All Rise (2019) s03e14 Episode Script

We Are Family

LOLA: Previously on All Rise
- We should elope.
- You've been putting off
planning our wedding for months
and now suddenly you want to elope?
You're running a
background check on Andre?
I want to know where he's
lived, his blood type.
So, I'm doing my deep dive.
I need you to stay away from my wife.
It's gonna be a problem if I
see some shit like that again.
- ANDRE: Oh, you saw that?
- Yeah.
Robin! Hi.
you're making. Sara,
who are you flirt texting?
- Spill the tea.
- Ah 'kay.
Uh, as long as it doesn't
interfere with work,
- I really don't care.

Happy birthday, Your Honor ♪
Oh, Sherri. You didn't have to.
Thank you.
SHERRI: Flowers and truffles?
Uh, yes. The flowers
just came from my parents
and the truffles are from Robin.
Oh, so you and Robin are good?
Things are still a little
tender, but we're both trying.
And he's actually taking me to
Mother Wolf tonight for dinner.
No way. That place is booked out like,
- six months in advance.
- I know.
What's wrong?
It's just
another year has passed
and I have to say,
I am not terribly proud of myself.
Oh, Your Honor.
I mean, when Andre came back to town,
I should have handled
things differently.
But instead I let my emotions
get the better of me again.
Well, you deserve to knock
off a little early and go home
and relax with Robin
before dinner tonight.
It's just after two COVID birthdays,
I was really looking
forward to getting together
with my friends and my family,
but I didn't bring it up
because things have been
so hot and cold with Robin.
- Maybe next year?
- Next year.
Okay, unfortunately, we
have a very busy today.
- Hit me.
- Okay. We have the continuation
of the sushi chef
attempted murder trial,
three motions to review,
and no more procrastinating.
You must complete your
judicial recertification courses
- or you're not gonna
- Else, I won't be recertified, I know. I know.
Wow. Three years went by fast.
[SHERRI SIGHING] Yeah, it has.
- I love that you kept it.
Of course, I kept it. And
now that I'm sort of settled,
he's finally in a place
of pride. I love him.
Do you have any interesting cases today?
I have a new client who sideswiped
a private school mom's car.
- You?
- Two low level felony cases.
I should be done in time for tonight.
This is our first outing as a couple.
- You ready?
- Absolutely.
- Are you?
- I can't wait.
- Have a good day.
- You, too.

Oh, Chef Hiroto, Chef
Yuma, please, come in.
- Thank you for all this.
- Oh, absolutely.
You know, if anything happens
to you or Kainami Sushi,
Mark will never forgive me, so.
Well, as we've discussed,
your attempted murder
charge is very serious.
You're facing life in prison
if the jury believes that you
tried to kill your sous chef.
And unfortunately, the toxicologist
that testified yesterday
really resonated with the jury.
So, tell me a little more about Paolo.
He was a hard working
and talented disciple.
Are the accounts of the two of you
having big blowout arguments true?
I am ashamed to say they are.
What would you argue about?
Female sushi chefs are not common,
and my father only recently
decided to give me the restaurant.
When Yuma proved herself,
I felt it was only right
to leave Kainami to her
instead of Paolo.
I've worked my ass off
to get here. I earned it.
And even though he's got his
own place now, he's still bitter.
My father would never hurt
him. What would be the point?
We have to convince the jury
that your father wasn't angry at Paolo.
But unfortunately, Chef Hiroto,
you had motive and opportunity,
and the prosecution will try
to use your temper against you.

So, I was thinking I
might have you jump in
and lend Berger a hand
on the sushi case.
- Oh, um
- Is there a problem?
Well, I know the chef.
He's been feeding me like,
twice a week for the last five years,
so it could be seen as
a conflict of interest.
- Got it. Okay.
- Have Palmer as a backup
if Berger needs a hand, all right?
Um, listen, I I actually
been meaning to stop by
your office anyway. Um,
I'm sorry it took me so
long, but I finally have
a recommendation for you
for the head DDA position.
- Oh?
- Tony Carver.
Hmm. Well, you're right.
It has been a while.
Which is why I've
already chosen someone.
Wh wh Uh, who?
I guess now it's your
turn to wait, Callan.

