All Rise (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Truth Hurts

Previously on All Rise
- You look sensational.
- Well, thank you.
We were a thing
like a million years ago.
You two were more than a thing.
Any more arrests last night?
What the hell is going on?
Going to find out.
Do you think one of these kids is
capable of organizing all these hits?
- They're scared of something.
- Or someone.
Is this Brandon Paige's place?
You can't be here.
You got to kick rocks.
- Get out of here.
- Come on.
I can assure you the only funny
business going on is tikbait videos.
These people are not your
friends, Maddy, they're dangerous.
You're being dramatic.
Are you serious?
Why are you so smiley?
The last time you rode along in
a cop car, you became a witness.
You ever seen
such a sexy search warrant?
Is that a Judge Lola
Carmichael signature I detect?
Signed fresh last night.
So this house is the hub
of the smash and grabs?
My investigator seemed to think so.
Which means, after today, I will be
one step closer to nailing their leader.
Which also means
We can finally have date nights.
- Uh-huh.
- Mmm-hmm.
Maybe you can invite Collier
to the next one.
- Not funny.
- Wasn't meant to be.
I think it's time I met your
soon to be ex-husband.
And you will but now is a bad time.
He hasn't been feeling great lately.
I'm just saying,
I want to be here for you, all right?
Have a great day.
Have fun on Hell Street.
Shit, it
It's supposed to say, "Hill Street."
Yeah, you might want
to go get that fixed
before you go play cops and robbers.
We really need to nail down
your calendar.
- Good morning to you, too.
- You know, but, first, I wanted to warn you
It had to be you ♪
Surprise. Oh.
It had to be you ♪
I wandered around and finally found ♪
somebody who ♪
Oh, yeah! All right.
Our new court reporter.
Moses Myers.
Stenographer by day,
dueling pianist by night,
Hogwarts Choir at the
Wizarding World on weekends.
- I hold the singing frog.
- Oh, I bet you do.
- Knock, knock.
- Morning.
- I don't remember
- Shh.
Calling a family meeting in chambers.
Babysitter cancelled.
And as you so wisely pointed out,
the FBI is not the friendliest day care.
Neither is the criminal courthouse.
- What about Charles and Roxy?
- I tried all the usual suspects.
You Honor, I really need to know if
you're attending the Stanford conference
- Shh.
- because I need to put it on the calendar.
- Why are we whispering?
- Bailey.
- I thought we agreed you weren't going.
- I never said I wasn't going.
Lola, there was a typo
in the smash and grab
- search warrant
- Shh.
I need you to re-sign it.
What's going on here?
Sherri, please, guard the door.
Sorry, but with the singing and the
shushing, I'm just not on my game.
I thought this Stanford thing
was settled.
Looks like you two have a lot
to talk about.
No you stay, we're not done here.
I just I'm in a bit of a rush, so
How long will you be gone for?
- It's only for a couple of hours.
- I cannot believe you.
Now, what am I signing here?
I wrote, "626 Hell Street,"
instead of, "626 Hill Street."
Just it's a lot of sixes.
Enjoy mommy-daughter work day.
Robin Taylor Sherri, stop.
Still on for breakfast, Carmichael?
- Shh.
- Oh, hi, Robin.
Hi, Lisa. Got to go. Love you, baby.
Thanks, Lola. Bye, Bailey.
Oh, breakfast for three.
- Happy trial day, ladies.
- Hey.
Hey, Mr. Callan.
All those weeks of putting
heat on our office
to push your case forward
finally paid off.
Only if we get a conviction for Eden.
Unfortunately, another very capable
attorney will have to pull out the win.
But you're our attorney.
Don't worry, you'll still
have a friendly face.
I promise.
Teddy, smash and grab
investigation is hitting a crescendo.
I need to bump you up to
first chair on the roofie case.
- Walk with me.
- Oh, sure. Yeah.
It was a drug charge.
