All Rise (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

A Change Is Gonna Come

All kinds of things
can happen in the world
It doesn't matter who you are ♪
Rich, poor, or movie star ♪
All kinds of things
can happen in the world ♪
Sure you don't want me to stay?
No. Sherri, please go home.
It is a marathon, not a sprint.
We have had a good few days
easing back in.
No need to blow yourself out.
I'm just taking advantage of the quiet.
- Where are you headed?
I found a store out in Monterey Park
- stocked up on TP and sanitizer.
- Shut up.
They keep talking about a
second wave. I plan to be ready.
Well, can you grab me a
couple rolls while you're at it?
As long as you promise
not to stay much longer.
Robin should be landing soon.
I will be right behind you.
Oh, good. How long this time?
About a month, give or take, a few days.
10-day quarantine sucks,
but at least he'll be here.
- I go to go.
- Night.
- You can't be here.
- You can't see me.
- Oh, but I can, Mr. Callan.
And you can go right back
from whence you came.
- I'm just checking on Lo.
She hasn't been returning my calls.
You've got five minutes
before I alert the bailiff.
- 1, 1,000, 2, 1,000,
3, 1,000, 4, 1000.
No, no.
I'm okay.
Thank you.

- Whoa!
I am so sorry. I didn't mean to
It kind of seem like you did.
Really, Mark? Forget me.
You know you are not
supposed to be up here,
especially smelling loudly of beer.
- Yeah.
There's a little celebration
going on downstairs.
- You got the job?
- I got the job.
Heading up the Special Trials Unit.
That is major.
Short time ago,
I wasn't even entirely sure
I wanted to be a D.A.,
and now I'm picking my own cases.
You earned it, Mark.
This is what I worked
my ass off for, right?
Hell, yeah.
Sherri said five minutes.
Sherri didn't send me.
Judge Benner did. Let's go.
Protesters are starting
to gather out front.
They want everyone out of the building.
Any idea what this one's about?
From the looks of it, they're
still not a fan of the D.A.
Hey, where are you going?
Make sure everyone's out of the building
- and then back to my office.
- Lisa, you can't stay here.
Yes, I can. I'm the boss.
Take the long way?
- Whew!
Wait. Mark, it's been a minute
since I ran upstairs like that.
Oh, come on.
Is it that chaotic at the D.A.'s office
that you have resorted to contraband?
Or is this about the new promotion?
A gift from Choi.
Name's engraved and everything.
Wow, new job.
Colleagues like you. Live-in girlfriend.
How is it going with Amy?
It couldn't be better.
- I am happy to hear that.
- I know.
- It surprised me, too.
- I'm not
Odds are I was gonna screw it up, right?
But you haven't.
Too many good things happening at once.
Oh, Mark. Come on.
It's everything
you've been working hard for.
That look have anything to do with you
hurling a phone at my head?
Wanna talk about it?
MAN OVER MEGAPHONE: Defund the police!
Defund the police! Defund
the police! Defund the police!
I will never understand
why riot gear is necessary.
They are marching peacefully.
Now, but in an hour,
it could devolve into chaos.
And that's the protestors' fault?
I don't condone violence,
But riot gear, batons, tear gas
It's a recipe for agitation
and indignation.
MARK: Ooh, you almost
- Watch that person, Lo.
- Mark
Left, Lo. I said left
Mark, I will empty you out of this car.
Is that Luke and Emily?
What's Luke doing in his uniform?
You know he's in the Sheriff's Reserve.
He probably got called to help out.
I appreciate the ride,
and I'm sure Amy does as well.
Mark, it's all good.
You were on the way home.
- Hey, where are you going?
- I didn't do nothing.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Uh, I might be a little bent,
but I'm pretty sure
that's the path that way.
- Please.
- Where are you going right now?
I'm just going home. It's that way.
How long have you been out here?
Lo, where are you going?!
Get back in here!
- I didn't take anything.
- Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
- I'm going home. Please.
- Please.
- My name is Lola Carmichael.
- Stop where you are.
- And I am a judge.
- Stop right there.
She is only a child.
You can see that she's scared.
- Stand back.
- I'm gonna stand here with her
and make sure she's okay. You can check.
He said I was looting, and I wasn't.
I was just searching through
my backpack for my phone.
- I can show you.
- I know.
- Hey! Hey!
- Wait! No, no! No!
Say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