And it is very important
that you look at the jury
when answering any questions.
Do I really have to testify?
I just want this whole thing to be over.
I still can't believe this happened.
Tox reports don't lie.
There were significant traces of
blowfish poisoning in your system
when you ate the food
he prepared for you.
Yeah, I mean you really
are lucky to be alive.
Do I have time to use the restroom?
SARA: Oh, yeah, sure. Um,
it's just actually
around the corner here.
Keep an eye on Paolo. He seems on edge.
I'll find Ms. Quinn.
- Ms. Quinn!
- Mr. Berger.
- Ms. Castillo.
- SARA: Hi.
We have an offer for your client.
Plead to poisoning food
for human consumption
and we'll dismiss the
attempted murder for two years
of formal probation and
364 days in county jail.
Thanks, but we'll take
our chances in court.
Paolo really doesn't want to testify.
Yeah, but now, we don't have a choice.
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
I'm actually finishing
up my last JRC course.
I finally finished mine last night.
- So jealous.
- Hey,
I might need to pick your brain
on an elder abuse case today.
Oh, I would love to if I have time.
Sherri has informed me we have
a very packed schedule today.
- Very packed schedule today.
- Hm.
- Ah!
Damn it! No. It got timed out again.
If it helps, the prompts that make sure
you're watching pop up
at minute 13, 43 and 75.
We'll talk later.
How long did you work for Kainami Sushi?
I started out as Chef
Hiroto's dishwasher,
and then I spent nearly
ten years as his protégé.
And then I went to school
to learn about restaurant
management 'cause
Chef was going to pass
Kainami Sushi onto me.
- And did he?
- No.
His daughter, Yuma,
suddenly wanted to
play chef, so I was out.
When an investor
offered me my own place,
I jumped at the chance.
I fused dishes from my Peruvian
heritage with my sushi training.
And you received a Michelin
star for your efforts,
- is that correct?
- Yes.
How long were you
open before you got it?
About a year. A COVID year
too, which was pretty crazy.
And what happened the night
you were awarded the Michelin star?
I went to celebrate and
make peace with Chef.
So, I sent over my signature dish.
I guess I was still in the need
of his approval or something.
Anyway, when he replied
with his own dish,
I thought we were in a better place,
like we had exchanged olive branches.
What happened next?
Not long after I finished the dish,
I was rushed to the hospital
with blowfish poisoning.
CLAYTON: Thank you.
Chef Hiroto invested a lot
of time in you, didn't he?
- Yes.
- Was he aware that you were going to repay him
by opening your own restaurant
just down the street?
I It's not the same food. I wasn't
Has Chef Hiroto's business
suffered since you've been open?
- Unfortunately, it has
- And did you ever think
Your Honor, is she ever going
to let him complete an answer?
Chef Renalto, fugu, or blowfish,
is a specialty because it's imperative
that the chef avoids
puncturing the ovaries or liver,
which contains the deadly toxins.
- Is that correct?
- Yes.
- Well, how'd it taste that night?
- Objection.
Is this a joke?
Mr. Renalto could have died.
Your Honor, my client is
up for attempted murder.
I would simply like to know
how the allegedly poisoned food tasted.
I'll allow it.
Please tell us, how did it taste?
Fine, I guess.
Um, it was it was with some new
pairings that I didn't recognize.
It was also a crazy night.
I am ashamed to say that I finished
the dish faster than I wanted to.
So, is that why you
didn't taste the fugu?
Or is it because Chef Hiroto
knows you don't like fugu,
and in fact, never added it
to the dish he served you.
- What?
- Objection.
- Sustained.
- AMY: No further questions.