As you know, the defendant was
caught drugging the victim's drink.
- He was arrested at the scene.
- Yeah, I got all that but that means
Yeah, I have to talk to them
on my own, right?
Uh, yeah, is that going to be a problem?
You have done the impossible and
earned these women's trust in the system,
and now you're handing them
off to your freshest meat?
Teddy is second chair on the case.
He's an excellent attorney.
He can handle it.
Right, I can handle it.
Great, and I'm just a call away.
Just got to serve a search
warrant and find a bulletproof vest.
Go, get 'em.
I can do this.
They're just exotic dancers.
You can say, "stripper," Teddy.
It's not a bad word.
Who the hell are they?
- FBI.
- What the hell is going on here?
You're interfering
with a federal investigation.
Get back in your cars and turn around.
We have a search warrant.
What part of,
"federal," don't you understand?
All right, stand down.
All right, what the hell
happened out there?
They froze us out, sir.
They rolled up on us in three SUVs.
DDA Mark Callan a pleasure.
You brought the big boss for backup.
You know us. Who are you?
Zoya Hameed, assistant
United States attorney.
My team of federal agents
has been putting together
a multi-state Hobbs Act robbery crew
against the owner of that
house for the past year.
Our task force has
also been building a case.
Surely, we can pool resources,
work together.
Who's the target of your warrant?
Do you really not have a name?
Some resources you're offering us.
Brandon Paige.
That's a freebie.
Even without a name,
we were closer to an arrest.
Based on what?
Unlike your office,
we only fire when ready.
And while your office
waits years to file charges,
Brandon Paige is out on the streets,
committing more crimes
and harming more people.
And by the end of it,
he will be a long term guest
of the federal bureau of prisons.
Now, for the last time, back off.
Brandon Paige is mine.
Did Lola tell you or did you just
overhear us in chambers this morning?
I was just doing my job.
I didn't peg you for the type to take
advantage of our friendship, Robin.
Let alone your marriage.
Wow, Sara is still dodging my texts.
How dare she steal your thing.
I am a reformed text dodger,
thank you very much.
Also, you're not much better
now that you have the PD workload.
So, at least, I own it.
- How are you holding up, by the way?
- Fine.
But ask me again after today.
I'm defending a man accused
of drugging an exotic dancer.
I'm so over this dude.
Hey, lawyer man.
Apologies for the interruption, my dear.
I require this man's
abounding legal wisdom.
- He's all yours.
- Thank you.
There is something so corruptible
about a woman in a suit, so
You do not want to finish that thought.
Thank you again
for being willing to testify.
Ah, you're the only one that saw
the defendant drug Eden's drink.
So without you, we'd have no case.
Sure. I'm just surprised you
all are taking this seriously.
Oh, it's very serious.
Can you take us through
the events of that night?
I was dancing on the stage,
and Eden was sitting with her
regular customer, Franklin.
Franklin's been my regular
for about a year.
He's goofy but in a fun way.
I have to keep reminding myself that he,
- you know.
- You didn't see him drug your drink?
It's very easy to get distracted
when there are boobs on stage.
I okay.
So it was just you and
Franklin watching Adrianna?
Yeah, she saw it happen.
By the time she got off stage,
I already drank most of it,
so she took me to the back of the
dressing room to take care of me.
And made sure that
Franklin stayed distracted
with another girl until the cops came.
I got really lucky.
Was security not around?
Yes and no.
They're always around but
they're never really watching.
We look out for each other.
Did you have a
relationship with Franklin
outside the club?
No, no.
He doesn't even know my real name.
Just knows me by my stage name.
- Lilith.
- Lilith?
As in the legendary succubus she-demon?
Wait, yes.
Oh, my god, nobody ever gets that.
When I'm giving lap dances,
I like to imagine I'm draining
my customers of their souls.
Wow, that's so depraved.
And inspiring.
