All Rise (2019) s02e16 Episode Script

Leap of Faith

Previously on "All Rise"
You have shown me how much
bigger my world can be.
- I just want to be real with you both.
- I love you.
Next time you have the right
case, it's us Batman and Robin.
Luke, if you testify that
you falsified evidence,
you could lose your job.
I'm married.
Collier, is this how much
your treatments cost
- without my insurance?
- I'm not your responsibility.
- You saved Nikki.
- I think I might want some time,
figure some stuff out.
PROTESTERS: Defund the police!
- Mr. Sanders.
- You were right
to be concerned about your re-election.
The police union is putting
someone up against you.
They're coming for your seat.
- Nice meeting you, Justin.
- Pleasure meeting you.
Yeah. Bye.
Hey, beautiful lady, how about you and I
say our goodbyes and split this joint?
There's a Ritz-Carlton
right up the street.
I'm sure there is a room
with our names on it.
[LAUGHS] We just got here.
We can't just leave.
- David said
- David? Ince when David
get a say whether or not I get to
take my fine wife to a hotel room?
- Okay, what did David say?
- That if someone is coming for my seat,
I need endorsers and backers,
and they're all here
at the Hamilton Club.
I thought u weren't interested
in engaging in political warfare.
I'm not! But I love being a judge,
and if running a proper campaign
is what helps me stay on the bench
There is Maxine Waters.
I'm about to go reclaim my time!
Hey, Robin, I was hoping
you both would come.
David can very persistent.
- And persuasive.
- Hmm. Lisa, you look great.
- Thank you.
- This must be Georgia.
Lola Carmichael.
I feel like I already know you.
Lisa talks about you all the time.
All good, I hope.
Mostly about how you both
hold my feet to the fire.
Sanders made sure
some real key players
were here this evening.
Yes. I was just gonna go
and say hi to Maxine Waters.
Well, an endorsement from Maxine would
turn the right people's heads.
Apologies, but if you don't mind,
I need to steal this lovely lady.
[WHISPERS] Oh. Okay. Nice meeting you.
Got another one of your colleagues
from the D.A.'s office. You want to
- Lola's star is certainly rising.
- Yes, it certainly is.
- Mr. Garcetti.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
You have been so missed at the H.O.J.
Oh, I miss y'all, too.
Ugh, your case is all over the news.
My social media is flooded with
"Martin Moore's son
charged with murder."
[SCOFFS] They only care
about Alexander Moore
because his daddy may be the next mayor.
Meanwhile, my client is
dragged into the media circus.
- What was his name again? James?
- Jack.
Jack Allen. Murder trial,
two defendants,
no murder weapon.
Guess who I am teamed up with?
I'll get dinner started.
Okay. I'll be there in one sec.
- Wait, is that
- Yes.
Yeah, he is in town
and wanted to make sure
I was eating a proper meal.
- Nice. And, uh
the fact that Luke said,
"I love you"?
I know what Luke said.
the trip to Rosarito affected me
more than I was expecting.
When are you slated to return?
Well [SIGHS]
I'm taking some extra time off
to explore something new.
I'll be shadowing
a social worker next week.
That is so great, Sara.
I'm proud of you.
Hey, wait, who did you say
you're teamed up with?
Amy Quinn and Rachel Audubon.
- They're defending Moore's son.
- Oh. A dream team!
- Hey.
Surprised you'd show up
to one of these things.
I would've skipped it, but
I wanted to be here for Lo.
Where is she, by the way?
Grippin' and grinnin' over there.
Well, looking like a natural.
- Well, that's our Lo.
- Oh ho! Rach.
- Good seeing you.
- Good to seen.
Wish everybody felt that way.
- Rach, come on.
- I'm kidding.
- Where's Amy?
- Um, she's not here.
She thought it would be too awkward.
It's only awkward because she's
not returning my calls now.
Well, what do you expect?
You walked out on her.
After she told me she was married.
Wait, what? Amy's married?
- I would've walked ou too.
- Thank you.
Don't worry, Callan.
You'll see her plenty.
Just wish it wasn't
inside of a courtroom.
She's married?
The D.A.'s office is always gonna be
looking at me sideways now.
Why? It was your testimony
that put McCarthy away.
Yeah, but I knowingly falsified
a repo as a deputy,
so now every case,
every plea gets scrutinized.