- Sherri. Have you seen her yet?
- Yes.
- Did you talk to her?
- Yes.
Well, what did she say?
- No.
- Did you tell her?
- Yes.
- Everything?
- Yes.
- And still?
Judge Benner, I assure you I relayed
everything you asked me to say.
[SIGHS] What was her exact response?
That I am all the help she needs.
That's her talking, not me.
Sherri, all due respect,
she's going to need help.
This backlog is a bitch
even four months later.
Here are a few candidates.
They all come highly recommended.
Make sure she chooses someone
by end of day.
This is not a request or a suggestion.
This is an order.
[WHISPERS] And you can
tell her I said that.
- Hi. I always have extra. Here.
- Thank you.
Your masks are not chin-guards.
This is only like the hundredth
time I've had to say it.
Okay. This is ridiculous.
Two at a time, people.
Who's gonna be the bigger
of you? Come on out.
Get out. Huh? Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Hey, no!
- Emily, over here.
Think of someone other than yourselves.
You have got to stop
getting so worked up.
People are gonna do
what they're gonna do.
In the privacy of their own home,
or when they are out somewhere else,
they can do whatever they want.
Whoa. You really woke up
on one this morning.
- Hold it, please.
- Sorry. We're We're full.
- Sorry.
- Oh, come on.
How's it going, by the way,
with your grandparents' store?
They're still rebuilding
from the protests.
It's been hard.
Hoping we'll get good news
from their insurance company.
Oh, hey. There's Luke. Luke!
Ah-ah. It's It's two at a time.
You definitely woke up
on one this morning.
SHERRI: People vs. Jesse Frost.
Ugh. I know.
I could barely sleep
knowing I had to face
both Mark and Rachel in Courtroom 802
for the first time at the same time.
Rachel had the nerve
to call me this morning
to make sure I was gonna be okay
because it's gonna be weird.
It was a total tactic.
She was just trying to butter me up.
Oh. Well, with the kind
of backlog we're having,
that's gonna be happening a lot more.
I get it. But these two
They know how to push
each other's buttons,
my buttons. I can already feel it.
Hmm. And to add on top of that,
Benner caught me
in the hallway this morning.
- I mean, I tried,
but she came in armed.
I really thought
I got Benner off our backs
about needing a law clerk.
- If I may offer up a little advice?
- Please.
Meet with several of the candidates.
Narrow it down to two.
And if they don't live up
to the Lolacoaster standards,
as well all know they won't,
kick 'em to the curb.
Fine. I'll meet with the clerks.
But I want the record to stand
that I do not need a law clerk.
I do not need a law clerk.
See, record still standing.
Ooh, pink crystals today.
- Rose quartz. The Hoodwitch.
- The Hood what?
I figured with dealing
with the two besties,
you could use some calming
and compassion-promoting in your corner.
You know, I really like
this new enlightened attitude
- you got going on, Sherri.
- I'm not doing your interviews for you.
Rach already to beat you to the punch.
She called this morning.
Well, at least
I waited till you got into work.
Still, you two are just
trying to curry favor,
- and that is not how this works.
- I'm not.
Do not hang up.
I can't remember the last time
we had a meaningful conversation.
[SINGSONGY] Goodbye.
LOLA: Sherri. How much time I got?
- Five minutes.
- Bathroom break.

- I'm with the D.A.'s office.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
What the hell is going on, Lo?
What did you do?
Why are you assuming
- I did something wrong?
- Stand back, sir.
I'm a D.A. at the H.O.J.
Ask the cop doing wrong
before coming at me.
- Do you know this woman?
- Yeah, she's a Superior Court judge.
- This is a big misunderstanding.
- All right. Follow me.

