All Rise (2019) s03e10 Episode Script

Fire and Rain

Previously on All Rise
I think it's time I met
your soon to be ex-husband.
I thought the papers
have already been submitted.
Amy said she was gonna hold off
sending them until
- the insurance guy settled.
- Miles Paulo, my client.
- What are you looking for?
- I think there's a mastermind
behind the smash and grabs,
and I need a name.
Maddy this is Mark Callen.
He is a prosecutor.
If you tell him what you know
about Brandon Page,
he will make sure you're protected.
Teddy, I need you to change
the witness name on the warrant
- from Gloria to Maddy, okay?
- Yeah, of course.
Zoya Hamid, assistant
United Stated attorney.
I'm sure we can pool resources.
Work together.
Brandon Page is mine.
I will no longer be helping
out on the Brandon Page case.
Things need to get back to normal.
Once you apologize to Mark,
then we can talk about normal.
I am so glad you came to your senses.
- Came to my senses?
- Yeah.
I'm not the one who tip toed
into the living room last night.
- I went to go check on Bailey.
- Mmhmm.
And to make sure
you came to your senses.
Listen, I don't know
I don't know if it's that new nanny.
Or if Bailey's moving into a new phase.
But all that noise you making
last night, she didn't budge.
I made noise?
It was Kamila Harris heard you.
You screamed. I heard a pitch.
- Come here.
- Again?
Hey. You're here early.
Hey. So are you.
Yeah. Have to work overtime
to get through all the backlog
since the emergency orders were lifted.
Got you staying busy up there, huh?
- Yeah.
- Whole crew working hard.
- You?
- I am here for Maddy Hernandez.
She's Callan's main witness
in the smash and grab conspiracy case.
So you're taking her on as a client.
Defacto client.
Her sister Gloria begged me.
You know, the wholistic law
of it all can be so exhausting.
Well, you make it look good, Lopez.
What would I do without
you constantly pumping me up?
Don't know, and hopefully
we never have to find out.
Hey, Em.
Carol mentioned she wanted
to talk to you about something.
Oh. I I will try to make it up there.
And if you do, there might
be dinner in it for you.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
So you take me higher,
rising with the tide ♪
Rising with the tide
Flowing Eternally
Eternally, eternally
When you're flowing into eternity ♪
Good morning your
Good morning, Your Honor.
Good morning, Your Honor.
Oh! Good morning, Sherri.
We have a big day today.
The pre Okay. Thank you.
The prelim on the smash
and grab case is starting today.
How did it go with your parents?
I didn't get Well,
I wasn't allowed to see them.
Then try again. This can wait.
- No, you don't understand.
- No, I don't understand.
But you are worried,
which makes me worried.
So go.
Try again. I'll be fine here.
Oh, okay.
Judge Carmichael.
Judge Laski. Judge Mashal.
Pretty ballsy,
the way you managed to keep
Brandon Page's conspiracy
case in the state court.
Without turning him over to the Feds.
Mr. Callan has a very well laid out plan
against Mr. Page,
but what do I owe the honor
of having both of you in my chambers?
It seems that Laski and I
are up for the presiding Judge position.
Yes, I know that.
And what do you need from me?
Your support apparently carries
a lot of weight around here.
- My support? But I've just
- Believe me, I was just
as surprised. Nonetheless,
your high-profile campaign
and your subsequent win have put you
in very high regard around here.
- At least for the moment.
- For the moment, that is. Yes, that's right.
Remember you came in here
asking for my support.
Will miracles never cease.
Let your conscious be your guide.
Do not let him being here before me,
color your decision in any way.
Like the pun, I threw up in there?
Did he just use the word color for code?
That's what I heard.
- Ames.
- Collier.
Oh my you look great.
New medication has been a breeze.
So, what are you doing here?
I figured Mark told
you we made up last night.
No, he didn't tell me that.
Why haven't you told him that
the divorce papers were signed?
Been signed.
Is there something I should know about?
- Are you having second thoughts?
- What? No. Gosh, no.
I just I wanted to
make sure you were okay first.
- I got to go talk to him.
- Good morning.
Ames I didn't meant to upset you.
No. I'm not upset.
I mean, I am. But not at you.
I'll talk to you later, Collier.
Wait, you're Collier.
Amy where are you going?
To the HOJ. To rip Mark's head off.
- Meet me there.
- Okay.
Oh, my god. Wow.
Yes!! I passed the bar.
Ah, passed the bar.
Oh, my god, yes!
Okay, I think we're good.
