All Rise (2019) s02e17 Episode Script


Previously on "All Rise"
I knowingly falsified
a report as a deputy,
so now every case,
every plea gets scrutinized.
They don't take you, come work for me.
Are you asking me to move
to Miami with you?
I'm asking you to start
thinking about yourself first.
Mark, I'm sorry. It's over.
It ain't over, Amy Quinn.
I just got off the phone
with the Bureau.
They want me
to go undercover for a case.
- Where?
- Ohio. Six months to a year.
I checked our security camera.
It captured Russell's murder.
Watkins, slow down!
Sorry. I just
I feel better when I'm running
when I'm amped up.
What are you amped up about
?I really thought Emily and I
were making some real good progress,
and now she's up and moving,
with Joaquin, I think.
Wow, the rumors are true.
Lopez is leaving the H.O.J.
Sorry, man, I know
how you feel about her.
And I don't know for how long, but yeah.
What's the latest on
your performance review?
It's tomorrow, and I can't lie.
I'm stressed.
Never should have let you
testify against McCarthy.
He needed to be stopped.
My testimony costs me my job, so be it.
The interview will be fine.
If we keep up this pace, I won't be.
I gotta head back.
- Hydrate.
- Shut up.
Oh! Look at that view!
I like this view right here.
Both of my ladies right beside me.
What more could a man ask for?
I wish every day could be like this.
I know you got a lot on your plate.
This assignment in Ohio
It's the last thing
you need to worry about.
It's hard not to.
And now with these two college kids
on trial for murder,
plus navigating the politics,
plus the media livestreaming
from my courtroom
and you not being here, it's just
baby, it's a lot.
- Okay, besides me leaving
- Mm-hmm.
What's really bothering you
about the media?
You know I don't have
the best track record
when it comes to journalists
or social media, for that matter.
And cameras in 802 could
just help the press
twist the story to fit
their own narrative.
Or ensure 100% transparency.
Think about it.
People are scared
of what they can't see, Lo.
But now they get to see
exactly what they're getting
before the news outlets interfere.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Wise woman once told me
take things one day at a time.
I was that wise woman, wasn't I?
You still are.
That night at the protest,
could you have ever imagined
- it would lead to this moment?
- Not a chance.
I was in serious pain from the tear gas.
You know what I mean.
Not that leaving was an easy decision,
and it's just, you know,
it's a big commitment.
My tightly planned,
meticulously controlled life
just needed some Some breathing room.
You can't plan everything.
No, which is why
I'm going with the flow,
relinquishing control,
taking each day as it comes.
- I have a few ideas.
- Hmm.
Every time.
How did my last case become one
of the biggest trials of the year?
I am lucky, aren't I?
I have to get ready.
I know.
So, what'll happen
if Martin Moore gets wind
that I tried to
Extort him?
I should've just
gone straight to the cops
when I found that video.
I'm debating turning you in myself.
- No, please, don't!
- You should've done the right thing.
Wait, won't you be in hot water
for not saying anything?
Prosecutors are required to
turn over evidence they find.
I'm not. My responsibility
is to my clients.
I'll take it straight to LAPD.
We can forget this ever happened.
Martin Moore never needs to know.
You will tell no one about this
until I tell you to. Understood?
I'll be in touch.
It's Rachel Audubon. Leave a message.
I've got something
you're gonna want to see.
- Morning, Sherri.
- Good morning, Your Honor.
The reporter livestream is ready to go,
- which I have been dreading.
- Despite it all, you look lovely.
Thank you. Well, with Sara shadowing
the social worker and Ness gone,
I-I-I didn't have anyone to ask
if this was gonna be okay
on camera, and
Is someone missing Ness?
You have a motion to read.
It's official. Your judicial
seat is being challenged.
By whom?
Three candidates.
I'm looking into the details.
- Three?
- Having a media livestream
is a godsend.
Great visibility to vie for reelection.
Trying the son of one of L.A.'s biggest
political influencers is intense enough,
but press cameras putting me
under a microscope?
This whole thing
could blow up in my face.
You can't let Martin Moore
dictate this case
or your political future.
You need to go out there
and be the same judge
you've been since you were
assigned to this court
Fair, knowledgeable, alert.
That's how you impress the voters.
All rise.
