All Rise (2019) s02e12 Episode Script

Chasing Waterfalls

Previously on "All Rise"
- Why are you shutting me out?
- 'Cause it's not about you.
There are things that I need
to work through by myself.
I'm sorry.
You wanted to talk to me
about something.
Mark Callan is uncovering the truth.
Well, that sounds
like traitor talk, Watkins.
Get off of me!
You always make me feel like
I can take on the world.
I know it might sound crazy,
but Mark only kissed Rachel
because he is so madly in love with you.
Is that not why you're here?
You've reached Mark Callan.
Leave a message.
Mark Callan. Lola Carmichael here.
So, uh, little hiccup.
Call me back. Thank you.
"Little hiccup."
I inadvertently told Amy
- that you kissed Rachel.
- Ooh, you told who to what?
I assumed the purpose
of her visit was that
she already knew about the kiss.
You assumed? You always say
when you assume
I know what I say.
Don't use my words
against me outside a
- What the hell are you wearing?
- Father's nursing assistant
to help me and Bailey bond.
Helps simulate her mama's touch.
- Mamas are way better.
- You're heading back to work,
so I'm ensuring that her
transition is smooth as silk.
- Or milk.
- Dad jokes? So soon?
You've reached Mark Callan
Ugh! Why does he keep
sending me to voicemail?
What the hell is he doing?
Sorry. Turning it off.
Are we almost done?
It's getting late,
and baby's on schedule.
I know how that goes.
I got a newborn baby niece.
- Cutest thing.
- How is her sleep cycle?
It's good. Uh, look, Pete,
on the stand tomorrow,
I'm gonna ask you questions.
Just answer truthfully.
For example, I will ask you
if you recall seeing the defendant,
Sergei Kirilenko, on January 7, 2020.
Yeah. I saw him kill my brother.
It's painful, I know, but on the stand,
I'm gonna need you
to step it out a little bit.
- Do you need to reread your statement?
- No, I don't need to read it.
- He killed my
- It was more than a year ago
but it's like yesterday.
He's distraught.
I understand the position you're in,
given the sensitive nature of the crime,
pressure you're feeling
from your family.
Both your families.
Pete's spent his life
avoiding his family.
No matter where I go,
I can't get away from mine.
My brother despises me.
The idea of seeing Sergei terrifies me.
- We just want this to be done.
- It'll be over soon.
Uh, deputies are
waiting for you outside.
Sorry if I missed anything.
If Luke wasn't AWOL, I wouldn't
need you here tonight.
He had a thing. I'm glad to fill in.
So, I'm catching up.
Her brother killed
her husband's brother?
The Petrovics and Kirilenkos
despise each other.
Olga's brother killed Pete's brother.
Her grandfather was murdered
by his great uncle.
The Kirilenkos did a drive-by
- at their wedding.
- What?
Olga and Pete are
our star-crossed lovers.
It sounds like a real "West Side Story."
Which side are the Sharks?
I was always more a Shark than a Jet.
I wish we could sing and dance
our way to a conviction.
I have them hiding out
in protective custody
during the trial,
hiding from their own families.
Bravo wants this case, bad.
Do you need me still?
I'm meeting friends.
Go ahead. Lola's called me
like a hundred times.
Hello. What's up? Is Bailey okay?
Bailey's fine.
It's you I'm worried about.
So, here's the thing.
I may have caused a little
problem for you at home.
Lola told me she told you.
I understand if you're mad.
Why why why Why would I be mad?
Because my boyfriend
kissed his best friend?
Or because his other
best friend told me about it?
She's not my best friend.
Rachel's like a normal friend.
Who's conveniently
not answering my calls.
- Wonder why.
- Can I
Amy I'm sorry.
- Can I just say what actually ha
- No, don't say anything.
Really. It's fine. It's just,
well, I can't eat anything
because I have
this awful taste of betrayal
in my mouth.
And I can't quit Audubon and Associates
because my name's on all the bills,
and there's too much debt.
And I can't quit this house
because, luckily,
someone just closed
30-day escrow on my condo.
- So, I'm stuck.
