All Rise (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

[Lola] Previously on All Rise
We can't all be perfect.
Lola, with the dream job
- and the beautiful baby girl.
- You see, I'm a psychic.
I'm looking for the job as a court reporter
to supplement my income.
Don't talk about my mother.
You understand?
My brother is not a murderer.
Darius, I'm the victim's advocate
assigned to this case.
A "chimera" refers to
someone who could be carrying
two totally different sets of DNAs.
- [All exclaiming]
- Watkins: Those records include that Mr. Brewer
- received the bone marrows transplant
- [Gavels bangs]
Council, you are both out of order.
I wanna see you in my chambers now.
You never should have introduced
this new medical information
- without first
- You have Carl's medical records,
- same as me
- It said nothing of multiple DNA markers.
[Stammers] And what is this
Chimeria crap?
- It sounds like
- Chimera.
- Fiction.
- Chimera and your own expert
just testifies that it's not.
I'm not obligated to turn in
any more documentation.
- It's impeachment evidence for the people's expert.
- [Lola] Hey!
You done?
Your honor, I'm requesting that
Mr. Brewer's DNA be retested
and that the people be granted time
to analyze and review this claim.
Your honor, this continuance
would be a denial of due process,
to deny a fair trial.
Granting it will be an interference
by the court to help the prosecution.
Mr. Watkins, I understand your position.
But given that this is a very
unusual circumstance,
- I'm going to grant the request.
- Boom.
Mr. Callan, you have 48 hours.
Your honor, it takes time to
run tests for multiple points.
Blood, hair follicles, the works.
We need to ensure that all
known sample of the defendant
are corroborated
not only with each other,
but also with the evidence
collected at the crime scene.
Then I suggest you hurry,
'cause I made my ruling.
[Darius] So, what does all this mean?
Is he getting off because he
has two different sets of DNA?
I really don't know.
I haven't heard of this before.
I'm not sure anyone has.
What happens now?
Well, look, Mark Callan is a fighter
and he will do everything in his power
to get justice for your mom.
- That I know.
- Okay.
Why don't you go down for
some air and I'll get some coffee.
- Hi!
- Hey.
Oh, come here.
- How are you holding up?
- Thanks, friend.
This has been a very long,
very strange day.
But, I got you a little
housewarming gift.
- Oh! And you know I'm a lavender girl.
- I do.
- How's the new apartment?
- I just checked it out.
This building is amazing.
It's got a private gym,
it has a pool, a sauna,
- an in-house movie theatre.
- Oh!
Well, I'm officially jealous.
I'm grabbing the rest of my
stuff from my brother's tonight
and I will finally have
a peaceful place of my own.
- Thanks.
- Well, that sounds amazing.
Um, dinner this week?
- I'll bring a wine.
- Okay.
And thank you again
for my candle, I love it.
- Of course.
- [Edith] Emily!
- Edith! Yeah!
- Do you have a minute?
One of our attorneys
is in the middle of a case,
but her mother was just
rushed for the hospital.
I know this is really unusual,
but could you take over her case?
- It looks like she's gonna be out for a while.
- Sure.
You're a lifesaver.
It's Gloria Hernandez.
Residential burglary,
grand theft, gun possession.
She's a real peach.
You can handle a juvie case. Can't you?
- Of course.
- Great.
Uh, the adjudication starts tomorrow.
I owe you.
Juvie court. Hmm.
They're rerunning the blood panel
and tracked down your donor.
Now, you and your sister
- never met him, right?
- No.
He said that he wanted to be anonymous.
And all this time, I've been thinking,
god sent me an angel.
Now, it turns out,
my angel could be a killer.
- [Scoffs]
- Carl, that entire case
is based on circumstantial evidence
and we have a reasonable explanation
- for all of it.
- Mmm-hmm.
You know, I used to listen to those
Murder mystery podcasts.
You know the ones?
I thought it was entertaining.
Now, I feel like, I'm living in one.
Hi, I'm Emily Lopez
to see Gloria Hernandez.
- Oh, perfect. Thank you so much.
- Right there.
Gloria, hi.
Um, my name is Emily Lopez.
Your attorney has a family emergency.
