All Rise (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Bad Beat

Previously on "All Rise"
Robin should be landing soon.
- How long this time?
- About a month.
I have not touched another person in,
like, six months.
We take COVID tests in a week.
The best part of romance is the wait.
We are a team.
You shouldn't need a second opinion.
- Where are you going?
- No more bowing down to the D.A.
No more silence to these injustices!
This feels so good!
Her circadian rhythm's off.
Sleep cycle's toast.
Could be her diet.
Happened to you, did it,
when you were pregnant?
- I've never been pregnant.
- Anyway, you're wrong.
Her energy fields are misaligned.
You're talking about her insomnia?
It's hormonal. She needs to regulate.
- Don't we all?
- Could be hormonal.
I didn't sleep for three months.
Leg cramps, back pain, heartburn.
Go away!
I can hear every word!
And I can't sleep
because my village won't shut up.
Ooh, I take it the dating
and swiping is going well.
I am hot. It's exhausting.
- How's your poker game?
- I'm sorry?
You know the basics? Can you shuffle?
We're putting together a weekly game.
Plague poker, as it were.
I'm thinking Sara
should join our poker game.
- We need a fifth.
- La joueuse de poker.
- C'est bon.
- Dealer's choice.
5-card, 7-card,
Chicago, Omaha, Texas Hold'em.
- No sandbagging and no string bets.
- Hmm.
You do know how to play, Castillo?
Uh more or less.
I mean, I know the basics.
Yeah, I would love to join.
I can sharpen my skills.
Indeed, Ms. Castillo.
We would be happy to take your money.
People vs. Lakshan Manjula.
Defendant goes by the name of "Lucky."
Conspiracy to Commit
Grand Theft, PC 182-1-A.
He stole his own
Truck. Yes. 18-wheeler.
I read the prelim transcripts.
He drives to a pre-arranged
place at a pre-arranged time.
Jumps out the cab,
bad guys pistol-whip him
to make it look good,
then they drive off.
- He made a full
- Confession, yes.
Wait, I'm sorry.
I thought you couldn't
I thought you were
having the cognitive
- I wasn't.
- She wasn't.
Seriously, cognitive issues?
The point is
Lucky is claiming coercion
that the freight brokers
threatened to kill him
if he didn't go along with the plan.
Very weak. He's dead
in the water, which is why
we are encouraging
both parties to settle.
And by we, of course, she means you.
Morning, Albert.
No judgment, Carmichael,
but doctors recommend
a maximum 200 milligrams of
caffeine when you're expecting.
- Do they?
- May I just suggest
a feisty little Tibetan chamomile?
I've got some in chambers.
Just Just swing by.
But again, no judgment.
Chamomile is a relaxant.
I swear, my life has become
everybody's business
When I sleep, what I drink,
what word I'm about to use.
I'm not complaining. It's just
- Settlement conference.
- Uh, I typed up a few pages.
Just bullet points,
summary of the prelim transcript,
relevant statutes.
This is helpful.
I'm not blowing smoke.
You are an inspiration,
and not just to me, Lopez.
Everybody loves you.
Andy, too close.
Like you said in your speech,
we need to stick it to the D.A.
I don't get it. Your client
stole his own 18-wheeler?
Lucky was coerced by the robbers.
If he didn't cooperate,
they would've killed him.
- Mm, he was paid $5,000.
- No more plea deals!
- Down with the D.A.!
- Andy, shh!
You are my favorite person right now.
Test results.
Negative. Boom!
Now forwarding.
Let's go! You're gonna
be late for court.
The D.D.A. is EZ Driscoll.
I know, and he's playing hardball
because he just can't help himself.
And so now of course
Judge Carmichael wants
to have a settlement conference
because she thinks that
I don't have a case.
Well, she's right.
You don't have a case.
Carol, I have a credible defendant.
- Who confessed.
- Down with the D.A.
D-Don't do that. Stop it.
He told the truth. He was coerced,
and Carmichael will see
that he's credible,
so any crap that EZ Driscoll
is slinging will be so obvious.
- Lopez! Heard about your little speech.
- Here we go.
You don't wanna work with my office,
- So you're dropping charges?
- I'll tell you what,
I'll consider midterm,
three years instead of five.
This is exactly what I was
talking about right here.
- Emily, take a breath.
- This smug, this contempt.
I am so sick of D.A.s, I could spit.
- Whatever.
- It's not even a felony.
At best, it's misdemeanor theft,
and I will take it to trial,
and I will kick your ass.
You will lose, Lopez.
