All Rise (2019) s03e12 Episode Script

Guilt Is A Bully

LOLA: Previously on All Rise.
People of the state of California
versus Carl Brewer.
We, the jury, find the
defendant not guilty.
I saw you and Andre.
Can we just talk about this, please?
I need some time.
- Collier, you look great.
- Why haven't you told him
that the divorce papers were signed?
I wanted to make sure
you were okay first.
- What do you mean dead?
- I should have taken
Collier's call more seriously.
I could have checked on him sooner.

Saw your case on the news this morning.
- Hm?
- Is J-Lo really a witness?
She was in the restaurant
when the blue lobster got stolen,
so technically, yes, she could be.
The girl stole it is
getting all the love
on social media for her activism.
I'm going to go get in the shower.
Oh. Can I join you?
I have no time for round two.
That would be round three.
First time didn't count, Callan.
- So you got your hearing today?
- Yeah.
Look out, Maggie Palmer is the second
best lawyer at arguing motions.
- Who is the first?
- You.
Amy, what's going on?
I've never worked on an organ
trafficking case before.
It is overwhelming.
It's been two weeks since Collier died.
- Mark, I told you I'm fine.
- I know,
- but I'm just saying
- You know what I was thinking?
We should elope.
Amy, you've been putting off
planning our wedding for months,
and now suddenly you want to elope?
Well, I don't have time
to plan a wedding right now,
and I really want to be your wife.
What do you think?
- I think I want a wedding.
- You?
- Yeah.
- Really?
I want a dance party.
I want the drunk uncles.
I want all of our friends
bawling their eyes out
when we say I do.
I think I think we deserve that.
Wedding it is.
Maybe I do have time for round two.
I'll be right there.

MARK: Hey, Lola. Am I waking you up?
- Just walking into my chambers.
- MARK: This early?
With Robin and Bailey in Detroit,
home just doesn't feel like home.
Robin's still upset.
- Just be patient.
- I know.
LOLA: Why are you up so early?
I think I need your help
planning a wedding.
LOLA: Your wedding?
Are you sure Amy's ready?
MARK: She's the one pushing it.
She just asked me
she just asked me to elope.
And I think it's too soon.
I mean, she needs space
to grieve, right?
Everyone deals
with grief differently, Mark.
Just be there for her.
As far as the wedding,
maybe start with something simple.
How about cake?
MAGGIE: certain
for a judge to reconsider
some of the charges
against the defendant.
Gabriel Salas, this is Sara Castillo,
our victim's advocate,
and she'll be taking care of you.
- Gabriel. With pleasure.
- Sarah.
Mucho gusto. I can just
Here, take my seat.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Just please continue.
I'll just be catching up.
Mr. Salas, I want to
make sure that you
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Mr. Salas's kidney was
brutally taken from him,
and he just had another surgery.
- We have a hearing in an hour
- Sorry,
- what do you brutally taken?
- Stolen.
Miss Castillo, I thought
Callan briefed you.
How was How?
I woke up in downtown L.A.
in pain, not knowing where I was.
I saw that I had stitches on my abdomen,
called 911, took me to the hospital,
and that's where they
told me that I was
missing my kidney.
MAGGIE: Cops start an investigation.
They caught the traffickers
who took his kidney.
And I am prosecuting
the man who bought it.
Now, Mr. Salas, I want to make sure
that you understand
what's going to happen
And why did you have another surgery?
I eventually got an infection.
- Oh, God
- But it's okay.
I'm all good now. I'll
I'll recover. I'll recover.
Miss Castillo, one second.
- ♪

