All Rise (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

Through the Fire

[Narrator] Previously on All Rise
Gloria Hernandez, residential burglary,
grand theft, gun possession.
She's a real peach.
My sister is all that matters.
When our parents died,
the only thing I had left
was my sister and skating.
- Could I ask a favor?
- [Emily] Yeah.
Could you keep an eye on Maddy for me?
- Lola?
- Dre?
Andre is your Dre.
Love of your life from college, Dre?
Andre Armstrong's in town.
Do you even remember him?
I remember he was a damn fool.
[Siren wailing]
[Elevator dings]
I can't remember
the last time deliberations
for a murder trial came back this fast.
Uh, it's usually not a great sign.
For my clients anyway.
[Elevator dings]
That's not great either.
I'm glad I got glowing reviews
from your co-workers
but I needed to see the place first
and I would appreciate
being kept in loop.
I don't think that's
an unreasonable request.
Yeah, Robin,
we will talk about this later.
I've got to go. Bye.
My husband has an annoying habit
of making important
life decisions without me.
You're still struggling
to find child care?
Not anymore apparently.
Sounds like Robin found Bailey a daycare
and dropped her off this morning
with complete strangers.
Oh, well, at least she's not going out
on stakeouts with him anymore.
He was joking about getting
her a bullet proof vest
and making her his full-time partner.
At this point, I wouldn't put
anything past that man.
Well, here is your updated
calendar for the rest of the day.
And I've just been notified
the jury for the placencia
murder trial has reached a verdict.
That was quick.
[Man clears throat]
Your honor, how long are we
planning to wait for counsel?
[Whispers] Um, Sara and Miss
Lopez are stuck the elevator.
Fire department
is already working on it.
Yo, can we just get this shit over with?
Mr. Banks, language.
Am I guilty or not?
Just read the verdict.
- [Door opens]
- We're here.
Sorry, sorry. [Whispers] Sorry.
About time, Miss Lopez.
Miss Lopez, hello.
Glad it all worked out.
Our apologies, your honor.
Back on the record,
People v. William banks.
Now, that all parties
are present and accounted for,
let's resume.
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, your honor.
Will the defendant please stand?
[Woman coughs]
The superior court
of the people of California,
in the matter of the people
versus William banks
as to count one of violation
- I can't do this.
- [Sherri] Of penal code
- Yes, you can, just take a deep breath.
- [Sherri] Section 187
We, the jury,
in the above entitled action
find the defendant guilty.
[Court murmuring]
Mr. Banks, you're looking
at life in prison,
is something about that amusing to you?
I was just remembering
the look on Stephanie's face
when the life left her eyes.
- That was pretty amusing.
- Mr. Banks, that is enough.
- Bailiff.
- [Gavel banging]
Hey, stop. Don't do this.
- Get off me!
- [Grunts]
- Order! Bailiff!
- [Indistinct shouting]
- Hey!
- I'm going to kill you!
- I promise you that!
- [All murmuring]
- I promise you!
- [Woman] Stop.
- [Lola] Bailiff, order!
- [Gavel banging]
[Sara gasping]
- You okay, babe?
- I'm going to get somebody, okay?
[Breath trembling]
It's okay. It's okay.
[Upbeat music playing]
We've got to find some place new,
this feels sleezy.
This exciting, it's a like a spy movie.
You would make a terrible spy,
you talk too much.
That's why I'm a good prosecutor.
God, today, I felt like a referee.
That was terrible.
What the hell was that?
Can't say I wouldn't
have done the same thing.
Well, let's hope you never have to.
Listen, um, you want to come to the game
with me and Amy tonight?
- I got an extra ticket.
- Clippers or Lakers?
- Neither, billionaires.
- The who now?
La billionaires,
the new minor league team.
Oh, yeah.
The owner's a client at Amy's firm.
- So we get a skybox.
- [Lola] Oh. Nice.
- [Mark] Have you seen the new arena?
- No.
It is unbelievable.
