All Rise (2019) s03e13 Episode Script

Trouble Woman

LOLA: Previously on All Rise
I want you to know this little
war of ours is far from over.
Drop the gun!
- I love you, Em.
- I love you, too.
We were a thing, like,
a million years ago.
You two were more than a thing.
I've got you, Lo.
I saw you and Andre.
Can we just talk about this, please?
I need some time.
My brother is not a murderer.
- I take it you saw the news?
- It can't be a coincidence.
You think we have a serial
killer on our hands?
REPORTER 1: Police arrested a man
they believe is a serial killer.
REPORTER 2: Long-time
South L.A. forklift operator,
Carl Brewer, did not resist arrest.
He barely said a word
as police took him away.
REPORTER 3: Brewer is accused
of murdering four women
between 2004 and 2017.
REPORTER 1: Earlier this year,
Brewer was acquitted
in the murder of one South L.A. woman.
REPORTER 2: He is now charged
in the brutal deaths
of four additional women.
All of the victims shot to death.
REPORTER 4: Their bodies
found in alleys and landfills.
REPORTER 1: Brewer says
he's innocent, but prosecutors
maintain they've collected
new evidence against him
over the past few months.
REPORTER 2: They said he may
have committed other murders
that have gone unsolved for a years.
REPORTER 3: The question
on everyone's mind,
will Carl Brewer
be acquitted once again?
A new set of jurors will decide.
Big day. You ready?
Yeah. Yeah, hell, yeah.
Always down to put
a serial killer behind bars,
especially a creep like Carl Brewer.
I don't know. I have
this sneaking suspicion
he's got another trick up his sleeve.
You've built a rock-solid case.
Now, you've just got to convince a jury.
Don't look so surprised,
I've been known to make
breakfast from time to time.
I'm not complaining.
Especially with all that tossing and
turning you were doing last night.
That's what a crying baby
will do to you.
You, my dear, were comatose.
I was tired after that flight.
Thank you for taking care of Bailey,
I mean, with you having
to get up early and everything.
Funny thing happened
after you drifted off
to Never Neverland.
I couldn't sleep.
So, I go to cast a movie
from my husband's cell phone.
Let me guess. Love and Basketball?
It never gets old.
Anyway, I'm all thumbs
with your phone as usual.
And instead of my movie,
I get my husband's emails
splashed across the TV screen.
No biggie.
Until I come across one particular email
with the subject line,
"Operation Double A",
- a.k.a. Andre Armstrong.
- Here we go.
You're running a background
check on Andre, Robin, really?
It's not an FBI thing.
I just want to know a little more
about the man I saw kissing my wife.
It was a huge mistake and I am sorry.
And I will continue to say I'm sorry.
Lola, Lola, Lola!
Let's not wake up Bailey.
- Andre is a nonfactor.
- Well, I don't trust him.
So, I'm doing my deep dive.
I wanna know where he's lived,
his blood type,
what rock he crawled out
from underneath. All of it.
You didn't do a deep dive
with your little mommy friend,
coupon scammer.
There it is. Lola Carmichael
reaches in her back pocket
and pulls out what she'd been
saving for a rainy day.
The infamous coupon scam. Well-played.
High five.
Maybe it's me you don't trust?

Oh, hello. Bona fide lawyer here.
I should be arguing cases
and stacking courtroom wins,
instead I'm still here
doing this grunt work.
You've been a great help,
especially since Rachel is still in D.C.
and I know it's a lot.
The Big Pharma case and supervising
all these paralegals.
Wait, they're not pushing
you around, are they?
Yeah, they are, especially
the snooty one right over there.
- Andre's paralegal?
- Ben Fischer.
the man turns his nose up so much at me,
I'm surprised he doesn't have whiplash.
Hey, I survived a stabbing,
I can certainly survive him.
Don't worry, Amy,
it's just a 12-inch scar.
I should be fine.
Now, the non-visible scar,
I'm still working on that one.
You know, we could all benefit
from the counseling that Lola set up.
Yeah, well, listening
to my grandpop helps.
I swear, the old man talks
to me like he's still here.
I was nine when I first told him
that I wanted to be a lawyer.
He used to say to me, "Nessa,
you're my little Themis.