- Excuse me.
Miss Castillo, your job
is that of an advocate.
Not of a therapist.
Look, being empathetic is not a flaw.
In one hour, a judge will determine
whether some of the charges against
the defendant are dismissed.
It is my job to prepare
Mr. Salas for what is coming.
Bottom line, I have work to do.
Hey. This is my meeting too.
- Mr. Salas. I'm sorry.
- Yes. It's okay.
Let's discuss exactly
what's going to happen
once you walk into the courtroom.
Your Honor, I filed a 995 motion
to dismiss the mayhem
and residential burglary charges.
It is clear from the preliminary
hearing transcript
that my client did purchase the kidney.
But he had no idea
violence would be used.
He did not target the victim.
And he certainly didn't perform
the extraction of the organ.
I would also like to highlight that
the two traffickers were
arrested and charged.
They both confessed
to surgically removing
Gabriel Salas's kidney.
Ms. Quinn, you are aware
that whatever is going on
in another case is irrelevant?
Yes, Your Honor.
I would just like to add that my client
only had a few months left to live.
Mr. Davis never wished
harm on anyone else.
His intention was
to simply skip the extensive
transplant waiting list.
Whether the defendant
extracted the kidney
or solely purchased it doesn't
change the main issue at hand,
which is he contributed
to organ trafficking.
[SIGHS] Okay.
The motion is granted and the mayhem
and residential burglary
charges are dismissed.
However, the charge
for illegally acquiring
an organ in violation
of Penal Code Section 367F remains
and the trial will proceed
on that charge.

- LUKE: Hey, Em.
- Hey.
I was just about to go get my caffeine.
- Thank you.
- You sleep better last night?
I don't understand.
You're the one who got hurt.
So why am I the one having nightmares?
Because you had to be there for me.
It's okay to be releasing
the stress of life.
Luke, I need you
to join Emily as co-counsel
in the Blue Lobster case,
the defendant, Anna Connelly,
she was cut out of the family.
She can't afford a private attorney.
Carol, you know, um,
Luke is super crazy busy.
Also, the office
is overloaded with cases,
so I can just
I can take this one myself.
Luke has experienced
defending animal activists,
and you've proven to make a great team.

Take a look at the case file.
I'll just be I'll be
One sec. Hey, Carol.
Can I grab you for a sec?
- Hey!
- Hey.
You asked me to come back,
and all you're giving me
are death cases and co-counsel.
We're all still recovering from
what happened in the courthouse.
Oh, my God. I shouldn't have
told you about the nightmares.
- Look, I'm much better.
- I don't doubt it.
You're the strongest woman I know.
But in the meantime, it doesn't hurt
to be surrounded by those who love you.

Sherri, you want to grab
dinner tonight? My treat.
I am actually having dinner
with my father tonight.
- Right. I forgot your dad was here.
- Mm-hmm.
- How is he?
- I've been trying
to convince him to go to the doctor,
- but he refuses. So
- Good luck.
- Yeah, so no.
Robin hasn't texted since
I called Bailey last night.
He's probably busy.
I mean, families can be time consuming.
Believe me, I forgot that, too. [SIGHS]
Your Honor, I don't mean to presume,
but should you need a shoulder?
Thank you.
Actually, um
there is something.
- And you wanted to live?
- Of course.
Okay. Well, elaborate on that.
Tell the jury about your reason to live.
I want to see my children
graduate college.
I want to grow old with my wife.
We won't deny that you purchased
the kidney, Damon.
We will show your
motivation for doing so.
- When will I take the stand?
- Toward the end.
I want to close with you.
We will hit them
with science and facts first.
Your nephrologist will paint a picture
of how messed up
our health care system is.
And by the time you speak,
the jury will understand
what you had to do.
I feel terrible that
the kidney that saved my life
brutally taken from someone else.
You're lucky to be alive, Damon.
Not everyone gets that chance.
I plan to make sure that you walk free
so that you can live the life
that you fought for.
Thank you, Ms. Quinn.
- Yeah.
- ♪
I had no idea the lobster
was so expensive.
It was a stupid bet with some friends.
EMILY: It was a bet?
So you weren't trying to save its life
because the media
is calling you an activist.
I haven't even talked to the media.
I have never taken anything in my life.
The lobster was up for display.
It seemed harmless.
Okay, well, either way,
the restaurant is putting
a ridiculous price on it,
so we need to defend you
as if you stole diamonds.
Do you think any of your friends
would testify?
Oh, I'm not sure.
Well, we're also going to
need to see text messages
or whatever communication
you had with them.
I don't know if we texted about it.
I totally understand
that you want to protect
your friends, Anna, I get it.
But we have no case
if we have no witnesses
- to back up your story.
You know what? Why don't you
go grab some breakfast, Anna,
and we'll continue this
a little bit later, okay?
Okay. Thanks.