I already told him that.
RACHEL: Are you really trying
to add a hate crime enhancement
to these charges
right before trial begins?
This is so last minute.
MARK: I'm filing amended information.
Upon in-depth review of prelim transcript
and subsequent investigation,
I think a hate crime enhancement
is both warranted and supported.
There was nothing
at the prelim to support this.
MARK: Not only is the racial
distinction made clear
in the transcripts, Rachel,
but I combed over
your client's social media
accounts, interviews.
I think his views on Black Lives Matter
- are pretty clear.
- All rise.
RACHEL: It was a high school newspaper,
and his words were taken out of context.
And I quote, "If you ask me,
the whole Black Lives Matter
slogan is racist. All lives matter."
- Okay, you two, that's enough.
- MARK: "All lives matter.
"And if anyone ever got
in my face about it,
I'd show him how much I value mine."
- Hey, you two
- Maybe that's what he was thinking
when he started swinging a baseball bat
at a bunch of Black and brown protestors.
- Okay, that's enough.
- Jesse Frost feared for his life
- You may be seated.
- and he reacted.
Is that why he had
a baseball bat at the ready?
Since when does having a baseball bat
- equate to a hate crime?
- We'll find out.
All right, that's enough! Good morning.
I see we need to set
some ground rules here.
On the record, People vs. Jesse Frost.
Mr. Frost is present
with his attorney, Ms. Audubon,
and Mr. Callan is here for the People.
The record should reflect that the Court,
the prosecutor, and the defense attorney
all attended law school together
and have been
socially acquainted
for more than a decade.
After careful consideration,
the Court does not believe
these personal relationships
will affect the Court's ability
to hear this matter impartially.
Now, does either side wish to be heard?
- No, Your Honor.
- No objection here.
Okay then. Great.
Now, Mr. Callan, what is this I see
about amended information?
You gotta get me outta here.
I am not good all cooped up like this.
The 'Rona is running rampant in here.
When were you placed into quarantine?
Yesterday morning. Right away.
I asked to call you.
They wouldn't let me.
There's at least 20 people in
here tested positive. [CRYING]
Carrie, I'm working
on getting you out. Okay?
[CRYING] How are my kids?
Your kids are good. They're good.
Carrie, are you hearing me?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- I'm scared.
- I know you are.
I need you to stay strong
until I can get you out.
- You're gonna stay strong.
- Okay.
- Breathe. Just breathe.
Stay strong. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
You looking for work?
Because I've got plenty.
The D.A.s are filing a ton of cases,
and the numbers keep going up.
How do I get my client out of custody
while her case is still pending?
- What's she in for?
- Theft-related robbery.
All of her priors are for stealing.
But this time,
she pushed the security guard
- when he tried to stop her.
- They're not letting her out.
She stole supplies for her kids.
- File a bail motion.
- I did. The court's not budging.
Well, then I don't know
what to tell you. Unless
- if the D.A. gets on board
- Mm-hmm.
then the court won't have
much choice but to follow along.
And maybe you can convince them
to help get her out
before she gets the 'Rona.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Who's the D.A. on the case?
- Uh
- Have a good one.
- Thanks, man.
Thank you.
- It's crazy.
- Yeah,
the protests and the program-related
Hey. Good morning.
WOMAN: How are you gonna get home?
[GRUNTS] Nice.
Hold, please!
Thank you so much
for doing me that solid.
Got an important interview
I do not wanna be late for.
Glad I could help.
Who's the interview with?
Thank you. It was so nice meeting you.
Three down, one to go!
Explain to me why we all feel the need
to wave at the end
of these Zoom meetings?
It's the proper thing to do,
and most people have an adverse reaction
to clicking off
without first acknowledging
to the other person
that they're going to do so.
Excuse me, but you need
to back your little self
all the way up out of my office.
- My apologies. My computer
- Keep going.
- Actually, was my WiFi.
- All the way out.
Oh, okay.
Now, who are you and why are you here?
For the law clerk position.
- Vanessa Johnson?
- Ness.
I prefer people call me "Ness."
Ms. Johnson,
the email stated very clearly
that this was to be a virtual meeting.
Yes, ma'am. I mean, Judge Carmichael.
Okay. How did you even get up here?
Oh, I rode up the elevator
with the D.A. Black, handsome.
Great build. He talked up the bailiff.
- You charmed your way.
- I definitely did and begged.
Having tracked you
since your prosecution days,
your style of reeling in defendants
and then hitting them
with question after question,
rendering them tongue-tied,
then strutting into this judgeship,
determined to rule
both fairly and justly,
then reading about how
you completely crushed
those judges at the C.J.P. last year?
I've waited three months
for this interview.
I wasn't gonna let downed WiFi keep me
from coming for this opportunity.
- There you are.
Is this is, uh, your new law clerk?
- Ness Johnson.
- Uh, Lisa,
I haven't even had a chance to
Oh, you don't know how long
I've been working on her to bring one on.
- That's because I don't need one.
- Where did you graduate?
- Harvard Law. 2019.
- On a journal?
- Harvard Law Review.
- Hear that Carmichael? Law Review.
I heard. Standing right here.
- When do you start?
- She doesn't.
Oh. So not today? Why not today?
Are you ready to start today,
Ms. Johnson?
I am, Judge Benner.
Well, there you go, Carmichael.
Good luck.
[CHUCKLES] Welcome, Ms. Johnson.
I expect big things from you.
Uh, what is happening?

