All Rise (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Keep Ya Head Up

We still need to prove at trial
that Jesse Frost started
swinging a baseball bat
because they were people of color.
Because he's going to
try to depict you as racist.
Guess we're just gonna have
to hope that this judge
is gonna rule fairly.
I didn't do nothing, I didn't
- My name is Lola Carmichael
- Stop where you are.
and I am a judge.
I was just searching through
my backpack for my cellphone.
- I can show you.
- I know, because
- Hey, hey!
- Wait! No, no, no, no!
What the hell is going on, Lo?
What did you do?
Instead of asking the cop
why I was being zip-tied,
you asked me what I did wrong.
You haven't talked to Luke.
Em, it's been, like, four months?
I told you that we are taking a break.
Yeah, to, like, work
some things out. Did you?
We will.
Now who are you and why are you here?
- Hey, is this your new law clerk?
- Ness Johnson.
- Hello, wife.
- I'm pregnant.
You obviously didn't tell me
everything that happened that night.
You haven't seen the video?
You've gone viral.
Defund the police! Defund the police!
Defund the police!
- Hey, wait!
- No, no, no, no!
I will not tell you again.
Please. I am a judge at the H.O.J.
I can show you my credentials.
I don't care where you work.
You're obstructing
an active investigation. Move.
An active investigation?
She has a backpack.
Defund the police!
Do you see this?
This is why they're protesting.
It's why they're chanting,
"Defund the police."
They don't feel like their lives
are being protected and served.
Put your hands behind your back.
Step to the side.
That video was fire.
I have it saved
as a wallpaper on my phone.
That way, every time I get a text,
I see Lola screaming at a cop.
- Judge Carmichael.
- Right. I'm sorry.
It is a disaster.
I don't see what
the big deal is, anyway.
Judges aren't supposed to attend
protests, let alone
- I wasn't protesting.
- the same ones
as the defendant in their case.
Judges are supposed to remain
neutral referees.
I stood up to a bully
who was using his badge
to intimidate a young Black girl.
That video only starts
once things got heated.
So it doesn't show the whole picture,
but I think we can all agree
on how this looks.
It looks hot.
- It literally gives me life.
- Clearly.
If the public perceives
Judge Carmichael as biased
On the Frost case?
The kid went into a crowd of protesters
and started swinging his bat.
He's obviously guilty.
Why is she in here right now?
You're a clerk, Ms. Johnson.
Your job is to research my cases,
not to pass judgment on them.
I'm not allowed to have an opinion?
- We'd rather you didn't.
- Ness and I are just leaving.
So, who do you think leaked it?
Clearly someone
who wants people to think
I can't be impartial on the Frost case.
This video happened months ago,
and now it surfaced
right before I have to rule
on the hate crime enhancement?
Someone is setting you up
for a lot of scrutiny,
or they want you to recuse
- Not gonna happen.
- Are you sure?
What happened that night
represents everything
that I want to change about the system.
Seeing that young girl
standing there alone
Your heart was in the right place.
But we make a difference
in the courtroom,
not on the streets.
We can't just be impartial,
fair, and unbiased.
We have to be seen that way, too.
See? It was recorded there.
Oh, yeah.
We gonna talk about
the elephant in the room?
Ugh. I can't even walk down the hall
without hearing about that video.
When Lola told me
what happened that night
Yeah. Imagine how she's feeling
right now.
I know exactly what it feels like
to be torn between being Black
and doing your job.
She should know better
than to get into an altercation
with peace officers at a protest.
Since when are armed officers
surrounding one teenage girl
considered peaceful?
Okay. No matter how you spin it,
it's it's not a good look.
- Rachel, stop.
- Come on, Mark.
If you were on our side, you'd be baying
- for Lola to recuse herself.
- Lola wouldn't even be
in this position if it wasn't for me.
They're calling her the "BLM judge."
Are you kidding me right now?
You know you're not supposed
to be part of this counsel.
