All Rise (2019) s03e11 Episode Script

Unwanted Guest

WOMAN: Previously on All Rise
How did it go with your parents?
I didn't get to s Well,
I wasn't allowed to see them.
Collier. You look great.
Why haven't you told them
that the divorce papers were signed?
I wanted to make sure
you were okay first.
Our boy Brandon's in trouble.
He's being set up.
- You gotta make this go away.
- Your Honor,
I need to get you to your chambers.
- Why? What's happening?
- No time.
I said drop the gun. Now!
I will be there
every stop of the way, okay?
- I love you, Em.
- I love you, too.
I told him he had to wait in here,
but he insisted on finding you. And
- No, no, no, no.
- I lost him in the crowd.
I've got you, Lola.
Oh my god, Ness.
Can you hear me?
Just stay with me. Okay?
La la la la la la la ♪
La la la la la la la la la ♪
I took one look at you ♪
That's all I had to do ♪
And then my heart stood still ♪
Thank you.
My feet could step and walk ♪
My lips could move and talk ♪
And yet my heart stood still ♪
I never lived
at all until the thrill ♪
Of that moment
when my heart stood still ♪
I have a joke for you.
A defense attorney tells her client,
"I've got good news, and bad news".
The client says, "What's the bad news?"
The lawyer says, "The bad news
is they found your blood
and fingerprints
all over the crime scene".
"What's the good news?"
"Your cholesterol is 140".
You're a tough crowd, Miss Johnson.
Hurry up and get outta here
so we can hang out more, okay?
Ness's parents went back
to the hotel to get some rest.
They should be back in a few hours.
If she comes out of this
When she gets out of this,
I hope she's still fearless.
Yeah, and hangs onto that idealism.
All right, I gotta get to work.
Geez, they're going crazy out there
over your Native American Land Use case.
Conservative pundits
are on this thing 24/7,
so Bravo put a senior DDA
on a simple vandalism case.
Simple, yes, but how do you feel about
gettin' back in that court room?
Well, work helps me take my mind off
of the Teddy and Ness of it all.
I just came from her and she's the same.
Please, any good news?
Uh, well, I got another crack
at beating Luke in 802 today, so.
Um, Mark.
Are you kidding me?
- Oh, gross.
- What? Have you not fallen
victim to the HOJ's pigeon problem, yet?
Oh. Pro-tip, my friend.
Carry an umbrella. Mm-hmm.
Would you mind helping
me pack up Teddy's desk?
Sure. I miss his endless
explanations already.
LOLA: After two weeks,
it's the first day back
for many of us.
Nothing I say or do
will erase the violence
that we experienced, but we're
doing everything that we can
to ensure that something
like this never happens again.
Extra security, and
extended trauma counseling.
I am petitioning to keep
both of those in place.
We are a family. We have
to take care of each other.
And, if you have any suggestions,
don't hesitate to speak out.
Um, I have one. Can we all get raises?
I really wish I could make that happen.
Look, if we can find humor in
all of this, then we can heal.
It will just take some time.
The only silver lining
is that we now have
a deeper understanding
of the suffering that comes
with being the victims of violent crime.
And it is my hope that we will use this
to become more caring
and dedicated
to our very important work.
I'm not gonna lie to you Miss Carmona,
this is a tough case.
Prosecution will say that
this is a felony vandalism.
Cut and dry.
They've got dozens of eye
witnesses and video footage
of you bulldozing through