They got this buffet
I would live to come and have a drink
or three with you and Amy
but, uh, I got to relieve
Robin of daddy daycare duty.
Whatever, more wings for me, sucker.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I was there trying to out out the fire.
Arson of a structure,
they even threw in an enhancement
for damaging multiple structures.
I guess they were feeling generous.
Man, listen
Our encampment got raided
by the police again,
so I grabbed everything I could
and I made my way to the 405.
Before I got there I could see
the bonfires from blocks away,
but it turns out they weren't bonfires.
The entire damn encampment was on fire,
so I ran over and tried to help.
The swab test confirmed
that you were covered
in the same accelerant
that caused the Blaze.
That's not a good look.
Do you have an explanation for that?
No, I don't know. I, I
Everything happened so fast, I
Cyrus, you got a good list of priors.
But it's all low level, non-violent.
But the one that sticks out
is the strike for burglary.
No, no, I didn't steal anything.
I caught a case
for taking back my property
from a landlord who stole it from me.
They slapped me with two years,
but I volunteered
to help fight the wildfires.
And it well, I got out in one.
So, this isn't your first time
around a fire?
[Music playing]
[Emily sighs]
[Sara sighs]
How you feeling?
Hmm, like a million bucks.
Are you hungry?
Let me take you out for a bite.
Thanks for the offer
but between the taste
of blood in my mouth
and the crime scene photos on my desk,
I don't really have much of an appetite.
Just go on home.
I hate that this happened to you.
Yeah, well, if everyone were
always nice to each other,
we wouldn't have jobs, would we?
I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
[Cell phone vibrating]
- Hello?
- Miss Lopez?
[Emily] Gloria?
Hi, what's going on?
Hey, um, by any chance have
you spoken with my sister Maddy?
No, is something wrong?
[Gloria] I haven't heard
from her in a week.
She hasn't called or visited even.
That's not really like her.
Okay, um, yeah, tell me what you need.
I want you to help me find my sister.
You said if I ever needed
anything to reach out to you,
so now I'm reaching out.
Or is that just something you guys say
to make yourselves feel good?
[Emily] Gloria, just [Sighs]
Just take a breath. Okay?
Do you have any idea where she might be?
She's probably at the mini-mansion.
- The mini-mansion?
- Yeah, Brandon page's pad.
The Internet guy?
Why is she hanging out there?
[Gloria] Okay, that is not
important right now.
I just need to make sure
she's safe, okay?
- [Beeping]
- Gloria?
Young gods you know what day it is.
Today's the final day
of the scavenger hunt challenge.
So, have your loot at
the drop off point by 5 P.M.
And not a second later.
Winners will be announced
at noon tomorrow.
Let's go!
[Rock music playing]
[Man] Let's go!
Can't believe that woman said no
in front of 15,000 people on the fancam.
Proposals at sporting events are awful.
I mean, who was the first idiot
to think that was a good idea?
I mean, women don't want to be subjected
to that kind of humiliation.
Uh, to be fair, I don't think
she was the one who got humiliated.
Let that be a lesson.
Maybe you guys will stop doing it.
Whoa, you guys?
My proposal was freaking epic.
Speaking of men who've proposed to you,
how's your husband doing?
Sounds like his new meds
have him feeling a lot better.
- Oh, great news.
- Yes.
You know, it's too bad you didn't
take him to a basketball game
and serve him with his divorce
papers on the fancam.
Mark, don't do this. Not tonight.
Hey, trust me, no one is more tired
of this conversation than I am
and I have tired to be empathetic,
but, like, he's taking
advantage of this situation.
Will you just call an uber?
[Tires screeching]
- [Man 1] Oh, my god.
- [Woman] Stop!
[People screaming]
[Man 2] Call 911!
Hey, are you okay?
- He came out of nowhere.
- Just, just lay still.
- Hey, uh
- Mark?
I just witnessed an accident
and someone's been hit.
- Mark?
- Yeah, yeah
Oh, shit.
Good morning, your honor.
- This is for you.
- [Whispers] Thank you.
