All Rise (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Sliding Floors

Previously on "All Rise"
The D.A.'s office decides
who gets charged and with what.
If you wanna set the terms of
the fight, that's where you go.
We should have never taken a break.
We should have stuck it out
and worked through it.
- Sam.
- Emily.
Someone reposted this video
of you helping that guy
who got pepper sprayed.
What do you think
about grabbing a coffee?
I think I would like that.
Hello, wife.
You're gonna be a father.
- What?
- I'm pregnant.
- Tony Carver.
- Mark Callan.
Nobody ever comes here
without being sent.
Try not to reinvent the wheel.
Do you wonder if you are
where you're supposed to be?
In my experience,
if a D.A. asks that question,
a case comes along to answer it.
- What kind of case?
- You'll know it.

Don't ask the D.A. that.
He's from Hawaii.
This makes him feel more at home.
Callan, Amy!
You know Louis Bravo, the D.A. of L.A.
Mark Callan, how are you?
- You know Amy Quinn.
- Yes, Amy.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Hi.
Mark, congratulations on Special Trials.
- Thank you.
- It's where I made my bones.
I know. You prosecuted
the Rampart Scandal.
- 20 years ago.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for making me feel so old.
Must have been what, 10, 12? [LAUGHS]
- Oh, he's a charmer, Choi.
- Yup.
[LAUGHS] I'm glad I ran into you, Mark.
- Are you familiar with the TikTok case?
- TikTok?
You know,
the kids with the Hollywood mansions?
Drugs and prostitution?
You know, the ones who threw
huge parties all summer?
Well, I'm interested
in what kind of charges
we can file, if we file.
Take a look at it.
Tell me what you think.
- MAN: Louis Bravo!
- If you'll excuse me, I see the Mayor.
- Enjoy.
- Cheers, guys.
What do you think?
Lola was right.
That is a very handsome man.
Lola's always right about something.
I'm right when I'm right.
Plantains are better than bananas.
- Come at me, Sherri.
- It's comparing apples and oranges.
Oranges are better than apples.
Cucumbers are better than zucchini.
I can do this all day.
I judge for a living.
Call your mom.
You know, she's been calling all week.
She sees my pregnancy as a way of
strengthening our family ties.
She wants to be "helpful." I'm good.
You're building the crib? I
thought you were waiting on Robin.
I counted it up. Robin and I
have been together
a total of 61 days throughout
this entire pregnancy.
If I wait on him, my baby
will be graduating from college
before this crib is built. I got it.
- This is a bad idea. I'll hire help.
- Sherri!
I practically raised myself, okay?
I taught myself how
to drive a stick shift.
I taught myself the law.
I can put together a crib.
No man is an island,
but this woman is pretty damn close.
If I could just figure out which
is slot "A" and which is slot "B."
Did you draft your decision yet?
- You don't wanna get behind.
- Don't worry.
I'll get to little
Ms. Maya Gage's decision soon.
Maybe I should use a hammer.
Don't use a hammer. You don't
need a hammer. You're
- [THUD]
- Ow!
Are you all right?!
Yeah. I'm fine.
Got to go. [GROANS]
- [LAUGHS] Hey!
Hey, girl.
I didn't know Vanessa would be here.
I only brought enough cheese for two.
[LAUGHS] That's Gucci.
You know, I don't eat much.
But I will dive into this wine, though.
Vanessa, Judge Carmichael
and I just spoke.
- She needs help.
- Ah, she hates delegating.
It is both a strength and a weakness.
Are you calling Judge Carmichael weak?
- Not a word I'd use.
- No more work.
We were talking about Luke
and Sam's situation-ship.
Situation-ship? What's that?
Well, it means they're getting it in,
but not putting a thing on it.
Yeah. Emily won't say it,
but she is [SINGSONGY] pissed.
They used to tussle? Oh, my God,
and Luke is kinda cute, too.
TERRELL: Come on, Grandma, wake up!
He likes locking up Black folks.
First, you're a cop. Now a D.A.?
Mm, what do we ever do to you, cousin?
Hush. I wanna hear about Luke.
- You say you have two cases?
- Uh, yeah, Grandma.
Both defendants have the same last name,
and they almost did the same crime.
One's a model, she stole $8,000
of shoes from a photo shoot.
And the other She stole $7,000
from a convenience store.
Both were convicted.
- They both Black?
- I'm second chair in both.
One lead attorney treats me
like I'm an idiot,
but the other one is great.
He lets me act as first chair
and lead the case.
We're in sentencing,
and it's my first win
since joining the D.A.s!
Can we give
a Watkins family clap for Luke?
- I'm so proud of you, Luke.
Hey. Yay for the prison pipeline!
- It's my job, Terrell.
- You should be proud, Luke.
- Thank you, Grandmom.
- Lock up who you want.
Just don't miss the re-enactment
down in San Pedro.
I'm going full Red Tails.
Is that Emily? Hi, Emily!
Mm, it's not Emily. It's Sam.
I like Emily. What happened to her?
On the bright side,
#LawyerBae is trending.
Thank you for that idea.
I tweet out the Constitution
140 characters at a time.
It is shocking how few people
know their rights.
Also shocking?
The Direct Messages asking
to post pictures of my feet.
Oh, Foot Twitter's a thing.
- Oh.
- Keep going.
[GRUNTS] Okay.
I wish I trended at the H.O.J.
like I do on Twitter.
D.A.'s offering unacceptable deals
and saying take it
or leave it, even now.
Like we haven't been in a
pre-apocalyptic hellscape all year.
My boss called me
to tell me that I'm taking over a case
in sentencing tomorrow,
and it is hard enough
mounting a defense in normal times.
It's all so damn soul-crushing.
You need to find
new things to feed your soul.
- I feel so defeated.
- Fight hard, then let it go.
After this, you'll be
ready for my Harley.
I don't do bikes.
You didn't wanna do this.
Look where you are.
You ready? To let go?
I need it.
- Yeah.
[LAUGHS] Careful, careful.
Got you.
That was fun, right?
- That was something.
- [LAUGHS] That was something.
MAN: Here we go.
AMY: I'm not disagreeing with you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Uh, it looks like Rachel's
dropping you mail
on a late night. That's fun.
Ha! This isn't mine.
- It is yours.
- Really?
A little early TikTok action?
Let me see.
This is weird. This is an old case.
Back when I was a Grade 2,
prosecuted a guy who pulled
a gun on a sheriff,
and the deputy shot him.
Felony assault. Open and shut.
I've never seen these photos.
And who sent it to you?
Lola maybe, prankin' me?
Reminding me not to be
too big for my britches?
I'm a taking a bath. Wanna come?
I'll, uh, I'll be a minute.
This is wrong.
The guy had a gun.
He was charging the cop,
not backing away.
Where's the gun?