One time, I made a succubus
the big bad of my D&D campaign.
Shut up, I love D&D.
You're kidding.
- Are you on Discord?
- But, of course.
I host my own RPG server.
Stud of the tavern.
Oh, Bailey, you're so scrumptious.
I promise, I will find
someone to relieve your post by lunch.
It's no trouble, really.
I don't have court till later,
and she seems to be enjoying herself.
Oh, no, let me get that.
Stand down, your Honor.
Bottle washing is
well within my capabilities.
Lola, I need to talk to you.
- Sherri, you are really slacking today.
- I'm sorry.
Your husband tipped off the
feds about my search warrant.
That's six months of work,
down the drain.
- They shut it down.
- He did what?
- Did you tell him about it?
- Of course not.
I can't believe you're even
asking me that.
- Wow.
- Hey.
I've been helping out
the surveillance team
at the Brandon Paige house for months.
Were you eavesdropping on us earlier?
I was in the vicinity
of the conversation.
That's not technically eavesdropping.
Robin Taylor.
I didn't mean to hear it.
But I felt duty-bound to report
- Judge Carmichael needs to be in court.
- Are there
any other events in my life
you'd like to implode, Robin?
Come on, man, it's not personal.
- Okay, hey.
- Judge Carmichael needs to be in court now.
Your catfight can wait.
This conversation is far from over.
Hey. You were right.
My client, Gloria,
is no longer in juvie.
She has agreed to testify
against Brandon Paige
so the feds are holding her
in protective custody.
I had targeted her as my main witness.
You know,
she has a younger sister who was also
wrapped up in the Brandon Paige scene.
- Maddy Hernandez.
- You think you can convince her to talk to us?
I'm not sure.
Honestly, she's not my client
and I'm not her babysitter.
What happened to, "Miss Holistic Law?"
I promised Gloria that I would
help keep Maddy safe,
and believe me, I have tried,
but this is turning into something
that is way beyond
the scope of my practice.
As long as Maddy is roaming the streets,
she's within Brandon Paige's reach.
You can help protect her,
she trusts you.
Trust is a big word, okay?
She doesn't even want my help
and I guarantee you, she would
choose Brandon Paige over me right now.
- You underestimate the power of the Lopez charm.
- Okay.
- We both know flattery is not my strongest motivator.
- You're right.
But helping people is.
Maddy needs your help, I need your help.
- This case needs
- Okay, just, please, stop.
You're driving.
Dr. Goodwin, what is your occupation?
I'm a criminologist
employed by the Los Angeles Police
Department's technical investigation division.
What do you know about
the drug called Ketamine?
Ketamine is an anesthetic drug.
It can have an effect
similar to alcohol,
but in larger doses,
it can cause a loss of memory,
loss of body control,
even a loss of consciousness.
Did any of the samples you tested for
this matter show the presence of Ketamine?
Yes, the sample of blood
taken from Ms. Porter, "Item 1,"
and the sample of the beverage
taken at the scene, "Item 3."
Was the amount present in Ms. Porter's
blood of any significance?
Well, it was higher than is
typically seen in a recreational user.
How can Ketamine
be used non-recreationally?
It can be administered to an individual
through a system that's commonly
referred to as, "date rape."
Objection, lack of foundation,
outside the witness' expertise.
No further questions.
Mr. Watkins, your witness.
You said that Ketamine
can be used recreationally.
That means that people
take it on purpose, right?
Well, it can sometimes
be considered a party drug.
You mentioned that you detected Ketamine
in the complaining
witness' blood sample.
- Can you determine how it got there?
- No, I cannot.
You also mentioned that you detected
Ketamine in the drink at the scene.
- Can you determine how it got there?
- I can't do that either.
And, finally, in the materials
collected from Mr. Hastings,
there were no traces of
Ketamine detected at all, correct?
That's also correct.
No further questions.
Psst, doughnuts in the judge's
lounge, you didn't hear it from me.