So, I will be representing you now.
Can we, um,
can we talk for a few minutes?
[Emily] Well, you know,
this whole experience
must be scary, but I just
wanna ask you a few questions.
Residential burglary, grand theft
and gun possession are
- really serious charges. Did you know that?
- [Chuckles]
[Audience cheering]
You were seen on surveillance
entering the home in Pasadena
through and unlocked dog door
- in broad day light.
- People should learn to lock their shit up.
You were accused of trying
to steal a $100,000 vase?
I didn't expect
a wireless sensor. That was
- That was my bad.
- Why would you wanna steal a vase?
It was the xiang dynasty. Duh.
- And you had a gun?
- Okay, that was also my bad, I
- I just didn't mean to bring it with me.
- But it's yours?
Yeah, but I keep it unloaded.
It's just to
Scare off the pervs.
You do understand that these
are very serious charges?
You've said that already.
Wow. [Scoffs]
Okay, well, if you would like
to throw your life away,
- I guess that's your choice.
- [Chuckles softly]
I'll get, like, nine months
in probation camp.
That's not my life.
You don't have to be
so dramatic about it.
There were people home.
And you had a gun.
You could get a lot longer.
- Edith!
- Oh, good.
I was hoping to catch you.
What happened?
I am no child psychologist, okay.
And I get that she's been through a lot.
But I really don't think that she
cares at all about her circumstances.
You know, kids.
Then how could you call her a peach?
I don't like peaches.
You have to see this.
What is
[Siren blaring]
She filmed the burglary.
- [Knocks]
- Hey.
Whoo! Real quiet in here.
- Man, am I glad to see you.
- Y'all bet.
You know, this whole building
is talking about hybrid human.
Don't remind me, all right.
I'm trying to track down the bone
marrow doners through the cancer center.
Good. What else have you got on there?
Aside from his DNA on the victim,
Carl was seen at the
restaurant where she works.
He lived in that neighborhood, did he?
He also had the same caliber gun.
Nine millimeter.
Although it was reported
- stolen a few years prior.
- Yeah, if he's clever, he could still have it.
What about his neighbors? His coworkers?
- What are they saying about him?
- Not much.
He was quiet, kept to himself.
Any reluctant witnesses we can persuade?
I'm still waiting to
hear back from a few, but
He basically just hung out
with his sister
and she's definitely not talking to me.
Yeah, well, something's
gotta stand out, you know?
Either about him, about his past
or about the day of the murder.
Tony, I gotta be honest with you,
I am running out of rocks to turn over.
Then we'll find some boulders to move.
Because, if you set a murderer free,
you'll never forgive yourself.
Trust me.
It will haunt your
for the rest of your life.
- [Knocks]
- Knock, knock!
I figured you hadn't eaten yet.
I love you so much right now.
Thank you.
Sorry, I missed dinner. How's Rachel?
She's Rachel, so she's great.
- She says, "hi."
- With her usual storm of chaotic energy.
- Never leaves home without it.
- [Cell chimes]
Oh, Collier just texted
that my insurance
is finally covering his medication.
- I can't believe that took so long.
- That is terrific.
I'm so glad he's taken care of.
So, what's the latest with the case?
Well, this Carl Brewer
possibly having two sets of DNA,
- we're scrambling.
- Hey, can't you get a blood sample from
- before her had the surgery?
- No, we tried.
The original lab shut down
almost ten years ago.
- All the samples were lost.
- So, what now?
The lead detective's trying to
track down the bone marrow donor,
but since the lab closed
all the records were transferred.
- They can be anywhere.
- Why don't you use the press?
- For what?
- To help track this donor.
You might never get the hospital records
so you might as well
to utilize the public
No, it's just it's not me, Amy.
I don't want this to be more
of a circus than it already is.
Detectives are on it.
And once we find the donor
and where he was
when Brenda Fletcher disappeared,
- they'll know who killed her.
- Carl or the donor?
Unless, Carl isn't the only
person he donated to.
Now, I don't want you to be nervous.
Okay? The trial is gonna
break down like
It's not called a trial here,
- it's an adjudication.
- Right.
That's what I meant.
