All Rise (2019) s03e16 Episode Script


MARK: Previously on All Rise
Your dad reaching out
isn't a bad thing, Mark.
MARK: This is Vic
we're talking about, Amy.
Anytime he reaches out is suspect.
LUKE: Were you serious about,
- not wanting kids?
- I'm not there.
When you pass the bar,
you'll have to give
your client a rigorous defense.
[NESS SQUEALS] I passed the bar!
ROBIN: I told Andre to stay
the fuck away from you.
I probably would've done the same.
I will deal with Andre once and for all.
CAMILA: Take a deep breath.
Inhale the future.
Exhale the past.
Use the rest of your Sunday
to reflect on the present.
- SARA: Namaste.
I am not moving.
Why don't we do this more often?
Girl, are you crazy?
Do you know how hard it was
to get into this class?
Thank you so much for coming to class.
You did a great job
and I can't wait to see you next week.
EMMANUEL: You look amazing, babe.
CAMILA: Before you leave
I invite you to take
some Nectar Studio samples.
We've got a new line of lovely items
that promote the manifestation
of good vibrations,
align chakras, and foster intimacy.
- "Foster intimacy".
Ugh, I'll give it a shot.
EMILY: Such a good class.
Thanks, Camila.
Man, I could use
all the good intimacy vibes
I can get right now.
Is uh, is Gabriel out of the picture?
Hmm, not exactly.
But, he's not totally
in the picture either.
I don't know, every time we go out
I expect Bravo to leap out
of the bushes and fire me.
Well, ever since I told Luke
that I don't want kids,
it feels like he is leaping into
the bushes to hide from me.
That's not a deal breaker, is it?
[SIGHS] I don't know.
I'm sure we'll figure it out.
What's the rest of your day like?
No more namaste for me.
I've a ton of work to do.
- You're such a workhorse.
- Ow.
EMMANUEL: This is incredible
content for the channel.
So real.
WOMAN: Can we take
a selfie with you, Camila?
Smiles. Great. Beautiful.
OFFICER: Ms. Callow.
Am I under arrest, officer?
You're being placed
under arrest for murder.

- Gonna be so late.
- Morning sex was your idea.
[SCOFFS] It was a great idea,
but now I gotta go.
- MARK: Shit.
Solicitors are out of control.
- Counselor.
- AMY: Vic.
Oh my, God. What are you doing here?
Well I'm in town on business
and I was in the neighborhood,
- so I thought I would just
- Cellphones don't exist, Vic?
- It's nice to see you.
- You too.
Yeah, uh, listen,
I I'd love to catch up,
but we're running late for work, so
I I understand I'll get
right out of your hair.
We'll come by for dinner tonight.
- I would love that.
- Where you staying?
Well, that's a good question.
My hotel double booked,
so I'm having a hell of a time
finding decent accommodations
that aren't gonna cost me
an arm and a leg.
Well, if you can't find a place to stay,
you you can always
- stay in our guest room.
- Deal.
- SHERRI: Morning.
- Whoa.
- Sherri!
- Happy Monday, Your Honor.
You are like
the navy seals of the H.O.J.,
first one in, last one to leave.
What do you got for me today, Kansky?
You are in high demand, Your Honor.
Ever since your face graced the
cover of Legal Motion magazine,
I have received dozens of requests
- for speaking engagements.
- It's about damn time.
- Anything good?
- Mm-hmm.
"International Conference on Law".
- Snooze.
- "The Women in Law Summit".
Well, the requests
are gonna keep coming.
The interview for Legal Motion magazine
is still on the calendar,
they're filming that
"Day in the Life of Judge
Lola Carmichael" segment.
[SIGHS] Why did I agree to do that?
Too late to back out now.
They'll be here any minute.
- Wait, that's today?
- Yes it's today,
you know it's today
Not today, Andre.
Do I wanna know what the
You know what?
- None of my business
- It's your business by proxy.
Yes, yes it is. It is
my business by proxy.
Do we wanna let him down easy?
- Or
- It doesn't need to be easy.
It just I need him out of my life.
Oh, brutal. I like it.