You don't have a defense.
- Okay. Well, best of luck.
- You're going down, EZ.
- Your client confessed.
- It's over. You're done.
Okay. No.
Stop it!
Hey, Amy. It's me again.
You still haven't called me back,
so I am now leaving you
a seventh message.
Look, I would really like to talk to you
- about this case. So if you
- There you are. Where you've been?
Please give me just 10
seconds. 5 seconds even
Your TikTokers are in the
conference room with their lawyers.
Wait, they're here? I haven't
even charged them yet.
Well, they, uh, wanted to say hi.
You know, they wanted
to get to know you.
- They brought gifts.
- Hey, guys.
D.A. Bravo wants felony charges.
He wants to make an example out of them.
These kids threw a party during COVID.
There's a city ordinance.
How do I get felony charges?
Maybe they broke something.
Felony vandalism?
This apparently is my fancy new job.
All the best cases.
I don't know.
They look pretty tough to me.
Look, I need you to stall them.
- Wait, what?
- I can't deal with this right now.
I'm sorry.
Amy, the point is
you didn't come home last night,
and I need you to text me
and at least let me know you're okay,
otherwise I'm gonna have to
start calling the hospitals.
A $5,000 Venmo payment
to the defendant, day of the theft.
A string of text messages on his phone,
setting up time and place.
"We're on, Friday, 11 P.M."
"Okay, I'll be there."
"We told you where to go."
And he's going to read
us every single one.
You called them here.
- You have to let them talk.
- I know.
Think of butterflies and flowers.
"South on Edison. Just past the tracks.
Pull over like you got engine trouble."
If I plead guilty, maybe
you could still make a deal,
and I could stay out of jail.
Trust me. Any deal this D.A. offers
will be unreasonable
and not worth considering.
Just stay the course.
My mother has cancer,
Stage 2 pancreatic.
- I know.
- I need to work.
I need to pay for her treatment.
She has no insurance.
Lucky, we can win this.
You are credible, and you were coerced.
You are not guilty,
and this judge will see that.
"We won't hurt you too bad,
but we need to make it look real."
Thank you, Mr. Driscoll.
Given that this is
a settlement conference,
if you're prepared to offer
I got evidence from here to Sunday.
I'm prepared to offer zero,
nothing, nada.
The defendant's interview
transcript with police.
Your Honor, this is
a complete misrepresentation.
You'll get your chance, Ms. Lopez.
For now, we are going to
let the People speak.
"Okay, Lucky.
Talk us through what happened.
"What do you wanna know?"
"You pulled the truck over."
"Yeah, on Edison."
"They told you the spot?" "Yeah."
"They sent me some texts,"
"Friday, 11 P.M.,
on Edison, south of the tracks."
Hey, Champ.
- Hey.
- Does that work "Champ"?
Hey, rock star.
Hey, big guy. We're gonna work on this.
How old does that kid look
to you the one in the tie?
14, max. Why?
He just turned 18
a week before we charged him
with possession for sale.
Oh, wow.
Are they praying?
That's right.
This isn't happening again.
I feel nauseous.
People vs. Jamal Peary
on the charge of possession for sale.
- Counsel, your appearances.
- Andy Morton,
Deputy Public Defender for Mr. Peary.
He's present for the court on bond.
Luke Watkins for the People, Your Honor.
- Judge Delgado?
- One moment.
You like being a prosecutor?
Is it fulfilling?
Don't talk to him. He's the enemy.
I wanna be a lawyer.
I was thinking more criminal defense
like this guy, but better.
- Hey.
- Just kidding.
You're awesome.
Okay, then.
Are we ready
for our preliminary hearing?
Defense is extremely ready.
Mr. Watkins.
Uh, no, Your Honor.
The People are not ready.
- Asking
- Why not? You've had ample time.
Uh witness issues.
Asking to trail until tomorrow.
One day.
The matter is trailed
till tomorrow, 8:30 A.M. sharp.
Your Honor, my client
had no choice but to cooperate.
- He was threatened
- Says who, your client?
His life was in danger.
- Oh, please.
- Oh, plea
We sat here and listened
to you spout off.
Are there any witnesses
to these threats?
Counsel, she's right.
Give her the courtesy.
He's right, too.
What can you provide? What
Evidence, Your Honor. I have witnesses
ready to speak to my client's character.
He has no criminal history.
He is credible. His
employment record is pristine.
In other words, zero evidence.
Yeah, and the fact that the People
are blatantly overcharging him
This is the waste of the court's time.
is unconscionable and frankly
Be quiet! What is with you
today, both of you?