Dropping Bailey off at daycare,
grabbing breakfast
and getting to the office
only took 45 minutes,
can you believe that?
Wow, so you're having a change of heart
about Bailey's daycare situation.
I have to admit,
Robin was on to something.
The daycare is gorgeous.
I even had to sign an nda
because of all the celebrities
who drop their kids off there.
[Whispers] Like who?
What about a non-disclosure
agreement don't you understand?
- That's boring.
- [Chuckles]
They have vegan catering options,
he kids are drinking
artisanal fruit water.
I grew up on juice boxes
and Bologna sandwiches.
I don't need Bailey getting
used to this lap of luxury.
We can't afford it long term.
It's $300 a day.
Well, then you will be glad to know
that I have put together
a short but diverse list
of child care candidates
for you and Robin to interview.
Hmm, after the stenographers
you picked out,
I'm not holding my breath.
Um, ouch.
- I can cancel.
- I'm kidding.
I appreciate you. I need you.
I don't know what I would do
without you.
- That's more like it.
- Thank you.
- [Knock at door]
- My apologies.
- Rory fires.
- Luke Watkins.
And what do you have for me,
Mr. Watkins?
Straight to the point,
I can appreciate that.
Outside of loitering,
trespassing in abandoned
buildings to keep warm at night,
the only thing that my client
is guilty of is being homeless.
He needs a warm meal
and a roof over his head.
Not prison time.
There is video footage
Mr. Calleja at the scene.
His fingerprints were
the only discernable ones
found on the torch that was
used to start the fire.
Does seem a bit dodgy.
You can't prove malice.
We're talking about a few months
in county and some fines at worst.
He used a torch, I could very easily
make a reasonable argument
for aggravated arson.
And with his prior strike,
he'd be looking at 20 years to life.
Instead the three year minimum
that I would've offered
has doubled with the prior
strike enhancements
and we find ourselves at six.
I'll drop the rest of the charges,
and if he's a good boy, he'll be out in,
mmm, three or four?
Come on, Rory.
He's a career criminal.
Judge marshal could very well
impose a much stiffer sentence
if this goes to trial and you lose.
And you will lose, Mr. Watkins.
Another strike would ruin his life.
Split the difference,
non-strike, PC 452.
Maybe he'll learn
to behave himself. Six years.
All right, so, I've got to ask.
Did he attorneys at Wayne county
really call you the grim reaper
because you never lost a case?
The grim reaper moniker
maybe the byproduct
of an overly vivid
imagination, I'm afraid.
But it is true that I've never lost.
Well, there's plenty of time
to change that.
When my client beats these charges,
I'll take you out for a beer.
Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Watkins.
I'll look forward to that pint, cheerio.
How was the game last night?
Ugh, it was [chuckles]
Wait, how do you already
know about last night?
Because I got a call
from the co-owner himself.
For what?
[Andre] The guy behind the wheel
was the mascot for his team.
It's only a matter of time before
a civil suit comes their way.
But before we worry about that lawsuit,
he wants us to act as counsel
for the same employee
for the criminal case.
Oh, if he wants us to double bill him,
I'm fine with that.
Why doesn't he just fire
the kid to save face?
Because that kid is his son.
Of course it is. [Scoffs]
Well, give it to one of the juniors.
Are you too good to work
a lowly dui case now?
You know I can't be
anywhere near that case.
I was a witness.
But, I will gladly represent myself
on the assault charges coming
if you don't get out of my office.
- All right.
- Buh-bye
[both chuckle]
- Oh, Mr. Callan.
- What's up, Teddy?
I received this file from the ceu,
there must be a mistake here.
The felony dui case
has you listed as a witness.
Yeah, that's not a mistake.
Believe it or not, being a da
does not preclude me
from witnessing some
of the wonderful things
that happen outside of this office.
Right, but it should exclude the
da's office from trying this case.
We should recuse ourselves
and have the Attorney General handle it.
There's an obvious
conflict of interest here, no?
That's small potatoes to the ag, Teddy.
