All Rise (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

Give It Back

ANNOUNCER: Previously on All Rise.
Have you narrowed down your selection?
Picking Choi's replacement
as head deputy DA should not be my job.
MARK: Miss Sara Castillo!
Know what you're getting yourself into?
I am looking forward to helping victims
and witnesses become survivors.
Holistic law is not just
about defending clients,
you represent them
in landlord tenant disputes,
immigration proceedings,
child custody battles.
Sherri Kansky,
we're hear regarding
an investigation
into alleged impropriety
in the election
of Judge Lola Carmichael.
The election could be nullified.
I could lose my judgeship.

["Sunday Morning" by Hamzaa playing]
You make me feel
Like it's a Sunday morning ♪
- What you're trying to start?
- A good morning?
[Lola laughing]
And we can't Turn forever off ♪
'Cause we ain't got
The pressure on us ♪
- [baby babbles, giggles]
- [Lola gasping]
She can crawl out of her crib?
She's been trying for a few days now.
- I guess she figured it out.
- [Lola laughing]
Probably time
to lower the crib mattress.
[laughing] And don't worry,
we can finish
what we started later tonight,
'cause Uncle Marcus is babysitting.
For now, let me get ready for work.
When I look at you
We know what it is
You got a full slate?
[sighs] It's Sherri.
Things just haven't
been quite right with us
and I don't know how to fix it.
Give her some time.
The Public Integrity Unit
hearing coming up
isn't helping
to ease the tension either.
Sherri did nothing wrong,
you guys will find your way back.
And they've got nothing on you.
Isn't that right, Bailey?
[Bailey cooing]
Thank you.
You make me feel
Like it's a Sunday morning ♪
- Bye, husband.
- Bye, wife.
- [phone ringing]
- Ness still isn't picking up?
[over answering machine]
This is Ness, leave a message.
Failing the bar is a tough blow.
Just give her time.
I know, I just want
to make sure she's doing okay.
She'll be fine. She'll be back.
[phone vibrating]
I can't pick up.
My own office
is investigating her election.
The Public Integrity Unit
is a different department.
Still the DA's office.
Mark, it could be about Bailey
[vibrating stops]
AMY: See? Pull yourself together.
If it's stressing you out so much,
why don't you see
if you can find out more?
You are head deputy.
Interim head deputy.
Want me to pick up all
the baby stuff up after work?
No, I got it.
I'm going to leave work early.
- Okay, bye.
- MARK: Bye.
- [sighing]
- [phone vibrating]
SARA: Hey, Mark, yeah,
my new roommate's moving in today.
Yeah, I shouldn't be much longer.
- [doorbell rings]
- Oh, there he is.
All right. I will be there shortly.
- Hi, roomie.
- Hey, Zachary.
Oh, I thought I mentioned
the place is fully furnished, so
Is that a coffin?
Oh, geez, no, that's
a [indistinct] illusion box.
- SARA: A what now?
- A [indistinct] illusion box.
- It's for work.
- I thought you said
you worked in entertainment.
Correct. I'm a magician.
And from now on, you're going to be
on my VIP list to see me perform
- at the Magic Castle.
- Ooh. [laughing]
Okay, well, I am late for work, so
Will you be all right?
Oh, honey, don't worry.
I have everything I need.
- [laughs silently]
- [laughs nervously]