Back it up, people.
- Back.
- Hey, take it easy.
Yeah. She's a Superior Court
judge at the H.O.J.
- Look, we didn't know that.
- You're free to go.
- Wait a minute.
Where's that young girl?
Was she arrested, taken in?
- She was released 10 minutes ago.
- Well, why is her backpack still here?
If you have a problem, just take
it up with the department.
You know what? Give me your badge number.
Is it that hard for you
to be a little cordial,
a little respectful?
Yeah, it goes both ways, lady.
I'm sorry. I mean, Your Honor.
You know what? Let me go
- before I say something I might regret.
- Lola. Lola.
Lo, do you have any idea how many strings
I had to pull to get you out of that car?
You shouldn't have to pull
any strings, Mark. I'm a judge.
- How is he supposed to know that?
- How did he know you were a D.A.?
That officer was surrounded
by a mob of angry protesters.
- You insinuated yourself
- She couldn't have been
more than 14 years old.
You have no idea what she did
before the cops stopped her.
It doesn't matter what she did, Mark.
She was a child.
She didn't deserve
to be treated that way.
She didn't deserve to be treated
the way she was treated.
Neither of us did, for that matter.
- Are you okay?
- No, Mark, I am not okay.
I am far from okay.
All right. Assuming that
Lola allows my amendment to add
to the hate crime enhancement,
we still need to prove at trial
that Jesse Frost
started swinging a baseball bat
because they were people of color
and not because he feared for his life.
Why are you going so hard
at this hate crime enhancement?
It doesn't add up
to any extended sentencing.
Don't we have to prove
intent to kill first?
He's shoving in the enhancement
because he's going to try to depict you
and those around you as racists.
Yeah. I say we stick
with Jesse acted off instinct,
based on fear for his safety.
You drove off the freeway,
you got surrounded
by a crowd of protesters,
you took out your bat,
and you started swinging.
Well, that's the truth, right?
That's exactly how it happened.
- I was scared out of my mind.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- You, in no way, got out of that car
because you didn't see anyone
who looked like you?
- No.
- Wait, wait a minute.
Wait. What is this?
Mr. Frost, these are serious charges.
We have to be ready for anything.
Oh, I understand how serious they are.
I just can't believe my family
has to go through this.
Look, my son is headed to Auburn
on a football scholarship.
I'm sorry, but none
of this makes any sense.
We are respected business
owners in the community.
And my football scholarship
to Auburn is in jeopardy.
- You don't know that yet, son.
- Yeah, Dad, I do.
Right now we just need to concentrate
on keeping your son out of prison.
[SCOFFS] What?
I guess we're just gonna have to hope
that this judge is gonna rule fairly.
I'm not worried about Judge Carmichael.
She'll listen to the arguments,
look at the big picture,
and judge fairly and without bias.
Judge Benner's office, judges' elevator.
Judges' lounge. Courtroom 802 is there.
Um, where do you take lunch?
Or should I just bring a package
lunch and eat it with Lola?
- Judge..
- Excuse me?
It is Judge Lola Carmichael,
not "Lo," not "Lola,"
It is "Judge Carmichael" or "Your Honor."
Oh, so we stay formal even up here?
Yes. Especially up here.
Sherri, hey!
Go ahead and put me down as a "yes"
for that sound bowl thingie
you want me to come to.
[CLEARS THROAT] Your office.
Hmm. Too many files for you?
Not at all. It's like
a Marie Kondo wet dream.
Sparks joy.
Oh, give me a shout when the
I mean, um, Judge Carmichael
gets back from court?
- Get to your piles first.
- I'm up to speed on People vs. Frost.
Tom Brady wannabe beats
protesters with a baseball bat.
Textbook Attempted Murder
and Assault charges.
Although the DA's attempt
to add a hate crime enhancement
was a little bit of a twist.
Nam Myoho, Renge Kyo.
Nam Myoho, Renge Kyo. Nam Myoho, Renge
Carrie Banks was placed
into quarantine three days ago.
I'm trying to get her into a program
while her case is pending.
This is exactly why I need
my client released from custody.
Thank you. Please let me know
as soon as possible.
- Thank you. [SIGHS]
- [BEEP]
- That didn't sound like a fun call.
- My client has developed a slight fever,
and the Sheriff's Department
will not take her to a hospital,
even though she has
an underlying condition.
You reach out to the DA's office?
You haven't talked to Luke?
You're gonna come up against
each other on cases, Em.
It's been, like, four months?
- I know.
- Okay.
- So? What's the problem?
- Oh, no problem.
It's just we haven't really talked
since, you know, that night.
No, I don't know because
you won't talk about it.
I told you that we were talking a break.
Yeah, to, like, talk some things through,
work some things out. Did you?
- We will.
Right now my client needs help.
I found two programs
that are willing to take her,
and they said that they would
admit her to a hospital
if her fever gets worse.
I was hoping that I could
get the judge to go along,
but now that she has symptoms,
- I need to expedite matters.
- All right.
Get Luke on board with her release,
and the judge will go for it.
You can tell Luke that I have a cousin
who works at County USC Hospital
so I can get her a bed there
if she takes a turn for the worse.
Perfect. That's perfect.
The program will watch her kids
if she has to go to
the hospital. I just
Thank you.
Hey, wait a minute. Where are you going?
Find Luke.
Great having lunch with you.
- EMILY: Love ya.
- Mm. I have to do everything.