- Bailiff?
- Is he joking?
I can't tell.
- Don't you dare.
- Callan, get off your soapbox.
The video speaks for itself.
Our client cannot get a fair hearing,
at least not in this courtroom.
Okay, the last thing
anyone wants is for Lola
to make a decision in the same
mind frame she had that night.
Judge Carmichael would never
let her personal convictions
How is our client supposed to feel
like he got the fair trial
he constitutionally deserves
when the judge handling
his case is all over the news
yelling "Defund the police"?
Lola wasn't protesting
I was there. I saw it.
If you thought she was right,
why didn't you do anything to help her?
- Are you kidding me right now?
- Break it up.
Everyone, back to their corners.
Judge Carmichael will be in shortly.
How bad was it?
Ken and Barbie definitely
had the gloves off.
Won't be pretty
in the Dreamhouse tonight.
Mm. Any luck on finding the young girl
that goes with that backpack?
The Sheriff's Department
hasn't found anything yet.
It's not on their list
of top priorities.
That night,
hundreds of people drove past
and saw exactly what you saw.
Every single one of them
looked the other way.
Sometimes all it takes
is for one person to make a difference,
and for that girl somewhere out there,
that person is you.
It was the right thing to do.
But ruling on this
hate crime enhancement
is gonna call my judgment
into public opinion,
and everyone who has seen that video
has already made up their mind.
And you'll do what you always do
Rule justly and fair.
You got this, Your Honor.
Thanks, Sherri.
Yes. This is Emily Lopez.
Yes. For Carrie Banks? Yes.
I understand that her body
has not been claimed yet.
I'm I'm still trying to track down
I understand.
I just need a little more time.
72 hours?
Thank you. Thank you.
Rough call?
My robbery client who died
in custody from COVID.
The coroner's office is at capacity,
and the county is going to cremate
and then bury her in a pauper's grave.
Where's the family?
Her two children are with D.C.F.S.
They didn't get to see their
mother before she died, Carole.
She was in quarantine. It just
never feels like it's enough.
I don't know anyone who does
more for their clients than you do.
I wasn't able to get Carrie
out of jail in time,
but those kids deserve to bury
their mother with dignity.
I am going to make sure they get to.
All rise.
You may be seated.
Back on the record,
in the People v. Frost.
Pending before the court is
the People's motion to amend
Adding the hate crime enhancement
to both count one,
attempted, willful, deliberate murder,
and count two,
assault with a deadly weapon.
The court has heard
the argument and reviewed
the preliminary hearing transcript.
It is clear that all
of the named victims
in this matter are people of color,
and that the defendant,
Mr. Frost, is not.
The court strongly believes
that hate has no place
in civilized society,
and that it should be punished.
But the court also believes
in the rule of law.
Therefore the court has determined
that the evidence the People presented
in the preliminary hearing
was insufficient
to warrant adding
the hate crime amendment.
the People's motion is denied.
We'll start opening statements tomorrow.
Uh-oh. Hearing didn't go as expected?
Judge Carmichael tossed
the hate crime enhancement.
- What? Why?
- Apparently, we didn't prove
that the attack was racially motivated.
- Mark isn't taking it well.
- And you?
I believe Frost intended to kill someone
when he got out of that car
and started swinging that bat.
Well, his victims are lined up
to testify, but we're hitting a wall
when it comes to character witnesses.
Sam, I doubt you'll find any volunteers.
The kid was a hometown hero
in Diamond Bar.
I might have someone.
Kids have these things
called spam profiles
or anonymous accounts
where they can post things
that they wouldn't
under their own names.
Look at what someone posted
on Jesse's Facebook fan page
an hour ago.
"Looks like the real Jesse
is finally being exposed."
Sounds like this person
knows a side of Jesse
he's trying to hide.
Okay, but this is a spam account.
- How do we find out who posted this?
- The IP address.
Meet Jennifer Siegal.
