All Rise (2019) s02e14 Episode Script

Caught Up in Circles

Previously on "All Rise"
I kissed Luke. I have been
trying to tell you.
Do you want to be with Luke?
I care for both of them,
and trying to choose,
I feel like I just I can't.
Amy kicked me out
of the house. Thank you.
LOLA: Get mad at those
thin little lips of yours.
RACHEL: You need to
come clean about your marriage.
Collier, I've fallen
in love with someone.
I'm gonna have to tell him about us.
Sorry. Sara, I have to go.
- Oh Nikki?
I heard them get into
an[SIGHS] altercation.
I've known Whitney for years.
[SIGHS] It's not what I thought.
I'm sorry I disturbed you.
Ms. Castillo Sara, hold on.
What do you know about McCarthy
fabricating witness statements?
Watkins, you signed
a statement for McCarthy
when we were fresh out of the academy.
You don't remember?
This is how mornings should start.
You can't possibly need all this.
If this lawyering thing
doesn't work out,
you would make an excellent pack mule.
The least I can do for letting
me stay in your guest house.
Amy ready to forgive you yet?
Last time she said my name,
she didn't use any expletives.
You ready for today?
How do you get ready to have
another judge as a defendant?
- It feels wrong.
- Not just any judge
Prudence Jenkins is a legend.
I saw her on the bench
when I was in college.
It made me realize I could be a judge.
But when they filed those
bribery charges against her
- Bomb went off.
- I am just getting back to work.
Why can't I get any low-grade felonies?
- How's the McCarthy case going?
So much work.
I'm just worried about
what judge we get.
Mm. And Laski's court
is opening back up.
- [SIPS]
- What?!
What? You knew that.
Is this the face
of someone who knew that?
No, it's the face of someone
who's leaving right now.
Sherri, do you always
get here this early?
I get here before you. It's
the natural order of things.
- You do not have an appointment.
- I was helping with her bags.
He was just leaving.
Don't worry. You will not get Laski.
If I do, I'm gonna have to remove him.
Do not paper Laski!
He'll hold it against
everyone in your office.
Go good.
Go good. Sherri, always a pleasure
You do go home, right?
Good morning.
Good morning!
- Hi. How you holding up?
- Oh, I'm fine.
Things are weird between Benner and me,
but I'm fine.
I'm sure you're both
worried about Nikki.
When kids are endangered
by their parent, it
No, it is a beautiful morning,
and I am trying to count my blessings.
Absolutely. Stay positive.
Distract me. Have you
heard from Joaquin?
- Radio silence.
- Do you want to hear from Joaquin?
- Hey, Sara.
- Yeah.
- Emily.
- Good morning.
- Hey, Luke.
- Good to see you in the morning.
I mean, not not like that.
I just mean because our schedules,
we don't uh
I am late for work.
[UNDER BREATH] Awkward ♪
- I have no words.
- There she is.
- There who is?
Judge Jenkins. She's even
more impressive in person.
[SINGSONGY] Uh-oh. Looks like
she's fighting with her lawyer.
Oh, I know her lawyer. He's a bully.
Whoa. Her lawyer is crying.
The bully is crying?
Oh. Now her lawyer is leaving.
PRUDENCE? I can't believe it!
All rise.
Superior Court is now in session.
The Honorable Judge
Lola Carmichael is presiding.
You may be seated.
LOLA: Good morning.
Looks like I missed out
on all the excitement.
Calling the matter
of People v. Prudence Jenkins,
receiving a bribe
while a public official.
Counsel, your appearances.
Prudence Jenkins, Your Honor.
Clayton Berger for the People.
Uh, Judge Jenkins, I see
your attorney is not present.
Will you be requesting a continuance?
Not at this time, Your Honor.
Uh, um you won't?
It is unorthodox,
but I've decided it's best
that I represent myself.
These bribery charges
are an attack on my integrity,
my entire career.
I can't leave my fate
in someone else's hands.
I already have the waiver filled out.