- Had a chance to talk to Emily?
- No.
- Don't you think you should?
- I've reached out twice
to discuss the case.
She hasn't returned my call.
- Are you sure?
- Sam, why do you keep pushing this?
Because apparently,
she wants to talk in person.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
[SIGHS] Oh, you know
- Go.
- No, you go.
I got your calls, but I was just working
on getting Carrie Banks
released through the courts.
- I figured.
- But now I do need your help.
I need to expedite
her release and be sure
that the courts will go along with it.
She got two kids, and now a mild fever.
She has an underlying condition,
and I am really afraid
of her getting COVID
if she stays in there much longer.
And I'm worried about the medical care
that she'll get in custody, and I'm
I'm on board.
- I'll see what I can do.
- I-I so appreciate this.
How you been?
I've been good. Um
I moved into my own place.
- Yeah?
- Uh-huh.
- Where?
- Atwater Village.
- Hmm.
- It's so good. I walk everywhere.
Maybe I'll have a housewarming
as soon as it's safe.
Or I guess I could have
something in the backyard.
- You always wanted a yard.
- Yeah.
- And you?
- I'm good.
I've just been throwing myself
into a lot of work these days
which I should probably do right now.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I'll let you know what Choi says.
Okay. [SIGHS]
We can't do this.
I will not say a word about the case.
You and Mark have been awful
in my courtroom today.
I thought we weren't
gon' talk about the case?
It was like law school all over again.
You were constantly
sniping at each other.
I mean, you are adults and professionals.
You should act like it sometime.
- Are you done?
- Okay. So what's up?
I'm calling for girl talk.
How are you?
How you doing? How are you feeling?
Tell me everything. Do you need anything?
Girl, I am doing good. I'm feeling fine.
I don't need anything.
And we will catch up
properly after this case.
Okay. So speaking of the case
Mnh-mnh, no, I can't do this.
Girl, will you just let me finish?
Rachel, the problem with you
is you don't know when to stop.
Someone gives you an inch,
and you take the entire block.
Okay, look. I know you told me
about what happened the night
of the protest in confidence.
But, girl, considering everything
that happened that night,
do you really think
you can remain impartial?
Okay. So this time,
you decided to take two blocks.
- Goodnight, Ms. Audubon.
- Lola, do not [SIGHS]