- That's not a good look on you.
- Or the D.A.
- You can get fired over this?
- They don't even have to do that.
I'm still new here.
I could just conveniently
not make it off probation.
Look, they don't take you,
come work for me.
- What? Really?
- If the D.A.'s office
can't appreciate the kind of
hard work you're putting in,
they don't deserve you.
Still, a lot of D.A.s
fighting the good fight.
Are there?
Yeah. Whoo.
Then why you sitting here talking to me?
I will never be what you want
and that's all right ♪
That my skin ain't light ♪
- BRAVO: Callan, come over here.
- Hey.
I was just telling Choi
how impressed I am with Samantha.
You know, it's rare you see a young D.A.
excel so much during
their probationary period.
Sam's a real good egg.
Luke Watkins is, too.
Yeah, ke's a good guy. I just think
he's a little confused
about his job description.
CHOI: I don't always agree
with his process,
- but I like that he challenges.
- MAN: Hey, Bravo!
I couldn't have won the case
against McCarthy without him.
In fact, I'm bringing him
on to the Moore case.
Oh, let's err on the side of caution.
- Let him lay low for a minute.
- But I already asked
You can have anyone else
in that second chair.
Just not Luke.
And very soon,
I'll soon fly over you ♪
And what you gonna do ♪
- When I fly over you? ♪
hiding from Sanders?
I just needed a moment to myself.
Lisa, I don't know if
I'm ready for all of this.
- Of course you are.
- Judge? Judge Carmichael?
Just focus on surviving the night
and give yourself some grace
in tackling the rest.
There you are. I scored
some time with Maxine Waters.
It's turning out to be
quite a night, huh, Lisa?
And that's all right
'cause my skin ain't light ♪
Follow me, Judge.
That's all right ♪
Sanders was big on monopolizing
your time last night.
- He was just trying to help.
- Man has no respect for boundaries.
Sanders can be a little
presumptuous at times,
but I like how adept he is at
pling the politics of it all.
Having a shark like him watching my back
- is a welcome change.
- I thought I had it covered.
You do, husband, when you're here.
- Oh.
- And that is not shade.
- Sure feels like shade.
- You know me,
I'm the last person
to ask for help, but
- Uh-oh, what is it?
Next trial's already in the news.
It's gonna be like that
from here on out.
Whoops. Big mess.
She's my baby girl!
[SMOOCHES] Bye, my Bailey.
Bye, my little girl.
Oh! Oh! Ugh! I'm running late.
We can finish this conversation
- when I get back home tonight?
- Okay.
- I love you.
- Love you.
- Have a good day.
- You, too.
[BABY TALK] "Have a good day, mama."
- How you feeling?
- Excellent.
I saw Mark last night
at the Hamilton Club.
- Ah.
- He asked about you.
- Please don't.
- [SIGHS] The first time you see Mark
should not be inside a courtroom.
That's not gonna be good for anybody.
This is the last time I will say this.
I am more than goowith Mark
being the prosecutor.
And there is absolutely no reason why
- this will affect our case.
- Well, okay.
- Okay.
- All right, well, buckle up,
because the man
pulling the purse strings
has paid us a visit.
Is everything all right?
My son got nervous
when you called us over.
[SCOFFS] Everything is fine.
Yes, we talked to your father
already about this,
but we wanted you to know
that we want to waive jury
and have a bench trial.
Why? Is that a Is that a good thing?
I already told him
it's the best thing for him,
but you know kids. They won't believe it
until they hear it from someone else.
Ah. This is your trial, Alex.
You can ask any questions you want.
Now, your father is a powerful
figure in the community
Now, We feel there's a powerful
a very good chance that
some jurors may hold that against you
and view you as some privileged kid
who thinks he can
get away with anything.
And Jack agreed to this?
As soon as it started getting
heated between Alex and Russell,
I separated them and then
got the hell out of there.
- You and Alex?
- Yeah.
Why, did Alex say different?
No. Why would you think he would?
You've both been consistent
in your stories.
I just wish I had someone
to corroborate it.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Yeah.
Okay, why don't you
Why don't you grab a bite,
something to drink? I will
see you in about an hour.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Everything okay?
- I got kicked off Mark's case.
- Oh.
Well, I mean, don't take it personal.
It's a high-profile case,
lot of moving pieces.
