All Rise (2019) s03e15 Episode Script

Say Something

ROBIN: Previously, on All Rise
Gabriel Salas, this is Sara Castillo.
She's our victim's advocate.
- Gabriel, pleasure.
- Sara, mucho gusto.
The truth is, I have never had
a burning desire to be a mom.
So, you and Robin are good?
Things are still a little tender,
but we're both trying.
If there are any more stupid kisses,
we're done.

I thought you were going to the gym.
Well, if I told you I was
gonna make breakfast,
that would ruin the surprise.
But I was gonna make you breakfast
to thank you for my amazing birthday.
You already thanked me several times.
So, what's the special occasion?
Can't a husband make his wife
breakfast just because?
A veggie omelet, spicy sausage,
and is that pecan-crusted
French toast I smell?
- You know it is.
- All my favorites on a Monday?
I was born tonight, but not last night.
Robin Taylor, come on, out with it.
Why are you buttering me up?
I've been summoned to DC.
They want me there Thursday.
Before you get upset,
it's just a meeting
with my director
to talk about my future.
I've been putting it off
for months, baby, so I gotta go.
Hey, why you look so worried?
Because what if they want you back?
We talked about this.
I am not moving back to DC.
Okay? I love the place we're in.
The place that we worked
really hard to get back to.
You think I'mma give all of that up?
The bureau's just gonna have to
either transfer me to LA
or my G man days are over.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Let me get your toast.
With your fine self.
MARK: Baby, who from your family
is coming to the wedding?
Uh, I don't know.
- I haven't heard back yet.
- Wedding's 10 weeks away.
Kinda need to figure that out, right?
You excited about your seminar?
Yeah, I think
the DNA debate should be fun,
but honestly, I'm just excited
to hang out with Luke.
It'll be a chance
for us to bond, you know,
just a couple of dudes
out on the open road.
Thelma and Louise style.
Hurdling toward their impending death.
- Amy!
- What?
I'm sorry, it's just
This class action case, is
Yeah, the group of teachers protesting
a lower court's decision,
which allowed a mandate
by Christian College to ban any
and all talk of race issues?
See, I listen when you talk.
- Ha, very funny.
- Why are you nervous?
It's my first time
in the court of appeal.
You're gonna do great, baby.
You got Benner, how bad could it be?
All right, I'll see you later.
- Love you!
- Love you.
Good luck with your case.
Thanks, babe. Have fun at the seminar.
- Hey, Em?
- Yeah?
We ever gonna talk about it?
I mean, I'm not pregnant, Luke.
So, what's there to talk about?
- Right?
- Right.
Jim, I need you to understand
what you're up against here.
You are being charged
with multiple felonies,
including child endangerment.
You're facing nine years in prison.
It's not too late
to ask for a plea deal.
I told you it was an accident.
Timothy's in a coma.
I didn't mean to hurt him, I mean
I just wanted him to stop
- bullying my daughter.
- I know that.
But in the eyes of the law,
it doesn't matter.
You pushed him on purpose,
you don't have to intend to hurt him.
Do you know
what it's like
to watch your child suffer?
To have her come home in tears,
day after day?
My wife and I, we tried everything.
We talked to the principal,
the school board,
and nothing was done.
It's okay.
She tried to take her own life
because of this asshole kid.
I'm so sorry.
I can't even imagine
how horrible that must have been
for you and your wife.
How is she?
How's Katie doing?
She's seeing a school therapist,
but she's so worried
the other kids will find out
and make fun of her.
She she refuses to talk.
I understand the therapist
doesn't want Katie to testify.
Jim, without Katie's testimony,
we can't prove that this
was a form of self-defense.
It was me, I can tell what happened.
That is not a good idea.
Jim, you understandably
get upset when recalling
what happened, okay?
And I cannot have that jury thinking
that you are just some angry guy.
I need them to see you.
To see you
as a loving father
who was just protecting his daughter.
But I have to be honest,
the footage the prosecution has,
that is gonna be really
tough to get around.
Ms. Quinn, how does
the college's policy violate
California anti-discrimination law?
By denying a race that isn't white
the right to be part
of America's history,
its true history, is inherently unequal.
