All Rise (2019) s02e13 Episode Script

Love's Illusions

Previously on "All Rise"
- Mark only kissed Rachel because
- Mark did what?
- Grab your bag, leave.
- That looks like it hurts.
- Nah. I'm tough.
This is David Sanders, strategist
for my attorney general campaign.
That cop-hating attorney is trying
to pit you against your brothers.
You're either with us
or you're against us!
You are safe with me, always.
Can't you curl the ribbon any faster?
She'll be here at any minute.
Each one has to look perfect.
Uh-huh. Hey, hey
- Now's the time ♪
Oh! You better pick up the pace. Um
- Good morning, Judge Carmichael.
- I'm behind.
It took a while to get Bailey
settled with the nanny.
First time doing it solo.
- Aw.
- Has the defendant accepted
- Choi's deal?
- Not yet. Trial's still on.
Day one, and it's business as usual.
- Can't wait to see you.
And to get back to normal.
No fanfare, no fuss.
- Right, ladies?
What is what is
your exact ETA, Your Honor?
Seven minutes, max
[WHISPERS] Seven minutes.
- Just turned on Broadway
Uh, don't forget to park
in the new judges' lot, okay?
'Kay. Great. Bye! Oh, gosh.
Hey, I'm back ♪
Ugh. Just pop 'em,
just pop 'em! Pop 'em!
I'm back ♪
You wanted to see me?
- You got a blazer on you?
- Y-yes.
Great. I need a second chair.
I didn't know the head deputy
prosecutes trials.
Well, thanks to COVID,
I'm short on D.A.s.
Besides, felony swatting is a big one.
Let's send them a clear
message that calling in
a false 9-1-1 threat
is a crime, not a prank.
It's Judge Carmichael's first
trial since maternity leave.
Ah, she's always had a bleeding heart.
Curious to see if our young defendant
makes it bleed even more.
Is there still an offer on the table?
Yes, and if Ms. Quinn's client
has any sense at all, she'll take it.
- Ms. Quinn as in Amy Quinn?
- That's the one.
She tore me to shreds on
a motion to suppress last year.
Can't blame the shark
for nabbing the guppy.
No more guppies in
these waters, though, huh?
Well, we shall see. Follow me.
Victim's in the conference room.
Where is she? It's been an hour.
The fact that a sheriff deputy
agreed to talk at all is a miracle.
Yeah, uh, Joaquin,
we need to talk about
- Hey, Em.
- What's up, Lopez?
Sorry, guys, I'm on a call.
Um Joaquin, I've been
calling you all day.
Is now an okay time to talk?
- Emily, you're scaring me.
- I kissed Luke.
I have been trying to
get a hold of you to tell you.
How did it happen?
He was going through
some stuff, and he he
He needed my help,
and we just we just kissed.
Do you want to be with Luke?
I-I miss you.
Joaquin, I miss you like crazy.
But Luke you know, it's just
I'm so sorry.
I should go.
Oh. What in the
Carmichael! So good to see you.
Lisa! Sorry, I was checking in
with the nanny.
Oh, weird to be away from Bailey.
It's like having phantom limb syndrome,
except the limb is my child.
Oh, I felt the same way
after having Ben.
All the gear!
Oh, so much mommy gear!
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. You'll adjust.
Glad to have you back, Carmichael.
BOTH: Huzzah! ♪
[CHUCKLES] You guys.
It's my first photo with Bailey.
And it can go right next to your hero.
- Oh.
Shoot. I thought I muted that.
Still no word on the plea deal?
- Not a peep.
- Looks like Ms. Quinn has
- her work cut out for her on this case.
- Whew.
Well, it's caffeine o'clock.
Oh, shoot! I forgot my lattes
on top of my car.
- The car.
- On it.
- Sherri?
- Yes, Your Honor?
- I forgot my cooler.
- Your cool your cooler?
- For my breast milk.
- [WHISPERS] Breast milk.
My liquid gold.