- It was a mistake, okay?
Yeah, let's talk about mistakes.
Moving in together
seems to have been a mistake.
- Oh
- Saying "I love you" mistake.
I screwed up, obviously.
Give me a chance, okay?
- Let me say what actu
- Don't say anything!
What do you want me to do?
For starters, you can grab your bag,
and you can leave.
It was one dumb mistake.
And you want to throw all
this away? Just like that?
No, you threw this away just like that.
Whoever you are, I am armed.
I'm calling the local LAPD division.
I know the senior lead officer by name.
She will be here in two minutes.
What the hell is
What happened to you?
Got into a stupid bar fight.
What are you doing getting
in bar fights, Luke?
- And why are you here?
- Don't have anywhere else to go.
- Well, how about a hospital?
- No, no, no.
Or should we call the police?
Listen, I don't want to go to
hospi no. I don't want look
I got into a fight.
I took the worst of it.
Were you fighting a freaking bear, Luke?
- My God.
- My head.
My head feels foggy.
Okay, you might have a concussion.
I really think that you
should go to the hospital.
- I'm not going to a hospital.
- Okay. Fine.
Then I'm gonna get ice
and a first aid kit, okay?
- What are you doing here?
- Amy kicked me out of the house.
I guess since you had your little Bean,
you just couldn't wait to spill mine.
- Thank you for that.
- Spill your beans?
The responsible thing would've been
for you to spill your own damn beans,
instead of leaving your beans
bubbling on the pot for me to spill.
- Oh, this is my fault now?
- I didn't kiss anybody
I didn't marry or give birth to.
- I'm not here to talk about it.
- Then why are you here?
Ah, uh, he called me.
Asked if he can crash
in the guest house tonight.
We are not running a B&B
for philanderers.
Trust me, I'd rather be at the Langham
than the Hotel Lolacoaster,
but this is the most
COVID-safe place I could think of,
since I'm homeless now.
Thank you for that, too.
Don't be mad at me. Be mad at
those thin little lips of yours.
Guest house is open.
I'll bring some pillows
- and blankets in a minute.
- Thank you, Robin. Very considerate.
What time is breakfast?
These thin little lips
sure do love scrambled eggs.
Well, I would scramble your eggs,
if Amy hadn't done it already!
Nightcap? Hey.
You, sir, are a mind reader.
She even folded my suit, which is great.
Some cold suds for your soul.
You want to talk about it?
Her loss, right?
Over Rachel? I mean,
that meaningless kiss.
It wasn't even some, like, great kiss.
It whatever.
What you working on?
Petrovic and Kirilenko.
Whoa, Sergei Kirilenko?
The big, bad wolf, eh?
He ambushed Mike Petrovic
in his own driveway.
Third-striker charged
with first-degree murder
and a gun enhancement.
He's looking at 100 to life.
- Yeah, if it sticks.
- Be positive.
I've got a witness Pete Petrovic.
He's an outcast, no ties,
no criminal record. Civilian.
I had Mike Petrovic's dad
on a RICO charge.
He dropped some bodies and skated.
Oh, I would love to get my teeth back
into some Petrovics and Kirilenkos.
You can have my leftovers.
My plan is to put this guy
on the canvas.
Good luck. You know what they say
Everybody has a plan till
they get punched in the mouth.
After today, I could
use an orthodontist.
Mark, you're welcome to stay
as long as you need.
But you know, I gotta
keep Lola in the loop,
- so what's the plan?
- Rocky Balboa Theory.
You know, you get knocked down,
get back up again, run some sand dunes,
get back in the ring,
try to put a few notches
in the win column.
Plenty of fighters in the sea, right?
Now, actually, Rocko
was a one-woman man.
- Might work out for Marko.
- Yeah.
- Night.
- Night.
Don't be nervous.
It's just a practice quiz,
Nikki. Just do your best.
Hey, you are on the honor system, okay?
- Bye.
- Bye. Thank you, Sara.
Honor system for a teenager?
You are insane. No, teenagers are
woeful, lustful, sinful creatures.
- She's 12.
- Yeah, not for long.
- Ooh! I am so excited.