I don't know, Mr. Callan.
If I were you I'd take this
to a Grand Jury and seek an indictment.
What are you talking about Baby Biswas?
We have the evidence
seized from Page's house
and Maddy's testimony.
Our case is rock solid.
Better be, or Feds are going
to be all over this office
if it isn't, that's for damn sure.
- DA Lewis, bravo.
- Speak of the devil.
AUSA Hamid. It's been awhile.
Well, I came personally to
give you to give you the chance
to do the judicious thing
and turn over Brandon Page.
If Mr. Callan feels like he has
a solid case against Mr. Page,
I have the upmost confidence
he'll get a conviction, so
There's our star witness now.
Maddy Hernandez.
- Her lawyer, Ms. Lopez.
- A 14 year old.
Maddy, I'm AUSA Zoya Hamid.
I don't know if Mr. Callan
or Ms. Lopez informed you,
but if you testified
for the federal government,
we'd be able to put you into
protective custody
- right along side your sister.
- For how long?
Right. Maddy, while Ms. Hamid's
proposal may seem enticing,
you have no idea how much time
you would have to spend
- in protective custody.
- I'm okay with that.
- I'd be with my sister.
- Um-Maddy,
are you willing to give up
your ice skating career?
In testifying for the state,
you're able to continue
visitations with your siter,
have the freedom to keep skating,
all while being in protective custody.
Gloria sacrificed so that
you would have opportunities.
Are you sure you're ready
to throw all of that away?
You are good at playing
hardball, Ms. Lopez.
Maddy, I'm around
if you change your mind.
Maddy, I promise you
not only are we going to lock up
Brandon Page, but you'll
be able to be with your sister
without the burden
of a protective detail, okay?
Teddy, will you escort Miss Hernandez
and Ms. Lopez to the witness room?
- I'll meet you down there too.
- Yes, sir. Right this way.
Really, Callan?
Meeting Collier behind my back.
Wait. You've had signed
divorce papers this whole time
and haven't submitted them
and I'm the bad guy?
Let's just go ahead
and unravel that gut punch.
Okay, I'm sorry. But I have my reasons.
What reason would you possibly have
for not wanting
to start our life together?
Or is that it?
This, whatever this is.
This is just,
it's no longer working for you.
- You are so way off base.
- Then what is it?
This whole time I thought
Collier was the hold out.
And it's you.
Wait. Wait, where are you going?
We are not done here.
I have a big prelim in 802.
We can cage fight this out later.
Newly minted attorney coming through.
Good morning, deputy Scott.
- I passed the bar.
- Well, good morning.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Oh shoot, hold please. Hey.
Asshole. I don't have time for this.
Oh, come on.
You know what?
It ain't gonna ruin my day.
Okay. Oh!
Mr. Callan, are the people ready?
- Yes, your Honor.
- Is the defense ready?
Your Honor, I filed a motion
to quash and traverse
the search warrant in this matter.
I'd like that motion to be heard
before the preliminary hearing.
Did the people receive
a copy of the motion?
Ah. I think so, your Honor.
Ill hear from you, Mr. Armstrong.
I am moving to suppress
each and every item
that was seized when the search warrant
was executed at Mr. Page's residence.
The warrant contains a fatal
flaw, therefore the search
was illegal and the items
were seized illegally.
The name in the search warrant
that lead to the search is
- What?
- Exactly.
- Mr. Callan?
- You Honor,
the name on the search warrant
is Gloria Hernandez.
Not her sister Maddy Hernandez.
Your Honor, I can fix this.
No, you cannot, Mr. Callan.
Given the error in the search warrant,
I have no choice but to grant
the motion to quash.
Are the people able
to proceed without those items?
- Yes, your Honor.
- Thank you, your Honor.
The people can still prove this case.
But I'm requesting a continuance
to prepare for the preliminary hearing
- in light of the court's ruling.
- The defense objects.
Mr. Armstrong,
I would like to have a word
with you in my chambers.
Seriously? Yeah.
Thanks for letting
the elevator shut in my face.
Are you fucking kidding me?
The wrong name on the warrant,
are you kidding me?
Now, all the physical evidence
that was seized gets suppressed.
I know, sir. It was a really,
really bad mistake.
Are you working overtime to make
this office look like a joke?
Give me one reason
why I shouldn't send this
already screwed up
case directly to the Feds?
- Sir
- AUSA Hamid
just texted offering
to send over US marshals
to take Brandon Page
into federal custody.
Tell me why I am not
saying yes and thank you.