Perfect. Thank you so much.
Who's the second one for?
For me. They are both for me.
I love my nephews, but they
have twice the energy I do.
How long are you staying
with your brother?
Till I find a place.
I now regret selling my house.
You know, you can stay with me.
I mean, on the couch,
and I promise, I do not have
a lot of energy these days.
Because you said your
nephews had a lot of energy.
No strings attached. I'm barely home.
I'm just trying to give you options.
[laughing] No, I know.
I just I appreciate it, I'd
- But
- Right.
So you got a case?
Yeah, mayhem.
A young mom who allegedly threw
a pot of boiling water on her landlady.
I'm on my way to meet her now.
Oh, wait, so that means you got the job?
I did, I'm officially
with Free Counsel Initiative now.
Hell yeah.
Emily Lopez working for the biggest
pro-bono law firm in the world?
No pressure, no, none whatsoever.
So Carol tells me there's a new PD
- coming in from San Francisco.
- Yeah. Olivia.
She's second chair in my next case.
- What's your case?
- It's ridiculous.
We're defending a rat thief.
Yeah. The guy stole
a two-headed rat from a lab.
- Two heads, wow.
- There are more important cases
going on and I get assigned this.
Ah, ah, ah, no.
You are a public defender now.
Every case is important, okay?
Remember that.
I'm running late, I got to go.
You'll be great. Catch up soon?
You know where to find me.
And congrats on the new job.
Mrs. Neal showed up
when I was making dinner
for my kids and we got into an argument.
What was the argument about?
She wanted to raise rent again.
At this point
she's just taking advantage.
So this has been an ongoing issue.
Yeah, I mean, the lease says
I have the first five days to pay,
but if I don't drop
a check off on the first,
she just loses it.
How did Mrs. Neal get burned?
She got too close to me,
and I pushed her.
She lost balance and nocked
this pot down off the stove.
The hot water fell on her.
She had third and fourth degree burns.
And I feel bad about that,
but it was a total accident.
Do you have any witnesses
that can corroborate this?
Yeah, my kids.
But I don't want
to get them involved in this.
They've been through a lot already.
[sobbing] I haven't seen them in weeks.
I am all they have.
Charlotte, I am going to do
my best to get you out of custody
so they can be with you
before and during the trial.

[soft instrumental music playing]
- Black Americano.
- I am not doing
caffeine for now, but thank you.
Smart. Healthy. I like it.
The Public Integrity Unit
has requested we both speak to them
in connection with their investigation.
Well, we've been expecting that.
I know what I'm going to say,
but I don't know
what you're going to say.
Maybe we should link up our statements.
[suspenseful music playing]
Teddy Biswas
can you just join the office.
[Kiara chuckling]
They're still
bribing you to get the job?
Well, trying unsuccessfully.
But yeah, I really need
to pick someone soon.
Take your time.
Choi isn't easy to replace.
And I do not see
you reporting to Maggie Palmer.
So, listen, you're going to be
prosecuting a woman charged with mayhem.
Defense attorney is Emily Lopez.
I can handle Emily. Thanks, boss.
I'm not your boss.
You are today, boss. [chuckling]
[whispering] Boss.
Yeah, this is Mark Callan,
interim head deputy.
Can I get the name of the DDA
who approved the election
impropriety investigation?
[suspenseful music playing]
There are less restrictive means
that the court
should employ instead of bail.
KIARA: Your Honor,
house arrest isn't an option.
The owner of Miss Collins' apartment
- is the victim here.
- EMILY: The victim?
Well, that's still in dispute.
Miss Lopez.
I'm sorry, Your Honor, I'm sorry.
I believe the Southland
Women's Reentry Center
would be a great place
for my client to await trial.
We satisfied protection of the public,
and she gets to maintain
custody of her children.
A center, like rehab?
- Where would the children live?
- With her, Your Honor.
Many women
live there with their children.
It's an alternative
to incarceration for women.
And there's treatment involved.
Yes, Your Honor.
My client has no drug use history,
but she has admitted to heavy drinking
- and impulse control.
- [loud snoring]
She would get AA meetings
and anger management therapy.
[clears throat]
Miss Foster, any opposition to this?
I object, Your Honor.
We're here to bring
justice and protect victims,
not reward criminals with safe havens.
I am granting the defense's motion.
Keeping everyone safe
not only includes the victim,
but also innocent children
and we can achieve both.
Miss Collins is conditionally released
to a representative
from the Southland
Women's Reentry Center.
I will see everyone in two days
for the pretrial conference.
That will be the order.
- Court is adjourned.
- [loud snoring]
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
Thrilled to go to war with you again.
Always a pleasure.
Welcome back to the HOJ Miss Lopez.
Thank you.
[music ends]
- [Mark clearing throat]
- What's a gift card up to?
About 30, give or take.
Oh, great.
I got another one here for you.
I need you to advise
on the LAPD smash and grab task force.
So why are you here?
You approve the investigation
into Lola Carmichael's campaign.
Why? And why is it still going on?
If I didn't approve it,
someone else would have.
The evidence is tenable.
What's tenable about a seminar?
This feels more
like a political hit job to me.
- [Louis sighs]
- So, you know, who's behind it?
- Fred Martin Moore?
- Okay, easy.
Callan, that's too far.
- Was it the Crenshaw District?
- This isn't about Martin Moore,
and it's not about Crenshaw anymore.
Maybe you need
to bring your friends down
from the pedestal you've put them on.
Fine, I'll find out another way.
If you use any resources
from our office for this,
you're done.
Like I said, I'll find out another way.
[intriguing instrumental playing]