From the photos and the comments,
she's an ex-girlfriend of Jesse's.
- You think she'd be willing to talk?
- Only one way to find out.
Subpoenaing her as a last-minute witness
can knock Rachel and Amy off their game.
This could be the break
that we're looking for.
Uh-oh, I know that look.
Carole cheap out
on the coffee creamer again?
- You know she did.
- Oh.
But this time, it's something else.
The estimate for the funeral
expenses for Carrie
They are so much
more than I anticipated.
- How much is way more?
- At least $1OK.
Look, I have been calling
around different funeral homes
and none of them
are willing to work pro bono.
Where are you gonna get
that kind of cash?
I wish I knew.
Have you thought about crowdfunding?
I bet Luke wouldn't mind helping out.
Yeah. How are your grandparents?
- Mm, they're still rebuilding.
- Did you guys finally get
the estimate for damage to the store?
Yeah. Looks like they're gonna
be starting from the ground up.
I am so sorry.
I can't imagine how they're feeling.
What about how you're feeling?
I mean, Luke,
everything that's happened?
Haven't really talked to him
much since the protest.
He did everything he could
to help's Carrie's case.
Aside from that,
it's just complicated.
I still don't understand what
happened between you two that night.
Hello, and the award for
new H.O.J. hottie goes to
Oh, my God, he is starting
right at you, Em.
- Lawyer Bae?
- Excuse me?
You don't know you were Lawyer Bae?
You must not be on social media much.
Do I know you?
I didn't get a chance
to thank you for the milk.
Thank you.
Actually, my eyes thank you.
Mm-kay. Who is that,
and what were you all doing with milk?
Um, the night of the protests
I-I don't see him anywhere.
Well, I'm not leaving until I find him.
He's been dodging my calls
for over a week.
I don't know what's going on.
He could get hurt.
All right,
look. I'll text you if I find him.
Let's meet back here in an hour, okay?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Hey, Em?
- Be safe, okay?
- You, too.
Defund the police!
- Get back!
- Back it up!
Defund the police!
Clear the area!
They didn't do anything.
You can't arrest them.
Hi. Uh, my name
is Emily Lopez. I'm a lawyer.
We live here.
I have a friend at the ACLU.
They can help you
make sure that your rights
are being upheld.
Do not talk to anyone until you
get your phone call, okay?
They're using pepper spray!
Aah! They got me!
Hey, take it.
Okay, open.
I know. Here. Let me help you.
Okay. I know. Just
You okay?
We didn't do anything!
Oh, my gosh.
Whoa. He wasn't kidding
about #LawyerBae.
Wait, what? Let me see.
It's been shared, like,
50,000 times on social media.
The protests were months ago.
Looks like someone
reposted this video of you
helping that guy who got pepper-sprayed.
A local news station picked this up
Wait. What if you use this
to help raise money
for Carrie's funeral?
Lawyer Bae.
Might be worth a shot.
Oh my God.
I don't think I've never ever
seen Mark that pissed.
Based on the evidence,
there's no way Lola
could've let that enhancement fly.
Something still doesn't feel right.
I mean not about the ruling, but Jesse.
I've been watching him.
It's like he's not there.
Can you blame him?
He's got a lot going on.
How does someone go
from top of their class,
star football player,
to beating up strangers
with a baseball bat?
Something had to have set him off.
Amy, this is a big case for us.
New firm, new partnership.
We need a win.
We're his attorneys, not therapists.
- If we can try
- Self-defense.
to figure out why he snapped
or if he was mentally impaired,
we might have a stronger defense.
His parents are not gonna
like me asking questions
about whether their son
was mentally impaired
during the incident.
Every other word out of their mouth
is "football" and "scholarship."
Give me some time with him.
Maybe Jesse will act differently.
- Fine.
- First things first,
let's see what Callan's filing now.
I know that ding.
Somebody bought a ticket
to the "Isle of Ladies."