- I guess.
- Yeah.
Hey, would you, um
I don't know, dinner tonight?
Oh, um, just, this murder trial,
- I am like
- Sure, yeah. Of course.
Well, if you need someone
to bounce stuff off, find me.
Of course.
- Thank you, for the
- Yeah.
MARK: When did Martin Moore
become such a celebrity?
When the M in "millionaire"
turned into a "B."
- Hmm.
- Morning.
Mr. Carver Thank you for being here.
Well, don't thank me yet, Callan.
It has been a while since I've
taken a swing at the big leagues.
- Wow, you clean up nice.
- No need for compliments.
Let's just get to work, people.
- Sure you know what you're doing?
- Oh, 'bout to find out.
- SAM: All right.
- MARK: All right, where we at?
Jack Allen and Alexander Moore.
Both 19, both sophomores at USC.
Got COVID cabin fever,
and went venturing off
to one of those parties in the hills.
So they get the munchies,
and they leave the party,
At the diner, they run into Melissa,
an old high school friend.
They get to talking, reminiscing.
That's when the boyfriend
comes back Russell Thomas.
The boys get into it, Melissa runs away,
and when she comes back, Russell's dead.
Now the security cameras
did not capture the murder.
We haven't been able to talk
to Melissa yet.
Russels death really affected her,
and she's been
in an institution for treatment.
How did this case
ever make it through prelim?
Comes with the name Martin Moore.
They didn't just improvise the crime.
They had the weapon on them,
which shows premeditation,
and we believe that jealousy
had a big part.
Jack and Melissa had a thing
at some point,
and Melissa had never deleted photos
- from three years ago on her Instagram.
- Okay, okay.
Let's focus now
on what most concerns me.
Where the hell is the murder weapon?
Come on, people, the whole
"BLM judge" thing is getting old.
- Morning, Carmichael.
- I have done and continue to do
many things in my career,
and these people continue
to focus on this one event!
Carmichael, hold up.
- I just need to tell you
- Good morning.
- Last night was a success.
- Ahh
- I was trying to warn you.
- Sanders,
no more popping up
in my office unannounced.
I appreciate your hard work,
but I also appreciate boundaries.
I'll make sure to make
a proper appointment next time.
- Thank you.
- The right people
are now interested in backing you.
No surprise the media's requesting
access to your courtroom.
Are we allowing them in?
I'm not sure yet. This case
is already high profile.
I don't want it turning
into a spectacle.
- Embrace the attention.
- He's right.
You've had enough bad press.
Grab 'em while they're now on your side.
It continues along your transparency.
As long as that's all that it is.
Your Honor
- We have a full schedule.
- Yes.
Sherri, please make sure
Mr. Sanders' next visit
- is on my calendar.
- Sure thing, Your Honor.
Mr. Sanders, this way.

"Leaving it to his brother Elmo."
Elmo? [LAUGHS]
What if we had a business
where all we did
was come up with the names
for the bar exam?
Ooh, I like the way your mind works.
I like the way
your mind works. [LAUGHS]
- You two are at it early.
- Oh, this one is
- a genius at flash cards.
- Yes, she is.
- Ooh! And just like that, one is
the work day begins. Thank you.
Oh, hey. Hear anything about
your performance review yet?
Nope. But I heard from August Fox.
- Okay!
- He actually offered me a job.
Wow, Luke. You really think
you'll be able to do
as much good at Fox's little nonprofit?
I mean, no offense, but this
is the L.A. D.A.'s office.
And is the good we do here good enough?
We all want to make
the world a better place.
We just don't know how.
I mean, why don't you just
try a different approach
- in this office first?
- Ness is right.
Mark's not the only D.A. here.
Why don't you shadow someone else?
- See how they do things.
- Berger?
I was thinking someone
a little more decent.
That's my cue. Bye.
Uh, Maggie?
- Maggie?
- Mr. Watkins.
[SIGHS] Do you have a second chair?
- I don't.
- Do you need one?
This is an office of a thousand lawyers.
You can't just assign yourself
to whomever and wherever you wish.
I'm aware of that. I'll speak with Choi.
You tried to school me once
on how to successfully
make it in this office. I'm listening.
We shall see.
Maybe there's hope
for you yet, Mr. Watkins.
Why haven't you returned my calls?
