So? Did my wife make
the Hall of Justice Hall of Fame?
Can we talk about the trial later?
Yeah, sure. Okay, so is
there something else
that you want to talk about instead?
I don't wanna talk about anything.
I am tired of talk. You?
Little bit, yeah.
You know what I wanna do? I wanna dance.
Friends, Mr. Stevie Wonder.
You wanna dance with me, husband?
- I wanna dance, wife.
- All right.
- I really do.
- Ha ha!
As around the sun ♪
The earth knows she's revolving ♪
Hey, did you prepare this as I told you?
- Yes, I did.
- Yass.
- Yes.
- Hate knows love's the cure ♪
- To us.
- To us.
That I'll be loving you always ♪
This looks so good.
Oh, that's Sara.
He's on now. There's a party.
You have to come.
- Sara, I'm
- No, I know, I know. Invite Luke, too.
Look, I'm sending you the link.
I'm sending everyone the link.
- We need a party!
- Sure, but
What's up?
I'll be loving you ♪
Until the rainbow burns
the stars out in the sky ♪
Loving you until the oceans
cover every mountain high ♪
Loving you until the dolphin flies ♪
And parrots live at sea ♪
Loving you until we dream of life ♪
And life becomes a dream ♪
Loving you until the day is night ♪
And night becomes the day ♪
Loving you until the trees
and seas just up and fly away ♪
Loving you until the day
that eight times eight ♪
Times eight is four ♪
Loving you until the day that
is the day that are no more ♪
Loving you until the day ♪
The earth starts turning
right to left ♪
And loving you until the earth ♪
Just for the sun denies itself ♪
Loving you until Mother Nature ♪
Mother Nature says her work
is through ♪
Loving you until the day
that you are me and I am you ♪
'Cause I'll be loving you always ♪
And I'm loving you ♪
Until the ocean covers
every mountain high ♪
And I've got to say always ♪
Until the dolphin flies
and parrots live at sea ♪
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