Good morning, Ms. Palmer.
- Mr. Biswas.
- I just wanna say,
it's an honor to be seating
second chair with you
on this trial today.
Did you know Keurig means
excellence in Dutch?
I did not, but I will be sure
to keep it in mind
the next time I'm in Amsterdam.
Ironically, the use of Keurigs
are frowned upon in Europe.
So, did you get the memo
about the announcement
for Head Deputy D.A.?
- I did.
- Who do you think Bravo chose?
WOMAN: Hello, Mr. Callan.
Big day today, Maggie.
I knew it!
I cannot wait to be
running this shit show.
Frankly, we thought you'd
be a little more excited
about your first case.
I know this opportunity
means the world to me.
And I don't want to seem
ungrateful, but
- But?
- I just thought
I'd be sinking my teeth into something
with a little bit more substance.
I get it, you want to be
an agent of change.
We all had altruistic intentions
when we signed up for this job.
Yeah, one of these days
you will be arguing cases
in front of the Supreme Court.
But, until that day,
you'll have to pay your bills
by representing some
people you don't like.
- Speak of the devil.
- Knock-knock.
- AMY: Hi, come on in.
NESS: Thank you so much
for coming a little early.
Ms. Callow, I'm Andre.
It's a pleasure to finally
meet you in person.
This is Emmanuel, Camila's boyfriend.
EMMANUEL: Try not to look
directly in the camera.
It takes the viewer out
of the moment. Thanks.
Well, typically we don't allow
filming in the office,
due to the privileged nature.
Oh, I wanna tell her story.
Her struggle.
All of this is going in the documentary,
and it could be good publicity.
Can't be serious. Who
who who is this guy?
I just wanna make people's lives better.
When a stranger comes up to me in public
with a smile on their face,
that is worth more to me
than any amount of money in the world.
'Kay, well someone died
because you violated a court order
and continued to sell
contaminated products
- to the public.
- Allegedly.
CAMILA: Okay, look.
Can I just be honest?
I don't even use this stuff.
I don't need to. It sells itself.
I don't practice half the bullshit
people pay me to preach.
It's just business.
It's certainly not murder.
REPORTER: The lightning
and sounds looks good,
we just wanna make sure that
we get the depth of the office.
Ah, excuse me.
Another trial media request form.
For access to the Callow courtroom feed.
LOLA: Another one?
Yeah, don't you love Hollywood?
- LOLA: It's so good I do.
- SHERRI: Oh, ah, you know,
it is your prerogative
to deny them access.
Prosecution and the defense
have the opportunity to object
to media request.
If they don't I don't really
have a reason to deny them.
Just gonna go around, yeah.
REPORTER: Shouldn't be
too much longer setting up,
Judge Carmichael.