- Bagels?
- Yup.
Zeus, Zeus ♪
Cut us in two, two ♪
We were rolling, rolling ♪
Now I'm looking for you ♪
Nervous about court?
- No.
- Really? Okay.
Okay. That's enough butter.
- Sorry.
Just going over my argument
for why the hate crime
enhancement should be allowed.
- How do you feel about it?
- Good. Lola will go for it.
Confident. Good for you.
- So, Mark
Any way Lola can't be
unbiased in this case?
I told you that in confidence.
And now we're having
a confidential conversation.
Lola has always been able to separate
her personal feelings from the job.
- This is different.
- No, it's not!
Mark, I know how strong a woman Lola is,
but come on, I mean, being arrested?
That had to have some effect on her.
Regardless of what happened that night,
Lola will not allow her personal
feelings to come into play.
Besides, Lola's arrest has no bearing
in the facts of Jesse's case. Yeah.
Please tell me you did not
speak to Rachel about this.

RACHEL: Of course not.
The day I'm worried about Mark Callan
is the day I give up law.
So what are the odds
Judge Carmichael will allow Mark
to amend the information to add
the hate crime enhancement?
Racists commit crimes all the time,
but they're not all hate crimes.
Intent has to be proven.
Preliminary hearing transcript
doesn't contain
any evidence of intent
except a bunch of old tweets
and blurry video that
was admitted into evidence.
- Mm.
- What?
- Nothing.
- It seems like something.
The video may be blurry,
but it is extremely damning.
I mean, he struck African Americans
- and Latinx people.
- And?
And I think it could be tough for
some people to be unbiased.
Mark told you about Lola?
What? No. No.
- Wait, you know?
Lola's my best friend. Of course I know.
Okay. Now that it looks
like we both know,
what were you getting at?
Do you think Judge Carmichael
can be impartial
considering what happened
the night of the protest?
Yes. Without a doubt.
So using this to our advantage is out?
Besides being a reach,
it's completely unethical.
Not to mention Mark
would never speak to me again.
Mark not speaking to me, I could handle.
But Lola
- What's up?
- I need to skip court today.
The Carrie Banks case.
The woman's got kids,
an underlying condition,
and a slight fever.
We're trying to get her out
so she can avoid getting sick
or at least get decent medical
if she's already sick.
I just don't want the D.A.'s
office blocking her release.
Thought you guys had split up.
This is about the defendant, not Emily.
- Right.
- It is.
Whatever you say. Hey, you should know,
Choi's in a bad mood.
- Make sure your argument's on point.
- It is.
Sure you don't wanna pitch to me first?
I got five minutes.
Hit me.
Carrie Banks has made mistakes,
but she was on the right path.
And then COVID hit.
Her life became a nightmare.
She lost her job. She was
unable to pay her bills,
her rent, but even worse,
she couldn't afford food for her kids.
Carrie didn't steal thousands of dollars
of useless merchandise.
She took basic essentials
for her children to survive
An amount that would have been
an infraction
if she hadn't slightly
pushed the security guard
out of desperation, and for that,
she was taken from her children
and put in a jail?
This was not a crime of greed.
It was one of necessity
and one we have a chance to make right.
Like you said, you got this.
Thanks, Mark.


