All Rise (2019) s02e11 Episode Script

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Previously on "All Rise"
Ms. Powell,
meet Sergeant Wayne McCarthy,
board member of the Association
of L.A. Deputy Sheriffs.
- Hey! Is that Big Mick?
- Watkins!
I miss my courtroom. I miss my peeps.
Focus on baby Bailey.
Everything's gonna be
back to normal when you return.
- I can't believe I, uh
- No, me neither.
Can we just pretend
the kiss never happened?
Got it. Never happened.
After we discuss Mark.
I really feel like
Mark and I have a future.
- You do, of course
- I don't know how I'm gonna tell him.
I'm married.
Is that a Pop-Tart?
What, are you late for school?
- Oh.
- At least I have the decency
to toast mine.
Never thought I'd live to see
Mark Callan abstain
from his morning protein.
These little beauties happen to be part
of a great American ritual
known as str
Stress eating? Same. Go ahead. Spill.
I feel like I'm at a standstill
with the list of sheriff's deputies.
- I have no leads.
- Luke wasn't helpful?
I actually haven't talked to him yet.
His desk is 2 feet from your office.
[SCOFFS] It's actually more
work not to talk to him.
I know. It's touchy.
He still feels like he has
a relationship with these guys
in the department.
I just wish I knew why
his name was on that list.
Well, you won't know
until you talk to him.
I will, today. You're up, Waffles.
[GROANS] For the next two weeks,
Audubon and Associates
will just be Associates.
Where's Audubon going?
She's flying out tonight to New York
to court a potential big client
to save the firm
since she insisted we pass
on Uncle Richie's gold mine.
- She's either losing it
or she is in desperate need
of a vacation.
I guess she's just eager to get away.
What's that supposed to mean?
[SWALLOWS] I just mean
we're in a pandemic, is all.
I don't know.
She seems a little too eager.
"She is hard-headed, immovable,
"unwilling to abide by judicial decorum,
- or respectability politics."
- What is this,
- a performance review or a roast?
- Those were the nice things.
That's high praise
coming from Judge Carmichael.
Now as a clerk, you don't have
much time left with us.
You will need to decide
what your future will be.
Which is why I want you to shadow
as many offices
in the H.O.J. as possible.
- Mm-hmm.
- Y'all are trying to get rid of me?
Quite the opposite. I wanna
keep you in this building,
somewhere that you can use
that voice of yours.
And preferably somewhere
we can't hear it.
Now gather your things.
- I'm starting today?
- Mm-hmm.
- Where am I shadowing?
- P.D.'s office. Carol owed me a favor.
The P.D.s have more cases
than days in the year.
Plus I think they still use
dial-up internet.
Okay, well, you are working
with Emily Lopez.
What is this, trial by fire?
She's almost as scary as you.
You are there to observe, which
is why that shouldn't matter.
Please keep your nose
where it should be.
No promises.
Try not to miss me too much.
Why do I feel like
we're going to regret this?
You got to let 'em fly sometime.
Uh-oh. I know that look. What's wrong?
- Shadowing Emily Lopez today.
- Oh, you'll be fine.
Just try and dial down
that whole Ness thing.
[SINGSONGY] Good luck!
Watch out, H.O.J. Those two
could start an uprising.
Hey, you are not getting off that easy.
I want to hear all about your night
with Professor Jennings.
It was great. She was great.
Come on! I am trying to live
vicariously through you.
[MOUTH FULL] What do you want me to say?
That I never expected to meet
someone so enrapturing
at this point in my life?
Oh, look at you.
- You are totally gushing.
Yes, I worry over when
she's gonna text me back.
I've got this running list
of ideas for future dates.
It's all very exhausting.
Ugh, I'd kill to have something special
smack me over the head right now
just to break up the monotony.
Be careful what you ask for, Castillo.
You might just get it.
Lopez, reporting for duty.
Oh, uh, this is happening today.
Sure is.
Great. Okay. I will find
a way to make this work.
I just hope you weren't
expecting a crash course
in being a public defender.
Never been a fan of following
instructions anyway.
I'm here to make your job easier.
Well, first lesson in being a P.D
The job is never easy,
and the best thing you can do
to help me is to give me
my space to do my thing.
While I'm sure you're
an untapped well of potential,
I'm used to working alone.
Mr. Garcia, I see your arm's
in a sling today.
When did that happen?
Three months ago
I got jumped near Echo Park.
This group just started pounding.
I blacked out, and when I woke up,
cops were there. They jacked my Jordans.