Liquid gold? Right. Um
Uh, have Ms. Johnson cover my desk.
I will be on cooler duty.
- Um, right.
It's still not too late
to accept the D.A.'s offer.
I can't, Ms. Quinn.
I mean, what about college?
And I'll never be able to get a job.
- This is so unfair.
- I'll try to argue for a misdemeanor,
- but it's a long shot.
- My parents retained
Audubon & Associates
to make this go away.
The 9-1-1 call and your browser history
aren't going anywhere.
You're facing three years.
What'll it be, Ms. Quinn?
Morning, Tommy, Ms. Powers.
- Ms. Powell.
- Huh. Doesn't ring a bell.
Quinn, I'm waiting.
You reject their deal, they'll
push for the highest sentence.
- Going once
- I can't.
- Going twice
- Please, help me, Ms. Quinn.
Gone. We'll do this the hard way.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Mr. Choi, what was your last offer?
Plead to a felony. Two years' probation,
credit time served.
Ms. Quinn, is your client
interested in the offer?
The defense is ready for trial.
- Mr. Choi?
- The People are ready.
It's great to be back.
Mr. Heines, what is your occupation?
Uh, I'm the dean at Culver City College.
Did something unusual happen
on March 31, 2020?
Uh, an active shooter
was reported on campus.
A SWAT team responded to the 9-1-1 call.
Did you interact with the SWAT team?
Uh, yes. Um, I-I stepped out
to water my begonias,
and then suddenly something
like a dozen SWAT officers
trapped me, shouting and pointing
- huge guns in my face.
- What happened after
you were surrounded
by the SWAT officers?
I, um, I heard a gunshot
and, um, screaming.
What happened after you heard a gunshot?
I just remember that my stomach
was on fire, and I passed out.
A day later, I woke up in the hospital,
14 stitches to patch the bullet wound
and a cane to help me walk.
Did you have any idea at the time
why the SWAT team showed up
at your residence?
Not the faintest clue.
And how did this incident
impact your campus?
All 1,600 students and faculty
had to be evacuated,
believing that the threat of
an active shooter was imminent.
Nothing further.
Ms. Quinn, you may cross-examine.
Did Marnie Forstall shoot you
on March 31st, Mr. Heines?
To my knowledge, no.
- Who pulled the trigger, then?
- Objection.
Calls for speculation,
lack of foundation,
- lack of personal knowledge.
- He may answer if he knows.
I believe it was one
of the SWAT officers.
- So why did he shoot you?
- Objection.
Calls for speculation,
lack of foundation,
- lack of personal knowledge.
- Sustained.
Rephrase, Ms. Quinn.
- Were you armed?
- No,
but I was holding a watering can.
I guess it could've looked
like a weapon to the officers.
Do you think these paramilitary officers
used excessive force
in shooting you, Mr. Heines?
Objection. Relevance and argumentative.
Your Honor, the actions
of the SWAT officers
is relevant to whether
my client should've known
that the response to the 9-1-1 call
was likely to cause great bodily injury.
Mr. Heines, did you expect
the SWAT officers
to fire their weapons?
I was afraid they would.
But did you think it was
likely they would fire
and cause you to sustain
the injuries you sustained?
No further questions.
Deputy Riley. Pleasure to meet you.
Not often that I get asked
to meet off the record.
I'm curious what you know
about Wayne McCarthy's
training practices.
- Can't help you.
- We're just following a tip.
- Your name came up.
- I was a T.O.
along with McCarthy.
That's all you need to know.
All the guys on this list
were trained by McCarthy.
They're linked for some reason.
We need to know why.
Your name's on here.
What's your best guess?
If we knew, we wouldn't be asking.
Pham was one of McCarthy's
first trainees. Real zealous.
Already put a call out to him.
Buy him Wita's, he'll sing like a bird.
Hmm. Lee Lori's not on here.
- What can he tell us?
- Ask Lee Lori.
Have a good day, fellas.
What about Lori?
I know how to get a hold of him.
Meantime, let's find Deputy Pham.