a university building.
It doesn't matter what anyone saw.
This isn't about that.
Well, the only things
that we can lean on are
the extraordinary
circumstances under which
you committed the act,
but I can't guarantee
that the judge will admit
that background
on a vandalism case.
Look, they're here.
Creator, in the name of our ancestors,
please give Mr. Luke Watkins
the strength and wisdom he needs
to fight for justice for me and
the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe.
Please give him words
that will help the jurors look
into their hearts to find understanding.
And please, heal his wounds.
BAILIFF: All rise!
You may be seated.
On the record, People v. Moir Carmona.
- It means "moon".
- Miss Carmona,
please don't speak out in court.
Mr. Watkins, your motion?
Your Honor, Miss Carmona
allegedly borrowed
construction equipment that ended up
through the wall
of an unoccupied build site.
Thank God it was unoccupied.
I am moving to admit
the historical context
on which my client, a member
of the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe,
was acting. Otherwise,
she won't receive a fair trial.
The defendant plowed
through the university's
nearly complete science center
causing extensive damage.
- It is that simple.
- It is not that simple.
The building is on sacred Tongva land.
Land that my client
has been fighting tooth
and nail to protect
since its planning stages.
Your Honor, any probative value
of admitting the sites
history is outweighed
by the prejudice
it would cause in the jury.
It is immaterial to the case.
Allowing it is essentially
setting up a trial
within a trial over what
is a land rights issue.
This is a claim of right issue,
Your Honor.
Oh, come on. It's not like the
defendant's laptop was stolen.
and she stole it back.
This is not a theft
related case, Your Honor.
Mr. Watkins?
It's worse. The defendant's people
have worshipped there
for thousands of years.
A sacred site was stolen.
And, if someone walked
into your backyard
and built a shed, you have
the right to knock it down.
You can't vandalize
something on your own property.
Hey, Mr. Callan.
I'm so sorry Your Honor, but the screws
in my ribs set off security.
But, I sorted it all out,
don't you worry.
Are you sure you should be here?
Yeah. I'm okay.
LOLA: Very well, then.
Why don't we let you get
settled before we resume.
And, I am very happy to see
you're okay Mister Biswas.
- Thank you.
- What are you doin' here?
You made me second chair
on this case three weeks ago.
Other than the hardware in my ribs
and some antibiotics, I'm doing great.
Your mom told me you quit.
She said the job was too dangerous.
My mom no longer has final say
over my life.
That includes forbidding
tattoos and piercings.
LOLA: Okay, let's resume.
I have given both council's
arguments consideration.
Since the Gabrielino-Tongva
Tribe has long claimed rights
to the land on which
San Vicente University sits,
the court will allow the jury to hear
the property's history
and let them determine
its relevance to the alleged offense.
The defense motion is granted.
I'm paying 60 grand a frickin' year
at San Vicente University
just to have my research,
which will save humanity, derailed.
'Kay, which Indian's
gonna pay me back
MAN: Hey!
STUDENT: Which Indian is gonna
pay me back for that, huh? Huh?
I'll never get
into med-school now. You pricks.
Order. Order.
Outbursts like that will not
be tolerated in this courtroom.
Court is in recess.