Uh, the size of potatoes and
ethics are not mutually exclusive.
Teddy, just shoot
this guy a decent deal,
throw another one up the win
column and move on to the next.
Luckily, the pedestrian
was not seriously hurt.
Part of being a successful prosecutor,
time management. Okay?
Mr. Callan, while I would never
second guess your judgment
Uh, hold that thought.
How are you holding up?
[Chuckles] Not sure what's worse,
being trapped in an elevator
hanging eight stories off the ground
or climbing up ten flights in heels.
That sounds like a lose-lose.
Um, Sara, listen, I,
I got to ask you something.
I think I know the answer, but,
do you want to press charges
against Pascal placencia?
[Sighs] No.
That family's been through enough.
You sure? We could have the case
transferred to another advocate
Look, Mark, I'm fine. Okay?
- Anything else?
- Actually, yes.
Um, Miss placencia,
she's in a bit of a bind
after paying for Stephanie's
burial and funeral cost.
Is there anyway we can expedite
filing that paperwork
to get her reimbursed?
Yeah, I'll reach out
to Miss placencia today.
Also, they need assistance
with crime scene clean up services
before they can move back
into their house.
So, servpro is asking
for files of the damage.
If you can just
send them those photos
Yeah, okay, I got it.
can move forward.
[Indistinct chatter]
Before we begin today's hearing,
I have to ask, Mr. Calleja,
would you happen be the son
of Juan Antonio calleja?
Yes, I am, your honor.
Um, why?
Small world,
I played basketball with ac.
We were thick as thieves in high school.
- How's he doing?
- Antonio passed away last year.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Now, while I haven't seen you
since you were a child,
it's unfortunate that this reunion
isn't under better circumstances.
[Clears throat] Your honor,
I'd like to inform you
that the people have withdrawn
the original offer
and are looking to add
supplementary charges.
Objection. On what grounds?
What, what does that mean?
That things just got a whole
lot more complicated.
We've received substantial
evidence connecting Mr. Calleja
to half-a-dozen more fires
over the last two years.
And since I'm new to this office,
I wasn't made privy to these cold cases.
Or hot cases, if you pardon the pun.
You honor, we'd like a chance
to review the new discovery.
Outside of a few fingerprints
and people claiming they saw
a homeless man at homeless encampments,
do you have any real evidence?
We have eye witness
testimony of Mr. Calleja
frequenting all
of the targeted encampments.
His fingerprints
and his fingerprints alone
were found on torch which was used
to start the Blaze under the 405.
The evidence is irrefutable.
There is no way that
he could've done all of this,
he was incarcerated.
Well, not a single one
of these fires occurred
while Mr. Calleja was behind bars.
Prosecution's motion is granted.
- But, your honor
- Thank you, your honor.
The amended charges are
two counts of malicious arson,
'causing grave bodily injury
and two counts for the arson
of an inhabited structure.
The people will be seeking
the maximum for each.
Why are you railroading my client?
I wasn't finished, Mr. Watkins.
Prior strike enhancements
sees these penalties doubled.
For a total of 37 years
and eight months.
No, no, this is bullshit.
- I didn't do this.
- [Luke] Hey, hey, stop.
I swear on everything
that I didn't do this.
Watch your language, Mr. Calleja,
or I will hold you in contempt of court.
Is that understood?
Yes, you honor.
It's my understanding that both parties
have reached a plea agreement.
Uh, yes, your honor.
Since this is Mr. Dunham's first offence
with relatively minor injuries,
the people are charging this
as a non-strike felony dui
with minimum penalties.
It does look like
Mr. Dunham might've been
on the receiving end of the worst of it.
I won't ask you to stand.
Mr. Dunham, do you understand
that by pleading no contest
you are giving up your rights to a trial
and all rights associated with a trial?
Yes, your honor.
The defendant has agreed
to accept three years
of summary probation,
penalties totaling $5,000,
a three month court approved
alcohol education program,
and restitution to the injured party.
- [Door opens]
- Is that correct?
