All Rise (2019) s03e17 Episode Script

I Will Not Go Quietly

ANNOUNCER: Previously on All Rise
It feels like Andre and
I are going to the next level.
And I am happy for you. Honestly.
We were a thing, like,
a million years ago.
Are you serious? We use that
Do you have a better idea?
Please, come over here
and enlighten me, Callan.
You know, I'm good.
Mark Callan. Head deputy
district attorney.
It's got a nice ring to it.
We are suspending
the pursuance of cash bail
for misdemeanors, non-violent,
and non-serious felony offences.
REPORTER: Reporting on the
high-profile Los Angeles murder
of renowned 63-year-old philanthropist,
Reba McAllister,
wife of successful
cardiothoracic surgeon,
George McAllister,
of Tarzana, California.
This case has certainly created a buzz,
and especially with the
news that Los Angeles
You've gotta go. Somebody reported you.
But I can't do it.
Texas State Police
just arrested Dr. Farooq.
They're coming for you next.
Here's some clothes
and your antibiotics.
Leave out the back. Now.

Honey, those are egg whites.
- That's disgusting.
- Honey
You still upset about
Vic getting mugged?
No, the old man is fine, he's already
bounced back at the tables in Vegas.
It's Bravo, he's second-guessing
all of my strategies.
I understand
he's under a lot of pressure,
but he gave me three pages
of notes on just my opening.
Sounds like you need a little downtime.
Or maybe even a little
Sexy time.
What do you say you
and I pull the goalie?
Where is this comin' from?
Well, I was just thinking,
you know, we're not
in our twenties anymore,
and we both know we wanna
start a family someday, so
you know, if it happens, it happens.
I just assumed that
after we babysat Bailey
you seemed like, uh
- Like a terrible babysitter?
Well, I mean, we didn't know
what we were doing, right?
But don't you feel like
most new parents feel that way?
Yeah, I guess.
Let's, um
let's do it.
Because I actually
already had an appointment
at the O.B.G.Y.N.,
but I do need a sample from you.
Just to do a count.
You already got the container?
I can't do this now.
Well, just get it done.
Bravo's calling.
Yes, sir.
Sir, please don't.
- Good morning, Your Honor.
- CARMICHAEL: Good morning.
SHERRI: Uh, breaking news.
A poll shows the "Recall Bravo"
movement is winning.
It's like they want to blame him
for every problem in the city.
- Could it happen?
- I don't know.
- I feel bad for him.
- Yeah.
Some of his reforms were
trying to do the right thing.
This Reba McAllister murder?
Is a political blow, for sure.
Her killer would have been in jail
on a burglary charge,
but instead he was released
as a result of Bravo
no longer seeking cash bail.
I've been reading about her all morning.
A renowned philanthropist.
I've known her since I was a kid.
- She was incredible.
Roxy took it especially hard.
They knew each other from
their work in the community.
It's just absolutely tragic.
My heart just breaks for her husband.
Life is precious.

This morning, I thought
I heard her in the house.
She has
had the most loving smile.
40 years together.
Wow, your wife is just beautiful.
Um, so, court is about to start.
Do you need anything?
I need to see that man punished.
How come I can't be in the courtroom?
Unfortunately, witnesses aren't
allowed to watch the trial
until after they testify.
Judge Marshall's a real
stickler and has limited
who can be in the courtroom
given the publicity.
Look, why don't we go back to my office?
We have a lovely conference room,
and I can set you up there and
and get you some tea, all right?
Nate Benty. KXCU.
Dr. McAllister, do you blame DA Bravo
for your wife's death
given his policy on bail
contributed to the release
of your wife's killer?
- I do have some thoughts
- No no comment at this time.
I'm speaking to Dr. McAllister.
Yeah, and I'm telling you to back off.
- My Reba would've loved you.
Seems like everyone
already found me guilty.
I only care about
the 12 members of the jury.
You think they're any different?
If I do my job right,
then hopefully yes.
All rise, the Honorable
Thomas Marshall, presiding.
MARSHALL: You may be seated.
Uh, are the people ready
to bring in the jury?
Could we just get a few
more minutes, Your Honor?
Co-counsel should be here any second.
Sorry I'm late, Your Honor.
I forgot how long
those elevator lines
get on Monday mornings.
Excuse me, Mark.
- Miss Lopez.
- Hello.
BRAVO: Hello.
Your Honor
given that district attorney Bravo
is a well-known public figure,
the defense objects
to his presence in court,
as it may greatly influence the jury.
- Sir, I've got this.
- Mr. Bravo, while I'm deciding
whether or not to kick you
out of my courtroom,
to what do we owe this pleasure?
Your Honor, I am here
to try this defendant
for the murder of Reba McAllister.
Are you is he even
allowed to try a case?
As the elected district attorney
of Los Angeles, yes.
Well, who says that Mondays are boring?
Let's bring in the jury.