Marking this photo People's 1.
Do you recognize what's depicted here?
Yes. The limited edition Air Jordans
that they stole from me.
Do you see one of those people
that attacked you
- here in the courtroom today?
- Yeah, he's there.
CAMPBELL: Identifying the defendant,
Mr. Julian Taylor.
Did you threaten the defendant
in any way
- before you were attacked?
- Nope. Hadn't seen him in years.
So this wasn't the first time
you'd seen Mr. Taylor.
No, we went to the same high school.
He always had beef,
except back then, he went by "Phantom,"
back when he ran with the Shadow Squad.
Objection. Relevance.
Unduly prejudicial.
Overruled. Both Mr. Taylor's
previous gang affiliation
and his relationship to Mr. Garcia
are most certainly relevant.
Your Honor, any gang affiliation
has no relevance.
There is no gang enhancement alleged.
This is nothing more than
improper character evidence.
- Ms. Lopez.
- Right.
- [LOWERED VOICE] Don't let him bait you.
- I won't.
No further questions. All right,
your witness, Ms. Lopez.
Mr. Garcia, you did not see
my client at the scene
before you lost consciousness, correct?
Yeah, that's right, but they
had their faces covered.
And you did not see my client
hit you either, right?
I got knocked out, so, no, I didn't.
In fact, the only time
you observed my client
at the scene was when he was
in police custody
after you regained
consciousness, correct?
Doesn't mean he wasn't there beforehand.
This is exactly the kind
of thing he'd do.
Objection. Speculation.
Lack of foundation.
Lack of personal knowledge
and improper character evidence.
And you said to your knowledge,
he was a member of the Shadow Squad.
Do you know that because
you were a member, too?
- No. He was notorious in our hood.
And you say you knew him from then.
Isn't it true that was
at least three years ago?
You mean before he was locked up.
Motion to strike. Nonresponsive and 352.
- Stricken.
- Y'all know he got locked up
for beating down some other guy.
Objection. No question pending.
LUKE: Judge Campbell
- This is typical gang stuff.
- He's always had it out for me!
- The court will come to order.
- LUKE: Objection!
Oh, you're calling me a liar?
- That's not who I am anymore!
- Oh, yeah.
Be quiet! You may say this
isn't who you are,
but right now you are not
helping your case!
So if you cannot behave yourself,
we will conduct this trial without you.
Court's in recess till 9 a.m. tomorrow.
I didn't mean to.
Is it always this intense?
I mean, I've seen
my fair share of court,
but nothing like this.
[SCOFFS] Buckle up.
We're just getting started.
Ms. Lopez.
You have to convince the judge
that my brother has changed.
Who you just saw He's not like that.
Cameron, I am gonna do everything I can
to help your brother, okay?
Everything, I promise.
Just Just hang in there.
Come on.
Your client's outburst was gnarly.
Campbell's record for violent
reoffenders isn't pretty.
That flare-up has likely
confirmed every assumption
Campbell has been making
since the trial began.
You know Campbell's gonna
slam him in sentencing.
The prosecution make a decent offer?
Yes, and Julian was gonna agree,
but then they asked him to name
the other assailants.
[SCOFFS] Let me guess. He isn't talking.
Nope. It doesn't help
that he had a gun on him.
He claims it wasn't his, but he
picked it up off the ground.
No, you can't really believe him.
Actually, I do.
Some clients you just know.
That's one hell of a dose of optimism.
Uh hold that thought.
Hey. What happened
to Mr. Restorative Justice?
Not every case is a good candidate.
- I've gotta pick my battles.
- How is he not a new candidate?
Is this what I have to look forward to?
Courtroom showdowns
between opposing counsel?
Very standard. You'll be a natural.
Julian is young. He is rehabilitated
How did you get Emily to sign off
- on shadowing the P.D.'s office?
- Oh, she didn't. Her boss did,
with a little arm-twisting from Lola.
Well, you already got my number.
Give me a call when you're ready
to shadow the D.A.'s office.
- Yeah.
- Ms. Johnson, keep up, please.
Julian excelled
during his probation, okay?
He worked so hard to turn
his life around.
He held down two jobs.
He practically raised
his younger brother.
That probation was on a violent felony,
so he already had a strike.
He was arrested at the crime scene.
At the end of the day,
I'm still a prosecutor,
and your guy's guilty, plain and simple.
You may be singing a different
tune after we present our case.
Oh, she's got tricks up her sleeve, huh?
She's got tricks.
They're shaking in their boots.
You can tell.
Lunch later?
