All Rise (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Perils of the Plea

Previously on "All Rise"
Me and Rachel working together is weird,
right? [LAUGHS]
I received this two days ago,
This could lead to charges
against Deputy Rashel.
And you want me to testify.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Don't do it alone. Put together an army.
That means going against the sheriff,
their union, and a host
of powerful people.
What about Tony Carver? What's his take?
You've worked police shootings, right?
Until I barked up a tree that bit back.
You wanna help me walk on eggshells?
- Look at this.
- Why are you so keen on this case?
At last count, there were seven
cops in my extended family.
And you're gonna do this?
You're gonna take down a cop?
I'm gonna try.
It's the most wonderful time of year ♪
Cocoa and carols ♪
Laughter and cheer ♪
Jingle, jangle, it's Christmas time ♪
First jury trial since COVID.
A dozen jurors, pregnant judge.
I don't have to deliver
a verdict on my own.
Swarming with risks.
- Trust me, Sherri. It'll be great.
- It'll be great.
Never thought I'd see
a real jury trial this year
because of COVID,
but it's actually happening.
Don't expect fanfare.
This case seems fairly straightforward,
a good one first to ease back
into with the jury.
Orientation begins in
three, two [MOUTHS WORDS]
- Hello. I am Judge Carmichael.
Welcome to the first jury orientation
in Los Angeles Superior Court
since the pandemic.
Thank you for getting dressed,
at least from the waist up,
and for traveling
at least as far as your kitchen tables
to begin this sacred civil service.
Nice decorating, Juanita.
Hmm, no, the neighbors did all that.
- How you holding up?
- Not sure how much longer
I can manage these kids alone
with Leon in jail.
It's been four months. Damn shame.
Well, trial starts tomorrow,
so hang tight.
If you would have told me I'd
live to see my son stand trial
for protecting his little
girl from a creep, the
- Miss Emily!
- 6 feet, Levi. Put your mask on, okay?
I was hoping I'd see you guys this time.
I brought you a little
something to wear in court.
- Thank you, Miss Emily.
- [CHUCKLES] You're welcome.
So you'll both look sharp for trial.
So? Dad won't even get to see us.
He knows you'll be there for him.
- Is he coming home for Christmas?
Oh, that'll be Mrs. Robinson.
Never miss a week, huh, Roxy?
Well, I could say
the same thing about you, Emily.
Is that
- Ah. [LAUGHS] Yeah, that's Bean.
- Oh!
Judge Carmichael
has been glowing at work.
Well, I wouldn't know, sweetheart.
Because of COVID, Lola is satisfied
seeing her dad and me only on FaceTime.
But I guess it could be worse.
Look at this family, barely getting by.
Don't forget to tell Daddy I love him.
I won't.
LOLA: 12 of you may be selected
to determine the facts
presented at trial.
Based solely on these facts and the law,
you must deliver a unanimous verdict
beyond a reasonable doubt.
You will determine guilty or not guilty.
- I just wanna, um
- Yes. Juror number 2.
I'm just confirming, reasonable doubt
is a thorough consideration
of evidence that
That leaves you
with an abiding conviction
that the allegation is true, yes.
Noted. Is there intake protocol?
Do we get Hazmat suits, PPE?
- A mask will suffice.
- One more thing
I appreciate your enthusiasm,
but unfortunately, that is time.
Thank you, everyone.
- Dude is gonna be extra.
- There is always one.
- It almost feels back to normal.
Aw. One week until Robin
is home for Christmas.
Reunited ♪
- And it feels so good ♪
- Feels so good ♪
- Peaches & Herb. Classic.
- Who?
Reunited ♪
Peaches & Herb.
Towards the end of December ♪
When the weather is chilly ♪
I'm sorry. My client check-in
turned into a pep talk.
I mean, why landlords thought
they could get away
with evictions during COVID,
I will never know.
Whoo, they'll regret that
Amy Quinn is on the case.
Yeah. How's the Rashel case shaping up?
I got my evidence vetted and ready
to present the case to Choi.
You're pitching to Choi without
your victim's cooperation?
Omar will come around.
Well, if he doesn't,
you don't have a case.
Not true. And can we table this?
I am hunting for
the perfect tree. This is nice.