- Mrs. Ellington?
- Yes.
Hi, we spoke on the
phone. I'm Emily Lopez.
- I've been appointed to represent you.
- Ah, it's nice to meet you.
- And please call me Alma.
- Okay, Alma. I will.
Alma, why don't we head right this way.
I'm all set up. How's your day going?
- Great, um, well, I'm here.
- I know, I know.
We're going to make this as
painless as possible, okay?
- Thank you.
- Okay, Alma.
You are being charged
with felony vandalism
and misdemeanor hit and run
for side swiping Miss
Summer Pilard's Mercedes.
- Do you know her?
- Yes.
Our kids are on the school
lacrosse team together.
Can you tell me what happened?
I was at the field
watching my daughter's game
and I got called back to work.
I, in my rush, just flew
out of the parking lot.
Honestly, I didn't
realize I did any damage.
She reported it because she
claims that you did it on purpose
- due to an argument that you had?
- She is so dramatic. Ugh.
We disagreed over the
new uniforms for the team.
It was nothing.
So, the repair bill, it's
it's pretty significant.
But, you don't have
any criminal history,
so I'm sure I can get you a good offer.
But, you will have to pay
for the damages to the car.
- All of them?
- Yes.
Well, doesn't she have insurance?
I mean, I caused more
damage to my own car,
and that mom is loaded.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.
Fine. Fine. I just want it gone.
I want it to go away.
Now, you didn't eat blowfish?
Fugu's a white, delicate
fish with subtle flavor.
When they said I had fugu poisoning,
I just assumed it was
incorporated into the dish.
Well, are you sure it wasn't?
I mean, maybe he's lying.
Chef. Please, can we talk?
After all he did for you?
I hope you're proud of yourself.
It's best not speak to him.
- Oh no, no! Damn it!
- No, no, no. Your Honor.
- Oh.
- I got distracted and missed the prompt again.
I'm never going to finish this thing.
I'm sorry your day is
so full on your birthday.
No, it is not your fault. It's mine.
I put it off too long, and here I am.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Am I reading too much
into it, or does this plain
"Happy birthday" text from
Rachel feel a little odd?
No sorority picture, no Beyonce?
Exactly. Not even fireworks
- or a heart emoji.
- Yes. Yes, that's weird.
- I'm going out. I'll be back in 30.
- What? No, no, no.
No, you have Uh,
see, you have to finish
your JRC courses, okay?
You you have to
leave on time for your
For your birthday dinner.
Yeah, but I'm in desperate
need of some fresh air
- and some froyo.
- You know what? I'll go,
you keep working.
Nah, I kind of want to take the walk.
Promise, I'll be quick.
Strawberry and coffee?
No. Yes, please.
With sprinkles.
So, look.
Alma is a hardworking single mom
with no prior contacts
with law enforcement.
She is regretful and
willing to pay for damages.
This was not a malicious act.
It was a busy mom who
wasn't paying attention.
She pays restitution for
the damages to the car,
one year summary probation
with minimal conditions
for the hit and run misdemeanor.
How about she plead to the misdemeanor
and earn a dismissal by
paying the restitution?
No, I won't give her a diversion.
A few months ago, Ms. Ellington
got into another argument
with another parent at her prep
school and slashed her tire.
It seems like your client
has a anger issue.
Uh, uh That was not in her rap sheet.
I got a call from the school
about it this morning.
That parent got wind that
Ms. Ellington was trying
to apologize her way
out of this one, too.
I don't know anything about that.
But, how about you add anger management
- and allow her to do diversion?
- I'm not changing my offer, Lopez.
Fine. Honestly, I don't even know
why I bother sometimes because I
It's like, I can stand here
- You seem agitated. You all right?
- I'm fine.
- Everything's fine.
- Okay. 'Cause if you want to tell me anything
I'm good. Thanks Callan,
pleasure as always.
- MARK: Have a great day.
- EMILY: Sorry, excuse me. Sorry.
All right. Take care now.
And how long has your father
owned and run Kainami Sushi?
18 years.
His father was a sushi
chef, as was his father.
Kainami is his life and his legacy.
- Are you a chef there, too?
- Yes.
I, uh, was training in
New York when COVID hit,
and I, uh, I came home to help out.
But a few weeks after we reopened,
my father got COVID.
I ran Kainami while he recovered.
AMY: Thank you.
You and your father
believe that Mr. Renalto
is trying to ruin your
father's business, correct?
- Objection. Speculation.
- Overruled.
It's a big city, and he opened
a restaurant 200 yards away?
Is that when your father
came up with the plan
- to kill his former protégé?
- Objection.
- Speculation.
- Sustained.
No. He would never risk our lives
or the business for revenge.
Besides, Paolo was
like a son to my father.
Except for when they fought, right?
My father is a perfectionist.
He demands it from all of us.
Is your father known for arguing with
and ejecting customers who
want to make off menu requests?
Objection. Relevance?
Improper character evidence.
- Overruled.
- Showing you People's Four.
Have you seen your
father behave in this way
towards customers in the past?
HIROTO: Get the hell out.
If you don't respect the food,
you don't deserve to eat it.
You come back, you will regret it!
- YUMA: Dad.
- YUMA: Dad. Dad!
- Objection. Foundation, hearsay.
- Overruled.
I was able to get you a decent offer.
You would plead to a misdemeanor
for a year of probation,
and you would have to pay
for the damages to the car.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Okay. Good. You're welcome.
But I I do need to ask,
why didn't you tell me
that another mom claims
that you slashed her tire after
an argument at a PTA meeting?
A complaint was filed at the school.
Beatrice Ross Miller
is a righteous bitch.
She had the audacity to accuse me
of stealing from a fund
raiser. And I just
Lost your temper?
I understand that your husband
passed away suddenly last year.
I'm so sorry.
How are you and your
daughters holding up?
Anya and Kemi are my light.
They are sweet humans
and great students.
Kemi is a lacrosse player and
Anya is the soccer captain.
Their father never missed a game,
a recital, a teacher conference.
Not one.
Yeah. Losing him was devastating
- for all of us.
- I can I I can only imagine.
Do you have any kids?
Uh, no. Mm-mm. No. No, I don't.
Well, when you do, you'll understand.
They shape your future and
run your life in the best ways.
What are you doing? You
told me you were leaving.
You're supposed to go
home, get ready for dinner.
Ah, I still need to
finish my last course,
so I just skip the champagne
and meet Robin at the restaurant.
Besides, why fight traffic
to get all the way home
- just to turn around and go back to Hollywood?
- Right.
But don't you need to change?
- What's wrong with what I'm wearing?
- Nothing.
Nothing. You look beautiful.
I just thought you should relax at home.
I will relax once I
finish my recertification.
But you, go.
I know how much you hate
leaving your dad alone at night.
No. You know, I'll stay with you.
No. Just because I'm stuck here
doesn't mean you should be.
Now, take a truffle and go home.
- Tell your dad I said, "Hi".
- Thank you.
Mmm, yum, deli Happy birthday.
- Thank you. Good night.
- SHERRI: Good night.
- Hi, beautiful.
- Hi. You ready?
- We are going to be late.
This is the second time
today Vic has texted me.
Your dad reaching out
isn't a bad thing, Mark.
This is Vic we're talking about, Amy.
Any time he reaches out is suspect.
Maybe he's asking about the wedding.
Oh, speaking of which,
did you get the rough draft
of the Save the Date
I emailed you today?
What Save the Date?
- You didn't get it?
- No.
- Really, you've got to go.
All right.
Change of plans.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You're lucky Sherri just left and
didn't catch you back here because
I can't talk, but, hi.
I wanted to take you
out for your birthday.
Oh, thank you Mark, thanks.
But, once I finish this requirement,
I'm meeting Robin at
Mother Wolf for dinner.
- Uh, pre-dinner drinks?
- I really can't.
Well, that's a shame because I was
I was going to ask if you,
you want to be my best woman?
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
[LOLA SHRIEKING] I would be honored.
- Well, let's celebrate.
- I really want to, I do.
But I gotta finish
this last requirement.
- And this man.
- What what man?
This is his second birthday text.
Damn, I really thought that
man would have been done
- for good after the uh
- Thought he'd be done for good after what?
Uh-uh. Come on. Out with it.
Amy might have overheard
Robin warn Andre to
- [CLEARING THROAT] stay away from you.
- Excuse me?
When did this happen?
Last week in the H.O.J.
Last week! Are you serious?
- Yes
- Robin didn't say anything.
- Please don't tell him I told you
- I cannot believe that I am just
now hearing about this.
I can not believe this man.
- How could he wait two weeks?
- It was not my place.
And you know and I
Robin Michael Alan Taylor.
Why is it so dark in here?
LOLA: What is going on? Oh my God.
Happy birthday, beautiful.
Husband, how did you know
I secretly wanted a party?
'Cause I know my wife.
Moses has been situated
in the guest house.
- Tonight is all about you.
- Oh my gosh. Thank you.
Hey! Oh my
Uncle Dwayne. I can't!
Hey, Cirie! What's up, Jack?
- Is Rachel here?
- No, she couldn't make it.
Really? I thought that's
why she didn't call.
- Hey, baby.
- Oh! Hello.
And your cohort here
made up some crazy story
about you confronting
Andre to get me here.
- Not funny.
- He what?
- I know.
- Happy birthday.
And this is why you were working so hard
to get me out of the office.
Guilty as charged. This
is this is all Robin.
I wanted to introduce you
to my father, Henry Park.
Happy birthday, Judge Carmichael.
Professor Park, it is a
pleasure to finally meet you.
- Please call me Lola.
- Thank you, Lola.
- ROBIN: What the hell?
- I'm sorry, man. I was
I was trying to get
her out of the office,
and then it just
- It slipped out.
- It slipped out?
Well, at least she's here, right?
I'm sorry.
Oh, Clayton. District Attorney Bravo.
Sorry we're late. Happy
birthday, Your Honor.
Happy birthday. Uh,
and no impropriety here.
We met the delivery guy on the way in.
Thank you. Uh, come on in.
- Yeah.
- Uh, where's a vase?
In the kitchen. Okay.
Just uh, remember the plan.
Please don't mention anything about
the Linden community, okay?
I keep my private life very private.
Hey, uh, who's that
gentleman with the flowers?
Uh, District Attorney Louis Bravo.
- Mmm. Is he single?
- Oh my God, Dad, please.
I'm literally begging you.
I was just trying to
Honey, I want to feel your touch ♪
Wanna get to know ya ♪
I don't know if Lola believed me, but,
well, I'm telling you, you need
to be upfront with her.
I know, I know. I'll talk
to her after the party.
- Hey, beautiful.
- Hey, handsome.
I cannot believe how much she's grown.
- I mean, it's
- I know, crazy, right?
It all goes so fast. Okay, out with it.
What's going on? You, Amy,
and Robin have been exchanging
weird looks all night.
Nothing is going on. It was just
I can always tell when you're lying,
which is why we can no
longer play poker, Callan.
So, fess up.
He's put so much work into this party.
I promise you, it's
not a big deal, okay?
I promise you.