You're my little lady of justice.
You have the power
to overcome anything".
I have two favorite superheroes,
Themis and my grandpa.
It would be great to hear
his voice right about now.
I'm sorry, I have to use the room.
Good morning.
Stalking me, Watkins? I thought
we changed the door code.
- Don't you ever sleep?
- I do not.
You should try counting
chimeras instead of sheep.
- I hear it works wonders.
- Let it go, Callan.
What's new with the Brewer trial?
You my friend, need to let that go.
You can watch it on the 11:00
news like everybody else.
Gentlemen, Choi's in the building.
Hey! Thomas Choi,
we missed you around here, sir.
Oh, I didn't miss you guys one bit.
- The lies you tell.
- Watkins.
All right, time to get down to business.
Hey, Luke, about the Carl Brewer case,
do me a favor. Step to
the other side of that door.
Damn, Choi, you gonna do me like that?
Oh, I'm going to do you like that.
I need to talk a little trial strategy
with my co-counsel here.
- Love that guy.
- Ice cold, Choi.
Hey, thank you for coming down
here all the way from Pomona.
I appreciate your expertise on this.
Carl Brewer's left a trail of murders
in your jurisdiction and mine.
Let's run down our biggies,
we've got our witnesses
who've seen Brewer in locations
where he's buried bodies.
- Check. Hair from the victims.
- Yep. We've got a murder weapon.
Hell yeah. We also have the only
woman that Carl Brewer
gives a damn about,
his sister, Mildred Brewer.
Defense still plan on
calling her as a witness.
Great, Callan, are you
sure you want to stick
with what we discussed?
Oh, abso-frickin-lutely.
When we go to cross-examine Ms. Brewer,
that's when I toss the grenade in.
My finger's already on the pin.

Okay, so that is definitely
not court business.
Those googly eyes you're making.
Sarah, who are you flirt texting?
- Spill the tea.
- Mmm. No, no!
The tea just stay in my cup.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. I'm sorry.
Actually, I need a favor.
Mmm, all right. I'm all ears.
- I need you to be my wingwoman.
- Come again.
My wingwoman.
I am finally going to introduce my dad
to Luke for the first time.
The thing is, my dad
has always had this crazy tic
when it's come to every
single guy I have ever dated.
You're afraid he's going to go
all tick, tick, boom with Luke?
Exactly. Yes. So your mission,
should you choose to accept it,
is to stymie my dad's tic with your wit.
- What?
- Yeah.
- No. Hell to the no.
- Why? Come on.
You know you'll be
you'll be a fun diversion
to make things go right
should shit veer left.
- Fine.
- Really?
Yes. I will be your
wing thingy, whatever.
- You're the best.
- You are gonna owe me big, Lopez.
- Deal.
Good morning.
- Your Honor, you look kinda
- I'm not.
Are you sure? You look a little
- I'm fine.
- Well, if you want
a little cheer me up,
we've got fan mail.
It's been sitting in
the mail room for months
and security has finally
done their sweep
and now you are allowed to enjoy
it, and the rest of the judges
to be jealous because you get
so much more fan mail than them.
- More postcards?
- Mm-hmm.
"Judge Carmichael, would love
to see you here in Lawndale.
When are you coming to Agoura Hills?"
"Judge, hello. We would love for you
to visit us here in Irvine".
That's a pretty card.
"Love you, Judge Carmichael.
From your friends in
beautiful Temecula, greetings".
Wow. Riverside County.
- Hemet.
- Hemet?
Now, I've been to all of these
places and they're wonderful.
But you're not sure if they'd be
in your top ten travel hot list?
Well, I do love my supporters.
And they do love you. Ooh,
you could call them risers.
Get it, because all rise, risers.
You should work on something different.
- I like it.
- Speaking of my number one fan,
has she made it into the courtroom?
She's been here for like an hour.
Carl Brewer fires two
attorneys and then hires her.
And why is she working with him anyway?
He doesn't seem like her type.
It's like she stepped into the
private sector just for this.
and you kicked her ass up
and down on Election Day,
Well, I mean, she's been
pleasant so far, I guess.
- And did you just say ass?
- Yes.
I'm putting it on
my naughty word of the day.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.

Miss Cuthbert, welcome to my courtroom.