- MARK: Morning.
Too early. And why
are you wearing a suit?
I thought you had Mondays off.
You actually coming in today?
No. I'm a human mullet.
You know, business up top,
party down below.
Please tell me you're wearing pants.
- Do board shorts count?
- Barely. What's up?
Are you pranking me?
Did you send me an old case file,
teasing me for going
to Bravo's thing yesterday?
It sounds like the least
funniest prank ever, and no.
- Okay. I got to go.
- All right.
I'm trying to catch up on work.
Something you wanna tell me?
That is the MHX-1420.
State of the art baby mobile
for Lola, Robin, and Bean.
You didn't come to bed last night.
I was going over my old case notes.
This has got to be a joke.
I was meticulous back then.
I noted everything
back when I was still hungry and angry.
Here's the thing. This photo
The kid is unarmed, clearly.
- It's so clear.
- So what does that mean?
If he didn't have a gun,
it means he couldn't have shot
at the sheriff,
which means I shouldn't
have prosecuted him.
You don't even know if that's real.
What if it is? Somebody clearly wants me
- to be looking into this again.
- Shower. Shave.
I'm going in but if you're still here,
we will have lunch, and we will
talk it through. Okay?
Somebody got to do it, somehow ♪
I said there ain't nothing to it ♪
Oh, you got to do it, just do it ♪
Lord, have mercy ♪
I like doing it ♪
Say it again ♪
Sorry, Your Honor. Let me get that.
No, let it play.
Either Bean loves it
or I've got indigestion.
I spent the weekend
making you some good, healthy fare.
I am a whole grown adult.
I can feed myself, Lisa.
But thank you in advance.
Oh, Ness. I forgot to respond
to your text last night.
Just giving you the schedule.
You're texting Judge Carmichael?
Helping her. At least trying to.
She's a little stubborn about it.
She is stubborn, and yes,
she is standing right here.
Why is everybody up my butt with help?
Since Ness has so much
free time for texting,
why not let her draft your decision?
I prefer to draft my own decisions.
I'm not comfortable delegating.
I think that's a fantastic idea, Sherri.
- You can't do everything.
- Who says?
I'm every woman, like Chaka Khan.
[GASPS] She's going on the playlist.
Your Honor, rely on Ness.
Otherwise, why is she even here?
Okay. Let's see what you got.
- Ooh!
- NESS: I'll show you what I got.
Let's go, Watkins. Get your head
out of the other case.
You're with me now.
Watkins. Ready?
Wanna run your sentencing
statement by me,
see if it's dope enough for Benner?
- This part's fun.
- I never thought of
sentencing as fun, but listen,
I have court with Maggie, so
- Maggie. [GROANS]
- Berger, away.
I'll run down right after.
You're a cool guy, Watkins.
We should party together sometime.
Oh, I wish you'd worn clothes
that don't clash with me.
I judge books by their cover.
- So does Carmichael.
- I don't think that's true.
Sentencing is appearance.
Defense paints character
with favorable brush strokes,
impact statements
from family and friends
to seduce Carmichael.
We're recommending
Maya Gage get three years.
Lola probably soft-serve sentences her
to time at an amusement park
and souvenir money. New shoes.
Judge Soft-michael, I call her.
- Come on, Watkins.
Rule number two Can't be late.
LOLA: People v. Maya Gage.
The defendant was convicted
of one count felony grand theft.
Today, we begin sentencing.
The court notes she has
no prior criminal behavior.
I will hear from both sides
before I rule
regarding Ms. Gage's sentence.
We heard from the victim in trial.
Now the defense will give impact
statements for the defendant.
[WHISPERS] Soft serve.
LOLA: Let's break for lunch.
See you in an hour.