Silence is also an answer, Callan.
Can we find some time to talk?
BAILIFF: All rise.
You may be seated.
On the record, in the People
vs. Allen and Moore,
both are present
and represented by counsel,
and the People are present.
Before we get started,
I have received a request
to have TV cameras in the courtroom.
I hope that this has not
been fueled by any of you.
- No, Your Honor.
- Not at all, Your Honor.
Ms. Audubon, I understand
there's something
you wish to address with the Court?
Yes, Your Honor.
On behalf of my client, we have decided
to waive our right to a jury trial.
- And we join.
- People?
No. Absolutely not.
Your Honor, we thought
about transferring
to another court in L.A. County,
but we felt that Mr. Moore
is very well-known all across the state.
So we are requesting
a bench trial instead.
This is L.A. Famous people
have trials all the time.
The people of this community
deserve to be involved,
and they have the right to a jury trial.
Ms. Lopez, how can you
be on board with this?
- Mr. Callan, please.
- It wasn't an easy decision.
- Don't play into their game, Emily.
- This is no game.
- There are two lives at stake.
- And one has already been lost.
Counsel, please.
How much is Moore paying you
to stack the deck?
- Cheap shot, Callan.
- Ah, well, that's all he knows.
Mr. Callan, that is a big accusation.
- That is enough.
- Your Honor. [SIGHS]
We are just at pre-trial motions,
and it's already a thing in there.
And who does Sanders think he is
barging into my office unannounced?
- Lisa? You okay?
Do you think I'm moving too fast?
I mean, I know it's way too fast,
but do you think
it's too fast for Georgia?
- W-will it scare her off?
- Lisa, breathe.
Oh! Why am I so nervous?
Oh, I can't stop my stomach
from doing pirouettes
every time I think about her,
which is all the time.
You really love her,
and she's perfect for you.
Oh, she is, isn't she?
But is it too soon? It's too soon.
It's a big step,
but what does your gut say?
It says it's right.
We're not getting any younger,
and what's the point of waiting?
When you know, you know. Just make sure
that Georgia's ready
to take that step with you.
But how do I know if she's ready?
Ask her.
Here come the pirouettes.
You took your stuff out of the house?
I said I needed time,
not that we should move on.
I have wanted to talk for weeks.
But I did my best
to give you your space,
which hasn't been easy, by the way.
And now when we're on opposite
sides of the same case.
When we can't talk,
you're finally ready to talk?
I just I needed time
to digest things.
I thought you needed time, too.
We can't really delve
into this right now,
but as soon as I win,
of course we can discuss things
and make sense of our lives.
As soon as you win. You
- You think I'm gonna let you.
See you in court, Callan.
So, how was it having your entire tribe
- in your courtroom this morning?
- Exactly as I imagined.
Name-calling, accusations flying.
They are definitely going
for the jugular,
and now the media wants
cameras in the courtroom.
- Livestreaming?
- Yep, and David thinks
- it's a good idea.
- He does, does he?
Do not use that tone with me.
What tone do you speak of?
The tone that you use
when you are hiding
what you really want to say.
Okay, I'm not hiding it,
I've already said it.
I just don't like repeating myself.
- Sanders is
- Your Honor.
I have Mr. Sanders
He's everywhere.
- You asked to see me, sir?
- Yes. Come in.
You're requesting to be second chair
in Maggie Palmer's next case?
You know that's not how it works.
Please, boss. I'm I'm asking
You need to wait your turn
like everybody else.
Well, I had to do something proactive.
I can't sit around looking
like the office pariah.
You can't assign yourself
onto a case, either.
Be patient. This will pass.
Lucky for you, it seems
like you've just been
assigned to be
Maggie Palmer's second chair.
- Thank you, sir.
- Try to keep perspective.
Careers are marathons, not sprints. Go.
- Luke.
- Sir?
I understand the optics of
the McCarthy case aren't ideal,
but Luke Watkins is a valuable
member of this office.
- He has strived
- I'm here to discuss the Moore case.
I want Mark to oh.
- I'll come back
- No. Just the man I was looking for.
You can tell Judge Carmichael
that our office
agrees to the jury waiver.
What? Why?
Well, because that's
what's best for everyone.
Waive the jury, Callan. Thanks.
Whew! I am so sorry I am late.