It's nice to see you again,
Judge Carmichael.

Two of the women
were buried in landfills,
one we found in a dumpster,
and the most recent at
a construction site in Pomona.
The murders all followed a pattern.
Gunshot wound to the head,
rope burns, hair ripped out.
Detective, did you recover a firearm
during the course of your investigation?
We did. In my presence, an officer found
a 9mm at the scene
of a gang murder in Pomona.
That was several months ago.
Showing what was previously marked
as People's Exhibit three.
Detective, do you believe
that this firearm is
connected to this case?
Yes. When we ran the serial
number of the firearm,
it came back as registered
to Carl Brewer.
We suspect he tried to sell it
through a gun buyback program.
This asshole cop is lying,
you need to object.
Brewer's gun ended up in
the hand of the gang member
who was recently shot to death.
Objection, speculation
and lack of foundation.
Sustained. The last portion
of the answer is stricken.
Detective on the monitor
is a piece of paper
marked People's Exhibit 19.
Do you recognize this?
Yes. That's a receipt for ammo.
We found it a couple of months ago
in the trunk of Mr. Brewer's vehicle.
The bullets that Mr. Brewer purchased
were for a 9mm.
They are the same type
of bullet that killed
all four of the victims in this case.
- Objection, foundation.
- Overruled.
Subject to a foundation
being laid. Mr. Callan.
Your Honor, I'll be calling
a ballistics expert.
She'll be testifying that she test-fired
the weapon and determined
that it matched the projectiles
found in the victim's,
as well as spent bullets
found near each of the crime scenes.
- That's all, your Honor.
- Miss Cuthbert.
Detective Collins, you took the lead
in all four of these
murder investigations,
and you certainly are
a seasoned detective.
But I think it's important
the jury know more about you.
I apologize if this gets uncomfortable.
What I'm handing the court is a document
marked Defense Exhibit C.
Opposing counsel already has one.
I would like to give one
to the detective.
You may.
Detective, what you're holding
is a disciplinary report
from the Board of Police
Commissioners during
the time you were investigating
the second murder, is it not?
You were under disciplinary proceedings
with the LAPD Internal Affairs
Division, is that correct?
- That was way back in 2009.
- You were being investigated
for planting stolen jewelry,
is that correct?
- Yes.
- And that's because you,
in fact, tried to pin a burglary
on your wife's boyfriend
by planting stolen jewelry
in his home. Is that right?
The D.A. dropped all the charges.
I didn't ask you that, Detective.
You attempted to set up the man
with whom your wife
was having an affair.
Is that true?
That was the allegation.
Detective, do you believe
that an officer
who could frame his wife's
lover for residential burglary
is an officer who could frame
Carl Brewer for murder?
- Objection.
- Sustained.
I think I've made my point.
No further questions, Your Honor.
What the
What the hell just happened?
I've been producing
legal docs for 30 years.
I use a state-of-the-art
digital indexing system.
Yes, so do I. But the error
occurred on your side, Ben.
Oh my God, I can't believe I did this.
I'm gonna get fired.
You beamed our confidential documents
to the opposing attorney.
We are the CIA,
and you just gave the codes
to the Kremlin.
Just let me think!
Just bring your blood pressure down.
I'm sure Andre will understand,
you've worked for him for,
like a 100 years.
Without making a mistake,
that's why I've worked
for him a 100 years.
Okay. Where's the fire?
We might have a slight problem.
So, you said Carl Brewer would come into
Jansen gas station to fill up his tank.
All the time. He's been coming
to that station for years,
and he'd always come, like, around 1:30
in the morning during my shift.
I took a graveyard shift
so I wouldn't have to be
bothered much with customers, you know.
Anywho, he was kind of weird,
but it seemed he got weirder
these past few months.
Always wanting exactly $13.06 in gas.
He'd give me $13 and a dime
and then stand there,
waiting on four pennies back in change.
- I'm like, are you kidding me?
- Any other unusual behavior?
He was flirty, but in a serious way.
Had this smirk and I thought
he was tweaking on meth.
Oh yeah. And he'd ask me what
kind of perfume I was wearing,
if my hair was really mine.
Now, I ain't gonna to lie,
he was kinda fine for an old dude.