- Your Honor
- I don't care.
Ms. Lopez, may I speak
to your client directly?
Of course, Your Honor.
Take it off.
You felt threatened
by these freight brokers?
It's okay.
It's your turn to talk.
You have to understand. Um
in my business,
everybody knows these guys.
I've known about them
for years, what they do,
stealing your trucks, uh
you hope they don't call
on you, target you.
I keep my head down, Your Honor.
I'm just trying to make a living,
make my runs, and not get hurt.
These charges should
be dismissed, Your Honor.
- That's not gonna happen.
- PC 1385.
Thank you.
I will consider your positions.
Hey, you stud. That's even worse.
- What's going on?
- I have a question.
Hypothetically, let's say
I'm prosecuting a case
and I find myself in
Is this about your prelim?
Just listen. Between what
my boss tells me to do
- and what my
- And what, your conscience?
I love this already.
If it is positively obviously
the right thing to do.
Then you do it. Next question.
Good answer.
Thanks, Skipper. Also bad.
Hey, um, are you coming by tonight,
or would that be a frequency violation,
- three times this week?
- I'll allow it.
- Watkins. My office.
- Is Mark in?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, but he needs to deal with the Tik
I stayed at my condo last night.
Where do you think I stayed?
And instead of sending me
Why do you still have that condo?
We've been living together for six
The condo is not the point.
Rent it out at least. It's just
We are not talking
about the condo. Really?
I have further thoughts
on this suicide mission.
I want you to listen and be
quiet and not interrupt.
See how that feels.
First off, the defendant is barely 18.
He comes from a good family, no prior
How do you know it's a good family?
If I hand this kid a felony conviction,
his life will be ruined.
He sold 3 grams of cocaine
to an undercover cop.
When you're 18, your mind
is still developing,
your impulse control Are you serious?
- Impulse control.
- I wanna drop the charge down
- to a misdemeanor possession.
- Watkins, you're a Grade 1.
You still got that new car smell.
- I know, but
- Okay, don't get me wrong.
I admire the pluck I guess
is the word I would use,
the initiative,
and I could take 15 minutes
and explain in depth of why you
should just follow orders
- But you don't have 15 minutes.
- That's right.
So you know what's gonna happen instead?
- I'm just gonna do it.
- Thank you.
There is a reason police
shootings aren't prosecuted.
- They have a bill of rights.
- Bill of rights.
They are protected by statute, Mark.
You wouldn't make it past the prelim.
You're a defense lawyer.
Since when do you care
about cops so much?
I care about you, Mark.
I care about you, and this scares me.
Now, I'm not saying don't do it.
I'm saying don't do it alone.
Put together a team.
Hell, put together an army,
'cause you're gonna need it.
Enough with the Han Solo. Be smart.
I can't risk it. If I take this to them
before I build a proper case
Who do I need to call?
Like, Lola? Will you listen to Lola?
The only one at risk right now is you.
- Sorry, not a good time. I know.
- I was just leaving.
We are not even close
to being done with this.
- TikTokers?
- They are still in the conference room.
You're going after the
Sheriff's Department?
I was listening outside the door.
You misheard.
Tell you what. I'll deal
with your TikTokers.
In return, you can tell me
what you've got.
Maybe I can help.
Okay. The backlog
of cases is still growing.
We all have a lot of work to do.
- Some more than others.
- Excuse me?
However, this one should be easy.
I want the two of you to go away
and have a peaceful conversation.
If the defendant will plead
open to the court,
my indicated will be two years'
probation, credit for
Well, hello.
- Your Honor.
- What are you doing here?
- Sit down.
- Did you come to say hi?
- No, no, no, no.
- Lucky, what's going on?
- What's wrong?
- Not exactly. I'm sorry to interrupt.
It's okay.
Actually, this is actually FBI business.
With the court's permission,
I need to speak to you.
- With the court's permission?
- I will fill you in later, okay?
- Seriously?
- Right now if I could speak
to the Deputy District Attorney
in regards to this defendant.
Hello, Lucky.
Okay. No, you need to fill me
in on what's going on now.
What haven't you told me yet, Lucky?
Why are the FBI here, and why
are you afraid of them?
I can't help you if you don't tell me.
This happened before.
- Two years ago.
- What did?
The thing, the heist thing.
These freight brokers
said they'd kill me
if I didn't help them steal the truck.
And I got caught, just like this time,
except, uh, two years ago,
the FBI got involved,
and they offered me a deal.