[SIGHS] My roommate just told me
she is moving out
at the end of the month.
- This month?
- Mm-hmm. Yes, her girlfriend
is moving to Portland,
and she has too with her,
even though they broke up twice.
- Yikes.
- Mm.
So now I either have
to find a new apartment,
or a new roommate, all while
I'm studying for the Bar.
- No big deal.
- Um, would you consider
Oh, look at that.
Oh, I don't know if that is
the safest approach,
but it's certainly a new approach.
Hmm, what can I say? I give good advice.
[CHUCKLES] Back to
your roommate situation
- Ooh.
- Oh. Oh.
- Everything good?
Yeah, sorry. Um
The victim's girlfriend, Melissa,
was just released from the institution.
She's ready to talk to us.
Okay, the Moore case, keeping you busy.
- It's all good. Go do what you do.
- I'll make it up to you.
When the fight started, um,
I ran off to get help.
- Who threw the first punch?
- Jack.
I don't know. I don't remember.
There was a lot of pushing.
It happened really fast.
- Then what happened?
- When I came back,
Jack and Alex were gone,
and Russell was on the ground bleeding.
No way did I think it would
ever escalate to that.
Why did you run?
The knife. I saw the knife,
and I panicked.
Why didn't you say something
to the police?
Seeing Russell dead
that really messed me up.
- Who had the knife, Melissa?
- I can't remember.
- But it was Jack or Alex.
- Yes.
One of them pulled it out.
But it was dark,
and I couldn't tell which one.
I know these guys. I just can't imagine
either of them stabbing Russell
and just leaving him there.
Yes, I'm calling
about Collier Owens. He's
my spouse.
WOMAN: Yes, ma'am,
he's still an active dependent.
So he is covered under my plan.
Those have been covered.
- Thank you.
Hey. The D.A.'s office agreed
to waive jury in the Moore case.
Wow. Wonder who was the hero
to convince Mark.
The victim's girlfriend, Melissa,
- has given her statement to the D.A.
- She was released?
Mm-hmm. She says she saw
one of the boys with a knife,
but she's not sure which one.
We went through this multiple times.
And not once did you mention a knife.
Because there wasn't a knife,
not while Jack and I were there.
Well, then why did Melissa
say she saw one?
- Is she lying?
- Or are y lying to us now, Alexander?
All I'm saying is that
I did not see the knife
- she claims she saw.
- Do you own a knife, Alex?
Look, what happened doesn't
change. Jack and I ran off.
That's not what I asked.
- Did Jack tell you I had a knife?
- No. I'm the one asking.
Good. Because if anybody
had a knife that night,
it'd be him.
What do you mean?
Yes, I collect knives.
I also collect comics and trading cards.
I was planning on selling them one day.
- They're worth a ton of money.
- Okay.
Just answer me this question, okay?
Were you carrying a knife that night?
No, that's why I didn't bring this up.
I don't use them.
I don't carry them around.
I your lawyer, okay? Your lawyer.
That means that I am on your side.
I gave one of my pocket knives to Alex
for his birthday last year.
- And?
- He loves it.
He's always bragging about it
and carries it with him.
Including that night?
That's why I ran. Alex pulled the knife,
- and I freaked out.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I was scared! I still am.
- But of what?
This information is favorable to you.
Alex's father.
Look, I know Martin really well.
You're either with him,
or you're against him,
and I don't want to be on that bad list.
Jack do you think
Alex stabbed Russell?
I heard Russell scream in pain
as I was running away.
Okay, I need to know what is going on.
You've both been avoiding my calls.
Okay, look, we were just going
over Alexander's statement,
trying to make sense of it.
His testimony is consistent.
- He did not see a knife that night.
- Melissa contradicts that.
Not necessarily. Melissa saw
a knife being pulled,
but she doesn't know who pulled it.
Well, someone is lying.
Okay, we need to stick
with our united front.
Without a murder weapon,
the D.A.'s case is weak.
They have nothing, Ms. Lopez.
Wean win this,
but we need to play smart.
Fine. Let me ask you this
Do you believe Alexander?
Do you believe that he really did not
see or do anything?
It's not about what we believe.
It's about what the evidence says.
You're right.
And when you arrived
at the scene of the robbery,
the suspechad a weapon, is that right?
- A Colt 1911.
- And you stated it was silver,
but somehow the one we have is black.