But, he was way too extra.
Thank you, Miss Dale.
You told Mr. Choi that
you noticed a woman
that you thought was
sleeping in the back
of Mr. Brewer's car one night.
Is that right?
Yep, I took a look inside the car
when Brewer was taking a piss.
Looked like the woman was wasted.
And that was over five years ago?
And I still remember that moment.
You also said that
a couple of weeks later
that you learned from the news
that the same woman was missing?
Did you did you call the police then?
Yeah. No, I mean, I did call
recently, when they found
But you weren't alarmed enough
then to call the police?
I didn't think anything
about that lady until I heard
police suspected she might
have been murdered.
That's all. Thank you.
- Mr. Choi, any redirect?
- Thank you.
Ms. Dale, the police
interviewed you many times.
What did you eventually learn from them
about the woman you saw
in Brewer's vehicle?
- Objection, calls for hearsay.
- Mr. Choi.
Effect on the listener, Your Honor.
Overruled. The answer will be admitted
for that non-hearsay purpose.
You may answer the question.
Detective Collins told me they
were investigating her murder.
That's when I put two and two together
about Carl Brewer and realized the woman
I thought was passed out
was probably dead.
And that's what I told the police.
I'm sure Brewer was wanting
me to be his next victim.
Objection, speculation and 352.
Sustained. That last
sentence is stricken.

So again, let me try
and understand this?
Our confidential, privileged documents
are now in the hands
of the opposing attorney.
About 100 of them.
I've checked the E-system
log about a gazillion times
and I don't know how it happened.
It just did. I am I'm so sorry.
Every scintilla
of communication between us
and our Big Pharma client
is written in those documents.
Yes, I understand.
As I said, our legal strategies,
our weaknesses.
We are fighting a major
civil class action lawsuit
and that plaintiffs firm
represents dozens of litigants.
Do you know how much this sets us back?
- Let's take a moment here.
- Who made the mistake?
It was me. I made the mistake.
But I put a digital key on the document,
so the plaintiff's lawyer's shouldn't
be able to access them.
Yes, we've actually spoken
to the opposing attorney
and he's threatening
to bring a motion to unlock
the documents due
to negligent production.
Moe Wardlow is a very shady lawyer.
If he so much as even
peeks at the page count,
we are drowning in
multimillion dollar lawsuits.
God damn it! Shit!
You had two very
important duties, Vanessa.
To oversee the paralegals
and to maintain previous logs
of attorney client documents.
I know I made a huge mistake,
and I've only been a lawyer
for six minutes and two seconds.
And this is not
how I imagined my beautiful
new chapter to begin.
But I will figure this out.
I will fix this.
Hey, no Dad, this is a state park.
You can't smoke that here,
so please put it away.
Thank you.
I am so sorry I'm late.
I was actually sitting in on the trial.
It's okay. Luke, this is
my father, Claudio Lopez.
Dad, this is Luke Watkins.
- It is an honor to meet you.
- Hello, young man.
I've heard a lot of
great things about you.
Only the great things are true.
It's good to see you.
- So, Mr. Lopez.
- Mmm
Emily is just like, such a great friend,
I just love her and I love Luke.
She's great and he's great, and
together they're even greater.
Dad, I know Mom had to work,
but it's so good to see you.
Really good to see you too, mija.
You know, I see your
brother all the time.
He's never too busy to come by.
Yeah, I know that he's
Well, you know
I have a secret agenda
for coming here today.
You see mijita, you're an attorney,
and I need an attorney.
- I'm a lawbreaker.
- Excuse me. What do you
I have to see a judge
about these these tickets
that I sort of forgot about,
and I think I owe a few thousand,
and I think they're going
to throw me in the clink.
So, Lucius, do you smoke cigars?
Because to me, you seem like a man
who prefers the football hookah.
It's actually, uh, Luke, sir.
"Dear Judge, wish you were
here in gorgeous Lake Elsinore".
Lake Elsinore?
At least this postcard comes
from a well-known vacation spot.
- They just keep coming in.
- What the hell?
- Everything okay?
Just got an alert that
Carl Brewer did an interview.
So wonderful to be with you.
Thank you for allowing
my client to tell his story.
- Carl, you wanted to say?
