All Rise (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

The Game

LOLA: Previously on All Rise
I am going into holistic law.
Ooh! I am late for
my first day in the DA's office.
- Or you could just come back?
- I miss you, too.
Maybe I should sue
you for our wedding date.
Can we just get
the firm back on its feet?
There's election
exposure vulnerabilities
I look forward to eliminating.
- Ms. Carmichael.
- Judge Carmichael!
[door shutting]
[soft indie rock instrumental]
[brakes squealing slightly]
My mommy like to sing along
With me,
but she won't sing this song ♪
If she reads all the lyrics
I know this is upsetting.
You know what, maybe we
should find another entryway?
No, it's okay. Hi, my lovelies.
Do you see all
those little motherpuckers
in Tyler Pierce's fan club?
Well, they're hating on me
because I like my kink,
and my sex rough.
But hey, to tell the truth
Your past's going to
come back to bite you.
No, that psycho went too far.
He put me in the hospital,
All right? And I'm going
to sit in that courtroom
every day until the world
knows I'll have the last laugh.
Okay, you are a witness,
so you're only allowed in
the courtroom when you testify.
My client looks forward
to refuting
Ms. Raymond's outrageous claims,
which are
a desperate grab for publicity.
Or social media followers her business,
and financial gain.
GIGI: Hey, hey.
Bring your crew over here.
You want the truth?
I'll give you the truth.
He's a lying sack of sh
- Gigi! This way.
- [reporters yelling]
GIGI: Get away from me! Leave me alone!

I'm a bad guy

I'm a bad guy

I'm a bad guy
You look suspiciously well-rested.
- [gasping]
- With a tinge of melancholy.
What am I, a bottle
of wine? How do you do that?
You told me Robin was taking Bailey
to visit his parents in Detroit.
It's our first time apart.
When I was two, my mother
went to an ashram in India
for six weeks, and I have no hang ups.
Hmm. Not a one.
Ooh, I have something to cheer you up.
We have a new, outrageously
qualified stenographer.
Who can't hum a tune, I checked.
These came to my chambers. No card,
but I figured more election
victory flowers for Lola.
They do keep coming.
I'll start a thank you card.
There's a card right here.
- [gasping]
- They're for me.
I guess we can't always assume,
they're for her honor
Well, I'm off to another
smash and grab hearing.
So give it up.
If you must know
I did some volunteer work
for a voter education group.
That is a lot
of posies for volunteer work.
I proved useful.
First up, we have
a trial readiness hearing
for a hockey player.
Tyler Pierce. Who could
forget? I hate celebrity cases.
You're either accused of favoritism
or of punishing them
for their fame. You can't win.
[soft pop theme]

I got an almond milk, half
caf macchiato for Kiki Rice?
KIKI: Hardly. Look alive!
Ho! You got skills for
somebody who just started.
- I'm trying.
- You want some pointers?
I would love some.
LeBron makes it look so easy.
That's true.
So what'd you want to talk to me about?
Well, I'm representing this, uh,
hairdresser who's got this thing
Okay, you are so not here
to talk about some hairdresser case.
You know you want to talk about you
leaving the other night
with the bailiff. Delilah.
Delia, wait. Wait are you jealous?
Delia. Come on.
I think you might be a little jealous.
No, I'm not. Whatever you got
going on with the hot bailiff,
that's none of my business.
Well, I'm worried that it bothered you.
Seriously, we're just friends.
Start your free throw.
Actually, just with
us two for now just
Just friends, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, baller.
So how's it going with
the holistic Lollapalooza, huh?
I scored a meeting
today with the Edith Basquez
who put holistic law on the map
and I'm going to ask her
how to start my own practice.
Up top!
Hey, listen, if there's
anyone who can get clients
through the system in
one piece, it is Emily Lopez.
Hey, I should, uh,
I should go. I'm gonna be late.
Okay. Thanks for the macchiato.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yo, Callan. It is a zoo out there.