Ms. Gage? Hi. I'm Emily Lopez.
I'll be defending you.
Can you please wear your mask?
No, I'm good.
Please? For your sake and for mine?
I want this judge to see my face.
I mean, she gon' send me to jail,
the least she could do is look at me.
Okay. How about this?
How about you wear your mask
unless you are talking?
'Cause she can see your face then.
Okay? Does that work for you?
LISA: Good afternoon, everybody.
My apologies.
My court had three people
test positive last week,
so while we disinfect it,
we'll finish the sentencing down here.
Back in People v. Tiara Gage.
Ms. Gage was convicted
of one count of grand theft.
She has one prior conviction
for misdemeanor possession
of a controlled substance.
I'll hear from both sides.
Ms. Lopez? Nice to see
you've picked up more work.
Any impact statements
from character witnesses?
Your Honor,
I was just assigned this case.
I would like to confer with my client.
I would also like time to
find someone to speak on her behalf.
Your Honor, I need a small recess.
And while you do that,
you get me some Swiss rolls?
Whatever you like.
You get the Swiss rolls for Ms. Gage.
Recess until after lunch.
Ms. Gage, I'll see you soon.
- BAILIFF: Stand up.
Hands behind your back.
- All right, let's go.
You wanna go to war with me,
be my guest.
Re-enactments can be boring
if you're not into it.
No way, dude. I'm into seeing
how fun it was as a woman in the '40s.
Wasn't a walk in the park
for Black folk either.
A Watkins has served in
every war since the Civil War.
D-Day. 'Nam.
My cousin Terrell was in Iraq.
This country is rough, but it
wouldn't exist without us.
- Ditto.
Here are some of our famous cheesecakes.
A lot better than Swiss rolls.
- Hmm?
- I told you about my two defendants.
That's Maya Gage. Family's well-off.
Dad's a doctor, mom's a C.F.O.
Both my defendants are so similar,
except the one with the money
goes home at night
while the other one goes back to jail.
Justice is so damn random.
Surely you're not realizing that
for the first time.
It's like life.
A whole bunch of random atoms
exploding into little
fairy tales of existence.
Some fairy tales
don't have happy endings.