- CARL: Yes.
You know, first of all,
I just want to say I'm
I'm so blessed to be here.
I cannot believe her.
I want to speak to her
before we bring in the jury.
Look, I don't want my sister
up there on that witness stand.
I understand it's a huge risk.
It's the best shot we've got.
The jury should know about
your personal struggles.
And your sister wants to testify.
Judge Carmichael must have
gotten a news alert.
- Why do you say that?
- She wants to see me.

- Hey.
Got I.T. to do a scrub down.
Hopefully, there's a glitch
in there somewhere.
I still don't understand
how the opposing lawyer
- got a hold of our files.
- Ben just talked to Andre
and took full responsibility
for the error.
So, you were covering for him?
I found out that
he's got a sick wife at home.
Cancer explains why he's been so
off putting and scatterbrained.
Andre fired him.
Of course you work for
Audubon and Quinn, not Andre.
And no one is firing you.
Ness, we're not going to let
this setback defeat us.
What would Themis and grandpop
say to you in this moment?
Oh, I know you didn't just bring
my two favorite superheroes into this.
I thought we had an understanding
about not litigating
this case in the media?
Ms. Cuthbert, what you pulled
was a slick move
to try to drum up public support.
Sometimes a gag order
is unconstitutional
due to a prior restraint on free speech.
- And I don't have to follow it.
- I didn't make a gag order.
I merely asked both sides
if they were considering
talking to the media.
You said you would not,
and yet you do an interview
that drops on day one.
I just told the facts in that interview.
My client did suffer from leukemia.
His Miranda rights
were violated one time
and he was acquitted of murder.
I want to ensure this trial proceeds
with proper decorum
and not like a circus.
And for months, your client has sought
media attention, book offers.
How many book offers
have you entertained since
you've been reelected, Your Honor?
I hear it's quite a number.
Move to strike, go off record.
Something you want to
get off your chest, Corrine?
I just can't help but wonder
how you and your sketchy cohorts
at the D.A.'s office managed
to subvert the election.
I'm here because voters put me here.
That's because they didn't
know about the corruption.
Tell me, did you manage
to get the taxpayers back
the $500,000 that evaporated
from your campaign?
If a document can be leaked
from the Supreme Court,
it most certainly can be leaked
from the public integrity unit.
There was nefarious activity
within my campaign.
Once we found out, we tied
it up and took out the trash.
Now I did not owe you
that explanation, Corrine,
but damn, I'm glad I gave it to you.
Now, you may step back.
Back on the record.
Ms. Cuthbert, if I discover
that any one of my jurors
caught wind of
your little publicity stunt,
I will give serious consideration
to holding you in contempt.

Five red light camera violations,
all unpaid plus the speeding tickets.
What are we gonna do about this, sir?
Five, Dad? You didn't tell me about
Your Honor, my name is Emily Lopez.
I am Claudio Lopez's daughter,
and I am his attorney.
And on behalf of my client.
- Ms. Lopez?
- Yes?
It's not the trial of
the century. Would you mind?
Mr. Lopez, talk to me.
Stand, Dad.
It's okay.
Just stand.
Judge. I never put
anyone's life in danger.
I always look both ways
before I run the light.
It's amazing you were never
picked up on the bench warrant.
Ready to go to jail today,
because I can put you there.
You don't have to go through
all that hassle, Your Honor.
Then, tell me why you are a speed demon
who likes to run red lights?
Well, the truth is,
there are way too many
of those damn red light
cameras in my neighborhood.
And the lights are super long.
Up to three, sometimes four minutes.
I'm an old man.
I've survived two heart attacks,
the failure of my trucking business.
I picked myself back up,
I got my company running again.
And I'm just trying to enjoy
every millisecond of life
before the credits roll.
I just don't have time
to wait for a long red light.
This bubbly behavior's
unusual even for you. What's up?
You've got 40 minutes
before your trial starts.
- There's plenty of time.
- For?
You may enter.
Sherri, who's on
the other side of that door?
Just Okay
We've really got
to work on your timings.
My timing was a little off, I know.

These past couple months
have been really hard
and it's felt like we were strangers.
I don't want us to be.
I just needed some time alone.
I can tell you that
there will be no more
personal background checks,
into Mr. Armstrong.