I haven't celebrated Christmas
in God knows how long.
I usually just crash Lola's Christmas.
And Roxy even got me a stocking.
- Oh, did she fill it with coal?
- Vic might've if he ever
bothered to remember
it was Christmas at all.
Yeah, well, holidays can be a buzzkill.
- Whoo! Not this year, Mama.
- Why is that, hotshot?
'Cause I found the perfect tree ♪
Dude, it's beautiful.
Look at this thing.
How are Jillian and Levi?
Are they staying out of trouble?
They're being really strong.
They're excited to see you at trial.
- I told them to stay home.
- They'll be safe.
They'll be masked
and watching via closed circuit.
Levi says to tell you that he loves you.
If Angie could see me in cuffs,
our kids living at my mom's
you need to put me on the stand
so I can say my truth.
If I do my job right, and I will,
you will not have to take the stand.
With all due respect, Ms. Lopez,
I know the jury considers
more than just the facts.
One look at me, they may think
they have all they need to know.
I need to say my piece.
Tell the jury I pulled the trigger
in a fight to stay alive.
Not for me, but for my kid.
If you testify, you waive
your Fifth Amendment right
not to self-incriminate.
Our defense is strong.
The only reason that you
should ever take the stand
is as a last resort.
I may never see Jillian and Levi again.
Just trust me.
Another trial against Maggie Palmer.
- The one with the pantyhose?
Yup. She offered a plea deal
with time served
while still maintaining
a felony on his record,
hoping that Leon would
[SIGHS] take anything
to get released from jail.
They're betting on recidivism.
My office rejected the offer,
so she's gonna go
for the jugular, but I'm ready.
I wish I could see you take her down.
Well, how about you come with me
to the H.O.J. Christmas party instead?
Qué lindo. I'll go, on one condition.
- Oh. There are conditions?
- Meet me at my house tonight.
Bring an old sweater, glue,
and some jingle bells.
Jingle bells? You're serious?
- Oh, yeah. As a heart attack.
- Um
- Hey, Sara.
- Well, uh, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Joaquin is coming
to the Christmas party.
And you're frowning because?
Too much too soon?
No. This is definitely good news.
How are your grandparents?
Store fixed yet?
Renovations are almost done.
All they've got to do is paint.
- Thank God I won my cash playing poker.
- Hmm.
Had to buy enough chisels, paint,
and Spackle to do the whole bodega.
RIP my wallet.
Well, at least it's his property.
SHERRI: I suggest always
having hand sanitizer
on your person at all times.
Squirt it in your palm.
Freeze, Ms. Lopez.
Ms. Castillo, sanitize
upon entering and exiting.
Stock each sanitation station
with gloves,
face shields, and masks.
I want 6 feet between each juror.
They are going to be in the jury box.
They are going to be in the gallery,
There will be germs, germs,
germs everywhere.
- Got it?
- BAILIFFS: Got it.
Where are we seating the jury?
Two in the jury box,
the rest in the gallery.
Well, what about the gallery?
We have two public spots in here.
The rest can view the trial from
an overflow room. COVID-safe.
- Executed safety protocols
with frightening efficiency, Sherri.
We're going to get through this
in one piece, Your Honor.
All right, everybody, here we go.
Ms. Palmer, your first witness.
Jamie Hallford, Your Honor.
BAILIFF: Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth,
- and nothing but the truth?
- I do.
- Ms. Palmer, you may inquire.
- ROXY: I'm so sorry.
I have one of the public seats
today. Where are they?
Oh, thank you.
[WHISPERS] Hi. I'm Roxy.
Ms. Palmer.
Mr. Hallford, please tell the jury
what happened on the night in question.
I played ball
at Downey High back in '08.
That night, I stopped by the tailgate
to pregame with some alum,
and I see this cute girl.
PALMER: Did you know this girl?
Nah, but she looked my way,
so I blew her a kiss.
Then brother man runs up on me.
What happened after
the defendant ran up on you?
He yells, "Stay away from my daughter."
Starts going off.
Backs me into the food table,
then kicks me out
of the tailgate for good.
So the defendant was the aggressor?
- Objection. Leading.
- Sustained. Next question.
What happened next?
After the game,
old dude rushes me with a gun.