Superior Court is now in session.
The Honorable Judge
Lola Carmichael is presiding.
You may be seated.
On the record
in People v. Allen and Moore,
today we have the matter of deciding
which defendant
will be tried first. I
The People announce ready for trial
in People v. Allen, Your Honor.
We ask to continue in People
v. Moorepursuant 1050.
I appreciate your enthu
I am not announcing
ready for trial, Your Honor.
I filed a confidential motion
to continue.
- You did what?
- Yes, I have received your motion
Your Honor, I'm also not
announcing ready for trial,
and I'm making a motion to continue.
My client, as the son of Martin Moore,
his case is is riddled with privacy
and security concerns
that require more time
- to sort out.
- I have taken
The wealth and privilege
of Ms. Audubon's client
has no bearing on her ability
to prepare a defense.
My client didn't ask to have
a high profile father.
The Court has no cause
to hold Mr. Moore's
social stature against him.
I understand that there are
a lot of moving pieces.
If you all will just take a seat, I
This is completely
irrelevant to the case.
Mr. Moore isn't being
tried on his privilege.
You all will speak
when spoken to from here on.
Ms. Lopez, I have received your motion,
and I am granting you
a short continuance.
That should be more than enough time.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- Mr. Callan,
are the people prepared
to try Alexander Moore instead?
Yes, Your Honor.
- Good.
- Apologies, Your Honor.
But I did not announce ready for trial.
I have not heard good cause
to delay Mr. Moore's trial
so I am deeming you ready.
Trial begins this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.
What the hell just happened here?
Despite my protests,
the judge has decided
that we will go first.
But Jack was supposed
to get convicted first
so my boy wouldn't have to go to trial.
You understand what a televised trial
could do to my mayoral campaign?
I understand that your son
could go to prison for murder,
Mr. Moore.
Alexander's trial will not become fodder
for the news cycle when I run for mayor.
That is what I paid you for.
I assure you, our case is strong
At this point, I think
we should consider a plea deal.
- Mr. Moore
- Make it go away, now.
What is the rule against perpetuities?
Uh, any interest in property must vest
within 21 years of life of existence
- at the vesting?
- That is correct.
Okay, whoa, I got
the Bar Exam in the bag.
I can see that.
So this could be an everyday thing.
What do you think about carpool?
Ooh, well, I mean,
I haven't really nailed it
down with the H.O.J. yet.
I want to keep my options open.
Got a few interviews lined up.
- Student loans won't pay themselves.
- Mm.
Well, I'm sure wherever
you land, you'll be a rock star.
Well, that you can bet on.
- See you at home.
- See you at home.
- All right.
- Bye.
Hello, friends.
You're gonna like the new desk.
Uh, Andy, what's all the stuff?
I called dibs on your desk.
I gotta plant my flag
before word gets out.
I'm still here, okay?
And in the middle of a murder trial.
Ah, easy, Emily. I gave Andy the okay.
Carol it is just
a temporary leave of absence.
- Can you
- Careful!
That's a limited edition
signed resin collectible.
Oh, okay. Well, Jack is here.
Andy, I want all your toys
gone before I get back.
- I mean it.
- Will you get a hold of Jack's parents?
I spoke with his mom last night.
Spain is still limiting
travel because of COVID
and on their retirement budget,
his parents can't afford airfare anyway.
Oh, isn't Martin Moore helping out?
Weren't Jack and Alexander close?
Martin Moore dropped Jack
like a hot potato
as soon as the charges were filed.
So, right now I'm all Jack's got.
Come on in.
Why can't we just get this over with?
- Why do I have to wait?
- The D.A. has no concrete evidence
- to prove that you stabbed Russell.
- I didn't stab Russell!
- I know, Jack.
- You don't get it, Ms. Lopez.
Sure, Mr. Moore treated me like a son,
but Alex Alex is his heir.
Mr. Moore always made
Alex's problems go away.
I don't want to become
one of Alex's problems.
You won't.
But I need to know everything
about your knife collection.
I mean, what else can I say?
I have Alex a knife for his birthday.
- Who else knew about it?
- I don't know!
Jack, that knife
could be the murder weapon.
But you just said
the D.A. doesn't know anything.
Alex knows about it, Jack!