I promise.
Baby, I never meant
for any of this to happen.
- But it did.
- It was a stupid kiss.
Will you please forgive me?
I already have.
if there are any more stupid kisses
we're done.
I'm not trying to be an asshole,
baby. Just being honest.
The only stupid kisses
I want are from my husband.
That's sweet, a little corny but sweet.
Corny? Look who's talking.
The hearing will probably go an hour.
Then we can get back
to that fire we need to put out.
Like I said, Nessa's doing
her best to turn things around.
- There is no need to browbeat
- She still hasn't found a fix
for the mistake that
happened on her watch.
Oh, the mistake your
paralegal may have made.
Termination is not a dirty word, Amy.
You need to hold Vanessa accountable.
Rachel and I will handle
this the best we see fit.
- Excuse me.
Andre Armstrong,
Robin Taylor, Lola's husband.
Figured it's about time you and I met.
Oh, yeah, nice to meet you.
She speaks so highly
I'm gonna need you
to stay away from my wife.
- Hold up now.
- No, you hold up.
The next time you think
about planting a kiss
on my wife, think twice.
It's going to be a problem
if I see some shit like that again.
- Oh, you saw that?
- Yeah.
Oh, wow. Look, I'm really sorry, I am.
I'll be more careful next time.
There's not gonna be a next time.
There's no need for hostility.
We can sit down like two
mature adults, talk this out,
crack open a bottle of the
hard stuff with the blue label.
My treat.
Just know I don't like no grown
ass man walking up on me.
I said all I needed to say.
Heard you're an FBI agent.
Anything in the building
we need to be concerned about.
Must be a reason you're here?
There's a reason, I'm
visiting my beautiful wife.
I'm friends with all
the security in the H.O.J.
I know all the ins and outs,
I pop up over here all the time.
Is that right?
Well, since you're familiar
with the H.O.J. layout,
I'm sure you know
there's a dual entrance
to Lola's chambers.
The front and the back.
Ah damn, I prefer the back.
Robin, hi, nice to see you.
How's Lola? How's Bailey?
Bailey's great. It's great
to see you, too Amy.
Tell Mark I said hey.
The leukemia nearly killed him.
He was bedridden
for most of his young life.
My brother is not evil.
He is a warm and gentle soul.
After our mother left us
I've always been there to
protect Carl since we were kids.
Miss Brewer, I used to represent
the police union,
so I understand that most
officers go above and beyond
their commitment to serve and protect.
But I do want to ask you
what your experience
was with the police?
Oh, for years they harassed Carl.
Tried to accuse him of these
brutal crimes these murders.
It got so bad, we moved
a couple of times.
- Mr. Brewer.
Bailiff, he needs medical attention.
- I'm calling a medic.
- Carl.
Ms. Brewer, please.
- Help him!
- Get the jury out.
difficulty breathing.
Carl Brewer.
Yes, please, immediately.
I don't know. I don't know, we need
a medic at immediately.
Y'ello! Y'all need a cowbell
on that front door.
- Moe Wardlow, it's been a while.
- Sure has, Armstrong.
Heck, I still tell
stories about you and I
doing battle during
the tobacco litigation wars.
Never repped big tobacco.
You've got me confused.
- Amy Quinn, meet Moe Wardlow.
- Okay, okay.
Help yourself to water, coffee,
or if you prefer something
a little more robust,
- we've got that too.
- I'll stick with water
'til you all give me that
cheque we know is coming.
Nah, who needs water? I ain't a boat.
Okay, we do not need
to settle with this guy, okay.
We can get our documents back.
As I said, Wardlow is the mosquito
that can suck the lifeblood out
of all of us.
That's worth the hefty price
to make this right.
Yeah. Thank you.
Just confirmed another cold case murder.
Woman's remains found in Pomona.
Autopsy revealed a similar
killing pattern to
How close to Jensen gas station?
Less than a mile. They found her
at the construction site
off Dorsey Road. Been dead for a while.
Same area the police found the
victim Rydell testified about.
It will be a shame if Brewer croaks.
Kills a bunch of people,
then goes out like some kind of martyr.
Looks like Brewer's
number is not up yet.
Don't think I've ever prayed
for a serial killer's
speedy recovery before.