I take off running.
Then he shoots me, then dips.
So the defendant brandishes a gun,
and as you run for your life,
he shoots you, correct?
- That's correct.
- Nothing further.
LOLA: Ms. Lopez?
You mentioned blowing a kiss
at a young girl.
- Was she a student?
- I don't know. Maybe.
So you don't make t your business
to know the age of young girls
before hitting on them
- at a high school?
- MAGGIE: Objection. Irrelevant.
LOLA: Sustained. Move along, Ms. Lopez.
You said that you went
to pregame with old teammates.
- Were you drinking?
- I had a little buzz.
Isn't it true that
Mr. Parson removed you
- because you were belligerent?
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Sustained.
Please continue, Ms. Lopez.
- Do you own a gun?
- Sure do. A 9-millimeter.
- And where is that gun now?
- I lost it.
- When?
- Maybe three, four months ago.
Did you report that to the police?
Nope. Figured it'd turn up.
Huh. The medical report says that
you were shot with a 9-millimeter round.
That's the same caliber as your gun,
I guess so.
In fact, you did not lose
your 9-millimeter gun, did you?
It was the same gun
that you were shot with
- during the incident, correct?
- No.
- Thattagirl.
- Quiet in the gallery, please.
Deputy Rashel said he shot
Omar Aziz to protect himself,
but that screenshot shows otherwise.
You get Omar's statement yet?
I was waiting for your take on charges.
It's risky. Might be a job for the feds.
I prosecuted this case eight years ago
without all the facts.
Now with this new evidence,
I should be the one
to retry it, not the feds.
Why not focus on exonerating Omar first?
- After that, we
- If I clear Omar first,
it'll tip off the sheriffs
that we're going after Rashel
before D.A. Bravo has a chance
to file the charges.
Fine. I'll try to get you
a meeting with Bravo.
But a warning, Callan.
"Keep this quiet. There's no
telling who's listening."
He said that? Choi's spooked.
You didn't tell Choi
that Omar gave you the finger?
And risk having him kill the
case before I get Omar on board?
Yeah, there's no case without him.
Let's just shore up the evidence first.
No, no evidence beats hearing the truth
straight from the horse's mouth.
What's the latest on Deputy Rashel?
Seems that man can't stay put.
Six transfers in two years,
no explanation.
Yeah. Even my buddy
over at the South L.A. station
- came up dry.
- I can get Intel.
What? I have a source.
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Did I miss the memo?
Just finishing lunch.
Gotta run. Trimming the tree tonight.
you wanna go to
the Christmas party together?
Silent night ♪
The evidence screams
that Rashel framed Omar.
Somebody sat on it for
eight years. Why drop it now?
Mark, Choi's afraid
of prosecuting Rashel,
and Omar won't testify?
You shouldn't push.
You you need both of them on board.
I can't ignore this, Amy.
Deputy Rashel probably
isn't the only sheriff
who scrubbed evidence to cover his ass.
You just need to take it slow.
You know, do it right.
You push too hard.
You put yourself at risk.
Holy infant ♪
- Ugh.
- Okay.
I haven't seen this in years.
Uh, uh, my mom bought this,
for our [SIGHS]
Christmas family gatherings.
One of the few times I would
see her giddy. [CHUCKLES]
I forgot I packed this
when I left Missouri.
If it's a family heirloom,
it's going on the tree.
- Come on.
- No, I it
- Yeah.
- It clashes.
All right, lady. [GRUNTS]
Oh. [LAUGHS] Mwah. Perfect.
- Sleep in heavenly ♪
- Oh.
Peace ♪
Ms. Hashemi, tell us what you saw.
I was waiting on a passenger
across from Downey High School.
I drive for Lyft.
I saw a man packing boxes.
A second man approached a younger,
also African American.
They started arguing.
I couldn't hear the words.
Both men fell to the ground,
punching and kicking. I heard a gunshot.
Then the younger man fell over, injured.
For the record, you clearly saw
the defendant shoot the younger man?
Yes, ma'am, in the stomach.
After the defendant shot his victim,
what did he do next?
- He ran away with the gun.
- And then what happened?
I called an ambulance.
You called the police, not the defendant
who accidentally shot his victim?
What is your question, Ms. Palmer?