I see. Then the procedure is to
go over the disadvantages verbally.
"Disadvantages to include
"but are not limited to the following
If I had a lawyer"
"That lawyer would be able
to investigate my case"
23 years on the bench and you'll
have it memorized, too.
You'll also know
when extraordinary measures
are needed to defend yourself.
Then you understand.
I hereby state that
I have read the waiver,
I understand the waiver,
and I have no questions
about the waiver.
- I know what I'm doing.
- You'll need to.
Always hard at work. Good for you, Sam.
Case isn't going to prep itself.
Luke. My office.
- On the way.
- Choi.
Morning. Hey, you got a minute?
I could use your insight
on a little judicial strategy.
- McCarthy case?
- Yeah, I just thought that the
Are we securely in your office?
- No.
- Can anyone hear us
in this location
who isn't supposed to know
the highly classified information
that makes up your top priority case?
- Yeah.
- Then I don't have time
- to talk strategy.
- But because it's for this case,
I will make time, later.
Was that all for my benefit?
Kind of. It's your lucky morning.
A convicted murderer
is eligible for release.
You'll review the file,
go to the hearing,
and be prepared to make a recommendation
- to the parole board.
- A lifer hearing.
That's That's above my pay grade.
Well, buckle in. There's more.
The recommendation is your call.
- But
- Meet Shayne Monroe.
He's been in prison for 25 years
for killing his buddy, Cyrus Wilkinson.
Shayne and Cyrus were both members
of the Hazor Brigade,
a white supremacist militia.
- [GULPS] Militia?
- Shayne mistakenly thought
that Cyrus was an FBI informant,
so he killed him.
Is there any particular reason
you chose a Black man
to attend the parole hearing
for a white supremacist?
I do have a particular reason.
The McCarthy case is heating up,
and you're a potential witness.
That means you have to be firewalled.
I thought your advocacy
of restorative justice
might lead you somewhere interesting.
You'll have the authority
to make the recommendation
you feel is appropriate,
and I'll be there.
You're welcome.
We get the wrong judge,
we might as well withdraw the charges,
scrap the whole thing.
And Laski's court just opened up.
- How does everyone know that?
- It's not a secret.
- Laski hates me.
- Also not a secret.
Close call on an objection,
Laski's love of watching me
squirm cannot be a factor.
Might have to go nuclear, paper him.
Requesting a new judge is kind of risky.
Each side only gets
one chance to do that.
I know, it's extreme, but I I'm
Hey, we got this. We got this.
High five.
- Oh okay.
- Yep.
Please state your name
and occupation for the record.
Sylvia Arthur. I'm the director
of the nonprofit Rainbow Doors.
On December 3, 2015,
did your organization receive
a donation from Andre Buckingham
in the amount of $50,000?
It did.
Your Honor, I ask that the Court
take notice
that this was the day
before Judge Jenkins
delivered her "not guilty" verdict.
How much is your average donation?
- $40.
- Ms. Arthur,
did you know who Andre Buckingham was
before that donation was made?
No. Afterwards, I learned
he is a lawyer in Santa Barbara
but nothing from our donor files.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Care to cross-examine
the witness, Your Hon
Judge Jenkins?
Thank you, Your Honor.
Good afternoon, Ms. Arthur.
As director of Rainbow Doors,
how familiar are you with its donors?
I know many of them personally,
some I even consider friends.
- Do you know every donor?
- No.
You testified that you were
surprised to receive
a donation from Andre Buckingham
because he'd never given
to Rainbow Doors before.
How many donors give
for the first time annually?
Many. Each year our goal
is for 10% to be first-time donors.
When Mr. Buckingham made his donation,
did he in any way mention me
or that his client was
appearing in my courtroom?
- He did not.
- Have there ever been
first-time donors
who you later found out
had heard about
the organization from me?
Oh, yes. Many times.
The money raised through
your network has enabled us
to give a lot of queer
homeless kids a place to stay.