I am so glad you're in town.
We are closing the Audubon,
Quinn and Associates
merger with Andre's firm.
Right, and Robin's
still working back in DC,
and you and I haven't seen
each other in months.
- It's just been really busy.
- Me too.
But I was thinking, dinner? Tonight?
Oh, yeah, that's, uh, that's great.
Something casual? Bavel? Seven?
Great. We meet at my place,
we can ride together.
- That sounds good.
- See you tonight.
- Awesome.
- Rachel just referred
to one of LA's hottest
restaurants as casual.
- I love it.
- Hm.
But but what?
Oh, you still haven't told
her about Andr oh, no.
And you can go now.
- Oh, no.
- Stop it.
I was so lucky that nurse helped me.
But I still can't believe
Dr. Farooq is in jail.
- She's our family doctor.
- Aiding and abetting.
Abortion is a felony.
What a world, in the 21st century.
Back to the warrant.
You're a fugitive who's wanted in Texas
for medical identity theft.
- JOHNSON: Three months ago.
- AMY: Why did you use
a fake ID to get an abortion?
I was scared.
Texas has a law
that lets people sue women.
Happened to my friend Erika
after her abortion.
My mom and dad barely get by as it is.
So, a friend drove me to California.
I've been here ever since,
staying with cousins.
- Until you got pulled over.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
- I just started nursing school.
- AMY: No, we get it.
Losing these basic human
rights is destroying
the lives of women all over our country.
I'm terrified of prisons.
Maya, your case is important to us.
And we are going to help you.
The Los Angeles DA is not
going to enforce this warrant,
given they have their
own massive backlog
of their own cases.
And since this is a relatively open
and shut matter, Ness,
why don't you take lead?
Right on, thank you,
Amy, but, look, I got this.
We got this.
So, you're telling me Miss
Avila has been in county jail
for five days for using a fake ID?
Yes, Your Honor, and under
the Texas anti-abortion statute,
the woman getting the procedures
cannot be charged with the crime,
so this charge is just a pretext.
Miss Avila had just
started her first semester
at a top nursing program,
only now she's facing prison.
How would you like
to proceed, Miss Johnson?
By asking the court to quash
the warrant and release my client.
Given that the district
attorney's office
is not enforcing this warrant
and your arguments
are quite compelling,
this court finds that
Pardon me. Is this courtroom 802?
This building is like a maze.
Our courthouse only has two floors.
Excuse me, who are you?
Karen Conway Ketchem.
The district attorney
of Mason County, Texas.
I'm here to bring this young lady home.