What's wrong?
- Hey.
So, another dead woman
found in the dumpster.
I take it you saw the news.
It can't be a coincidence, Tony.
Aha, that is the voice
of obsession I'm hearing, Callan.
Don't tell me you don't see it, too.
TONY: It's not about what I see.
So why don't you allow
the detectives to collect
more evidence before
you jump to any conclusion?
Well, there's not even a suspect yet.
- Delivery for Mark Callan.
- Oh, yeah.
- TONY: Whose birthday?
- I'm planning my wedding.
You do know you can get samples, right?
TONY: Oh, man.
Why don't you hire a wedding planner
like everybody else?
I don't want to hire a wedding planner
in case Amy decides to pull the brakes.
Look, just
Thank you.
That is not something you want to hear
from a groom to be.
Her ex-husband recently passed away
and she's dealing with it by
avoiding it completely.
Well, obsessing over Carl Brewer
isn't going to change that.
- Then what will?
- Your presence, Mark.
Just be the required presence for her.
Let her face it when she's ready.
You've got correspondents.
[LOLA CHUCKLING] Thank you, Sherri.
Did anything else
come with this postcard?
- No.
- Are you sure?
It doesn't have a sender.
Well, I guarantee you the only things
I ever put aside
are intense love letters
and potential anthrax.
You might be joking, but I know
that's not too far from the truth.
I'm worried it could be from
[BOTH] Andre.

Marky Mark, what are you doing tonight?
Okay, so when is your next
checkup with your doctor?
[GABRIEL SIGHS] Next week. Tuesday.
Oh. Um
How are you holding up?
I'm I'm worried about my daughter.
- You have a daughter?
- Yeah. Gina.
Here. Yeah, she's
- Oh, she's so cute.
- She's ten now.
Oh, gosh.
This trial must really
be affecting her, too.
It's not just that.
Gina's mom and
and her new boyfriend
they drink a lot.
Yeah, I'm fighting
for custody right now.
I'm just worried that
my ex is going to use
all of this against me.
Well, look,
I'm going to make sure that you continue
to receive ongoing medical attention.
There is therapy that's specifically
tailored to organ donors.
And, um, I could see about
getting some counseling for Gina, too.
- Really?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Thank you.
I mean, you're welcome.
That would be so good for Gina.
I really appreciate your time.
Thank you so much. Bye bye.
Hey. So I just spoke
with her old high school principal.
Apparently, she was in detention a lot.
How did it go with her parents?
Any luck?
You know, they didn't say much.
They said
"We gave Anna everything she needed.
Trips, cars, money",
but then they cut her off.
Did they say when they cut her off?
Erratic behavior,
but they didn't elaborate.
They said they tried to make it work,
but they couldn't turn it around.
- So they don't talk anymore.
- Okay.
There's a brother
we can talk to. I can try.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Dr. Barkley, could you please
explain, Mr. Davis's journey
- toward getting a transplant?
- Certainly.
Mr. Davis had six months left to live
due to end stage renal disease.
The wait list for a kidney
transplant was at 250.
MS. QUINN: And how many
transplants from that
waiting list are performed per month?
Two or three.
So, is it fair to say
that the waiting list
was longer than Mr. Davis's
life expectancy?
It could have ended in tragedy.
No further questions.
Cross examination.
Are you okay?
Could have ended in a tragedy.
What do you mean by that, Dr. Barkley?
I mean, Mr. Davis could have died.
You seem to be really affected by that.
Sounds to me, like, you agree
with organ trafficking
practices, do you?
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Sustained. Ms. Palmer
Seeing people die
is part of my job,
but that never gets easy.

Gabriel. Are you okay?
- I sold my kidney.
- You what?
I sold my kidney.
- But Okay.
I just got a small installment.
I was meeting with someone
downtown at a diner
to let them know that I changed my mind,
that I was no longer interested.
I ordered coffee, and
that's when I got drugged.
Why would you ever do that?
I was terrified of losing Gina.
Okay, I thought that I could
pay for a good lawyer
to fight for custody.
Gabriel, we have to tell Maggie.
Please, no. Let me be the one
to tell Ms. Palmer.
Thank you.