Did Mr. Buckingham ever tell you
that he was donating
because your organization
- was brought to his attention by me?
- Objection.
- Overruled.
- Sustained.
Apologies, Your Honor.
Force of habit. I meant no disrespect.
Apology accepted, but I will handle
the objections in my courtroom.
I think that would be best.
No further questions.
You may step down.
Well, you can remind Deputy Lori
that his testimony ensures that McCarthy
won't be in a position to retaliate.
No, it's not the same thing.
Cold feet is not a negotiating
position for your client.
No, do not put me on hold.
You always had a way with people.
I swear, this case, it's like if I'm not
convincing someone to testify,
I'm explaining someone's
immunity deal for the hundredth time.
At least I managed
to convince Bravo to let me
paper Laski if Judge Benner
assigns him to the case.
- You did not.
- I did.
It's really good to see you.
You, too.
There are things to say.
Yeah. [CHUCKLES] There are.
I-I-I know you're swamped,
so I was thinking
a hike this weekend
to talk things through?
- I like that thinking.
- Good.
Sorry for the hold-up. How can I help?
Mr. Callan? Hello?
Yeah. [SIGHS]
One down.
Don't put me on hold a [SIGHS]
[WHISPERS] Hey. High five.
Uh, Luke Watkins, D.A.'s office?
So what's this all about?
The D.A.'s office can weigh in
on whether or not
the parole board
should grant someone parole.
Why are you here?
The answer should be obvious.
I want to know about Shayne's victim.
Your brother, Cyrus.
Look, I don't know what you heard,
but Cyrus wasn't like those
other guys in the militia.
He wasn't a killer, like Shayne Monroe.
- What was he like?
- He was a normal kid.
Liked working on cars.
He was stubborn as hell.
But also funny, really funny.
After he was killed,
my mom never really
got her laugh back.
Does the parole board care about that?
The parole board's
main concern is whether or not
Shayne will be a danger
to the community.
Cyrus wasn't a danger to the community.
He didn't believe in
that white supremacist stuff.
He was a good kid.
If Cyrus never got a second chance,
why should Shayne Monroe
ever get out of prison?
I really hope you're the kind of man
who'll keep him there.
I wrote a paper about
Judge Jenkins in college,
and one of my professors knew her.
She introduced us,
and we just we clicked.
How long were you Judge Jenkins'
judicial assistant?
Just four years. I thought I was
gonna be there a lot longer.
How would you describe the relationship
between Judge Jenkins and the lawyer
Andre Buckingham?
Objection, Your Honor. Lacks foundation.
Sustained. Mr. Berger,
care to try again?
What, if anything, did you see
between the defendant
and attorney Andre Buckingham?
They were professional at first,
then he started crossing lines,
and I just never understood
why the judge didn't stop him.
- Like what?
- He would tell her that
he had tickets to an event or something,
at Will Call under his name
if she wanted them. It just
It flew in the face of all of
the amazing work that she'd done.
Did you overhear a conversation
between Judge Jenkins and Mr. Buckingham
in December of 2015 that troubled you?
They were in the judge's chambers,
and I heard him talking about his client
who was on trial for money laundering.
I-I thought she should
have kicked him out,
- because that is so unethical.
- Objection. Hearsay.
It informs the defendant's
statement, Your Honor.
- Overruled, but
- Your Honor, with all due respect,
asking a witness about
what a third party said
is textbook hearsay.
Judge Jenkins, I would advise
against interrupting me.
If you hadn't, I could have
finished instructing the witness
to stick to the actions
made by the defendant.
Well, all she said was,
"You shouldn't be here,"
because they were
in the middle of the trial.
- Can I say that?
- I will allow it. Thank you.
Judge Jenkins, would you
like to cross-examine?
Ms. Carlile, the tickets
that Mr. Buckingham
allegedly left for me at will call,
did you ever see me pick them up?
- No.
- Do you know if
for example, I paid for them,
voiding their status as gifts?
- Uh, no.
- I see.
Please tell the Court why I fired you.