- Oh, what is it?
State-of-the-art air purifier.
A particle sensor designed
for high-traffic spaces.
This bad boy will execute any pollutants
within 1,000 square feet.
It's what the Pentagon uses.
Ooh, the Pentagon. Wait, are we at war?
Yeah, we're at war with cooties.
No, Lola's coming back,
and I want the air
so clean you can breathe it.
- Somebody, won't you help me?
- Hmm.
Ooh! I like the Pentagon's aesthetic.
This is not from the Pentagon.
And this is not for me. It's for 402.
It's a replica of 402.
Who would buy this?
I've gotta go deal with this.
I'll be right back.
Sorry. It's my new routine.
Last thing I do before I leave, I skate!
How do you feel?
- Better.
- Better's good.
You look bright-eyed.
That's encouraging.
Want a ride into work?
No, I'm not going. I earned some R&R.
You know, I have nothing on my schedule
except a couple prelims after lunch,
and I could seriously use some R&R, too.
What should we do?
Actually, I'm gonna head home.
I need to shower.
Yeah, you you really do.
I'm kidding.
Listen, I'm not gonna let you go home
and just stew in your own
misery. It's not gonna happen.
You know, my grandma used to say,
"Nena, pero, why eat misery stew
when pollo guisado tastes better?"
- What's that?
- Well, you're gonna find out
while you help me cook it.
Uh-huh. I'm just gonna call Carol
and let her know that I will be in late,
and you should call in, too.
Oh, God.
Where is Luke? He's my second chair.
I got a trial, starts in 15 minutes.
He hasn't called in or texted.
It's not like him. I'm a little worried.
Call Doug, the D.A. investigator,
tell him to swing by Luke's
while he's out and about.
Meantime, I got the Kirilenko case
and a missing second chair.
What do you say?
Good thing Second Chair Sam
is free, huh?
- Oh. All right.
- Let's go.
Ralph Carson?
I cannot thank you enough.
- You have saved my world.
- Please.
By all means, explain.
What's to explain?
It's a miniature courthouse
and a mini judicial staff.
Well, that's what begs explanation.
It's mine. That's really
all you need to know.
- Oh, is that an Exe-Cool purifier?
- It is.
- That's mine.
- I beg your pardon?
Clearly it was delivered
here by mistake.
It's mine.
That's funny. How could it be yours
when I got it for my allergies?
Oh, that's how you want to play it.
Oh, oh, fine, fine, fine.
Yeah, I can play rough.
Ask about me. Yep. Okay.
Here's the deal.
My air purifier for
your little toy set, okay?
Starting tomorrow,
I will crush one figurine
for every hour you keep my purifier.
Wait. What are you doing?
Till you give me back my air purifier,
your little world is mine.
Ooh. Okay.
So, the trick is, in the sofrito, right?
Because too little, it's too bland.
Too much, you're paying out
both ends, you know?
- Did you call in sick?
- My phone died.
So you said "bar fight."
What are we talking,
we talking brouhaha,
we talking fisticuffs,
we talking saloon brawl?
- Just leave it alone.
- How can I?
You need to talk about it,
Luke. Let it out.
There's nothing to say.
Every time I try to make things right,
it just seems like they get worse.
Luke, you're the most
stand-up guy I know.
Whatever is going on,
you're on the right side.
Am I? 'Cause it doesn't feel like it.
It just feels like it's
me against the world
and the world is a big bully.
You know, whenever the world
wants a piece of me,
I say bring it.
Bigger the bully, the harder I punch.
Like Maggie Palmer, for instance.
Do you know what I would give
to get in a bar fight with that woman?
Thank you.
There's that smile.
You know that's the first thing
I noticed about you?
You're always so serious now.
I guess life got in the way.
Okay, well, I have to head to
the office for a little bit.
Just stir it and then,
turn the heat down in about an hour.
- I can do that.
- All right.
- Hey, Em?
- Yeah?
Just get that. Bye.
Hey, Luke. Call me, bud.
Bye now.
My family and I aren't close,
except for my brother.
Your brother Mikhail, the victim.
