All Rise (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

I'll Be There

Previously on All Rise
I got a call
that I lost my new apartment.
If you still need a place to crash,
the offer is still open.
It's not every day you go up
against your buddy in a murder trial.
Let's make a pact.
We keep up our weekly jogs as usual.
You saw Rachel?
Amy met her hotshot
D.C. attorney boyfriend.
We were a thing,
like, a million years ago.
You two were more than a thing.
Lo, do you still
have feelings for Andre?
The stars desert the skies
And rush to nestle in your eyes ♪
It's magic
Without a golden wand
Or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin
Let you play a little bit.
Good morning.
What happened to you?
Our daughter thinks she's Basquiat.
Daddy was your canvas, huh?
How's the kitchen look?
Uh, baby girl has an arm on her
and you should probably
get breakfast out this morning.
You excited about your big day?
Ehh. Just a little bit of computer work.
Robin Taylor. Come on.
I know how much
you've been missing your job
and a possible
interstate conspiracy case.
It sounds exciting.
Yeah. I do love spending
time with our little lady,
but Lord, help me, if I have to read
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
one more time
Maybe we should
think about getting a nanny.
Uh. Lo, it's only a few hours a week.
I think the babysitter can handle that.
I'm gonna get in the shower.
Did you have a bad dream?
What makes you ask that?
Mm, you're sweating.
This writ of habeas corpus
is based on an affidavit
from Damien Owens in which
he states he is responsible
for a murder
that took place 20 years ago,
a murder for which my client,
Randall Mack,
was wrongfully convicted.
At trial, Mr. Owens
claimed he was an eyewitness
and testified that he saw my client
kill the decedent in a bar fight.
My client was found
guilty of first degree murder
and has spent
the last 20 years in prison
for a crime he did not commit.
I ask that the writ be granted
and my client released.
Ms. Lopez, wasn't your client
convicted by a jury who found
that the prosecution
had proven their case
beyond a reasonable doubt?
Yes, Your Honor, but Mr. Owens
was the only
eyewitness to the actual crime.
The other witnesses
were only able to testify
to an earlier
disagreement that my client
had with the decedent.
Shouldn't the people be given
the opportunity to cross-examine?
The affidavit is more
than legally sufficient
for this court to grant our request.
- Is the matter submitted?
- Yes, Your Honor.
I ask that the Court
expedite its ruling.
Mr. Owens is ill,
and the doctors can't say
how long he has left.
We will take that under advisement.
Good day, Ms. Lopez.
We should hear back
from the Court of Appeal in a few days.
Then I will ask
the judge who gets assigned
the hearing to expedite it.
And I was assured that Damien Owens
is standing by to testify.
I appreciate everything
you're doing, Ms. Lopez.
Well, gratitude goes to Talisha,
her letter is the reason I'm here.
Well, T's my biggest advocate.
I'm just glad somebody
finally read my letter.
I've been hounding
the Free Counsel Initiative
for years for them
to take my dad's case.
This was clearly
a miscarriage of justice.
All of the other
evidence the prosecution
presented was circumstantial
and inconclusive.
And even Joe Loffton,
who was an accessory
after the fact, he never
said that you were the killer.
Never. This came down
to Damien Owens' testimony.
And you
And you not having an alibi.
Dre. I thought
What? I thought you went
back to D.C. with Rachel.
I had some business and a deal to close.
Hey, perhaps we can grab some dinner
while I'm in town, catch up.
Catch up?
I feel there were things
left unsaid between us.
You know, I'm here
on business for another week.
I can call you.
You still have the same number?
Or maybe you can call me.
Um. Damn.
So that is Mr. Mighty Andre Armstrong,
Esquire extraordinaire.
How did you know?
You're sweating, Lo. You okay?
I don't know. I don't know.
Why am I letting this man get to me?
You didn't get closure.
You need closure.
Look at you. Soundin' like Dr. Phil.
- Mm, I'm serious.
- Look, Mark, it's fine.
Andre is only here for a week,
and then he's gone.
And that'll be that.
I thought you knew
that he might be merging
with Audubon and Quinn. And if he does,
he's going to be out here a lot.
- Doesn't mean I have to see him.
- He's dating Rachel.
I don't know about that.
Did you tell her to back off?
No. Maybe. Marky-Mark.
Listen, I appreciate your
concern but I will be fine
- Sure
- I have a great life
- A beautiful baby girl
- Yeah Definitely
A husband who is supportive and loving,
handsome and sexy.