Oh, kudos to you.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
All I'm saying is if you need
some tips, I've got 'em.
Might wanna change the alert.
It's a dead giveaway.
Oh, sorry. I was just, um
getting some creamer.
Anyway, I'm just gonna take
some of these,
and, uh, I didn't see or hear anything.
But, uh, can I just say,
with due respect,
filter your matches.
The last thing you need is your
inbox flooded with dead ends.
Thank you.
Well, do you need some help?
Uh, I'm not a pro,
but since Ben and I fizzled,
I've done my fair share of dating apps.
You and I could go through them.
Over lunch?
That would be great.
Just checking in with you.
Let me guess.
You wanna chat about gardening?
The "Times" reached out to me
this morning for a comment.
Of course they did.
You know, Winston Churchill once said,
"A lie gets halfway around the world
before the truth has a chance
to get its pants on."
Years ago I had a case
involving a young man
involved in an accident. I was on a pin.
I listened to the noise,
then I made the wrong choice.
Were you dragged in the press
or have a video implying
you couldn't be impartial?
No. I can't say I did.
Hey, look, the only mistake you made
was being in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Is that what you think this is?
Albert, you made a bad ruling,
and the next day,
you got to walk through the
H.O.J. with your head held high.
Six months after this protest,
and I am still paying
for what went down that night.
So tell me, how is that fair?
I just came by to say
don't listen to the noise.
What is the purpose
of this urgent meeting?
On the day
we are supposed to start trial,
the prosecution turns over
the name of a new witness
and no witness statement.
I got it last night, Your Honor.
This is another ambush, Callan.
Any new witnesses
should've been called
Ms. Audubon, I will give you
the morning to look at the file.
We will have a 402 hearing after lunch
so the court can determine if
this late witness is relevant.
And, Mr. Callan, she will be here today,
or she will not testify at all,
Thank you, Your Honor.
The parties are ordered back at 1:30.
Jesse, who is this girl?
Jenny and I, we were only
together for a couple months.
Told you, you never
should've dated that girl.
- Mrs. Frost.
- We met at a party
in the summer between freshman
and sophomore year.
And what is Jenny gonna
say about you on the stand?
Well, she's my ex. What do you expect?
Wait, now the judge is
allowing last minute witnesses?
She's off the rails.
Mr. Frost,
you are taking this too personally.
Prosecution went through
all the proper channels
No, I'm not gonna let
this judge ruin my boy's life.
- Mr. Frost, calm down.
- Wait, wait, wait,
why does she get to take the stand
and completely tear me down?
Is it 'cause I'm a bad boyfriend?
The People couldn't make this
a hate crime.
- So they're going to try
- To discredit you.
To blind the court with evidence
that you're a racist.
Is that what this girl is going to say?
I cannot believe this is happening.
- Jesse?
- My parents are digging
into their retirement fund to help me.
She better not ruin this for me!
Hey, Jesse.
Listen, he He really is a good kid.
You know, everyone makes mistakes.
Right now we just need to focus on
getting him through the hearing.
Excuse me.
But I think we need to start looking at
other possibilities for
Jesse's reaction that night.
Hey. You got a second? I brought treats.
I can, uh, come back later.
You got two minutes.
Look, I know it was weird,
the last time we talked, but
- What do you need?
- Choi sent me over
with a bunch of plea deals.
We've got a huge backlog
because of how long
we couldn't go to trial for.
Is that what these cases are to you?
Just files that need
to be stamped closed?
I'll pass.
Aren't you even gonna look
at what we're offering?
I'm not interested unless
it's an outright dismissal of charges.
You know what?
I will take every single one
of these cases to trial if I have to.
You can't do that.
You You have an ethical obligation
- to show these to your clients.
- I can.
If it's in the best interest
of my client,
and they say that I can.
You can't take these to trial.
The backlog won't help any of us.
You clearly don't know me well enough
than to issue me a challenge like that.