I brought a lunch from home
that's best eaten at my desk.
We can't have lunch anymore?
We can, just not today.
- Albert, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Hey, I'm gonna need you
to talk me off the ledge
a second here.
Does the name Julian Taylor ring a bell?
Should it?
Well, you were the prosecutor
on his robbery case three years ago,
and guess what?
He's back in court today.
I can't remember everyone I prosecuted.
Well, maybe if you'd just filed
for more serious charges the first time,
maybe he might have learned
something instead of just
getting a slap on the wrist.
I mean, somebody could have
died here, you know,
for God's sake.
Is this you blaming me
for a felon reoffending?
I'm angry, and I need somebody
to hash this out with.
Okay. I'm listening.
You know, it's not like
it's my first rodeo.
You know, I've tried
dozens of reoffenders,
and I ask myself
the same thing every time.
Why? You know, why why do we
give these guys a second chance?
You know, if they're not even willing
to seize the opportunity?
But your trial hasn't concluded yet.
Well, it's this it's the same charge.
It's a previous gang affiliation.
Well, he isn't on trial for his past.
Don't let your perception of him
color your perception of this case.
Oh, don't. Oh, don't.
Are you accusing me of being biased?
What I'm saying is there is always
a more holistic approach when dealing
You know, I've come to talk to a friend.
Getting a judge and a jury here,
so I thank you as always
for your candor,
and I do appreciate it,
Judge Carmichael.
It wasn't my intention to
- Campbell should have never
allowed the gang information
during cross.
But at least it gives us
the chance to provide
some good character evidence
to rebut the bad, so
So we need character witnesses.
That's already done. The problem is
our investigator compiled a list,
and none of them agreed to testify.
Okay, so this dude doesn't
have at least one person
to go to bat for him?
That kind of sucks.
It's not your job to determine
whether or not he is sus.
If you are this man's lawyer,
you are his last hope of freedom.
Doesn't mean I can't judge him
on my own time.
Okay, well, then you're not
gonna last very long
in this office, because that attitude
is quite counterproductive.
Okay, I'll show you productive.
Give me one of those
phone numbers to call.
I'm actually good, thank you,
on the calls.
I will do them myself. But thanks.
Luke, can I talk to you
in my office for a minute?
That's the latest drop
from our anonymous source.
And you got this from
The same source who helped us
put away Deputy Rashel.
That's a lot of people getting
ready to feel the wrath
of Mark Callan. What'd they do?
I'm not sure yet.
You didn't include me before. Why now?
Because your name's on it.
Luke, I know this is a lot
to unload on you.
Can you see anything
that connects your name
to the rest of those names?
I mean, they're all sheriff's deputies.
- Anything else?
- Hey, listen,
this is not a list of killer cops,
if that's what you're asking.
Luke, I know you go way back
with some of these guys.
Listen, I don't recognize
every name on this list,
but for the guys that I do,
they're good people.
You know, like, this guy
He took a bullet for me,
okay, my first year as a rookie.
It was a bust out in Long Beach.
And this guy I was
the best man at his wedding.
Luke, that's all very nice,
but I'm gonna go ahead
and assume this isn't a list
of wedding attendees.
- So then what do you think it is?
- I don't know.
I know that some of these guys
are like family to you.
But if my source put that on my desk,
it's because it's important.
I've got a trial that I need
to get ready for.
Luke, Luke, come on.
I really wish I could let you hold her.
I get it. Trust me,
I'm vastly underqualified.
Yeah, that checks out. I gotta admit,
I never pictured you
as the motherly type.
Excuse me, I always planned
on being a hot mom.
Life just hasn't given me
the mom part yet.
Hmm, is that why it's taken you
so long to visit Bailey?
- What do you mean?
- You have barely even called.
I've been a little busy watching
my goals take a nosedive.
Oh, what did you expect?
You started your law firm
the day you moved back to L.A.
I was being proactive.
You were jumping headfirst.
You didn't even take the time
to think ahead. You never do
We can't all be perfect, calculated Lola
with the dream job
and the sexy FBI husband
and the beautiful baby girl.
Some of us make impulsive decisions
like funneling all their money
into far-flung dreams
and kissing their good friend
from law school.
You kissed Mark?! Rachel.
Nah-unh-unh. He takes some of the blame.
He was a willful
and enthusiastic participant.
He goes down with me.
He is your business partner's
live-in boyfriend.
It's not It's not a big deal.
It's like Mark and I
were living in that moment
of anticipation since law school.