- You had fun the other night?
- Oh, I had a blast.
Yeah. I never get used
to those things myself
The VIP soirees, even when I'm hosting.
Yeah. L.A., right?
You know, I'm from a little town
on the North Shore.
I never saw a movie star
until I convicted one.
- Me neither.
- You remind me of me.
Maybe a little taller, though.
I can punch if that helps.
[LAUGHS] No, just, uh, keep
doing what you're doing.
Cases make careers.
Cases make me take notice
of who could be my next Head Deputy.

- Sorry, Roxy.
Gonna have to call you back.
You see, Bean, Mommy and Grandma
have something called unresolved issues.
Objection, counsel. Do not speak
directly to my baby.
Hey, so, um hypothetically,
what if a person got new information
about an old case they prosecuted,
and what they got changed their mind
about the way they prosecuted it?
If it's not too late, reopen it.
It's not. But
what if it meant that
the sheriff lied to you,
and it meant looking at them
through a thick-ass lens?
Investigating the sheriffs?
If they misled you and you fell for it,
and you messed up
an innocent person's life.
That means going against the sheriff,
their union,
and a host of powerful people.
Whoever does that,
they better bring a full clip,
extra ammo, and pack a lunch.
But given all that,
if the right person
took it on, it's doable?
If that person's you, definitely yes.
Whatever they decide,
I pray that they're careful.

"In rendering this decision,
"I weighed the plight of women
of the African diaspora
"amassed across the vast plane
of unforgiving laws
and unwelcoming justice."
- I never said that.
- I'm providing perspective.
You are providing ideology Your own.
There's none of me in this.
- I beg to differ.
- Beg to
Let me tell you something.
This matters
Every rendering, every decision,
every choice, it matters, on the record.
It provides a guidepost for
others to follow in perpetuity.
It's why Thurgood Marshall mattered,
why Ruth Bader Ginsburg mattered.
So you're Thurgood and R.B.G. now?
Oh, so you smelling yourself today?
Your Honor,
I foresee a Lola-plosion coming.
Before she blows, let me help Vanessa.
- I don't need help.
- And I certainly don't need help.
This is why I do things myself
To ensure that they are done right.
I will handle it.
My intent was to lighten your load.
Let me help Ness help you.
We will turn in the draft
of this decision together.
Fine. Make sure that it
actually sounds like me.

Ah, superstar Mark Callan.
Finally, you pay me back.
So how was Bravo's party?
- You know about that?
- Yeah, I know all.
Yeah. Bravo likes you.
Your career is on the rise.
You made the exclusive list.
And apparently, my invitation
got lost in the mail.
They boot you out here permanently?
Yeah, it's healthy out here.
Fresh air, vitamin D,
the waitress is lovely,
so I get free refills
and peace and quiet.
Maybe you can help me.
Looking for an old case file,
off the record.
Figured you're the man.
- Buy you a beer?
- Off the record
normally means off the clock, don't it?
I tell you what,
you make it a good Cabernet,
and you got yourself a deal.
All right. What's the case?
My first conviction.
Humor me. I'm feeling nostalgic.
This was mysteriously dropped
in my doorstep last night.
I wanna see if you can find
this photo in the case file.
The sheriff stated that
the accused was charging him,
brandishing a gun.
It was that statement
that led to the conviction.
Look at that photo. Do you see a gun?

Flowers from someone named Joaquin.
Mmm! You've got a Joaquin tell.
No, I don't.
Eight stacks?
That's got to be 40 new cases.
I have sentencing for a client
I haven't even spoken to.
I would like to buy her an outfit
so she looks presentable in court,
but I do not have time or money,
let's be honest.
Who is abandoning all their cases?
Blame Jim Hart.
He quit for private practice.
Carol's divvying up work.
Maybe if enough D.P.D.s quit,
we won't have layoffs.
DeBose, do you have anything on Tiara?
I am in a time crunch.
I have 12 cases, which is the priority.
Can I bribe you with a free Swiss roll?
Mmm, Swiss rolls.
- Swiss rolls?
- Now we're talking.
Let me use some
of my investigative magic.
- I'll find something about Tiara.
- Thank you.

