All Rise (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

NARRATOR: Previously on All Rise.
You're one of those creative judges.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
SPEAKER 1: We finally
have a judge who's fair.
LISA: This is David Sanders, strategist
for my attorney general campaign.
Is this your new law clerk?
- Ness Johnson.
- Meet our newest clerk,
- Mr. Luke Watkins.
- It's over.
- It ain't over Amy Quinn.
- It's about time
someone did something nice for you.
Hold down the fort
for me while I'm gone, okay?
- We are in for a ride.
- I'm curious to see what kind
of judge you'’re gonna be in a
few years when you're not so wet
behind the ears and have
learned the rules of the game.
[upbeat music]
[camera clicking]
Oh, baby, what you say?
What you say now? ♪
Oh, baby, what you say? Oh
All the way, I'm up in the sky ♪
Clouding up in my frame
Oh, baby, what you say,
what you say now? ♪
- MARK: This is way too close.
- The numbers are just coming in.
We're only halfway
through reported districts,
- we're still okay.
- This is not good.
MARK: Hey, we don't know that yet.
There's no way Cuthbert can win,
- right?
- Not good at all.
She had the endorsements
and the money behind her.
She can most definitely win.
Where's 'Lo?
Just watch me do it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh ♪
Robin, just relax.
You said Cuthbert couldn't win.
She had might behind her, but
there's plenty of time left.
We should not panic just yet.
We ran a great campaign,
there'll be no panicking.
Who's telling her?
You or me?
Who was that?
It was Rachel.
She was apologizing
for not making it back to L.A.
and warning me not to trip on my way up
to the podium when
I give my acceptance speech.
I am giving an acceptance speech, right?
Of course.
How many districts have reported in?
60%. But Corinne Cuthbert
is edging ahead.
It's okay. We've got options.
- [exhales] What?
- Option A:
You kick her ass in this judgeship race,
we go back to
our normal, wonderful life.
And Option B?
We take time out for ourselves
and our 18-month-old daughter.
Maybe a change of scenery
will do us all some good.
I have always wanted to spend
some time in Martha's Vineyard.
Just say the word.
Thank you, husband.
No. Thank you, wife.
[clears throat]
Corinne Cuthbert
is now leading by ten points.

I know everyone is seeing
the same numbers I'm seeing,
but I am telling you that
we are still in it to win it.
I want to thank you
all for coming here tonight
and showing your support,
for putting your all
into this campaign.
It looks like
it's going to be a long night,
But we are not going anywhere.
[somber music]
Hey, you're awake.
- You okay?
- I think I'm still in shock.
Yeah, that was a shocking thing.
Not in a million years did
I think I would lose my seat.
I blame Sanders.
But, might be a blessing in disguise.
Maybe the universe is trying to tell us
we need to take some time.
Time for what?
Go to Costa Rica or Martha's Vineyard.
And before you say anything,
Roxy already agreed
to watch Bailey, and I've been looking
at some rental properties in Oak Bluffs.
When did you have time to do that?
Your baby is a g-man,
I still have some connections.
What do you say?
Let's take advantage of this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- Let's do it.
- Yes!
[phone buzzing]
- Who could that be?
- Doesn't matter.
[knocking at door]
[suspenseful music]
[pounding at door]
Judge Carmichael, it's me, open up!
Sanders, you are really overstepping.
What the hell are you doing here?
You need to call Corinne Cuthbert.
Call Corinne why?
To take back your concession speech.
You won.
I I won? I won!
I Honey, I won!
Happiness, it looks good on me ♪
Success, it looks good on me
Everybody says,
"You look good, homie" ♪
Here you go, breakfast of champions,
and I got you your favorite muffin.
I even had to fight
off a grandma for it.
No, Callan, no bribery by muffin.
Amy, it has been six months.
You're the one who
proposed to a married woman.
- Separated, married woman.
- You said you'd be patient!
By any definition
of that word, I have been.
[phone ringing]
Answer your phone. We'’ll talk later.
We're not done.
Bye Callan.
The Lola-coaster rides again.
Ah! I can barely believe it myself!
Somewhere between the last
reported district and the vote
by mail ballots,
it all turned from Cuthbert
Thank you! To me!
I'm proud of you 'Lo, but
it shouldn't have been close.