And you are looking at the zoo keeper.
You're handling the Tyler Pierce case?
This one hurts, man.
I mean, Amy may be
my fiancée, but hockey
- Hockey is
- Is your first love.
Since I was 10-years-old.
Now, look at me.
Going after the guy who single-handedly
put the Blades in the playoffs.
On top of that, Amy,
she's so wrapped up in the case,
she literally falls
asleep cuddling the legal file.
Man, Tyler Pierce, of all people.
It's too bad
I'm not with the DA anymore,
we'd make a killer team.
- You pick a new head deputy yet?
- It's not that easy, man.
And on top of all that,
Bravo's sending me some new guy
I'm supposed to break in.
Must be the new guy.
All right, we got to move.
Give you the rundown.
Defendant traded texts with the victim
prior to a one night
stand that turned violent.
Okay, I was just heading to
Defendant has no criminal record
and no violent history,
aside from playing hockey.
Defense wants to plead this
down to a slap on the wrist.
- Misdemeanor trespass.
- Wait. Are we
What I'm talking about
is that if I were in charge,
I'd go after felony domestic violence
with a great bodily injury enhancement.
Huh. Speak of the devil. Yep, Callan.
Are you sure you want
to do this? All right. Amy. Hi.
DA's willing to strike the GBI
and offer a plea to the felony.
Time served, plus three years probation.
Just tell me. Would I have
to sit out the season?
Tyler, wait for me
outside the courtroom, okay?
Misdemeanor, simple battery.
No. No! Felony.
[mumbling on phone]
Sir, there's no way
I can agree to that
[mumbling on phone]
Yeah, well, looks like
you get yourself a deal.
Just go on without me.
I'll be right in, just
need to hammer out some details.
Mark, I'm not your second chair.
I've been trying to tell you.
I was just saying hi.
- Then whose Bravo's new guy?
- I am.
You an intern?
I get that all the time.
Don't worry. I'm up to speed.
I've been following right
behind you the whole time.
The young have excellent hearing.
Hey, Bravo. You messing with me?
Yeah, I just met Doogie Howser J.D.
Oh, he's a prodigy, huh?
I can't believe I'll
be working with Mark Callan!
I've followed your career,
convicted a deputy in
People v. Wayne McCarthy,
outfoxed the famous actors
into confessing to murder?
- Speaking of show biz
- I wasn't.
I've got the only Indian parents
who wanted their kid to
do stand up. I chose the law.
My talent for getting an audience
in the palm of my hand would've
been wasted on a comedy
You know, I forgot.
How much breaking in of this
kid do you want me to do?
We got a trial readiness
hearing that's about to start.
Oh, uh, right. I'll go
on into the courtroom now.
Go in. I need to
finish up with Bravo. Thanks.
Oh, one more thing.
He's, no, he's pulled
out a phone. I don't know
[phone clicking]
Can you please explain
to me what is happening?
Is Mr. Callan stuck
in an elevator. Mr
I don't know your
Uh, Deputy District
Attorney Tajdar Biswas,
though I go by Teddy
at Starbucks, Your Honor.
Okay, then, Mr. Biswas, Ms. Quinn,
while we wait for Mr. Callan
to grace us with his presence
Excuse me. Is Biswas
spelled the French way, O-I-S?
Or with a W, as in "world."
It's B-I-S-W-A-S.
That is quite the delivery.
What delivery?
Hmm. Where were we?
Are both sides ready for trial?
Actually, Your Honor,
both parties have agreed to a plea
of misdemeanor simple battery.
From the preliminary hearing transcript,
the charge sounds quite low.
What's the people's reasoning?
Um, I think I think we should wait
for Mr. Callan to clarify.
I really hope the lenience of the offer
is not the result of special treatment.
Everyone in my courtroom
is treated the same.
Rich, poor or otherwise.
I I mean, Mr. Callan
will enumerate the reasons
for reducing the charge,
but from what I can tell,
the people would have no
problem securing a conviction.