[Andre] Excuse
the interruption, your honor.
But I think we can come up with
more favorable terms for Mr. Dunham.
[Andre] It's good to see
you again, judge Carmichael.
Mr. Armstrong, I didn't see
your name on my calendar.
I was under the impression
you were on a plane back to DC.
If you'd returned my text,
you would've known that
audubon, Quinn & associates
decided to make
a last minute substitution.
As one of the new faces of the firm,
we thought it best if I
personally oversee this case
for our new high profile client,
the Los Angeles billionaires.
If Mr. Biswas agrees to knock this down
to a misdemeanor,
with the required minimums,
we can just end this thing right now.
And I'll still have time
to make my flight.
Absolutely not.
I offered Mr. Dunham a reasonable deal.
One significantly less
than he would've received
for putting someone in the hospital.
[Sighs] There you have it.
I'll cancel my travel plans
and I'll look forward
to working with both of you.
Uh, judge carmhael,
do you know Mr. Armstrong,
like, personally?
Is there something
you're trying to imply?
Uh, no, ma'am, I just, I just, because
Have a good day, Mr. Biswas.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
[Rory] Captain Monroe, were you
able to determine the cause of the fire?
Yes, the Blaze was
intentionally set with a drip torch.
Photos of said device, your honor,
found at the crime scene
and pre-marked
as 'prosecution exhibit a.'
captain, why is the use
of a drip torch significant?
Have you heard of the
expression, "fight fire with fire?"
I have.
Drip torches are used
for controlled burns.
Used improperly, they can be
incredibly destructive.
So, these fires
are the work of an arsonist?
- Objection, leading.
- Sustained.
How would you categorize these fires?
As the work of an arsonist.
And who is it that typically employs
the use of a drip torch?
They're commonly used by Cal
fire crews during the wildfire season.
Was Mr. Calleja employed as a
member of the Cal fire inmate program?
That is correct.
No further questions.
Yeah ♪
it's a simple question,
do you got it or not ♪
I've been talking to god
'bout the garages ♪
for the crib
that I still haven't bought ♪
boat rocking, my thoughts
going too fast, I'm not rational ♪
I need the '42 on the rocks,
wait, uh ♪
- Hi.
- Sup?
Make it rain and the
money looking like ransoms ♪
and my brain always steady
demanding answers ♪
Who are you?
Is this Brandon page's place?
If you want an autograph or a selfie,
he posts all of his dates
for his events online.
But you can't be here,
you gotta kick rocks.
Is there a Maddy Hernandez staying here?
Look, lady, I said beat feet.
- Get out of here.
- Hey, Leo.
Come on, there's no need
to talk to our guest like that.
Look, I'm not gonna say
if she is or isn't.
What do you want with her?
You are aware that Maddy Hernandez
is a sophomore in high school, right?
Well, that's definitely news to me.
But I can assure you the only funny
business going on in the mini mansion
is legendary tik-bait videos.
Ms. Lopez?
What are you doing here?
Honey, your sister wanted me
to make sure that you're safe.
- Are you okay?
- My sister?
Tell her I'm living my best life.
You can leave now. Bye.
Do your foster parents know you're here?
Okay, I think you should
probably come with me.
- I think I'll stay.
- Nah.
You gotta bounce.
What? Why?
Look, Leo will mail you some merch.
Good luck.
You heard, let's go.
Thanks a lot.
- Jesus, Teddy!
- Oh.
- God!
- What are you doing here so late?
- Are you quitting?
- [Sara sighs]
Look, I don't know.
I do this when I'm stressed.
Just, typing it out
makes it real, and
When I can't bring myself to send it,
it forces me to realize
I'm doing something impulsive.
That make sense?
No, not really.
Hopefully the conviction
brought them some closure.
Ever look across the courtroom
and think about the terrible things
some of these people have done?
That's the da's job.
Back when I was a court reporter,
I recorded the violence, but
I don't know, I was always
able to leave it on the page.
Now I'm side-by-side with
these victims and their families.
Day and night.