So does Gabriel have a job?
He does, but, you know,
constantly switching jobs
during the pandemic
just doesn't look good.
I mean, the family court
looks at him as someone
- who can't keep a job.
- Family court can be brutal.
Why did he lie?
Because if he was backing out,
then that could have been his argument.
Well, he was afraid
no one would believe him.
He would lose custody of Gina
if he went to prison.
What did Maggie say?
- I haven't told her.
- Sarah.
Gabriel asked me to wait.
I mean, it's his story to tell.
You're an angel.
You have a freaking heart of gold.
You do, but you're risking your job
for someone that you just met.
Emily, this man has been though hell.
This is Brady evidence, Sarah, okay?
You are legally obligated
to disclose this information.
You need to tell Maggie. Like now.
Okay. You're right.
I I will tell her.
MAGGIE: We've pushed back
far enough already.
Well, I don't think it's that bad.
- If we had
- Maggie.
- He's on interrim. Yeah
And I don't think we're going it.
The client was [INDISTINCT].
- Maggie.
- We got it
BAILIFF: All rise, Department 802
of the Superior Court
is back in session.
Be seated.
Do we have any housekeeping
before we bring in the jury?
Yes, Your Honor.
I would like to admit
some newly discovered evidence.
JUDGE: What is the evidence?
Gabriel Salas is no victim here.
His kidney wasn't taken.
He sold it voluntarily.
MAGGIE: What an interesting
and farfetched theory, Ms. Quinn.
The first instalment payment is proof.
- Hmm.
- ♪
- Oh, sake.
- And sushi.
How did you know I wanted sushi?
I don't know. Also, I thought
maybe we could keep
working for a few hours.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
I wasn't able to meet
with Anna's brother,
but he is coming by the office tomorrow.
What are you doing?
The moment that Carl Brewer walked free,
there was something in his eyes,
something that made me feel like
like I had been wrong
about him all along.
You think he was actually guilty?