But it was, and I'm
not taking it for granted.
You want to celebrate?
I can meet you in 30.
Can't, on my way in.
They're making you work already?
- Benner insisted, demanded it.
- Why?
Guess I'll find out soon enough.
Meet up later?
Where? We've been
banned from the rooftop.
The staircase is like
the Underground Railroad now.
- Find somewhere new?
- Alright, go good.
Go good!
Happiness, it looks good on me ♪
Success, it looks good on me
"Everybody says,
"You look good, homie" ♪
Em? Oh, sorry.
- Excuse me!
- Whoa, slow down!
You practically knocked
my coffee out of my hand.
Oh, sorry dude, I'm late.
Do me a favor, call off your DDA hounds.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- They are relentless,
they won't even consider
negotiating plea deals
- with me, especially Maggie.
- You left the DA's office
to go be with your girlfriend in the PD.
I did not make
the switch because of Emily.
Whatever you tell yourself
to get through your lonely days.
The PD's office is a better fit.
When's the last
time you heard from Lopez?
Whatever your reasoning, most
of the DDA see it as a betrayal.
- Including you?
- Didn't think about blowback?
So that's how it's going to be.
It's how it is.
Still on for trivia
night at Big Wings on Thursday?
It's been a steady stream
from the moment I hit the door.
People are very excited for your return.
I never thought about
how grateful I'd feel to be
pulling up to this building again.
Uh, your first case is a prelim
on a smash and grab robbery.
The defendant is
an 18 year old foster kid
who put the owner in
a coma after the two scuffled.
Couldn't I come back
to something lighter?
When is wedding day back on the docket?
It's just first day back jitters.
I mean, you took
a month off for your campaign,
you almost lost.
- LOLA: Sherry?
- Yes?
My keycard isn't working.
Wait, did they deactivate my card?
Don't panic, I am on it.
Sir? Sir? can you
please just let me in? Please?
Please do not tell me you deactivated
judge Lola Carmichael's key card.
Yes, right now.
Thank you.
SARA: Sherri.
Sara? Oh, now I'’m hearing things.
It's me, turn around.
Oh, you're back!
Did you finally come to your senses?
I have gossip about Benner!
- You will not believe
- Okay, one sec.
Yes, I know there was a grave mistake,
now fix the grave and let her
in. Okay. Thank you.
Wait. Is your keycard working?
Well, yeah.
I might need this. Okay, go.
Rumor has it Judge Benner
met with the commission
on judicial performance this morning.
- No!
- Yes!
What does that
have to do with Judge Benner?
Unless it has to do
with Judge Carmichael.
I will leave that sleuthing up to you.
Oh, it's like old times!
Don't touch that.
Oh, I'm late for my
first day in the DA's office.
Or, or you could just come back!
I miss you, too.
[tense music]
The DA is not willing to make an offer.
Am I going to jail, Mr. Watkins?
I can't go to jail.
I'm trying to keep that from happening.
I get pulled into the system,
then my brothers will get separated.
Aren't they with your foster mom?
Yeah, but she can't handle them both,
so she'll have to send one away.
I promised that I would be the one
to be there to take care of them.
But the store owner is still in a coma.
I didn't mean to push him.
I panicked.
I was just trying
to get out of the store
With a pair of sneakers in your hand.
But listen, I'll keep working on the DA,
hopefully not having
a record will help us.
Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful.
[Betsy humming]
Hi, Betsy Flick.
I was sent over
for the stenographer position.
- Sherri Kansky right?
- Yes.
I've heard a lot
of great things about you.
It would be an honor to work with you.
Really, an honor?
The first time
Second time around
Morning, Your Honor.
Hey, girl.
Say it again
- Carmichael.
- Ooh!
Carmichael. What are
you doing on the floor?
Well, when you're done with
whatever, come see me, please.
Uh, welcome back.
Thank you.
It looks good on me
[upbeat music]
Come on.
This gift-giving has got to stop.
Dangerous beauty?
Callan, have you
narrowed down your selection?
Sir, picking Choi's
replacement as head deputy D.A.
should not be my job.
Oh, Airpods, not bad.
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Look, I asked if you'd take the job.
You refused. Now it's your choice.
You never should have gotten
rid of Choi in the first place.
- I didn't, he was promoted.