Sir, Andre Armstrong
is a former Federal prosecutor
and an expert on federal procedure.
He could delay this trial for years.
We can put Brandon Page away right now.
I can win this
with the evidence we have.
We have a solid witness in Maddy.
That is hardly reassuring.
Did you
I'm only 60% convinced
she's even going to testify.
You need to fix this, now.
I am exceedingly, profoundly
sorry for my unforgivable error,
and I am ready to tender my immediate
You do not get the easy way out.
Brandon Page's TikBait post?
TikBait is how Brandon Page
communicates with his followers.
I think he's coordinating
the smash and grab attacks.
- Figure out how he's doing it.
- Wow.
So, you think
there is a secret embedded code.
That is so cool.
If we can connect Page to the robberies,
then we can submit
his evidence against him.
On the honor of the Biswas' family,
and even the shady ones in Minnesota,
I will untangle this gordian knot.
Get out, and do not come back
until you figured it out.
I will not fail you again, boss.
I'm not your boss.
I am not gonna
I need you to stop taking over
cases slated for my courtroom.
How else am I supposed to make
a name for myself in this town?
I don't know. But you need
to do it away from here.
I'm just somebody trying
to do my job as a
prominent partner of a national firm
by bringing in the high end
clients like Brandon Page,
to grow my Los Angeles office.
I was unaware Audubon & Quinn
was now your firm.
We're in discussions.
But the real question, my dear, is
why is my being in
your courtroom a problem?
Because I was under the impression
you were a happily married woman.
- I most certainly am.
- Okay.
Then there's nothing else to talk about.
- What is the matter with you?
- Woah, it's all good, yo.
You've been Brandoned, and I'm buying you
- a brand new iPhone 13.
- Ugh, this is so fake.
How does this guy
have 30 million followers?
My generation is not very discerning.
Thanks again for helping me out.
Mmm, please. My job is beyond intense.
This is a welcome break.
And how many of these West Coast
mogul posts did he do?
Yeah, baby, I just landed
on Sunset Boulevard.
And I am buying.
Wait. Sunset?
When did he post his?
Um, June 15th.
Isn't that the same day
Fred "Seg-all" was ransacked?
Segal. I don't see
anything about Melrose.
That's because Fred "Seg-all"
is now on Sunset Boulevard.
When did he post the one
where he bought Rodeo Drive?
Um, June 23rd.
The date of the attack on Gucci.
Do you think his dice roll determines
the locations he attacks?
He bought the Grove on July 7th.
Same day Nordstrom's
at the Grove was attacked.
I think we might have cracked the code.
We just need a tech
expert to corroborate.
- Let's take this to Mark.
- Yes. Okay.
The Feds aren't going
to let this go, Callan.
And why should they,
given the incompetence
that this office has been showing.
Now I've got the mayor blowing me up
because the United States
attorney is blowing him up.
- I mean this is becoming
- Callan.
Ms. Lopez.
This case needs to be dismissed.
We all know that without
the evidence found at the house,
everything falls on Maddy's testimony.
The jury will find her compelling.
I know a thing
or two about Juries, Callan.
And generally,
they don't put much weight
on testimony of a teenager.
You know this.
Do not do this to her.
She's scared out of her mind.
We will protect her.
My apologies for not finding
that exactly comforting.
Okay, one of your witnesses
was murdered two years ago.
I'm sorry, but it is the truth.
Everything has changed now.
I don't need a promise.
I need I need assurances.
Ms. Lopez, you have my word
we will protect your client
with every resource of this office.
What does that mean?
What exactly are you saying?
A full security detail outside
the witness room at trial.
Which will also protect
Miss Hernandez outside
of HOJ and continue until
the conclusion of the trial.
And then we can call
the sheriff to discuss
the specifics of your
client's protection needs.
That sounds like an assurance.
Thank you.
I will take this back to my client.
Please tell me you have something.
Keep the change.
This is Ness, leave a message.
Ness, it's Amy again.
We were supposed to meet
at the Gavel and Go.
Where are you?
Meet me on the first floor.
- Which floor?
- First, thanks.
Your Honor,
the defense is ready to proceed
with preliminary hearing
and object to any continuance.
I would also like
to be heard regarding bail.
Your honor, a 1275 hold
was placed on the defendant
at arraignment.
So, the defendant cannot
bail out, unless the court
conducts a hearing that
the money to be used for bail
was not generated by
the commission of a felony.
Mr. Armstrong?
I request that the hold be lifted.
Mr. Callan is correct.