Maggie treating you okay?
Define "okay."
Still have your face. That's okay.
I was wondering,
what happens when a D.D.A.
changes their mind post-conviction?
Nothing happens.
You're winning. What's the problem?
The defendant's piqued my curiosity.
Don't fall in love with defendants.
Do your job and serve justice.
And Brentwood F.C. is
the top rated soccer club
on the Westside?
And Maya was our MVP.
We pride ourselves on teamwork.
We are a tribe. We rely on each other.
It's the only way. Maya embodied that.
She was a leader, a team captain.
Her senior year,
she led the fund-raising efforts
which paid for
our indoor training facility.
So fancy.
Maya excelled at drama.
"He will make the face of Heaven so fine
"that all the world would be
in love with night
and pay no more worship
to the garish sun."
Maya's version was 10 times better.
Shakespeare. Not a big fan.
Ms. Gage? Why are you not
speaking to Ms. Lopez?
- I don't trust her.
- I brought the Swiss rolls.
Your Honor, we're tracking down
character witnesses.
- I need more time.
- For what?
Yo, I'm guilty.
Just do this and let me be!
Your Honor, the People
previously offered a deal,
which was rejected.
Perhaps the court could
reconsider that deal now as a sentence?
I'm not interested in
entertaining that discussion.
- It was a bad deal.
- The deal was more than fair.
No. I would not say that it was fair.
- Excuse me, folks.
- No, excuse me.
What's not fair is the dumb system.
Ms. Gage, you've had a fair trial.
That's a lie.
This whole system is biased
against people of color and women.
Ms. Gage, I'm asking you
I demand to be treated as a white man.
Nobody gets a fair sentence
like a white man.
- And if I can't, then this is a mistrial.
- Okay.
Because y'all been racist
and prejudiced against me
even before my case got started!
- That's enough, Tiara
- Treat me white.
Treat me white, damn it.
- Treat me white.
- Ms. Gage, sit down and
- No, treat me like a white man.
- You got to stop.
- Treat me like I'm a white man.
- LISA: Bailiff!
- Treat me white!
- Remove her.
- Treat me like a white man!
- Another outburst,
I will sentence you in absentia.
No, treat me like I'm a white man!
- BAILIFF: Come on, let's go.
- Treat me white!
Treat me white, damn it!
She's not wrong. It's not fair.

That phone ain't historically accurate.
I'm telling Grams.
- Hey, how do I look?
Debonair. You showed out.
Make the Tuskegee Airmen proud.
- What about me?
- Fantastic.
- Hottest soldier in camp.
- Just wait till I'm out of uniform.
- Mm.
- Hey, you're not Emily, right?
- Sam.
- Oh!
Sam, this is my
foot-in-his-mouth cousin, Terrell.
Hi, foot-in-mouth cousin.
I'm just-a-friend Sam.
Oh. Ooh, damn. She's gorgeous.
You sent her to jail?
Could you send me with her?
- I just might.
- Kinky, Terrell. I like it.
- TERRELL: Oh, "Reveille."
- Hurry up. Don't be late.
What are you, Instagram stalking?
[SIGHS] Tiara Gage.
She had this whole history
I didn't know anything about
Kids, a job.
If I would have known all this before,
I would have charged her differently.
It just slipped through.
You know there are cracks in the system.
It's not your job to know.
A previous public defender
couldn't get her to cooperate.
Now Emily can't. She does not need jail.
She needs diversion or probation.
- Well, what can you do now?
- Nothing. That's the problem.
It's my case
but it's out of my damn hands.