Emily, I know it's awkward,
but I just want you to know
that Luke and I are not
Oh, please. This is not about Luke.
This is about the D.A.'s office
dragging their feet,
and now because of the backlog,
you wanna play ball?
Me taking these cases to trial
will send a message loud and clear
that my clients matter.
You can leave the coffee.
And the doughnuts.
I'm used to doing this
when I'm 3,000 miles away.
I'm glad we only have a few more
of these appointments left
before the big day.
Look at you, all cheesin'.
I can't help it.
I'm feeling lucky today, babe.
- Oh, really?
- Come on, Mama.
Roll that dice with me.
Let's ask this doctor
about the sex of our baby.
No, I already told you,
I would prefer to keep it a surprise.
What? Baby, you're killing me.
I've been in suspense
about Bean long enough.
- Bean?
- Bean.
At eight weeks you said
our baby was the size of a bean.
Now I know that they've
grown a lot since then,
but the name stuck.
- It is gender-neutral.
- Mm-hmm.
Mark demand to be godfather yet?
Mark and I haven't talked much lately.
Hmm. I know those videos.
It brought up a lot
of emotion for you, for Mark.
He was the one person
I thought would understand.
If I would've been there
it would've been
a different story, Lu.
Thank God you weren't.
FBI agent, Black man posing a threat
I've had to contemplate that
perception my entire career.
And you shouldn't have to,
but that's the justice system
that we uphold every day.
I was zip-tied on a curb,
and people are asking me
if I can be unbiased.
And now I have someone else
to worry about.
You got to where you are
because of your compassion
and your impartiality.
Don't let anybody
take that away from you.
And you and I both know that
Mark's always had your back.
This time's no different.
Hello? Hi. Who is this?
It's Joaquin, the the milk guy,
from the protest.
H-Hi. Um, wait, how
How did you get my number?
I ran into your friend Sara
on my way out and, uh
Of course she gave you my number.
I just sent you
some pictures I took of you
at the protest that night.
You should have 'em.
Yeah, I got it.
Emily? What are you doing here?
Hey. Come here.
What are you still doing here?
What the hell is going on,
Luke? What is
I had a lot running
through my head, okay?
I'm trying to process
the last few months.
Why are you shutting me out?
'Cause it's not about you or me.
There are things that I need
to work through by myself, okay?
I don't wanna drag you into this mess.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Whenever you're ready,
you know where to find me.
Look, I saw the funding site you set up,
so I thought I would post
some of these pictures
with a #LawyerBae hashtag,
you know, use the exposure for good.
If it helps get the word out, then okay.
Well, this is a very powerful picture.
It was this beautiful moment
in the chaos that shows us
what we're all fighting for.
- Thank you.
- Of course, anytime.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye. Yep.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Ms. Siegal, what can you tell us
about the defendant's temperament
during the time you were dating?
He was nice to be around
when everything was going his way,
but when things weren't,
yelling, punching walls.
Can you be more specific?
Whenever his coach
would bench him from a game,
he'd be in a rage for days.
Said he deserved to be on the field.
Do you think Jesse Frost is
explosive enough to attack
people with a baseball bat?
Leading the witness, Your Honor.
She also wasn't at the scene
of the alleged incident.
- Sustained.
- Let me rephrase the question.
In the course of your relationship,
did you ever see Jesse act violently?
Not at first but, um, over time
he became more
easily triggered, angrier.
Last season he got
benched for a concussion.
- He hated it.
- Were you ever scared of him?
- Yes.
- How so?
Well, the reason we broke up
wasn't because he cheated.
It's because I was afraid for my life.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Ms. Audubon?
You mentioned my client
was benched for a concussion,
but he's had more
than one concussion, right?
Jesse's played football since he was 6.
- He had a lot.
- So it was those concussions
and not "rage issues"
that kept him off the field.
Objection. Speculation and foundation.
- Sustained.
- And all that time
with my client, he never hit you, right?