You tryin' to convince me or you?
What you got goin' on?
Ah, so now we're changing subjects?
- Yup, keep up.
- Okay. All right.
Uh, LAPD task force is heating up.
- The smash and grab thing?
- I just talked to the detective.
They made more arrests last night.
More kids?
What the hell is goin' on?
I intend to find out.
I think I found the perfect apartment!
- Yes?
- Yes! It's in Santa Monica,
it's a few blocks from the beach.
And the best part?
No screaming nephews.
Thank you.
Something's on your mind.
Ohhh, no. Come on. Spill it.
I'm worried that going up against Mark
has affected our friendship.
Mm. Have you talked
to Mark since the trial?
We made a pact; no matter
what, we jog every week.
I'm sure he'll call.
Don't worry about it.
- Ladies.
- Good morning.
Amy, I've a huge favor to ask.
I've a client
that needs help with a will.
Now, I'd normally do it myself,
but it needs someone based here in L.A.
Of course, I'd be happy to help.
Great. Pick it up.
Ada Bankok, meet
Amy Quinn and Vanessa Johnson.
- Hi, it's nice to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you.
Ada's grandmother used to be
one of my biggest clients,
and a dear friend.
It was hard leaving grandmother.
But I went back
every year for her birthday.
This last one, uh
She seemed so good.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I'll walk you out.
This is no contest so
there shouldn't be any issues.
You got it.
Thank you.
Seriously? We're slammed,
and you're going to take a will reading?
No, you are.
You said you wanted more responsibility.
Well, here's your chance.
One chance is all I need.
Lisa has the new job.
- No.
- No, no, no.
It's fine. It's fine. It's just that
I miss all of you.
We miss you, too.
Mm, that's nice to hear.
Well, not the reason I came by.
I just want to give a heads up.
We may be sending
you a life-changing case.
- I'm listening.
- Randall Mack.
Life in prison.
He claims he was falsely accused
and wrongly convicted
of murder 20 years ago.
We just granted an order
to show cause on a habeas petition.
And what was the reason?
Uh, well, the only
eyewitness, Damien Owens,
has recanted his testimony,
now saying that he committed the murder.
Wasn't that enough to correct the writ?
His credibility is at issue.
He's saying that he lied under oath
during the trial
against his best friend.
As I recall, Mr. Owens
had difficulty testifying.
And how would you know?
I was just about to tell you that
Thomas was the presiding judge.
Wow, your
Your dad painted all of these?
Well, he's had a lot of time.
Now, that's my dad with Damien and Joe.
They met in first grade
and were friends
all through high school.
Do you know what happened?
Damien was in love with my mom.
And when she married dad,
he took it really hard.
Saw it as this huge betrayal.
Joe tried to mend things,
but it was never the same.
- Jealousy's a powerful motivator.
- Mm.
Okay, but I do have some good news.
Judge Carmichael has agreed to expedite
the evidentiary hearing.
And this time tomorrow,
your dad could be a free man.
That's amazing.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sorry. One second.
- Oh, no problem.
- Hello?
Yes, this is Emily Lopez.
No. Thank you.
What's happened?
Damien Owens developed an infection.
He died an hour ago.
The order from the Court of Appeal
was to take Mr. Owen's testimony.
We obviously cannot do that now.
So there's no reason for
this hearing to move forward.
I still have Mr. Owens' affidavit,
which was made under penalty of perjury.
Your Honor, the affidavit is hearsay
and the rules of evidence apply.
There's no hearsay exception,
and so it is inadmissible.
Your Honor,
Mr. Owens affidavit qualifies
as a dying declaration.
And if the court
finds that it does not meet
the hearsay exception,
then the affidavit
should be admitted into evidence
under the Chambers' case.
Without Mr. Owens
statement being subject
to cross-examination,
there is no way to determine
if the statement is reliable.
Ms. Palmer has a good point.
Ms. Lopez, permission
to speak to your client?
Of course, Your Honor.
Mr. Mack,
I want you to be aware
that this is an informal questioning
- and you're not under oath.
- I understand, Your Honor.
Mr. Mack, were you
or anyone in your family
in contact with
Mr. Owens prior to his death?
Yes, my daughter, Talisha.
Thank you.
Ms. Mack, you are not under oath.
Would you please tell the court
about your contact with Mr. Owens?
I heard Damien was sick.
I went to see him.
Told me stories about
my dad and their friendship.
I simply asked him
to tell what really happened.