LISA: Oh hey! Carmichael.
I've been in the minority on two cases
that the court repealed
this month, so it's nice
to be out for a little mocha Monday.
Well, the nice won't
last too long. Take that.
Everything all right, Carmichael?
I've I've been a little
on edge about a lot of things,
but mostly I'm just concerned about
everyone else working
at this courthouse.
How is Ness?
Wise words this morning,
Judge Carmichael.
And I am with the extra
security and trauma counseling.
Our people need
to process their feelings.
How was that Native American
land case I've been
reading so much about?
Complicated. When it came to seizing
the Native American's land,
there was no due process
and the defense is arguing that it's key
to determining if this was vandalism.
Well, the constitution
does forbid depriving
any person of life, liberty, or property
without due process of law.
So, one could argue allowing
history is necessary in this case.
Judge Carmichael, the Native Americans
had no concept of land ownership.
So, if someone doesn't know
their rights,
it's okay to violate them?
Your trial could spur
on protests against
one hundred years
of settled LA property law.
My only job is to give
this defendant a fair trial.
Then, you should welcome the tribe
when they come for your house
in Baldwin Hills.

Now, how does he know where I live?
- Emily.
- Hi.
Hi. We never had the chance to talk.
How are you holding
up after everything?
I'm good. I wasn't the one
who was injured, you know?
It was Luke. He's the recovery champ.
He is. But, our whole
department could use help.
How do you feel about doing some
work for the PD's office again?
- Wow, Carol, uh
- Walk with me.
I've got a hundred dollar bet
with Jerome
from security to get
in 10,000 steps a day
and I've only got 423.
Okay. Great.
[PANTING] Just a few more steps to go.
So, do we have a deal?
Look, if it is just temporary
and part-time, then okay, okay.
You know, free council initiative
doesn't have room for me yet, anyway.
Also, I lost the office
that I was using at Autobahn and Quinn's
to a lawyer who makes $800 an hour.
$800 an hour? Damn!
Emily, I'm gonna find a way for you
to bring holistic law
to the PD's office.
Well, you know Carol,
it's gonna take money.
It's gonna take real money.
Okay, can you get funding
from the board of supervisors?
If you help me.
Give me a desk away from Andy
and away from a vent,
'cause I'm not gonna freeze my
ass off in that office anymore.
And, and you got a deal.
Ah, I'm overjoyed.
And breathless. You'll
be working with Watkins.
That a problem?
- Mm-mm.
- Hey, Watkins. Join us.
Come on. Step lively.
Emily, your first assignment
will be as co-council
on Luke's Native American case.
Wait. What? Emily's back?
Uh, for a little while. Um
You sure it's a good idea
the two of us to be
Carol, can I speak to you for a sec?
I just won a murder trial,
I don't need co-council.
You'll check your egos at the door.
This case is unique,
the media's all over it
and the PD's office cannot
look outgunned
against Callan and the boy wonder.
All right. Well, this is
just for appearances.
Yes. So, smile. Emily,
meet your co-council.
- Almost 1,000.
Jerome, you are not
going to out-step me.
All right, everybody get to work.
This is our worst meeting place, yet.
I know how much you care about Ness.
Is Robin coming?
No. Speaking of Robin, there
is something I need to tell you.
I'm listening.
That day, we were all
just so happy to be alive,
I know I was,
and something unexpected happened.
I kinda kissed Andre.
The whole nightmare was over
and I was feeling emotional,
it was crazy.
- Does Robin
- No! No.
And it is just eating me up.
Yeah, Lola, it's been two weeks.
I know.
And I don't know if
I'm just feeling guilty or what,
but there's this weird
vibe between Robin and I.
Look, I'm gonna tell him, tonight.
I just, I don't even
know where to start.
Do what you'd tell me.
Start with the truth.
That's him.
RIOS: Are you family? I'm Dr. Rios.
I am.
- Would you mind stepping out?
- Yeah.
So, we're running tests
to see if Miss Johnson
still has internal bleeding.
We need to be prepared for the worst.
- Look at me, Dr. Rios.
- Yeah.
This is Vanessa Johnson,
but you can call her Ness.
And she just passed the bar.
She is funny, she is tenacious
and she is going to make
one hell of a lawyer
one day because she is a fighter.
And she is fighting
right now with everything
that she has, so I need
for you to do the same.

MARK: And, how long
did this sitting go on for?
A full month. The administration
was exceedingly patient
with this unprecedented disruption.
Including allowing
the protestors a steady stream
of pizza and cannabis deliveries.
President Mayfield, despite the leniency
the university showed, what happened?
Our now former student
disrespected herself
and this institution by causing
$250,000 worth of damage.
Thank you. No further questions.
Hey, um, San Vicente U has
been taken to court many times.
She knows her way
around the witness stand.
- You may want to
- Pardon me
for interrupting you two.
Cross examination.
I got this.
[CLEARS THROAT] President Mayfield,
is it true you open
every university meeting
and event with a land acknowledgement
thanking the Tongva
for the use of their land?
Land acknowledgments
are very common these days
as gestures of respect.
Like calling you sir doesn't
mean I'm your butler.
President Mayfield,
what do you think about
reparations for slavery?
Objection, Your Honor. Relevance.
Sustained. Please get
to your point, Mr. Watkins.
Would you agree that
seizure of personhood
and ancestral land are
both tragic and similar?
I'd like to answer this one.
Young man, you can strain to make
parallels with slavery, but
San Vicente's student body today
is 68% students of color.
The defendant's actions
deprived her classmates
of an education at a high-tech
facility vital to their success.
Makes you wonder if she
partook of more than pizza.