Oh, would you sign this document first?
- I thought your parents lived in Marin County.
- They do.
What's the Lindon community?
Uh, is there a reason why you're
snooping through my personal mail?
I didn't snoop, I glanced.
It's a mobile home community.
But, more importantly,
Moses has been
writing across transcripts in gel pens.
Yes, Madam Justice?
Is there a reason you've been
making comments in the transcripts.
I need an outlet for my opinions.
Does that say, "this is suss"?
It was suss.
And while we're
interested in my opinions,
- you should really be giving Bailey
- Oh, mmm-mmm.
I'm going to stop you right there.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm, mmm-hmm.
You know, it's been forever since
we've had the chance to actually talk.
- Aren't you getting married?
- Allegedly.
Amy's divorce is still processing.
- Have you met the current husband?
- Not yet.
- It's really weird, right?
- Right?
Yes, it is weird, thank you.
I was just being sensitive.
I mean, if the guy is so important
to her and there's no bad blood,
I don't know why
she's hiding him from me.
Something I'd look into.
I'm working on it.
How are things between you and Luke?
There are no things, you know,
we're just friends.
We're in a really good place right now
and I'm just glad
that he's still in my life.
All right.
Maddy, hey.
Who is that?
I got to go.
You can't be here.
Why are you still harassing me?
He could be watching us.
Hey, hey, our agreement was
that you were going to stop
hanging out with Brandon Paige.
Not him. Sykes.
- You have to go.
- Wait, wait.
Maddy, this is Mark Callan, he's a
prosecutor, he might be able to help you.
If you tell him what you know
about Brandon Paige,
he will make sure you're protected.
I'm sorry, I can't talk to anybody.
Leave me alone.
One time, I ran out of arrows,
so I beat an Orc to death with my bow.
Once, I had a bard character
whose weapon of choice was a lute
with knives sticking out of its neck.
Sounds like you played
some pretty killer tune.
Um, hey, Teddy, can I just
talk to you for a second?
Sorry. Sorry.
I think you may be getting a little
distracted from the task at hand.
Nonsense, Eden's just an incredibly
delightful and engaging person.
Who is counting on you
to get a conviction
on a crime that thousands of
other men have gotten away with.
An assault was prevented, and
there's still evidence, that is rare.
I'm aware.
If you win, you can prove that someone doesn't
have to get hurt for there to be justice.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm the attorney here.
How did Mr. Hastings approach
you the night of the incident?
He told me he'd like to purchase
an hour with me in the VIP room
but that he wanted
to grab a drink first.
He didn't know that I was recently sober
so I ordered a mocktail,
drank most of it.
When I started to feel hazy, I
knew that something was wrong.
Has Mr. Hastings ever expressed
wanting more than the standard lap dance?
He's asked me to have sex
with him more than once.
Even offering payment a few times,
but that's common in the club.
No further questions.
Mr. Watkins, your witness.
Ms. Porter, have you ever used
recreational drugs to get through a shift?
Yes, I have.
In fact, you've been to rehab
for the abuse of recreational
drugs, haven't you?
Objection, improper character evidence.
Your Honor, the witness
testifying that she's recently sober
opened the door for evidence
of her drug history.
He's correct, Mr. Biswas,
the door was opened.
Ms. Porter, you may answer the question.
But I was clean at the time
that I was drugged.
- How is this relevant?
- Ms. Porter, please, answer yes or no.
Wasn't Ketamine one of the drugs
you were admitted to rehab for?
He's acting like I'm
some drugged out stripper.
It was a party phase.
Have you ever blacked out at work
after taking recreational
drugs of your own volition?
Objection, your Honor, relevance,
prejudicial, argumentative, I can go on.
- Mr. Biswas.
- Mr. Watkins is knowingly playing
into tasteless stereotypes
of exotic dancers
that in no way describe the
remarkable woman that Eden is.