And you better believe that his dad
and his attorneys are going to do
everything they can
to make Alex look innocent,
even if it means making you look guilty.
Alex is like a brother to me.
He wouldn't.
Jack, you have to stop
worrying about Alex
and start thinking about
what is best for you.
It's all you've got.
What's up, Rach?
- You need help.
- Cut the crap.
- You and I both know that the rea
- That your evidence is weak?
That you stand to lose not one,
- but two cases?
- Are you done?
If Alexander Moore knows
who killed Russell Thomas,
would the D.A. be willing
to offer a deal?
I would need to hear what
your client has to say first.
- You won't take my word?
- You want to cooperate, then cooperate,
but I don't need your word,
Rach. We're old friends.
Old friends who know each other's tells.
Alexander can give you
eyewitness testimony
to the murder,
but only if you charge him
with the only crime he committed
Covering up for Jack after the fact.
- So it was Jack?
- What'll it be?
A felony conviction? Or you want
to lose the same case twice?
If what you're saying checks out,
then I'd be willing to offer PC 32,
accessory after the fact,
for three years prison.
PC 32, but you meant
two years' probation
and credit for time served,
and no prison time, right?
The original charge is murder, Rachel.
- Three years is an excellent deal.
- Hmm.
Then I'll see you in court.
I'll run it up the chain,
but no promises.
Did Amy tell you to hardball me?
Amy and I agreed to do
what's best for our client.
Oh. See, the thing
about old friends, Rach,
is, you know, they know back.
You didn't tell Amy, did you?
Is that the new Region One Director?
How's the new job?
I found out who's conducting
your probationary period interview.
Hey, Choi. Ready for you.
Bravo's doing the interview himself?
I was surprised, too.
He's not my biggest fan even before
the McCarthy case
and especially not now.
I know. I wrote you
a glowing summary review,
but ultimately, the decision
will be D.A. Bravo's.
Just continue to keep your head up.
Two kids are on trial,
yet somehow I'm still the story?
Don't these reporters
have bigger fish to fry?
Well, right now you are the big fish.
They just want to see if
you'll kowtow to Martin Moore.
Why? It's not like Martin Moore
is financing my campaign.
But he could. To the media,
that makes him look a man
you'd want to please.
I would never let anyone
influence a ruling.
- They can't just say that.
- Reclaim your narrative.
Be the judge that voters
want to see. Be yourself.
You have always prided
yourself on transparency
no matter how big or small the case is.
This one's no different.
Use this trial
to show how tenacious
you are on the bench.
I tried to help,
but before I could jump in,
Jack took out his knife.
Melissa took off,
and, uh
I saw Jack
stab Russell.
I, uh
I heard a scream
and I ran.
You're saying you had no idea
that Russell Thomas was dead
when you initially spoke
with the police?
No, I-I didn't.
And after the police told you
they were investigating
Russell's murder,
why didn't you come forward then?
I was trying to protect my dad.
People are always trying
to get to him through me.
- Do we have a deal?
- What?
PC 32, two years' probation,
sentencing pending
your client's full cooperation.
- Done.
- Wait, what?
Thank you for that, Mr. Moore.
I know that wasn't easy.
I need some fresh air.
What the hell are you doing?
You should be thanking me.
The felony's off the table.
Audubon & Associates
is officially out of debt.
Alex stabbed Russell.
- What?
- I have proof.
What are you
He literally planted a flag.
Make it quick, Callan.
Alex Moore is ready
to testify against Jack.
- You cut him a deal.
- It doesn't look good.
Your client is facing a life sentence.
- If convicted.
- Is that really a gamble
you want to take? Does Jack want to risk
going to trial when he has
the opportunity to save himself
from a life sentence?
Jack is innocent.
- What do you want?
- The truth.
Look, I've been going over the details,
but I think I can offer him
voluntary manslaughter.
Did you, uh
Did you offer Alexander
more of the same?
I didn't think so. There is no way
Amy and Rachel would agree to that.
Alexander Moore didn't stab Russell,
and he's prepared to testify
that Jack did.
I'm trying to save your client
a way from facing serious time.
You are pitting these two kids
against each other
and trying to lure my client
into pleading to something
that he did not do,
not to mention offering him a worse deal
than the one you offered
Alexander Moore.