The college argues that their goal is,
and always has been, quote:
"To teach moral and spiritual
lessons based on the Bible".
Does this not fall within
the statutory religious
belief exceptions?
It does not.
Whiteness, as it pertains
to Christianity,
is an American conservative perspective
that is neither Christian,
nor historically accurate.
The only difference between
last semester and now,
is that the politics
in this country changed.
And certain conservative sectors
consider anything not white-focused
to be anti-American.
Neither of these justifications
are deeply held religious beliefs.
Rather, they are designed to discount
the numerous contributions
of underrepresented men and women,
throughout history,
who've made us who we are today.
Thank you, Ms. Quinn.
We will take this under advisement.
[SIGHS] Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Lola Carmichael,
making a difference one case at a time!
- What?
Oh, my Go
They said it was just
gonna be an article.
- One page, at best.
I guess they figured out
what we already know.
Thank you, Sherri.
You still worried about Robin?
- Or
- Yeah.
There is what Robin says,
and then there's what the bureau wants.
I mean, it took years
and a whole baby to get that man home.
Robin loves you and Bailey.
Yes, but he also loves
working for the FBI
and living in DC.
You have a marriage
few people get to experience.
Hm, we've experienced
our fair share of bumps lately.
Specifically Dre.
Have you spoken to him yet?
- Your Honor?
- I know.
- Your Honor!
- I will.
It's just
Those are two discussions
I'm not looking forward to.
- Who's the other one?
- Rachel.
BAILIFF: People's Exhibit One,
Your Honor.
- KATIE: Dad!
- JIM: Hey!
JIM: Oh, my God.
Ms. Ahoka, you're their teacher.
Were you present
for any of the conduct
depicted in the video
marked People's One?
Only at the end,
when Timothy was lying on the ground.
And did you witness an interaction
between Timothy and the defendant
earlier in the day?
Yes, the school bell
had rung for first period
and I went outside to make sure
all the students were in.
And that's when I saw Mr. Evans
speaking with Timothy.
And what did you hear the defendant say?
He's a really nice man.
- A good dad
- Ms. Ahoka.
Please, just answer the question.
What did you hear the defendant say?
That if Timothy so much as looks
at his daughter again,
he'd pay for it.
HUSBAND: Sweetheart.

There's something 'bout this city ♪
Yeah, well,
forensic science has its flaws.
Yes, but it's better than nothing.
You're not concerned about
the police's DNA database?
I'm more focused on the individuals
that can have their
convictions overturned
Well, hold that thought, 'cause, um
See, this is weird.
I think I missed my turn.
You think?
I told you not to get off of the 10.
Well, it's better than
being stuck in traffic.
Not if we're driving
in the wrong direction.
We wouldn't be driving
in the wrong direction
if you hadn't made me practice
that stupid debate with you.
You got in my head. You distracted me.
I got nothing.
- Me neither.
- Look, it's all good, man.
We'll just we'll backtrack.
We've been driving for almost two hours.
If we backtrack, we'll miss the seminar.
Hold on, wait a minute.
- LUKE: Ha!
Damn, where'd you get that, 1992?
- Internet, six bucks.
- Okay.
Nicely done, good start.
Now we just have to figure out
where the hell we are.
Ms. Ahoka, how scared
could Timothy have been
if just hours later, he was threatening
the defendant's daughter, yet again?
- Objection. Argumentative.
- Sustained.
Ms. Ahoka, were you aware
Katie Evans was being bullied?
Yes, Principal Vicario
notified the staff,
but I never personally saw
Timothy bully Katie.
You are aware that Timothy
has had behavioral issues
- in the past?
- Yes.
Mm-hmm. Ms. Ahoka, isn't it true
that you have had to send Timothy
to the principal's office for discipline
multiple times this year?
Too many times to remember.
So, Social Services has agreed
to pay for childcare
- while you're at work.
- Mm.
Yeah. Oh. And there's
a single parent support group
that I think will just be really
great for you, Gabriel.
Yeah, okay. I really
appreciate everything
that you have done for me
these past few weeks.
You have been amazing.
Oh, no, just doing my job.