I mean Ms. Porter.
I think this will be a great time
to take our evening recess,
ladies and gentlemen.
We will see you back here
tomorrow morning.
And, Mr. Biswas,
a word in my chambers, please.
- We cannot do this right now.
- Relax, I'm just picking up Bailey.
I have an attorney on his way
back to my chambers,
so my double-crossing husband
better find a way to disappear
- before he gets here.
- "Double-crossing?" Really?
Your daughter seems to think so.
I got the kid,
you keep telling off your man.
Baby, I was just doing my job.
That's what you call it? Just doing your
- Oh.
- Oh, so cute.
We'll finish this discussion at home.
Come in.
Bye, Bailey.
Mr. Biswas, I just wanted
to check in with you.
As a former DDA myself, who
shares your empathetic nature.
I can understand
how defining the boundary
between victim and client
can be challenging.
- She thinks you have the hots for the stripper.
- Moses!
What? No, of course, not.
What you saw in court
was passion not lust.
Mr. Biswas, in the interest
of a fair trial, are you able to proceed?
Yes, your Honor, I will one hundred
percent monitor myself from here on out.
Glad to hear it.
You may go.
Hey, remind me to make that
donation to your daughter's school
Hey, boss.
I got a grant of immunity for
you to sign for Maddy Hernandez.
Why, she agree to testify?
Not yet, she's scared to talk.
An offer for witness
protection might convince her.
That's the plan, if the feds
don't get to her first.
They already have her sister,
Gloria, in protective custody.
Well, then you better be faster.
Right, I just, I'm, I'm
Adrianna just texted me.
She's out, she was just here this
morning, I don't know what happened.
- What? She's our only eye witness.
- Exactly. We're doomed.
Hey, busy bees.
- Tonight's the night, right?
- Oh, yeah, drink plans.
- You're bailing?
- No.
I'm not.
We are just going to kill
two birds with one stone.
- Let's go, don't be tardy for the party.
- Oh.
They didn't even card baby Biswas.
Pretty sketchy.
- I can't believe I let you convince me to come here.
- Oh, we
All right ladies, listen up.
Consent is the name of the
game, so ask before you touch.
And do not sit at the tip rail
unless you're sending ones flying.
No less than $10 per dancer
according to the stripper forum I studied.
Now, I'm going to go grab a stack.
Oh, there she is.
Hey, Teddy.
I will just go talk to her myself.
- Get stop. Get off me.
- What? Sara.
Sara. God.
Hello, hi.
Adrianna, hey.
What are you doing here?
You can't just show up and
drop my real name like that.
What happened?
I mean, you were so committed
to putting Franklin away,
and now, you're out, just like that?
I love Eden but I need this job.
Vince fired her this morning.
Wait, who's Vince.
Shh, it's our manager.
He texted all the girls
that if any of us showed up at
that courthouse, that we're next.
Turns out, he's the witness
for the defense.
He's testifying tomorrow.
What if I helped get you a job
at a new club?
Money's good here.
And other clubs are worse,
believe it or not.
I'd rather take my chances
getting drugged than trafficked.
So if you'll excuse me.
Your word is the only thing
to help put Franklin away.
My word don't mean shit to a jury.
Sex workers report crimes
all the time that pick up dust.
You know why?
Because no one cares about us.
And I was so stupid to think
that this time could be different.
Hey, you won't know if it
could be different unless you try.
Look, I'm at work.
So if you want to keep talking
Thank you.
Is that camera recording?
Don't worry, they only
capture the register.
Big brother isn't watching what
you do with the girls on the floor.
Hello, this young man would love to have
a private dance with this young lady.
This young man is very content
to stay where he is.
No, it is your turn
to try and convince her.
Go on.
Have fun.
Eh, eh, go on, go on, Teddy ♪
Sherri, can you come in here, please?
- Wh
- To say thank you.
For the many hats
I asked you to wear today.