- Shall we?
- Let's go.
Look at this, 11:52, police officer said
the suspect charged him
while brandishing a firearm,
which is why he shot him.
But look, 11:52,
the suspect's hands are empty,
no gun. They lied to me.
The sheriffs lied to you?
They obscured the truth.
This guy Omar he was unarmed,
and the sheriff shot him.
He's paralyzed.
He did six years in prison.
They used me, Amy.
Okay. Slow down.
Let's think this through.
Someone sent you this file
to your new house.
How do they know where you live?
And why did they send it to you?
- Because it was my case?
- But why now?
We will figure this out, you and me.
What's to figure out?
If this is what it looks like,
if they played me, someone's gotta pay.
And they should.
But do it right. Don't rush off
chasing windmills.
Take your time and work it.
But for now, keep this between us.
The less people that know
about it, the better.
I picked up six new case
Six new cases.
My client was forcibly removed.
The D.A. sucks.
Quit. You're too valuable.
- They ignore your needs.
There's a lot of ignoring
my needs going around.
Me? I'd never ignore you.
I can't. I like spending time with you.
Yeah. You've taken me bike riding,
you've taken me hiking, you've taken me,
- you know, now rock climbing.
- Social distance dates.
[SIGHS] Social distance is great.
- Physical distance
- Mm-hmm.
- is not so great.
- Mnh-mnh.
I have not, like, touched another person
- in, like, six months.
- Right.
I wear my mask in court, okay?
I Zoom my clients in jail.
I don't violate the 6-foot rule,
and I had not wanted to.
It's not been a problem.
And now?
And now
with everything the way that it is
a little romance would be nice.
Well, the best part
of romance is the wait.
I think we've waited
long enough, don't you?
My mother raised a gentleman,
so I'll defer to you, my lady.
Okay. Okay.
- So let's make a plan.
- Okay.
We limit our exposure, right?
We take COVID tests in a week,
and if our results are good
Our results will be better.
I don't mean to brag, but I got skills.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Brag away.
- Sure?
- Love to hear about 'em.
- Okay.
- Just after
- Yeah, of course.
- Luke, are you okay?
- Hey.
You got a sec? It's about Tiara Gage.
She was a caregiver.
The firm that she contracted
for they didn't even know
she was arrested. Can you use that?
None of this was in her file.
She wouldn't talk to her last C.P.D.
She won't talk to me.
Why are you trying to help me?
I'm not. I'm helping her.
- Did she have a fair trial?
- Of course.
What, you think I turn into
a monster since you and I
Well, I-I don't know.
You know, people change.
I haven't.
Maybe I noticed Tiara
for the first time.
I don't know. Maybe because
you're her defense.
But I saw her.
I looked into her background
Foster kid, misdemeanor arrest,
but she turned her life around.
- Jail's too harsh.
- She was found guilty.
I-I-I don't know what you want.
I don't either. I just
I'll send you the information.
Do what you will.
A year's worth of decisions.
We may not get along, but we're here
to make Judge Carmichael's day
run smooth.
We don't get along?
Read this. Measured but passionate,
neutral but on the side
of the Constitution,
aware of her role as judge
but never dehumanizes a case.
Oh. So she's a robot.
She's a judge, and a damn good one.
But she sits alone on that bench.
Our job is to help maintain
the sanctity of her position
but never compromise her beliefs.
It does matter. So, she might say,
"This concludes impact statements.
"Tomorrow I will render sentencing.
"I've spent the last few weeks
weighing Ms. Gage's past
against the actions of present."
BOTH: "And I arrive at the conclusion
- the defendant receives a fair trial."
- LOLA: "a fair trial."
That sounds nothing like me.
Fine. You two go.
We don't all need to burn
the midnight oil.
I'll take the late shift.
Are you sure? We can stay as long
Go home, both of you. I got this.
Let me tell you
what you're not gon' be, Bean
Spoiled, entitled, driving a BMW at 16.
All right. We are going to learn to work
for everything we get, okay?
Luke Watkins, living and breathing.
Hey, Your Honor,
wonder if we could talk?
We can talk with ground rules.
Do not talk about your case in my court.
I know. I wanna talk about my case
in Judge Benner's court.
Oh, perfectly fine.
- How's it going?
- It was fine.
- I got the conviction.
- Good for you.
Not really. Listen, I know
I've had a short career,
but for the first time, it felt unfair,
like I was this cog in this
industrial machine, not me.
I thought I would feel good,
but it doesn't feel good
winning in a broken system.
It's broken, but it can heal.
Not on its own.
It's up to the people
who work within for change,
with time, with devotion.
That's a greeting card.
That's not enough.
- That doesn't help.
- Then find a better way, Luke.
I'm sorry, Judge.
I'm just feeling emotional.
Hey, are you okay? You need something?
I'm fine. I've I've got to go.
Ooh, Bean.
Not yet.
- Hang on, Lola! I'm coming!
- False alarm. She's good.
Really good response time,
though. Your Honor.
I spoke to my doctor.
It might be Braxton-Hicks. If it
doesn't come back, I'm fine.
Want me to hang around just in case?
[SIGHS] Go home, Callan.
You look like you could use some sleep.
- You okay?
- Yeah, you know me.
- I'm available 24/7.
- False alarm, Lisa.
Did Sherri call the whole city?
I didn't need the army to show up.
[SIGHS] Be glad that we showed up.
Not everyone has that. [SIGHS] You okay?
There was a moment.
Sitting here alone,
not sure what the hell was happening.
It was terrifying for a moment.
But then Luke knocked on the door.
Sherri used her spare key.
Callan came in like the Rock,
and you showed up, and it was okay.
You would rather die a martyr
than show you're incapable.
Don't pretend you can do it alone.
You and Robin are going to beg, borrow,
and steal all the help
you can find very soon.
People need people.
Remember that.
Good night.
LOLA: I've been reflecting on this case.
Ms. Gage made a mistake.
She thought only of herself.
She acted as though she were an island,
adrift, alone,
when in fact,
she is surrounded on all sides.
She is loved.
I am sentencing her for her mistake,
but I watched an endless parade of folks
who love her, who spoke
to who she really is,
who refused
to let her mistake define her,
who showed up for her.
That meant something to me.
I took notice.
Prosecution recommended
a 3-year sentence.
Ms. Gage, I am placing you
on three years' probation
with 100 hours of community service.
Now, this is not a slap on the wrist.
This is punishment
for your crime as I see fit.
Remember the people
who showed up for you.
They saved you here today.
[CLEARS THROAT] Yes, Your Honor.
If I may, I would like
to apologize to you
and to your court,
to the people that I've hurt,
to my friends and family.
Thank you.
Then, Ms. Gage, I wish you well.
I hope to never see you
or your lovely family
in my court again.
- See?
Soft-serve never changes.