- He was transferred to Pomona.
I'd suggest you pick
Choi's successor sooner
rather than later,
or you know, stop being
difficult and just
take the job yourself.
NESS: Okay, higher.
Now lower, yeah, smidge
to the left, a little more.
Would you like to ask what I think?
No, I'm good. You got a problem with it?
No, it looks great, in fact.
Turn it on. Oh, perfect!
Thank you guys so much,
I appreciate you.
In the future, I would
love to be consulted first.
Yeah, I did call you
but you didn't answer.
- I don't think I
- And then I called Rachel
on her way to court,
although, the DC traffic
did sound a lot like Caribbean waves.
I did my due diligence
and consulted the powers
that be. And voila.
Rachel happened to
mention when she was returning?
No, but she did say
something about the case
she was working on somehow
raining down money on the firm.
Ah, she always says
that, well, I will just
be happy when you are
able to take on new clients,
though, I appreciate
all of the organizing, filing,
calling and everything
you're doing to keep us afloat.
Lisa, should I worry
Corinne Cuthbert never conceded?
Judge Carmichael, I want you
to meet Judge Thomas Marshall.
The infamous Judge Lola Carmichael.
Infamous, I wouldn't
quite put it like that.
THOMAS: Your reputation precedes you.
- Reputation?
- Congratulations
on retaining your seat at the 11th hour.
- Thank you, sir.
- I look forward to getting
to know you very well so
that I can judge for myself.
A little judicial humor.
Talk to you later, Lisa.
You bet.
I'm not sure if I'm on
his good side or his bad side.
Oh, I wouldn't think too much on it.
Thomas is a hard one
to read, he can be rough
around the edges, but he grows on you.
You'll have plenty
of time to figure it out.
He's joining the fray.
Does that have anything to do
with you meeting
with the Judicial Committee?
News certainly travels
fast, but no, it doesn't.
Just be conservative in your
rulings in the next few weeks.
- What does that even mean?
- Corinne Cuthbert challenging
your seat puts you on an elevated stage.
- Even more eyes are on you.
- Including Judge Marshall.
All I'm asking is for you to park
the Lola-coaster temporarily.
You face the fire, rose to the occasion
and came out of it smelling like a
Don't push it.
In my courtroom, there
will be no talking, no eating.
Phones must be turned off or on silent.
LUKE: Take a seat. Be right back.
You cannot keep denying my client.
You're the one
denying your client Watkins.
You still haven't made me an offer.
- Assault by means of force.
- Are you kidding me?
The great bodily
injury suffered by the victim?
The kid can either get a PC211
robbery or a PC245 with GBI.
Either way, it's a strike.
Maggie, It was an isolated incident.
What happened was an accident.
I already told you,
Watkins, I'm not going along
[talking over each other]
- [growls]
- Whoa, wait, Maggie,
did you just growl at me?
You're not gonna listen to reason?
Mr. Watkins looks like you're the winner
and the first person to break my rules.
Let's hear
it for Mr. Watkins, everybody.
[everyone claps]
All rise, court is now in session.
Honorable Lola Carmichael,
judge presiding.
Miss Sara Castillo,
if you would've bet me
a year ago that we'd
been working together
in the DA's office,
I would have lost my shirt.
Know what you're getting yourself into?
I finished my training,
I've shadowed a few victims
advocates, and I know the job's
not easy, but I am looking
forward to helping victims
and witnesses become survivors.
That's the right attitude, just
like your best friend, Lopez.
So do I get an office?
Desk. Take your pick.
Ah ha, okay.
Maybe I should find my first assignment.
Tricia Ornelas her dad
was left in a coma after
a smash and grab in their family-owned
sneaker store, and Maggie is the DDA.
She's already in 802. Good luck.
Thank you.
- WOMAN: Get it!
- MAN: Let's go! Let's go!
[grunting & shouting]
WOMAN: Come on, let's go!
Go! Go!
Now, Miss Ornelas,
is the person who violently
pushed down your father in this room?
- MAGGIE: Can you point him out?
He's right there at the table,
wearing the gray vest.
Identifying the defendant.
No further questions, Your Honor.
LOLA: Mr. Watkins.
You said my client was wearing a mask?
- Yeah.
- And a hoodie,
- with the hood pulled up, right?
- Yeah.