Mr. Sepulveda as an elder
and a medicine man
of the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe,
how did you help the university?
I offered a blessing
at a ground-breaking ceremony
for the new science center.
I also helped design
the Golden Eagle Monument.
In the time that you were affiliated
with the university, did you
ever voice any objections
over the construction on the property?
SEPULVEDA: No, the opposite.
I prayed to my ancestors
who dwell on that sacred ground
and they told me these men are
not the ones who stole our land,
but scholars who are to be welcomed.
The university has been
a respectful steward.
Young miss Carmona should not
have destroyed that building.
No further questions.
- Let me take the crossing.
- That's not the plan.
I can make that jury wanna
get out their own bulldozers.
You trust me?
or are you two consulting
the ruins over this one?
Mr. Sepulveda, you're
the founder and president
of the Tongva fund, which
offers blessings at universities
and commercial construction sites.
Things of that nature. Is that correct?
In fact, I counted 32 developers
who paid you approximately $200,000
in the last year alone.
And that's to, what?
Assuage the public's guilt
over stealing Native American lands
and giving developers good PR.
Objection, Your Honor.
Leading. What is this?
Sustained. Be careful, Miss Lopez.
The US Government has not recognized you
as a tribe, why is that?
Our 2,000 members can't
get along well enough to agree
on a meeting date to fight for it.
Wait. Wait.
So, you don't speak for
the entire Tongva tribe
any more than Miss Carmona does?
- Objection, Your Honor. Leading.
- I'm an elder. And I
Nothing further, Your Honor. Thank you.

MARK: This monument
really is impressive.
When you said you were taking me out,
this was not what I envisioned.
I got sandwiches from
your favorite sandwich shop.
Vinegar chips. Extra pickles.
- I pulled out all the stops.
- Yeah.
Mark, I got one piece
of good news. Collier.
His lupus is in remission.
Maybe for good.
So, I think I'm ready
to take a very long break
from being in touch with him,
and I'm submitting the divorce paperwork
first thing in the morning.
After all the insanity, I wanted
to give you some space, but
Let's set up our wedding registry.
Air fryer. I need to know
what the hype is about.
- Right?
- Damn.
- EMILY: Mm-hmm.
Whoever made these noodles,
I salute you.
And award you
the pad Thai medal of honor
because this place is yummy.
So good.
So, I wanted to um,
talk about something.
Me too.
I know we weren't supposed to talk about
the "L word" until
after I fully recovered.
Right. Because, you know,
if we talk about it,
then we might
we might, um
And you know, court would
be awkward tomorrow.
We could talk about it real quick
and then we can go back to it.
Well, that's tempting, um
- Oh.
Could you pass the spring rolls?
Oh. This is a problem. This is not good.
We're gonna have
to seriously debate over this
because, um, there's
there's one left.
I'll have it.
Oh, so you're just gonna take
the whole thing?
Not gonna share at all?
You did not just grab the spring roll
- It's mine!
- from me like that!
I will share.
I thought I was gonna lose you.