- What?
- No. Uh, Mr. Callan, I
Are there any problems with proof?
Uh, not that I can see.
I mean, the victim is cooperative
and the hospital photos speak
for themselves, Your Honor.
As Mr. Biswas pointed out,
these injuries do
appear quite traumatic.
And if there's a crime here,
it's much more serious than the offer.
I'm not inclined to accept
the plea. We're going to trial.
- [gavel thudding]
- But I didn't do anything wrong.
Wait no, the people and I made a deal.
And then that little
Then Mr. Biswas moved it up.
Student driver took
a U-turn, we're going to trial,
- not that I'm complaining.
- But I'm complaining.
In my chambers, now.
[people yelling]
Someone's going to lose a tooth.
Gigi Raymond is a self-serving scammer
who engaged in consensual sex play.
A felony charge is outrageous.
The defendant is using a few dirty texts
as a cover for strangling
a woman to unconsciousness.
And a domestic abuse charge requires
some semblance of a relationship.
The texts span several days, Your Honor.
Oh, if that's a relationship,
then stop griping I'm uncommunicative.
You've been stonewalling me for weeks
about the wedding date, Amy.
Council, we are not
in your romantic comedy.
If I may,
it's routine for my generation,
and that of the parties involved,
to engage in relationships
that can last
several years entirely online.
- In fact, it can
- Okay, Your Honor. Must we?
Young Mr. Biswas has a point. Ms. Quinn,
Mr. Callan,
is your co-counsel's assessment
of the evidence accurate or not?
It is, Your Honor. And if
the court is ready to move
the case to trial, the people are ready.
Good. Now, to avoid any
appearance of impropriety,
the court recommends
that you separate residences
and cease communication
for the duration of the trial.
Not a problem. I get the house.
Are you serious right now?
Well, then, at least Your Honor could do
is let the people
stay in her guest house.
Sorry, that's
another conflict of interest.
Just find a nice hotel.
I'll see you both in court.
Wait, you all hang out together?
[intriguing percussion instrumental]
Uh, Ms. Quinn. Hi.
I mean, I hope there's
not any hard feelings about,
in there, because in
moot court, in law school,
people got really, really mad at me.
Your fly is open.
That was a cheap trick, Quinn.
It always works on you.
- What happened?
- Bad case of acne.
Never mind. We've got
to get ready for trial.
You'll clerk for me
and the minute you pass
the bar, you're second chair.
Well, I get the test
results back in a few days.
Warm up my seat.
[sentimental music]
So, um, Joaquin told me
that you basically started
the holistic law movement back
in Brooklyn, and that is amazing.
Well, the goal was to place clients in
facilities like this one,
so they get actual rehabilitation.
I come out here to check
on my clients as much as I can.
I never had that kind
of time when I was a PD.
So let me guess,
now you're ready to do more.
Defendants deserve more.
Well, holistic law is not
just about defending clients.
You represent them in
landlord-tenant disputes,
immigration proceedings,
child custody battles, divorce matters.
Heck, I even make sure
they put food on the table.
That's my client Carla.
She wants to work in a garden
center when she gets out.
Carla, this is Emily.
She's interested in how I represent you.
Bud lettuce?
- Oh, no thanks.
- Try it.
But it's got, um
That's actually nice. A little dirty.
But, you know. Not bad.
Gigi, the jurors need
to see you as the victim.
Weak and vulnerable at
the hands of a 200-pound,
six-foot-one trained athlete.
Okay, so you want me to
be this delicate little flower?
Yeah? That's the only way that
those 12 idiots will believe me?
Like it or not,
those idiots are the only people
who can put Pierce behind bars.
I am not going to change
who I am. Screw all of you.
I need a smoke break.
[chair scraping]
She's going to be a disastrous witness.
The jurors need to empathize with her,
not want to strangle her themselves.
Meanwhile, Tyler Pierce
is Mr. Goddamn Congeniality.