Assertive, I like that.
Listen, we gotta hurry,
baby, if we're going to get
Is there something you want to tell me?
It's true.
I told Andre to stay
the fuck away from you.
Why did you do that?
Why did I tell your
ex-boyfriend to back off?
Are you being serious right now?
I thought we were going to
start communicating more.
I did, communicate to him.
Look, I'm sorry if you
have a problem with it,
- but enough was enough.
- Look, I understand why you did it.
I just don't understand
why you wouldn't tell me.
Look, if we are rebuilding our trust,
you should have told me.
Okay, but trust is a two-way street, Lo.
I gave you the space to deal with him.
You didn't.
So, I handled it.
I'm protecting my family,
and I'd do it again.
You're right. You're right.
I'm sorry.
And I would have probably
have done the same.
And I promise I will deal
with Andre once and for all.
- I love you.
- And I love you.
- Mmm.
- Okay. Okay.
Hey, baby, as much as I want to
keep you in this room right now,
we have a house full of
people trying to celebrate you.
Okay. To be continued?
- Mmm mmm mmm.
- LOLA: You gonna get it.
Gary's sorry he couldn't make it.
He's at a yoga retreat in New Zealand.
New Zealand? What does Gary
Thank you so much for
the invite to the wedding.
I feel honored, truly.
Oh, of course, Judge Delgado,
we are honored to have you.
Me, too. And please let me
know where you're registered.
You both
Oh, you've got to get your
flowers downtown. Trust.
And if you haven't gotten a caterer,
my cousin's got mad skills.
Yes. Oh, he is amazing.
My niece is a great photographer.
She's not cheap, but she's the best.
And a band is the way to go.
Oh yeah. I had a DJ and a band.
Oh! Look at you.
I think I accidentally
sent the Save the Date
to the entire H.O.J.
How are you going to
un-invite the entire H.O.J.
to your wedding?
Maybe that can be the job
of my new best woman?
Yeah, no, I don't think so.
You having a good time?
Huh? You enjoying yourself?
Yeah, um, I hate to sound petty.
but ever since college,
Rachel and I have made a
big deal about our birthdays.
I'm talking spa days, girls
trips, amazing dinners.
- Did you two talk?
- Just a generic text.
I mean, she's been so distant lately.
I think that whole Andre
thing hit her harder
than you understand.
She's in love with him, isn't she?
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Lola ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
MARK: So, how's the case going?
Isn't he your favorite sushi chef?
I can separate my work obligations
from my love for hand rolls.
Fair enough. Well, since
the victim might have gotten
blowfish poisoning without
blowfish, we're modifying.
Sometimes it helps to come
at it from a different way.
- Clean slate.
- Hmm.
Oh, excuse me.
Clean slate.
Are you blushing right now?
- Was that your mystery man?
- Oh, my God.
You need to tell me who this is.
- This is this is just cruel.
- All right. Okay.
- It's Gabriel.
- Who's Gabriel?
You know, my my client from like,
a few weeks back with the
- Oh. That Gabriel.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, uh, do you think that
that's a good idea though?
Dating clients is like a
It's a huge conflict of interest.
No, we are not dating.
- Just Just be careful.
- I will. Thank you.
Man, you and Luke must be doing great
because you just have
a whole glow going on.
I'm glowing? Oh, fuck.
What? What's wrong?
I'm seven days late, Sara.
I'm seven days late, and I'm never late.
- Like, I'm never
- Okay.
Okay, look, that doesn't necessarily
- mean you're pregnant.
- No, I I could be.