- No, he didn't.
- And the rage you saw,
it was because
he was eager to play, right?
- Objection.
- She's lying!
- Jesse
- She's trying to ruin my son's life!
Mr. Frost, please sit down.
Um, um, Your Honor,
my client needs medical attention.
- Jesse.
- Bailiff, please.
Can you stand up?
- Mom?
- Baby, I'm right here.
- Let's go outside.
- Jesse?
- Mom!
- Oh, my God. What do we do?
Jesse, I'm right here, baby.
If you can meet him at the
elevator, that would be great.
Thank you very much.
- Ms. Audubon.
- Huh?
Get your client evaluated now.
We will resume as soon
as he is medically able
to return to court, but there
will be no more continuances.
How is Jesse holding up?
How did his doctor's visit go?
When the CT scans and the MRI came back,
his doctor said there were
physical signs of head trauma.
They're attributing it to football.
- C.T.E.?
- That's only one of the possibilities.
The only problem is
the condition can't be proven
unless the person is deceased.
You know, I have noticed changes
in Jesse's behavior
in the last few months,
but never enough to raise any alarms.
Okay. So, where do we go from here?
We go to the judge
and tell her that all signs show
that Jesse could be
suffering from C.T.E.
And ask for more time to get an
expert opinion from a specialist.
From there, we can argue
that Jesse's concussions
rendered him unable to control himself.
You should've seen Jesse smile
the first time he threw a football.
It was as if he found something he loved
and wanted to do it
for the rest of his life.
I think that love may have caused us
to look the other way.
We pushed him, but we
never knew he was sick.
Look, as a parent, you'd do
anything to protect your child,
but sometimes you can't always
protect them from themselves.
Maybe this time we went too far.
So what are you thinking?
We can keep trying for
continuance, file an appeal.
No, I think Lola is set
on the time. We have 24 hours.
We have to go for the plea.
Mark will never go for that.
He has doubled down on thinking
Jesse's condition is all an act.
We have to try.
Maybe the medical eval
will buy us enough grounds
for him to consider new terms.
You told Choi to take a hike?
And these cases will keep
getting sent straight
back to his desk unless he wants to talk
about sweetening these deals.
And in the meantime,
the backlog keeps piling up.
- Are you sure that that this
- Carole, these are people.
What are we saying if we are not doing
everything in our power
to fight these cases for them?
You know that it is not
in anyone's best interest
to take all of these cases to trial.
You weren't there when she died.
Carrie Banks was waiting
on the justice system
to give her a fair hearing.
But the more cases
you choose not to plead out,
the longer it takes
everyone to go to trial.
Then she needs to give us better offers.
Where's Sam? I thought she was
helping with the subpoena.
She's wrapping up a couple cases
and then headed out for a date.
Okay. What am I missing?
I thought you two were, uh
Sam and I have an understanding.
Oh, an understanding.
Well I have
engaged in a few understandings
over the years, and let me tell you,
it hasn't ended well for me or my car.
What if this kid really does
have a medical condition?
He's got multiple
documented concussions,
I played ball in high school.
I have front row seats to the length
that these players will go
to get a scholarship.
- It's not a stretch.
- Don't tell me you're buying this.
Just play ball with me
for a second, okay?
C.T.E. is a legitimate
medical condition.
What if there's some validity
to the argument?
Then it's up to the defense
to prove that.
Okay. You're starting to sound
like you have a savior's complex.
How is that? Because
I'm not willing to give
a "get out of jail free" card
to this kid?
No, because you're not willing
to consider a plea deal.
It's the responsibility
of the defense to prove this
by getting an actual
diagnosis from a doctor
In order to confirm it,
they need an autopsy.
He would literally have to drop dead
before the defense can prove their case.
What about the victim's rights?
It is our job to protect those
who can't protect themselves,
just like Lola did when she stood
between that little girl and that cop.
I know this is not about the case.
It's about that video.