I withdraw. Nothing further.
LOLA: Ms. Lopez?
Ms. Hashemi, do you know
either of the men you saw that night?
No, I do not.
You testified that the younger man
approached Mr. Parson first,
is that right?
Uh, yes, that is true.
Did you see a gun on Mr. Parson
before the aggressor approached him?
No, ma'am.
And when the men started arguing,
- did Mr. Parson have a gun then?
- No.
Did you see who brought the gun?
Yes, the younger man pulled it
from his jacket pocket.
Take a look at Defense Exhibit A.
Do you see the aggressor here?
This man.
And you are certain this is the man
- who brandished the gun first?
- I am.
For the record, Ms. Hashemi identifies
Jamie Hallford as
the aggressor in the attack.
Mrs. Robinson, one more peep,
and you will be held in contempt.
Nothing further.
Ms. Palmer, do you have
any more witnesses?
The People rest.
Your Honor, I'm sorry.
I have a question.
Thank you.
What the
The Court has received a jury question.
I will review
and send my answer shortly.
O come, Thou Key of David, come ♪
What's the matter? Sarita, hija.
Mm. Christmas without everyone's
just not the same.
I'm glad to be here
with you two, though.
Cures the holiday blues.
Ever since the looting,
I've been blue, too.
Damn protests.
It's all those people's fault.
Shame on them. Useless criminales
the hard-working people, hija.
Those people are protesters.
They're not criminals.
Not looters.
What is so funny?
We're talking about
the insurance adjusters.
[LAUGHS] They've been
nickel and dimming us
ever since the looting.
I thought you were against the protests.
Unh-unh. They stand with us
when we get deported.
We stand with them when
they're losing their lives.
- ¿Que no?
- Should have known better.
Omar, third message this week.
We need to talk ASAP. Call me back.
- I got updates.
Maybe Luke can help?
I feel weird excluding him.
The fewer people involved, the better.
- What's the update?
- Rashel's transfers.
Each happened after he was reported
for excessive use of force on duty.
So Omar's not his only victim.
This establishes a pattern
of violence. I need names.
Not admissible in court
under the Police Officer Bill of Rights.
Gotta go through Bravo first,
but this kind of information
helps. Thank you.
- Omar, Mark Callan again. I got news.
What did that juror's note say?
He asked me to clarify
the premeditated murder allegation.
It's a little early for that, isn't it?
Agreed. That juror definitely gave me
the weirdest feeling, that stare.
Oh, I wonder how Ms. Lopez feels.
The jury's clarifying charges
before she can even begin her defense.
Sherri, about Roxy
Ah. On it, Your Honor. [CHUCKLES]
You good?
You see that woman over there?
That's Judge Carmichael's mother, Roxy.
- Why is her mom here?
- She advocates for victims,
and I have to tell her to leave.
That is bold.
She can be a little distracting.
Oh, well, if you need
some help, I could
Yes. You should meet Roxy.
Mrs. Roxy? Hi. Ness Johnson.
Um, Judge Carmichael requested
that you vacate the courtroom.
- She thinks that
- My daughter said what?
Uh, Judge Carmichael.
Um, she thinks that
you're a distraction.
Uh ma'am, can you please
vacate the courtroom?
No. This is a public place.
Bailiff? Some assistance, please?
Don't you dare.
Sam, we need to figure out a way
to get these transfer records
into the evidence.
Now I need to find a way.
Maybe there's some
precedent we don't know about?
On it. I'll stop by the C.E.U. first.
I never liked the C.E.U. Kinda grungy.
I'm headed there now.
I'm happy to drop
your files off, save you a trip.
Can't let these rookies
get off too easy.
She wants a shot at Special Trials,
- she's gonna have to earn it.
- Special Trials?
Then you must be Mark Callan.
- New guy.
- Not so new.
Ms. Powell,
meet Sergeant Wayne McCarthy,
board member of the Association
of L.A. Deputy Sheriffs.
Union guy,
three generations and counting.
- Hey, is that Big Mick?
- Watkins.
- [LAUGHS] Hey!
- You traded a badge for a tie?
Is it a clip-on?
McCarthy was my training
officer in the Sheriff's Academy.
- Hey, you have time for quick coffee?