You know that was a mistake.
Ms. Carlile, please,
just answer the question.
Uh, sorry, Your Honor.
I made one scheduling mistake,
and I apologized.
And did that one scheduling error
fit within a pattern of mistakes
- and overlooked details?
- I wouldn't call it a pattern.
And what was the immediate
effect of that error?
You were a few minutes late.
Isn't it true that I, the judge,
only showed up at that trial
because the bailiff came to get me?
Objection. Relevance.
- Sustained.
- Overruled.
Once was funny, Judge Jenkins.
Won't happen again, Your Honor.
Isn't it true that
when you were terminated,
security had to remove you
from the building?
- They escort everyone out.
- And while being removed,
- you said
- You knew what you were doing.
"I know your secrets and I will tell
- anyone who listens"?
- I believed in you,
- and you fired me!
- Answer the question.
That's enough! Ms. Carlile,
did those events take place?
Yes or no?
- They happened.
- Thank you.
I hope you lose everything,
and I get to watch!
She is ruthless!
Okay, everybody.
Just take a deep breath.
I knew this case was gonna test me,
but not like this. So many feelings.
And I'm the one who has to see through
all the emotions to the facts.
Judge on trial?
Believe this verdict
is gonna be remembered.
- The pressure.
- Imagine losing your job
over a mistake on a calendar.
She was late for her own trial.
Judge Jenkins must've been mortified.
But that's no reason to fire the woman.
Oh, you only say that because
you're not an assistant.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Your Honor. I didn't
Sherri, it's okay. I just want
to know what you meant.
It's just
Judge Jenkins is a great
and powerful person,
and she has had people
tell her how great
and powerful she is for a long time,
and the thing you cannot do
to powerful people is embarrass them.
Yes, Your Honor.
You are also a great
and powerful person.
And your perspective
is valued around here.
I appreciate that, Your Honor.
Thank you.
I want to get an idea
of who Mr. Monroe is,
how he spends his time in prison.
We don't usually get in-person visits.
Most D.A.s just read the file.
My office takes parole seriously.
I've only worked with Shayne
a few years,
but he's been focused on
self-improvement the whole time.
You're not going to get "danger
to the community" out of me.
Does he have any people on the outside?
Family, friends, contacts?
Prison does a pretty good job of
- destroying social bonds.
- Listen,
I'm trying to approach this
with an open mind.
If there's anything you wish
D.A.s would ask
I'll admit that when a lot of
guys see parole coming up,
they start saying all the right things,
but it's all excuses and they
just talk about themselves.
But with Shayne, he talks
about his victim all the time.
By name. Cyrus Wilkinson.
I feel like I know him.
Please state your name
and occupation for the record.
Andre Buckingham, lawyer.
Mr. Buckingham, how would you describe
your professional relationship
with the defendant?
Very successful.
I could rely on her to be a fair judge,
and she could rely on me
for certain perks.
Perks. Such as theater tickets,
fine wines?
Objection, leading the witness.
I'm establishing a pattern of behavior.
Then let your witness
testify. Sustained.
What do you mean, perks?
Tickets to sold-out shows.
Once a client paid me
with a 2010 Château Margaux.
I gave it to Judge Jenkins.
Mr. Buckingham, what was different
about the case in December of 2015?
I couldn't win it.
One of my most important clients
was up for money laundering
and the case against him was rock solid.
And what did you do about that?
I realize now I made a poor decision.
I knew her weak spot.
So I told her if my client
was found not guilty,
a substantial donation could be
made to her favorite charity.
And how did Judge Jenkins respond
when you presented this offer?
All I had to do
was mention Rainbow Doors,
and she was on board.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Judge Jenkins?
Mr. Buckingham.
Did you recently plead guilty
to multiple charges of extortion?
Regretfully, I did.
Including an instance in which
you threatened baseless lawsuits
against a mother-and-daughter
owned wellness center
unless they paid thousands of dollars?
At the time, I believed
I was protecting consumers.