They made you an informant?
And in return, I wasn't charged.
But they were pushy.
And it was dangerous.
It all fell apart.
So the guys who do the fake heist
They're just the muscle.
The real bad guys
- Are the freight brokers.
- Freight brokers, right.
They schedule and monitor all
the freight traffic across the country.
They also make a habit of stealing
the trucks, and fencing the goods.
These thefts are occurring
on interstate shipments,
thus, federal.
I've been trying
to crack them for years.
I remember. We had this
clown on the hook before.
- It went south.
- You're talking about Lucky? Lakshan?
- I know his name, Lola.
- Then use it, Robin.
Would you possibly rather I step
outside if it's too awkward?
- No.
- It's fine.
After that, the investigation stalled,
and when Lucky got picked up again,
it flagged for us,
so now we have another shot.
What do you mean, "it went south"?
The FBI wanted me
to infiltrate, you know,
become of their guys,
work for them, do more robberies.
But these are scary people, Ms. Lopez.
If they found out
I was having panic attacks.
I couldn't sleep.
So you walked away.
Did you do anything for them?
And you were never charged,
and you never went to prison.
They're gonna try again, Lucky,
make you another offer.
That's why they're here.
I know. And I want you to talk to them
because this isn't working!
You and that other lawyer
hate each other so much,
and the judge is getting angrier.
That's just how these settlements
I can't go to prison! I told you that!
I know. If we go to trial
I don't think you can win at trial.
And I'm not gonna take the risk.
I want you to talk to the FBI
and tell them I'll try again.
And I'll get it done
this time. I promise.
So, 8 years ago, I'm a Grade 2.
I convict this guy, Omar Aziz,
Felony Assault 245-d-1.
He assaulted a deputy.
The deputy shot him,
paralyzed him from the waist down.
The guy went to prison in a wheelchair.
Mark, you sure you want to
get her involved in this?
He's sure. Keep talking.
Officer-involved shooting, right?
Sheriffs check it out, so does the JSID.
They say it's fine, and they say
it's a good shoot, right?
I think I know where this is going.
Report said Omar was 7 feet away,
that he charged the deputy,
and that he had a gun in his hand.
But he's at least 12 feet,
and he's backing away
with his hands raised.
- And?
- No gun.
This photo wasn't
in the original case file.
I received this
two days ago, anonymously,
along with some other things,
medical reports.
So it was a cover-up.
The Sheriff's Department lied to you.
Yeah. In the past decade, in this town,
a grand total of
zero officer-involved shootings
have been prosecuted.
I mean, it's systemic.
Everybody contributes
You know, the police,
the police union
The D.A.'s office.
So you assumed the Sheriff's Department
were telling you the truth,
and you put the wrong guy in prison.
I know it's dangerous.
I know it could tank my career,
but I also know what
the cops are capable of.
So what do we do?
We reopen the case? Charge the cop?
All right, guys. First of all,
we make sure that
that photo and everything
that's in that file checks out,
that it's not fabricated.
- You're gonna talk to the victim?
- Yeah.
Great. I'll check out the scene.
You got an address?
I mean, she's being
all casual in open court,
and then I realize it's Robin.
It's her husband.
He's a bigwig.
Most of the time he's in D.C.
Interesting ethical dilemma, mind you.
Does she recuse? I'm gonna have to mull.
Uh, is it true that you're
playing poker with the judges?
- Who told you that?
- I overheard Judge Campbell.
All right, well, keep it to yourself.
If anyone asks, I am a hopeless player.
A total novice.
In fact, if you could drop it
into conversation
Oh, seriously?
Girl, you are playing with fire!
Oh, by the way,
um, I assume Sherri
is seeing a Detective Harris?
He keeps texting and calling.
Hey, come to think of it,
I haven't seen him around lately.
Something must be afoot.
Honestly, you people. The drama.
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna speak
to the FBI and the A-USA,
see exactly what they have in mind.
Your Honor, does the court have
a conflict with this matter,
- given it's your husband?
- It does not.
And you're going to speak
to your client.
I've already spoken to Lucky and, uh
Sorry, I forgot to
Are we keeping you from something?
You Uh
Your Honor, my client is ready to listen
- to you, to the FBI.
- Good.
We're gonna keep
this informant thing quiet.
If it gets out, Lucky will be in danger.
Now go and make some progress.
Whatever's going on with you and him,
it's getting in the way.
I know it is.
I know. I have been out of line.
I haven't been serving
my client's best
- I'm gonna fix it.
- Good.
Was there something else?