WOMAN: Oh, congratulations, baby.
Thank you for your last-minute
consideration, Your Honor.
All right. Ms. Lopez,
unorthodox but I'll allow it.
Thank you, Your Honor.
- Your Honor,
we're connecting with the witness now.
Mr. Lewis? Hi. I'm Emily Lopez.
I think you spoke
with my investigator earlier?
I don't know these people, Sharon!
Who is this lady?
She's not Ellen, Sharon!
Uh, Mr. Lewis, I represent Tiara Gage.
Ah, Tiara was 10 times the nurse
you'll ever be, Sharon!
- I tell you.
- So you know Tiara Gage?
Oh, I miss her every day.
Wonderful young woman.
- Uh, tell her hi for me.
- Hey, Mr. Lewis.
I'm right here. Make sure
you take your meds, okay?
And don't be so hard
on your night nurses.
Is Tiara on "Ellen"? I-I can't
Oh, sorry, Your Honor. I will, um
Well, that was a nice waste of time.
Shall we conclude sentencing?
- I'll try to get him back.
- Ms. Lopez
we all watched it.
The court stipulates that Ms. Gage
has done good things in her life.
Stick to your guns, Watkins.
- We're not budging.
- Mr. Watkins?
What is it that you're asking?
The People previously offered
a low term of 16 months
in pre-trial,
which the defendant rejected.
We recommend two years in custody.
EMILY: Your Honor,
my client has already served
too much time in custody.
We ask the court to grant probation.
Ms. Gage's criminal history
does not make her
an acceptable probationer.
Her behavior in my court does not
make her an acceptable probationer.
Ms. Gage, please stand.
I'll accept the People's recommendation.
The Defendant will serve
two years in custody
minus six months' time served.
Ms. Gage?
Let's not ever do this again.
- I'll stay in touch.
- Wish we'd met sooner.
Me, too. But listen,
Tiara, if you need anything,
do not hesitate to call me. I am here.
Cheers, bud. You did it!
Cheering another young woman
whose future just got wrecked?
That's good, Berger. [SCOFFS]