It was definitely silver.
This is getting interesting.
Any idea how we magically
went from silver to black?
- Thank you, Mr. Watkins.
- Luke Watkins.
I'm sorry, Ms. Palmer,
but would you mind
asking Mr. Watkins to leave the room?
I'm not comfortable having this
conversation with him around.
I'm right here. You could just ask me.
I wish my job was
to look after your comfort.
It unfortunately isn't.
I'm sure you'll be able
to manage, considering
Oh, I'm not scared of talking
in front of him.
I just don't want to.
It's not about fear,
- but about loyalty.
- Fair enough.
Of course we'd want you
to be comfortable.
It's fine.
Feels so good to be home!
I can't remember
the last time I was
this mentally exhausted.
- Oh, Robin.
- No, it's it's okay.
- I'll just warm it up again.
- I'm sorry. I had to work late.
And Sherri got me this huge Pad Thai.
You can have it tomorrow, then.
Okay, is this about me working late,
or is this about Sanders?
Baby, come election time,
either way, my name is on that ballot.
And the campaigning,
well, that is a completely
different animal.
I don't know how to do that.
I am a judge. I'm not a politician.
It's not about Sanders.
I just, I miss you, Lo.
I miss my wife.
I take time off to be home,
and I get it. You have
a thousand things going on,
but I-I miss you.
I get fed up with all the games ♪
I really miss you.
Just act the same ♪
Maybe I am trying to take on too much.
No. Why don't you go to bed?
I got this. We'll talk
about it another time.
We'll figure it out, babe. We always do.
Everybody got somebody
that they mess with on the low ♪
Now I just want you to save me ♪
I just want you to save me ♪
You know, Jack didn't
tell me about the knife.
What else could he be hiding?
And an even better question
What are Amy and Rachel not telling me?
I need to unplug. I know. You're here.
We should just have a good time.
I like hearing about your day.
I love how passionate you are
- and how much you care.
- So then,
why are you being so quiet?
I think you should come
to Miami with me.
For a trip?
More Than Three collaborates
with other organizations,
and there is one that needs
someone like you.
And I was thinking
there are so many things
that you could do there.
Are you asking me
to move to Miami with you?
I'm asking you to start
thinking about yourself first.
So are we believing the girlfriend?
Well, she seemed sincere.
What's your take?
You'll get your bench trial, Lopez.
I'm not surprised, but I am
actually here because I
I'm filing a severance motion.
Oh, great. Two trials.
Which is why I am letting you know.
It's no longer in Jack's best interest
to be part of a joint defense.
I would do the same if I were
you, Ms. Lopez.
I mean, Moore's a completely
different beast.
- Yeah.
- You can file on your own.
Why are you giving us a heads-up?
Because I don't think Amy and
Rachel will take it well.
Look, I don't want any surprises.
If you're gonna fight, I need to know.
You always do what you have to.
That's why you're Emily Lopez.
Your Honor, we were working
together with Ms. Lopez.
Yet we had absolutely
no knowledge about
If you had replied to my emails
or answered my calls, you would know.
- We would know
- Counselors.
if you'd served us
with a copy of your motion
- like you were supposed to.
You can't just change
our entire strategy
over a missed call or a late reply.
Yeah, here's the thing.
If you know the law,
then you know that there is nothing
that requires me to serve you.
- Ms. Lopez.
- It's routinely done
as a professional courtesy,
which is something
- I can see that you lack.
- Ms. Quinn, Ms. Audubon,
I am as surprised as you all are,
but this is something that you must
- handle amongst yourselves.
- There's clearly something
- you're not telling us.
- What evidence did you find
that you're not sharing, Ms. Lopez?
Enough! I strongly advise you three
resolve this amongst yourselves
outside my courtroom.
Now Ms. Lopez, I will review
your motion for severance
and give you my decision shortly.
Court is adjourned.
What does a judge have to do
to have attorneys behave properly?
It's a courtroom,
not a WWE wrestling ring.
Define "properly."
They have been inappropriate
and disrespectful.
[GROANS] Ththree went at each other.
Ms. Lopez was in the right.
She was just doing her job,
and if she needs
to raise her voice to make sure
she's heard, then so be it.
Losing composure
is not an act of strength.
Would you rather have
Jack Allen be put behind bars
all because Emily decided
to be a good girl?