I think the facts
should stand on their own.
Teddy, in he said, she said cases,
who's more likable matters.
Gigi Raymond has
1.2 million Insta followers.
Someone likes her.
Let me have some
time with her. Alone. Go.
Is that a lot of followers?
Gigi, you are very
brave to be testifying
and you have every right to be angry.
Sexist lawyer Callan is
supposed to be on my side.
Look, Callan isn't
sexist. He's just frustrated.
Gigi, this is your
chance to face your attacker.
Tell him what he did to
you, how this affected you.
Now you're my therapist, too?
Did you ever think
that some of your followers
might be victims of violence?
You can speak to them, help them
so that their lives aren't
destroyed or worse, ended!
Stop just thinking about yourself!
Okay, okay. I hear you.
[intense music]
Now leave me alone to
post a pic of my bichon frisé.
Question, how do I get funding to start
a holistic law practice?
You're going to need to find a powerful,
well-funded legal organization
and expand their practice.
How about Bar Panel?
They would take over my clients
when there was a conflict of interest.
Those private attorneys
are a bunch of stodgy, old men.
Yes. But the county funds them
so they have steady cash
flow and plenty of clients.
They're actually in
a unique position to do this.
- EDITH: Hey.
- Hi.
So. Hey, Carla. How'd you,
um, how'd you end up here?
My Ruby was four months.
I was out of work
and boosted some formula,
shoved a security guard.
She was headed to prison for robbery.
Her daughter would
have gone to foster care.
But Edith cut a deal
for me to come here instead.
I got to keep my Ruby.
- Aw.
- Gave me a reason to go on.
[distant yelling]
Bitch! [shouting loudly]
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
[yelling continuing]
Get off. Get off her!
Get off! Stop! Hey! Security!
Get off of her. Stop! Come on!
[woman grunting]
- Get off!
- Security!
Oh, whoa, whoa. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. I can take a hit.
So I guess you've had enough.
What, why? That I'm going
to start my own boxing gym.
I mean, no, I'm still
committed to Thank you.
I'm still committed to holistic law.
Give Bar Panel a shot,
but don't hold your breath.
You know, old dogs, new tricks.
Oh, my God.
What happened, physically,
between you and Mr. Pierce that night?
I was working it like
a bad ass, in control of things.
So you and the defendant
were engaged in sexual activity?
Yeah, yeah. And some
spanking, some dirty talk.
I'm not vanilla. It was fun.
Was there a point at
which it stopped being fun?
Yeah. Isn't that why we're all here?
Out of nowhere, Tyler Sorry, I mean,
the defendant, um,
grabbed me by the hair
and kept punching me
over and over and over again.
And his face, he was
like, he was biting his lip
like he wanted to get
the right reaction out of me.
[lips smacking]
But I wasn't scared shitless
the way he wanted, I guess.
So he grabbed me by the throat to, um,
to strangle me, or to snap my neck.
I thought he was going to kill me.
- [sniffling]
- I'm sorry.
You should really go home.
I just read over today's transcript.
Our new stenographer is
flawless. If it weren't for
Sounding like a movie preview.
Things can look really good on paper.
Speaking of which,
I saw Tyler Pierce on
the Drew Barrymore Show
making his mother's
mac and cheese recipe.
Before working here,
I thought sweet, funny guys
were sweet, funny guys.
It will come down to who
the jury believes he is. Oh!
I am walking out now with a W,
[trailer narrator voice] as in a world.
- Good night.
- Good night.
May I help you?
Sherri Kansky?
We're here regarding
an investigation
into alleged impropriety
in the election
of Judge Lola Carmichael.
There's gotta be some mistake.
[shower running]
[doorbell ringing]
[doorbell ringing repeatedly]
[doorbell ringing]
The hell?
And I am still
processing how deputies from
the Public Integrity Unit
wound up peppering me
with questions in my living room.
Really don't think there's
And election impropriety, seriously?