No, it it meant a lot to me
to have you in my corner.
Oh, I I'm glad I could be here.
Please feel free to call me
for anything.
You know, there there
is something, actually.
Would you like to have
dinner with me tonight?
- Dinner?
It's my way of thanking you.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Timothy has suffered
a traumatic brain injury.
Can you explain what that means?
He's gone into a coma,
which generally indicates
widespread damage or bruising
across the entire cerebrum.
And if Timothy ever
even regains consciousness,
will he suffer any side effects?
Yes, it's possible.
There are a multitude
of long-term effects.
Ranging from headaches
to seizures, even memory loss.
Timothy will most likely
need medical assistance
- for the rest of his life.
- Nothing further, Your Honor.
Ms. Lopez.
Dr. Dunn.
You said
"possible", and "most likely".
The truth is the brain being so fragile,
there really is no way of knowing
how Timothy will be when he recovers.
Yes, that's true.
So, Timothy could be totally fine.
- Yes, but
- Thank you.
- Nothing further.
- Uh, redirect, Your Honor.
Yes, but what, Doctor?
It's possible Timothy could be fine.
But in my experience, it's not likely.
And in your experience, as a doctor,
is there a chance that Timothy
may never come out of the coma?
Sadly yes.
I just can't imagine
having a child in a coma.
Yeah, well, my client never intended
for Timothy to get hurt.
Well, I know, and believe me,
I feel for your client's daughter.
But, I mean, he did
push a child, I just
I don't know how you're
gonna win this one, Em.
What is your opinion of the parents?
Well, from what I can gather
Mr. Proctor is not home much.
- What?
- Look who's glowing now.
- Oh, my God. I am not.
- 100%. Yes, you are.
- No. Shut up. No.
- Spill it. Okay.
- Sto I
Okay. Right, right, right.
Look, I know I know
you told me to be careful,
but I am going to dinner
tonight with Gabriel.
Just as a thank-you.
I know you're gonna say
that I could lose my job.
I was not gonna say that.
- I was not.
- Oh, okay.
I just want to be sure
that your feelings of empathy
are not being confused
for something more.
I appreciate your concern, Em, but
I know my heart.
I really like him.
And I'm just curious to know
if he feels the same or,
you know, if this really is
just a thank-you meal.
- I hear you.
- Okay.
So, what are you gonna wear?
- Oh!
- What are you gonna wear?
- I dunno! Okay, okay.
- Okay, let's talk about it.
I've been dealing
with conservative judges
for 20 years.
I've heard and handled
a lot of bullshit, but this
For these two judges
to hide behind religion,
on such an important case, I'm just
[SCOFFS] I'm livid.
So, what are you gonna do?
Well, I mean, why do you think I'm here?
I need your candor and your insight.
Plenty of advice on Google.
Did I say something wrong?
No, I just
Tired of talking about it.
Frankly, all Black people
are tired of talking about it.
Because no matter what is said or done,
very little changes.
- Well, some things have changed.
Kamala Harris is VP,
Ketanji Brown Jackson is
the new Supreme Court justice.
Witnessing George Floyd's death
unleashed an unprecedented expression
of outrage from white Americans.
Do you even see what
you just did there, Lisa?
You asked me for my opinion,
and then when I gave it to you,
you just dismissed me.
I was just
responding to what you said.
But you weren't really hearing me, Lisa.
Allies don't wanna listen.
They want to tell us
everything that's going right.
Yeah, sure. All of
those things are true.
George Floyd is dead.
And yes, his death unleashed outrage.
But you know what else it did?
It made a whole lot of white
Americans uncomfortable.
Why do you think we are even debating
whether or not to teach Black history,
which is American history,
in our schools?
A lot of white people
don't want to confront the truth.
They would rather just ignore it.
White people don't deal well with guilt.
You think guilt is heavy?
Think about everything
that we carry, Lisa.
And all we ask is for people to just
see it from our side.
To acknowledge the problems.
Oh, I hear you. I really hear you.
And I admit
that I haven't always truly comprehended
what Black people are going through.
Lisa, you're a judge.
You have the power,
every day, to be a deliberate advocate.