Mom and Dad still not coming?
- Oh, uh uh, no.
They said it's fine
to just start without them.
We're gonna beat this, right?
Swatting's usually a misdemeanor.
But your charge got bumped up
to a felony
because Norman Heines got shot.
Now you've maintained you
didn't send SWAT to his house
trying to get this old man shot.
What happened? The truth this time.
I did make the call,
- but not to Mr. Heines.
- To who, then?
My boyfriend. Or my ex, or
I don't even know what he was.
- We met playing "Fortnite."
- What's his name?
Um, I-I don't know.
You dated him for two years,
and you don't know his name?
We planned to meet up in person,
but then he just blew me
off, just like that.
That still doesn't explain
how SWAT wound up at Norman Heines's.
'Cause I swatted my ex's
gamertag, GrayArea54.
I just traced his IP address
to find his geolocation.
Tracing IP addresses isn't always exact.
Why swat a guy who ghosted you?
'Cause I was hurt.
And then I got pissed,
and and then I got scared,
- Scared?
- I never met GrayArea54.
But we We shared photos.
- What kind of photos?
He reached out to me after a while,
asking for more pics. I said no,
so he threatened to post them.
You were trying to protect yourself.
We need to talk.
Marnie, thank you
for telling me the truth.
Go home. Get some rest.
What do you want? I don't have time
I watched your cross.
You need to be careful.
I don't need you telling me
how to cross-examine a witness.
Clearly you do if you think
harping on police misconduct
in front of Lola is going
to help Marnie Forstall.
No, but finding out who GrayArea54 is
and why Marnie felt
she needed to call a SWAT team
to stop him from
posting nudes of her will.
You think she's telling
the truth this time?
I'm becoming a bit of an expert
on people lying to me these days.
What was his name again? I'll find him.
GrayArea54, right? Give me two hours.
Sherri tasked me with giving you this,
- said it was temporary.
Anyway, Georgia and I are going
to a breakfast mixer on Friday.
- Come with.
- Ooh.
The Hamilton Club is hosting.
Mm. The bigwigs
and power players Hamilton Club?
Lisa As I've said before,
can't hurt to rub elbows.
Besides, the Hamilton Club
knows a mover and shaker
when they see one.
Just a friendly reminder
You do have to get up
at 6:30 a.m. to feed Bailey.
Um, brief the nanny at 8 a.m.
before you leave,
and then get in at 9
to pump and run before trial.
Thank you, Ness.
Don't worry about the breakfast.
You've got enough going on.
I do not! No more than usual.
This proves nothing.
Let me just go grab a hoodie.
Good night, Carmichael.
What? You did say no fanfare.
What's with the hoodie?
Oh, long story. Why the SOS?
Luke and I are on the trail
to discovering a monster of corruption.
- Like, Godzilla status? Or
- More like a hydra.
Every time you cut off one head,
two more take its place.
Hydra in the Sheriff's Department.
In sheriff training. You surprised?
- Not even.
- Amy's in 802. How is she?
Why don't you call her and ask her?
After she kicked me out
for the second time,
I figured I'd give her some space.
Amy tried to use excessive use of force
as a defense today.
Do you think that she would
use that with Judge Campbell or Laski?
Your reputation as being an
activist judge and that video
Gives people the right
to politicize my courtroom?
Of course not.
How goes day one back?
Hectic. Felt like I was pulled
in five different directions
between the trial and Bailey
and the Hamilton Club, but
in a good way.
I guess it's nice to still
feel needed here.
Don't know what this courthouse
would do without you, Carmichael.
You're just trying
to butter me up so I don't
kick you out of my guest house.
You think I want to be
in your damn guest house?
Who's Collier Owens?
- What'd you say?
- Collier Owens.
Left two messages here.
You're dodging him and me.
Still waiting for that apology.
You have a right to be pissed.
Of all the ways I messed up
over that stupid, idiotic kiss,
risking our partnership was the worst.