And are those cold cases?
The same signature killing?
It's possible that this man
has been doing this for years.
You know what you're saying, right?
I am saying I put
a serial killer back out
on the street and now he's killed again.
You cannot feel guilty about this.
You did an incredible job.
The D.A. failed to prove their case
beyond a reasonable doubt.
This It's a coincidence.
And you know what?
Even if it isn't,
you are certainly not to blame.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- ♪
Okay. Let's eat.
Would you mind if I crash here tonight?
I'll take the couch.
You can take my bed.
Deal. I'm not going to argue with you.
Okay, private karaoke room.
Let's have it. What you got?
I love Robin, I do.
And I never, ever meant
for any of this to happen.
And now I'm worried that he's
just never going to forgive me.
This is the guilt talking.
- acted on impulse
- Yeah.
During a life-threatening event.
- And you acknowledge it.
- Yeah.
And Robin will forgive you.
But you've got to
forgive yourself first.
Now who sounds like Yoda?
Are you sure you really
want to get married?
Yeah, I do.
- Aw.
- I really do.
I want to have something different
than what Vic had.
You know, I want to build
the family that I never had.
So yeah.
Come on, man.
Are we going to karaoke or what?
You used to love me ♪
Roller coaster!
Of love ♪
Rollercoaster ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- LUKE: Emily, Emily, hey!
Hey, it's me.
It's this stupid thing fell on me.
[LAUGHING] It fell on my head.
I thought it was
a gigantic spider or something.
It scared the shit out of me.
Sorry about that.
It's okay. Oh, my God.
I was having
the most peaceful sleep.
Thank you so much for letting me crash.
Yeah, yeah ♪
I've been wondering
what's been going on ♪
What's our situation? ♪
I want to let go ♪
But it's so complicated ♪
Baby, all I'll say is ♪
What's the situation? ♪
Ooh what's the situation? ♪
Let me go let me go ♪
Let me know ♪
If you love me let me know ♪
Or let me go let me go ♪
Let me know ♪
What the hell?
Why is your address
on my arm?
Uh, because you insisted on
showing it to the Uber driver,
to make sure he knew
how to g get there.
- No, I
- [SQUEALS] No, I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.
- I have video as proof.
You better delete that right now.
No way, man. Bailey needs to see that.
She needs to see how her mama get down.
I will sue you.
Oh, bye.
Yeah, bye.
SARA: I know you're going
to say I told you so.
But I swear, I tried to tell her.
You should have seen her face
- when Amy dropped the bomb.
- EMILY: I feel for Maggie.
You know, she's probably
going crazy, re-strategizing.
Hey, Sara.
Oh, good morning, Luke.
Okay. Well, you're probably busy.
I'll let you go. Love you.
Call you later. Goodbye.
"Luke and I, we're just friends"
Hey, so, um
I was thinking a little bit.
- Mm-hmm?
And, um, I'm really used
to taking care of myself.
Like, that is what I do.
But maybe love
is being vulnerable and
And letting some someone else in.
Yeah. So what are you saying?
So, what I'm saying is, um
I'm saying
Luke, do you want to go steady with me?
- Yes.
- With me?
Do you know if Anna
was ever bullied in school?
Mmm. I wouldn't know.
Anna was always acting up.
Your parents called it
"erratic behavior".
[LAUGHING] Yeah, but I don't
I don't think they knew
what was going on.
They didn't know how to deal with it.
My parents were not the most
patient or attentive.
I was fine doing my own thing.
But Anna did a lot
to get their attention.
You mean like fighting
in school, cutting class?
Mostly stealing.
She would steal things a lot.
And that pissed off my parents.
We had plenty of money.
She only got in a fight once,
because she stole something
from another girl,
then refused to go to class,
because she was so embarrassed.
So, no, I don't think
this was due to bullying.
Anna was always a train wreck.
- MAN 1: So good.
Mmm. Gonna get some more.
WOMAN: Great cake, Mark.
Okay, I'm listening.
We are pushing for
mental health diversion
for our client.
Ms. Connelly is a kleptomaniac.
LUKE: We have gone through
all of her family,
medical and school history.
It seems like she's been
dealing with this disorder
- since high school.
- EMILY: Exactly.
She lies about stealing out of shame.
She doesn't understand why she does it.
Her family certainly
didn't understand it.
Look, you both know
that I can't do anything
without an official diagnosis.
We had her evaluated this morning.
We cannot punish her
for an untreated disorder.
She still committed the theft.
I'll think about it and
I'll get back to you.
What do you think about that body
turned up in South LA?
Coincidence. [CLEARS THROAT]
- You?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Coincidence.
- AMY: Fuck!
- What?
According to these documents
Nestor sent me,
Dr. Barkley had a malpractice
suit seven years ago
in which she lost all of her privileges.
When Maggie finds this,
she'll move to exclude
Barkley's testimony.
But So how is she doing so well?
She comes to court showing off Cartier,
but she also bought
a house in Laurel Canyon
only three years ago.
Do you know something about this?
When I knew I was running out of time
for a kidney transplant
and would most likely die
Dr. Barkley offered
to find a kidney for me.
I thought you said you purchased one
off the black market.
Dr. Barkley is the black market.
She has contacts that do
the dirty part of the job.
- She said it usually goes well.
- Usually?
So that's how she's making her money.
Trafficking organs.
I put a an organ trafficker
on the stand
and you said nothing.
I have been fighting
for you to walk free.
Look at it however you want to.
She saved my life.
I need you to leave.
I'm sorry.
My colleague sent these to me.
I knew there was something off
about Dr. Barkley.
The two traffickers that
were charged are her minions.
They do the organ extractions.
That, along with Damon's confession,
and whatever evidence he can provide,
I mean, we have enough to start.
You want immunity for Davis?
Mr. Salas may have intended
to sell his organ,
but he was robbed of his autonomy
when he changed his mind.
Instead of sending one guy to prison,
together, we can take down
an entire organ trafficking ring.
I need your help.
There's a relatively recent law
here in California
that allows people with certain
mental health conditions
to earn a dismissal of their case
by doing treatment.
- You qualify.
- Thank you.
I knew something was wrong with me
and I always felt guilty
for not being able to control it.
Why not seek treatment?
I guess I didn't want a diagnosis.
I was dealing with so much shame,
that I didn't want it to be real.
- Yeah.
- Ooh! Ooh!
I have something for you.
Don't worry. I didn't steal it.
This is my hobby.
And I would like you to remember me
as the girl who knows how to crochet,
not the girl who steals.
These are so cute.
This is exactly
how we will remember you.
Good. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Bye.
Ah, 'kay.
Uh, as long as it doesn't
interfere with work,
I really don't care.