Dr. Jill,
do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?
- I do, Your Honor.
- Be seated.
Mr. Berger, your witness.
Dr. Jill. What is your occupation?
I'm the chief scientist
at Vanguard Labs.
I oversee the operations
and I coordinate scientific research.
Do you see anyone else
from Vanguard Labs in this room?
Mr. Park, he worked with us in tech,
and he stole my research.
The witness
has identified the defendant.
- And by research, you mean?
- A rat.
They were experimenting with it.
- It was animal abuse.
- You know what bothers me more
than the unvaccinated?
Won't happen again, Your Honor.
Dr. Jill, could you explain
- why you test on animals?
- Some experimental models
are impossible
to replicate in human subjects.
When a new drug is being created,
it's unethical for us
to start with humans.
We need to test on animals first
until we make sure it's
safe to transition to humans.
- So it's necessary?
- DR. JILL: Absolutely.
We're saving lives.

Stick to answering the questions
about the seminar only.
What else would they question me about?
Well, I wouldn't be surprised
if they come up with threats
or false accusations to throw you off.
- Why would they do that?
- Sometimes they bluff
to scare you off something bigger
so that the issue at hand
seems smaller to confess to.
I thought those tactics
were only used with criminals.
- Not exactly.
- Why would they treat me
like a criminal before giving
me the chance to clarify.
- Miss Kansky, I'm only try
- I have nothing to hide.
- Your Honor
- Okay.
Why don't we take a break?
Great idea. I'm starving.
Sherri, it will be fine.
We just tell the truth,
do what David Sanders tells us,
and we will be laughing
about this in a couple of days.
Your Honor, this is turning out to be
a lot more serious
than I initially thought
and I'm willing to resign
to avoid any blowback on you.
What? Sherri, no!
We are in this together.
MRS. NEAL: I get
that she's a single mom,
but I also need my money on time.
Walk us through the night, Mrs. Neal.
I could smell alcohol on her breath.
She'd been drinking.
She got aggressive.
I told her I would call the cops.
She was making dinner.
And before I knew it,
she threw a pot of boiling water at me.
[dramatic orchestral music playing]
[in a squeaky voice]
I will look like this forever.
Mrs. Neal, what you went through
is very traumatic.
Have you considered
joining a support group
or getting individual therapy?
I would love
to provide you some options.
EMILY: We'll do his charge.
Give me one that works for you.
Assault by means likely
with a great bodily injury enhancement.
The max would be seven years.
Can we drop the enhancement
and do time suspended?
No, I am not going along
with a non-strike in this case.
Your client's actions were extreme
and the victim's injuries are permanent.
Look, she has two kids that will end up
in the system
if she does any prison time.
Okay, how about plead with strike
for probation and four year suspended?
Okay, but I am
not agreeing to her staying
in the Women's Reentry Center.
That program is new
and there is not enough
data that supports
the recovery rate
that they claim to have.

I'm not pleading guilty,
Mr. Watkins. I'm sorry.
Berger offered a good deal.
The rat was abused,
and the lab isn't even working
on meds or cures for illnesses.
They're working
on a new weight loss pill.
And fashion vitamins
to sell on Instagram.
Capitalism disguised as wellness.
And that's exactly
what I'll say on the stand.
Kevin, the lab and the work that they do
are not on trial here, you are.
It does explain his motive, though.
This is the picture I took of
the rat when I saved its life.
Whoa. What is that?
Its second head.
[Luke sighs]
I get why you did what you did, Kevin.
It was very noble.
It'll be uphill battle,
but it's one worth fighting.
But we don't have a strong defense
and Berger is not an easy opponent.
We'll just have to use what
we know about him against him.
What do you mean?
Berger hates surprises,
and he's not much of an animal lover.
- Are you suggesting
- We surprise him.