And now that it's happened,
we can just turn the page and move on.
- Rachel, don't tell me
- Moving on.
But there is no moving on.
These kinds of things
have a ripple effect.
Well, hopefully I won't be
here to see it.
I have a plane to catch.
You are trifling.
You can't just up and run
every time your decisions
catch up to you.
My flight gets in late.
I'll call you in the morning.
Talk soon.
I miss you already.
If Julian is such
a pillar of his community
like you say,
why won't they rally for him?
It could be plenty of things.
They couldn't get off work.
They don't trust the system.
Or maybe they know something
about him that we don't.
Hey, easy.
- She will get there.
- She?
Norma might be old, but in
this office, she is family.
The equipment in this office is dusty.
Do you all at least got
something to eat around here?
There is a snack basket to the left.
- Oh.
That is tragic.
MAN'S VOICE: You have reached
the voicemail of
That is the third character witness
who did not answer their phone.
Well, when's the last time
you picked up the phone
from somebody you didn't recognize?
If they refused to testify
the first time
they got a call from an unknown number,
what makes you think
they'll be game now?
So you've done this before?
Do you have any other wisdom
that you would like to impart?
What if we roll
through Julian's community
and talked to the people in person?
Ness, I would actually
really love to do that, okay?
But P.D.s don't have the time
to go gallivanting
Campbell called recess
for the rest of the day.
And we've got a fat stack
of files awaiting us
at the end of the road.
You know the beautiful thing
about files?
They're portable.
- I hear phones are these days, too.
Unless you're afraid to find out
that you're wrong about Julian.
MALE VOICE: The voicemail of
the person you're calling
Grab your keys. We'll see who's wrong.
Judge Carmichael is here to see you.
Lola? Where?
This is a covert operation.
Please adjust your volume accordingly.
She's in courtroom 802.
Hurry! While the coast is clear!
- Intruder alert.
- Should I sound the alarms?
- Don't you dare.
Let me have my moment of peace.
Well, you're just taking a leave
from your maternity leave?
I was already cooking up
a plan to get out of the house,
but when you hung up on me
while I was still speaking,
I knew exactly where I had to go.
I apologize.
This case ruffled your feathers.
Well, I admit I was
a bit snippy earlier.
The Judge Campbell I know
is considerably more measured.
- I have it under control.
- I'm sure you do.
But it wouldn't hurt
to talk it out, would it?
You must be the new judge.
No, I'm not. I'm Nikki.
My mom's friend is a judge.
They're having lunch without me.
That doesn't seem fair.
Well, they invited me, but I declined.
I have business to attend to,
like studying for this stupid math test.
I take it you don't like math?
Never have, but I don't hate it
because it's cool to hate it
like everyone else.
I hate it because I actually hate it.
[CHUCKLES] You know,
I used to hate math, too.
Then I, um, picked up
a few tricks to make it easier.
You want me to show you?
You're an adult.
Don't you have a job to do?
Adults need breaks, too.
Bring it over.
You know, judges have
the power to break cycles
of bad behavior.
Second chances
are a part of that system.
There is no accountability
in a second chance, okay?
Harsh sentences give weight
to the crime that's committed.
And that same sentencing
affects certain communities
and leads to mass incarceration,
- which we can both agree
- Yeah.
- is not helpful.
- All right, fair enough.
Each person should receive
a sentence that balances
the crime that they've committed
with their potential for rehabilitation.
The leniency has its place,
but a violent charge
But you are forgetting that
violence is often a cycle.
I forget nothing.
Victims can become aggressors.
Think about all of the injustices
that could have occurred
in a defendant's life,
all of the days
in court that never were.
- Does it excuse what they did?
- It does not.
But it can help us
to understand why they did it.
Why? Why, why, why,
why is the "why?" so important to you?
We all have our "whys."
In learning them, we can assess
each other with more fairness.
For example, why did you become a judge?
Because I believe that no man
is above the law,
and no man is below it.
Theodore Roosevelt.
That's right. Always stuck with me.
What about Albert Campbell?
What happened in your life
that made you decide,
"I need to be on that bench"?
Remember, I am doing
the talking, and you are
Observing with my mouth shut. Got it.
- It's happiness we're fighting for ♪
I'm on the run, I'm out the door ♪
Hey, uh, it's not a good time right now.
Can I call you later? Yeah.
Okay. Bye. Bye.
Was that the hot guy
with the floppy hair
- from the Christmas party?
- Can you stay in your lane,
for like, I don't know, two seconds?