- Asked and answered.
- Amen!
It's illegal, Mr. Lopez.
You're a lucky man.
500 bucks is a far cry from
the few thousand dollars
you owe for those speeding tickets.
- And a far cry from jail.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Mr. Lopez, your daughter
means a lot to me.
She helped me through
some really rough times.
Emily told me you took
a bullet or something.
Yeah, she was with me the whole time.
She helped me recover.
I need her in my life.
I'm hoping that you
and I can get to know
each other a little better.
I'll tell you what,
the next time we talk,
bring some old cognac.
It goes down nice with a good cigar.
It looks like Luke and your
dad are going to be just fine.
Uh-uh. Nope!
My dad, he is playing it cool.
Okay, I know him.
Luke is going to have
a challenge on his hands.
- Trust me.
- I still say you did not need me
to be your wingwoman.
Yeah, I know. I just
like having you around.
- Mm.
- Okay.
Tell me right now who you have
been texting like a mad woman.
Fess up. Who is it?
Wardlow, what you received
are privileged
and confidential attorney
client documents.
Oh, I know.
Forstaff v. Casper.
Southern District of New York
held that gross negligence
by competent counsel can waive
attorney client privilege.
Now, I'm assuming that
you guys are competent.
No federal court's gonna give
you access to our documents.
Beyond that, you don't have a case.
Our client's drug works.
It helps people.
And we know you can't back up
your nonsense claims of damages.
Oh, I can and I will.
But before we even get to trial,
your Big Pharma clients
are going to sue you up
the wazoo for malpractice,
giving away their
privileged communication,
exposing their national
liability. But remember,
I gave you the opportunity
to close Pandora's box.
Five million. Full settlement,
and you immediately drop
your motion for us to deliver
the digital caseload.
Too slow, too low. 30 million.
Andre, we're not doing this.
- 7 million.
- 25 million.
But that is my final.
Time's a ticking folks. You're
the hare, not the tortoise.
Me and my brother moved
to Pomona about 20 years ago,
I guess. Lived there a few years.
Was Carl bedridden the entire time?
- He was sick?
- Was he bedridden?
I don't know what you're asking.
Ask it a different way. Mr. Callan.
Yes, Your Honor. Were there
times where your brother
was well enough that he could
leave the house on his own?
- I suppose so. But not often.
- No. You said at one point,
Ms. Brewer, that you had to get
rid of most of your furniture?
To make room for his gurney
and his medical supplies.
It was a lot.
What did you do with
all of that furniture?
- You sell it, you store it?
- I put it in self-storage.
- You still have that unit?
- I haven't been there in years.
But you still have it?
This is the unit that's leased
under your married name, Price.
- Yes!
- I understand that you've lost
your husband a number of years back.
Does anyone else have
access to this storage unit?
No, just me.
Ms. Brewer, of course, you
understand that your brother
is charged with the murders
of these four women
and that each of them
was found with a patch
of hair missing from
the back of their heads.
Prosecution would like to present
People's Exhibits 23, 24, 25 and 26.
Each of these bags contains hair ripped
from the scalps of these four women.
These four bags, along with eight others
just like them, were found in
your storage unit Ms. Brewer.
You and your brother
kept hair as souvenirs
from the women you killed
and you covered for him.
Objection! Assumes facts
not in evidence.
There's no evidence
that this witness knew that
these items were in storage.
In fact, maybe they weren't?
Detective Collins had a search
warrant and several others
of his colleagues were present
when this evidence was seized.
Leave my sister alone!
You leave my damn sister alone!
- Bailiff!
- Judge Carmichael please,
please don't throw my sister in jail.
She ain't have nothing to do with this.
Mildred, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mildred!

- We should take the deal.
- You can't be serious?
- Listen to me.
- No, no.
I'm not cutting a deal with Brewer.
We are going after the
death penalty. That's it.
Let's at least hear him out.
Maybe Brewer can help us.
Time's ticking.
Judge Carmichael gave us 15 minutes.
We'll go along with 25
to life on each murder.
The death penalty
and life without parole
will both be taken off the table.
If your client gives us what we want
and I am not budging on that.
I'm only standing here
because my client wanted me to.
I insist we go back to trial.