For you. I told you my deepest secret,
that I'm married, because
I needed help from someone
who I thought was becoming
a really good friend.
I finally put down roots again,
and it just
goes up in flames. [SCOFFS]
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have work to do.
I located GrayArea54.
We need to get Marnie in here now.
How'd Joaquin take the news?
He shut down. Super blindsided.
- Mm, can you blame him?
- No!
[MOUTH FULL] Why am I so stuck?
Are you stuck? Like, truly?
Yeah, I care for both of them.
You know? And trying to choose,
I feel like I just I can't.
Are you sure that's it?
- What do you mean?
- To me, this isn't about
whether you prefer lawyers
or revolutionaries.
I'm sure they're both good men,
but they're leading
two radically different lives.
So you choosing Luke
or Joaquin means choosing
where you want your life to go.
Oh! Nikki just sent her latest essay.
How's tutoring going?
Mm, we hit it off at first,
but I don't know, lately
Nikki's seemed, like, off.
- Off how?
- Just tired, melancholy even.
Like, I made this whole
K-pop-themed lesson.
And she didn't bat an eye,
- and she loves BTS.
- Huh.
And then last week,
I overheard her mom, Whitney,
like, lecturing Nikki about her grades,
and let's just say Whitney
doesn't have the gentlest touch.
- You think Whitney's hit a rough patch?
- Oh, totally.
I mean, her restaurant's been shuttered,
they've been trapped
under one roof for over a year.
And Nikki is in middle school,
and puberty is a bee-yotch.
Oh, yeah, I had feathered bangs
in sixth grade.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Ah, maybe I'm just
overthinking it with Nikki.
Your intuition has never
steered you wrong.
Just feel it out.
Pot, kettle, Ms. Lopez.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
we were able to identify GrayArea54.
You were? Who is he?
Norman Heines.
What? The Culver City College dean?
No. No, that's impossible.
- I wasn't lying, Ms. Quinn
- My investigator was able to trace
the gamertag GrayArea54
to Norman Heines's IP address.
Yeah, but even you said yourself,
IP address location tracking
isn't always reliable.
Not always,
which is why I had 'em do
an extensive search.
It still came back as Norman Heines.
Marnie, you didn't mix up
your ex's address
with Heines's address.
They're the same person.
He catfished me? The whole time?
- Oh, my God.
- You should call your parents.
Are you kidding?! I can't do that.
- They would never understand!
- Marnie, you need support.
And we still have a trial
to get through.
- W-Where are you going?
- To talk to the judge.
I'm bringing this bastard down.
Thanks for meeting on such short notice.
Thanks for buying the carne asada.
Hey, you called it. Wita's
is the best taco truck in LA.
Right? I know all the hidden gems.
So how can I help you fellas?
Looking to set the record straight
on Wayne McCarthy's time as a T.O.
Big Mick always checked in
on me and the guys.
Gave advice like a father figure.
He even came to support me
after my first incident.
What incident was this?
Had this one inmate, a real pill.
Always loudmouthing.
One day I told him I'd heard enough.
He didn't like that, got aggressive.
I put him in a chokehold
Standard when subduing
an armed assailant.
He coded.
So the inmate was armed?
McCarthy oversaw the search,
found a shiv on him, concealed.
You saw the inmate's shiv
before you choked him?
I had a hunch.
And once McCarthy confirmed,
it was a done deal.
When when did you say this was?
2010 or so.
All right, boys.
Gotta get back on the radio.
We'll be in touch.
Always glad to put in
a good word for Big Mick.
A deputy sheriff openly admits
to falsifying police documents
like he knows he's untouchable.
Chokes a man to death,
and then "Big Mick"
helps him get off scot-free.
Why wouldn't he feel that way?
I'm gonna meet up with Lori tonight,
see if he can connect some dots.
I'm gonna hunt down
that incident report,
try to nail this guy.
The defense calls
Norman Heines to the stand.
- He's here and ready.
The defense already questioned
Norman Heines.
And the witness was excused.