You cannot bring that type
of eye candy to the H.O.J.
and expect people not to ask questions.
Eye candy's name is Joaquin,
and he's in Miami for a little while.
Is that cool with you?
Still working out
our long distance thing,
but for now we don't have
ties to each other.
Okay. Well, I'd keep him
in your back pocket.
The only chance of scoring
anyone these days is at work.
That is a dangerous game.
You think?
Oh, when you were dating Luke,
was the cross-office antagonism awkward,
or was it hot
lying in bed with the enemy?
That is a little personal
and very specific.
Why? You got your eye
on someone at the H.O.J.?
- Me? Ah.
- Okay.
- Ooh, ah, ah.
- I see you, mystery person.
Thank you again for speaking with us.
How long have you known Julian?
Since he was in the children's choir.
He was a scrappy kid.
Sweet, but he had a whole lot of fire.
- How so?
- Well, on Sundays,
he would volunteer to unload chairs.
He'd arrive here
hours before mass would start.
- Then he stopped coming.
- When was that?
Sometime around high school.
He became angry at the world,
his circumstances, life.
He had a lot of growing up to do
after his first brush with the law.
- You think he succeeded?
- I hoped he had.
Guess I was wrong.
Is that why you refuse
to speak with my investigator?
Isn't it true that Julian gave
frequent testimonials here
- about his experience behind bars?
- He did.
And we have on record that he completed
his community service here,
so if he's poured
so much of his life into this church,
is he not deserving of a few
kind words from you in court?
I learned a long time ago
I can't save everyone.
I hear Luke didn't take it so well.
Those guys are his family.
Asking him to turn his back
on them is no small thing.
So he can't do it. What's your
next move for the list?
At this point, all I can do is go
name to name, start reaching out.
You're forgetting something,
Callan. Cops hate you.
There's no way anyone's gonna talk.
Maybe Luke will actually listen to you.
[SIGHS] I don't know.
We haven't exactly been
buddy-buddy recently.
You guys have always made a great team,
and I could use one of those right now.
It's not what he said.
It was how he was acting,
like I wasn't on the team,
like he was suspicious.
He didn't mean it.
He knows you're on his team.
Well, what if I'm not?
I've been trying to play for both teams,
but I don't wanna betray anyone.
Do you know something about this list
that you're not telling us?
But I don't know what it means.
Okay, listen, coming from a cop family,
I've had a lot of
uncomfortable conversations.
We want cops to be better,
to be a source of good in the world.
Sometimes taking someone to task
is the ultimate gesture of love.
I just don't know what
I have to say about him.
Julian started working here
as a busboy in high school,
so you've known him for a while.
He was a troubled kid.
We weren't very close.
When Julian was released,
you reached out to him
and hired him back as a server.
You made him
employee of the month
on several occasions,
and you don't know what
you'd have to say about him?
Look, if it's not about food safety,
customer service, tardiness,
I can't speak to it.
Julian clearly butts heads
with authority figures.
How was his attendance record?
He shows up for most of his shifts.
Most. What could be more
important than making a shift?
He has a lot on his plate.
He just signed up for a second gig
volunteering at a youth center.
Well, how would
you characterize the kids
at the youth program?
Rebellious? Delinquent?
I only know the few that work here.
Uh-huh. Were they here
on the morning of the incident?
A couple of them missed their shifts.
It's not unusual.
They're in and out sometimes.
Which ones?
We're really busy here.
I think it's time you left.
Well, what the hell was that?
I know. Something is seriously
up with these people.
I'm talking about
your leading questions.
You were supposed
to be a fly on the wall.
I had a hunch.
It just doesn't make sense.
If these people have all
the praises in the world
in their arsenal for Julian,
why won't they use them?
It's like somebody is
Is telling them to stand down.
What if they are?
What if somebody is influencing them?
Oh! Nikki, you missed one.
Right there.
Oh. That looks like it hurts.
Nah. I'm tough.
Plus it looks kinda cool,
like if you squint,
it could be a purple lion.
I bet, um, you're happy
to get out of the house.
Uh-huh. I hate being stuck at home.
When I was 16, I saw my older brother
get beaten down in a parking lot.
It was just kind of a random mugging.
I wanted to intervene,
and I wanted to help him,
but I froze.
All I could do is just watch
as this grown man
you know, bloodied up
this person I loved.
That is so horrible.
I had to testify in court.
And I learned his assailant
had previously been convicted
of felony assault
and released on parole.
- Albert
- Well, you know,
that made no sense to me.
This man had hurt people,
and they let him out to do it again.