You need to file a formal motion
if you would like request the
hold on your client be lifted.
Wait, what just happened?
Minor bump, don't worry.
- And don't talk.
- You work for me, bro.
You Honor, I really
don't think it's a good idea
to keep me in jail.
Why is it not a good idea,
Mr. Armstrong?
Your Honor, he didn't mean to
Let's just say that the Brandon Nation
is very loyal and protective.
And I don't know how they will react
to your uncool treatment of me.
I do not take kindly to threats,
Mr. Page.
Council if I hear
your client speak again
in such a manner, he will
be removed from my courtroom.
And the preliminary hearing
will occur in his absence.
- Are we clear?
- Yes, your Honor. Crystal.
People, I'm denying your request
for a continuance
you announced already.
Please call your first witness.
- Have a nice day.
- You too.
Ms. Byrd, you're a social media expert.
How do you think Brandon Page
was able to communicate
to his followers using a board game?
The roll of the dice
was the designated time.
The neighborhood he landed on
indicated the location for the hit.
Thank you. No further questions.
Mr. Armstrong. Your witness.
Miss Bird,
isn't this simply Shakespeare?
Objection, Your Honor. Relevance?
Sustained. Mr. Armstrong,
is there a question,
or are you simply grandstanding?
I'm making a point, Your Honor.
Everyone that reads Hamlet
has a different interpretation.
Rephrase the question, Mr. Armstrong.
Miss Byrd, how did you
come to this conclusion?
By reviewing Brandon Page's
TikBait videos.
And in any of these videos,
did my client ever mention
the words smash, rob or steal?
- No.
- How about destroy,
loot, break in, hold up, pilfer?
- No.
- Then isn't this merely
your misinterpretation of my
client playing an innocent game?
- No, sir.
- No further questions.
- People, any redirect?
- Yes, Your Honor.
Miss Byrd, why do you believe
that Brandon Page was sending
these videos to his followers?
Because every video he recorded
mentioned the place
that was later hit
by the smash-and-grab mob.
Exhibit 1, previously marked People's 2.
What conclusions were you able to make?
On January 8th at 6:00 p.m.,
Bespoke men store on Melrose Avenue
was hit by a group of 60 teens.
Three hours before that hit,
Brandon Page recorded this message.
Yeah. All right. Number
six in Melrose Avenue.
One LA's Best. Your challenge?
Discovering for yourself. We need a reason?
Two words, hot chick.
As in pizza at Lucifer's.
You need clothes? Be crushed on bespoke.
You wanna hang with celebs, go to Craigs.
Need I say more? I think not.
Get out there, Tribe. Make me proud.
"“Be crushed on bespoke."”
This past year has seen 11
smash-and-grab robberies.
Over $400,000 in stolen merchandise.
And for every robbery,
there is a TiKBait video
from Mr. Page that coincides
with the exact location
of the robbery,
as well as him mentioning
the store that was later robbed.
Thank you. No further questions.
It's all fiction, man.
The powers are twisting my words, Tribe.
Making up stories.
Trying to use an innocent.
Someone I trusted and let into my home
I thought was family. Can't. Won't happen.
Judas must not betray.
Justice will prevail.
- I gotta get out of here.
- What? Why?
Honey, he's just talking, honey.
It's just a video. He can't get to you.
Can you hear him? He just threatened me.
You know? Look.
Hi. You see, we're protected.
We're all good.
And Brandon Page is in custody.
He can't do anything.
It's not him I'm worried about.
It's Leo. He's coming for me,
- and I know it.
- Maddy It's gonna be okay.
Okay? It's going to be okay. I promise.
I can't believe Mark wouldn't
allow me to sit second chair?
Look, we broke the code and got
Mark the evidence he needed.
- He'll be fine.
- Oh, you're right.
We basically saved the day.
I should have figured
everything out sooner.
God, Teddy!
- You think Mark will forgive me?
- No, Teddy.
I don't think Mark
will ever forgive you.
I don't like when you joke about that.
Oh, dang.
Another video TikBait just posted.
Who's posting? Brandon's in custody?
- Leo Sikes.
- Our boy Brandon is in trouble.
He's being set up. All lies.
We gotta make this go
away. Time to fight like hell.
- He's telling them to attack.
- What? That's ridiculous.
"Time to fight like hell."
What else could he mean?
Look, we're in a courthouse.
There are deputies everywhere.
- It would be suicide.
- I gotta warn Mark.
Mark Callen, please leave a message.
Damnit! Voicemail. I'll do it in person.
What? Teddy.