And that night changed all of us,
but you're making this about you.
Oh, come on.
Do you know how many times
I've seen this?
White star athlete
gets judge on his potential,
and a Black kid would get tossed in jail
for looking at a cop the wrong way.
This case is not your therapy session.
And I get that Judge Carmichael
is your friend,
and you feel helpless,
but there is nothing
that you can do or say
to change what she is going through
what we are all going through.
Just be there for her when she's ready.
All right.
Let's talk the terms of a plea deal.
Thank you.
Your Honor, the parties have reached
a negotiated disposition.
The People have offered
a plea to count two,
assault with a deadly weapon
as a felony,
and my client has chosen to accept it.
Your Honor, although
the People have failed
to provide sufficient
evidence to support
the hate crime enhancement,
it doesn't mean that
the defendant's heinous actions
were not racially motivated.
What is tangible evidence, however,
is that the defendant seems
to have a medical condition.
Based on that, we have offered Mr. Frost
a plea deal on count two,
assault with a deadly weapon.
He'll be placed on five years
formal probation.
He'll be forced to do six months
of anger management classes,
racial sensitivity training,
and 50 days of community service.
And you are sure about this, Mr. Callan?
The conduct from
the transcript concerns me.
I will need to review this matter myself
before I accept this deal.
Whatever the court needs.
The court will be in recess
until tomorrow.
All rise.
- Do you see this?
- Defund the police!
This is why they're protesting.
It's why they're chanting,
"Defund the police."
They don't feel like their lives
are being protected and served.
- What?
- Defund the police!
LA Times still blowing up your phone?
Do reporters ever stop?
Oh, I'm sick and tired
of being uncomfortable
for the sake of others.
Why should I have to play ball
with the system
when what I should be doing
is upholding it?
As a woman, I know exactly
what you need.
No, I don't think you do.
For Black women, there are
a whole other set of rules
that do not apply to you.
You're right.
It's good to be angry, Carmichael.
Anger is an energy.
Maybe it's time you let it out.
Why? So I could be the angry Black woman
walking through the H.O.J.?
So you can have some catharsis.
I am sick of sitting down
and being quiet.
And the one moment I speak up,
this is what happens.
But that's the burden
that I bear as a Black woman.
The mental acrobatics
and the mask that we have
to put on every day
to make other people feel comfortable.
We get tired of having to go high
when everyone goes low.
It is emotionally exhausting,
and I am done.
Maybe it's not about making
the accepted choice.
Maybe it's about knowing in your heart
that you made the right choice
even if you have to defend it.
But why should I have
to defend it, Lisa?
When is the life of that little girl
staring down the barrel
of a gun going to matter?
Why is equality so hard
for people to swallow?
Oh! Change isn't easy.
It's uncomfortable.
It's like growing pains,
and sometimes that scares people.
Sometimes being raw and transparent,
being a little scary,
gets us to the answers we need.
Between this plea deal and that video,
I am only letting myself down
by not saying anything.
What do you have in mind?
All rise.
You may be seated.
Let me begin by saying
I have always been transparent.
Bailiff, you may bring in the press.
Come on in.
Since we keep playing phone tag,
I figured I would
invite you to my courtroom.
Back on the record
in People v. Frost. All present.
Yesterday, the People
proposed disposition
to give this young man a break,
based on a medical condition
that was previously undiagnosed,
a condition that perhaps
explains why Mr. Frost lashed out
in the way that he did,
because he feared for his life.
As everyone knows by now,
I was at the protest that night.
I, too, stumbled upon someone
who feared for their life.
A gun was trained on this person,
and I chose to step in
and do what I felt was right
and protect that life.
There is a very
strong part of me
that says that I need
to reject this deal
because the lives
of these protesters matter.
Mr. Frost, you made a choice that night
to get out of your car
and swing your bat
because you feared for your life.
Was your fear rational or irrational?
Was your life threatened,
or were you the threat?