- I'm in.
Ms. Powell. Mr. Callan.
Why didn't you tell me
- you were coming down?
- Oh, man.
When was the last time a Sheriff
union board member just popped by?
We need to get Omar on board now.
Prosecution's rested their case.
- Already?
- We are in great shape.
That juror's note can't be good.
Leon, please do not read into the note.
They straight up asked
if the shot was premeditated
and deliberate.
Yeah, but the DA has no proof
that you planned to kill Jamie.
And Ana's testimony proved that
you were defending yourself.
Don't overthink
- If I testify
- If you testify,
the D.A. gets to question you,
and she will try to make you
look as guilty as you she can.
Jamie accused me of trying to kill him
in front of my family, my neighborhood.
I need to speak for myself.
My advice
Give our defense a chance
to sway the jury.
And if it doesn't,
I don't get to wake up my
kids on Christmas morning.
I have to speak for myself.
That way, I know I did all
I could to come home.
Why were you at the tailgate that night?
I volunteer at Jillian's high school.
She's my oldest.
My son Levi is 6.
EMILY: Do you knew Jamie Hallford?
- No. Not at all.
- Did you approach him that night?
Only because he blew a kiss
at my daughter.
She's 15. I asked him to stop,
and he got mad.
- And then what happened?
- He pushed past me
and stumbled into the food table.
Knocked over all the concessions.
So I made him leave.
I thought it was done.
After the game,
when I came back to clean up,
that's when Jamie came out,
hollering and slurring.
I told him to calm down.
And he took out a gun
and pointed it at my chest.
And what happened next, Mr. Parson?
I lunged for the gun,
and we wrestled over it.
And he climbed on top of me.
I could see his finger
was on the trigger,
but I managed to snatch
the gun away from him,
and in trying to defend myself, I fired.
He fell over,
I got in my truck,
and I drove off, scared.
When you fired the gun,
were you trying to kill Jamie?
No. I was trying to keep myself
from getting killed.
Nothing further.
Ms. Palmer, you may cross-examine.
Would you say Jamie blowing
kisses at your daughter
made you really angry?
Enraged, even?
I was concerned. Any father would be.
So you intentionally pulled the trigger
- of the gun that shot Jamie?
- He had me pinned down.
And after you shot Jamie,
you ran away with the weapon,
leaving him potentially to die, correct?
Yes, I panicked. Uh, he attacked me.
Did you report that to the police?
Please answer the question.
No, I-I I didn't report it.
I didn't think anybody would believe me.
Believe what?
That That the gun wasn't mine.
So you disposed of it?
- I didn't know what else to do.
- Yes or no?
Nothing further, Your Honor.
- Ms. Lopez?
- When you and Mr. Hallford wrestled,
did you feel your life was threatened?
- Yes.
- And is that the only reason
you pulled that trigger?
Nothing further, Your Honor.
The Defense rests.
Your Honor, I have another question.
"Can intent to kill be proven
by circumstantial evidence?"
Of course it can. Reply "yes."
Simply replying "yes" could sway
the jury toward conviction.
The explanation should be nuanced.
A direct question gets a direct answer.
- Well, it's not up to you.
- Your concern is well-taken, Ms. Lopez,
but Ms. Palmer is correct.
I must answer directly. Yes.
What's the worst-case scenario?
Should the jury return a guilty verdict
and find the "willful, deliberate,
and premeditated allegation" true,
it carries a mandatory
seven years to life sentence.
All this for protecting my daughter?
I'd miss Jillian
and Levi's entire lives.
And my mom?
Oh, God.
Your Honor, I would like to request
a family visit for my client. Please.
Granted. 10 minutes.
And then we will go directly
into closing arguments
and give the jury the case.
Thank you, Your Honor.
LEON: You been taking care
of your sister, Levi?
Yes, Daddy. I beat Jillian
at "Fortnite" five times.
- Oh, 'cause you cheated.
- Did not.
Hey, easy. [LAUGHS] You know
she's letting you win, right?
- How your schoolwork coming?
- Still virtual.
[SINGSONGY] But I made
honor roll this semester.
LEON: Now that's my girl!
Hey, you taking care of Grandma,
being the man of the house?
LEVI: Yeah.