Shouldering their pain, and
I'm wearing it.
You show up just chipper and
ready to go, every single day.
How do you do it?
I just started. So I haven't
been punched in a courtroom.
Hard for me to say.
- Mrs. Castillo
- Teddy
I have told you before,
you can call me Sara.
Sara, I'm not the most social guy,
and I'm not really great with
Personal connections or making friends.
Outside of my overbearing parents,
this job, the people
I work with and for,
it's all I really have.
That's why I show up every day.
- Here you go chief mill.
- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Hey.
But if a building's not on
fire, you can call me Sam.
Okay. [Clears throat]
You know, for a lot of these young men,
volunteer programming is just
another way to shorten a sentence,
but for Cyrus it was different.
He loved being a firefighter.
He was damn good at it, too.
So I'm having a hard time
believing he was behind all this.
What makes you say that?
The young man was on my crew
during one of the worst
fire seasons in decades.
I saw the look in his eyes.
I saw tears in his eyes every
time we couldn't save a house.
Told me something I'll never forget.
He said "I don't have a place
to call home.
And I don't want anybody else
to know what that feels like."
Damn. Talk about perspective.
I'm trying to figure out
how Cyrus would have had
access to these drip torches.
Inmates weren't allowed
to handle torches.
For obvious reasons.
They were under heavy supervision,
so there was no way
he could have stolen one.
Okay, the investigator
who testified today
placed Cyrus near all these fires.
That's what I'm struggling with.
Now, you mentioned that you
were on the arson team, right?
That's right, worked my ass off to be
one of the 22 investigators
in la county.
Only 22? That doesn't seem like many.
It's not.
There are 3,500 firefighters in la,
so to be one of the 22
meant you were the best.
Okay, but what are the
chances of the same investigator
being at each and every one
of these calls?
Well that's, um
See? Sometimes, calling
in sick to go grab brunch
is the best form of self-care.
Yeah, about that.
I didn't actually call in sick.
I no-called no-showed.
- Sara?
- What?
Look, I, I blew through
my sick days a long time ago.
I just need a break from the
ultra-violence I ingest every day.
It's not healthy.
I don't want to quit, but sometimes
I don't know how to leave work at work.
So, have you thought about
talking to a therapist?
- Ugh.
- Listen.
This is something you tell
people to do every day.
You told me to do it. I listened to you.
And it probably saved my life.
I can't afford it.
Look, I filed for workman's comp,
but who knows how long that'll take,
and calvcb only reimburses victims.
So I don't qualify unless I
press charges against Pascal.
You can see my predicament.
Why aren't you at the office?
I am still on office orphan.
I spent my entire day
yesterday chasing a teenager
around la county like Carmen sandiego.
Her sister was really worried
about her, so
I tracked her down
at Brandon page's house.
Wait, that guy who was always
on tmz for pulling pranks on people?
That's the one.
Should I even ask why he's got
a teenage girl at his house?
Sounds sketchy.
Cyrus, why were your prints
all over that torch?
I need you to be honest with me.
On god, I've never used one
of those things in my entire life.
Look, when I got there,
the smoke was so thick I couldn't
see two feet in front of my face.
I had my shirt covering my mouth,
I was crawling around
on my hands and knees,
making sure everybody was out safe.
I grabbed a fire extinguisher,
but the thing was out of juice.
I did everything I could,
there wasn't much I could do,
so I took off.
Cyrus, there was no extinguisher,
they only found a torch.
But wait, is it possible
that you grabbed the torch
thinking that it was the extinguisher?
Um, look at this.
They're nearly identical
in those conditions,
there's no way you would have known.
You were trying to do the right thing.
And that explains the prints.
Teddy, have you seen Sara?
Um, not today.
She's not responding to me e-mails,
she's not answering my calls,
it's just weird.
- It's not like her.
- Uh, Mr. Callan.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Shoot.
Uh, judge Carmichael and Mr. Armstrong.
Is there something going on
there that I should know about?
Chambers. Now.