[Mark whistles]
Oh, Mr. Callan.
What brings you
to the Public Integrity Unit?
You know, I'm just stretching my legs.
They put me in charge
of finding a replacement for Choi
and let me tell you,
the options are lacking.
Oh, yeah.
Do you think that one of you
can help me find this file?
Oh, I'll get it.
He's a junior DA.
Doesn't have access to this.
Thank you.
She's fast.
All right.
Hey. Good to see you.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey, Robin
I need you to look
into something for me,
and you cannot tell Lola.
How are they?
[sighs] Better, now that we're together.
Thank you so much, really.
You're welcome.
I'll be right back, okay?
So listen, I think I got them
as low as they're going to go, okay?
Plead to a strike for probation
and four years suspended.
- Four years in prison?
- No, I'm sorry.
Suspended means that you will only serve
the time if you violate probation.
And we both know that you are not
going to do that.
I didn't do this either,
didn't hurt anyone.
I know, but you need
to plead to the assault
to get the deal.
If not, we go to trial.
And if we lose, you could go to prison.
What about my green card?
I mean, if it's on my record
that I assaulted someone
could it be taken away?
You're not a citizen?
No, I'm Canadian.
Could I get deported?
Why am I hearing about this now?
I figured it was in the file.
No, it wasn't.
Is this a problem?
It is.
We are we are back to square one.
I need to I'll be in touch.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
DAVID: You two will do great tomorrow.
Think of this as an opportunity
to clarify things.
- Thank you, David.
- Thank you.
Please, I have to get back to work.
I believe a little bit of distance
between you and Miss Kansky
might be necessary.
Oh, okay.
Mark and I do this all the time
- whenever we have a case.
- Let me rephrase,
this thing
with the Public Integrity Unit
could get really ugly.
I think you should consider
letting Miss Kansky go.
[suspenseful music playing]

- Hey.
- Hey, I heard about the plea.
- [sighs]
- You know,
I just I wish Mrs. Neil
would get some justice.
She is terrified of retaliation,
and she does have a point.
Your client has a history
of anger management issues.
But no history
of assaulting people, okay?
For all we know,
Mrs. Neal could be lying
- about what happened.
- She has no motive to lie.
Your client, on the other hand,
doesn't want to lose her kids,
but doesn't want them to testify.
I mean, I know she loves them,
but maybe she's the one that's lying.
It's our first case on opposite sides.
Mr. Lopez, finally made your way back.
Hey, Callan.
Wow, I didn't know you were a hugger.
I guess I just
miss kicking your ass in court.
Oh, you mean getting
your ass kicked in court?
All right, well, good to have you back.
Oh, hey, I'm sorry.
Sorry that you're still
playing for the wrong team.
If you're looking for my team,
Carol Foster's looking for you outside.
- Hi, Sara.
- Hi.
I am taking a holistic approach
with Kiara, too, instead
of barging in her office,
I'm going to buy her a drink.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.