To dismantle these systems
and make change from the bench.
So, again
I ask you,
what are you going to do, Lisa Benner?
Mr. Vicario, as the principal,
were you aware
Katie Evans was being bullied?
- Yes. Katie had reported it.
- And what was done?
Timothy was made to apologize to Katie.
He assured us it would
never happen again.
And that's it?
No suspension,
no other punishment?
- Argumentative.
- Sustained.
Were any other measures taken
to discipline Timothy?
No, Katie didn't report
any more incidents,
so I assumed things were fine.
Were you aware Katie tried
to take her own life?
Objection. Relevance?
Nothing further, Your Honor.
The court needs a short recess.
Mr. Faez, your witness
when we come back in 30.
How bad are they?
What the hell?

Robin, please call me
as soon as you get this.
Oh, Sherri, call security.
- Already dialing.
- I saw the pictures.
- I'm here to help.
- No, thank you.
David, thank God you're here.
- He was just leaving.
- You knew he was come did you?
No, this situation calls
for all hands on deck.
- You saw the pictures?
- Carmichael, they're everywhere.
- Kind of hard to miss.
- They're fake!
Well, you know as well
as I do that doesn't matter.
Your enemies are gonna milk this
for as long as they can.
Let's discuss damage control.
I've already been in touch
with all the media outlets
and I told them
to take the pictures down.
Great, ideas on who's behind this?
- My guess, Corinne Cuthbert.
- Her? But why now?
Your cover on Legal Motion
made quite a splash.
Corinne posted a lot of harsh comments
on Twitter and several other sites.
"It appears Judge Carmichael has
one set of rules for the public
- and another set for herself".
- Oh, crap.
No! That's not her style.
She likes to beat
- you fair and square.
- How do we know this's
anything to do with Judge
Carmichael? It very well
- could be about Mr. Armstrong.
- Sherri has a point.
Either way, it's a hit
to your credibility and image.
Right now, the only thing I'm
concerned about is my husband.
- Whoa, where are you going?
- Home!
- I need to talk to Robin.
- No, no. You are due
- in court in 20 minutes.
- I can go.
- BOTH: Hell no!
- LOLA: Thank you.
Fine, I will postpone court
until tomorrow morning.
And then go find my husband.
I'm scared my dad's gonna
go to prison because of me.
Oh, Katie
This is not your fault, okay?
And I am gonna do everything in my power
to make sure that doesn't happen.
I wanna testify.
I spoke with my mom, she agrees.
It's the only way to prove
my dad was protecting me.
You've been through a lot, Katie,
- and and your therapist
- I don't care what she thinks.
He's my dad.
Please, I need to help.
I called the college,
at least they were able
to push the debate back 'til 7:00.
Doesn't quite sound
like the day of bonding
you were hoping for.
Yeah. Not even close.
How'd the teacher's case go, Amy?
It's just so hard to tell.
The problem with the Court of Appeal is
there's nothing else I can do or say.
It's it's up to the three
judges now to decide.
Well, the good thing is
you only need two to agree.
I think it's great, Amy, you
taking this case on pro bono.
This wait is killing me.
Baby, there's nothing you can do, okay?
You just gotta let it go.
I can't, Mark.
It's too important.
This decision will affect a lot of kids.
maybe even our own.
I love you.
And I love you.
You guys, uh, talking about kids?
Yeah, I mean, not now, but maybe soon.
Emily and I had a pregnancy scare.
She's not.
But for a minute, I thought
I was gonna be a dad.
And how'd you feel?
Okay, Papa Watkins.
- Okay.
Look out.
I told you I didn't
want Katie to testify.
Katie came to me. She wants to help.
I demand you to put me on the stand.
Look, you've given me all the reasons
why I shouldn't, but Katie is
the one reason why I should.
You know what? That's
Okay, let's try.
Please have a seat.
Mr. Evans,
isn't it true you threatened
a 13-year-old boy,
a boy who is half your size?
Yes, but, you know,
I just wanted to scare him
so he'd stay away from my daughter.
But he didn't, did he?
So, you decided
to take matters into
your own hands and hurt him?
What, no! I I didn't
mean to hurt him.