There are going to be a few witnesses,
the prosecution will introduce
all of their evidence.
Tomorrow, we'll appeal to the
judge for leniency during sentencing.
- Disposition.
- Yes.
- During the disposition.
- Yeah, I know.
- You've done this before, right?
- Yes.
- Of course.
- Hello, Ms. Lopez.
- Hello.
- [Man] All rise.
Court is now in session.
The honorable judge
Alister Khoo presiding.
Good morning. Be seated.
Gloria Hernandez is present
with council,
the people are represented.
Well, Ms. Gloria,
this is quite a step up
from your previous theft charge
and the trespassing charge before that.
This is disappointing.
Very disappointing.
Okay, let's begin.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
[Lola] Sherri, before this trial
had you ever heard of someone having
- two DNAs?
- No.
Two personalities, but not two DNAs. No.
Thank you.
Oh you have the look.
I'm worried with all this press.
It's gonna affect the jury.
Do you want to sequester them
These headlines are
keeping me awake at night.
I can only imagine this
affecting them to
Oh, they are most affected.
Their energy is at times chaotic
and overwhelming.
You know what's keeping me up at night
What? Really?
You love this stuff.
No, I do. It's just
She is too good.
You know the pregnant
court reporter on three.
- Hmm.
- Well, ilani correctly predict the sex of that baby
and she knew that Ronnie was
gonna propose to his girlfriend today.
- So, what happened?
- Well, he hasn't proposed yet.
- No. Whith you?
- Oh
Well, let's just say she gave me a
reading that hit too close to home.
- See?
- Here is probation reports
and don't forget, you have a
lunch with Rachel at 1:00 today.
Ooh! She's been speaking
in her high voice.
Which usually means
- She's got juicy gossip.
- You know it.
- Hey
- [Chuckles] Yes.
- I miss this.
- What?
Me too, your honor.
Me too.
- Can you identify who's walking on the property?
- The defendant.
You can see her walking
directly to the kitchen door,
when we lose sight of her.
That's when she went through
the dog door to enter the hall
- Objection, foundation.
- [Khoo] Sustained.
- Lay a foundation.
- How do you know it was the defendant seen
- on this video?
- We zoomed in to make an identification.
- Overruled.
- Showing you people's five.
What is this photograph?
These images are thin,
rubber wheel marks
found on both the kitchen
and the hall floor
which match the skateboard
the defendant was caught with.
It's how she didn't send off
the motion sensors
- which were set at 4:15.
- Objection.
Foundation. Motion to strike.
He's not an expert on wheel marks.
Sustained and stricken.
Ms. Lopez, you can keep your seat.
We're not formal here.
And if there are no more
questions for this witness,
let's pick up here after lunch.
[Gavel bangs]
Callan, I need your help. How
many juvie cases have you tried?
A few. Early days. Why?
Will you teach me everything
you know and fast?
They called you out on
terminology, didn't they?
Adjudication, after-care, intake,
and we don't stand
when we address the judge?
- What happened here?
- This is me goiner cold cases, trying to
Think outside the box
which as it turns out
is not as easy as it sounds.
[Emily] Hmm.
What the hell's going on?
It's all over the media.
Five people claiming they know who
the anonymous bone marrow donor is.
Your honor, the people are
requesting a short continuance
- with the investi
- What? No!
We will not accept another delay.
This is a blatant violation
of due process
and my client's speedy trail rights.
We need to investigate
two new viable leads
regarding the bone marrow donor.
Mr. Kalen haven good cause
for another continuance.
We will not sit around
while he investigates claims
from every attention-hungry loon
claiming to know something
- about the anonymous donor.
- Okay!
- Enough, you two.
- [Coughs]
Though I do believe the people have
established good cause for a continuance,
Mr. Watkins is correct.
We need to move this along.
So, Mr. Kalen, you have 24 hours,
- but that is all.
- Yes, your honor. Thank you.
[Gavel bangs]
[Helicopter hovering]
You are clearly smart,
with a surprisingly strong
grasp on juvie law.
Gloria, you're just a kid.
You shouldn't be so carefree
about losing your freedom
for any amount of time.
It would be nice to have
something productive
to say at your sentencing.