Did you seriously think
that I was gonna fall for that?
No deal.
You came all the way here
to tell me that?
No deal.
I still can't believe you
offered to have Alexander
testify against Jack
without consulting me!
Alex's dad all but threatened
to fire us if I didn't.
Maybe Martin Moore knows
Alexander isn't innocent.
Or maybe he's just a dad
who didn't want to see his only son
star in the newest
televised murder trial.
- Oh, Rachel.
- This case could save me, my firm.
Our firm.
And open our firm up
to charges of suborning perjury.
Have Alex lie under oath?
The threat of Alex taking the stand
will push Jack into a plea deal.
Alex will never have
to formally testify.
What if Jack doesn't take a deal?
He could go to prison for a murder
we know he didn't commit.
Jack isn't our client.
We have a duty as human beings
to defend the truth.
- That video
- Is a thorn in my side.
I paid that scum
Leonard Smith to bury it.
Door was open.
Now that we're all
up to speed on this video,
I trust you ladies
will earn your dinner?
It just feels like every move
I make from here on out
might be perceived as campaigning.
I'm betting that once
Martin Moore and his son are
out of your hair, the political
tango will end too.
People like Moore don't
get where they got by letting things go.
And I'm afraid his son
is going down the same path.
- You think the kid did it?
- I don't know. But I do know
that when you are as rich as Moore,
there's always a way out.
Meanwhile, Jack is being dragged
through the media circus and being used
as a pawn by the prosecution.
I can relate.
Politics are part of the job, baby,
but you decide the story.
Strong judge cutting through
the sensationalist fog
to help bring justice to a family
whose son was cut down
in the middle of the street.
That that's a story
worth rooting for.
Sometimes I wish I could ditch
all this election business
and join you in Ohio.
Don't threaten me with a good time.
- Oh, hmm.
- Hmm.
Robin. I could get used to
- seeing you around here, man.
- Could say the same, brother.
So, I gave you all more time.
What did you come up with?
Mr. Moore has decided to
accept the D.A.'s plea deal.
He's going to testify
in Jack Allen's trial.
You made an unyielding
commitment to justice
as a peace officer and hope
to do so as a lawyer, too.
Was that double entendre?
When I applied for the D.A.'s office,
I was 100% honest with
every question that they asked.
But not as a sheriff's deputy.
I didn't lie about being
convicted of any crimes.
And yet, what does it say
about your character
that you, in fact, did commit a crime?
You just didn't say anything.
Is that because you got away with it?
With all due respect, sir, I didn't try
to get away with anything.
I turned in my sheriff's badge.
I testified to the truth
as soon as I became aware,
without immunity.
I have no regrets.
I pledged to remake this office into one
that answers to
the people of this county.
And I honor that pledge.
I am left having to balance this,
knowing that the public
knows what you did.
It's not a simple decision for me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It feels like forever since
we've had a moment to ourselves.
- I-I can't stay that long.
- No one saw me duck in here.
This isn't about us, is it?
No, just the trial, and
You're not having
second thoughts, are you?
No. It's just
Oh, I can't say.
Amy, we promised. No more secrets.
Ex parte.
It's just case stuff, that's all it is?
- This is Sam and Carter.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to get back.
See you in court.
We resume trial on People v. Jack Allen.
Mr. Callan, you may call
your first witness.
People call Alexander Moore.
Alexander Moore?
Mr. Moore, on the night of January 19th,
were you present during
an argument and altercation
that led to the death of Russell Thomas?
Could you please tell the court
what happened that night?
Your Honor, I must instruct my client
to refuse to answer per
his Fifth Amendment rights.
Permission to approach
the bench, Your Honor?
We had a deal, Ms. Audubon.
My client's plea to a lesser charge
is still valid despite
not testifying in open court.
- You can't be serious.
- Excuse me, Your Honor,
this trial is about my client,
Mr. Jack Allen.
The status of
Alexander Moore's plea deal
- is neither here nor there.
- Ms. Lopez is correct.
Your Honor, the People
ask the Court for leeway
in addressing the issue
concerning Mr. Moore's case.
I'll allow it.
You may step back.
Mr. Callan.
The People move to vacate
the Defendant's plea
- for non-compliance.
- Ms. Audubon?
Your Honor, the Defense objects.