Did you extort the wellness center?
The law says I did.
Uh-huh. And after you were charged,
did you attempt to negotiate
a reduced sentence
by claiming knowledge of further crimes?
You know how a plea deal works.
And you know how to weaponize the law.
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Sustained.
I want you to help me understand.
Isn't it true that you used gifts
and a substantial donation
to try to curry favor with a judge?
I did not try. I successfully
Isn't it true that you use your position
as a lawyer to threaten and intimidate?
I admit, I may have erred in the past.
And isn't it true
that you pride yourself
on your ability to outmaneuver people
in negotiation?
I was very good at my job.
And isn't it then reasonable to conclude
that you are the kind of person
who would say or do anything
to avoid the consequences
- of your criminal behavior?
- Objection.
- Overruled.
- Sustained. Judge Jenkins,
you will remember
whose courtroom you are in
and act accordingly.
This is your final warning.
I think we all need a recess.
Everyone involved with
this case is terrible!
They should all be sent to an island
where they can only hurt each other.
A cold island.
I can't tell if Buckingham
is lying or just gross.
And if Judge Jenkins
interrupts Judge Carmichael
one more time, I am going to
march right up to her,
and I'm gonna give her a piece
You okay?
That was Whitney.
That was Nikki's mom.
Obviously I can't discuss
an ongoing case
in the courthouse I oversee,
but I wanted to reach out as a friend.
Thank you. I appreciate that. All of it.
The arraignment must have been
difficult for you.
Apparently it's just illegal
to be a good parent.
If you need any help with Nikki
You cannot recommend any more tutors.
Whitney, we can't talk about the case,
but we can talk about how you're doing.
I'm not at my best.
I know that.
The pandemic gutted the restaurant.
- I barely leave the house.
- You can call anytime.
And Nikki is so difficult.
She's always been so difficult.
Do you remember how colicky
she was as a baby?
- I didn't sleep for months.
- Well
And it's it's just never stopped.
Now she is willfully tanking her grades.
I think her teachers
don't even like her.
I don't know that I blame them.
W [SIGHS] Look,
parenting is very challenging.
[SIGHS] She thinks I am so strict.
She has no idea what strict is.
I see.
Am I a hypocrite?
[CHUCKLES] You lied about
making good margaritas,
but I don't think
that makes you a hypocrite.
Parole hearing has me spinning.
You know, you can't keep using work
as an excuse to talk to me.
Okay, this is strictly business.
If I say something too personal,
just say"margarita."
You mean like a safe word?
Okay, what do you got?
Murderer up for parole.
Victim's brother wants him to rot.
- Understandable.
- I've risked my job
fighting for restorative justice,
saying people are more than their crime,
that change is possible and that
- What is different about this?
- Murder.
And the murderer is a white supremacist,
- militia type.
- So Choi assigns this
to the first Black lawyer he could find.
- Like it's a test.
- With no right answers.
And why is it that we
always have to forgive them?
Yes, but
is this actually about forgiveness?
Or is the real question does
he pose a threat if released?
That is my point.
At the root of this is a question
of the entire justice system.
Are you putting too much on this?
It's about retribution
versus rehabilitation,
and are some crimes
beyond rehabilitation?
I get it. I do. I want it all, too.
Dismantle systemic racism.
Reform parole.
Pursue restorative justice. I want that.
But, one fight at a time,
and you have to know
which fight you are fighting right now.
But this wasn't about
our personal lives.
No, but [SIGHS]
Work and play tend to
get mixed up around you.
You mean, like, as a general rule?
I can only speak
from my own experiences.
And thanks for the advice.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The prosecution rests, Your Honor.
Judge Jenkins, the floor is yours.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I begin by calling my first witness,
Judge Prudence Jenkins.
Judge Jenkins,
you're behaving recklessly.
I understand the legal risks.
With all due respect, Your Honor,
if I were in your seat,
I'd defer to the more experienced judge.
For an intelligent person whose
entire career is on the line,
Judge Jenkins is doing everything wrong.