- I hope you're hungry, 'cause
- ROBIN: Shh.
Bailey's sleepin'.
Where are you goin'?
Bailey and I are gonna
head up early to my parents.
You can come down after your
trial on Friday like we planned.
I don't understand.
Bailey is the Tasmanian Devil
on the plane.
I saw you
and Andre,
the day of that HOJ breech,
in your chambers.
I ran up them stairs,
two stairs at a time,
afraid that you might be hurt.
To see that.
I've been tryin' to stand by you Lola.
After everything
you've been through, I
Robin, I am
I am so
I am sorry from from
the depths of my being.
I am sorry.
I was in shock.
I can't stop seeing it in my head.
I'm gonna take Bailey and [SIGHS]
Robin, can we just talk?
Can we, please? Can we just
talk about this, please?
- We're talking
- Robin. I
I love you.
Robin, I love you.
I need some time, Lola.
You know, what I do know
is that shock or no shock,
you don't grab the closest
person and lock lips with them.
C'mon. How long has that been goin' on?
No. No. Nothing. Nothing is going on.
[SHOUTING] Then why did
I have to bring it up to you?
Before you brought it to me?
You're right.
You're right, but please, just
do not leave, please.
Don't punish me
by taking my child, please.
I'm not taking your child.
Our child is going
to see her grandparents.
I'm not the bad guy here, Lola.
I'll get it.
I always do.
Again, we highly advise
against you testifying.
- We're in a good spot.
- But this is my story to tell.
Your defense centers around
the history of the land.
We have an expert.
All those old guys
flapping their lips on TV,
they're calling me a crazy radical.
But, if I could just
explain what happened
to my people, they'll
understand why I did it.
If you get on that stand,
you have to show remorse.
They tried to wipe us off the face
of the Earth and I should apologize?
Moon, think about your future.
I am fighting to get the university
to let you graduate.
We can win without your testimony,
but we could lose with it.
It's up to me though, right?
Okay, but it will get personal and ugly.
LUKE: How long have you been fighting
the building project, Miss Carmona?
Since freshman year.
I collected signatures, met
with university board members,
the city council.
No one would pay attention.
Then, what did you do?
I organized the sit-in.
I thought if we could
just educate the public
about our culture, they'd understand.
The site is sacred.
Place of creation.
And how did your sit-in go?
Hundreds of people came out.
Tribe members, professors, students.
We got national news coverage.
And then the university,
with their Tongva statue,
how did they respond to your protest?
They hired gardeners to stink us
out by spreading fertilizer.
Objection. Speculation. Move to strike.
They're allowed to seed the lawn.
Sustained and stricken.
And what happened when
the protesters dispersed?
I thought, "This is it.
You know, if I don't do something now,
my ancestral land will
be disrespected forever".
Miss Carmona, are you
sorry for the damage
that you did to that building?
You know, I grew up in LA.
Ran around the mall.
Snuck seconds on Costco samples
like any other kid.
But, other kids didn't
have to bike down the street
where their ancestors were dragged
screaming from their beds.
Or go to school where children
were murdered, women raped.
You know we learn in school
that in the 1700s,
Father Serra built a beautiful mission
right where the university is today.
But what they didn't teach us
was that it was built
by my enslaved ancestors.
And Father Serra carried a whip.
So, no.
No, I'm not sorry.
Okay. Well, that was something.
Order, everyone.
Request a recess now.
Request a recess now.
I still have more questions.
Uh, Your Honor, we'd like
to request a short recess.
The people still need
to cross examine the witness.
I understand the people want to address
Miss Carmona's testimony swiftly,
but the witness needs time
to collect herself.
Court is in recess for lunch until 1:30.
This is great.
Now the jury's gonna spend all of lunch
thinking the ancestors sent that pigeon.
You know what? Maybe they did.
- MARK: We're cutting a deal.
- Wait! What?
The jury is sympathetic
to the defendant.
How can you be sure of that?
When you've been doing
this as long as I have,
you know when a deck
is stacking against you.
You know my people, the other Indians,
endured a century of colonialism.
I'm sympathetic, too.
Misdemeanor with restitution,
we all go home.
We'll talk to our client.
Uh, is it too late to suggest
arm wrestling to settle this deal?
- Seriously, how you doing?
Hangin' in there. Thanks.
And Callan, I'd win.
- Sling and all.
- MARK: Yeah.
- So?
- It's totally within reason.
Do we take the deal?
I was just explaining that
the restitution will be high,
but we can get them to reduce
the amount significantly.
But, then I'd have to plead guilty.
Moon, you do not want
to be cross-examined
by DDA Callan, okay?
Or bow-tie boy for that matter.
Also, it is a good deal.
And, Moon, if you were
convicted of a felony,
your life will take a very bad turn.
No, no. What I did was right.
I could use a good smudging right now.
No deal.
Okay. Well, that was a good talk.
All right pal, you're up next.
Mark, I usually have to fight
you to question a key witness.
I just think that you should
Because we can't have
a white guy playing hardball
with a little Native American girl?
Teddy! You can call her out
on things that I can't.