So are you saying that
you can identify my client
even though his face
was hidden by a mask and hoodie?
- No, uh, what I'm trying to
- Thank you miss Ornelas.
Mr. Watkins, I don't believe the witness
was finished answering
your previous question.
Miss Ornelas, please continue.
What I was trying
to say is that they scuffled.
My father grabbed him
and pulled down his mask.
That's when I saw his face.
[somber music]
No further questions Your Honor.

- What is this?
- My hours.
I'm not yet a salaried employee.
You're also not an attorney.
What, you're asking for overtime?
I ordered and made sure all the furniture
was delivered to every office, updated
the website, and updated future events.
- I've been busting my butt.
- It's called, paying your dues.
- Not overtime.
- In my world, I like to call
- them expandable hours.
- And I appreciate every
expandable hour you
have committed to this firm.
And since Rachel's been gone
you have been an absolute asset.
Now we're talking.
But, practicing law,
billable hours will come
to you after you pass the bar and get
hired to work here as an attorney.
In the meantime, if you don't mind.
All of this?
Please and thank you.
[quirky music]
Your Honor, the people called
[phone chiming]
No, no, no!
- Miss Palmer?
- Your Honor,
I'm sorry to say Mr. Ornelas
has succumbed to his
injuries and has died.
Due to the change in circumstances.
The people will be dismissing
this complaint and refiling
- Objection Your Honor!
- Adding murder and violation
of penal code section 187a.
- Mr. Watkins?
- I ask that the case
be dismissed, that the defendant
be remanded
And bail set at 2 million,
and that he be ordered
forthwith to the arraignment court.
Your Honor may I confer with my client?
Do that in arraignment court.
Ms. Palmer, restrain yourself.
Previously posted bond is exonerated.
The defendant
is remanded into the custody
of the sheriff's department.
Hold on, I was only 17,
how can I go to jail?
- What?!
- What did you just say?
Your Honor I need time
to confirm that this is true.
- Your Honor the people will
- Ms. Palmer,
I will consider
the people's motion to dismiss
and refile murder charges if
the defense is unable to prove
by a preponderance
of the evidence that Mr. Paolo
was, in fact, a juvenile
at the time of the offense.
Your Honor, this is just a ploy!
Mr. Watkins, I need to
see proof of your client's age.
Due to the change in
circumstances, I will be
remanding Mr. Paolo
and increasing bail to $500,000.
[gavel pounds]

Judge Carmichael, kudos on
your epic comeback from behind.
- Hello Jonas.
- And I thought you were a goner.
- Glad to prove you wrong.
- Me too.
Your support throughout
my campaign did surprise me.
Oh well, someone
comes for a judge's seat,
it's as if they're coming for us all.
And here I thought I was special.
Well, you can go on thinking that,
from now on,
it's back to business as usual.
What can you tell me about him?
Judge Marshall? Not much.
Rumor is that he's
even more conservative than I,
which makes sense that
he would be interested in you.
What makes you say that?
He's heading this way.
Hello, Judge Carmichael.
- Judge Marshall.
- I heard that the defendant
in your courtroom is possibly a minor.
I would have to see
irrefutable proof before
dismissing the adult court action.
It seems we think alike.
I will only certify
the case to juvenile court
if the defense proves he was a minor.
[quirky music]
Oh, ho, ho, this is going to be fun.
Who tells the cops they're 18
when they're actually a juvenile?
I just didn't want
them calling my foster mom,
because she's got enough to deal with.
Me and my brothers, we bounced around.
Her house was the first
one that felt like a home.
You knew, if they
thought you were an adult,
- they wouldn't call.
- I just didn't think
lying about my age was a big deal.
You gotta get me out of here.
Well, do you have
someone that can pay bail?
No. No.
We need to prove your age.
So I got to stay here?
Until I get proof, you stay.
[somber music]
They're asking insurance, arrangements.
I can help you talk to them.
Help you with seeking restitution
and finding other resources.
I thought he was going to wake up,
and this whole nightmare would be over.
It was hard enough
losing my mother to COVID,
now I lose my father
to some senseless robbery.
I know exactly how you feel.
You lost a parent too?
You know nothing
of how I feel, Ms. Castillo.
- You're right.
- I want that asshole
to pay for what he took from my family.