- He was subject to recall.
- Ms. Quinn is correct.
Your Your Honor, may I ask
for an offer of proof
as to why this witness
is being recalled?
I have additional questions
about the extent
of his involvement in video games.
Real convincing, Ms. Quinn.
I allow the defense
some leeway on this topic,
but I am going to need
more than that, Ms. Quinn.
I have additional questions
that I believe
will impeach Mr. Heines's testimony.
All right, you may recall
the witness, Ms. Quinn.
Do you know Marnie Forstall?
No, I do not.
Do you know what a gamertag is?
Uh, an alter ego in the Xbox world?
A username of sorts?
Mr. Heines, are you familiar with
the gamertag GrayArea54?
- No.
- Are you sure, Mr. Heines?
I-I mean, now that I think about it,
it does sound familiar.
In fact GrayArea54 is
yourgamertag, correct?
Uh I mean, um
And you recently shut down
the account GrayArea54
and tried to delete it, correct?
Uh, I was shot, Ms. Quinn.
I am not the one on trial here.
Mr. Heines, for the past two years,
did you pose as
Marnie Forstall's boyfriend
and knowingly solicit
pornographic images
- from her, when she was a minor?
I am the victim here, Your Honor.
Ms. Quinn, the witness
has a right to counsel.
That is my daughter!
Bailiff, detain the witness.
He has not been excused
- from further testimony.
- Daddy!
You filthy pig! I'll kill you!
Daddy, don't! Don't!
Mr. Forstall, I'll have you
arrested and charged
- if you do not control yourself.
- Calm down.
Now everyone except counsel, out!
Let's go.
Keep it moving.
Ms. Quinn, you know better
than to lead a witness
down the path of admitting to a crime
on the stand without first
informing the Court,
- that the witness may need a lawyer.
- Your Honor,
it's not my job to protect
anyone other than Ms. Forestall.
At minimum, it is
a professional courtesy
to give the Court notice.
Your Honor, the People move to strike
Mr. Heines's testimony.
It was a discovery violation.
No, this is classic impeachment!
I had no obligation to disclose.
Until she decided to call him
as a witness.
I didn't know whether he would admit it.
I learned it from my investigator.
Do you have evidence
to prove it, Ms. Quinn?
Chat transcripts dating back two years,
complete with every explicit image
Heines sent to
and solicited from Marnie.
- Thank you.
- I move to admit these transcripts
- into evidence.
- On what grounds?
Heines solicited pornographic
images and threatened her!
She was a minor,
and she was traumatized.
- Her actions
- Her actions are still criminal.
How about you drop the charges?
The charges remain. Your Honor
If he had no preyed upon Ms. Forstall
and exploited her, she never
would have made that call.
Enough. I will hear
your motions tomorrow,
and, Ms. Quinn,
this is your final warning.
Let today be the last stunt
you ever pull in my courtroom.
You lied under oath.
Your alleged crimes
hijacked this entire trial!
Threatening to deny
an entire university of victims
- the justice they deserve.
- But that attorney came at me.
Get a defense attorney, Heines.
We're done here.
Sir, if I may?
- What is it, Ms. Powell?
- In light of this new evidence
regarding Ms. Forstall's
relationship with Mr. Heines,
continuing to pursue a felony
conviction seems troubling.
Ms. Forstall has been charged
with calling in a false 9-1-1 emergency.
- The evidence points straight to her.
- Given this new information
Ms. Powell, the allegations
against Norman Heines
are as yet unproven,
but the D.A. has all we need
to hold Ms. Forstall accountable.
But if we We can discuss this further
after the trial.
Been a long time, Lori.
Six years since we worked
Men's Central Jail.
I don't know if you heard,
but I'm not a sheriff anymore.
Look, man, I'm not so sure
talking to a D.A.'s a good idea.
Serve and protect the public
That's what we swore to do.
Our job's not done, not yet.
You mind if I record this?
Not like it'll make a difference.
What do you know
about McCarthy fabricating
witness statements, police records?