Mike. Yeah. The victim.
I'm sorry. I know it's painful,
but can we talk about
the night in question?
January 7, 2020.
I went to see Mike and his kids.
It had been too long.
The stay home hit right after
- me and Olga were married.
- Olga Kirilenko,
the defendant's sister.
Must have caused some friction
between the two families.
Objection, Your Honor. Relevance?
Mr. Kirilenko's views on marital bliss
- are not on trial.
- It goes to motive, Your Honor.
There's a lot of history
between the families.
Let's get to it, counsel.
Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Petrovic,
could you tell me what happened
on the night of
January 7, 2020, at 7:43 p.m.?
Mike and I were on his porch.
I'd just told him
that Olga was pregnant.
And then a black Dodge Charger
screeches up, and
- Sergei jumps out.
- Serge Kirilenko, the defendant?
Yeah, he starts going off in Russian,
coming up the driveway.
He's yelling about Olga.
He hates Olga. And Mike he's
He's shouting back at him.
He goes over to
To confront him, and
Mike would've beat his ass.
But Sergei pulled out a gun,
and he starts shooting him,
and he keeps shooting and shooting.
So I ducked for cover, but Mike
I I saw he He tried to crawl away,
a-and Sergei stands over him, and
and he shoots him two more times.
- And what happened next?
- Sergei jumped back in his car
and sped off. I, uh, ran over to Mike.
He was struggling to breathe.
And and and I held him in my lap.
And he died
in my arms.
My brother.
- My best friend.
- Thank you, Pete.
I'm so sorry.
- No further questions, Your Honor.
- Mr. Tartan, your cross.
Mr. Petrovic
Do you know a man named Jesse Bird?
Yes, I do. Jesse works for me.
Uh, I've known him
for about three years.
And you spoke to Mr. Bird
on January 7, 2020.
Correct? I'll be more specific.
You spoke to Mr. Bird on January 7, 2020
at 7:43 p.m., correct?
- Yes.
- And during that phone call,
you told Mr. Bird
you were sitting by the pool
in the backyard of
your brother's house, correct?
- Yes, correct.
- Mr. Bird heard
several gunshots in the background.
He was scared for you.
He asked you what happened,
and you said you had no idea.
- You didn't see it.
- Objection. Hearsay.
I'll allow it as foundational.
Mr. Petrovic?
- Correct.
- You were in the backyard
at the time of the shooting,
not the driveway. You did not see it,
did you, Mr. Petrovic?
- Did you?
- No, I did not.
So, just to be clear,
you did not see the shooting.
- Nothing further, Your Honor.
- Your Honor, may we take
- a short recess?
- I see no need, Your Honor.
The witness' testimony is what it is.
- You're next.
- What did you say?
- You trying to hurt me?
- Objection.
Come and try, man. Come and try!
Mr. Petrovic, I do not
tolerate outbursts.
Mr. Kirilenko,
I refuse to allow contempt.
If you persist, you will be removed.
Your Honor
Your Honor Let's all agree thatc
it is my time to speak.
I had my concerns about this case.
I know how difficult it is
to try organized crime cases
and not find yourself at a circus.
I understand the stakes.
We are close to the end of this trial.
We will reconvene in the morning
and finish this in a civilized manner
befitting all parties.
Thank you, Mr. Petrovic.
You are excused.
I don't understand.
Why would you lie, Pete?
- Sergei shot my brother.
- You didn't see it.
You told several
police officers you saw it.
You told me the same thing.
You picked the guy
out of a six-pack, but you
didn't see the shooting.
Which you just admitted to,
on the record,
in court, under oath.
Pete has been through a lot.
He is doing his best, please.
Sergei deserves to go away.
Mr. Petrovic, that is not in doubt.
- He's gonna go free.
- Sergei will never go free.
This is who he is, this violence,
this is who he's always been.
He's bound to it. My whole family is.
Which is why I wanted to nail him,
but it just got a whole hell
of a lot tougher.
No purifier, no courthouse.
Show yourself, or I will snap the heads
- off your figurines one at a time.
- I don't have your purifier.
And I don't have your courthouse.