No, Your Honor.
She wanted to ask about Robin.
- She feels awkward.
- I know.
You saw the way her client
reacted, when Robin
We are not going to talk about this.
Heard you had company. FBI paid a visit.
Close the door behind you.
Please. Thank you.
Robin is not a party,
and he is not a witness.
He is here to offer
an opportunity to the defendant,
who is free to refuse.
Well, you really think he's gonna say no
- to the judge's husband?
- I will instruct counsel to
Counsel are not gonna risk
antagonizing a judge.
Lisa, Robin's business
is with the A-USA and the D.A.,
not the court. It's fine.
Now I appreciate your perspective,
but I have got this.
Never boring, Carmichael.
I'll say that for you.
The problem is I have
this reputation now.
- Lawyer Bae?
- No, but yes. God.
No, it's, like, suddenly,
I'm like Norma Rae here.
- How did this happen?
- Can I be honest?
I'm having a hard time concentrating.
- Yeah?
- All I can think about
is your negative test and why
are my results taking so long.
What happened to "The best part
of romance is the wait"?
Forget about that. I've reconsidered.
I gotta go. Um, call me
when you get them, okay?
- Okay.
- Bye. Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey.
Hey, thanks for doing this.
Yeah. Sure. You wanna, uh, walk?
So, just off the cuff,
just off the top of your head,
how many of your clients would you say
fall between the 18 to 24 age group?
Ballpark? 45, 50%. Why?
And how many of them are brown or Black?
Is this about your last case?
- Tiara? No.
- It was Tiara.
I mean, yes, sure.
This morning, I'm in prelim,
and my defendant is barely 18.
And I know how he got there,
in that chair,
in that courtroom. I know, Em.
And you know that his life
doesn't need to be ruined.
And you suddenly feel like
you're gonna throw up again.
My office treats Black and brown kids
between the ages
of 18 and 24 more harshly.
Yeah. You're right, it does.
I was thinking,
if you could go back,
look over your cases,
look at the deals we've offered.
You want examples of exactly
how much more harsh?
Yeah. Hell, yeah, I can do that.
I'm glad you're seeing someone.
Me, too, that that you are.
It It's good.
It's what needs to happen.
No way.
I don't know what
you think you're doing here,
but I'm only gonna say this once.
I don't remember what happened.
I woke up in the hospital after surgery,
which didn't work,
and I remembered nothing.
Look, I know I'm the last person
you wanted to see, Omar,
but there's something
you need to have a look at.
This is new evidence.
This could lead to charges
against Deputy Rashel.
This could vacate your conviction.
You didn't charge him.
You didn't have a gun.
And you're gonna do this?
You're gonna take down a cop?
- I'm gonna try.
- And you want me to testify.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Now, if you don't mind, I gotta close.
- Omar
- What you want is to be the hero.
Be good for your career, am I right?
- That's not what I want.
- You know how long
it took me to get this job
after being in prison?
Two years.
I'm turning the page.
I'm trying to get you some justice. I
I spent six years inside.
You're the one who put me there,
and now you're sorry?
Now you wanna fix it?
Well, you can't fix it.
You can't fix it!
Maybe not.
But I came here tonight
to tell you that
I'm gonna try.
You have a good night.
Lola, it's protocol,
but it's more than that.
It's being good at my job.
I don't tell anyone anything.
I thought you were c
I thought you jumped on that red-eye.
Yeah, but there's no red-eye going west.
Whatever. I thought
you were coming to see me.
You didn't say it would be in court.
Honestly, I didn't even know for sure
- until we landed.
- But you had an idea.
You could have at least
sent me a heads-up, a text.
You don't tell me about
your stuff either, Lo.
- Oh, don't even.
- Since when is this an issue with us?
- It's our jobs. It's what we do.
- I looked like an idiot.
And now the lawyers
are crying "conflict,"
and Benner wants me to recuse myself,
- which I shouldn't have to do.
- You're right.
It's not a conflict.
You are not a party.
I didn't want you to worry.
You haven't been sleeping.
I didn't wanna make it worse.
Come on. Sleeping?
I haven't been in that
courtroom before, not like that.
No, no, you got to do better than that.
- I don't want you to be anxious.
- So, you were trying to protect me?
Oh, I swear to God,
everybody in my life
Robin, in that courtroom,
I am the judge.
- You're right.
- I am not your pregnant wife.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I should have texted you, Lo.
I'm I'm sorry.
The defendant's face,
when you showed up
He looked pretty frightened.
We had a deal. He reneged.