I'm sorry.
This is not how I was going to tell you.
Not that there's anything to tell.
I haven't taken a test yet,
and it's probably a false alarm.
I mean, we we were
safe. We're always safe.
And you know what? I didn't
want to stress you out
before I knew for sure.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
Is there anything I can do to help?
No. No, I will I'll
get a test tomorrow
and then we'll know for sure. Okay?
- Good night, guys.
- Good night.
MARK: Like Bobby
[INDISTINCT] kind of deal?
- How are you still on that?
- LOLA: You have to explain that.
- ROBIN: You guys get home safe.
- Night. Night.
- Thanks, Callan.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Baby, won't you come
and share my space ♪
So my hands can memorize your shade ♪
Sugar, go slow ♪
I don't want to rush this groove ♪
'Cause I like when you
do the things you do ♪
The things you do ♪
I cannot believe you did all this
and I didn't suspect a thing.
I am a federal agent, baby.
I can keep things under wraps.
- You had a good time, baby?
- I had a great time.
- The night's not over.
- No, it's not.
As I hold your body ♪
Caress you tenderly ♪
Does it feel good? ♪
Don't speak, communicate ♪
People's Eight. Is this
your father's fuguhiki knife?
Uh, yes.
Is it true that is only
used to cut blowfish?
Did your father use the fuguhiki to cut
any other fish when he
prepared for Mr. Renalto's dish?
A fuguhiki is never used
to cut any other fish,
even after it's cleaned.
But what if it did?
Had fugu or blowfish
been served that night?
- Yes.
- Who prepared it?
My father.
Is it possible the fuguhiki transferred
the blowfish poison
to another cut of fish?
Objection. Speculation
and foundation ground.
She is an expert. She
would know if it's possible.
Overruled. You may answer.
Yes, it could happen.
Did your father try
to disguise his actions
by not serving
Mr. Renalto actual blowfish,
but another fish laced
with blowfish poison?
- Objection. Speculation.
- Sustained.
Thank you. No further questions.
LOLA: Ms. Quinn.
How has your father been
feeling since he had COVID?
Ms. Kudo?
Um, he got a bad case,
and is still not quite himself.
He has limited smell and
suffers from brain fog.
Has it affected his work?
[TEARFULLY] In small ways, yes, it has.
He could be um, less organized
and forgetful at times.
AMY: Thank you. Nothing
further, Your Honor.