- Oh, it's right there!
- Where?
I I I don't see it.
All I see is something
for the trash later.
- Oh, you wouldn't dare.
- Oh, wouldn't I?
You don't know me.
Look, either you return
the courthouse
O-o-o-or what, tough guy?
Or I will be forced to file
a complaint with Judge Benner.
Go ahead! I know Judge Benner well,
and she does not look kindly on thieves.
- Then what will she think of you?
- She loves me.
She won't when I'm done.
People mistake my kindness for weakness.
Last year walked all over me
and kicked me in the teeth.
I am nobody's doormat.
Tick-tock, dude.
Yes, sir, I went over his statement
with him several times.
I had no reason to doubt its veracity.
No, I still have the ball, sir.
I'm going to win the game.
If I can just keep
the Petrovics safe in
protective custody, then I
Mr. Bravo?
Mr. Bravo? What happened to Louis?
He said, "'Louis' is for my friends."
Ooh. Kiss of friendship death.
I'm deep diving back
into the files tonight.
You need some company? I'm free.
Appreciate it. Luke should be here.
Doug went to his house earlier today.
No one answered the door,
no car in the driveway.
Troy says if Luke doesn't
show up tomorrow,
we're sending up an emergency flare.
When was the last time
you heard from him?
Last night. He went out drinking
with his sheriff buddies,
and his phone's been dead all day.
You're just telling me this now?
Try him again.
We can't wait till tomorrow.
Luke! Are you okay? Where are you?
Hey. Come on. He's out back.
- Oh, man.
- Luke, what happened?
- I got into a fight, I'm fine.
- A fight?
With your sheriff buddies from my list?
I'd rather not talk about it.
They did this to you.
Luke, we need to file a report,
hit each and every one
of them with an assault case.
Isn't that par for the course?
You see me, and your first thought is,
"How can I use this to help Mark?"
I am trying to help you, man.
If it ties back into the list, then
I got my ass kicked
for your stupid list!
I went drinking with them.
Things got heated,
I threw a punch.
They'll claim self-defense.
Then we'll bust that claim,
and then we'll break 'em down in court.
Maybe he doesn't want to do court.
I get it, you're scared, but this is
no time to be afraid, Luke.
What the hell do you know?
You thinking for me?
- Do you want to fight me?
- Okay. Hey, Mark.
Let's, uh, let's talk inside, yeah?
Luke, are you okay?
I'm peachy, Sam. Thanks.
How are you, good? Healthy?
You don't have to be snide.
- You working a case?
- I can't tell you that.
Oh, you just did. With Luke?
- Emily.
- Mark. You are in my house,
and I am not an idiot.
Does this have to do with
his ties to the sheriffs?
And his own personal Darth Vader,
his old training officer,
Wayne McCarthy.
I think Luke's holding on
to old allegiances.
What they did to him does not look
like he's holding on to old allegiances,
even if that's not clear to you.
Mark grilled me for his dumb list,
and I went looking for answers, for him.
I think maybe for me,
but I got his answers
all over my face, but sure, I'm okay.
I'm so sorry. I'm
I was scared.
I'm so sorry.
- Take care of him.
- Always.
- Nobody can do the
- Shimmy!
All right, let's go back, figure it out.
What do we know? 7:40 p.m.,
defendant's car is two blocks away.
7:44 p.m., 9-1-1 call.
Neighbor across the street
reports hearing yelling
followed by multiple gunshots.
Pete didn't see it, but it happened.
- It was in the driveway.
- 9-1-1.
- What's your emergency?
- There were four shots
just across the street,
and now a woman screaming.
Send the police, please.
Ms. Petrovic? Mark Callan.
I'm sorry for the late hour.
Listen, we need to talk.
Babe, I'm getting good
at this nap time thing.
I put Bailey down in record speed.
It is a science.
So I was thinking, maybe Mark could
- watch the Notorious B.C.T.
- "Notorious B.C.T."?
Bailey Carmichael Taylor.
- Not bad.
- Thank you.
So if Mark agrees, maybe we can
have some quality time.
We just binge-watched "The
Wire." That was quality time.