Juvie is too easy,
I want his life for my father's.

- You're suing me?
- Not you. The firm.
Wow, that got here
a lot faster than I expected.
Have you lost your mind?
This is not how you treat people who are
in the position to hire you
or recommend you elsewhere.
And though I commend
you for the strategic move,
I would like
for you to point your powers
for bad away from this firm.
It's just a small little
lawsuit, the firm can handle it.
[upbeat jazz music]
- Lisa!
- Carmichael.
- How is it being back?
- Enlightening.
Talk to me about Judge Thomas Marshall.
- Has he said or done anything?
- No, not exactly.
But my gut is telling
me that I'm suddenly being
- watched from within.
- News Flash Carmichael:
you've been watched since
the moment you first took
your seat on the bench.
He quizzed me on my recent case.
- He's testing you.
- Why?
What are you not telling me? Lisa?
She's being so entitled.
You've got to ask
yourself two questions.
Does she bring value to the company?
And with Rachel gone,
does she make your job easier?
Yes and yes.
But that does not give her
the right to sue the company.
Maybe I should sue
you for a wedding date.
Amy for real. What is the hold-up?
I mean. Is it still Collier?
Don't start with Collier.
What I'm saying is maybe I should
talk to him, just fiancé to husband.
Stay away, Callan, he has
enough to deal with medically.
Let me just get the firm
back on its feet and then I will
turn my attention
back to the wedding, okay?
[mellow pop music]
Let me get my stuff.
You've gotta keep
that guy you've got ♪
I just think people are never
going to stop coming for me.
Now I got judges testing me.
I think you're being paranoid, baby.
After everything I've been through,
you're calling me paranoid?
Are you tired of fighting?
That's the question
that you have to ask yourself.
Which side of the line
are you going to stand on?
[deep breath]
Just last night,
we were going to pick up Bayley
and go start a whole new life
somewhere else.
If that's what you want to do
I'm still down.
Look at you, with the sage wisdom.
Is my sage wisdom turning you on?
Because that's
what I need the answer to.
Ooh, a little bit, ooh!

Em no.
Hey, Watkins.
Tomorrow's another day, you know?
I'm not sure that'll make a difference.
Are we talking about the case or
It's okay, you can say her name.
I miss Emily being around too.
But there's a reason why I have
bad bitch on my nameplate.
Your nameplate does not say
Well, in my mind it does.
And it should in yours too.
So how's it going?
I'm hoping that my client isn't staring
down 25 years to life in prison.
Yes. Miles' birth certificate.
Is it the original?
That will take
too long, he's a foster kid.
Fingers crossed they accept
the copy and that your kid
gets sent to juvenile
court and not tried as an adult.
[tense music]
Mr. Watkins.
Your Honor, this is a photocopy
of Miles' birth certificate.
I object to anything
that's not an original document.
I've got the original right here.
Mama Shelton, Why are you here?
Miles, it's okay,
everything's going to be okay.
I asked you not to call her.
I've got his ID, too.
Thank you, you can have a seat.
Thank you, Burke.
This appears to be an original copy
of the defendant's
birth certificate showing
Mr. Paolo indeed turned
18 after the alleged incident.
Ms. Palmer, any objections?
No objection, Your Honor.
However, that does not
end the jurisdictional analysis.
This is a copy of the incident recall
report from the LAPD that shows that
the incident was ongoing past midnight
when the defendant was legally an adult.
The victim's daughter
called 911 at 12:07 a.m.
and stated that
the suspects had just fled
in a vehicle
and provided the plate number.
This means that Mr. Paolo
was 17 when the incident began
and turned 18 in the middle of it.
Is that your understanding, Mr. Watkins?
Your Honor, the complaint in this case
alleges that the date of the incident
was the day before my client turned 18.
That means he was 17 on the date
of the alleged incident.
- Ms. Palmer?
- The people will be amending
the complaint to reflect the fact
that the incident
spanned two calendar days.
Council you are both
ordered to find authority
for your respective
positions and brief the issue.
For now, I'm going to suspend
proceedings in this matter
until we resolve
the jurisdictional issue.
[gavel pounds]
Hang in there.

You've both made it clear that I'm not
an attorney, but that does make me
a non-salaried employee of this firm.
Thus I am entitled to overtime pay.