So we pushed him a little.
We can't talk about this.
You're right. We really can't.
When do you go back?
Soon as I wrap things up here,
one way or another, couple of days.
I hate this.
I hate that you are here,
and I can't even touch you.
I hate your job. I hate everything.
I'm gonna have to earn Omar's trust,
which, I mean, fair enough,
eight years later
I show up with the suit and the badge.
And what about Tony Carver?
What's his take?
Charge the cop.
Assuming the evidence holds up.
- And Amy?
- Amy's on board ish.
And what if she isn't?
What if, when this thing
blows up, which it will
- Oh, that's cute.
- I'm just sayin'!
This affects her, too,
and you do not wanna screw up
the one good relationship
that you have ever have.
Do you think it's weird that
she still has her condo
- six months later?
- I mean
It's just sitting there, empty.
She says it's COVID,
and bad time to sell,
but I think it's a safety net.
You two need to talk to each other.
And look, here's what you tell Amy.
Hundreds of men are shot by the cops,
- hundreds of grieving families.
- She knows.
And all we ever hear about
are "bad apples."
This is a chance to change
that narrative,
to show that the entire system
protects those cops,
a chance for real, meaningful change,
and it starts with this case.
You just gotta be ready
for the repercussions.
What about you?
Are you gonna recuse yourself?
You, too? Really? Robin isn't a party.
It doesn't matter. What matters is what
it looks like, you know that.
God, this building!
I am hardly even a judge anymore.
If one more person asks me
how I'm feeling
Not me. I don't care.
I'm feeling like
I want my old life back.
That's how I'm feeling.
It would happen right away, tonight,
before they find out
that Lucky's been arrested.
You don't have a conference room?
It would need to be
the size of a gymnasium
- to properly distance.
- It's fine. We're fine.
We prep Lucky. We wire him up.
He meets with the freight brokers.
- One conversation?
- One conversation, in and out.
He gets them to acknowledge the
past two jobs, that they hired him,
and then he asks for another one.
Ongoing criminal enterprise.
Assuming he can get us
something actionable,
and once he's testified,
D.A. will drop all the charges.
- No deal.
- See? What'd I tell you?
- EZ.
- You drop the charges right now,
right here in this room,
and then my client wears the wire.
- This is what she's like.
- It's not about you, EZ.
I am looking after my client.
Do you need to step outside?
We tried this before,
and your client reneged.
You're gonna have to take that risk.
- Unbelievable.
- I can live with it.
Guaranteed "X"
in my win column, squandered.
Okay, that's fine.
Also, a relocation fee
for Lucky and his family.
And health insurance for his mother.
- Okay.
- Health insurance?
Federal government
- doesn't hand out health insurance.
- Emily.
Fine! That's fine.
- We have a deal.
- Okay.
Now let's get this papered
and get to work.
Okay, Mr. Watkins, what are we doing?
Are the People now ready
for some preliminary hearing?
Mr. Watkins, over here.
Actually, Your Honor,
the People are unable
to proceed in this case.
- Really?
- What are you doing?
You're sure you're unable to proceed?
- Did you get permission for this?
- Yes, your Honor.
Mr. Morton, that's your cue.
Motion to dismiss, Your Honor.
Case dismissed pursuant to 859b.
- Mr. Peary, you are free to go.
- What?
All rise.
Is it really over?
Thank you, Mama.
So sorry.
Thank you so much.
When you get into law school, call me.
Are you serious? 'Cause I will.
I'm serious. I'll be waiting.
- Thank you.
- And stay out of trouble.
I will.
Are you insane?
Choi is going to be so pissed.
So, you're seeing someone new?
Is that what's happening?
You seem to be ghosting
this Detective Harris.
Are you reading my texts?
Your buzzing phone
was in my line of sight
- It's none of your business.
- Okay, maybe so.
But, Sherri, if you're dating a guy
and then you start dating another guy,
you tell that first guy.
It's like the number one rule.
Don't be a coward
and start ghosting him.
People have feelings. Even cops.
- Is she in?
- She's gowning.
- She's due in court. What's happening?
- Last minute change of roster.
Lisa, for the 15th time,
Robin is not a party.
I know, and technically,
you're probably fine, but
Not "probably." There is no conflict.
Here's the thing. Doesn't matter.
- Of course it
- Your optics right now are troubled.
God, I sound like a schmuck,
but it's true.
That whole video
yelling-at-the-cops fiasco.
Now you bring your husband
into court to help out.
- That is not remotely what
- It doesn't matter.
We're going to err
on the side of caution.