Happened all the time.
McCarthy would do a clean-up
for any trainee
who got caught in the hot seat.
- Okay, what for?
- Aw, man, you name it.
Intimidating personnel,
roughhousing rookies,
instigating inmate disputes.
But why didn't I ever hear about this?
Is that a trick question?
Watkins, you signed
a statement for McCarthy
when we were fresh out of the academy.
You don't remember?
Sorry, man.
This was your strongest essay yet.
Hey, wait, just one question.
Since Super Stacy saved the day,
why did you write that
she has no hope left?
Um, even though
she does everything right,
it's still not good enough.
What makes you say that, Nikki?
I am not paying for you to write
like you're in kindergarten!
Sorry. Sara, I have to go.
You are such a stupid waste of space.
I'm ashamed to even be your mother.
You are just driving me crazy!
- Nikki?
Um, Mrs. Gessner,
is everything all right?
Sara? Wh
Whitney and Nikki just
got into it, and I
I heard a loud thud
and then just silence.
- What was it?
- I don't know,
it was like
I don't know, like a bang.
Okay. Did Whitney hit Nikki?
I couldn't see anything. I
Oh, my God, what do I do?
Well, call Nikki back
and make sure she's okay.
- Well, what if she doesn't answer?
- Then you call the police.
And say what?
"I'd like to file a report,
only I didn't see anything,
and I'm not sure what I heard"?
I mean it's a big deal
to call Child Services
to someone's house.
We've only tutored online.
I don't even know where she lives.
Maybe you should reach out to Benner.
If I'm wrong, I could
implode this whole family.
But what if you're right?
Fancy seeing you here, Judge.
Mr. Sanders. I would love to chat,
but I'm in a rush.
Wait, how did you get
into the judges' parking?
[CHUCKLES] Walked over with Jonas Laski.
Just left the Hamilton Club breakfast.
Totally forgot.
Anyway, I am in a rush to trial, so
Could've gotten a jump
on the upcoming election.
The election?
- For your judicial seat.
- I beg your pardon.
My seat has not been challenged,
Mr. Sanders.
Not yet.
You created quite a stir
in your first two years.
Some people like me are fans.
Others, well
Carmichael, there you are.
Still on for our chambers meeting?
Yes. Mr. Sanders and I
were just saying goodbye.
Oh, great. Good to see you
at the breakfast, David.
Who does that man think he is?
The last thing I need added to my plate
- is worrying about the elections.
- Well, Sanders can be pushy,
but he's always armed
with priceless information.
I missed you at the breakfast.
I was hoping
to introduce you to Georgia.
I know. [SIGHS] I'm sorry,
but I have had whiplash with this trial.
I heard about your witness bolting.
I thought I had my head
wrapped around this case,
but then I see that teenage girl
trembling before the man who
allegedly abused her for years,
and I look at her mother,
and she just has this look like
she has no clue
how in the world she got there.
Any parent's nightmare.
But how does it happen, Lisa?
You can only control so much.
I look at Bailey, and
at the risk of stating the obvious,
Bailey is not the defendant
in this case.
She's not even 8 months old.
But I would do anything to protect her.
Stay focused.
- Watkins, everything all right?
- Uh, yeah.
There's over a dozen fabricated
deputy statements here.
Gonna be a long road to get
the grand jury
- to indict these guys.
- Indicted, right.
I'll take those over to Bravo,
see if he approves conspiracy charges.
- You sure you're good?
- Yeah, of course. Just tired.
All right.
Ms. Quinn, you are moving
to admit the chat transcripts
between your client and GrayArea54,
AKA Mr. Heines. What's the relevance?
The evidence directly impeaches
Mr. Heines' testimony,
And it explains why
Ms. Forstall called 9-1-1.
She was the victim
of an illegal cybersexual
relationship with Mr. Heines
while she was a minor.
Do you remember what it means
to be 18 and profoundly lonely?
To finally have someone
tell you they love you
and to so badly need to believe them?