I mean, your disposition.
[Chuckles softly]
Can you at least tell me
if someone put you up to it?
I mean, how would you
even know the vase was there?
And where would you even sell it?
Okay, at least tell me
why you did it in the middle of the day.
Everyone's at work and school.
Right. That's
I'm really sorry that your parents
passed away in that car accident.
I really am.
You and your sister were
lucky to have survived it.
And I cannot imagine
how difficult it's been
for you to be in foster care.
But, at least,
you guys are there together.
Gloria, your future matters.
No, it doesn't.
He does.
My sister is all that matters.
I'm good.
[Gloria sighs]
The new DNA test came back
and you do have two distinct markers.
- So, now we got reasonable doubt.
- That's right
but, Mark Callan is one of the best D.A.'s
in L.A. County,
So, we need to be prepared
for anything and everything.
Now, I know I keep asking you this,
but is there anyone who can
establish an alibi
for you the day
Brenda Fletcher reportedly went missing?
You're telling me
the DNA aren't enough now?
I'm trying to build
the strongest defense I can.
[Sigh] Kid, you tell me something,
if they find the donor
and he's some richy rich
that can get a hot-shot lawyer
to get him off,
what happens to me? Huh?
Ain't I got no alibi, so
I get stuck holding the bag, right?
Don't the poor always
ain't take the fall?
I can get screwed no matter what.
I may be better off
if they never find him.
[Woman] Powerful forces are around you.
They're guiding you into another path.
Now, you must stop resisting
for this is your destiny.
What is what is my destiny?
- All will be revealed in time.
- But how much time?
When you're ready, you'll know.
How did you know I needed
a giant cookie today?
Every day is better with a giant cookie.
Come on, now.
So, did she tell you your future?
I guess, I [sighs]
I don't know.
After yesterday, I thought it might
be a good idea to get a reading.
- Why? What happened?
- While I was moving my stuff
out of Rachel's office,
because she's back in town this week,
I got a call that I lost
my new apartment.
Wow. That's a lot.
I'm sorry.
If you still need a place to crash,
the offer's still open.
Um, thank you, I will let you know.
How's your juvie case?
Not only
My 16-year-old client
live streamed herself
stealing a $100,000 vase
in the middle of the day,
and yes, the metadata
confirmed that it did come
from her phone,
but she was also caught on surveillance
breaking in.
So, literally, the only
defense I have right now
is that she's the kid
that did this stupid thing.
So, they've got her dead to rights.
All you can do is convince the judge
that she has a future worth saving.
She doesn't even think
she has a future worth saving.
- Mmm.
- How is it going with you and Mark?
Judge Carmichael keeps
granting his every wish
like a fairy godmother.
I'm trying to connect with Carl, but
Even with the good news, he has no hope,
they guy has been sitting in jail
while fighting for his life, you know.
He's probably trying to
manage his expectations.
Seen a lot of people
failing him his entire life.
So, I don't know if he
believes in anyone anymore.
Then, make him believe in you
by giving him back his freedom.
[Rachel] She's getting so big!
She's growing so fast
and I feel like I'm missing it all.
When she's older, she'll
understand that her mommy
was a very important person.
Her daddy is perfectly
capable of changing a diaper.
He even potty trained her.
- No.
- Robin has been great!
I'm the one who's trying
not to be jealous that
he gets to be with her all the time
and that he never misses a first.
Weren't you guys getting a nanny?
Or is Robin planning on not
going back to work and this is it?
'It"? What do you mean by "it"?
Raising our daughter is no small feat.
- It is a huge responsibility.
- Girl, girl, girl, girl!
Don't get defensive.
I was suggesting that you two
find yourselves some "oh, baby!" Time.
- Oh, baby!
- [Chuckles]
- [Lola] Where is that?
- Surfing Caicos.
- Oh!
- I took a just because
- weekend getaway.
- Wow, this looks fabulous.
If you haven't hired help,
ask Roxie to watch her and just go!
- You earned it!
- Uh
- You and mister mom.
- [Chuckles]
- [Waitress] Two iced-teas.
- Thank you.
Maybe one day.
Hey, there is something
I wanna talk to you about.
Don't sound so serious.