- It was an accident.
- Did you push him?
- Yes, but I didn't
- Then how is that an accident?
Jim, I wish there was another way.
I wish there was another way,
but there isn't.
Katie has to testify.
There you are.
Judge Maples.
Judge Benner.
With all due respect,
you need to accept my decision.
- I have something for you.
- The Warmth of Other Suns.
It's an excellent book
about the Great Migration.
And I know how much you love history.
I think you might enjoy it.
I know what you're up to, Lisa.
Ken, it's just a book.
That I think everyone
should be able to read.
- I look forward to discussing.
There you go. Enjoy.
I put Bailey down.
In case you wanna go
in there and say good night.
I do.
But first, I want to know
why you didn't return
a single phone call to me today.
I had some thinking to do.
the pictures are not real.
They are photoshopped.
All but this one.
You wanna tell me why
you were there meeting him?
I wasn't there meeting him.
It was a chance meeting.
I was at Luna Ray with Mark.
And the kiss?
It was an innocent goodbye peck.
Baby, if you don't believe me,
then just call Mark and ask him.
I believe you, Lo.
It just seems like every time
we're past the issue,
Andre punk ass pops back up.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
And despite my objections,
David Sanders insisted on helping out.
David Sanders, huh?
He may have some connections
that I don't have.
So, you're okay with
David Sanders all of a sudden?
No, but he does know
how to play the political game.
More importantly, I spoke with a couple
sources of mine at the FBI.
And a buddy of mine
is going to shadow you.
Baby, I don't need a bodyguard.
Lo, someone took that picture.
Meaning someone was following you.
And until I know who and why,
you're not going anywhere by yourself.

'Til I'm beaming up ♪
GABRIEL: You didn't like it, did you?
What? No, no.
- No, I did, I really did.
- Uh-huh.
It's just, um
You know, I have never had
clams on my pizza.
- Okay.
Okay, I'm sorry, I guess, you know,
I'm just I'm more
of a pepperoni cheese kinda gal.
Okay, good. That's good to know.
You know, I'll remember that.
Yeah, for next time.
Next time?
Wait, I thought this was
just a thank-you dinner.
Uh, I may have given false testimony.
- Oh?
See, the thing is, um
I like you.
Yeah, um, I I like you, too.
No, I mean, I
really like you.
Uh-huh, okay ♪
- Um
- I'm moving too fast.
No, no, no, um, it's, uh
It's perfect.
Uh-huh, okay ♪
And what exactly do we have here?
I went over your past cases,
and these are the prime suspects.
Every single one of these
people have a reason
- to want to see you fail.
- David Sanders?
Think about it. What better way for him
to swoop in and be the hero?
Speak of the devil.
Yes, David?
Well, why can't you just
tell me over the phone?
I'm in court all day.
Fine. I'll see you this afternoon.
Well, what did he want?
Apparently he found out
who's behind the photos.
Hah! Of course he did. And?
He needs to tell me in person.
Okay, I knew you were just
trying to worm your
way back into our lives
Sherr Sherri. Sherri.
That is not gonna happen. Okay?
Let's just hear what he has to say
and then be done with him.
Oh, you, you!
One chance
Um, Timothy would call me names.
Would make fun of me.
Would kick the back of my
knees so that I would fall.
Did you ever tell anyone at the school?
But it only made things worse.
Timothy blamed me
for getting him in trouble.
Katie, let's talk about
the day of the incident, okay?
What happened?
I had band practice
and when I came out,
Timothy was waiting.
He called my dad a loser.
Said he knew where I got it from.
So, I tried to walk away,
but he grabbed my arm.
Said that I should, um
that I should kill myself.
And that's when my dad came,
and he yelled at Timothy
to get away from me, but
Timothy just laughed.
So, my dad pushed him away, and
He was just trying to protect me.
EMILY: Okay, honey.
I know that was difficult.
You okay?
Your Honor, I have no further questions.
Katie, are you okay to continue?
Or would you like to take a break?
Court is in recess until 3:00 pm.
Council in my chambers, please.
I'm gonna give Katie
the rest of the afternoon
to gather herself.