There are proper protocols, Ms. Johnson.
Oh, a headache coming.
I have watched Emily work up close,
and this is why she wins.
She cares more than anybody else,
and if she seemed on edge, then I wish
everybody else would be on edge.
We should worry more about what's right
rather than how we're seen.
Nobody got their names
printed in the history books
all because they were behaving properly.
I haven't been to Maine in years.
I really wish you could've come.
I certainly don't want to be the one
to distract you from making
the world a better place.
[LAUGHS] It's just a seminar.
Your "just a seminar"
made me a better judge
and a better person.
You're biased because you like me.
We should go on a date when you return.
- What's the occasion?
- Do we need one?
Pick a spot then.
I'll be back in two days.
I can't wait.
- Mwah. [CHUCKLES]
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
I'm saying goodbye.
Taking the Bar exam next week,
and I'm pretty nervous about it.
You? Nervous?
- Do you know what you'll do after?
- No.
I mean, my time with Emily
was life-changing,
but I do also love
the power and coin that comes
with being a private
defense attorney, so
And there are some
friendships I've made.
I guess it's just nice to have option
You'll make the right decision.
Want to know what the crazy thing is?
I think I'm actually gonna
miss you, Ms. Kansky.
- Wow!
- Mm-hmm.
You finally learned how to
properly address people.
I'm going to miss you, too, Ness.
She's not home yet.
Do you want to come in and wait for her?
Or I can call her if you want,
- tell her that you're
- No.
I can call her myself.
Yeah. Sure.
Are you, um
Only Emily knows
the pace of her process,
and I'm I'm trying not to rush it.
- Am I still on the case?
- Why wouldn't you be?
Well, I wasn't sure, after, um
Many say what you did on
the McCarthy case was stupid.
I think it was admirable.
I like you, Watkins,
and I'm gonna help you, so,
I'm gonna start
with some advice be a leech.
- Okay.
- Leeches are hard to get rid of.
They were actually used by doctors
back in the day to treat tuberculosis.
They clean up the blood.
They're good and tenacious.
But most people hate them.
You think I'd be where I am
if I cared what people think of me?
Now, get started on those three cases
if you want to do
some good cleaning with me.
- Hey, Choi.
- Sir.
Got something for you.
- What is this?
- It's good news.
[SCOFFS] How is this good news?
You've been promoted.
With a pretty substantial
pay hike, I might
- I'd be relocated to Pomona!
- Well, it comes with the job.
- Hey, hey, they wanted the best.
You are the best. You'll be director.
My family is here,
and you know my family comes first.
It's Pomona, Choi, all right?
It's a lower cost of living.
It's not that far.
I'm sure you'll be able to work it out.
Come on. And you know we'll
be right there with you.
All right? Whatever you need,
just say it.
I need you to promise me that
Luke Watkins won't be punished.
You think this is about Luke?
Whether it is or isn't
that's what I need.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten
back to you about dinner yet.
- I'm
- August Fox offered me a job.
- What?
- Mm.
Come on! Are you taking it?
Because I heard
that you've been working
with ruthless Maggie Palmer.
That's why I wanted to talk to you.
I need some good Emily Lopez advice.
Should I stay with the D.A.?
I should, right?
I don't know, Luke.
Sometimes change is good. You know?
And you will shine wherever you go.
So what you need to do
is just follow your heart.
Where do you want to be?
Looks like I have some thinking to do.
Hey, I know at, um,
that you and I had a moment,
and then I went to Rosarito, and
- Em
- Look, I I I just I just know that
- I owe you a proper talk.
- Em, it's okay.
It looks like you have
some thinking to do, too.
All parties have decided to waive jury.
I want to confirm
your position still stands.
Yes, Your Honor. The People
are prepared to waive jury.
Very well. This will be a bench trial.
Now, the media.
I am granting the request
for live television coverage
of this trial.
The public has a right
to more than just transparency.
They have a right to a public trial.
And lastly, Ms. Lopez,
I have carefully reviewed your motion,
and it contains compelling reasons
for separating the cases.
So I have decided to grant it.
Jack Allen and Alexander Moore
will be tried separately.
As you know, they cannot
be tried at the same time,
so I will let the Defense decide
who would like to be schedulefirst.
if Jack Allen goes first,
the pressure of the press
will weigh upon us.