Every crime requires
both a wrongful action
and a wrongful intent.
And while we cannot prove
your thoughts on race,
the impact of your actions
on these victims
is detrimental.
Your actions, intended or not,
have consequences.
Therefore I will accept
the plea as outlined.
In this matter,
the imposition of one year
county jail is suspended,
pending the defendant completes
formal probation,
community service,
anger management classes,
race sensitivity training,
and make restitution
to the victims
in an amount to be determined.
During your probation,
you will not play football,
college or professionally,
while you continue
to undergo extensive medical evaluation.
And if you do not comply
to all of the terms
of your probation, you will go to jail.
Do you understand and accept
the terms of your probation, Mr. Frost?
Yes, Your Honor.
In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Frost,
please stand.
It is one thing to push your child
because you love them.
It is another to ignore the signs
that they are suffering
from a medical condition
that not only endangers
the public but themselves.
I recommend family therapy.
All rise.
I'm so relieved, sweetheart.
Look, my family and I, we
We can't thank you enough.
I know you were the one
who leaked the video.
I don't know how
you got your hands on it,
and I don't really care.
But I know you were behind it.
What I don't get is that
you wanted Judge Carmichael
to recuse herself
to save your son's career,
but you didn't give a damn
about ruining hers.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Judge Carmichael
is the most impartial judge I know.
You could've ruined
your son's entire case.
Have a good day, Mr. Frost.
Nice to meet you, Lisa.
All righty.
How do you think it went?
The camera makes it harder to read
what the other person is thinking,
And it's just different.
But I think I want
a second date with her.
Sounds like a win to me.
It's still a good screenshot of you.
What, you didn't think
I would change it, did you?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Wanted to show my support.
At least I got to give her kids
a proper goodbye, you know?
At least I managed to do
this one last thing for her.
You care about people.
That's why you're so good at your job.
Thank you.
But I'm actually kind of
losing it at work right now.
I told the head D.D.A.
that I would be taking
all of my cases to trial, which
I respect that you're fiery, passionate,
threatening to do the impossible
and then somehow achieving it.
Well, I wouldn't have been able
to do this without your help.
No. This is all you.
What do you think
about grabbing a coffee?
In honor of Carrie.
I think I would like that.
Well done, Judge Carmichael.
Bringing the media into
the courtroom today was epic.
Definitely shut 'em up.
Wasn't sure you'd come.
I'm glad the case is over.
Guess this is gonna be the new normal.
Well, at least until
the pandemic lightens up.
That's not what I meant.
Us facing each other in court
That's unavoidable.
Disagreeing is inevitable.
Losing my best friend is unthinkable.
I'm sorry, Lo.
A lot of people made
bad decisions that night,
myself included.
You were the only one
who made the right choice.
What I said, uh, the impact of words,
they're powerful.
But, uh, I had no idea.
That's the thing.
I don't expect you to know
or even understand everything.
But I need for you to listen.
I'm here.
My biggest fear
isn't even being a good mom.
It's bringing a little
Black child into this world.
And part of me
feels robbed of the excitement
because I don't know
if I will be able to protect him or her.
Lola, I know it's scary.
But I am here for you.
I'm here for Rob and
I'm here for baby Makai.
What, you've been
researching baby names now?
Well, I'm looking forward, all right?
And we still got
a couple months and, you know,
if I'm gonna be the godfather
Ooh, who said godfather?
Lo, you are gonna be
a legendary mom.
And I'm gonna be
right there at your side
every step of the way.
I know I got some learning to do,
you know, do better, be better.
So do I.
We keep marching into the
I'm gonna start with this.
Sanitized and everythang
at my little baby shower.
What is this?
2-way monitor.
So when you bring the baby to H.O.J.,
he won't be alone.
- Or she.
- Or she.
Mark, this is
I was serious when I said
I was gonna start listening.
Uncle Mark here. Talk to me.
I will have this
on silent at all times.
Oh, thank you.
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