My brother and I never spoke
about the incident.
Eventually, we never spoke
about anything.
When you jumped in front
of that gun at the protest,
you you carry that night with you.
Do you find it still affects you?
It does, but I have surrounded myself
with a team of people who helped me
and support me through it.
It's not too late
for you to do the same.
Well, I mean, don't worry about me.
It's not a fresh wound, but
You talk about it
like it happened yesterday.
Maybe your anger
against violent offenders
stems from that incident
A need for revenge.
I mean, I will allow that that incident
lit a fire under me
but not to take vengeance.
From the bench, I've got a voice,
and I can use it
to help people understand
the impact of their crimes.
But don't let the power you have now
distract you from your duty
to remain impartial.
I won't be away for too long.
Just long enough to wine
and dine a prospective client,
poke around on some other leads.
But do you really think a business trip
is the best use
of company resources right now?
Absolutely. The rewards
far outweigh the risks.
I will check in the minute
I land in New York, okay?
Okay, because we still have
a lot to discuss. I mean
Mark can be a pain in the ass,
but he's a good guy.
You two have gotten serious.
You need to come clean
about your marriage.
- I will when the time is right.
- When will that be?
When he gets down on one knee,
what are you gonna say,
"I can't marry you.
I gotta get a divorce"?
I won't let it get that far.
No, you won't, because
you're going to do it now.
The longer you wait,
the more of his trust you lose.
Yes, girl, you've got it.
Sara, you've met Nikki.
Well, of course you have.
This is Whitney. We go way back.
- Oh, hi. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Mom, Sara helped me
with my math problems.
- She's really smart.
- She's the best.
Well, that's very nice of you.
Do you have a card?
- Uh, pardon?
- Well, Nikki's been needing
some help with a tutor,
so we'd love to keep in touch.
Well, that's not a bad idea.
Oh, well, I'm not a real teacher.
I mean, that's not something
I usually do.
Please, Sara?
Yeah. Sure.
- Oh.
- I'll get you Sara's details.
Great. Thank you.
Okay, sweetheart. Let's go.
- All right. I'll see you out.
- Bye.
- Bye, Sara.
- Later, Nikki.
Does Julian know you're here?
My discussions with my client
aren't something I can disclose.
- Right.
- We're hoping to get some info
on my client's whereabouts
on the day of the incident.
Has Julian spoken with you
at all about what happened?
I really can't talk to you right now.
I think you should go.
But we know Julian
used to mentor youth here.
We also know his little brother
Cameron is in your program.
It doesn't matter what you know.
Oh. Nice.
Back in place. Keep it going.
- BOY: J.J.!
- Good.
Hey, Emily.
- Yeah?
- You see that kid?
He's wearing the same
limited edition Air Jordans
stolen from Stephon.
You camp out on Fairfax
for those types of shoes,
and unless he's working five jobs
That can't be a coincidence.
Julian could have given him
the shoes after the robbery.
No, that's impossible.
Julian was arrested
at the scene of the crime
and immediately taken into custody.
You think this kid
could have been an accomplice?
Or what if Julian was covering for him,
or a group of kids in the program?
That could be why no one in this
community will talk to us.
Julian told them to let him
take the fall.
I've been trying to secure
character witnesses,
but none of the people
in your life will talk to me.
Do you know why that is?
You ever heard the saying,
"Let sleeping dogs lie?"
Julian, I wanna help you.
I'm I'm trying to help you,
but you you have to
let me in, all right?
Your entire trial is riding
on the words of witnesses
who won't testify.
They won't do it. For some
reason, they won't talk.
Well, maybe I'm a lost cause.
We both know that's not true.
I went by the youth center.
Saw a kid wearing a very unique
pair of Air Jordans.
You didn't tell anyone, did you?
No, and I won't, but if you wanna walk,
you need to tell me the full story.
I can't.
Look the gun found on your person
wasn't registered, okay?
Maybe you obtained it illegally.
Maybe it wasn't yours.
Maybe you took it off
the hands of one of those kids.
All those theories
you came up with forget them.
You have one life,
and I will not let you
just throw it away.
It's already gone, but those kids
They still have a chance.
Did you cover for one of 'em?
- Did you cover for them?
- Guards!
- Did you cover for them?
- This meeting's over.
- Julian, did you cover for one of them?
- Julian.
Bye, Ms. Lopez.
Hey, you have a minute?
Of course. Come on in.
I'm sorry about earlier. I overreacted.
Luke, I hope you know
that I would never
accuse you of misconduct.