Alexander Moore is the one
in the spotlight.
With all due respect, Ms. Lopez,
Judge Carmichael knows how this goes.
With all due respect,
No one wants to go firstez,
because they can use the first trial
- to their advantage.
- Uh, Ms. Audubon,
it is not your place to speak
on my behalf.
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.
- If I may
Before this becomes a battlefield again,
let me remind you that this
is not my decision to make.
So, I will let the Defense
make this decision together
in a civilized way.
I will give you a day.
Court is adjourned.
I got your text. What
I was promoted, to director
in Pomona.
Your probation is coming to an end,
and you need to decide
if you want to officially
join this office or try something else.
Whatever you do, wherever you go,
you should be proud.
My son wrote me this letter
the other day.
"Daddy, I hope you have
a good day saving the city.
"Please tell Batman
to come visit me one day.
I'll let him play with my toys."
Keep it.
And keep your head up.
LOLA: Well, my workload just doubled.
Who knows how many people
are coming for my seat?
Campaigning is exhausting,
and I just had to grant a motion
to split the Moore case into two trials.
Thank you, husband.
Where's my baby girl?
You're welcome, wife. She's sleeping.
Mm. Did she miss me? Did you?
[CHUCKLES] Always.
Look, I know that we have not
been on the same page lately,
and I know I've been having
long days at work.
But I just want you to know
I value everything
that you are doing for me and Bailey.
That's not it.
That you are doing
[CLEARS THROAT] me and Bailey.
I just got off
the phone with the Bureau.
They want me to go
undercover for a case.
- Ohio.
- For how long?
Six months to a year.
When do you leave?
Two days.
JMSN: Promise you'll wait for me ♪
Swear I won't be gone for too long ♪
NESS: Your career is booming.
You're like this unstoppable
force that keeps going
- up and up and I'm [STAMMERS]
Brave enough to explore your options
instead of rushing.
How can you live in this tiny box?
I don't want to take
any money from my family,
and it's all I can afford right now.
- When does your lease end?
- I'm month-to-month now.
Move in with me.
[STAMMERS] I need a roommate
and let's be honest,
you could use the space
and the company.
Can't believe you survived
lockdown alone.
I mean, okay, yeah.
I'll move in with you.
- Easy.
That was so delicious.
Um, Luke came by two nights ago.
- What what did he want?
- He didn't stay long.
But must've been important
if he came over.
Maybe you should talk to him.
I can tell he really cares about you.
It drains my energy ♪
I've been thinking about what you said,
and maybe I should give Miami a try.
I can finish this trial, and then I
And then I think I want
to fly back with you.
I go like a rolling stone ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Like a rolling stone ♪
Rolling stone ♪
Figured you'd be working late.
- Mark
- Listen, before you say anything,
just hear me out.
I love you, Amy Quinn.
I am a much better person
when I'm with you.
And this This time without you
has just been the worst.
I'm I'm not here to judge you.
If you couldn't tell me before,
I'm sure you had your reasons,
and the truth is, I don't even care
if you're married
or if you're a criminal
or if your name isn't really Amy Quinn.
I am here for all the surprises
as long as you want to be with me.
Do you?
I do.
- I love you, too.
- But
He's sick.
He has lupus, and
he needs my health insurance.
I'm okay with that.
It's just paperwork.
I want to there for him
the way he was there for me.
I mean, he's the reason I have a career.
I owe this to him.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm saying I I don't care.
- I don't understand.
- It's gonna get messy.
And I am not gonna drag you into this.
It's over, Mark.
It ain't over, Amy Quinn.

- Mark? I said
- MAN: Amy Quinn?
- Who am I talking to?
- My name is Leonard Smith.
I live across the street from
where Russell Thomas was killed.
I checked our security camera
from that day,
and it captured Russell's murder.
Is there a reward or something?
- You want Moore to pay you?
- Well, I'm guessing
he wouldn't want the world to
see his son committing murder.
[SIGHS] Look, Leonard?
You're in possession
of crucial evidence,
so you either send that video
my way now,
or I'll contact the authorities,
and you'll be charged
with obstruction of justice
and extortion.
I I wasn't that's not what
I was trying to do.
You have my phone number.
I'm assuming you have my email?
Yeah, I I'm so sorry.
I'm sending.
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