I grant the People's request
to vacate the plea.
This essentially reinstates
murder charges
against Alexander Moore.
You may step down.
Back on the record
in the Jack Allen matter,
People, call your next witness.
Thank you, Your Honor.
The People call, uh
One moment, Your Honor.
Thank you.
I am clearing the court
of media and everyone else.
All present need to vacate immediately.
Cameras will stop broadcasting
in this courtroom until
I have had a chance to
speak with our trial lawyers.
Report from L.A.P.D. S.I.D.
shows that it appears to be authentic.
They verified it
after an anonymous drop.
Your Honor, in light
of this evidence,
the Defense asks this Court
to dismiss this case
in the interest of justice.
- People?
- I'll do you one better.
People's motion to
dismiss the case, 1385.
Based on this video,
that motion is granted.
Mr. Allen, your case is dismissed,
and you are free to go.
But let this be a lesson for the future
in regards to your willingness
to omit the truth.
The People announce ready for trial
in The People v. Alexander Moore.
We ask that the case begin forthwith.
Your Honor, I know Mr. Callan says
the video has been authenticated,
- but we need to review it ourselves.
- Denied.
Mr. Moore, your case will begin
at 9 am tomorrow.
But based on this change
of circumstance,
I have reason to believe
that you are a flight risk
and a danger to the public.
Therefore, you are to be
remanded without bail
into the custody of the sheriff.
- That will be the order.
- What?
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Dad. Dad.
But, Dad
- All right.
- All right.
Can't say I'm surprised.
Ha! Well, I like to think
we parted ways with Mr. Moore.
Handing the video over to
the L.A.P.D. was the right move,
but it could have serious
complications for the firm.
Well, even if it's not the best
move as defense attorneys,
it was the right thing to do
as human beings.
But can justice pay the rent?
We'll think of something.
In the short time
that I've been at the H.O.J
Mr. Watkins has pushed this department
to view cases through a different lens.
He has made hard choices with ease.
Even if it meant putting
his neck on the line.
Luke's a hero for what he did.
The D.A.'s office is only great because
of deputy district attorneys
like Luke Watkins.
Your Honor!
Our sweet Sara
has been compromised.
- Or brainwashed.
- Hi, Your Honor.
- You're leaving Courtroom 802?
- Wait, you knew about this?
Sara said she felt called
to social work.
Girl, the writing was on the wall.
No, no, no, but why? We were family!
I know, but I want to play
a more active role now.
There are thousands of kids
going through what Nikki did,
and they need help,
and I want to be that person.
I think that's a great decision.
- I support it.
- Thanks, Judge Benner.
For years I've seen people
change the system from the inside,
and now it's my turn.
And just where might you
be going, just like that?
The D.A.'s Victim Assistance Program.
Whoa, you you are leaving me
for Mark Callan?
Okay, Sara.
Love you. Thank you.
Congratulations. Bye-bye. Bye.
- No!
- What is wrong with you?
You going somewhere?
That Moore trial isn't over yet.
You know, Callan,
over the last few months,
I've come to the realization that you
are an impeccable district attorney.
You ever consider working
up here permanently?
I could get used to
working with you, you know.
And it's nice to be wanted.
Well, Special Trials
doesn't just want you.
We need you.
Count me in.
We got another package.
"Well done, Mr. Special Trials"?
Take a seat.
Come back only if you are certain
that the D.A.'s office
is where you want to be.
The D.A.'s office has been
my home for the last year,
and it has taught me
some irreplaceable lessons,
like the fact that L.A.
needs good lawyers,
and not just here.
With Emily Lopez gone on leave,
the P.D.'s office is gonna be
even more understaffed.
I think they could use an extra hand.
Well, Luke, I, uh
I can't say I'm thrilled to see you go.
But, uh, I'm sure the P.D.'s office
could use a talented attorney
like yourself.
- Thank you, sir.
- Good luck.
- Let me help you with that.
- Oh, Luke.
Hey, how'd the, uh
- How'd the interview go?
- Surprisingly, Bravo wants me.
I told you you were the best thing
to happen to the D.A.'s office.
- So what'd you say?
- I told him that the D.A.'s office
wasn't the right path for me.
Why don't you stay in L.A., Emily?