Under FLAS and California
law, as a professional,
you are not entitled to overtime pay.
You have made it clear that I'm not
a professional,
so you can pay me accordingly.
Well, uh, uh Amy, your turn.
We will discuss amongst the two
of us and get back to you.
Thanks for hearing me out.
RACHEL: The audacity.
She is good.
Going to make a damn
good attorney one day.
Agreed. So what do we do?
I'm going to leave
it in your very capable hands.
Just deal with her, Amy Quinn style.
She'll get the message.
I'm assuming you know something I don't,
which is fine,
you're the supervising judge.
It is your right.
But if it has anything to do with me,
please just give me a heads up,
because I don't like surprises.
Most surprises at least.
I've been designated
to the Court of Appeal.
That's it.
Don't get me wrong, Lisa! This is huge!
But why wouldn't you tell me?
I hadn't decided to take it just yet.
It means that I no longer will be
with the HOJ
and working with all of you.
And frankly, it gives me pause.
But it is a huge opportunity.
Oh, it's what I worked for.
I mean, your decisions
can become opinions.
And if those opinions are published,
you get to establish law.
- I know.
- So what's the problem?
It just isn't
the best time to be leaving.
And Judge Marshall
is in the running to
take over the supervising
judgeship, as is Lasky.
Oh, you've come against worse.
Yeah, I barely eked out this win.
But you did.
You won.
Yet you still feel the need
to be a buffer for me here.
You've come up
to the challenge every time.
Even pushing back as you're doing
right now with me, to do better.
And now it's time for you to show them
what you showed me
these past couple of years.
Why you've won.
'Lo, will you slow down?
Where the hell are we?
Old tunnels underneath
the courthouse. Doesn't matter.
Give me the goods on Marshall.
For starters,
he makes Lasky look like RBG.
He is cut and dry
when it comes to the law.
He never wavers. Ever.
Why so interested in Marshall?
Because I am pretty sure
he is going to become my boss.
- Where's Benner going?
- Court of Appeal.
So, how's your thing going?
It's not. I've got Maggie Palmer
and Burger smiling at me
with daggers for teeth, they
want Choi's job in a bad way.
Any ideas?
- Yeah, you take it.
- No!
No, no, no, no, I am a lone
wolf, not a manager of folk.
Mark, come on,
let's be honest, you are more
of a domesticated cat than lone wolf.
Now how the hell do we get out of here?
[funky, upbeat music]

Oh, my God!
I can't I just
can't believe you're here.
I hope that Puerto Rico was
all that you dreamed and more.
Honestly, I really don't care.
Don't get me wrong,
Luke, Andy, the others,
they have really
been pulling their weight.
Especially Luke, he really surprised me.
- Carol?
- Yes. Luke missed you.
Of course, he'd never admit it,
basically threw himself into work.
That's what I love about
you, Lopez, your doggedness.
In and out of the courtroom.
You're barely back
and here you are ready to
- Leave.
- What?
I'm leaving.
To go where?
To Look, don't.
To practice holistic law.
Really helping clients
beyond just their immediate
legal needs, helping
them find creative, constructive
solutions to whatever
isn't working in their lives.
And then, and then helping them
navigate through all of that.
- You can do that here.
- I can't.
Not with 50 to 100 clients
at any given moment.
I I can't.
Where will you go?
I have no idea.
Which makes me really excited,
and scared at the same time.
But if the last six
months have taught me anything
it's that whatever
happens, I will be okay.
You always have a job here.
You're a tremendous, boss.
How soon do you have to leave?
Effective immediately.
But there's someone
I have to see first. So, yeah.
[upbeat music]
- Where's Ms. Palmer?
- I needed to talk to you first.
Mr. Watkins! Come back
when you have Ms. Palmer.
This kid is not a hardened criminal.
He made a mistake.
One plus one equals three is a mistake.
Intentionally robbing a store
resulting in a man's death is a felony.
- Goodbye, Mr. Watkins.
- Can you
Do not start a sentence with "can I."
- I do what the law tells me.
- Sometimes you try
I try to sometimes do what others don't.
I try to give everyone
a fair crack at the law.
And I try to judge
without prejudice or bias
which is why I can't
have ex-parte communications
with lawyers. Now go, Mr. Watkins.