Mr. Armstrong, what do
you think you're doing?
Providing the best possible
defense for my client.
No, you are trying to turn
my courtroom into a theatre.
Keep it up, and I will
hold you in contempt.
That's not necessary.
Your honor.
I've been made aware
of a previous relationship
between you and Mr. Armstrong
which is obviously
a conflict of interest
I don't know where you're
getting your information from,
Mr. Biswas, but I can assure
you, there is no conflict.
Now is there anything else before I
kick you both out of my chambers?
No, your honor.
Courtesy copies of the records
your subpoenaed.
The first is work schedules and mdts,
the second, cell phone records
and 911 transcripts.
Thanks, Carol.
I don't mean to pry,
but is there a reason
that you're investigating
the investigator?
Something just seems off.
I mean, the right investigator just
happened to be at the right place
at the right time every time?
It's a very dangerous accusation.
Believe me, I'm not trying
to take on the entire fire department,
but my client is facing
decades in prison for a crime
that I don't think he committed.
Well, you've never backed away before.
Why start now?
Thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule
to answer a few more questions for us.
It's no problem at all.
The subpoena didn't give me
much of a choice, though.
Captain Monroe, what is your
experience with a drip torch?
I have a decade of experience
as a firefighter,
and going into my sixth year
as an investigator.
And you were at each of
the crime scenes, correct?
Yes, that is correct.
And you, personally, reviewed
and collected all the evidence, right?
That is also correct.
Had you visited any of these
locations prior to your investigation?
- No, why would I have?
- Interesting.
I'd like to submit your phone
records, work schedule,
and 911 calls into evidence.
These phone records show
that you were present
at each of the fires that
Mr. Calleja is accused of.
Of course, as a lead investigator.
The cell towers indicate
that your personal cell phone
was at each of these locations
hours before any 911 calls were made.
Are you familiar with the FBI profile
on firebugs, captain Monroe?
Arsonists that moonlight
as firefighters?
Objection. Argumentative.
That's fine. The defense rests.
Counsel, please approach the bench.
I move to have the charges dismissed
at the conclusion of this hearing.
Not only is the prosecution's
lead witness lying under oath,
he's probably the perp.
Mr. Watkins is a fantastic
storyteller, I will give him that,
but there is more than enough
evidence to go to trial here, your honor.
The evidence brought to light here
certainly raises some questions.
And I will take all of this
into consideration.
Let's take a brief recess.
- Did you see the moment of impact?
- Yes.
Did you remove the driver's mask?
I didn't want to risk
exacerbating any injuries.
So you didn't see the driver's face?
No, I did not.
Had you been drinking that night?
Objection. Relevance.
I had a few drinks.
So you were impaired as well.
Legally, yes.
But that's why I ordered an uber.
I was being responsible.
Unlike the defendant.
Mr. Callan, that's enough.
Counsel, approach the bench.
This trial has been tip-toeing
the precipice of unprofessionalism,
and quite frankly, I am done here.
Now, Mr. Armstrong.
Your client was offered a fair
deal that he was ready to accept
before you crashed the party.
Now I suggest that
you reconsider that deal
or we can send this
to the Attorney General.
If the defendant accepts,
the people are willing
to honor that offer.
Mr. Dunham is an upstanding
member of the community
who has never been in trouble
with the law in any capacity.
He was caught up in the moment
and made a poor decision.
He was driving under the influence.
My client was taking prescribed meds.
He injured a pedestrian.
Mr. Dunham realizes he made a mistake.
But that is no reason
to throw the book at him.
Sometimes true justice includes
the punishments that aren't given.
In the interest of time
and taxpayer dollars,
the people are willing
to charge this a misdemeanor
with the minimum penalties assessed.
I appreciate your understanding.
Counsellors. You may step back.
Mr. Dunham.
Consider yourself extremely lucky.
Not only because the punishment
could have been much more severe,
but also because you are alive,
and standing in this courtroom today.
This new evidence
has cast significant doubt
on the prosecution's case.