- SARA: Sherri?
- Sara.
Where have you been? [sniffling]
For a moment, I thought your roommate
made you disappear.
[laughing] You've been
sitting on that one.
[giggling What's his name again?
Oh, Zachary Holmes.
Holmes, that's such a stage name.
Yeah, it must be.
[Sara sighing]
how are you feeling
about the hearing tomorrow?
I don't know.
Feels like she trusts David Sanders
- more than me.
- What?
No way.
No, he just knows the ins and outs
of campaigning,
and she values his opinion.
But she used to value mine.
Now it's clear that I'm just her clerk.
Sherri, you are a huge gift to us.
To me, and especially
to Judge Carmichael, she loves you.
Don't devalue yourself.
[Sara sighing]
You don't have to be
so strong all the time.
[somber piano music playing]
May I give you a ride home?
Come on.
Only if you promise to tell me
all about Mr. Holmes.
[laughing] I don't know
what I'm going to walk into
when I get home tonight.
So I read the file on the investigation
into Lola's campaign.
I don't like where this is going.
It started with Sherri's seminar,
but it led to something way bigger.
Half a million dollars was transferred
from Lola's account
- and some other random account.
- What?
Who would Lola send that
ridiculous amount of money to?
Not Lola, Sherri was the admin.
She was in charge of the petty
cash for the whole campaign.
Sherri would never
do something like that.
Of course not,
but, Amy, this is all bad.
- Lola could get indicted if
- [knocking on door]
- Don't say anything.
- Not on my life.
MARK: Hey. Oh, my
Okay, so she's been really trying,
but she's not quite fully potty trained.
We got potty training instructions
and bedtime instructions.
If you need anything, give us a call.
Won't be necessary.
Bailey is number one fan
of her Uncle Mark,
and whatever
I can't handle I know Amy can.
- [Bailey crying]
- We're so excited.
MARK: Now, you guys go,
have a good time.
- We got this.
- LOLA: Okay.
MARK: She's in good hands.
You take care of your Uncle Mark, okay?
MARK: She's got me.
All right, go. Get out of here.
We got it. We got it.
[Emily laughing] Wait, you're telling me
that your dad is friends with Carver?
I knew him as Uncle Carver growing up.
So my dad also wanted to be a lawyer,
but he dedicated his life
to me instead as a single dad.
- He must be proud.
- Very.
Now, what are we really doing here?
Okay, the deal
no longer works for my client.
Charlotte is a Canadian citizen.
She has a green card,
and I totally missed it.
Maybe you didn't.
Clients lie
and hide things all the time.
But don't be too hard on yourself.
I'm going to do that for you
if you don't come back with a fair deal.
I need to talk to an immigration expert
to find out what charges my client
can safely plead to without suffering
adverse immigration consequences.
I won't object to a continuance.
Thank you.
I know you've been objecting to this,
but would you be open to a sentence
at the Women's Reentry Center
this time around?
Absolutely not. I'd rather go to trial.
I need an immigration safe deal.
Look, I appreciate
this new approach, Emily.
The drinks and the casual chitchat.
But I'm still a prosecutor.
I need a deal that works for both of us.
MARK: It's okay Bailey,
I'm just texting with Dad,
we're just figuring
a few things out, that's all.
Okay, sending now, yeah.
Hey, are you serious? We used that
Do you have a better idea?
Because I would love to hear it.
Please, come over here
and enlighten me, Callan.
You doing good.
She's stressed out, right?
Okay. Never mind. No big deal.
No big deal, right?
It's our
Her dad texts like my dad.
LOLA: Can you believe
David Sanders suggested
that I fire Sherri?
I mean, are things really that bad?
What am I missing?
[Lola clears throat]
[suspenseful music playing]
Sorry babe. I got it.
Okay. We're doing great.
You you're doing
[Bailey cooing]
Oh, my God, hey, it's happening again.
No, it's happening right now. I need it.
Hold on, I'm coming.
Is she supposed to poop
through the thing?
I don't think she needs it anyway.
Oh, my God. What did she eat?
Who the hell keeps texting you?
A mom from the park.
Juan's mom, little Juanito
that Bailey plays with,
the little Mexican kid.
- LOLA: A mom?
- [phone vibrating]

I need a drink.
Me too.
MARK: She's finally asleep.
- This is great.
- AMY: This is great?
Mark, she ate, like, 20 prunes.
It's a high fiber diet.
How did she even get to them?
It could've killed her.
We almost killed little Carmichael.
I thought it was normal.
[whispering] Can you
imagine this for us?
Mark, I know you want Lola
to trust you with Bailey,
but you need to tell her.
[whispering] You scared us,
little Carmichael.
Yes, you did. Yes, you did.
[Robin grunts] This smells wonderful.
We did great.
Who do you think
made this delicious sauce?
[phone vibrating]
Why is a woman texting you
while we're trying
- to have dinner?
- I'm sorry.
And what the hell is she
texting you about this late?
- She needed a
- We're supposed to be having
a romantic dinner to ourselves.
And I am worried about Sherri
and this hearing,
and it really hurts my feelings
that I can't even talk to you about it
because you're too busy
texting Juanito's mom.
It's Mark.
I'm not texting a mom.
Mark is struggling with Bailey.
He made me promise not to say
anything to you about it,
because he really
wants you to trust him.
What's going on with Bailey?
He said she ate something
that made her sick.
He said she's asleep now,
- but maybe we should
- Yeah, we should go.
- Hi, mama.
- [Bailey crying]
I know, I know, I know.
MARK: Okay.
I'll get their stuff.
Thank you.
Look, I really hate
that I can't talk about this with Lo,
but if it helps her
here's what you asked for.
Sherri did make the transfer?
All information
about the receiving account
is on the last page.
That will give you some answers.
Where did you get this?
I didn't. I never touched it.
[suspenseful music playing]