- No, no.
- Mr. Brewer?
I said no.
I'm tired of it.
I'm tired.
I think 15 million is a bargain,
Armstrong. Come with it.
No, I think you owe us
the inadvertent disclosure.
It wasn't negligence by us.
It was deception against us.
What the hell are you talking about?
Shut up, Wardlow. Go on, Ness.
The privileged documents
were accidently sent
to Mr. Wardlow because of a tech error
that occurred due to differences
in software systems between us and them.
Us meaning us and them meaning him.
I finally found the gremlin.
Our software systems are top notch.
- Your system is booty.
- So what?
Glen Fischer did nothing wrong.
He properly downloaded and transferred
the electronic documents.
It was Wardlow's secret server
that caused the malfunction.
And yes, I say secret server.
I broke the code to this
man's private cloud.
He's been hiding plenty of
privileged documents in there.
These are actually just a few.
Mr. Wardlow, you have been holding back
from producing in
violation of federal law.
Now, I have reviewed
these docs up and through,
and they prove that
your lawsuit is meritless
and your claims of damages
are utter foolishness.
We've taken steps to prevent disclosure.
- We are protected.
- And who, pray tell are you?
Vanessa "Ness" Johnson, Esquire.
Wardlow, get the hell out of here.
I'll send you a bill for reimbursement
for our litigation expenses.
25 to life on each count.
Is that both parties
understanding of the agreement?
- Yes, Your Honor.
- Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Brewer, I understand
you have disclosed
to law enforcement where
you have buried 12 women
that you've murdered. Is that correct?
Yes, Judge Carmichael.
You have a document in front of you
that lists those locations, correct?
Yes. Judge Carmichael.
Before I approve this agreement,
I would like for you
to read those places aloud
to this court as a matter
of public record and
as a matter of justice.
Yes, Judge Carmichael.
Just like old times, boss. Thank you.
My bravo assigned you
with finding my replacement.
What's the hold up, Callan?
It's no small task,
filling your shoes, sir.
Well, heads up, something's coming down
the pike that's going
to rock the D.A.'s office.
Get any more info on that heads up?
Good, bad?
Just buy yourself a warm coat, Callan,
it's going to be a cold winter in L.A.
See you soon.
So, if I had been spending
more quality time with my dad,
I probably would have known
about the tickets stacking up, you know?
But I'm I'm gonna be better
at the whole family thing.
I will even visit my idiot
brother more often once I
Move out of your idiot brother's house.
- Hey, Em.
- Yeah.
Could you can give me a moment?
Yeah, yeah.
Mr. Watkins, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to interrupt.
It's okay.
Thank you for representing
Carl the first time.
My brother doesn't know this,
but I found a picture he had of a woman.
She had a tattoo of a Bible
verse from first Corinthians.
"Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth".
Chapter 13, verse 6.
The verse on the woman
he swears he didn't kill.
A serial killer is not who I have loved
and taken care of all these years.
That's not my brother.
That can't be him.
I'm so sorry.
Congratulations on the Brewer case.
Thanks. It feels like
a bit of a hollow victory.
There's just so many victims,
more than we even realized.
Lola was all shaken up at the end.
Do me a favor and circle
Saturday, October 15th,
- on your calendar.
- Okay.
Because that is the day
that I would like to become Mrs. Callan.
Oh, yeah.

Wondering, walking alone ♪
Wondering why you're unknown ♪
People pulled by the tide ♪
Letting life pass right by ♪
But I already told you
where I buried those bodies.
And you weren't you
weren't paying attention.
Just read the document
in front of you, Mr. Brewer.
Irvine, 2011, buried a body
in open field off of the 133.
Agoura Hills, 2014.
Lawndale, Temecula, Pomona,
Buried a body near
the Jensen Gas Station.
$13.06, ooh.
Five in Los Angeles.
Hemet, Lake Elsinore
He never mentioned Baldwin Hills.
I live in Baldwin Hills.
Oh, uh, I'm signing.
There is hope, buy me a home ♪
In my eyes,
where you'll be [INDISTINCT] ♪
Find yourself ♪
Feel your soul where you belong ♪
Find yourself ♪
Feel your soul ♪
You and I lay to [INDISTINCT] ♪

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