Yes, Your Honor.
The law draws a bright line
and states that a person's
birth date is deemed
to be midnight
on the date of their birth.
However, the facts
of this case blur that line.
Upon review of the surveillance
video introduced by the people,
the shove that resulted in the death
of the decedent occurred at 11:58 p.m.,
which is before
Mr. Paolo was legally an adult.
Under these circumstances, I believe
that the gravamen of the alleged offense
occurred while
Mr. Paolo was still a minor.
Therefore, I believe
fundamental fairness requires
that this case be
certified to juvenile court.
Ms. Palmer, if the people wish to try
Mr. Paolo as an adult,
they are free to file
a transfer motion in juvenile court.
Your Honor, I'd like
to state for the record
that I will definitely
be pushing my office
to file a transfer motion in this case.
What does that mean?
It means, Mr. Paolo,
that if it were solely up
to me to decide whether
to transfer you to adult court
to face 25 years
to life or be released at 25,
frankly, I don't know what I would do,
contrary to what some
people in this room may believe.
Powerful consequences
for such a dire decision.
Learn from it.
[somber music]
I'm so sorry.

- What's this?
- An order of summary
judgment dismissing your lawsuit.
Well, you failed to exhaust admin
remedies before
the California Labor Commission.
Okay, well then I'll just
Claims typically go first
through the labor commission.
- How long does that take?
- Over six months.
The alternative would be for you
to just be a salaried
professional at the firm.
We can hire you as a paralegal while
you await your bar results.
Well, let me know what you decide.
[funky, upbeat music]
Come on, come on!
You did not have to do all of this.
Oh, yes, I did.
Speech, speech speech speech!
Oh, no, no, I'm not
going to give a speech
because this is far from goodbye.
In fact, I'm going
to be right across the street.
Then, I would like to say a few words.
Judge Lisa Benner is a trailblazer.
When I first started this job,
she mentored and supported me,
but she also kept my feet
to the fire, never letting up,
allowing me to be the kind of judge
I wanted to be, even if she disagreed
with some of my more creative methods.
And for that, she has my utmost respect.
She constantly reminds me
why I became a judge
and why I belong here.
And this election
has proven that I still
have some work to do, even today,
I was reminded
of my resolve going forward,
being staunch in my pursuit
of justice and fairness.
And that will never waver because
you have shown me
that it doesn't have to.
So, thank you, Lisa Benner.
Besides being a mentor and a supporter,
I am grateful
to also call you my friend.
PARTYGOER: Here, here.
I want to take pictures of my cake.
Nice speech, that campaign training
has come in handy, but watch your back.
Lots of eyes on you now.
- SHERRI: Edible Balls?
- No thank you.

So, I didn't reach out
to you before now because
There's no need to explain.
Because there's something that
I want to tell you in person.
I'm leaving the PD's office
and I am going into holistic law.
I had the feeling
you were up to something.
I just didn't know what.
I'll still be trying cases in the HOJ,
so I'll probably be
seeing a lot more of you now.
Or or um
I'm going to be staying with my brother.
- So, yeah, there's that.
- I'm just glad you're back.
Puerto Rico was good?
- Life-changing.
- And Joaquin?
He's good, but he's not here.
Hey, Watkins.
- I bet you're Emily.
- Yes, I am, Emily.
And you must be
I'm sorry, I have no idea.
Delia Burke, new bailiff in 802.
Oh, That's That's amazing.
It's nice to meet you.
- Delia Burke.
- Just Burke.
EMILY: Burke.
- Still want to grab dinner?
- Absolutely.
Talk later?
Uh-huh. Yeah, of course. Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Really happy you're back, Em.
[somber music]
When I told you, when I told you ♪
To go
Before I close my door
Be right there,
Sherri, I forgot the card.
Finally come to concede?
Hmm. I came to congratulate.
Next time, use a phone.
I prefer a personal touch.
I want you to know this little
war of ours is far from over.
I didn't realize we were in a war.
Ah, nice of me to warn you.
I want you to see me coming
because I love a good fight.
This election
exposed your vulnerabilities,
I look forward to illuminating them.
I welcome that Ms. Cuthbert.
I do too, Ms. Carmichael.
It's Judge Carmichael.
Hmm, for now.
[intense, upbeat music]
[theme music]

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