I'm gonna sub in, no big deal.
Come on. Let's go inform the parties.
It is a big deal, Lisa.
Look, I understand you're
trying to protect me, but
I'm sorry it was so last minute.
- I was waffling.
- Lisa, just a second!
You don't even know this case.
- This defendant
- Don't worry, Carmichael.
is being squeezed on all sides.
- He needs a gentle touch.
- I'll be fine.
Now get in there, recuse yourself,
and give me a nice introduction.
This is so unnecessary.
The defendant will wear a wire
and meet with such individuals
as directed by the FBI.
The defendant will gather evidence,
and he will testify at trial.
And you'll drop the charges?
Along with a relocation fee, and
health insurance for the mother.
That's creative.
Ms. Lopez, you're good with these terms?
Yes, Your Honor.
We wanna make this work.
And you, sir, I understand you agreed
to wear a wire once before?
- Yes, Your Honor.
- You need to assure me this time
that you'll keep your end of the deal,
that you're not wasting
the court's time.
I asked you a question, sir.
Are you up for this? Yes or no?
Yes, Your Honor.
State's charges will be dismissed
if you cooperate with the FBI.
How'd it go with Omar?
You know. Baby steps.
I see you got rid of the TikTokers.
I told them we'd be happy
to accept their gifts.
It would just mean
adding a bribery charge.
- PC 67. Another 4 years.
- That did the trick, huh?
Look at this. Eight years ago,
a drug dealer lived in this apartment,
and he installed a surveillance camera.
A paranoid, security-conscious
- No way.
- Way.
It matches.
So the cops pulled this photo
off the cocaine-cam and buried it.
You're right. It was a total cover-up.
It's breathtaking.
Why are you so keen on this case?
You know this could ruin
your career, right?
Don't worry about it.
I'll flip this to you.
He's been at that table for
45 minutes. How much longer?
Hey, I'mm paying through
the teeth for this evidence.
- I'm going to get what I need.
- If Lucky's in danger
He's not. He's not. He's doing great.
I'm saying if they know he flipped
They don't. I would know
if they knew, and they don't.
So please, just stop talking.
All right, whatever you're thinking,
I'm good with it. Whatever
Okay. Can I just say one thing?
That's it. That's it. We got it.
- Dave?
- Yeah, we got it.
We got it. Let's take them. Lucky, too.
Freeze! FBI! Hands where I can see them.
You're under arrest
for interstate transportation
of stolen property and unlawful
flight to avoid prosecution!
You're good.
You're not going home, right?
You have a place to stay tonight?
They're, uh, they're putting me
up in a motel the FBI.
They'll help you get out of town,
soon, Lucky, you and your mom.
- They'll help with that.
- I know.
And don't don't tell me
where you're going.
Hey, you did the right thing, you know?
Now you can build a new life
for yourself somewhere.
Thank you, Ms. Lopez.
Don't thank me. I
- You made this happen.
- I lost sight of you.
I was so focused
on my own fight with the D.A.
You set me straight.
I should I should be thanking you.
You know, I'm I've got to work now.
You're free to go. Okay?
Just stay safe, okay?
Thank you, Ms. Lopez.
- Be smart.
- All right, watch your head.
Okay, the flop has flopped,
the turn has turned, and now
The river does flow.
Ha. Bet's to Benner.
- 50 bucks.
- She definitely has the straight.
- Agreed.
- She had it on the flop.
She's betting too hard.
I think she's bluffing.
I raise another 50.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
- Oh, reckless.
- What? Really?
- Oh, let the woman play cards.
Don't listen to them.
- Fold.
- Yeah. Fold here.
I call.
- Call.
- Pair of 6s.
Three ladies.
And straight to the 7.
- Ah! There it is.
- Boom! Shakalaka.
I should have listened. I'm not worthy!
Carmichael? We can make room for you.
Sorry, guys. Backlog. Gotta work.
- Whatever. Next hand.
- Gonna sit a couple out.
Okay, Sara, your deal. Cards, please.
All right.
A little collegiality wouldn't hurt.
What did I tell you
about that defendant?
- Excuse me?
- Lucky.
I said he was vulnerable.
Handle with care.
But you couldn't give him
the benefit of the doubt.
Carmichael, if you have a problem
I have a problem, Lisa, with you barging
into my chambers at the very
last second and pulling rank.
You're right. It was a little bargey.
If I have an optics problem,
it's because of what you pulled today.
- Lola
- Am I not impartial?
- Do I lack integrity or competence?