- Alma.
- Thank you for coming in.
We just have to look over
this waiver form together,
and I will just need you
to initial and sign, please.
I also wanted to let
you know that we offer
emotional support counseling services
Excuse me? Counseling?
I'm not some head case off the street.
You do realize that.
But Alma, you qualified
for a public defender,
which means that you are
struggling financially.
And more importantly,
I suspect emotionally.
My husband was my best friend.
When he died, I found out
that he invested
all of our money and lost everything.
So, I do not appreciate being shamed
for requesting free counsel,
which is my right.
Hold on a second. Alma,
that's not what I
I am so sorry.
I cannot imagine how hard this has been,
but therapy could help.
Yeah, well, I don't have
the time or the resources.
So, sitting on some couch
complaining about my life
isn't going to pay the
mortgage or the kids' tuition.
Thank you for negotiating
the plea agreement.
I appreciate your time.
I understand that you're
unable to reach a verdict.
- Is that correct?
- Yes, Your Honor.
Do you think additional
time deliberating
would assist the jury?
- No, I do not, Your Honor.
- Very well.
Then I will find that the jury
is hopelessly deadlocked.
You all are excused from further
jury service in this case.
Thank you for your service.
Your Honor, the defense would like
to make a motion to dismiss.
Mr. Berger?
We oppose the motion, Your Honor.
I will take the motion under submission.
In the meantime, I think
this is an opportune time
to reflect on what makes a family.
Some of the strongest bonds we have
are not limited to people
we share bloodline with.
Our chosen family can be just
as significant, if not more so.
Mr. Kudo, Ms. Kudo, Mr. Renalto,
perhaps you will take
this additional time that
you've been afforded
to have an open and honest conversation.
It's at least worth a try
before 12 new strangers
decide your fate.
We are adjourned.
What if it was an accident?
Will the charges be dropped?
Um, without proof,
I I don't think so.
Am I allowed to speak to Hiroto?
Oh, well, I don't know if I would.