You make me nervous.
It's just, um
I told you that Andre and I
were hanging out a little bit in DC.
- Yeah, how is he?
- He's great.
[Stammers] That's actually
what I wanted to talk to you about.
It's been a few months now
and things are going really well.
- But
- No but. I just
It feels like,
we're going to the next level.
And I want to make sure
you're cool with it.
What? Are you serious?
Dre is great and
We were a thing like
a million years ago.
You two were more than a thing.
I know.
But he's a wonderful man and
I am happy for you honestly.
She didn't tell me that you were here.
[Andre chuckles]
Oh, look at that! What a surprise!
- You look sensational.
- Oh, thank you.
- Come on. Sit, sit, sit.
- All right.
- [Chuckles]
- [Lola] Look at you two.
Please tell us that you have good news.
Wasn't easy.
But we've finally tracked down
where the medical records
had been transferred.
A Mr. Leonard Green was
called Brewer's anonymous
bone marrow donor back in 1987.
The lab ran both his and Brewer's DNA
through codis and they do
have a shared DNA marker.
And according to the data bank,
Mr. Green only made
the one bone marrow donation.
- Any other links?
- He lived in Brewer's neighborhood
where they have the bone marrow drive
and he even frequented the bar
where your victim used to work.
- Well, did you pick him up?
- Unfortunately, Mr. Green is no longer with us.
He died two months ago in a house fire
due to faulty wiring.
We did some asking around,
but it seems the guy was a homebody,
pretty much kept to himself.
If he was the killer,
any evidence we would've collected
went up in flames with him.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, wasn't better news.
- Geez.
- You know that I have
Carl's interrogation statements?
The gun and questionable DNA?
I just don't see a strong chance
for a conviction here,
not without a "hail Mary."
But, we can go through
this all again, all right?
Maybe something else will pop up.
Tony, I can't shake the feeling
that there is something more
that we're missing with Carl.
Yeah, but you know,
we cannot convict on theory.
I know, I know.
Look, I
I saw a glance that he gave
his sister in court once
and it was, I mean, it was a moment.
But it made the hair
on my back stand up.
There was something in the
interrogation video I wanted to show you.
It's not evidence.
But I think it might help us understand
who Carl Brewer really is.
on her dead body, Carl.
People with psycho-pathologies,
they share a certain tell.
They don't yawn when other people yawn.
They lack a basic ability
to make empathetic connection.
Okay, I know it's a reach
But I'm telling you,
there is something wrong
- with this guy.
- Yeah, well, I'm with you there.
Guy certainly gives me a vibe.
But, we're gonna need
more than yawns and glances
that put him away.
You're right.
And it was my first time clerking,
- I wanted to, you know, make a good impression.
- Mmm-hmm.
But, I was so nervous
about just everything.
The man never smiled. Never.
But Lola hadn't been there
a full week as an intern
before she had him in
doubled over in laughter.
He was a Teddy bear.
- [Chuckles]
- No, no, you are a lion tamer.
Well, you have a
Talent for calming beasts.
Thank you.
- Hmm
- [Cell phone ringing]
- [Lola chuckles]
- Oh
- Please, excuse me.
- Yeah.
I'm so glad this isn't weird.
No! I am happy for you.
- [Rachel] Thank you.
- Perfect.
Found someone in the lobby
who's looking for you.
- Mr. Callan?
- Mmm-hmm.
- You've been trying to reach me about a Carl Brewer.
- Yeah.
My name is Charlene Addison.
16 years ago,
Carl Brewer tried to kill me.
[Addison] I realized,
if I don't speak up
and he gets off,
I'd feel worse.
Charlene, in your previous statement
you said, you first met Mr. Brewer
in 2006. Is that right?
I waitressed in a little
dive bar on Figueroa.
And he came in one night.
We talked a bit.
After my shift, we had a few drinks.
And then he asked me
if I wanted to get some food.
Walked into his car.
That's when I started to get
a weird feeling about him.
He touched my hair.
Asked me if it was mine.
But it was the way he said it.
Then later, we were leaning
against his car, kissing.
[Breath trembling]
I glanced inside and I saw
A rope on the backseat
and gloves on the floor.