Baby sitter, bouncer, J.A.
Oh, you're going to be late
getting home.
We could both use a little cooling off.
Yeah, yeah.
That postcard you got from your
parents seemed to ruffle your feathers.
My feathers do not get
ruffled, thank you very much.
I could've completely
misread the situation.
Specially, considering the postcard
didn't have a whole lot to say.
- Your Honor, I really don't want to
- Sherri.
I'm listening.
Yeah. Um.
I don't hear from my parents very often,
so when I do,
it usually means something.
And you don't know if that
something is good or bad.
Why don't you call them and find out?
That's complicated.
They're not easy to track down.
But even when I do,
it's near impossible to visit without
jumping through a lot of hoops.
I don't want to overstep.
But I need for you to know that my
support for you extends beyond these walls.
- Thank you.
- If you ever wanna talk,
I'm here to listen.
- Can it please be time.
- Oh, it's been time.
- Oh.
- Mmm-hmm.
- You rang?
- I was very impressed
by how you calmed
my crying daughter today.
Babies and I share an understanding.
My mom owned a day care growing up.
And I was an au pair in Paris.
I really appreciate you
helping out today,
but, unfortunately, this will be
your last day as my stenographer.
Team salut ♪
look how she
doing that ting, boom, bam ♪
Feeling the drum boom, bam ♪
piercing the tongue boom, bam ♪
shake it like that shake your boom ♪
Shake your boom ♪
shake your boom ♪
move your back and go mama ♪
ra-ta-ta boom, boom, boom ♪
move your back and go mama ♪
ra-ta-ta, ra-ta-ta ♪
Oh, my god, how is your skin so soft?
Sugar scrub.
Ra-ta-ta boom, boom, boom ♪
- Amazing!
- Whoo-hoo.
- Yeah.
- Oh, Emily.
There are cameras
in the private VIP rooms.
- Yeah, so?
- You didn't disclose them to the police.
What the hell are you talking about?
You were served a subpoena
in a case I'm prosecuting
and you only disclosed footage
from the registers.
- Get the hell out of my club.
- I'm not leaving until you hand over the footage.
The cameras didn't capture
the drugging, okay?
So it's none of your damn business.
They're most certainly my business.
I can have the judge issue a
body attachment for your arrest,
or you can hand it over right now.
Your choice.
I'm so glad everyone was able
to accommodate your plans today.
Come on, now.
It would've such a shame
if you would've let
insignificant things like
friendship or your marriage
or fatherhood
get in the way of your investigations.
You never let those things
get in the way of your judgeship.
Excuse me.
I put everything on hold
to support your career.
Who's the primary caretaker
of our child?
You offered, and if I had known
you were going to resent me for it
I'm carrying everything.
I've been carrying all this.
I asked you take some of it
off my shoulders for one day,
so I can do my damn job.
No, not so you could do your job,
so that you can backstab
our best friend.
- "Backstab?"
- Yeah.
Really? So every time you hit Mark with
a "not guilty," verdict, that's a betrayal?
You know that that's different.
How is that different?
Mark's not bigger than the law.
Forget the law, what about me?
Did you ever for one second
stop to think about the position
that you were putting me in.
I did.
But not as long as it's taking you
to make a decision about
going to Andre's conference.
That's what this is about, you
did this because you're mad?
- I may have overstepped.
- No, you overstepped.
Big time.
And now, I'm stuck in the middle
between two people I love,
now how is that fair?
It's not.
But it's done.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to sleep
on the couch tonight.
And if you wake up before me,
here's Bailey's morning schedule.
So you know what to do.
Jesus, Teddy,
you scared the hell out of me.
Thank god you're here.
- Is everything all right?
- I don't know, I need you to see this.
What am I watching here?
I found out they didn't disclose security
footage from the private VIP rooms,
so I scrubbed through
a few weeks of it off a hunch.
Turn that off.