How long do you think
the jury will deliberate?
It's hard to say on this one.
The constant questions
Do you think the jury will convict?
That's not for me to say, Ness.
I can't have my family waltzing
into every one of my trials.
You are an NAACP rep
helping the defendant.
It makes me look biased.
I didn't call to discuss the trial.
Why have I been kept away from Bean?
Mom, please.
We are both in at-risk groups.
It's not worth it. And it's not like
we were having family dinners anyway.
Oh, in times like this,
we should be together,
have quality time.
Poor Leon doesn't have the luxury
of seeing his family, yet here you are.
Yeah. Here I am,
doing my job as a judge.
Except not right now,
because I'm on the phone
arguing with you
when there is a man who
Who thinks that the justice system that,
that I have let him
and his family down, that I
I will tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm going to show my face at this party
and then research my options for trial.
And then I am going to go home
and lay in my bed,
without my husband, mind you,
and without any more
of your guilt trips.
Good night, Mom.
Hard for me
to get pumped about the party.
I keep thinking about those kids.
Leon barely trusted me
before this started.
He will blame me if this trial
flies off the rails.
And get this.
I thought Lupita and Miguel
were trash-talking the protesters.
They were going off about how
those people are criminals
What'd you say?
I mean, we kind of argued
until I realized that the
Well, there's no excuse to lump
protesters in with looters.
I'm not making an excuse,
if you'd just let me
Sara, you know what?
It just honestly, it just seems like
you have been more upset
about lost property
- than lost lives.
- What?
I mean, of course I care
about the people who died,
but I also care about what my
grandparents are going through.
- I get that, but
- But what?
It seems real easy for you to dismiss
- my grandparents' store, Emily.
- I'm not dismissing.
Well, you kind of are.
I'm trying to talk to you
about what's going on in my life,
and you can't even listen long enough.
Honestly, the thing is,
it just seems like
you don't speak up as much
as you probably should.
Well, not everyone
wants to rock the boat, Em.
I have to do things in
my own way and on my own time.
And anyway, Lupita and Miguel
were talking
about the insurance adjusters,
but you didn't let me finish.
You know, I just needed
my friend to be
[SCOFFS] You know what?
Just forget it.
Okay. Sara, you can't just up and leave.
Baby, it's Christmas ♪
- Hey-o.
- Hey, back, back!
- Bean's orders. No Amy?
- Yeah. Working late.
She already got her rapid test results.
We'll meet at the party once I get mine.
- Yeah. Still waiting on mine.
- So how can I help?
- Omar's dodging my calls.
My whole pitch to Bravo
rides on his statement.
Did you try to subpoena him?
And have him testify against his will?
- That would make him an
- Uncooperative witness.
A bomb waiting to implode on your case.
[SIGHS] All right. Just
I wanna make it right. How's trial?
Oh! Prosecution witness got impeached,
evidence wasn't credible, and still,
the jury sent two questions.
It was a full day of deliberations
on what should be an open and shut case.
It sounds like
they don't buy the defense.
If this were a bench trial,
I would find him not guilty.
Like you tell me, trust the system.
[SIGHS] I see this
Black, widowed father.
He reminds me of the men in my family.
He's innocent, by all accounts,
and he still may go to prison.
It's wrong.
It ain't over till it's over, Lo.
- You give them the speech?
- I gave them the speech!
Well, then trust the jury.
Was that a little Mark-Yoda action?
I mean mm, mm, mm.
- Don't pop your collar.
Let's get this over with.
Lisa, this is incredible.
I can't believe you pulled this off.
The rapid tests were a nice touch.
Only way a non-essential assembly
would comply with L.A. city ordinances.
- I see Rachel and Amy.
- Let's go say hi.
Oh, watch out for the eggnog.
It's spiked.
Good to know.
You know, I-I did not think that I was
an ugly Christmas sweater kind of girl,
but you converted me.
Well, you deserve a bit of fun.
Take your mind off
the trial for a night.
You know what else
would take my mind off
- the trial for tonight?
- What?
- Emily.
Luke and Sam. Hey.
- Hi.
- Uh, Luke Watkins, D.D.A.
Joaquin Luna, PhD.
- Nice jingle bells.
- Oh, thanks. Uh
- You look great.