I'm sorry.
- Ah!
- Oh, wow. Yes. Thank you!
- I am starving.
- Mm-hmm.
- I got your favorite.
- Thank you.
LUKE: Yas.
- So, um Did you uh
- Uh, not yet.
But, I will.
So, I realize that we uh
We haven't had the kid conversation.
I know. I know,
and this isn't exactly the
most ideal place to have it.
But, okay, the truth is,
I have never had a
burning desire to be a mom.
Really? Wow.
I always assumed you wanted
a big family with like,
eight kids and three dogs.
- Is that what you want?
- Not eight, for sure, but
Oh. Um
Honestly, um,
I just I just never
planned on having kids.
I just I love this.
I I love what we do. I love it.
It's it's a part of me,
and I am dedicated to it.
Maybe I'll feel differently one day.
But right now, I just
I don't see kids in my life.
I just, I I don't.
- How how do you feel?
- Well
Damn, I am so sorry.
I need to help Carol put out a fire.
- I'll be back soon.
- Yeah.
Save me an eggroll.
I promise.

Berger. The jury deadlocked?
Yes. Ms. Quinn made a motion to dismiss,
and Judge Carmichael
took it under submission.
What do you recommend?
The tox report is solid
and the chef's temper
is well documented.
It's also possible the chef may have hid
the blowfish poison
in another cut of fish,
but there's no way to prove
that it wasn't just a mistake.
Doesn't seem like we have a
strong enough case anymore.
Let's dismiss. Are you sure?
- We can still
- I'm sure, but uh, good work.
It must be killing you to not
know who he's going to pick.
Should have taken your shot, Mark.
Ooh ooh ooh ♪
Ooh ooh ooh ♪
These days are slow
and I'm caught inside ♪
I'm in my head and
I'm spinning 'round ♪
If I call out, will someone show? ♪
I miss those days when you were home ♪
Hello, hello, is there
anybody out there? ♪
I've got my door
open, come in, come in ♪
Come in ♪
Come in ♪

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