As if trying to hang on to
my seat wasn't difficult enough.
Your Honor,
I was as shocked as you were.
Oh, no. I think
I was a bit more shocked.
The first I heard about
Ms. Kansky's volunteer work
was this morning.
It wasn't an official campaign activity,
but I am sure it was aboveboard.
Those deputies were not having it.
That community center
was in the Krenshaw district,
which we both know
I won with record turnout.
I guess it looks so
bad someone reported it.
I did assure the deputies
it was purely
educational and nonpartisan.
So many people have doubts
around election integrity nowadays.
So, I wanted to teach
them how to fill out ballots,
explain how votes are counted. I never
Never what? Come on, Sherri.
There must have been something.
No, no!
Some people were
complaining about politicians
and the bureaucracy
around COVID benefits.
So I told them I'd make a few calls,
help them collect what they're owed,
and help get them rental assistance.
Oh is right.
I was trying to be of service.
You were working for my campaign.
It looked like you
were trying to buy votes.
You should have known better.
How did they leave it with you?
Um, the Public Integrity Unit said
they would determine if
the investigation would proceed
- to a hearing.
- Insane.
I can not believe
that this could escalate.
The election could be nullified.
I could lose
my judgeship, all credibility.
I need some air.
Former governess Elsbeth DeMarco
of La Habra Heights
married her employer,
then dismembered
and cooked him for dinner, 1926.
They do not make
cases like they used to be.
What do you think of my new spot?
It's great! If you've
got a thing for mold.
Let's keep looking.
So you are never going to believe this.
- Last night, I'm at home and
- Stop. I already heard.
Sherri and the election.
My buddy Jerome, he's the night guard.
He let the deputies up last night.
- Does everyone know?
- Relax. No. It's just me. Okay?
But I have a nagging suspicion
this can be traced
back to Corrine Cuthbert
and a serious case of sour grapes.
How would she even know?
I just don't understand how Sherri could
- make a mistake like this.
- Devil's advocate?
Sherri thought she could
give the voters a little push,
she'd do anything for you?
I know, but
I trust Sherri.
Ms. Raymond, the stunts you post,
they have to keep
getting more outrageous
to keep the million
dollars a year flowing, right?
Yeah, I kick it up a notch,
and I call them media spectaculars.
I see. Was kidnaping
the dog of K-Pop star Goldie Ku
one of your media spectaculars?
- Objection, irrelevant.
- Sustained on 352 grounds.
I have an eight-page document titled
"Raymond Pierce Text Exchange,"
marked as Defense Exhibit E
for identification.
- May I approach the witness?
- You may.
Ms. Raymond, do you
recognize these text messages
you sent to
the defendant between July 17th
and July 22nd
of last year? Take your time.
Mhm, I mean, uh, yeah.
Could you please
read the highlighted texts?
- Out loud?
- Go ahead.
Um, okay.
"I'm your obedient little slut."
Oh, speak up so the jury can hear you.
"Rough me up until I'm black
and blue so I know I'm yours."
"I need to ache from being used by you."
"I want you to choke
me until I come for you."
So you asked the defendant
to rough you up, choke you, bruise you?
- I never asked him to
- No, that's right.
- Sometimes you begged.
- Objection, argumentative.
Mr. Pierce simply followed
your instructions to the letter.
And yet, here we all are,
players in one of your
super duper spectacular
- Objection! Your Honor. This
- Sustained.
No, I just told that piece of shit
what he wanted to hear to keep
his interest. All right?
Everybody does that online,
you are just a frigid bitch!
Enough! Ms. Raymond. Let's just
bring the temperature down.
The court will be in recess.
Wow. You, uh, really dragged her.
Yes. When you pass the bar,
you'll have to give your
clients a rigorous defense.
After all that prep,
- [mimicking explosion]
- Gigi sunk her case.
Uh, kind of busy here.
Also, it's not over.
You're right.
Our expert witness is up next.
It's her job to convince those jurors
that their assumptions
about Gigi are false.