I tried to leave,
but he wouldn't let me.
He grabbed me by my throat
and and then I just felt myself
blacking out and then all of a sudden
a car backfired and it startled him.
And he loosened his grip
and that's when I shoved him
and I ran for my life.
- I'm sorry, gentlemen. I just need a minute.
- [Mark] Not at all.
Let me show you to the restroom.
It's just down the hall to the left.
Brenda Fletcher had
rope burns on her wrists.
And she was a waitress.
Looks like this creep has a type.
Maddy, thank you again
for being willing to talk to
the court about your sister.
I know it must be scary.
You just want me to say what a
good sister she is and stuff, right?
Yes, exactly.
We just want the judge
to understand that
she's a good person
who did a dumb thing.
Do you know why
she tried to steal that vase?
Maddy, your sister is up
on some serious charges
and if you tell me why she did it,
it might help with the sentencing.
So, how long have you been skating?
Since I was six.
Looks like I'll make it
to Nationals this year.
That's amazing!
Congratulations! That's
Your sister must be so proud of you.
That's why she did it.
We saw the vase on some rich
influencer's social media post.
Gloria thought it would be a good
thing to take for a "tick bait" challenge.
- For a what?
- People livestream themselves
doing stupid or dangerous things
For clicks. The more clicks,
the more cash you get.
When Gloria livestreamed the burglary,
it made enough money for me
to train and get to nationals.
She's not a bad person,
it was just dumb game.
- Right.
- [Cell phone ringing]
Um I'm so sorry.
Just excuse me for one minute, okay?
[Emily] Right.
It's time to go, Maddy.
When our parents died,
the only thing I had left
was my sister and skating.
Our foster parents are nice,
but they can't afford my training.
So, we babysit, dogsit, wash cars,
anything to get us some money.
Nationals is my big break.
But if I qualify,
we can't afford the entry fee,
travel, costumes.
She wasn't keeping it, I swear.
She was just trying to help me.
- Thank you, Maddy.
- You may step down.
- I can't believe you did that.
- I did that
to try to get you out in time
to see her skate in Nationals.
Your honor, the only person in the world
who matters to Gloria is Maddy.
They are all they have left.
And she was simply trying to
help her little sister
fulfill a dream.
Her intent was never to hurt anyone.
She did not know that anyone was home
and the gun was unloaded.
It was a "tick bait" challenge,
a modern day prank.
I beg of you
Please consider the child
beyond the crime.
Mr. Blake?
The prosecution rests on the evidence.
Gloria, is there anything
you wish to say?
Just that I know it was
a really stupid thing to do.
I'm sorry.
The youth are our future,
so we must treat them regardless
of their current maturity level
with respect and patience.
In this case, however,
Ms. Hernandez has squandered
two previous opportunities
to correct her behavior.
Understand this, young lady.
I'm presenting you
with your very last chance
to set yourself straight.
So, don't blow it.
Your sister needs you.
I will allow Gloria Hernandez
to remain a dual ward
and remand her six months
of probation camp.
We are adjourned.
Nice working with you.
Well done.
- [Whispers]
- [Emily] Thank you.
- Hey, could I ask a favor?
- Yeah.
Could you keep an eye on Maddy for me?
- Sure, absolutely.
- Thanks.
[Man] All rise.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
You may be seated.
On the record People v. Carl Brewer.
Parties are present and represented
and the jury is not present.
- Mr. Callen.
- Your honor,
the people have 1101 evidence on
- the issue of identity.
- What? Wait.
Why am I just now hearing about this?
She was on the witness list, Mr. Watkins
and a preliminary statement
was in the discovery.
We haven't been given no notice
that any potential propensity evidence
will come into on this trial.
Mr. Callen, have you turned
over any new statements?
This is unacceptable.
This calls for misconduct.
While I agree it's not ideal,
I will allow the people
to bring the witness in
and conduct a 402 hearing
outside the presence of the jury.
It will allow Mr. Watkins
the opportunity to cross-examine her.
Then, I will decide if she
will testify during trial.
[Addison] I told him I was tired
just to get out of there.
That's when he attacked me.
Ms. Adison, did you fear for your life?