And then the pain of losing
that love, that lifeline.
At 18 years old, Marnie lacks
the developmental ability
to understand the seriousness
of her actions.
For all these reasons,
the transcripts are relevant,
and they should be admitted as evidence.
Thank you, Ms. Quinn. Mr. Choi.
The defendant's alleged history
of sexual trauma is tragic,
but it in no way excuses her crimes.
Penal code 148.3 states
that it is a crime
to make a false report of an emergency
At 18 years old,
I believe the defendant knows
gunfire on a public college campus
is a very bad thing.
She launched an emergency evacuation
under false pretenses
that jeopardized lives.
Any probative value that
the transcripts might have
is substantially outweighed
by the risk of undue prejudice
and should be excluded under 352.
I feel profound empathy
for the trauma Ms. Forstall
has suffered.
But this trial is not about
those alleged crimes.
Therefore I am excluding
the chat transcripts.
I will hear closing arguments
after the break,
and then render my verdict.
Looking at Bailey on the nanny cam,
and all I can think is
we did good.
I love you, baby. See you soon.
- Come in.
Talk to me.
What is this?
A witness statement I gave
when I was working the jails.
I don't understand.
I didn't witness that incident,
Judge Carmichael.
Oh. Luke.
My training officer told me
that's what happened.
I trusted him.
Did you intentionally falsify
this police record?
No, but it's right there in
black and white. Case closed.
No. Only a judge or a jury
can decide that.
But I did it. Facts are facts.
And the facts
of a person's circumstances
cannot be overlooked,
especially when a human being's
freedom is at stake.
But you and I both know
the law's not designed
to account for 360-degree examination.
And that is exactly why
we have to interpret the law
with as complete a picture as possible.
Luke people commit crimes every day
for all sorts of reasons.
And in a truly just court of law,
those reasons matter.
Come in.
Something wrong?
Um it's, uh, about Whitney and Nikki.
Go on.
Last night I heard them
get into an altercation.
And it sounded serious,
and now I'm scared for Nikki's safety.
What? I
[SCOFFS] I've known Whitney for years.
That [SIGHS]
Precisely what do you think
you saw, Ms. Castillo?
Well, I saw Whitney come in
and start yelling,
and then Nikki turned her camera off.
So you saw a mother
disciplining her daughter.
Is that all?
There was a [SIGHS] thud.
You know, maybe [SIGHS] You're right.
It's It's not what I thought.
I'm sorry I disturbed you.
Ms. Castillo, Sara, hold on.
I understand that we make
mistakes when we're young,
but that is no excuse
for sending a SWAT team
to a false emergency.
Such behavior is illegal
and absolutely unacceptable.
The prosecution failed
to prove that Ms. Forstall
called 9-1-1 intending
to cause great bodily injury.
Thus, I find Ms. Forstall not guilty
- of felony swatting.
The People did, however,
prove the lesser charge.
Ms. Forstall, I find you guilty
of misdemeanor swatting.
You are placed on 12 months' probation,
during which time you must
attend mental health counseling
and repay the full cost
of the emergency response.
Last, you must write and publish
a formal letter of apology
to Culver City College.
Before I close this case, Ms. Forstall,
is there anything you wish
to say to the Court?
[WHISPERS] Stand up. It's okay.
year has been really hard,
with with barely anyone to talk to.
No hugs. N-No nothing.
It felt really special to have
something all to myself,
and for me, GrayArea54 was real.
And I loved him.
So when it was taken away, it just felt
like he took the rest
of my world away with him.
I was lost.
My hope for you is that
now that you know the truth,
you can heal
and that your parents will remain
close by your side while you do.
We will, Your Honor.
Court is adjourned.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm glad you texted me.
I can't stop thinking about our kiss.
Hmm. I guess it's not just me.
No. And I told Joaquin about us.
I like that there's an us.
There is a me and you,
and there's a me and him, kind of, us.
Oh. And what did he say?
That's TBD.
Look, I'm not asking you to wait,
and I don't expect you to understand.