As such, I have decided
to dismiss all charges
due to insufficient evidence.
Mr. Calleja, you are free to go.
You're just gonna let him walk?
No, not quite.
I'd love to have a look
through the notes you compiled
on captain Monroe so we can
start putting a case together.
I'm going to see to it that man
spends a long time in prison.
Of course, there is one other thing.
- What's that?
- About that pint.
Well played, sir.
Hey. Come on in.
Shut the door behind you.
Okay, um
I'm sorry about going awol
the last couple days.
I think I was having
an existential meltdown,
but that's just still
no excuse for my behavior.
Have a seat.
Whatever you're going through,
I hope you know
you can always talk to me.
What happened to you
the other day was awful.
This job can be terrifying.
And it can heartbreaking.
It can be a lot of things.
But whatever it is,
you cannot disappear.
You got too many people counting on you.
Too many people who need you.
You know, I've been
Questioning if I have
the strength to be here.
- But, but I know I want to be here.
- Good.
Because you are
the strongest person I know.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
You've got this.
You can't be upset with me.
I'm alone in here.
You're alone in here?
I'm alone out there.
Brandon doesn't care about you, either.
He only cares about the money
and attention that comes along with it.
It's not even like that.
These people are
not your friends, Maddy.
- They're dangerous.
- You're being dramatic.
You promised me that you would
stay away from them.
- You're just jealous.
- Maddy. Come
There he is.
- There he is.
- [Milton chuckles]
What are you doing here?
I'm here because of this guy.
I knew you couldn't have been involved.
I can't thank you enough, man.
I'm thinking you should consider
getting yourself an attorney
to file a lawsuit against
the city for false arrest.
Wouldn't mind a couple bucks
to get a roof over my head.
Well, if you're looking for a
gig to help make ends meet
you might be in luck.
The county's looking
to start a pilot program.
- What's that?
- Moving forward,
inmates who serve
as volunteer firefighters
are eligible to attend
academy after their release.
- For real?
- Yeah.
Man, where do I sign up?
- Aw, ha-ha!
- Hey!
Down at the firehouse!
Come on, there's a nice
warm cot waiting for you, too.
I'll give you a ride.
- Thank you, man.
- Good luck.
Yes. Yes!
I'm proud of Luke.
He did fantastic today.
Kept an innocent man out of jail.
Your partner, on the other hand, oof.
What about him?
He turned Lola's courtroom
into a sideshow.
One of our juniors was
supposed to oversee that case.
- He didn't tell you?
- Uh, no!
He knows I would have shut that down.
Well, your boy
was pulling out all the stops.
Well, he and I will have a little chat.
Speaking of chat.
There was something I wanted
to talk to you about.
I was thinking about our
conversation from the other night.
I don't want you to think
our life together
is not my top priority, because it is.
I really appreciate all of your
Patience and understanding.
I don't understand.
This collier thing is crazy.
I promise you, I will take care of that.
I might have you sign a contract
to make that legally binding.
[Andre] Hold the door.
Well, this is me.
It was a treat being in
your courtroom today, Lola.
It was nice seeing you as well.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
You know, seeing you
up on that bench was a trip.
This is what you said you
were gonna do, and you did it.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you, Dre.
I'm proud of you too.
Some things don't change.
Some things definitely don't change.
Well, a lot of things did change.
You know, law school
Was the time of my life.
Hmm. I thought you were
in such a rush to go out
and take over the world.
But I'd do anything right now
to get those years back.
I find myself sometimes
wondering about all the
fun things we used to have.
Uh, you
You remember that trip to Mexico?
Hmm. I do.
Dining on the boats of the riviera
Maya surrounded by the mangroves.
Hiking the ruins at sunset.
Getting food poisoning so bad
that we both almost died.
I mean, going through it.
Where we're both trapped
in a tiny hotel room
with one bathroom.
That'll test the strongest of loves.
I'm so low ♪
I'm drowning in the river
and I don't know ♪
when I'm going under ♪
but I'm so cold ♪
baby wash me in your fire ♪
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