- Your Honor
- First, she wants to represent herself,
and then she wants to testify?
- It is unorthodox.
- It is the behavior of an amateur.
- She is getting under your skin.
Have you considered it is her strategy?
To distract me? Of course!
Because I feel like
the key to this whole case
is already in front of me,
like I've missed it somehow.
Judge Carmichael.
Mr. Sanders, an appointment
would be appropriate.
Ah. In the building.
Potential state office run.
Can't say who.
And yet you want me to know.
How can we help you, Mr. Sanders?
A political donor with
significant capacity can't say,
but he was instrumental
in the governor's race.
This donor mentioned you.
- Is there a point?
- If you'd like there to be.
Mr. Sanders, I am
in the midst of a trial.
Understood. I'll be in touch.
What am I supposed to do with that?
"I'll be in touch."
You should get an alarm.
- Anybody could just walk in.
Twice in a month.
What'd I do to deserve this?
You married me.
Not for long. Papers are on the table.
Thank you.
I'd left these in order.
I get scattered.
Collier, is this how much
your treatments cost
- without my insurance?
- I'm getting it straightened out.
- Don't worry.
- I still owe you.
We didn't keep score.
That's not how love works.
You worked insane hours.
You kept me in law school.
Well, I could work then.
I'm not your responsibility.
Lonesome river ♪
I lost the stars on my way ♪
Lord, I am a sinner ♪
Hell-bent on changing his way ♪
would you like to join us at the front?
I take responsibility for my crime.
You have to know that I'm no longer
a part of the Hazor Brigade.
I'm not a danger to the community.
Thank you, Mr. Monroe.
Mr. Watkins?
Madame Chair, Mr. Monroe says
he's taken anger management courses.
Could he describe
a de-escalation technique?
CHAIR: Mr. Monroe?
Sure. There's a lot of different
Mostly, it's an attitude shift.
But you can count to 10.
Madame Chair, could Mr. Monroe
recite the third precept
of the Hazor Brigade?
United States is a white nation,
as ordained by God,
to be governed by the appointed.
I became friends with a lot of
African American men in here.
- Could Mr. Monroe explain
how he plans to support
himself if released?
Won't be easy, I know.
I've been in here a long time,
and people drift away.
I regret killing Cyrus
every single day.
- I didn't plan on it.
- If it wasn't planned,
could Mr. Monroe explain
why he was armed
with a Sig Sauer P320 when
he went to meet with Cyrus?
We were always armed. I mean, we were
[SIGHS] I'm not making excuses.
I chose to believe lies,
and I've been so sorry
You don't fool me.
- Ms. Wilkinson
- That's all right.
I don't expect for you to forgive me.
Don't buy his act. Don't believe it.
- He was almost repentant.
- He wants out.
That's the thing. Am I a prosecutor that
believes in punishment
or rehabilitation?
- Cyrus Wilkinson was murdered.
- I know.
The two people most connected
to that are inside.
The important thing is how
your possible recommendation
affects them,
not what it says about you.
When a defendant represents herself,
more flexibility
is demanded of the court.
If I need clarification, I will ask.
And once we have finished,
the People will be given
the opportunity to cross-examine.
- More than fair, Your Honor.
- You may proceed.
I want to state on the record
that I stand by my verdict.
To criminalize a verdict
you disagree with is dangerous,
dangerous for judges,
dangerous for the law.
I am most interested
in the case at hand.
Andre Buckingham is corrupt.
And if he hadn't been so busy
looking for shortcuts,
he would've seen that the prosecution
failed to prove the case
against his client.
And every defendant is innocent
until proven guilty.
I am aware.
Mr. Buckingham's donation
was a calculated attack against me.
Did I mention Rainbow Doors
to him at some point?
Certainly. But they do such vital work
that I often try to send
new donors their way.
Question has anyone else
donated at your suggestion?
Many people, Your Honor.
You've heard from
Sylvia Arthur, their director.