I am just I just want
to be real with you both.
I love you.
And I know that those three little words
bring up complicated feelings,
but they're real for me.
ALOE BLACC: I've been sad,
I've been lost ♪
I've been down and out and lonely ♪
Yeah, I've been suffering
at a job ♪
You've got things
you need to figure out,
but I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here for you, for us.
Like, you and me, us.
'Cause the harder that we grind ♪
- Then the sweeter is the glory ♪
- Thank you.
People say I'm foolish ♪
People say I'm blinded by faith ♪
But if I run out of air,
if I crash, I don't care ♪
I'm gonna do it my way ♪
You did a superb job.
It's not easy to speak up
when you have concerns,
especially to your boss.
I'm proud of you, Ms. Powell.
Thank you, sir.
You're gonna need another blazer.
Hey-ey, hey-ey, ay ay ay ay ♪
- We doing another case?
- Youare.
Gonna do it my way ♪
As first chair.
Seriously? I will not let you down.
Do it my way ♪
What's the case?
The People v. Norman Heines.
criticize me with your lies
and with your parody ♪
I still can't get Benner's
reaction out of my head.
Listen, advocating for
a child's safety is never wrong.
- You are not wrong.
- I'm just nervous that
No, no, no. Don't be nervous.
I have an amazing officer
coming to talk to you.
Just tell them what you observed.
They'll write a report,
and they'll take it from there.
Just thank you both for this,
for being here, this is just a lot.
Where else would we be?
- Sherri.
- Thanks for coming.
Wait, Detective Harris is
the amazing officer
- who's helping me out?
- That's right.
Um, we will be in Lola's chambers
waiting for you.
But I swear till I die ♪
I'm gonna do it my way ♪
Okay, let's do this.
You and me, right here, right now.
No. You don't get to do this.
- Do what?
- Kiss my boyfriend
and then decide we're
doing this on your terms.
Look, I screwed up. Okay? Royally.
And I know it's gonna take a minute
- More than a minute.
- A-A few minutes.
What I don't understand is why.
I regretted it the moment it happened.
And I admit, it was
a petty move, going to New York,
but you and Mark are good together.
Better than good,
you're the best thing that
Okay, now you're going overboard.
And you and I have
a good partnership, too, Amy.
I would hate to see you
throw it all away
- Equal partners.
- I I'm sorry, what?
You want this to work,
we become equal partners.
'kay. Y-yes. Let's do it.
I'm still mad at you,
but it's a good start.
And when this pandemic
is officially over,
you and me got a date
in the boxing ring.
Whitney and I have been
friends for years,
but [SIGHS]
When I saw the fear in Sara's eyes,
I have to do something.
Maybe there's something no one knows,
some context to help you understand.
Yeah. [SIGHS] Yeah, thanks.
Time to go feed my baby girl.
[CHUCKLES] Such a great age.
And then there's high school.
Oh, Bailey can't even walk,
and I'm struggling to find the balance.
Uh, a little unsolicited advice?
- Please.
- Compartmentalize.
When you're at work, be present at work,
and when you get home,
check your gavel at the door
and just be Bailey's mom.
That sounds like a great place to start.
Ames. [SIGHS] You finally came.
Let go. Let go of me!
[SIGHS] Take that thing off. [SIGHS]
I want to see your face.
Brought you something.
What's that?
Collier, I've fallen
in love with someone.
I'm going to have to tell him about us.
So you told Lopez you loved her.
Hmm. [SWALLOWS] Yep.
She's the one. I'm gonna fight for her.
Hey, bravo, Romeo. Just don't go
puppy-dogging after her again.
Hey, you should be
puppy-dogging after Amy.
You're not wrong.
- What's this?
- 13 counts of conspiracy
to be filed against McCarthy.
Just hope Bravo gives us
the green light.
Then we bring his whole corrupt scheme
crashing to the ground.
Bro, I thought you'd be pumped.
I am, just processing. Cheers.
Bottoms up.
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