This wasn't the first time
Franklin drugged Eden.
He sexually assaulted her not once,
not twice, but three times, at least.
I don't know what to do.
What the hell do we do?
The only decent thing we can do.
We tell her.
Oh, my god.
Wait, did you sleep here?
I wish, I couldn't get comfortable.
Yeah, Mark filled me in, it's horrible.
It got worse. The manager, Vince, knew.
Oh, this is absolutely disgusting.
Look alive, Maddy's willing
to talk about Brandon Paige.
She's on her way up now,
I need you to take notes.
I can't, not right now.
Look, I know it's tough,
you can afford to give Eden a
few more moments of ignorant bliss,
I'm not your secretary.
Do you expect me to put a
Senior DDA on this, to take notes?
This is your job, Teddy.
Why don't you let Teddy
just sit this one out?
We deal with unspeakable
crimes in this office on a daily basis.
We put our emotions aside
and do the work.
Build that habit today.
Brandon would challenge a group of
kids to rob a store and they'd swarm it.
I never went with them.
Neither did Brandon.
They'd bring all the stuff back
and store it at the attic in his house.
- We have what we need.
- Go ahead and arrest them.
Maddy, we know that speaking
out against Brandon is scary
but in witness protection, he
can't get to you, okay, you'll be safe.
How do you feel?
I'm worried.
I know.
But you did good.
Now, listen.
I gave Gloria my word
that I would look out for you,
I intend to keep my promise, okay?
You ready to go?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Teddy, I need you to change
the witness name on the warrant
from Gloria to Maddy, okay?
Yeah, of course.
Peace and quiet,
who knew it was possible?
- Sherri.
- Yes, your Honor.
It's okay to not be okay.
Thank you.
I think something is wrong.
What can I do?
I think I need to go see
if my parents are okay.
Because I won't know
that they're okay until I do.
But there's so much to do here.
That is for me to worry about.
Family first, always.
Take as much time as you need
to handle everything, okay?
But that means I need to leave now.
We found footage of Mr. Hastings
sexually assaulting you
in the private VIP rooms.
What does that mean?
How far did he go?
He, uh
It was digital penetration.
How would I not notice?
It's likely you were drugged
during those occasions as well.
What am I supposed to do with that?
You don't have to
do anything for now.
My office will pursue
more serious charges,
we can get a bigger sentence
and sex offender registration,
- in addition to the drug charges, we
- No.
What do you mean?
I don't want to go to another trial.
I don't want to go back on the stand,
have all this information
be made public.
We can put this guy away for years.
I just want this all to be over.
I'm not doing it.
Any of it.
Can't shake the feeling
that I signed up for this.
You signed up to sell a fantasy.
What he stole from you was not for sale.
I just feel so powerless.
I know there's power in
pushing forward with the case.
What if it destroys me?
Well, it's not justice
if we lose you in the process.
Protecting yourself
is what's most important.
I just don't want to disappoint anyone.
Well, looks like you haven't.
Won't Vince fire you guys
for being here?
Fuck Vince.
We are standing with you
and whatever you decide to do.
Yeah, girl.
- That's right.
- We got you.
I just threw in to the deep
end with this case, Teddy,
but you did a great job.
It doesn't feel like it.
Offering a deal seems wrong, when we
can peg Franklin for much worse.
When we have a chance to
honor the victim's wishes, we do it.
And this is how she wanted to move on.
Good morning, your Honor.
The preliminary hearing in the
Brandon Paige case was sent here.
What time would
you like to call the case?
Counsellor, I'm impressed by how quickly
you were able to push this case through.
I have trial here until,
at least, this afternoon.
Then I'll wait, thank you.
Tell me where the defense witnesses sit.
Figure it out.
I'll take it to my client.
The people have footage of
you sexually assaulting Eden.
- Three times.
- They're lying.
It's you plain as day.
They're offering a deal.
Prison time with no sex registration.