I'm told the defense has new evidence.
The people object, Your Honor.
This is late discovery.
It's why I don't have birthday parties.
I hate surprises.
Your Honor, we are arguing
a necessity defense
on behalf of our client.
Kevin stole the rat to save it
from monstrous experiments and abuse.
You need to see it with
your own eyes to understand.
Hang on, you're
bringing in the rat? [scoffs]
Mr. Watkins, you really lost it.
You think the judge will allow this?
- I'll allow it.
- Excuse me?
Bailiff, bring in the rat.
Here we go.
[all gasping]
[body bangs on ground]
Oh, no.
[excited chatter]
- Poor little thing.
- [rat screeching]
[exhales sharply]
Do you need a moment, Mr. Berger?
I I do, Your Honor.
Pardon me, I I'm not sure
what's coming over me.
I thought that he wouldn't like the rat.
Your Honor, I am moving to dismiss
in the interest of justice.
Thank you, Clayton.
Berger. And I did not
do this for you, Mr. Watkins.
Nice work Kevin.
Good job, Olivia.
Were you in charge
of Judge Carmichael's bank account?
I was the admin, yes.
That means
that every transaction movement
- would have to go through you?
- Correct.
What can you tell us
about the $500,000 transfer
that was made on July 13th?
[suspenseful music playing]
This is the first time I'm seeing this.
Did anyone instruct you
to make that transfer?
- Judge Carmichael perhaps?
- No.
- No.
- So were you acting alone?
I saw the files.
So you saw the evidence of the transfer.
I would have done the same
approving the investigation.
The Callan version of an apology,
ladies and gentlemen.
I don't want to know what that is.
I told you that
if you used our resources
I didn't.
The Justice Department?
We need to submit this as evidence.
[uptight music playing]
Did you instruct Miss Kansky
to make this transfer?
Do you have another campaign account
that we don't
know about, Judge Carmichael?
- No, I do not.
- MAN: Whose account is this?
- I don't know.
- When did you instruct Miss Kansky
to make the transfer?
You already asked that question
and my answer
remains the same. I didn't.
All right.
Sounds like Miss Kansky
was keeping you in the dark.
If she wasn't instructed by you,
who do you think she was instructed by?
[knocking on door]
Judge Carmichael, could you step out
for a moment, please?
[intriguing music playing]
I spoke with some immigration attorneys.
They all agree that I should ask
the D.A. to let you plead
to a felony false imprisonment
for a probation.
False imprisonment?
Yeah. It's the safest choice.
It won't get you
in trouble with immigration.
And you would get
to spend most of your probation
completing a program here at the center.
Oh, okay.
I'll do whatever you think is best.
I trust you, Miss Lopez.
Is there anything else
that you have not told me?
No, and I didn't lie to you.
[sighs] It's just
It's hard to keep up
with so much going on.
I know it's it is a lot.
I swear I didn't do
anything to Mrs. Neal.
You should see
the threatening messages she's sent me.
Every time I don't pay on the first.
I do actually have
evidence to back that up.
The burns she got were very serious.
And I know
if we didn't argue that night,
this wouldn't have happened.
But I was the one
who took her to the hospital.
I spent the night with her
and she still blames me.
Thank you for your patience.
New evidence was submitted
and we needed time to corroborate.
The transfer was made
using this Kansky's log in,
but it came from a different IP address.
We highly recommend to heighten security
to ensure this doesn't happen again.
For now, it's safe to say
that there is no evidence
that suggests election impropriety
was committed by either of you.
But we do have a couple
more questions for you.
What can you tell us
about David Sanders?
[suspenseful music playing]

Only three people had access
to this campaign account,
Sherri, me and you.
It's normal campaign practice.
Normal and illegal.
I'll pay the fine if it goes that far.
Is that all you have to say?
Money's moved around all the time.
Only that this time
we had Karim Kuthbird
sticking her nose in our business.
An I am glad that she did.
I'll put the money back right away.
- No one even noticed.
- But somebody did notice.
Sherri got locked out of the account
and thought it was suspicious activity.
And then when she got back in,
she just thought it was a glitch.
I'll apologize to Miss Kansky myself.
Your actions override an apology.
You were willing
to throw Sherri under the bus.
If this evidence hadn't come forward
I could have lost my seat.
And the entire time
you sat up here advising us
as if you had no idea what was going on?
It was never my intention
to get you in any trouble.
I would never do anything to hurt you.
But you did.
You and I are done.
Now, get the hell out of my chambers.
[suspenseful music playing]
KIARA: I can't get on board
with false imprisonment.
It doesn't fit the facts.
We all know it is immigration safe.
False imprisonment and a sentence
to the Women's Reentry Center.
I wish our American citizens
can get this kind of special treatment.
Your Honor,
I have copies of text messages
that prove the alleged victim
has been threatening my client
for a long time.
I'm not asking too much,
considering the circumstances.
Sounds like
we should just try this case.
As a former prosecutor, I understand
where you're coming from Miss Foster,
but after taking a look at the work
that the center does
and seeing the progress reports
on the defendant,
I believe this
is the right place for her.
Your Honor, if I may
No, you may not, Miss Foster.
I'm not finished.
If you reject the counter offer
and this case proceeds to trial,
I will almost certainly
sentence the defendant
to the Women's Reentry Center
if she is found guilty.
So you can choose, if you would like
to take the short or the long route
to the same result.
[suspenseful music playing]
I have been looking everywhere for you.
I was so worried.
I apologize for missing the hearing.
Sherri, I think that we should talk.
Let's go grab some dinner, drinks.
Judge Carmichael, I have come
to appreciate my time as your assistant.
And I'd like to inform you
that I have put in
for my transfer request
to Delgado's courtroom.
Sherri, it's over now.
I cut ties with David Sanders.
Glad, you did,
was that for me or for you?
Look, I apologize
if I gave you the wrong impression,
but I never left you hanging.
It felt like you did.
It is easy to show support
when things are over.
I'm sorry.
My mind has been made it.