Lola. Seriously,
you're gonna make me chase you
down a damn hallway?
Let's be clear. I'm not
making you do anything.
You can't seem to get it
through that thick skull
that you and I can't talk to one another,
see each other, or text
while we're on the same case.
That's not it. You've been
purposely avoiding me.
Mark, you are in
a new relationship, and I am
This has been going on for months.
You're reaching.
Something in our relationship
shifted that night, and I'm
- What night?
- The night of the protests.
I know there's a lot going on
in this country right now
You are right. It is.
So let's discuss this later,
after the case.
This is neither the time
nor the place for you and I
- to get into it.
- So there is something.
- Let it go, Mark.
- What? What did I do?
What could I have possibly
done that warrant
The disrespect, Mark!
You're right.
Maybe it is this case
that is flooding back memories
of everything that happened that night.
But I just haven't been able
to shake that feeling.
What feeling, Lo?
Uh, how did I disrespect you?
Since when does
a Black person have to say
or do anything wrong to get
arrested in this country?
But instead of asking the cop
why I was being zip-tied,
you asked me what I did wrong.
I didn't understand why
he was arresting you.
It didn't occur to you
that he could never believe
I was who I said I was.
Well, how was he supposed to know that?
Did he believe you?
Eventually. I had to show
my credentials to
He never even asked to see mine.
It was one thing to have
to deal with his disrespect,
but to have to deal
with yours was something
I will see you in 802.


GIRL: I didn't do nothing.
I didn't do nothing.
I was just coming out of the store.
- I can show you.
- What's in your bag?
- It's just my homework. Please.
- Where are you going right now?
Please. I'm just going home.
It's that way.
- I am a judge.
- Stop right there.
- Hey!
- Hey, no!
Turn around. Put your
hands behind your back.
Are you kidding me?
- You know this is ridiculous.
- MARK: Lola!
- OFFICER: Move!
Move! Move!

LOLA: Ms. Audubon,
would you like to be heard
regarding the People's intention
to amend the information to add
the hate crime enhancement?
Yes, Your Honor.
The preliminary hearing
transcript in this matter
does not contain any evidence to support
a hate crime enhancement.
It is insulting to even suggest that
that was this young man's motivation.
And leaving it to the day of trial
feels rather desperate.
Thank you. Mr. Callan,
do you wish to respond?
Your Honor,
the evidence at the prelim
showed that all the victims
were people of color.
The defendant targeted them,
attacked them, and tried to kill them,
explicitly based
on the color of their skin.
Judge Carmichael,
with the utmost respect for you,
the Court, and all it represents,
these facts not only speak
for themselves,
but shout so loudly
that any reasonable person
would come to the same conclusion.
This is a hate crime.
Thank you both.
We are late in the day,
and I would like time
to review the transcripts.
I will issue my ruling tomorrow.
BAILIFF: All rise.

My name is Emily Lopez.
I am an attorney with
the Public Defenders office,
and I am trying to locate
my client, Carrie Banks.
- She was quarantined
- MAN: Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.
- I'm gonna have to put you on hold.
- No. Wait.
- Do Do not put me on hold. Please.
- [BEEP]
Hey, my cousin confirmed
she can admit your client
if she needs to be hospitalized.
Yes. Oh, thank you.
Finally, some good news.
Hopefully, Luke tells me the same thing.
How's it going on your end?
Oh, they keep giving me the run-around.
- MAN: Emily Lopez?
- Yes. This is Emily Lopez.
- Is your client Carrie
- Carrie Banks.
- That's right.
[WHISPERS] Oh, good luck.
I gotta get back upstairs.
Thank you. Finally. Yes.
MAN: I just need a little more
information from you
before we proceed.