Mr. Faez, you will have the opportunity
to cross-examine tomorrow afternoon.
Your Honor, the People are open
to discussing a possible plea deal.
Ms. Lopez.
I have tried from day one
to get my client to ask for a plea deal.
He refuses.
He's hoping that the publicity
from the trial will somehow
force the school to make changes.
Ms. Lopez, your client needs
to seriously consider
resolving this case.
MARK: I'm sorry we missed the seminar.
I'm sorry your car broke down.
No, it's all good now.
You know, I think I got bed bugs
from that damn motel.
This is the worst road trip ever.
I was really looking forward to this.
Me too.
Yeah, but for different reasons.
You were looking forward
to kicking my ass at the debate.
I was actually looking
forward to spending
some quality time with you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Man, I didn't care about the debate,
I just wanted to hang out with you.
- For real?
- Only reason why I'm here.
- Oh, okay. My God.
Well, we should get
we gotta make a plan
to do this more often, all right?
Like a pact, all right? Once a month.
- Whoa! That will never happen.
- It could.
You're getting married in 10 weeks.
That's crazy.
Other people make it work.
We can, too.
I'mma hold you to that.
With Robin's help, we uncovered that
That it was Martin Moore.
You tried his son last year?
Alexander Moore.
He tried to blame his friend
for a murder he committed.
- Martin Moore is his father.
- Right. I remember.
That was Rachel and Amy's client.
I read that he got his son
out of prison six months ago.
Why would he still care
about going after Lola?
Revenge, Moore blames
everyone involved in the case.
He's told several associates
that he's out to ruin you all.
You need to watch your back.
Her Honor's back is always watched.
I am not afraid of Martin Moore.
I guess thanks are in order.
But let me be clear.
This does not change
anything between us.
What you put Sherri and I through
- we can never forgive.
- I understand.
And for what it's worth,
I know I made a huge mistake,
and I'm truly sorry.
But I'm determined
to prove myself to you again.
You're the real deal, Judge Carmichael.
You're destined for great things.
And there's no doubt in my mind
I'm the one who can get you there.
Oh, my God, the gall of that man.
I think she likes him.
Uh, so, um
I thought a lot about what you said.
These past few years,
I thought my eyes were open.
I thought that I was
helping the greater good.
Reading the books, attending protests.
I even put up a BLM sign.
I remember.
It wasn't enough.
To be a true ally and advocate
is a lifelong commitment.
Having uncomfortable conversations
not just with my colleagues,
but with my family and friends.
And even the neighbor who
complains about my sign.
So you checked Google?
[LAUGHS] Yes, yes.
My favorite was a YouTube series
with Emmanuel Acho,
"Uncomfortable Conversations
with a Black Man".
He said something
that really stuck with me.
"Everything great
is birthed through discomfort".
I hope you know how much your friendship
means to me, Carmichael.
Back at you, Lisa Benner.
I'll agree to strike the GBI allegation.
He can plead to the
felony child endangerment
for the minimum conditions.
It's no jail time,
four years probation
and parenting classes.
Thank you, Rory. That's a fair deal.
You're not the only one who
was troubled over this case.
I have three kids.
I'll take it to my client.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Jim.
- Hey.
- Hey. Listen.
The DA has just given us a good offer.
I really think you should
consider taking it.
MAN: Hang in there, Jim.
There are parents here
to show their support.
I have been trying for two years
to get someone to pay attention.
I cannot give up now.
Jim, please, I'm
- Just think of Katie.
- I am thinking of her.
Something has to change.
The bullying has to stop.
And if going to prison for
trying to protect my daughter
is the only way to make
a difference then
so be it.
Before I call the jury back in,
the court was informed
the People made an offer.
- We have, Your Honor.
- Your Honor
I ask for time for my client
to consider the offer.
Very well, you have until tomorrow.
Ms. Lopez, may I speak with your client?
Of course, Your Honor.
Mr. Evans, I would like
to speak to you not as a judge,
but as a fellow parent.
I understand the need to do something.
To help change the system
when we see a wrong.
But what you did
taking matters into your own
hands, has repercussions.
You put a child into the hospital.
And if you are found guilty,
you could spend up to
nine years in prison.