I know that.
In the Sheriff's Department,
when someone you know messes up,
you you give them
the benefit of the doubt
and you assume that
they have reasonable cause.
You never wanna imagine
that a person you respect
would ever act out of malicious intent.
Especially not the one person
on the force
that you're taught to trust the most.
Your training officer?
McCarthy is the common
denominator, isn't he?
He trained everyone on that list.
Hey, uh, sorry, um,
I can't actually chat right now.
Can make it up tonight
over pizza and hard seltzer?
[CHUCKLES] Okay. Deal.
Damn, she's got pizza and seltzer money.
Mnh-mnh, don't question the tactics.
I question the timing.
Evening plans don't survive
in this office.
Screw evening plans.
Julian didn't do it.
And we are this close
to breaking through to him.
What I don't get is why
he still won't let anybody
say nice things about him on the stand.
They know too much.
During cross-examination,
they'll be questioned
about that night
- about those kids.
He would rather stick
his own neck out there,
than than ask them
to perjure themselves.
Must be personal if he's so willing
to throw himself on his own sword.
I asked our investigator
to look into it,
and guess who was missing
from the kitchen staff
on the day of the incident
His brother Cameron.
- You think he's involved?
- He's in that youth program,
so he runs with that crowd.
Okay, well, then
let's get him on the phone.
Yes, yes.
Damn. Five missed calls from Carol,
and she texted.
What is it?
There was a
there was a riot at Men's Central.
Julian tried to break it up.
He's dead.
- We need to get the paperwork started.
- Emily
Next of kin has already been notified.
I'm not sure if that's
his brother Cameron
Will you please stop?
Your client just died.
You don't have to pretend
that you are okay.
Judge Campbell will dismiss the charges.
That much is a given,
but I'm more concerned
about Julian's family.
They may not receive justice,
but they deserve closure.
You should talk to Campbell.
No. We should.
Just need to make a few calls first.
Come in.
Do you have a moment?
Wonderful weather, isn't it?
It rains in the game, too,
you know, so
- We take it you've heard the news.
- I have.
We wanted to discuss
the impending dismissal.
There is gonna be a grieving family
sitting in that gallery.
Julian's time in custody was
never meant to be a death sentence.
The system cannot right that wrong,
but we can still honor Julian.
How can we make this better?
He had a troubled past, but he was
He was turning his life around.
We believe that he was innocent,
that he took the fall
for a group of people
that he loved, and that is the Julian
who deserves to be on the record.
The law dictates
that I dismiss the charges,
nothing more.
I can't say any of this in court.
It just goes beyond my position here.
And you don't have to.
There are 10 witnesses
waiting in the gallery
who are more than happy
to speak to Julian's redemption,
and all you have to do
is give them permission.
AMY: Hey, when you get home tonight,
there's something we should talk about.
It's important.
I have been waiting for you to call.
Of course. Rachel told you.
To her credit,
I don't think she meant to.
- It just kinda slipped out.
- Well, loose lips sink ships.
I would be more concerned
about controlling
- your own lips than hers.
- She kissed me.
No, you don't get to
play innocent. It takes two.
Okay, look, I I screwed up.
And I feel terrible about it,
but it it's never gonna happen again.
Yeah, but this is a pattern with you.
The moment a relationship gets good,
You have to find a way to sabotage it.
You didn't kiss Rachel
because you have
strong feelings for her.
You kissed Rachel because
you are madly in love with Amy.
You're right.
What do I do?
You need to make this right
and be honest with Amy.
Tell her about the kiss.
You already broke her trust.
Now it's time to build it again.
All rise. Department 61 of
the Los Angeles Superior Court
is now in session.
The Honorable Judge
Albert Campbell presiding.
Please be seated.
All right, we are back on the record
in People v. Taylor.
Court has received information
that Mr. Taylor has died in custody.
Because he is deceased,
the court will be dismissing the case.
Mr. Taylor will not be convicted
of this crime.
But our business is not done here.
I would like to invite
the friends and family of Mr. Taylor
to deliver impact statements.
So if anyone wishes to rise
and speak to Mr. Taylor's character,
the court would very much like
to hear what you have to say.
Julian was a lot of things,
but he was my brother first.
Anytime I need him, he'd drop
everything to be there.
But he was one call away
even when he was behind bars.
I don't know what to do
now that he's gone.
Hold me ♪
- We're so sorry for your loss.
- Thank you, Ms. Lopez,
for everything you did for my brother.
You believed in him.
I did, and he believed in you.