- I was sure he was going to kill me.
- Objection!
Relevance, motion to strike.
Sustained and stricken.
Thank you, Ms. Adison. I
know this wasn't easy for you.
Nothing further.
- [Coughs]
- [Addison sobbing]
How many drinks did you have that night?
Two, maybe.
Maybe three, maybe four.
- Maybe.
- And were you feeling the effects of the alcohol?
I guess so.
And you testified that
you were in an alley.
Was the alley dark?
And you had never see the
person that did this before that night?
- No.
- So, your testimony
is that you were positive
the person you met 16 years ago
at night, in a bar, while
feeling the effects of alcohol,
- was my client?
- Yes, I know.
It was him.
- He was the one.
- Do you have proof
- or should we just trust you?
- [Struggling] No, he was the one.
I know he was the one
- to try to kill me.
- Your honor, objection.
- Argumentative.
- Sustained.
Mr. Watkins, ease up.
You want us to trust you. So, tell us
Did you testify that my client
- drove a light blue Chevy?
- Yes.
Marking defense, exhibit G,
a certified DMV registration record
showing that my client
never owned a blue Chevy.
[Instrumental music playing]
- Hi!
- [Chuckles] Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
You too, come.
- We just ordered a delicious
- [Lola] Okay.
- bottle of Bordeaux.
- I hope you don't mind me crashing ladies night.
- Not at all.
- [Rachel chuckles]
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
[Amy] We were just discussing
a mutual friend we have in DC.
[Chuckles] You okay?
She's in the middle of that
murder case with Mark.
We should give her the bottle
with a straw.
[All chuckling]
Okay, well, you know what?
Let's go find you a straw.
Girl, I have known you too long.
What's wrong?
This is gonna sound petty
and selfish and totally insane
Come on.
Out with it.
But even though I said
I was okay with it
I don't think I am.
Lo, do you still have
feelings for Andre?
Hey, sorry to interrupt. But
- What?
- I have a nervous client
who needs some hand holding.
- Lola, it was really good seeing you.
- Oh.
Maybe we can catch up
next time I'm in town.
That would be great.
- I will walk you out.
- All right.
What's all this?
So, I got a bit sidelined
when Lola denied our request to
introduce Charlene's testimony in trial.
But then I remembered
something Charlene said
when she was on the stand.
Um, okay, take it back.
Brenda Fletcher, shot once in the
head and her body dumped in the trash,
- right?
- Mmm-hmm.
In Charlene's testimony she said that
Carl had a rope in the back of his car.
There are rope burns on Brenda's wrists.
Charlene also mentioned that
Carl asked about her hair.
There's a lock of hair
missing from Brenda's head.
Which the coroner thought was
torn out during the struggle.
Yeah, but what if it was intentional?
You know, I've been going to
the cold cases all week?
These four black women, they were
all killed in different neighborhoods
at different times,
but they were killed
the exact same way, Tony.
One shot to the head,
rope burns on their wrists,
bodies dumped in the trash with a
lock of hair missing from their heads.
Jesus Christ, Mark, you think we have
a serial killer on our hands.
I don't know yet, but
- One hell of a coincidence.
- We're gonna have pave it.
We're gonna have to ask the jury
Tony, I'm out of continuances
and it'll take weeks.
And we gotta investigate,
we gotta run DNA tests,
- get warrants.
- Then you're gonna have to
give the closing argument
of your career, otherwise
This guy could walk free.
Okay. I believe we are to begin
here in closing arguments,
that is if we don't have
any additional requests
- or delays.
- People are ready to proceed.
- We are ready if you are, your honor.
- Then let's begin.
So, the facts in this case
may seem complicated,
but in fact, they're pretty
simple when we break it down.
One, the defendant was seen
with the victim,
Mrs. Brenda Fletcher at her workplace
in the days preceding her disappearance.
Two, the defendant owned
a nine millimeter weapon,
the same caliber gun used
to end Ms. Fletcher's life.
Three, the defendant has no alibi
for the day in which
Brenda Fletcher went missing.
Four, the defendant clearly
has anger issues as we saw ourselves
in this very courtroom.