You forgot your badge.
Put your bag down.
Step over here, man.
- Stop.
- Now, now, now.
No crowding! Stop.
You must stop!
I think Mark should
be calling any minute.
After you testify,
the deputies will get you
out of here and into
a temporary safe house.
How long before I can see my sister?
I don't know exactly,
but the D.A. promised
to work something out with the feds.
What happens if I don't testify?
Your testimony
can put Brandon Page away.
And if not, he's gonna keep doing this,
and more people could get hurt.
I know too much.
I know about the robberies,
the TikBait code.
What was that?
I don't know.
Lock this door. Don't let anyone in.
What's going on? What's going on?
- Uh, Luke, what's happening?
- We're on lockdown.
The building's being overrun
by a bunch of teens.
- It's Sykes. I told you.
- No. You don't know that.
- Is she referring to Leo Sykes?
- Yeah.
She thinks that he's coming for her.
- What should I do?
- I'm on my way.
Stop. You can't go that way.
Go back to your offices and stay there.
No, no. We gotta get to courtroom 802.
The person responsible
for all this is in there.
Hey, get off of there.
Oh, my God. Ness? Oh, my God.
Oh, God. Ness, can you hear me?
- Ness!
- Amy I passed the bar.
Oh, my God. Okay. Okay.
Um, I'm going to get you help, okay?
Just just stay with me, Ness, okay?
Okay! Oh, my God.
Mr. Callen, are you ready
to call your next witness?
I am, Your Honor.
The People would like to call
Maddy Hernandez to the stand.
We're on lockdown. Get
everyone to safety, now.
Your Honor, I need
to get you to your chambers.
- Why? What's happening?
- No time. Please your Honor.
- In your chambers, please.
- What about everyone else?
You get in the gallery.
Mr. Callen. Mr. Armstrong, this way.
Which part of the DA's office
not being able
to handle this case
didn't they understand?
- Federal agents.
- Glad you're here to assist.
If by assist you mean
resolve a situation
that could have been
prevented, then, yes.
Who's responsible for this little party?
Not sure. A gang of teenagers
rushed the entrance,
tossing smoke bombs,
causing an uproar.
Any of the suspects armed?
We're still sorting it out,
but deputies are taking the necessary
precautions not to cause
a teenage bloodbath in there.
Sheriff Diaz,
my wife is a judge in there.
What's your plan?
Requesting confirmation.
How many bleeding and wounded victims?
Please confirm. Over.
Thank you.
I can't believe this is happening,
but I shouldn't be surprised.
Every time you are in
my courtroom chaos ensues.
But that's who you are.
It is who you have always been.
Always putting your own selfish
ambition above everything else.
Why don't you just
say how you really feel,
Lola Carmichael?
Don'’t '‘Lola Carmichael'’ me!
You are not the man I knew 20 years ago.
Because that man
that I knew had integrity.
Oh, you'’re right about that.
I'm not the same man you knew
because the man I am now would
never let you out of his life.
You don't get to rewrite history.
Not today.
I just didn't know if I would
be enough for you back then.
How could you even say that?
- I was the one who tried to make it work.
- Think about it.
If I had been enough for you,
you wouldn't have left
me in the first place.
You ended it! You did!
You decided that your
path was the only path
That was you.
And you never looked back.
Do you even
understand how much you hurt me?
I loved you and that
should have been enough.
I loved you, too.
Damn! You're right. Uh, you're right.
I'm sorry.
And I will forever regret that.
Well, it'’s 20 years too late for that.
Come on! Is it?
Because not even you can
deny what's been happening.
Just checking in
on you Judge Carmichael.
Hurry up. Move.
Get out, go.
Okay, that should
slow the bleeding, okay?
What's taking so long?
Hey, you passed
the bar, and and I plan
on putting a shit ton
of cases on your desk, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Are you sure we're all safe in here?
Mob seemed pretty angry about something.
Everything's going to be okay.
The authorities have
everything under control, okay?
It really shouldn't
be much longer before
Hey, where are you?
- Are you safe?
- I'm fine.
But, Ness, I think she was stabbed.
It's really bad.
I found her in the stairwell,
she's losing a lot of blood.
Amy, tell me where you are.
Down the stairwell.
I think between
seventh and eighth floor.
Okay, I'm heading over.
No one leaves this area. Back.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
What the
You'’ve reached
Robin Taylor, please leave
You'’ve reached Robyn Taylor
Lo, why don't you take a breath,
put away the phone
and work on keeping calm?
I can't just continue
to sit here and do nothing.