And did he tell you?
No. It was only later
I learned about his affidavit.
Your Honor, the Court
of Appeals had the affidavit
and nevertheless
ordered an evidentiary hearing.
They could have granted
a writ based on the affidavit
- if that alone was sufficient.
- Your Honor.
I know that I can
find additional evidence
to prove Mr. Owens
testified falsely at trial.
I just I just need some time.
Ms. Lopez, I need a proposal
from you for how
much time you need, and why.
Ms. Palmer, find
authority for why this court
cannot expand the order.
All parties are ordered back tomorrow.
Randall, I know that Damien
was mad about the marriage,
but was there anything else?
Uh, no.
Look, we were growing apart
long before I married Etta.
'Cause Damien had gotten
into some bad shit.
I didn't want nothin' to do with it.
That's why I only hung out
with him and Joe at the bar.
Define bad.
Damien was hanging
out with some sketchy dudes
and that KC Smith,
that victim, he was one of 'em.
Randall, if you knew
that Damien was into bad stuff,
then why keep going back to the bar?
He was my friend.
For a long time.
It's hard to let that go.
I went over the case file.
I'm curious about
a woman named Julia Barnes.
She was on the witness list,
but she never testified.
Oh, um
She was a coworker.
And my lawyer was trying to get
anybody he could to testify
- as a character witness.
- Then why didn't she
testify to your character?
Mm, I dunno.
Is there uh, is there
anything I can get you?
Some painting supplies.
Going a little crazy
in here with nothing to do.
Oh, yeah. Talisha
showed me your paintings.
They are beautiful.
My favorite memories were at the beach.
- Did you go a lot?
- Never been.
Got all those photos
I found in the magazines,
in the library.
I always wanted to take
Talisha to see the ocean.
Never got the chance.
Maggie Palmer has a point.
If the affidavit alone was enough,
we would have granted the petition
and saved you the trouble.
So now that Mr. Owens has died, do I
allow Ms. Lopez to introduce
any new evidence she can find?
I know how wrongful convictions
keep you up at night.
So that's code for "trust your gut."
Thank you, Lisa.
Any time, Carmichael.
I'll see you on the flip side.
More beautiful flowers from your garden?
No! These were delivered for you.
I'm worried they're from Dre.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
They are not from him.
- Uh, "Diapers to Diplomas?"
- Ha!
"Excited to introduce you to
our wonderful world of nannies!"
Oh! So Robin's going back to work.
Part time. But if I know the man,
he'll be full time by next week.
Oh. Sounds like somebody I know.
"To my loving son, Edwin.
I leave the Cape Cod and
Bel Air homes and all furniture.
Now, the Van Gogh, I leave
along with our family ring,
to my granddaughter, Mindy."
Grandmother promised me that ring.
"All my clothes along with my Mercedes,
- "box of"
- Are you sure?
Yes. It means the world to me.
Please do something.
- "My Baby Grand"
- Please!
We object!
Now, these smash
and grabs are well thought out.
They aren't random, many of
them contain the same kids.
What, you think one
of these kids is capable
- of organizing all these hits?
- Possibly.
The ones I've spoken with are smart,
just not cooperating.
They're scared of somethin'.
Or someone.
I've done everything
I can to get these kids to talk.
This kid, he's in juvie
fighting a murder charge.
I know his lawyer,
Luke Watkins. I'll talk to him.
- I knew you're up to something.
- Oh, take a breath.
No, you hated my father and now
you're letting it out on me.
Just accept your grandmother
loved Mindy more than you.
- Grandmother promised me
- Excuse me, what is going on?
Excuse me, what is going on?
- She had a change of heart
- What is going on!
The no contest was made quite clear.
Yes, I am aware.
Apparently your associate wasn't.
Ms. Johnson advised
your client to contest the will.
Not only does she forfeit
her entire inheritance,
she must pay back her advancement
her grandmother gave her for college.
Oh, my God, that's $400,000.
I don't have that kind of money.
I will make this right, Ada. I promise.
Andre told us it was a no contest.
I know. But Ada was in my ear.
I didn't think. I just reacted.
Can she really lose everything?
Yes, it's a clause specifically designed
to discourage disgruntled
relatives from complaining.
I'm sorry.
- What do we do now?
- Ugh.
We need to find
the proof for what we contested.
Heard about Damien Owens.
Your job just got a lot easier.
No, now I have
to decide whether to allow
the defense time to track
down additional evidence.