And five and most importantly,
the defendant's DNA was found
on Brenda Fletcher's body.
Now, it is true that the defendant
has two distinct DNA markers.
But that doesn't change the fact
that one of them
was found on the victim.
When you add this all up,
it is abundantly clear
that the defendant, Carl Brewer,
is guilty of murder.
Carl was seen in the same
South L.A. neighborhood
because that is where he lives.
That doesn't make him a killer.
Carl spoke with Brenda
when she took his drink order
once or twice.
That doesn't make him a killer.
Carl once owned a gun
and yes, he does at times
have a short temper.
Doesn't make him a killer.
This case is dripping
in reasonable doubt,
because there is another man
that could be
responsible for Mrs. Fletcher's death.
When Carl was 20, he received
a life-saving transplant,
which, as it turns out,
left him with two sets of DNA.
Perhaps Carl's donor,
another man from the neighborhood,
had a motive.
Because Carl Brewer certainly does not.
And the people have not proven
beyond reasonable doubt
that he did. Why?
Because Carl Brewer is not a killer.
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, your honor.
Thank you.
"The people of the State
of California v. Carl Brewer,"
we, the jury, in the above entitled case
find the defendant, "not guilty."
Oh oh.
[Sighs wearily]
I know you're happy
with your new therapist,
but I'm always here for you too. Okay?
Thanks, Sara. I really appreciate
you being at my side this whole time.
- I can't imagine having to do it by myself.
- Darius.
I just want to tell you,
I'm sorry for you loss.
If your guy didn't do it, I'm not
gonna stop till I find out who did.
"Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth."
My mom's mantra.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- [Man] Darius!
- [Woman] Darius!
Good work, Watkins.
You too.
I don't wanna know my future,
but I do wanna know why someone
from my past has come back into my life.
Where's Olani?
She must've known we were
feeling uneasy with her around,
that I was considering
transferring her to the courtroom,
because she just left
her letter of resignation.
Damn! That woman is good!
[Door opens]
Okay, seriously? This has to
be our worst spot yet.
Yeah, I really miss the rooftop.
I take that is case has been
keeping you up at night.
Tell me I look as bad as I feel?
Protestors marching outside
the courthouse every day
were right.
There are so many women
of color that have been killed
or disappeared
and without money, resources
We've just been
in the middle of a trial.
Or if they don't look a certain way,
the media just doesn't cover it.
I'd like to think that
the media is doing their best,
but you're right.
White victims get spotlight
more often than women of color.
More often? This woman's murderer
is still out there somewhere!
Just like the countless victims
of unsolved, uninvestigated crimes.
The only hope I have is that the media
and law enforcement and everyone
will start treating victims of color
and specifically black women
with the respect and the resources
and the urgency needed
to solve these crimes.
I did my best, Lo.
- I know you did.
- Can we just
Switch the subject?
- How's my beautiful goddaughter?
- [Chuckles softly]
Miss Bailey is amazing.
Her father is spiraling.
[Chuckles] - I found a
long lens on his camera
and he's glued to that citizen app.
That sounds like, he's just, you know,
misses his mommy group.
I think he needs some guy time.
- Beer, a game thank you.
- Sure.
- Between him and Rach
- Oh, you saw Rachel?
I missed dinner with her and Amy,
but apparently Amy met her
Hot-shot DC attorney boyfriend.
I think he
clerked for the same judge n
for in DC
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
What's happening to your face?
You're sweating.
Nothing's wrong with my face.
It's hot. We're in a boiler room.
It's not that hot, Lo.
And the only time
I've seen you like this
is when you used to talk about
[Chuckles] Holy shit!
Andre is your "Dre."
"Love of your life
from college" Dre, like
Mr. Might-ay, might-ay!
- [Whispers] Yes.
- [Chuckles]
- Hi.
- Hey, hey.
[Chuckles] Mr. Watkins.
Thank you again
for all of your hard work.
- You have been a blessing.
- Just doing my job.
Be there in a second.
Hey, uh
My sister was right to believe in you.
And listen, I'm sorry
I gave you such a hard time.
You know, it's been a lot to deal with.
I'm just glad the truth came out.
"Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices in the truth."
Well, thank you again, brother.
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