How about I poke my head
in on some of the other judges.
Stay in the chambers,
lock the deadbolts.
You heard the man.
I'm just checking
in on the other judges.
This is a very bad idea, Teddy.
I'm a knight! I'm a knight of the court!
May my sword be heavy
and my shield raised high
What are you saying?
Whenever I get scared,
I recite knights honor code
from Dungeons and Warlocks.
Lets me channel my bravery
then I become less fearful.
Okay, well, that is so great.
But can you recite
on your way back to the
Sara! Sara! Sara!
Hey, Maddy.
We are in the safest
part of the HOJ, okay?
And we've got two armed sheriff deputies
right outside that door.
We're going to be out
of here in no time, okay?
Yeah. Okay.
You can open up, we're
going to get you to safety.
- Hello Maddy.
- No, no, no.
- Maddy, let's go.
- No, no, no, no.
- Now.
- Wait, please, please!
Drop the gun now! Sykes, drop the gun.
Drop the gun now Sykes.
I said drop the gun!
Don't move.
Stay down.
Oh, my God!
Oh, God.
Stop, stop. It'’s all right baby.
You wrote defamation for the claim.
What did you write
for potential damages?
Come on, that'’s essay question two.
Don't leave me hanging.
Ness Okay.
In all standard defamation cases
the potential for damages start
Oh, thank God.
Please help me get her up.
Slow down. Are you okay?
I'm fine, but she
needs medical attention.
Should we be moving her?
She was just talking a second
ago but then she stopped.
- Mark, we have to help her.
- Okay.
All right.
I can give you our
exact location in the building.
Em, I'm good. It's just a flesh wound.
No, it's a through and through, Luke.
You need to go to the hospital.
Stay down.
Don't fucking move.
Maddy, you're doing great. Okay?
Ma'am, can you
tell us where you are located?
Yes. Uh, witness room eight.
Left wing, just past the stairway,
third door on the right.
Thank you. They're on their way.
Okay. Thank you. Please hurry.
Go! Here come the cops, run!
Freeze! Put your hands up.
Up against the wall.
You, up against the wall!
- Just stay behind me.
- Like hell.
All clear Your Honor.
Everyone all right here?
Any injuries?
All good here, bailiff.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Oh!
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Oh, thank God.
Thank you. Thank you.
I got it, baby. I got it.
I got it, okay? It's over.
You did so good.
You were so brave. It's over.
Mr. Sykes, we have been looking for you.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
- Mm.
- Okay?
Thank you.
Listen, Luke, you're
going to go to the hospital.
I will be there every step of the way.
- Okay?
- Em.
Don'’t worry about me. I'm fine.
I am fine.
I love you, Em.
I love you, too Watkins.
You'’ll be fine, okay?
It's all right. They're getting
her to the hospital now.
- I'm gonna go with her.
- All right. I'll meet you there.
- Okay.
- Amy, I love you.
I love you.
Hey. Have you seen
Lola? Uh, she should be in her chambers.
All right. Thank you. Thank you.
I'm going to find my wife.
Man! I knew you were an idiot,
but trying to bust out
of the courthouse and going
after our star witness,
that'’s a whole new level of stupid.
Look, I'm just as surprised as you are,
Mr. Callan, it really makes a guy
lose faith in the system,
if I'm being honest.
- That's being honest?
- Yeah.
Lucky for me, I've got a good lawyer.
Thousand dollar suits get you
country club deals, am I right?
Unfortunately, you're probably right.
You played a good game.
Try not to beat yourself up.
That's why we're not
trying you in the state courts.
I'm gonna hand you over to my
new friends
in the federal department.
You've got nothing on me.
You think empty
threats are gonna make me talk?
It's amazing how motivated
people are to talk
when they've got a bullet
lodged in their shoulder.
You attacked a courthouse, Brandon.
That'll land you in a federal supermax
where you can spend the rest of
your natural life in
solitary confinement. That's
That's if you're lucky.
You got outplayed, buddy.
Try not to beat yourself up.
Is someone Please help!
I I told him we had to wait here,
but he he insisted on finding you
No, no, no.
And and I lost him in this crowd.
Hey. Hey. Teddy?
Thank you, Moses.
Um, can you just stay with her, please?
And I'll be there soon.
You've reached Robin
Taylor, please leave a message
You can let the stapler go now, Lo.
I'm okay.
You can go now.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, really.
You don't have to be fine. Okay?
Not all the time.
Not right now.
Just let me be strong for you, okay?
I've got you, Lo.
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