Miss Carmona, your Tongva lineage
is on your father's side,
is that correct?
Yes, my great-grandfather was Tongva.
He lived near the Cahuenga Pass.
It's the 101 freeway now.
So, that would make you,
what, one eighth Tongva?
Yes, but you are trying
to make me sound non-native.
The missionaries forced
my people to assimilate.
Would you tell the jury which
tribal roles you're listed on?
Answer the question, Miss Carmona.
- None.
- I'm sorry, I couldn't hear
- I'm not on any tribal role.
- Let me get this straight,
you can't produce a single document
that proves you're Tongva.
Well, the US government uses records
from the Catholic mission
to determine our heritage.
When they put bounties on our heads
in the 1800s, people
hid their background.
I had a word with your estranged mother.
Is it true you weren't even
raised with Tongva traditions?
My father died when I was six.
I didn't know about
my heritage 'til high school,
but then I learned everything
that I could.
Did you organize a campus-wide protest
against plastic-wear your sophomore year
and a fight for gender neutral bathrooms
- as a junior?
- Yeah. So?
Did you ever think
you might be a cause junkie?
Objection. Argumentative. 352.
LOLA: Sustained and stricken.
Anything else, Mr. Biswas?
I think we've heard enough
from this witness.
Miss Carmona, you may step down.
Hey, call me whatever you want,
but you're nothing
but a white man's lackey.
Some of us don't have the privilege
of putting on a brown person's identity
whenever we feel like it, Leslie.
Oh I'm sorry, it's legally Moir now.
- Mr. Biswas.
- It's not cool now-a-days,
unless you're being prosecuted.
Mr. Biswas, that's enough.
Please, say nothing.

AMY: Hey, Callan. I thought
you'd still be in there.
It's in the jury's hands now.
Oh. It's Collier.
Two minutes. I'm so sorry.
Okay. Did you take your
medication this morning?
Okay, well try lying
down for a little bit.
Okay, um, I will stop by this weekend.
I gotta go.
Why do I feel like I'm living
in some tawdry French film?

Be right with you.
SHERRI'S MOM: Well, Look at you.

This is coffee these days, huh? Oh, boy.
A lot's changed since we moved
to the Linden community.
Mom, I'm so touched you're here
- Mom.
Why Mom? Mom!
Why are you here?
I brought your father
to a big city hospital
so they can help him.
Wait, he's there now?
What's wrong? Why didn't you call me?
Mom, I tried to visit several times.
They wouldn't let me in.
Honey, the assembly, they ruled
that it was a spiritual malady,
and uh, we consulted with Guru Young.
Who's been dead for 35 years.
Would you consult an old VHS?
And the only reason that I am here
is because your father's getting worse.
So, I broke him out.
Are they holding you against your will?
No, I used the wrong words.
I'm sorry I'm not as smart as you.
Honey. Honey, you loved
living at the Linden Community.
- No, I didn't.
- SHERRI'S MOM: Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
No, I didn't. That's why I left.
- You did.
- Mom, I haven't been there
since I was a kid
because it drives me crazy.
You had a ball. You didn't wear shoes.
Okay. It's all right
if you don't have Nikes
and frothy drinks, but Mom,
there's no medical care.
You know, things are just
They're just stricter now.
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
Foreperson, please hand the verdict form
to the bailiff.
- Your Honor.
- Thank you.
As to count one,
a violation of penal code
section 594, vandalism,
we the jury find
the defendant not guilty.