No, no, no, I'm talking quality
quality time.
Don't do the lip-biting thing.
Boy, if you don't stop,
we gon' end up with B.C.T. the sequel.
So, can I ask him?
- Sure.
- Hot damn!
- Did you apologize?
- For what?
For ratting him out to Amy.
That was wrong.
That was wrong?
Him kissing Rachel That wasn't wrong?
- No, I mean, they're both wrong.
- Both wrong.
Mark was definitely more wrong.
- More wrong?
- Hmm.
- Room service. Hey.
- Hey.
Lola thought I could use
some time out here
- instead of quality time.
- Welcome to the doghouse.
Spent my fair share of time
bunking in here.
I've been trying to prove to her
that I can do this daddy thing,
but I keep screwing it up somehow.
Come work for me. I got
screwing up down to an art form.
Ah, the case.
- Pete Petrovic lied.
- Yeah, the Petrovics always did
prefer their own form of justice.
Yeah, but I think I know why he lied.
He was protecting the real witness
His wife, Olga Kirilenko Petrovic.
Damn. Ain't she smack-dab
in the middle of things?
- She's at the center of this.
- So you think you can sweet-talk her
into testifying against her brother?
Protective custody ends soon.
I can't offer her what she needs
Protection, safety,
a chance for her family to change.
What if you could?
Olga, Pete jeopardized the whole case,
but we still have a chance.
I re-read his statement.
The neighbor said he heard gunshots
immediately followed
by a woman screaming.
Pete didn't witness
the shooting. It was you.
You were there.
Pete lied to protect you.
- Olga, if you testify
- I can't.
I won't.
You want me to take the stand
against Sergei, hmm?
You know what that means for me?
I get it. It isn't easy
to put your own brother away in prison.
I don't care about him.
If Pete's family knew I was there,
they would think I set Mike up,
in which case they will kill me.
If I take the stand against Sergei,
then my family that
has already cut me off,
disowned me, they will take me away,
and they will torture me,
and then they will kill me.
You think they care about my baby?
Their flesh and blood
with a Petrovic name?
Hmm. Forgive me.
Forgive Pete for trying
to protect me and our son.
Olga, let us help you.
Help me? Let me tell you about Sergei.
My first memory is him getting expelled
from high school for stabbing a teacher.
He burned his ex-girlfriend's
house down.
My whole life I have been
running away from him,
trying to break free from my family,
and I'm not stopping now,
not with this baby.
Pete and I cut our families off
because we want
to raise this baby
without family problems.
- But there is no place like that.
- What if there was?
I'm trying to understand
why you need more time, counsel.
You rest, the defense rests, we move on.
I'm aware, Your Honor.
However, new information
has come to light that the People
need time to investigate before resting.
Defense is ready now, Your Honor.
Your Honor, if we could
just have until lunch.
What is this new information,
The People may have identified
the actual percipient witness
to the shooting.
You gonna call Pinocchio next, counsel?
Enough. You two are trying my patience.
I'll give you till after
the lunch break,
and not a moment longer.
Hey, pal.
How are we doing?
Mind if I come in?
Nice digs for a lawyer.
Your girl does all right for herself.
- She's not my girl anymore.
- You broke up?
Oh. Y'all were cute.
- Checked all the diversity boxes.
- What are you doing here?
Checking on you. You had a bad beat,
- figuratively and literally.
- What are you doing, tailing me?
How'd you even know I was here?
Well, you know me. I have my ways.
Look, you said you wanted to talk to me.
I thought you were
stopping by the station.
You know why I didn't.
You had your goon squad touch me up,
so I don't need to talk.
I need you to go.
Easy, son. Your attitude just
needed a little tune-up.
There's nothing wrong with my attitude.
I didn't stomp on anybody's ribs.
In fairness, you did throw
the first punch.
The boys reacted.
I saw the sheriffs' reaction
from the other side.
No wonder why folks hate us.
Yeah, well, that's the problem.
You want to be a lawyer, fine.
But people get hurt
when they buck their past.
And people around 'em get hurt as well.
You've made your point. You need to go.