All right folks, listen up.
I'm gonna make this as quick
and painless as possible.
I wanna review the memo I sent
out regarding my policies
for L.A. County moving forward.
First and foremost, we are
suspending the pursuance
of cash bail for misdemeanors,
and non-serious felony offenses.
We already tried this, it doesn't work.
Let's save the questions until the end.
The numbers show a good
percentage of these people
commit more crimes while
awaiting their trial dates.
Well frankly,
it's a system rooted in racism.
We're no longer letting criminals free,
just because they're
rich enough to pay bail.
And we're not going
to punish poor people
who haven't been convicted of a crime,
because they can't afford bail.
Mhm, fair enough.
We're also putting a hold
on alleging gang enhancements
and the transfer
of juveniles to adult court.
Does this new gang enhancement
policy have anything to do
with the recent discovery of gangs
within the L.A. County
Sheriff's Department?
Any other questions?
Terrific. All right.
Now that we have that out of the way,
I have a very special
announcement to make.
Ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to introduce you
to our new Head Deputy D.A
Mr. Mark Callan.
SARA: What?!
- No. Absolutely not.
- TEDDY: Congrats, Mr. Callan.
Congratulations, Mark.
- Sir, I
- A little professional
courtesy would've been nice.
Guys, with everything in life,
things change.
Where is this decision coming from?
Look, I gave you the opportunity
to fill this role
or choose a qualified
candidate who could.
You didn't, so, I chose for you.
I wrote a letter of
recommendation for Tony Carver.
- Ah!
- No offense.
That is the least offensive thing
I've heard in this office today.
Carver is a dinosaur
counting the days until his retirement.
What's the issue here?
I wasn't ready for commitment.
BRAVO: This isn't up for debate, Callan.
Either take the job, or find a new one.
Now Maggie, I can assure you,
there are other opportunities
on the horizon that
you will be next in line for.
Don't patronize me.
You just lectured us
about the importance
of a quality and equity
in the justice system.
Then you promoted "the white guy".
It's all performative, no offense.
- None taken.
- Are we done here?
I have a hearing in 30.
[SIGHS] Well, that wasn't nearly as bad
as I thought it was gonna be.
The day is not over yet.
Hey, thanks for marking
those exhibits for me.
What are you talking about?
Those are the exhibits
I'm using in court today.
Wait, this this isn't
evidence, Teddy.
- It's lotion.
- No, no, I I
It smells so good, too.
So, uh, about that,
we're charging the CEO
with second degree murder.
Which is unfortunate, 'cause
I'm a big fan of her movies.
Oh, my God, and I loved her yoga class.
B b but that lotion
is linked to the spread
of a rare tropical disease here in L.A.
Someone died using that stuff.
Tell me you were joking.
I I mean I wouldn't
worry about it too much.
The Marburg viruses
only fail about half the time.
But, if you find yourself
with a fever, ulcers,
- sores, dry cough, chest
- SARA: Oh, my God,
Teddy. Just shut up!
Oh, my God. Get it off of me.
Please get out of the way
my hands are poison.
Mr. Watkins.
I don't believe we've ever formally met.
I've been quietly watching
your work after the Camera case.
Between that and rogue
arson investigation
you're making a name
for yourself in these hallways.
I appreciate that.
You ever thought about
joining a private firm?
Not really. The public defender's office
is right where I wanna be.
I feel like I just had this conversation
with one of my associates.
You know, doing good work
for the community
and being broke doesn't
have to be synonymous.
- Ouch.
Hey, I'm just giving
you a hard time. Here.
Take my business card.
Yeah, I get one of these
for each of my associates
on their one year anniversary.
All I got was a $25
gift card to Shake Shack.
Well, you have my number,
whenever you're ready
to make the move, come see me.
SHERRI: Good morning, Ms. Johnson.
Hey, a little advice between you and me.
You look scared shitless.
These cameras are going to catch
every facial expression
you make in high def.
The whole world is gonna be watching.
I'm a decent poker player.
And you're gonna be
an even better lawyer.
- You got this.
- Yeah, I got this.
REPORTER: Ms. Callow, Camila,
do you have any comments?
Ms. Callow will not be making
any public statements
until the completion of the trial.
Would she like to say
anything to the people
who fell ill using her product?
We're confident our client will
be exonerated of any wrongdoing.
Now please, no further
comments, thank you.
- C'mon
- Don't forget to tag her.
Nectar Studio.
LOLA: Before we go on the record,
I would like to say
it's lovely to have you
in my courtroom today, Ms. Johnson.
I'm glad you made a full recovery.
Thank you, Your Honor.
LOLA: As a reminder,
although I have elected
to close the courtroom to parties
not directly involved with the case,
Bravo has approved live cameras,
so you will be recorded at all times.
Back on the record.
People v. Camila Callow,
the defense has filed
a 9-9-5 motion.
As such, I will allow
the moving party to proceed.
NESS: Thank you, Your Honor.
The defense is moving
to dismiss both counts
in the information
penal code section 3-47
distribution of poison
foods and medicines
and penal codes section 1-87 murder.
On what grounds?
Let's go ahead and let the
defense finish their argument.
- Well
Ms. Callow does not run the day-to-day
operations of her business.
She doesn't even handle the product.
Nectar employs an ethical
drop ship business model.
State law stipulates that
the importers considered
the manufacturer and has
a duty of reasonable care.
Eh, the keywords there are
"her business".
The defendant flagrantly
disobeyed a court order
and her negligent mismanagement
led to someone's death.
The issue here is that,
Ms. Callow failed
to cease the sale
of those harmful products,
after being ordered by a court to do so.
It will be up to a jury to decide
whether that amounts to implied malice.
The defense's motion
to dismiss is denied.
Hey uh, Helen, have you seen Luke?
Ms. Sawskin, do you remember
when you started using Nectar product?
Around two years ago.
I was a big fan of Camila as an actress,
then began purchasing her
self-help books and yoga videos.
And you were also
an employee of Camila's,
- correct?
MAGGIE: Were you employed with Nectar
when the original court order,
to cease and desist
- was issued?
- I was.
What was the company's response?
Nothing. Camila told us
not to worry about it.
Different labeling maybe, but we
never stopped selling anything.
This was around the time
- that you got sick, right?
MAGGIE: Wha what were
you diagnosed with?
SAWSKIN: Marburg virus.
I was so sick, I couldn't move.
I started hallucinating,
and vomiting blood.
The doctor said I'm lucky to be alive.
NESS: Objection. Hearsay
and lack of foundation.
Ms. Sawskin's physician
isn't present in this courtroom.
- Sustained.
- MAGGIE: That's no problem.
No more questions.
Ms. Sawskin, I only have
a few questions for you.
I was actually going
through your medical records,
and criminal records, and I noticed
that you have been convicted
of fraud not once but twice.
Yes, but it was a while ago
NESS: No, I wasn't asking
about the time frame.
Were one of those convictions related
to healthcare insurance fraud?
I couldn't afford my medical bills.
Mm. No further questions.