Thank you.
Congratulations, Moon.
I don't understand.
The law is crystal clear.
Juries disregard the evidence
and follow their own beliefs
more often than you'd like to think.
Makes my insides throb.
Do medicine men make house calls?
And so, I worked a little bit
of my holistic law magic
on Moon's suspension.
And, I got her the internship
that she wanted at the Bureau
of Indian Affairs in DC.
So she gets to graduate
and the school is thrilled
that she won't be setting foot
on campus again, so win-win.
Speaking of winning,
what do you think
about teaming up again?
I think it's not a bad idea.
Come here.
- Oh, so sorry.
- It's okay.
- You okay?
You wanna go celebrate,
and talk about the the thing
with an L?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's go talk about the thing.
With an L.
LUKE: With an L.

Here we are.
That was a steep hill.
Well, the doctor said that early stage
congestive heart failure is
very treatable with medication.
You'll be able to handle it in no time.
No. No more doctors.
I gotta get back to the community.
As a professor, it was theory,
but now, I am creating
the ideal society.
Dad! Please!
I will not die in a world
of trickledown economics,
and plastic thingies.
- Okay.
- Your father is just hungry.
Help yourself to the fridge.
- SHERRI'S DAD: Thank you.
- Yeah.
Where are you going?
- Mom. Where are you going?
- Shh.
His heart is going to boom
if he knows I'm going
back to the community
without him. So, shh.
No, no, no, no, no.
You cannot leave me here with him, okay?
I did not sign up for this.
Sherri. Sherri, the way you left.
You broke his heart.
So, you can fix it.
Sherri, where do you keep the kimchi?
Okay, I'm gonna say it.
Process your feelings.
It's the HOJ attack,
but also Robin and Bailey
are in Detroit and I'm going
home to an empty house.
Aw. When are you gonna join them?
I don't know if I am.
We're going to need a whole bottle.
Excuse me. Um, bottle
of the same. Thank you.
So, they acquitted
that Native American girl.
You steered that trial straight
into jury nullification
like a cruise ship
by allowing the history
of the university land.
I did no such thing.
Oh, gloves down.
Uh, wine's here.
Enjoy your Merlot.
LOLA: Pigeons got him.
Should we tell him?
BOTH: Nah!
Do you think my personal beliefs
influenced this case?
Judges can only rely
on their own sense of fairness.
It's inevitable that
our humanity comes into play.
- What?
- It's Ness.
I'll get the check.
You go.
Thank you.

DR. RIOS: Pads in place, Charging.
Pause CPR. Clear.
Okay, continue CPR.
You sidelined me like a tiger ♪
Close the curtain. Charging again.
Continue CPR.
I remember that taste
of chemicals kiss me darling ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Slow down.
Dead? What do you mean dead?
No, that's that's impossible.
Now I'm swaying alone ♪
I keep waiting for the call ♪
To see you fight, to see you fight ♪
But you're never gonna call ♪
I should have taken
Collier's call more seriously.
I could've checked on him sooner.
- He said he was better.
- AMY: I can't believe he's gone.
With everything that's
happened and now this?
I'll keep partying on my own [Ooh] ♪
Staying up late
so I don't go home [Ooh] ♪
I keep partying on my own [Ooh] ♪
Your cholesterol is 140.
Staying up late
so I don't go home [Ooh] ♪
That's right, Ness.
You're gonna be okay.
Staying up late so I don't go home ♪
I keep partying on my own ♪

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