Well, you had one affidavit
from a man who's now dead.
It seems as if you feel
that Damien Owens was telling
the truth without
hearing a shred of evidence.
A man's freedom is at stake.
I think it's worth exploring all angles.
Did you not read the uh,
transcript from the first trial?
I did.
Then you know there's other evidence
- besides Owen's testimony.
- I do.
Then I fail to see the need
for your exploring all angles.
Ms. Rodriguez,
thank you so much for coming
to the HOJ to meet me,
I just need to clarify
a few things about your testimony.
You were the bartender.
And it was you who broke up a fight
- between Randall and the victim?
- Yeah.
Any idea what started the fight?
That was so long ago.
Yeah. You said later that same night,
you saw Randall with the victim again?
Uh, in the parking lot, arguing.
Was Damien there that night?
Yeah, he was there most nights.
Is it possible the man
you saw in the parking lot
was actually Damien Owens?
No, no, it was definitely Randall.
Well, it was dark, right?
- Yeah.
- So how can you be sure?
I don't understand. What's going on?
Damien Owens confessed to the murder,
but he died before
he could be cross-examined.
Oh, my God.
But are you saying I was the one
No, I'm not No one's blaming you.
I'm just looking for any new evidence.
Um, Randall was hanging with this woman
that wasn't his wife.
Uh, she was there most nights.
Jill Julie?
Did you talk to her?
Was Julia Barnes at the bar that night?
- Doesn't matter now.
- Yes, it does.
It actually matters a lot.
Who is she?
She's someone that I loved.
Someone I thought loved me.
So you were having an affair?
I wasn't proud of it.
My wife and I were having problems.
And I knew I was wrong, just
Oh, Julia.
I had to.
Then why didn't she testify?
Been asking myself
that same question for 20 years.
She talked to my lawyer.
She told him everything.
Then she changed her mind,
said that if he tried
to make her talk, she'd lie.
Almost killed me, when I found out.
We talked about a future together.
Then she left me to rot in hell.
Well, I need to convince
Julia to come forward.
- Oh, no, no
- Randall,
if Judge Carmichael
denies Damien's affidavit
Talisha doesn't know.
She'd never forgive me.
There's gotta be another way, Ms. Lopez.
Please. Please. T is all I've got.
What about Joe?
He was with Damien that night.
He knows what the truth is.
We are looking for Joe.
He left L.A. when
he got out of prison, so.
So if we can't find him,
then Julia may be our only hope.
Hello, wife.
- Where are you, husband?
- On a stakeout.
I thought you were doing computer work.
Wait, where is Bailey?
Robin Taylor.
I know you did not take
our daughter on a stakeout.
I didn't have a choice, honey.
The babysitter canceled.
You should have called me.
She's fine, Lo. Ain't you, baby?
I still don't like it.
Ah, I guess it's time
to put Operation Nanny Search
into warp speed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming by.
- Listen
- Before we start,
I just want to say
Really rough, right?
So rough.
Don't ever want to do it again.
This, Watkins, is why you never should
have left the DA's office.
If you and Amy can
maintain a relationship
after some of the epic
battles that you've had,
I'm sure that we can mend.
Vegas rules, baby.
What happens in the court room
We good?
Oh, hey, before you go.
I actually did call
you over here for a reason.
Anyone look familiar?
Miles Pallo, my client.
He was certified down to juvie
on the robbery case
where the victim died.
Before that robbery,
he was involved in several other
burglaries all attached
to the smash and grab ring.
- Okay, and?
- Maggie is gonna file
additional charges.
She's also pushing to have him
transferred to adult court.
So just talk to him,
see if he'll cooperate
What are you looking for?
I think there's a mastermind
behind the smash and grabs,
I need a name
- You want my client to snitch?
- Well, would you rather
he get transferred straight to
prison when he's out of juvie?
'Cause that's where he's going
if he keeps down this route.
I'll talk to my client.
The Court will not receive into evidence
Damien Owens' affidavit.
On balance, the court
does not believe Mr. Owens
was on the verge of death
at the time of the statement,
and thus it is not a dying declaration
as contemplated in the evidence code.
However, based on that affidavit,
I will provide
the defense with more time
to find evidence
that supports his main point,
that Mr. Mack did not commit the crime.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- We'll reconvene in two days.
Parties are ordered to appear.
- Hello?
- Daddy?
Sherri said it was okay to come in.
Of course it's okay to come in.
Hello, my sweet baby girl.
We were on our way to the museum.