You'll make a huge impact
on the lives of your clients,
like, bigger than anyone else
in the H.O.J.
I This year has been a lot.
And it's impossible for me
to change, really change,
when everything around me
stays exactly the same.
It's hard to explain, but trust
%that I'm doing what's right for me.
You sure I can't get you to reconsider?
Thank you.
Well, I really
think I could make a difference
at Audubon & Associates.
They are boss lady
all day every day.
That's how I feel working
with Mark and Luke.
- Inspired?
- And badass.
Okay, so, as genius
as the carpool idea was,
it is officially a no-go.
That's too bad.
I didn't really hate the idea
of seeing more of you.
- I should go.
- Yes.
I'll see you at home.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You have exquisite taste.
Oh, I know. I mean,
I did pick the best person
to clerk for, after all.
I have an eye for individuals
who win progress without wavering.
Hmm. I don't know. When we first met,
I was in the middle of media drama,
and now I am in the exact same position.
I'm thinking about not campaigning
for my judicial seat.
Uh, but you have to.
My record should speak for itself,
without endorsements or election ads.
I am a judge. I'm not a governor.
You are Judge "Lolacoaster" Carmichael.
The first attorney in your family.
The most wins for a D.A.
with the fewest secondary offenders.
You've overcome a judicial review,
Internet memes,
and you had a whole baby!
This campaign is gonna run itself.
You just have to give it 100%,
- like you always do.
- That is very kind.
But there is something about campaigns
that brings out the worst in people.
Or the best.
You've done your job at the H.O.J.
Now it's time to do your job
for the people of Los Angeles.
Show them what you stand for.
They need someone like you.
I know I did.
Thanks for being you,
Judge Lola Carmichael.
On the record in
People v. Alexander Moore,
the Court has reached a verdict.
The video speaks for itself.
I am convinced Alexander Moore
stabbed the victim to death,
but the People failed to prove
that he did so maliciously.
Therefore I have no choice
but to find Mr. Moore
not guilty of murder
as charged in count one.
The People did, however,
prove that the stabbing
was in no way self-defense.
Thus on the lesser charge
of voluntary manslaughter,
I find Alexander Moore guilty.
As for sentencing, I have considered
the defendant's age
and lack of criminal history.
But. Mr. Moore,
you were willing to get up here
and lie under oath,
to blame your best friend
for your own actions.
That is criminal in and of itself.
The damage to Mr. Allen's
reputation should be overcome
with the Court's findings
that you were the killer,
and Mr. Allen was innocent
not just of guilt
but factually innocent
of killing Russell Thomas.
Mr. Moore, your request
for probation is denied.
The Court selects the high term
of 11 years in state prison,
plus an additional year
for using a knife as a deadly weapon.
Bailiff, please take
Alexander Moore into custody.
Court is adjourned.
You ready?
- Yeah?
- You sure you want to do this?
Yeah. Let's do this.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Listen, Lo, about
this whole election thing
You know, it seems easy
for everyone else
to tell me to fight, but I don't want
Robin and Bailey to become
collateral damage
if this election gets messy.
I know it's exhausting,
but you're not gonna fight alone.
And you, too.
You know, I know, now that you and Amy
- are not together anymore
- Yeah, about Amy
she and I are kind of talking. What?
Mark. You two got back together
in the middle of my trial?
We couldn't discuss it before.
You know, ex parte.
Besides, Amy's still adjusting and
after all the ups and downs, I guess
I'm not sure yet myself.
Amy's just probably wondering
what makes this reconciliation
any different
and what you are willing to do
to make it different.
Where are you going?
The fact that you came forward
and were willing to risk it all
The very reason why
I wanted to work with you.
Even if it costs us a little blowback?
It's the Audubon and Quinn secret sauce!
Audubon and Quinn. Bring it on.
And Johnson.
Cheers to the future.
with valid military identification.
Thank you for your service
to our nation.
- Hi.
- Hi, ma'am.
- How are you?
- Emily!
The white zone is for immediate
I would've ridden in
on a white horse if I could've,
- but this will have to do.
- I
I turned August down.
And as of an hour ago,
I no longer work for
the D.A.'s office anymore.
La zona blanca is únicamente
I'd rather be a public defender
and work alongside
the best lawyer that I know.