All those files you asked for.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it going?
- It's going.
What are you working on?
Just reading through
the transcript statements
- for the Sannor case.
- With the triplets?
- It's a mess.
- Nice.
Do, ah do you wanna get
some dinner tonight?
We've been meaning to try that
new Ethiopian spot in Frogtown.
Yeah, I can't, I mean, this
thing's gonna be an all-nighter.
- Got it.
- LUKE: And, uh,
you know, I'm kind of dragging,
I'm gonna go grab a coffee.
- You want anything?
- No. Thanks.
LUKE: Okay, see ya.
I understand that,
but my hands are tied.
We're on a hiring freeze.
Look, I gotta run into a budget meeting.
I will call you after.
All right, thanks.
- How was court?
- I need you to sign these.
Can you leave them on my desk?
I'll sign them after
I need you to sign them now, Callan.
Look, Maggie, we don't have to do this,
we can
[MARK SIGHS] I guess maybe we do.
I want you to put me on the stand.
- NESS: Absolutely not.
- That's a terrible idea.
EMMANUEL: She deserves
a chance to speak her truth.
I can't just let an employee,
someone who I called a friend,
defame me like that without responding.
Okay, first of all, that's
not what defamation is.
Second, there are million things
that could go wrong
if you're just up on
the stand improvising.
I'm an actress, I'll be fine.
Oh, we do not need you up there acting.
No, you need me on the stand,
because people like me.
I can read that jury and there's nothing
that tells me you've won them over.
I'm paying you $500 an hour.
This isn't a request.
You're paying us a lot of money
because we know what we're doing.
Like I said, I'm not asking.

No, mm-hmm.
Ms. Callow, did you
ever tell Ms. Sawskin
to ignore any injunctions
or to break the law?
CAMILA: Of course not.
I told her not to worry.
I said we'd figure things out.
AMY: And what was
the conversation you had
with your overseas manufacturer
after receiving the court order?
I was told that they
would abide by the orders.
They had concerns about profit margins,
but I made it clear, I'm no
longer living for success.
I'm living to be of value to others.
AMY: Mhm, did you ever personally
handle the goods that were sold?
CAMILA: No, never.
But, I did handle the criticism,
the threats, the heartache,
the scrutiny, the pain.
See, I think it's all about
how you treat people.
This entire experience has taught me
just how fragile life is.
And so, I'm learning
to handle it with care.