She is the victim. Period.
Strong strategy.
According to our demographics,
jurors six, seven,
nine and 11 are under 35.
Statistically, they're woke,
so victim blaming is out.
Hey, I'm over 35, I'm I'm woke.
Lunch? That's a nice surprise.
Oh, damn. I asked for roast beef.
Could anything go my way today?
I'm going to say this is
about more than roast beef?
Clear things up with Emily?
Okay, why would you think
that I'm talking about Emily?
The sandwich apocalypse?
Surprise lunch, you sure
you're not here to talk?
No, Emily and I are
just friends. Double confirmed.
Great. So you're open to other women.
Because, uh, it seems
like you're lady catnip.
Uh-uh. I'm still proving
myself at the PD's office.
No distractions.
Suit yourself.
If you don't want them,
I will take on the challenge.
Dr. Chang, you said you've
treated more than 200 victims
of domestic abuse over
the course of your career.
Would you say they always come across
the way we'd expect a victim would?
You mean the stereotype?
Frightened, weak and helpless? No.
But isn't that the typical
response to injury trauma?
Quite the contrary.
When women are battered,
they can have atypical behavior,
anger driven outbursts.
They're often embarrassed
and don't want
to admit they're vulnerable,
that they let this happen to them.
So it's possible for
someone to be battered
and still be brash,
abrasive, um, in-your-face?
Absolutely. A false
projection of strength
in the face of shame
is consistent with the PTSD reaction.
Is it also possible
for a domestic abuser
to come across as a nice guy,
even be a role model?
You'd be shocked who goes home
and beats up
the person they supposedly love.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, the nice
guys can be villains strategy
resonates these days.
I am a nice guy. This is ruining me.
Or what I do behind
closed doors shouldn't matter.
But it does. We have to show the jury
that at least you're
honest about what you want.
Unlike, what, half
the married guys on your team?
Any history with women's causes?
I think I signed a hockey stick
for some fundraiser for a breast thing.
Ness, find that charity.
Do you know how many Make-A-Wishes I do?
And what do I get?
People taking advantage of me.
Okay. Can I talk to
you for a second? Just
If I bite my tongue any harder,
it is going to bleed.
Now he's the victim?
By the time we're
done with him, he will be.
And as you can see, gentlemen,
recidivism in California is at 46%.
The Los Angeles County court system
is the largest in the country.
Defendants get utterly
buried in the bureaucracy.
Look, I'm not here
sprinkling fairy dust,
but I am offering holistic
law services to your clients
to help them solve their problems.
Mr. Lopez, I commend your enthusiasm,
but I'm afraid the only
way a holistic law could work
is by sprinkling fairy dust.
What you're suggesting is impractical.
- It's too far-reaching.
- And expensive.
L.A. County gives us
funding to defend clients
in criminal court. That's our priority.
You saw my analysis.
Putting one defendant's child
into the foster care system
costs the county far more
than offering these services.
Caring for
the whole person is the future
of criminal defense.
If you're interested in social work,
you might want to
consider a career change,
or go do pro-bono work.
DIRECTOR: Try free counsel initiative.
The lawyers there take
shifts cleaning the bathrooms.
Well, I should have gone there first.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you for your time.
And I signed a hockey stick for
the Breast Cancer Foundation.
My aunt Norene is a survivor.
And you are a very generous man.
Do women ever take advantage of you?
You know, sometimes
all they want are vacations
and Cartier watches.
I try not to get jaded,
but it gets to you.
I'm a nice guy.
No further questions.
Mark, Mark, Mark.
- What?
- Let me do the cross.
Sit down. Be quiet.
Mark, I've got this.
This prodigy crap better be real.
Which way do I go?
- [clearing throat]
- Mr. Pierce. Excuse me.
I may not have much experience, if any,
in the boudoir, and
Move along in your
questioning, Mr. Biswas.
- Okay, um, orgasms.