Thought, why not
pop in and see you first?
Thank you, daddy.
Tough case?
Andre Armstrong is in town.
Do you even remember him?
I remember he was a damn fool.
I think you're thinkin'
of somebody else.
Wasn't that the guy who chose
his career over you?
How do you even remember
that after all this time?
He broke your heart.
A father never
forgets something like that.
So, why is it a problem he's here?
He wants to catch up.
Put the past where it belongs.
I never thought they'd convict him.
But they did.
And you sat on the truth for 20 years.
I couldn't ruin my life.
And what about Randall's life?
Julia, you've allowed an innocent man
to suffer in prison for 20 years.
This is a man you cared about.
A good man.
With a family, a career.
You wouldn't understand.
No, I I don't. So please, tell me.
It's not that easy.
I never told my
husband about the affair.
He wouldn't understand.
I don't I don't care. I don't.
Because this isn't about your husband
and it's not about your marriage.
This is about an innocent man's life.
So stop making
Randall pay for your guilt.
I have to think about it.
Did you know that the will
was amended three months ago?
Specifically the personal property memo?
No. Did you find the original?
Yeah. I called the court records,
and tracked it down. Ada was right.
Her grandmother promised her that ring.
Perhaps, Ada isn't being honest with us.
Families do fall out.
And I saw her face. She had no idea.
No. Something happened
three months ago that made her
grandmother change
her mind about that will,
and I'm gonna find out what it was.
Ms. Lopez,
you've requested another continuance.
What is the basis for the motion?
I am having trouble securing
the attendance of a critical witness.
I have sent out a subpoena,
- but I'm worried she won't show.
- Who's the witness?
Julia Barnes. She was with Randall Mack
at the time of the murder.
Her testimony can prove his innocence.
Why do you think she won't show?
Because she was on the original
witness list and didn't.
Be assured Ms. Lopez, if
you serve her with a subpoena,
I will issue a body attachment
for her if she fails to appear.
But we both know that
that is not a guarantee
that she will testify.
Are there any other witnesses?
Joe Loffton. He was
an accessory after the fact.
Isn't he also a friend of Mr. Mack's?
Was. Joe now lives in Tampa
and apparently
he is out at sea, fishing,
so it may take us a while to reach him.
Ms. Palmer, are the people ready
for the evidentiary hearing?
We are, Your Honor.
Ms. Lopez, I am
allowing your continuance.
The hearing will
now begin in three days.
Yes. Dr. Sullivan? Yes.
This is Vanessa Johnson
from Audubon and Quinn Law Firm.
Yeah. I need some information
on a patient that you had.
Does Miles know he's facing
a possible prison sentence?
He's more scared of retaliation
than he is prison.
Said we don't know
who we're dealing with.
We could offer him protection.
We could relocate him if need be.
Yeah, just what every teen wants,
to have their life completely uprooted.
I'll let my client know.
Thank you for helping out.
I'm doing this purely for my client.
- Feels good, though, doesn't it?
- I gotta go.
- Run tomorrow?
- See ya at seven.
Hey! Here to see Maggie.
I just finished with Mark.
Oh, which means things are good.
Yeah, all good.
Good. Oh! Look what I've got.
- Oh!
- Tomorrow,
that apartment is gonna be mine.
Good luck.
That's right, Watkins.
- Pretend you don't see me.
- You rang?
It's obvious Judge
Cuddly Do Right is going to keep
granting you continuances
until I grow old.
I don't have
the time or patience for a case
the previous
defense obviously fucked up.
Voluntary manslaughter time served.
Mr. Mack can walk tomorrow.
They're on their
way up here right now, but
Gonna want to see this.
Are these for real?
Yes. I first noticed them
when Ada showed me a photo.
Thank you for coming.
There are a few issues
I'd like to clear up.
About what? Everything seems in order.
Oh, bear with me, Mr. James.
Could I please see the ring?
Thank you. I'd asked Wendell to send me
a picture of the ring and I notice
a new spring
had been molded to the inside.
This is often done
to resize a ring in order
not to lose any
of its intricate details.
Would you please try this on?
Oh. Too small.
Mother fitted that ring a year ago.
Mindy has picked up weight since.
Well, actually I grabbed these
from Mindy's Twitter page and
It appears over the last three years,
Mindy's changed very little.
Would you please try this on?
Mother simply had
a change of heart. Nothing more.
Perhaps you'd like
to see some other photos
my associate found.