He was willing to put himself
on the line
for all those kids
at the youth center
or maybe for you.
And he did all that
so that you would not go
down the same path that he did.
That was his parting gift.
It's up to you to take it.
He would have wanted you
to go back to school,
run with a better crowd,
get your life together.
Think of this
as your second chance, okay?
Will you do that for him?
I will. I promise.
All right.
In the end ♪
One last day ♪
One last time ♪
One last kiss ♪
Before goodbye ♪
I don't know ♪
If it's going to be ♪
Okay ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey!
- Is that Watkins?
- Ah, looking sharp, son.
- Ah, look at this guy.
- Ah, we haven't seen you
at one of these for a while.
He dropped our asses the moment
he sold his soul to the D.A.
Hey, now. Luke's running
the same relay race
as the rest of us.
He's just picking up the baton.
Everything all right?
Actually, I wanted to talk
to you about something.
Well, why does it sound like
D.D.A. Watkins talking?
And here I was, thinking
I would catch up with Luke.
Ah, why don't you get a drink
in you first?
Get you some grub, kick your feet up.
- You're with family.
- Hmm.
Good to see you, man.
Big Max.
[SIGHS] How are you doing?
I don't know.
This one was, uh this one was rough.
But hey, listen,
you have great instincts.
This office would gain so much
from someone like you.
Yeah, I'm gonna be honest with you.
Jury's out on whether or not I
wanna become a public defender,
but, um, today, watching you,
I realize that
at the very least,
I wanna be just like you.
Thanks. Thank you.
And thank you for all of
your help today, really.
[SIGHS] I still have
some stuff to get done,
but you should go.
I don't wanna keep you too late.
[GROANS] You are killing me.
Lopez, look,
I'm gonna tell you what we gon' do.
We gonna go to a place with alcohol,
and we're gonna work
thorough this together.
You've had a trash day,
and you need to start
taking care of yourself
as much as you take care
of your clients, okay?
But hey, don't you have plans
with your mystery person?
Uh, yeah, uh, rainchecking.
This is way more important.
But when I get back, we're getting out
of this sad government building, okay?
Hi. I-I'm sorry to turn up like this.
I know it's super weird.
It's just you know Mark
better than anyone,
and I've got a problem
I don't know how to handle.
I know. Rachel told me all about it.
Of course she told you.
And I already talked Mark through it.
What did you tell him?
I gave him some tough love.
Look, I know it might sound crazy,
but Mark only kissed Rachel because
he is so madly in love with you.
Mark did what?
Is that not why you're here?
It sure isn't.
NESS: Nothing more to be said
there, but, um
I think, you know
- Hey.
- I was just leaving.
Sam, how do you feel about hard seltzer?
I love alcohol that tastes
- like the faint suggestion of fruit.
Um forget the raincheck.
Why don't you just join us for drinks?
I'd love to.
- Oh, okay.
- All right.
- All right.
- All right, all right.
NESS: Three is company.
SAM: So where are we going?
MAN: Where did it happen?
That off of Baja or what?
Hey. I was wondering where you went.
- You getting ready to take off?
- Yeah, unfortunately.
I just got a call that an informant's
about to help us close out a case.
I get it.
You wanted to talk to me
about somethin'.
Look, I can get
somebody to cover for me.
No. It can wait.
I'll come visit you at the station.
MAN: Mind if I bring a couple?
- Tomorrow?
- Oh, I'd like that.
Getting tired of you being a stranger.
Be safe. Good night, guys.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Hey, Watkins needs another drink.
Actually, I think I'm-a take off, too.
Why? 'Cause Daddy's leaving?
Come on. You can tell us all about
what's cooking in lawyer land.
Mm, I'm afraid what happens
in that building
is a need-to-know only.
Well, we sure as hell knew
about that protest last year.
Quite a few of your friends
in the H.O.J.
out and about downtown
Didn't see them in any cuffs
except that judge.
That's because they weren't
violating any laws.
As a matter of fact,
now you were out there
kissing one, right?
- That's none of your business.
- Come on!
You can't keep toeing the line.
Whose side are you on here?
Well, it's hard to say.
Is it the side that I've been
blindly protecting for years?
Or the people who are
uncovering the corruption
that I've been taught to ignore, huh?
They're feeding you lies
in there. You know that, right?
That cop-hating attorney
is trying to pit you
against your brothers.
Mark Callan is uncovering the truth,
and if you refuse to see that,
you're more hopeless than I thought.
Well, that sounds like
traitor talk, Watkins.
Get off of me!
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