- Emily sewed them for me.
- Oh.
- Green is your color.
- Thank you.
- That's nice.
Yeah. You know. [CHUCKLES]
So, um, do you wanna go
get get some food?
- Yes. Let's do it.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Ah, um
- Yeah, of course. [CHUCKLES]
- We'll
- Okay.
- Go ahead.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
See you later.
LUKE: Judge Benner. So nice
to see you! Thank you for coming.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Let's do this.
The landlord bribed me
with a flask of aged rye
to drop the lawsuit.
Girl, what did you tell him?
- That I'd see his ass in court.
I can't lie. He's got great taste.
[LAUGHS] So, Mark,
do you remember when Lola whupped you
- so bad at my trial?
- Whoa, whoa, no.
- She did not whup me.
- Oh, I whupped you.
After I spent all night prepping you.
We know there were a few distractions.
Ms. Audubon, objection.
Let's put the booze away.
- Come on. Come on.
- You I knew
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
- Let me get out of the chair.
- Bye.
- RACHEL: Okay.
It was a long time ago.
Right. Hiding it? Kind of weird.
It never came up.
- My turn.
Why didn't you wanna put
the angel on the Christmas tree?
What, did you think I didn't notice?
Why haven't you been celebrating
Christmas all these years?
It's complicated.
What's on your mind?
The usual. You?
Oh, just how crazy 2020's been
and how you've been the best part of it.
- Mm. [KISSES]
I don't know what I'd do
without a friend like you.
Yeah, yeah.
- You're the only girl ♪
- Hey!
- WOMAN: That's pretty.
- I've got on my list ♪
- I know it's foolish ♪
- But I chase the feeling ♪
'Cause you keep me dreaming Am I up?
That I could make you mine ♪
- Make you mine this season ♪
- Oh, great!
- Great.
- Uh, that was my
Right here, right here.
Make you mine,
make you mine this season ♪
Talk about a blue Christmas.
- Right, blue Christmas.
Have I been good enough? ♪
- Ugh!
- Okay, hair is on point.
- [SINGSONGY] I am ready!
- Oh, it's time for a toast, ladies.
You guys, wait.
- You're the only girl ♪
- I will have
I've got on my list ♪
- Here we go.
- Ahh!
Sorry, babe, I just got a text
from Leon's daughter, Jillian.
- "Babe"?
- You keep me dreaming ♪
- WOMAN: Okay, both of you together.
- I could make you mine ♪
- Sara.
- Make you mine, make you mine ♪
This season ♪
- Cheers to you.
- Yeah.
Everything okay?
- You guys are so cute!
- Yeah. Everything's great.
Right here. Right here.
You're the only girl
I've got on my list ♪
- Nice.
- ALL: Cheers!
- I know it's foolish ♪
But I chase the feeling ♪
'Cause you keep me dreaming ♪
- Send me that one?
- Sure. No problem.
- You wanna get out of here?
- Mm-hmm.
Make you mine this season ♪
BENNER: What was
the first question again?
How to define "willful, deliberate,
and premeditated" more clearly.
And what was the second question?
How to determine if
Mr. Parson intended to kill.
Not great for the defendant.
Oh, jury wants to put this guy away.
Right? I don't know
what I could do to
No. Nuh-unh. Do nothing. Zilcho.
Lisa, what do you think?
- Judges can't interfere with the juries.
It could cost you the bench.
- Where are you going, Carmichael?
I just got a third jury question.
Three in a row. Bad news!
The defendant's a goner.
I assembled you here
to address a third jury question
that arrived last night.
Can the "willful, deliberate,
and premeditated allegation
be proven with circumstantial evidence?"
I have serious concerns
given these questions
that the jury is not listening
to the evidence properly.
I need not remind you,
should the jury deliver
a guilty verdict,
I have no judiciary discretion.
Ms. Palmer, you offered a deal
for time-served and probation.
I strongly urge you to consider
re-extending this offer.
He already refused that plea offer.
- Your Honor
- Ms. Lopez, please.
Ms. Palmer?
I want a factual basis plea
for time served,
six years prison suspended,
five years' probation,
45 days of community labor,
and 26 weeks of anger management.
- Your Honor
- Any screw-ups or missed classes,
missed classes, Mr. Parson
goes straight to prison.