LUKE: Ness! Over here, come join me.
- Hi, hey.
- LUKE: Hey, you want something?
- Um
- And whatever she's having.
No, I I'm good, thank you.
So, how are things at AQ&A.
Yeah, I'm covering
the Camila Callow trial.
Yo, that is big time. Congrats.
You know, I've been waiting for this
opportunity for a very long time.
And now that it's here,
just kinda feel little
- off.
- I get it.
I had a really hard time reconciling
defending people
who had done bad things.
But somewhere along the way,
I found that everyone has good in them.
Sometimes, you just gotta search
a little harder to find it.
Mm, look at you, sounding like Oprah.
a pleasure shadowing you.
But, I feel obligated to ask you
some of the tough questions.
I would expect nothing less.
Your tenure hasn't been an easy one.
It's been marred by scandal,
impropriety, and even tragedy.
You have an explanation for that?
There have certainly been
some challenging moments
These things happened in you courtroom.
That would give you some degree
of responsibility, no?
Actually, they didn't happen
in my courtroom.
But, my main priority
has always been to ensure
that everyone who enters my courtroom
receives an equitable
- measure of justice.
Uh, would you excuse me, please?
No problem at all.
- ANDRE: Come back
- No, what she prob
What are you doing here?
You told me to come by,
I was in the building,
so I came by.
- Well, now is not a good time.
- Not a good time.
I can see that.
You know where to find me.
Are you trying to get us into trouble?
- "Us"?
- By proxy, remember?
LOLA: Now, if the people
would like to cross
I got this.
I I I'm just a a big fan.
I just wanted to say that. Sorry.
You said you never handled
your company's merchandise,
- correct?
- Huh, yes, that's correct.
And I believe your exact words were,
"I'm no longer living for success,
I'm living to be of value to others".
- Did I hear that right?
- Yes, you did.
You also said "This entire experience
taught me just how fragile life is,
so I'm learning to handle it with care".
Did I remember that correctly?
Yeah, I think that's what I said.
Great. I wanna ask you
a couple questions
- about your acting career.
- Objection. Relevance.
Can I finish my question?
Yes, you may, Mr. Biswas.
Ms. Callow, do you remember
playing a psychiatrist
in the movie On Death and Dying?
- Sure.
- TEDDY: One of your character's
lines was, and I quote,
"Kelly's death taught me
just how fragile life is,
so I'm learning to handle it with care".
Aren't those the exact words
you just said on the stand?
- I guess so.
- Interesting.
Did you play the part of a lab assistant
in the film Relativity?
I did.
Do you remember that one scene
where your character quits and says
"I'm no longer living for success,
I'm living to be of value to others".
Yeah, something like that.
So, are you on the stand, under oath
- putting on an act?
- Objection. Argumentative.
No further questions.

If all the stars aligned ♪
And if the lighting was just right ♪
We can make something
that will never fall apart ♪
- Another round?
- I got work in the morning.
I better call it a night.
Yeah, I'm cutting myself off.
I'm throwing the newest head
deputy district attorney here
a cocktail party tomorrow night,
if you'd like to join.
Mark Callan,
"Head Deputy District Attorney".
It's got a nice ring to it.
Look, might not mean
much coming from me,
but I'm really proud of you.
I thought you said you were done.
Changed my mind.
Well, I'm calling it a night.
- Vic, I'll see you tomorrow?
- Yes, ma'am.

She is a keeper.
You know, I owe you an apology.
I've been a real asshole
and an absentee father.
A father's supposed to help
watch his children grow,
not the other way around.
And I might not be able
to make that up to you.
But, I'm gonna try to make up for it.

- Mr. Head Deputy.
Don't you get your own elevator now?
You know, the only thing that comes
with this new position
is more paperwork.
- And more paper, right?
- Negligible.
Hey, you know, speaking of money,
Andre just tried to get me to join
Audubon, Quinn, and the gang.
Where do you think that's coming from?
I think it's random, right?
Wasn't on my radar,
but he invited me to dinner
to give me a sales pitch.
Something just rubs me
the wrong way about that guy.
- LUKE: I'll keep that in mind.
Hey, I'll see you later
tonight at the cocktail party.
Yes, sir.
- CASHIER: Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Good morning, Ms. Lopez.
- Good morning, Callan.
Can I get a drip coffee with
two sugars, please? Thank you.
CASHIER: The usual coming right up.
Is Luke seriously considering
leaving the PD's office?
Uh, not that I know of, why do you ask?
I just bumped into him and he said
he was taking a meeting
with Andre's firm.
CASHIER: I'll put it
on your tab, Mr. Callan?
- That's news to me.
- And weird.

AMY: Mr. Saraf, how long
have you known Ms. Callow?
We met at Sundance five, six years ago.
Hit it off, and we've been
best friends ever since.
And in that time, have
you seen Ms. Callow
engage in anything unlawful?
Not even close.
She's the kindest,
most selfless soul I've ever met.
I've been following her around,
filming her,
because I want the rest of the world
to know this beautiful woman too.
And funny enough,
our film is debuting
at Sundance next year.
So, the whole thing, came full circle.
Mmm why do I feel
like I'm in trouble?
Why do I feel like you've
been short with me?
- I haven't been.
- And now, you're leaving
the PD's office, without telling me.
Wow, is this some kind of
passive-aggressive way
of ending things?
What are you talking about?
Andre approached me about
moving over to their firm.
That's it, I haven't
interviewed or anything.
Okay, so
What about you
wanting to start a family?
Huh? Is is tha
is that a deal breaker?
LUKE: I mean, it doesn't matter to me.
Okay, I take that back,
having kids does matter to me.
But, you matter to me more.
- Really?
- LUKE: Yes, yeah.
The thing that matters to me the most
is that we're together.