- [court muttering]
Do women usually have
one of those during sex?
Mr. Dinsmore?
So sorry. First,
I have Mr. Biswas saying
"I might not have much experience,
"or any, in the boudoir."
Then he says "orgasms."
Does a woman always have
Mr. Biswas, repeat your
questioning for Mr. Dinsmore,
but this time, speak
up so he doesn't have to
Can you always tell
when a woman has had an orgasm?
With me, it's pretty obvious.
Did Miss Raymond have one with you?
Oh, yeah. I mean, they all do.
So Miss Raymond asked you to choke her
until she had an orgasm.
You said it was perfectly
clear that she'd had one.
Yeah, so I
And yet you kept on choking her
after she had an orgasm
until she went unconscious.
Was that part of your game,
or do you get your kicks
sending women to the hospital?
- No, that's not how
- Objection, argumentative!
- Sustained.
- No further questions.
You know, I'm going to kill you!
Mr. Pierce, sit down.
You know me. It was an accident.
- [gravel pounding]
- Order.
Bailiff, clear the courtroom.
In my chambers now.
[courtroom muttering]
I will not have my courtroom
turned into a three ring circus.
Your Honor,
Mr. Biswas' gotcha grandstanding
about the timing of an orgasm
doesn't prove my client
intended to hurt Ms. Raymond.
It was a moment of passion
that went too far,
an accident. Period.
One bruise is an accident, Your Honor,
we have all seen the photos.
Okay, Your Honor,
let's cut to the chase.
The defense asked
the court to adjust the language
of the jury instructions.
The jurors must be told to consider
Ms. Raymond's obvious
consent to this S&M game.
People understand
that she agreed to a point,
but that only goes so far.
By Ms. Quinn's logic,
if someone asks you
to push them off a bridge and you do it,
you bear no responsibility.
The way the standard jury instructions
for a domestic violence
charge is written is flawed.
Right now, it doesn't mention consent
being a mitigating factor.
Other battery laws do.
Your Honor,
there are those who would say
adjusting jury instructions
is how activist judges
override laws to influence juries
towards a desired verdict.
It happens all the time. Look
at the Kyle Rittenhouse case!
- Oh, back off, Frodo.
- Enough.
Now I am not here to override laws.
I'm here to ensure Mr. Pierce
receives a fair trial.
That will be all.
Judge Carmichael,
as a sworn officer of the court,
it is my moral obligation
to express my belief
that Tyler Pierce will
do this kind of thing again
and again and again. And I know,
I was bullied by guys
like him my whole childhood.
[sentimental music]
I feel for you, Mr. Biswas,
and this is a serious matter.
Now, I will take the defense's request
to consider consent under advisement.
I will also mull over
the prosecution's position
that the injuries Mr. Pierce inflicted
on Miss Raymond be
the only factor they consider.
Now, good afternoon.
Jurors you are to consider
the following instructions
in your deliberation.
The defendant is charged in count one
with felony domestic violence.
You must determine whether Mr. Pierce:
one, willfully inflicted
physical injury upon Miss Raymond,
and two, whether that injury resulted
in a traumatic condition.
Have a chuckle bite. My go-to
during jury deliberations.
So I did not grant the defense's request
for a pinpoint jury instruction.
I hope I did the right thing.
I think you did. Once
you ask a jury to accept
that Miss Raymond said
yes to being choked and punched,
no 12 jurors will
agree if Pierce went too far.
But the defense makes a good point.
The jury instructions for
a felony domestic violence charge
as written is problematic.
Lola, don't second guess yourself.
Who needs that with
Judge Marshall watching over you
and the whole
election fiasco on the horizon.
My buddy Jerome told me.
[phone dinging]
The jury has a verdict.
That was fast.
Listen, maybe
nothing makes a difference.
That jury might see Pierce
as some larger than life superhero,
like a Tom Brady or a Michael Jordan.
And heroes can be above the law.
Thanks for the chat.