These were taken three months
before Grandmother died,
which happens to coincide
with the changes
made to the will,
that was electronically signed.
How could you hurt grandmother?
Utter nonsense. I would never
You cannot prove any of this.
You're right.
Elder abuse is incredibly
difficult to prove.
Which is why I called
Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan.
Keep the damn ring. Let's go.
I'm really sorry, Ada.
It's okay. I know it wasn't you, Min.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to be
singing your praises to Andre.
Callan, What are you doing here?
Did you just use me?
Don't know what you mean.
What if I don't take it?
If Judge Carmichael rules against us
at the evidentiary hearing, you
go back to prison indefinitely.
- Do we have a chance?
- Yes.
We are very close to finding Joe.
And if Julia doesn't show,
then Judge Carmichael
will issue an arrest warrant.
You talked to Julia?
I had to, Randall.
Is she gonna help me?
I don't know.
Twenty years later,
she's still breaking my heart.
I know this is a hard decision.
What would you do?
I've made my decision. Accept the offer.
Ms. Lopez.
- Is that it?
- Yes.
You don't have to take the plea.
- Is it Julia? She here?
- No. Randall
All rise. Court is now in session.
You may be seated.
I was informed the People made an offer.
- Yes, Your Honor
- Uh, Your Honor,
Mr. Mack respectfully rejects
the People's offer.
The defense has located
Joe Loffton, Your Honor.
And has his sworn statement
that it was Damien Owens
who committed the murder
my client was convicted of.
Your Honor, we spent
the last week discussing
how a signed document
isn't admissible evidence.
The court can't just admit
a signed piece of paper for the truth.
Except in very limited circumstances.
Thank you. Ms. Lopez,
why did it take Mr. Loffton
twenty years to come forward?
Fear, Your Honor. Damien Owens
threatened Joe's family.
Joe just found out about Damien's death
and he wants to do right by my client.
He says that he's
willing to testify if needed.
Ms. Palmer, how do
the people wish to proceed?
Your Honor.
This new evidence corroborates
Damien Owens' affidavit.
The people are no longer confident
we could prove the case
beyond reasonable doubt.
we are withdrawing our opposition
to the habeas petition and
agree the conviction should be vacated.
If the people are no longer
contesting the writ, then this court
will return this
case to the Court of Appeal
and recommend that the writ be granted.
Mr. Mack.
You are released
on your own recognizance.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Mr. Mack, I would like to apologize
on behalf of the court.
Today is a bittersweet moment.
There is much
to celebrate in that justice
has finally been served. But
there's so much
disappointment and sadness
that it took so long.
This court is adjourned.
Baby, you did it!
You're free daddy.
Is it over?
It's over.
How do I begin?
Randall, you're not
going to be alone in this. Okay?
Talisha and I will be
there every step of the way.
I'm going to set meetings for you,
help you find
a job and a place to live, but
for now
You're going to stay with me,
for as long as you want, daddy.
I will file for compensation
for wrongful conviction.
That is happening.
Until it comes in, this might help.
You don't have to
do that Oh, Daddy!
It's not a lot but
I want you to have it, okay?
It's yours.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
And I know it's been a long road,
you're tired but there's this
one last thing I need us to do.
It is quite satisfying,
when justice is served.
After our earlier conversations,
that is not
the reaction I was expecting.
Well, our system of justice
can only be reinforced
by thoughtful debate.
You and I may not always agree,
but we must be assured that as
long as you wear that robe,
you will always have my respect.
Thank you, Judge Marshall.
Hey, it's the goose.
Goo, goo. Goo, goo.
Then you use the other
hand, boom, boom, boom.
Hey, wife.
Hey, husband.
I think we found our nanny.
Daddy, we have
something that we would like
to discuss with you.
What do you think about you
and mama bein' Bailey's nanny?
I'm touched. But we have to decline.
Don't you need to discuss
this with mama first?
I know exactly what she'll say.
Being a nanny is a job.
We love being grandparents.
It's more fun.
Here, there you go. Go to daddy.
You know what this means?
Hmm. Let the nanny search begin.
None but ourselves can free our mind ♪
Whoa, have no fear for atomic energy ♪
'Cause none of them
can stop the time ♪
How long shall
they kill our prophets ♪
While we stand aside and look? ♪
Yes, some say it's just a part of it ♪
We've got to fulfil the book
Won't you help to sing
these songs of freedom? ♪
'Cause all I ever have
Redemption songs
All I ever have
I love you grandpa.
Redemption songs
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