Well, because I I really
thought I was gonna
have to come in here and kick your ass.
- Whoa.
- EMILY: I did.
Why do we keep doing this to each other?
- I don't know. I'm sorry.
- LUKE: Mhm.
I'm sorry.
I was spiraling.
I was in my head all day.
AMY: No further questions.
It's been brought to our
attention that you recently sold
an audio clip of a discussion involving
Ms. Callow in her lawyer's
office to a media outlet.
How much did you sell that audio for?
Objection. Relevance and 352.
Overruled. The witness will answer.
EMMANUEL: Uhm, I'm not sure it
Like 50, maybe.
I'm sorry can you speak up.
[SIGHS] 50
Camila is getting an unfair shake,
and and I think the public
deserves to know the truth.
We would love for the public
to hear the truth as well.
The people are marking
the recording as exhibit three,
and submitting it into evidence.
We'd like to play it for the court.
Objection. This is a gross violation
of attorney-client privilege.
Your Honor, this conversation occurred
in front of a third party. Furthermore,
attorney-client privilege was nullified
when the client's partner
sold the clip to TMZ.
The objection is overruled.
You may proceed.
AMY: Okay well someone died,
because you violated
a court order and continued to sell
contaminated products to the public.
- EMMANUEL: Allegedly.
- CAMILA: Okay look,
can I just be honest,
I don't even use this stuff.
I don't need to, it sells itself.
I don't practice half the bullshit
people pay me to preach.
It's just business.
EMMANUEL: We had an agreement
that they wouldn't air it
until the conclusion of the trial.
I'm sorry, baby.
You okay?
CAMILA: You should see what
they're saying about me online.
Oh, I wouldn't worry
about that, right now.
I really messed up, didn't I?
Well, you certainly didn't
do yourself any favors,
but look, I'm not here
to say "I told you so".
Um. A little bit of advice.
The jury can't empathize with someone
who keeps playing a part.
And if they can't empathize with you,
then you can't win, it's that simple.
And I know you are
used to playing a role,
but you don't have
to do that here, girl.
This is real life.
NESS: Okay. There, there.

Will the defendant please stand?
In the matter of the people of the state
of California versus Camila Callow,
as to count one, second degree murder,
a violation of penal code
section 187, we the jury,
in the above entitled action
find the defendant not guilty.
As to count two, distributing
poison food and medicines,
we the jury, find the defendant guilty.
We'll file an appeal.
The important thing is,
is that you're not
going away for murder.
LOLA: Ms. Callow, I'd like
to offer one last thing.
When you come out
on the other side of this
and I have no doubt that you will,
I hope that you would use your platform
to put people ahead of profits.
Bailiff, please remove
the defendant from my courtroom.

- Come in.
You summoned.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you for coming by.
Can I get you some coffee or something?
Ah, no, it's a little late
in the day for caffeine.
Fair enough.
Well there's something
I wanted to talk to you about
- in person.
- Shoot.
Now, I know I'm gonna be
your daughter-in-law
in the very near future,
but I was your attorney first.
Something's going on.
Something you're not telling us.
- Look
- Let me finish.
Now, if you need help, that's one thing.
But, I don't want whatever
you're involved with
to interfere with Mark's life.
He just got this big promotion,
and we're planning our wedding.
He's stressed out enough as it is and
I know he won't say it but
you showing up, out of the blue
has him thinking the worst.
I understand.
- Do you?
- VIC: Yeah.
You don't need to worry about me.
I wanted to thank you for putting me up
in your place in such
short notice, and
Hell, I wanna thank you for everything.
I mean, I'd be spending
the rest of my natural life
in prison if it weren't for you.
I don't wanna cause any more problems.
So, I will just skip the cocktail party
and leave tonight.
And please, tell Mark that I said
"Congratulations on everything".
You too, counselor. You too.
- ANDRE: Hey.
- Hey.
Don't get too comfortable.
Look, Dre, whatever this is
whatever you think this is,
it needs to be over.
If that was totally true,
would I be standing
in your office right now?
You're here because
I have found closure.
And I want for you
to have the same closure.
We both know that
that kiss was a mistake.
I don't think so.
Look, it's not about
the kiss, all right?
It it it's about
the history behind the kiss.
It's about me knowing that
I made the wrong choice
when I let you go the first time,
and knowing that I'm not gonna
make that same mistake again.
No, you're not, because I am
not gonna give you that chance.
- Hold on, just hear me out
- LOLA: Dre,
that kiss was unfair to you, but this?
It is unfair to me.
Now, you broke my heart
and I moved on a long time ago.
I am happy.
I have a husband
who I wouldn't trade for the world.
There's a lot I wanna say to you.
But, what's more important
to me is that you're happy.
Even if it isn't with me.
But, I need you to know something.
That I love you, Lola.
And I always will.
I'm in love with you ♪