Sure. I'll go.
Then you'll go,
but your girlfriend will
be here one night, alone,
and oops.
There's no fence-sitting!
You're either with us,
or you're against us!
- It's your choice.
- It was never my choice.
You took that out of my hand. No more!
You forgot where you come from!
You're forgetting where you are.
This is my house. You are trespassing.
- I want you out now.
- You know how to use that thing?
Would you like to find out?
She's a keeper.
See ya, bud.
You tell me what the hell is going on,
or you are getting kicked out next.
Was that McCarthy?
Does he know that I haven't
slept in two days,
- that I almost shot him?
- Em, I'm sorry.
Okay? I shouldn't have come.
I brought this to your door,
and that's on me.
I know why we broke up.
It was my fault.
The night of the protest,
I stood with them, and I
should've stood with you,
and I didn't, and it's been
hellish ever since.
And I'm afraid that it's too late.
I know why I came here.
Because I've been so scared
and this is one of the only
places that I feel safe.
You are safe with me.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, whoa. What are we doing?
I don't know. I'm sorry. I don't know.
- Luke
- I'm sorry.
You're with Joaquin now,
and I need to accept that
- and move on.
- Okay, listen.
Yes, Joaquin is a part of that, yes.
But this is about me and my choices.
My new mission is to
not repeat old behaviors,
to try new things.
So I rock climb, and I ride motorcycles
and I skate through the house.
I'm gonna bungee jump one day.
My therapist told me to stop
swimming in the same old waters,
to start chasing new waterfalls,
so that so that so that
when I lose a case
or God forbid, another client,
so that I'm not stuck.
So that I have new habits
to fall back on.
- So I'm an old bad habit.
- No. That's
I can't keep running back
to my old ways.
I can't keep doing that.
And not just because
you're a great kisser,
which wow.
I miss that.
Oh, I miss you.
Your hair,
your laugh.
- That face that you make when you
- Stop.
So what, I'm just old,
stale, hot dog water?
What does that mean for us?
I have no idea.
But whatever it is, it's gonna be new.
How would you characterize
your relationship
- with your brother, the defendant?
- Fear.
I have been afraid of Sergei
my entire life.
Objection, Your Honor.
Sibling rivalry isn't relevant.
Overruled. This speaks
to witness credibility.
I'll allow it. Ms. Petrovic,
would you please tell us what you did
on January 7, 2020?
Pete and I went over
to his brother's house Mike.
Um Pete and Mike hadn't
seen each other much since our wedding.
Pete wasn't welcome around this family.
- Why is that?
- Objection.
Relevance. Calls for speculation.
Overruled. I'll allow it.
Because he married a Kirilenko Me.
Um, but Pete and Mike stayed in touch,
and we went over for a special occasion.
Pete was going to tell Mike
we were having a baby.
Mike was so thrilled,
he actually hugged me.
Said he'd never hugged
a Kirilenko before.
- MARK: Your Honor.
Quiet, Mr. Kirilenko.
Go on, Mrs. Petrovic.
And what happened next?
Pete was in the backyard on a call.
I was in the front with Mike.
He talked about having us
over more often,
about how much he missed Pete,
about how excited he was to be an uncle,
and then Sergei came there for me.
He yelled disgusting things at me.
He challenged Mike,
and Mike didn't back down,
so Sergei shot him,
and then he shot him again and again.
Mike crawled away
and Sergei stood over him
and shot him twice more.
And then he looked right at me
and he smiled.
No further questions, Your Honor.
You're dead to me!
Dead to the family!
- You can't hide from me, Olga!
- Mr. Kirilenko! Mr. Kirilenko!
No matter what happens
- Mr. Kirilenko!
- you can't hide.
One more outburst,
and I'll have bailiffs
drag you from this courtroom,
and you'll spend the rest of this trial
listening from lockup!
Do you understand?!
Mr. Tartan. Cross-examination?
I have, uh, no questions, Your Honor.
In the matter of
the People vs. Sergei Kirilenko,
as to count one, a violation of
Penal Code section 187, murder,
the Court finds the defendant guilty.