I know you're used to
hashing things out with Benner,
but I can be warm and friendly too, see?
And take the cookies with you.
Those girls get Gary every year.
[cookie crunching]
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
Foreperson, please hand
the verdict form to the bailiff.
Will the defendant please stand?
As to count one in
violation of Penal Code 273.5,
subdivision A, felony domestic violence,
we, the jury, find the defendant
not guilty.
- [court applauding and cheering]
- Congratulations.
- [gavel pounding]
- Order. Order.
Does losing always suck this hard?
Even genius lawyers lose cases.
You put up a good fight, kid.
REPORTER: Tyler Pierce, what's next?
Well, my client has been exonerated
by a jury of his peers,
and now he can get back
to doing what he loves most.
Helping the Blades win a championship!
[cheering continuing]
I just can't believe he got off.
I'm so sorry, Gigi.
Please just leave me alone!
[chanting] Justice for Gigi!
Justice for Gigi!
- Justice for Gigi.
- Oh, my God.
[chanting] Justice for Gigi!
Justice for Gigi!
They're here for me!
[indistinct] fans as Tyler Pierce.
Gotta get out of here.
Tyler, Tyler! Not guilty.
But can you comment on the breaking news
that the L.A. Blades are
releasing you from the team
for violating the morals
clause in your contract?
Yeah, yeah. You rot motherpucker!
I'm going to sue your ass off in court.
Justice for Gigi! Justice for Gigi!
Justice for Gigi! Justice
for Gigi! Justice for Gigi!
[chanting continues]
This needs your signature.
It's verdicts like today's
that make abuse victims
hesitant to come forward.
Almost makes you lose
your faith in humanity.
- Sherri
- Judge Carmichael
Judge Carmichael. Not even Your Honor?
I know I might have made
a mistake during the election,
but you don't have
to make me feel so small.
I am sorry, Sherri.
But even you have to admit
that sometimes you
can go a little overboard.
This came for you.
Public Integrity Unit?
It looks like they are moving forward
and calling a hearing.
We will both have to
testify about your conduct
during the election.
Are you sure you can trust me?
I might go overboard.
[elevator dinging]
Phew! The circus has left town.
Come on, let's go back to the office.
That was a three shower trial.
Yes. Whatever you're
feeling about the verdict,
it was our job to make the
prosecution prove their case.
They couldn't get there.
Yay. American justice.
With Rachel gone, I couldn't
have done this without you.
I'm just sorry you
couldn't have been second chair.
Oh, I'm okay with skipping this one.
By the way, any word on passing the bar?
- Any second now.
- [gasping] Oh.
Come on. Let's go.
Two years ago
but I've always kept you ♪
In the front frame
of my mind, California ♪
Been burning with
desire since I left you ♪
These New York City
streets don't protect you ♪
From the vortex of your mind ♪
These hills of mine, the ocean, too ♪
I lose myself in skies that blue ♪
I come alive, breathe in your air ♪
My world ain't right
when I'm not there ♪
Long as your sun's shining on me ♪
My heart is home and I am free ♪
The new kid could use a couple inches,
but he do look cute. What the?
[crowd] Surprise!
I know you're still waiting to hear,
but trying to find a night that
everyone's schedules was
Oh, no. Thank you guys
so much for everything, hey.
Congratulations, Counselor.
Soon you will be trying
your own tough cases out there.
Well, I hope all I'll be ready.
Of course you will be ready.
I mean, you've already seen your boss,
Amy and Mr. Callan ignite
a really important
conversation out there.
You're next. Mhm.
So? Bar Panel buy in?
Am I, um
Am I allowed to ask for a hug?

Get lost in someone
Someone who's not for us
Strong work today, Miss Quinn.
You are a good man, Mark Callan.
I am blessed to have you in my life.

These games we play
MARK: You got like pizza or something?
What is this, finger food? Come on, man.
[partygoers chatting]
- A toast?
- A toast!
[all cheering]

[theme music]

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