- Of course not.
then stay the hell out of my chair!
You know who that was?
Detective Ferley, Narcotics.
He wanted to know
what happened to his arrest,
why this office gave
a drug dealer a free pass
to go back out there
and do something worse.
You're gonna have to work
with him again, Watkins,
and he's gonna remember this.
- I know.
- Not to mention it wasn't your call.
We talked about it.
We had the conversation.
- We did.
- So what the hell?
His name is Jamal Peary,
and I saved his life today.
There's a problem, Thomas,
a systemic, structural problem,
and this office is a part of it.
I used to sit in that courtroom
as a bailiff
and watch day after day as kids
just like Jamal Peary
got screwed by this office.
Hundreds of them. Thousands of them.
Kids shaking with fear,
or who got caught up
and who made a mistake,
some more than once, and yes,
now on paper they're guilty.
But what happens if one person saw them?
What if one person
gave them a second chance?
What am I, your jury?
Is that your closing?
You're not wrong.
And we can talk about it.
But no more going rogue.
Uh, yes. You are right.
I have a new person in my life
A new man who is extremely wonderful.
But so is Detective Harris.
I've left it too long. I'm paralyzed.
I'm not good at all this emotion.
Sherri, you have to tell him.
Hmm. Right. Good night.
Oh, my God. The drama.
I had such a great time,
and I actually won some money.
640 bucks!
Which surprised me.
I got off to such a bad start.
But then I got lucky, I guess.
Anyway. Thanks for inviting me.
I would love to play again.
Only if next time,
you don't hustle the judges.
I get it. They're loaded,
and they're easy marks.
Player like you can clean up.
I think it must be hard
for you to imagine
what it's like out there,
right now for some people
People who've lost everything,
how much they're hurting,
how much they need money.
You're talking about your grandparents?
They will get every penny.
Hope so.
Come in.
Wait. How'd it go with your client?
- Um, Lucky did good.
- Yeah?
I was so busy trying
to change the world,
I almost forgot to do my job.
- You wanna talk about it?
- I really don't.
I found myself impressed by
you in so many ways.
I have this thing I wanna
tell you about, but I can't.
But I really wanna tell you.
The thing you're doing with Mark?
Well, I can tell you this.
Um, you know my dad's a cop.
Like, not just my dad.
My brother, my aunt, two of my cousins.
At last count, there were seven
cops in my extended family.
- Wow.
- You go back a couple generations,
there's, like, 20.
So, um, when I was 12,
my dad gave me this card,
this little laminated.
I put it in my wallet,
and if I ever got pulled over
or I blew over the limit
- You pulled out the card.
- Yup.
And I'd get a lecture and a ride home,
but I wouldn't get charged.
So, um, that happened more than once.
So I've been part of the problem, too.
In the second grade
my nickname was "Lukie Pukie."
You're just telling me this now?
Sold! You can't mess
with perfection. Lukie Pukie.
Did you think about what I said?
Talking about
your little Han Solo comment?
- That was charming.
- I am.
Sam and Tony Carver are on board.
And I'm taking it to Choi,
and eventually D.A. Bravo.
- When?
- Soon.
That's all I'm saying.
And I'm gonna make you a promise.
Every move we make from here on,
every decision, every risk,
we take it together,
and we talk about it first.
And you get a veto.
You're gonna tell
a private defense attorney
all the details of a super secret
Most Most of the details.
Some of the details,
and I get to veto your veto if need be.
- So, you know, chill out.
- Okay.
I will call the rental agent tomorrow,
about the condo.
Take your time. I'm not rushing you.
I know, I know.
Taking on the entire
Sheriff's Department
Couldn't we go to a protest?
Start there?
What time's your flight again?
Couple hours. You have any cravings?
- I can make a run for something.
- Mnh-mnh.
You look tired, Lo.
The thing is
Benner wasn't wrong about the optics.
I just couldn't bear
It's possible I may be
a bit of a control freak.
Hmm. You think?
It's just these past 15 years,
you and I, all we've done
is advance our careers.
And it's worked. I mean, look at us.
- Look at how successful we are.
- But now
But now in a few months,
there's going to be three of us.
You and me won't be calling
the shots anymore.
I spoke to Jim Calvert.
He's on board with me
coming back to L.A.,
and this Lucky case
had helped plug me back
into the field office here.
- How long?
- Couple weeks. Not more.
Yes. Now stretch your
pretty self out on that couch.
You just sit your fine self over there,
in your mask, and drink your tea.
Baby, with you here,
maybe I can sleep a little.
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