To Luke, for his valuable insight
on the DA's office, cheers.
[Olivia chuckling]
Do you have any advice
on how to handle Maggie Palmer?
I have a case with her
starting next week.
Maggie hates the smell of lavender.
Do you have a nice lavender perfume?
Do I look like I wear lavender perfume?
Okay, well, she loses patience
when lawyers take long pauses in court.
You want her to flip,
pause, pause a lot.
I can't believe we won.
Well, I guess this proves that two heads
are better than one.
[both laughing]
I can't believe
Bailey ate all those prunes.
[Amy laughing]
I know you didn't impress Lola
like you had wanted
but I'm sure
she'll give you another chance.
I wasn't trying to impress Lola, Bozo.
I was trying to impress you,
show you I could be a family man.
Oh, slow down there, mister.
Amy, can we please
set a wedding date, please?
I have to get divorced first.
The process takes time.
I think this has been
taking abnormally long,
don't you think?
[laughing] I told you,
everything's been signed.
It is up to the courts now.
You promised you'd be patient.
I've been insanely patient.
- So have I.
- Oh.
I'm on this waiting game
just as much as you are.
All right.
I'll leave it alone.
It's not just the wedding.
I'm feeling pressure to
I see you with Bailey and I
I'm afraid you're going to
want to start a family right away.
And I'm not there yet.
[emotional instrumental music playing]
I want to marry you. I do.
I just want to do it right.
Without without rushing.
[whispering] We can take it slow.
Real slow.
[both chuckling]
We won't go to trial.
And you can continue your therapy here.
Maybe when I get out,
I'll enroll in school, you know?
Do something with my life.
I'll come back
when the paperwork is ready
for you to sign.
Thanks Miss Lopez.
[banging on door]
Louise and Harry Collins.
What's going on? What's happening?
You must be Charlotte Collins.
- What is going on?
- Please step aside, ma'am.
What is going on? Excuse me.
I'm her lawyer, can you please tell me
- what is going on?
- I'm glad to hear
she's got a lawyer.
- She's going to need one.
- For what exactly?
Excuse me, you can't just take them.
Ma'am, we are just doing our job here.
You can sort this out
in the family court case.
Family court What?
What family court case?
What is she talking about?
What is this?
Mrs. Neal called protective services.
- When?
- Days after the accident.
They came, they saw
that everything was fine.
And I thought that was it.
I didn't know they were still
looking into it.
I can't lose my children
Miss Lopez. I can't.
I know. Okay, okay.
Please, you got to help us.
I will. I will. I will.
- [knocking on door]
- Hello.
[door clicking closed]
[Emily crying]
I always hated
that I couldn't follow through
with my clients after trial.
But now that I can it's
No, no, no. It's going to take time.
- [Emily sniffing]
- God, we're both
on a little uncharted
territory right now,
but we have each other
and I have a lot of wine
to get through so,
you stay here with me tonight, okay?
It's not even a question, okay?
- [Emily sobbing]
- Here.
You know what?
I blame you for this, okay?
Because you didn't tell me
you were coming back,
and now I'm roommates with a magician.
Of course you are.
Oh, you yeah. You think you're funny?
["Lost One" by Jazmine Sullivan playing]
Sometimes it's too late
To make amends ♪
Just hear me out
Before you let it go
Something happened?
There is one thing
For you to know
Sherri requested a transfer
to another judge.
Oh, baby.
Don't have too much fun
Try not to love no one
[music ends]

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