That is a long time
to be away from your daughter.
A daughter who needs you right now.
Please, Mr. Evans.
Take this time
to really consider your decision.
I will. Thank you, Your Honor.
The court is adjourned until 9 a.m.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Listen, I have some good news.
Timothy's parents weren't in
the courtroom earlier because
he woke up.
It was only for a few moments,
but he he
he woke up! He's making progress.
Oh, thank God.
That's amazing news.
I wanted to run something else past you.
I found an amazing therapist.
She's agreed to work with Katie.
She has no connection to the school,
so Katie won't have to worry
about the other kids finding out.
Thank you, Ms. Lopez.
I appreciate everything you've done.
You're welcome.
But there is one last thing
we need to discuss.
Prosecution's offer.
Your Honor.
Ms. Lopez and Mr. Faez
are here to see you.
Oh, send them in.
Thanks, Ms. Kansky.
My client, Your Honor, has
decided to accept the offer.
Very well. I have considered the offer
and am willing to go along with it.
We will take the plea in
the morning and excuse the jury.
Thank you, Mr. Faez.
It's a pleasure, Your Honor.
- Thank you.
- Great.
And Your Honor, I wanted to thank you
for your parent-to-parent speech.
I know that's absolutely
why my client changed his mind.
You're welcome.
What is it?
as a parent, how
How do you watch
something like this case
and not let it just totally
utterly consume you?
Life is full of fear.
And hope.
And I choose to hold on to the hope.
Come on.
- You made it back.
- I did.
Hey, is it okay if we just
grab takeout and go home?
I really need to shower.
- Perfect.
- Pizza?
I was thinking Mexican.
- Ooh, El
- Padían.
Yes, absolutely.
Hey, uh
Were you serious about not wanting kids?
Honestly, babe
this case was brutal! It was
And everything that's going on
in the world right now?
There are so many reasons
not to have kids.
I really Want to be a dad.
And I see kids in my future.
And I know the world
is a messed up place,
but isn't that even more
reason to have them?
How is that a reason to have them?
Because they are the future.
And there's a chance
that they might be the ones
that get it right.
I wish that I could
say to you all the things
that you want to hear,
that you need to hear.
I wish that I could tell you
with certainty that one day,
yes, I want to have kids,
but I'm just
I'm not there.
I feel like I've been gone for a week.
- Ugh!
- Oh!
You clearly smell like you have
Callan! Ugh!
- Are you serious?
- You stink! Yes.
I was afraid to shower at the hotel.
Everything had mold growing on it.
You could have at least
changed your clothes.
What don't you understand about
mold growing on everything?
The a court of appeals made a decision.
Oh, my God.
I'm too nervous. I can't look.
- Okay
- No.
"America is a melting pot for a reason.
Black history, Latino history,
Native American history
- are all part"
- of America's history.
Denying education based on any race
can instill a sense of inferiority
that can have huge detrimental effects
on the education and
personal growth of children.
We find this mandate
to be a clear attempt
to subdue the accomplishments
and perspectives of black people
- and other groups
- Who have long-faced
rejection and marginalization
in our schools.
You won.
We won.
Hey, thought I was gonna miss you.
My flight's in an hour.
Moses is in the back
taking care of Bailey.
- Uh, we need to talk.
- About Martin Moore?
I know. It was my contact
that figured it out.
Thank you for helping, but no,
I'm referring to those pictures.
Clearly, they brought up
some bad feelings,
and I think we should talk about 'em
before you get on a plane
and leave for a week.
Look, Lo, I love you. You know that.
And there's nothing I wouldn't
do for this family.
But I will not compete with a memory.
Don't try to deny it, you still have
unresolved feelings for that man.
No, had.
I had feelings for him,
and they are in the past.
And see, it's that look,
which is exactly why
we need to talk about it.
Look. No time.
- Gotta catch my flight.
- Robin.
- Damn.
- What?
Three hour flight delay
just ruined my dramatic exit.
Looks like someone upstairs
knows that we need to talk.
- Looks that way.
- Uh-huh.
Look at them lips.
Then I could wonder ♪
- I love you.
- I love you.

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