Didn't think it was possible
to spite someone
by giving them a promotion.
Bravo is an evil genius.
You can save it, Callan.
I know you're disappointed, Maggie,
but the fact that you showed up
is a testament to your character.
You're the consummate team player,
you don't get enough credit for that.
Oh, gosh. Thanks, Mark.
I really appreciate it.
- You can leave now.
- Okay, that feels about right.
SARA: [YAWNS] I think
I'm gonna take off soon.
- I'm exhausted.
- I just got here.
This place was impossible to find.
There are no signs anywhere.
Yeah, it's a speakeasy, Teddy.
So, that's kinda the point.
Officers of the court
sworn to uphold justice
hanging out in an illicit establishment?
Corruption permeates the entire system.
Why are you like this?
No, yes, but I have some clients
who have some nice suits that
they would love to donate.
I have some clients who could
use some new suits for work.
Yeah, let me know when
you want me to pick 'em up.
Perfect, thank you.
- Aw, how did we do?
- Good.
- It's done.
- I'm so proud of you.
How many of those have you had?
[GIGGLING] Oh, I don't know.
You deserve it.
- Oh, thank you.
- ♪

Cheers, cheers, cheers.
Wow, I have never seen anyone
look so miserable to
be getting a pay raise.
I will give the money back
in a heart beat
to never have to do
another budget report.
C'mon, man. Just enjoy your moment.
One day, I will learn
to embrace the suck,
but that day is not today.
- Excuse me.
- Mmm.
Can I have everybody's attention please?
I just wanna take a second
to thank you guys
for coming out to celebrate
Mark on a work night.
MARK: Listen, I'll make
a deal with everybody:
if you skip the awkward toasts,
the next round is on me.
- MAN: Cheers to that!
MARK: Okay, that's right.
All right, thank you.
I'm not interrupting anything, am I?
Not at all.
Congratulations on your trial today.
- We lost.
- You can't win 'em all, Ness.
And you won't, but what's important
is you planted your flag today.
Yeah, I don't do war or victory.
- Girl!
Take a compliment.
Look, I would be worried if you did.
But that that fight and spirit,
that refusal to settle,
that's what's gonna make you
an excellent lawyer.
I love seeing how much you've grown.
You gonna start taking it easy on me?
I feel like you just enjoyed
overruling my objections
a little too much.
Just absolutely refused
to let me flourish.
And I will continue to do so.
You keep it up and I will
report you to the bar.
Oh, well that's my cue
to report to the bar
- and get another drink.
You'd be so nice to come home to ♪
You'd be so nice, you'd be paradise ♪
To come home to and love ♪
Come home to ♪
And love ♪
Vic? What the hell?
What the hell happened to you?
Starting a business,
it takes a lot, Captain.
How does that story end with you
getting the shit kicked out of you?
I needed to borrow some money.
Okay, I I needed
to borrow a lot of money.
Well, I know you didn't go to B of A,
so who'd you get the money from?
The Karolinkovs.
The Russian crime family?
An entire generation of those
men is serving hard time.
Vic, if they knew you were my dad,
you would be a dead man.
They already know.
I'm only alive because a corpse
is a bad business investment.
Dead people don't pay up. [COUGHS]
Why did you bring this to my doorstep?
They want you to throw an upcoming case,
but it's not that simple.
'Cause if you help them just once,
you'd be indebted to them forever.
So please, just promise me
you won't get involved.
No matter what happens to me.

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