To my dude, Luke! Outstanding job!
- MAN: Good work, good work.
- Hey, you okay?
Yeah. I just I need a minute.
So how do you feel about TikTok?
Gonna take these kids down in the name
of parents and decent dancing.
You're after my own heart, Callan.
Can't wait to see what you do next.
That was great. You captured my voice.
Not only that,
you captured my perspective.
It's not just what
a judge rules. It's why.
- You found it.
- Thank you.
I had help. Your decisions
Reading those was all I needed.
After I gave her those decisions.
Thank you, Sherri. I don't know
what I'd do without you.
You know what?
I would like you two
working closely together
on all my decisions.
You make a great team.
No "thank you"? No acknowledgment?
No "Without Sherri,
this isn't possible"?
Ness did good, huh?
Sure. No help from me.
Hey, listen, we haven't
been hanging enough.
What do you say to yoga on Saturday?
I could use a good reset.
Uh, it's so funny.
Ness and I are gonna do
yoga on Saturday.
You wanna join us?
No. I hate yoga.
But you have fun.
Lopez, got some more for you.
10 stacks of files?
Is anyone else getting sick of this?!
My client, Carrie Banks, died.
Our clients lose their freedom
when we lose.
We do the best we can,
but we have too many cases.
No more. No more!
No more bad please,
no more bowing down to the DA.
No more silence to these
inequities and injustices.
You know what?
You know what?
I have kissed Berger's ass
for the last time.
And don't even get me started
on Maggie Palmer.
People, we have got one
working toilet for all of us!
Sitting here day after day having PB&Js
while Carol gets to go
on lunch experiences
with Johnny Handsome,
D.A. at large!
But my soul will not be crushed.
I swear to you. I swear.
I am so proud of us, man.
I'm proud of us.
And I'm gonna fight for us,
or I will die trying.
I swear it.
Or I'll quit. I'll quit!
Whichever one the hell
comes first. I don't know!
Helpful. What do you want from me?
I don't know, Carol,
'cause, God, if I knew,
I would just do it myself.
I wouldn't have to make
a speech about it.
I just had to get it off
my chest, you know what I mean?
I just had to let I had to let it go.
- Emily?
- What?
Don't quit.
I need you.

Are you okay?
I always puke when I'm okay.
Watching Tiara led away
was a total gut punch.
I did that, and she didn't deserve it.
There's got to be a better way.
This entire year has thrown
what I know out the window.
The first time I hated
being a prosecutor.
I almost quit.
But you and me? We're needed.
If things are gonna change,
we're needed.
I don't know if we could change
this system if we tried.
Change happens two ways.
Either an asteroid hits fast
or evolution hits slow, so
Million years or so, we'll be fine.
Well, I got time if you do.
I wanna be the solution.
I know.
That's why I like you.
That's my ride.
Make sure he keeps his helmet on.
Motorcycle laws have a stiff penalty.
I'll point it out.

You good, dude?
The picture you gave me
It's not in the original file.
Nowhere. That's new evidence.
But it's real, isn't it?
The sheriffs lied to me.
So what are you gonna do about it?
Well, you've worked
police shootings, right?
That I did, until I barked
up a tree that bit back.
Career death. If you're gonna do this,
you have got to tread very lightly.
Otherwise, you can end up
working arraignments in Lancaster.
You wanna help me walk on eggshells?
That looks like a ghost from the past.
That does not look like TikTok. [SIGHS]
Uh, you two should talk.
I can't ignore this, Amy.
I have to look into this,
and if I find something solid,
I'm gonna build a case.
I'm gonna take it to Choi
and my new pal, Bravo.
I can't put the lid back on this.
There are tragedies written
about what happens when you open a box.
I know. But Lola said
the right person could do this.
And maybe that person is me.
She inspired me.
Oh, she inspired you?
You're that person?
Despite what I said about
us figuring out together,
about taking your time.
If we're a team, we are a team.
You shouldn't need a second opinion.
- Where are you going?
Ask Lola. I'm sure she can tell you.
Bean, I got to tell you,
Mama is ordering you a pre-built
crib to be delivered.
Mama knows her limitations.
Listen, could I build it?
Guaranteed. But I want
what's best for you.
And if it's not me or Daddy,
then I will find who it is.
Now, listen, you are going
to wanna do things on your own,
and we will support you, always.
But there is so much power
in letting people help.
It means that you love them,
and they love you.
[SIGHS] You know, we have a
village of people that love us.
We have got our tribe.
And we're never alone.
Bean, your daddy's texting us.
What is this?
Daddy sent us a new playlist.
[LAUGHS] All righty.
I'm every woman
It's all in me
I can read your thoughts right now ♪
Every word from "A" to "Z"
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Oh, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa
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