When she gets a donation from
someone she doesn't recognize,
she's started calling me to
find out if I referred them.
That is how many donors
I've sent their way.
I see.
And did she call you on the day
of Buckingham's donation?
Pardon me?
Did Sylvia Arthur call you
the day she received
the $50,000 donation?
You are asking for more than
clarification, Your Honor.
Then perhaps you haven't read
the latest bench guide?
It clearly states
that in cases like these,
judges must ask questions
and modify procedures
to bring out all relevant facts.
Be that as it may, Your Honor,
there's a fine line between
bringing out all the relevant facts
and doing the People's job for them.
Then in the interest of neutrality,
I withdraw the question.
Thank you, Your Honor.
- Anything further?
- No, Your Honor.
Mr. Berger, do you care to
cross-examine Judge Jenkins?
Not at this time, Your Honor.
But I would like to recall
Sylvia Arthur to the stand.
Ms. Arthur, did you speak
to Judge Jenkins
the day you received
Mr. Buckingham's donation?
I did.
What was the content of that call?
Ms. Arthur.
Judge Jenkins, uh, told me to call her
as soon as I received the donation
to make sure it went through.
BERGER: You didn't think to
divulge this information earlier?
I answered every question I was asked.
You didn't question
where the money came from?
Objection, argumentative.
Sustained. You don't need to answer.
You have no idea what we're up against.
40% of homeless youth
in this country are LGBTQ,
and we have to beg for support.
So when someone offers
my organization $50,000,
part of being good at my job is knowing
which questions not to ask.
Did Judge Jenkins tell you
the donation was coming
before it was made?
No further questions, Your Honor.
Can we walk and talk?
Uh, Benner's taking the bench
in a minute,
and I've got Corrine Cuthbert
and her bag of tricks.
I wouldn't try to pull you away
if it wasn't something
Uh I want to talk.
It's just, I have
Tonight, then? At home?
- At home?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Feels just like Christmas
morning, doesn't it, Callan?
You need a miracle?
If we get Laski,
we paper him immediately.
- You ready?
- Form 170.6 is my favorite form.
- Yes.
All rise.
Calling the matter of
People v. Wayne McCarthy.
Counsel, your appearances.
Corrine Cuthbert on his behalf.
He is present.
Mark Callan for the People.
You may be seated.
When a controversial case
catches public attention,
people speculate
on the judge's leanings.
The primary duty of a judge
is not leaning.
Counsel would do well to remember that.
The matter of People v. McCarthy
is assigned to Judge Albert Campbell.
- Mm.
- We can work with Campbell.
Love Campbell.
That's not gonna work for me.
Hold on. I've got it.
Ms. Cuthbert, as you found
fault in my original choice,
we'll need to move on
to the next available judge.
Thank you.
Judge Lola Carmichael will preside.
Judge "Defund the Police"?
You're joking.
Judge Carmichael is meticulously fair
and highly respected.
She's the next judge in line.
Everyone in this courthouse
knows that Judge Carmichael
and Mr. Callan are personally close.
I don't want to file
an affidavit of actual bias.
Should you chose to do so, Ms. Cuthbert,
there is a form for that as well.
Carmichael. High five.
You see Carmichael as an advantage.
I will make her your Achilles' heel.
This is not good.
Shayne Monroe has asked us
to believe a lot today.
He's asked us to believe
that he regrets his crime,
to believe he is capable of change.
Mr. Watkins, are you
making a recommendation?
Mr. Watkins.
Thank you.
Shayne must've died inside
when he saw you.
Mr. Monroe doesn't have
a good support network outside.
He needs more insight
on how his ideology
drove him to kill, but
if he works on those issues,
he could be released,
especially if those he harmed
came to support it.
My brother joined that militia
because he thought the country
was failing the people
it was supposed to take care of.
Don't prove him right.
Do you think that
compassion for a criminal
is the same as cruelty to a victim?
I gave you this assignment hoping
you would ask questions like that.
As long as you keep asking them,
you're doing a good job, Watkins.