What do you have for me today, Counsel?
Your Honor, the parties
have reached a resolution
that we're hoping the courts will allow.
Can you lay out the terms?
My client deeply regrets his actions,
but we have proof that
Dr. Barkley coerced him
to buy the kidney for her own benefit.
She runs an organ trafficking ring.
Dr. Tanya Barkley, your witness?
Mr. Davis and Mr. Salas
have agreed to give her up
in exchange for dropping
the charges against Mr. Davis.
And for Mr. Salas to not be prosecuted
for initially attempting
to sell his organ.
Thank you, counsel.
Mr. Salas, please stand.
[CLEARING THROAT] Are you aware that
the case in which
you were the alleged victim
will be dismissed and
you will not be entitled
- to restitution?
- Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Davis did not target me personally,
and it's not my place
to judge him for his actions.
LOLA: Okay.
Thank you. Mr. Davis?
Are you aware of the severity
of your actions?
I sincerely regret
how everything has transpired.
And I I'm truly sorry, I
I'm sorry, Mr. Salas.
Ms. Quinn, while I understand
the parties have reached a resolution,
I am not willing to dismiss this case,
unless Mr. Davis pleas to the charge.
My client agrees
to the charge of a misdemeanor.
As a felony.
Mr. Davis can earn the dismissal
by doing community service
at the Children's Hospital
three times a week for a full year.
We accept your terms, Your Honor.
LOLA: Very well.
Dr. Barkley will be
prosecuted separately
and an arrest warrant
will be out today
DR. BARKLEY: That won't be necessary.
I'm turning myself in.
You have the right to legal
representation, Dr. Barkley,
but you do not need
to do this right now.
The health care system
needs to do a better.
And until that happens,
I've been striving to fix it,
saving lives.
Yes, I make money.
But that money enables me
to give free transplants
to those who can't afford to purchase.
while I understand
that this is legally wrong
my heart is at peace.

Did you give Dr. Barkley a heads up?
I owed her at least that.
I hope you live a good,
long life, Damon.
You too, Ms. Quinn.
I hope you have the life you dreamed of.
It could be gone in an instant.
MR. SALAS: I'm sorry
for not being honest
with you and Miss Palmer
from the beginning.
Again, I have no words to thank you.
Well, I'm I'm just so glad it's over.
And now you can focus
on getting your daughter back.
Yes, um, can I buy you
a cup of coffee sometime?
Please. I owe you.
Oh, um, yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
- Great. Uh, I'll be in touch.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
You knew.
I I did.
Just for, like, a hot second.
And you didn't come forward?
Well, I was going to.
You withheld information from me.
- Okay, let me just clarify
- Justify, you mean.
I don't forget disloyalty,
Miss Castillo.
This case made me feel
so lucky, you know?
Lucky that Bailey and Robin are healthy.
Lucky I had good insurance
to have a good birth.
Isn't it terrifying that
we consider ourselves lucky
when our basic rights
- are being met?
- Agreed.
I mean, both the victim
and the defendant's actions
were the result of a failure
of our system.
Speaking of
did you convince your dad
to go to the doctor?
Harry Park is a stubborn man,
but I will get there.
Park, not Kansky?
I told you my parents were
in a mobile home community.
But the truth is
I grew up on a commune.
Growing up in a commune is
It's a layered experience.
Getting out was the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
So I changed my last name
when I left.
- Who's this?
- Anna Kansky.
She's the first female chemist
to go to university.
I promised myself
I would do the same.
Become the first woman
to leave my commune
and go to college.
It will be all right with your dad.
Thank you.

It will be all right with Robin.
Hey, what is all this?
For the wedding.
I thought I was planning the wedding.
You know what I realized?
Guilt is a bully.
Makes us do things we don't want to do
and it makes us punish ourselves.
Guilt told me I was a terrible person
for leaving Collier alone, for
not being able to love him
the way I used to.
It told me
I couldn't have
a second wedding, that
That I didn't deserve you.
But, this case, Damon
I need to live my life.
And the life that I want is with you.
It's okay to miss him.
He was a
He was a really good guy.
And I'm so happy
that you have that chapter
of your life with him.
We all process grief in different ways.
But I need you to know
that you can let it out, okay?
- Please try some.
- That looks really delicious.
- But I am so hungover.
- Oh!
- I am so, so hungover.
Oh. Please don't puke on me.
- I think I might.
I got so much baggage,
stuck in my bad habits ♪
ROBIN: You've reached Robin Taylor.
Please leave me a message
and I will get back
Talk in riddles ♪
You'll never get all this ♪
- Stuck in the middle of ♪
Oh ♪
- Talk in riddles ♪
Stuck in the middle of ♪
Oh ♪
- ♪

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