As to the allegation
that the murder was willful,
deliberate, and premeditated, the Court
finds that allegation to be true.
The clerk will record
the verdicts as read.
How did you get Olga to talk?
With a little help from a friend.
- What if you could?
- I'm good, Robin. I'm not God.
No, no, no, you're not,
but maybe I could help you,
if you help me.
- But your boss isn't gonna like it.
- I'm listening.
I'm scheming on a transfer back home.
I could expedite that
if I snag a massive case,
something like the Kirilenkos.
I don't think this murder
rises to the federal level.
Ah, but Olga Petrovic does.
She's the thread that I'm looking for.
Now if she could help me,
I'll put her family
in Witness Protection
- some place nobody can hurt them.
- What's in this for you?
I need you to watch Bailey
for a few nights.
Me and Lo need some quality time.
- Nice.
- Won't be so nice
when Mr. Bravo hears I handed
LA's biggest crime family
over to the Feds.
He wanted their head on his spike.
I knew it. You are a crook.
I am no crook.
I'm a problem solver.
Every court I went to had
missing parcels or packages
delivered to the wrong place.
So I started chasing
other missing packages
- and realized we have a new mailman.
- Clarence.
- What happened to Jason?
- He retired.
- Oh.
- Anyway, I eventually found
your air purifier in Courtroom 208.
J.A. just hadn't gotten around
to delivering it, so
- thought I would.
- Well, problem solved. Thank you.
You're not a crook. I apologize.
- I'm Sherri.
- Ralph Carson.
So tell me, Ralph, Ralph Carson,
'cause I have to know,
why a dollhouse courthouse?
I'm glad you asked, Sherri.
I spent a year in a rut.
- I tried crystals.
- Oh, me, too.
- I tried meditating.
- Me, too.
And nothing worked.
What I realized is,
I was just damn lonely.
- Me, too.
- Yeah. I needed something new,
and then I saw this documentary
about a widower who used a dollhouse
to get over his grief by
recreating his happiest moments.
So that's what I'm doing.
Court's where I'm happiest, and
I'm just trying to hold on to that.
That is the most beautiful
thing I've ever heard.
I-I feel the same way about 802,
about last year, about all of it.
Wow. We have so much in common.
Yeah, we do.
Can I just say
I love your shoes.
Oh, th these old things?
I love your turtleneck.
Oh thank you.
I love your smile.
- Sorry.
- I'm not.
This has been a rough year.
That is the hottest thing
I've touched in a long time.
I mean, I just need
something new, you know?
Something to get me out of this rut,
make me sing again, you know?
- But do not judge me.
- What?
And please, don't tell Judge Carmichael.
I wouldn't judge you,
and I would never tell.
- It's just, um
- See? Here comes the judgment.
No. You've got, um
It's, uh
Love ♪
I get so lost sometimes ♪
I said don't say anything.
Of course, you lean into the opposite.
Everything I know about love I
learned from John Cusack movies.
Well, that explains so much.
- What do you want, Mark?
- I'm not running away, Amy.
I want to come home.
And I don't expect you to let me yet.
But I need you to understand,
I haven't eaten in two days.
I've barely slept, and that's my fault.
I screwed up, and I lied to you,
but that's the old Mark.
The new Mark is 100% transparent.
Are you talking in the third person?
Yes. Mark is, because Mark
I love you. I do.
All my instincts ♪
I don't want to do life without you.
I want to be by your side
every step of the way.
And the more I've thought about that,
the more sure of it I am.
Without a noise ♪
I have a serious question
I want to ask you, Amy.
I reach out from the inside ♪
Amy Quinn, will you
Don't even.
In your eyes ♪
I have had time to think
about this, too.
You and Rachel kissed,
and that's on you two.
But what happens next, that's on me.
a thousand churches ♪
I've rushed into things before.
I'm not doing that again.
I'll wait.
Long as it takes.
We'll see.
Mr. Watkins.
- Good to see you.
- It's good to be seen.
- Luke has thoughts.
- Oh, yeah? What about?
I think I know how to bring
Deputy Wayne McCarthy
crashing down to the ground.
You in?
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