I lost the stars on my way ♪
Will the defendant please stand?
There has been a lot of debate
in the last year
about holding law enforcement
to a higher standard.
I believe the judicial branch
should be asking those same questions.
Rigorous adherence to ethical standards
is how we protect the integrity
of this institution.
On the count of agreeing to take a bribe
in violation of PC 93,
this Court finds the defendant
guilty as charged.
The clerk shall record
the verdict as rendered.
Only two years in, you think you know.
It's only two years in.
Mrs. Jenkins, you will be given
the opportunity
to speak at sentencing.
For years, we see people at their worst.
And even as a judge,
you can never do enough.
You will see a chance
to make a real impact,
and you will do the right thing,
even if it isn't legal.
Do not pretend your moral failing
was some sort of grand sacrifice.
The right thing is the legal
thing, especially for us.
Enjoy your superiority while it lasts.
Enjoy? Do you have any idea
what you have done?
If a judge can be bribed,
how can we ever
convince someone on the margins
that this building stands for them, too?
That they can find justice here?
I once thought that
you blazed a trail for me,
but now you're just in my way.
Sentencing will be in two weeks.
We are done here.
It wasn't skepticism. It was fear.
When you came to me about Whitney,
I-I just didn't want to believe it,
- and I-I handled it poorly.
- Yes.
I-I can't apologize enough.
What you did took bravery.
Whitney is your friend,
but she is not well,
and she's gonna need
a lot of help to get better.
Good night.
- I have got to do more cardio.
I'm putting a spin bike in my chambers.
Jenkins threatened everything
I love about this job.
- Jenkins?
- Yeah. Jenkins.
- What?
- You haven't been told?
Don't tell me you kissed somebody else.
I don't even want to know.
Lo, Benner named the presiding
judge in the McCarthy case.
It's you.
That is a surprise.
This is gonna get ugly.
You have a family now.
I'm a judge, it's what
I've been called to do.
And even though we won't be
able to talk for a while
- Not even a little bit?
- Not even a little. We will be okay.
This McCarthy case, it's big, Lola,
and Cuthbert is gonna
hit us with everything
All right, go.
- Now?
- Yes, now.
Just standing here could tank your case.
- Starting tomorrow.
- And move out of the guest house, stat.
- Love you.
- Love you, too, goof.
I was wrong about us.
I preferred you talking about work.
I'm sorry. I couldn't wait.
You want to sit?
I've been thinking about
our future like it's one
single decision.
You choose me, I choose you, the end.
You've put me under a lot of pressure.
And that's where I was wrong.
It's not one huge decision.
It's a hundred little ones.
You know, building a life
together isn't jumping off a cliff.
- It's
- Climbing up one?
It's having faith that
your partner's gonna choose you
every one of those little times.
I want you to have faith in me.
That everyday, simple "yes"?
That sounds wonderful.
[SIGHS] I worry that I only know
how to operate in crisis mode.
I want to stop and just be
uncomplicated with someone.
With me.
I think about it a lot.
Me saying "I love you" is not
the first step in the relationship.
But what What if we took one?
One one simple,
one uncomplicated one?
What would that first step look like?
Little choices. I'll cook you dinner.
That sounds nice.
As long as there are
no margaritas involved.
Okay? [LAUGHS]
Because, wow. They're so bad.
This is nice.
you have every right to be angry.
I did something so stupid,
and then I made it worse
- by not telling you I
- Mark, I've been trying
Look, I know you have.
And the fact that you're
- even considering
- I'm married.
It surprises me ♪
We were young.
For a while, it was
We were each other's ticket out.
He was actually the reason I
- Out of what?
- What?
Your ticket out of what?
Just a small town, I guess.
- I wanted to be extraordinary.
- Amy
you are extraordinary.
But we grew up, and apart.
We decided to end things, but
then he got sick and
- I need to take a walk.
- Mark
- Come on, Mark. Ask me anything.
There's no way I won't see you again ♪
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