Court is now in session.
Whoa. She really went for it.
What do you think you're doing?
You are not allowed to sit in that chair.
I can handle it from here.
- I
- You and Sara go home.
Go, go, go.
Good night, ladies.
SARA: Night.
Did I, uh, break some rule?
Yes. But you knew that.
How are you gonna rule on
that hate crime enhancement?
Have a seat, Ms. Johnson.
The American flag, Lady Justice.
To me, those are more
than just symbols of freedom
and justice for all.
They are a constant reminder
of my responsibility.
Being a judge means coming into this room
committed to being patient,
knowledgeable and fair,
no matter who stands before me.
- Not true.
- Excuse me?
It does matter who stands before you.
Sure, those symbols
mean justice and freedom,
but not for people like for us,
not for people like you and me.
And if you think that way,
then you've lost me because
I am well aware of the imbalances
in the justice system.
- It's why I became a judge.
- Then educate me.
What is there left to weigh
about the crime enhancement?
Because from where I'm standing,
that white boy is straight-up guilty,
and he's hiding behind his entitlement.
Ms. Johnson, you did not read
the prelim transcripts
or see all of the evidence.
You walked in here with
your own preconceived notions
based on the color of his skin,
which is the exact opposite
of what a judge should do,
what anyone should do.
Now if you had heard all the evidence
and had all the facts,
would you still be convinced
of Mr. Frost's guilt
based on the facts
or based on your own biases
and prejudices?
And know that you must be certain
absolutely certain
that you can put those biases aside,
that your own personal
experiences and feelings,
when you put on this robe,
do not sway your decisions
because another human being
is depending on that judgment.
And that is the difference
between debating theory in class
and delivering a ruling in court.
I hope all judges
get down with justice like you,
Judge Carmichael.
Because I hear you.
Our people's lives do depend on it.

- Carrie died a half-hour ago.
- What?
Apparently, they quarantined her
as soon as someone
in her module showed symptoms.
But it was too late.
She had already caught COVID.
And her underlying condition
required extensive medical care,
so they were en route,
you know, to the hospital.
They were transporting her
to the hospital
when she went into respiratory arrest.
I'm so sorry.
[EXHALES] I just
can't believe how fast.
All she talked about
was getting back to her kids.
You did everything that you could.
It wasn't enough.
- Lopez.
- Hmm?
Been looking for you.
I'll be right in, Carol. [SNIFFLES]
Sorry, just
I guess it doesn't matter now
that I got approval for her release.
Matters to me.

Hey, you two! [LAUGHTER]
- Mija.
I don't even know why we still bother
with that dumb jingle.
- And I told him that
- And I told her
this is still a store.
This is still our shop.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
How about a break
for your favorite pan dulce?
- Good idea. Gracias.
So how is it going, Grandpa?
Ah, the insurance says
they won't pay for all these repairs.
All? It's more like zilch. Zero, mija.
What? Why? None of this was your fault.
- Here, I'll call them myself.
- No, no, no. No need.
Look, this place was closed.
Gracias a la coronavirus,
we weren't bringing in
any money for months.
It just didn't make sense
to pay for something
we weren't using, right?
I don't know where we're gonna get
- the money to rebuild, Miguel.
- We'll get through it.
Te digo, we always do, que no?
[SIGHS] Oh, God. This is crazy. No.
What am I doing here?
Okay. It's just a friendly visit.
I'm just showing my appreciation.
And we were wrong.
We should've never taken a break.
We should've stuck it out
and worked through it.
We should've.
Emily, knock on the door.
You're not doing a closing argument.
- Oh, Emily. Hey.
- Sam. Hey.
Um, you're probably
looking for I can go get Luke.
Oh, no, no. All good.
I was just I was just I was
I was in the neighborhood, and, uh,
he had said that he had some ideas
about how I could help
my client's kids. But
- Yeah.
- We could just
We could talk about it tomorrow.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah.
We'll We'll talk about it tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Who was that?
- You two should've talked.
Oh, no.
Hello, wife.
You're gonna be a father.
[VOICE BREAKING] I'm pregnant.
I just gotta get some
things off my chest ♪
Tough times, I hope y'all holdin' up ♪
We gon' be all right
'cause we always is ♪
How many mothers have to cry? ♪
How many brothers gotta die? ♪
How many more times?
How many more times?
How many more marches?
How many more signs?
How many more lives?
How many more times?
How many mothers have to cry? ♪
You obviously didn't tell me everything
that happened that night.
What do you mean?
- You haven't seen the video?
- Video?
- You've gone viral.
- Defund the police.
Defund the police. Defund the police.
Defund the police.
This is not good.
Defund the police. Defund the police.
Defund the police. Defund
the police. Defund the police.
How many more times?
Defund the police. Defund the police.
Defund the police. Defund the police.
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