No deal, we can win them over.
Bring on the jury.
If you don't take this deal
the prosecution will charge you
with multiple sex crimes,
and you'll almost certainly
lose at trial,
and get more time than the offer.
My advice is to take the deal
'cause it's less time than you
Than you deserve.
Yeah, I'll take the deal.
So, oh, come on,
we did the best we could.
You have to be
okay with that, seriously.
Oh, my god, Sara.
- What?
- Can we ask you something?
It's done?
It's done.
Thought it would feel better than this.
Yeah, it's only day one.
Give it time.
Thank you for everything.
Why did you want us
to meet you outside, anyway?
Figured you earned a show.
Come on, now, you got to be kidding.
Anything you say can and will
Oh, my god.
That's great. Oh, great.
You did this?
I handed LAPD the footage of
Vince taking payment from Franklin,
and that threatening text
he sent the dancers.
He's being charged with
conspiracy to commit sexual battery.
- Excuse me?
- My Discord user.
Now that the trial is over,
we can really be friends.
I got a lawyer in an organization
called Strippers United,
who wants to connect with you.
Wants to help you file and
get your job back at the club.
- Let's do it.
- Awesome.
Come on.
First, I'm taking us
all out to celebrate.
I mean, you guys almost
cleaned me out last night.
On the record in People
v. Paige, case LS210-C32
is present and represented.
The people are represented.
Counsel, state your case
Assistant United States
attorney, Zoya Hameed,
on behalf of the United States.
Your Honor, I'm filing with the
court, a motion to intervene,
a motion to transfer, and a
five-count grand jury indictment
just unsealed
from federal district court.
We are asking that this defendant be
removed to federal court, pending trial.
- On what grounds?
- The DA's office
is ill-equipped to handle this case.
Transferring Brandon Paige
into federal custody
will ensure a swifter conviction
which will lead
to a much longer sentence.
- What's the people's position?
- This is a community issue.
If there's one thing the Los Angeles
district attorney's office can handle,
it's gang activity.
Let us take the shot.
I will rule on this matter
after a brief recess.
How do you get here so fast?
Got an alert about leftover
doughnuts in the judge's lounge.
I've been stuffing my face all morning.
Well, praise god for pastries, because I
need the Benner strain of brutal honesty.
My best advice?
Let the feds do their thing.
They can pack a bigger punch
with a hefty sentence and no parole.
But the DA's office got there first.
If we're going by the book, state
court should get their first chance
at a conviction on a public offense.
The feds can wait their turn.
But you're forgetting about optics.
Ruling in favor of your best
friend could appear improper
and, even worse, if he doesn't win.
Do you trust Mark to get a conviction?
You'll make the right decision.
You always do.
Well, most of the time.
The United States motion to intervene
and motion to transfer is denied.
Brandon Paige will remain
in county custody.
Hi, it's Sherri Kansky,
I have more money this time.
Can I please see my mother?
This little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine ♪
this little light of mine ♪
Our new nanny.
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
Don't worry, he's been vetted.
Let it shine, let it shine
let it shine ♪
I will no longer be helping
out on the Brandon Paige case.
And I won't be attending
the Stanford conference.
Things can get back to normal.
Once you apologize to Mark,
then we can talk
about normal.
This little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
let it shine, oh ♪
Collier, hey.
- Uh, it's great finally meeting you.
- Yeah.
Ames was right, you are a handsome guy.
You look great yourself.
I'm on this new cheap insurance
plan, it covers my medication, so
Never felt better.
- That's news.
- It's great news.
We can finally divorced and
you can finally get married.
Give her that fantasy wedding
she deserves.
I thought the papers
had already been submitted.
No, Amy said she was
going to hold off sending them
until the insurance got settled.
- You know how she worries.
- Yeah.
I thought you knew.
Oh, this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
this little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine, oh ♪
let it shine, let it shine
let it shine ♪
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