Luke I want to be a fierce
advocate of good like her,
resilient like her, because I love her.
I love you, Emily.
I love you, too.
But I can't stay.
Luke, Joaquin He helped me
remember what it feels like to be free,
but you helped me remember
what it feels like to be home.
But I know this is a journey
that I have to finish alone
which is why I'm not going
to Miami with Joaquin.
- What then
- I am going to find out
who the hell Emily Lopez is
outside of her work
and maybe for what might be
the first time in my life,
I am gonna do it without anyone's help.
Where you going?
First, I'm gonna go to Puerto Rico
- to see my family in San Juan.
- Oh.
And then I don't
know. And then I don't
I don't I don't have a plan.
I just need to feel what it's like.
I need to experience the world
without its
Without its shortcomings
in my ear for just a moment.
I want that for you.
You do?
Go see the world.
And just know that I will
be here waiting
for you in our little corner of it.
- Okay.
- Go.
Hold down the fort for me
while I'm gone, okay?
Breaking into freezers after hours?
I thought I was done dating bad boys.
Yeah, well, what about
a bad boy with a key?
Who clearly hasn't learned his lesson.
- I
- Wait, wait.
The last time we went skating,
you broke both your wrists
trying to show off.
Right here in this very building.
Our first date wasn't quite
as romantic as I imagined.
Hopefully it's not too late
to make up for it.
- Is this too much?
- Uh, no.
Do you remember what you said to me
when I was sprawled out on the ice?
Oh, "Walk it off, Callan"?
You asked me if I was in pain and
where it hurt and how bad.
And then you came with me
to the hospital
and you stayed with me.
I'd never wanted anyone
to take care of me
like that before. Ever.
Every time I fall on my ass,
you pick me back up again.
You take care of me.
You keep my smiling.
So I want to return the favor.
I want to keep you smiling
Amy Quinn
will you marry me?
After your divorce?
Yes, I will marry you after my divorce.
My son made a horrible mistake,
and he will suffer
the consequences of that,
as will his mother and I.
But putting this aside,
I am fully committed
to doing whatever it takes
to make sure that Judge Carmichael
does not remain a judge.
She has brought radically left activism
into the courtroom
without shame or remorse.
Her judgments are steeped in her agenda.
I will personally ensure
that Judge Lola Carmichael
is voted off the bench.
She is a poison
within our justice system
Does Your Honor ever rest?
It becomes more unlikely by the day.
Moore is smearing me in the press.
He said I am a poison.
Well, if you're a poison,
infect me, baby.
We really haven't been able
to catch a break this year.
I have forgotten how life feels
without the exhaustion.
I am
In a constant state
of worrying about Bailey
- when I'm gone
- Hmm.
and to have my family
dragged through the mud
with me in an election,
it makes me wonder if any of it
- is even worth
- Hey, hey, hey.
Do you believe that the work you do
as a judge will make progress?
I know so.
Then let me take
one thing off your plate.
You don't have to stress about us, baby.
- I'm here for you.
- Mm-hmm.
In spirit, from across the country.
No. Not this time.
I resigned from the FBI.
At least I tried, and then he countered
with an extended leave, so
I'm gonna be a stay-at-home dad,
at least for a little while.
Robin, are you sure?
Baby, I can always consult
with the L.A. field office,
but right now my priority is our family
and standing by you
as you reclaim your fire.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- I can do this. Can't I?
- Mm-hmm.
No question. Whatever is thrown our way,
I'm ready to face it.
- Are you?
- Hell, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
Now, if we're gonna go to war,
we're gonna need
a little hope on our side.
May this renewal of your vows remind you
of the devotion you swore to one another
on your wedding day,
and may it be a reminder
to your friends and family
gathered here today that,
in happiness and hardship,
what we have is each other.
It is my honor to present
to you, once again
as husband and wife,
Mr. Taylor and Ms. Carmichael!
You may now kiss one another!
Let's celebrate!
Congratulations to the lovely couple.
Here's to many more years.
This is D.J. Tailwind Turner.
Let's get this party started, y'all.
For you ♪
There might be a brighter star ♪
But through my eyes the light of you ♪
Is all I see ♪
For you ♪
Love might be for you to find ♪
But I will celebrate
our love of yesterday ♪
So long ago my heart
without demanding ♪
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