- Well, I need an answer.
- Okay. Back off, Palmer.
Taking a chance with the jury
may not be worth it.
Mr. Parson?
If I plead
I plead guilty and, uh
I'm a felon.
I understand that
this is an impossible decision,
No one knows more than you
what's at stake here.
The verdict is in.
Time's up. I cannot hold off
the jury any longer.
You just don't know when to quit.
Omar, I can clear your name.
Maybe a payout from the county, too.
Help me lock Rashel up.
There you go again. Always a catch.
I don't think you understand
what the benefits
- of a settlement could offer you.
- Save it, man.
No amount of cash will
ever help me walk again.
Demons don't keep me up
at night like they do you.
It's all over your face.
Hounding me for a do-over
I never asked for
'cause you're the one who needs it.
You're right. I trusted Rashel blindly.
If I had thought to question
law enforcement back then,
we wouldn't be here now.
MAGGIE: Do you willingly
change your plea,
thereby waiving
your constitutional rights?
Did you purposely shoot
Jamie Hallford with a firearm?
Mr. Parson, did you purposely shoot
Mr. Parson?
To the amended count two
of assault with a firearm,
how do you plead?
- Guilty.
- Ms. Lopez, do you concur?
Yes, Your Honor.
I accept Mr. Parson's plea.
Mr. Parson, you are sentenced
to six years in state prison.
Execution of this prison
sentence is suspended.
You are placed
on five years of probation,
credit for time served in custody,
26 weeks of anger management,
days of community service.
You are not to own, use,
or possess a firearm
or any other dangerous or deadly weapon.
Do you understand and accept the terms
and conditions of your probation?
- I do, Your Honor.
- Then that will be the order.
Bailiff, please bring in the jury,
and I will dismiss them.
This is an opportunity to go after cops
like Deputy Rashel just like
this office promised it would.
And I intend to. Ideally,
without igniting a firestorm.
You never struck me as a man
who backs away from a challenge.
Consider the bigger picture, Mark.
The D.A.'s office depends
on sheriffs for investigations.
We have to be absolutely sure.
You get Omar to willingly testify?
Didn't even need a subpoena.
Send over the witness statement
so I can review.
Then I'll decide.
Thank you, D.A. Bravo.
Didn't think you had a shot
in hell of pulling that off.
[SIGHS] Where's Ness?
- Cleaning up the jury room.
- For her first jury trial with us,
it was a roller coaster.
- A Lolacoaster, Your Honor.
- Ha ha.
- Good night, Ms. Kansky.
- Good night, Your Honor.
Mrs. Robinson. Happy holidays.
Mom, I love how you support
these families,
but Mr. Parson walked free today.
A felon now, but free.
Leon is gonna have the best Christmas
he could hope for because of you.
You know, with our family growing
and COVID,
things are gonna be a lot different.
But you're right.
We should spend more time together.
I knew you'd come around.
But not before we established
some boundaries first.
- Fair?
- Fair.
Good night, Lola. Good night, Bean.
You said you'd love to show me off ♪
And I stole your breath
and I kept it all night long ♪
So take me home for Christmas ♪
I'll be there for you ♪
- Let me be your family ♪
- For eternity ♪
- I I'm sorry.
- What happened to
I, uh I'm chucking it. [SIGHS]
I'm still not quite ready
to talk about it,
but let's just say the Quinn
family Christmas tradition
was that we all pretended
to be one, big happy family when,
really, we were anything but.
And this angel just reminds me of that.
Starting tonight, let's make
some new traditions.
Take me in to meet your family ♪
But first, you got to help me
get the tree up
because, like, for real, man?
This was, like, the all-star tree.
I lied to Bravo today about Omar,
get the charges approved.
- Truth is Omar ate me alive.
- What's your next move?
I'm not sure.
I never thought I'd hear a D.A.
admit to being wrong.
I'm in.
He's in.
Take me home, take me home ♪
New traditions.
- Follow me.
- Oh, yeah?
Come on.
- [SINGSONGY] Come on.
- Okay.
Take me home, take me home ♪
Don't let me be alone ♪
For ♪
For Christmas ♪
- Take me home for Christmas ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
For Christmas
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