The people will prove that the defendant
broke into the victim's home
with the intention
of robbing her safe.
Only Mrs. McAllister
encountered the defendant,
ending with him shooting her three times
in the chest with a
nine-millimeter Glock.
Now, Dr. George McAllister,
the victim's husband,
will testify that he saw the defendant
exiting the murder scene
with the weapon.
The people will prove
that Dante Akinjo brutally
murdered Reba McAllister.
A woman who spent her life giving
to the underprivileged of Los Angeles,
yet lost her life
in a senseless killing.
- Thank you.
- Does the defense
care to make an opening statement?
Yes, thank you, Your Honor.
JOHNSON: Thousands of women are
crossing the border into Mexico
to buy off-market abortion medications
from unlicensed pharmacies.
My client actually
went to a trusted doctor,
only to be made an example of
in this world of toxic politics.
Miss Ketchem?
Thank you, Your Honor.
While I appreciate the eloquence
of this young lawyer's arguments,
under extradition law,
this court does not have
the legal authority to rule
on or interpret Texas law.
The only thing this court is allowed
to consider is whether
the defendant is the woman
named in the warrant.
I am well aware of the scope
of my authority, Miss Ketchem.
I didn't mean to imply
otherwise, Your Honor.
Now, I have
the defendant's ID right here.
We are noticing
a 1275 hearing, Your Honor.
KETCHEM: You can
request whatever you want,
but we are just confirming
this woman is Maya Avila.
Your Honor, my client is being charged
with using false identification.
The state of Texas needs to present more
than just a state license.
At the very least
an original birth certificate.
I think we all know
that this is the woman
named in the warrant.
Given that you are
charging the defendant
with criminal impersonation,
I agree with Miss Johnson's request
requiring additional documents.
My county's on the border with Mexico.
Original records are
not always easy to find.
Well, that's Texas's problem.
If Texas sees fit
to send a DA to extradite someone
for medical identity theft,
then the state of Texas can see fit
to provide concrete proof.
Court is adjourned.
You could put my brother on the stand.
He could tell the jury I was with him
- in Long Beach that night.
- And I already explained to you,
your brother is not
a credible witness, okay?
His phone records place him in Torrance.
And the prosecution has
video and multiple witnesses
that place you
at the scene of the crime.
I didn't do it.
Well, whatever. Don't matter.
Life ain't giving me no chances.
- Let's
Let's take a five-minute break.
- Hey.
- I heard what happened in court.
Bravo trying a case? Holy shit.
You should've seen his entrance, okay?
The whole thing was
a total show for the press.
Of course. Bravo loves a camera.
And he's a great litigator.
If you need a hand, I'm here.
Bravo joining the trial
doesn't change the evidence.
My client has no priors
for violent felonies,
and yet Bravo didn't
even counter my offer
- of second-degree murder.
- If you win,
Bravo goes down in history as the DA
that lost LA's biggest trial,
and his job.
He's using my client as a pawn.
Bravo's replacement will take
the DA's office back to the Stone Age.
- Can you believe her?
- "It's Texas State Law".
The gall of that woman,
flying into our courtroom
with them tacky ass nails, girl.
I know you're not talkin' about me.
No, I'm talkin' about the Texas
DA on my pro bono case.
No, no, no, no, no, no, stop.
I cannot hear this.
I am seeing your judge tonight.
And I am not missing
our reservation at Bavel
for the tasting menu.
All right, well, I gotta do
some research anyway, so.
AMY: This place is already filling up
with associates from
Andre's other offices.
- Can you believe this?
- Two years ago we almost
went out of business, and
now we're about to be part
of one of the most prestigious
firms in the country.
I started out at a big firm.
It's crazy political.
As in, like, Game of Thrones
style power struggles
amongst the partners.
I dare them to come after us.
'Cause we are the dragons.
And did that feel good
to be back in the courtroom.
I think I have this jury, Callan.
Oh, I'm sure glad you're
having fun doing my job, sir.
But if you made me head
deputy DA just so you can
pull me out of a courtroom
and stick me behind a desk,
- I will resign right now.
- I trust you.
You're a great prosecutor.
But this is about optics.
Have you seen my recall numbers?
- They're terrible.
- Yeah, I'll be out of a job
in three months unless
I make a big move.
And you do get that my replacement
will not be as warm and fuzzy.
You you think that's
how people see you?
Look, I truly believe
that all of my reforms are helping LA.
So, what do you say, Callan?
Are you with me? Huh?
One small run to the breach,
dear friend?
All right. Okay, Shakespeare.
Why don't we head to
the conference room?
- We can go over the evidence.
- Move the war room in here,
given I need you to be available.
- Just set up in the corner.
- In the corner?
I'll bring in a desk.
- Poor Marky Mark.
I can call Bravo's parents if you want.
- That's not funny.
Troy warned me that winter was coming,
but I didn't expect to be stuck
on the wrong side
of the wall with Bravo.
At least Bravo is helping you.
Meanwhile, I am presiding over a case
where the entire great state of Texas
is trying to make an example
out of one young girl.
I came down here to get cheered up.
Plan not working.
Lord Bravo wants me to bring take-out
for our late-night work session.
Well, at least you have
a corner table in his office.
My God, when are you
playing at the Laugh Factory?
Oh, I gotta get home
to meet Rachel for dinner.
Oh, is this the big smooch reveal?
Yes. And it's no big deal.
[LAUGHING] See, that is funny.
This is Rachel we're talking about.
I know.
Through it all, I can't complain ♪
It feels so good ♪
I don't know what I would do ♪
Without you ♪
- Hey.
So good to see you.
RACHEL: Yeah, well, you too.
Are you ready for our foodie coma?
Definitely, Bailey is havin' a sleepover
at my parents', so I am free.
Wait a minute now, are we pre-gaming?
- You want a glass?
- Duh.
RACHEL: Thank you very much.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- So
- Anyway Go ahead.
Um, Robin is finishing
up some work in DC.
You already told me.
And that's good, right?
Oh, yeah.
We've been having some bumps.
But we'll work through it.
Yeah, working parent thing,
the long-distance thing, I can imagine.
It actually, it's more than that.
- Okay.
- Look,
this has been weighing on me,
and I need to get it off my chest.
Okay, now you're scaring me a little.
It was the horrible
insurrection at the HOJ,
and I was in lockdown.
With Dre.
It was finally over, and
he was holding me, and
- comforting me
- You kissed.

Wow, so, you kissed Dre,
and you're just telling me now,
and Robin saw it.
- Is that why he's gone?
- No.
We have been working through it.
I was developing feelings for Dre.
- I know.
- It's why
I was distant on your birthday.
It's why I stayed away
after you asked me to step back.
Because I'm loyal to you,
and not some man.
I mean, if you were really loyal,
you wouldn't have gone there
in the first place, but, whatever.
You said it was fine!
Seriously, what was I supposed to say?
I didn't wanna sound petty.
You could've been honest.
Especially with yourself.
Rachel. You know me.
In what world would I have said no?
Look, I would've hoped
you would have said no
because you were truly over him.
Why would you risk
everything for some
man, you haven't thought about in years.
I don't know. Look.
I thought I was over him. I did.
And then being around Dre,
it just brought up old feelings.
And I know it's messed up.
What I know is that
ugh, I thought Andre
was one of the good ones.
And you're married.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
And you deserve better from both of us.
I do, Dre doesn't owe me anything,
but you are my best friend.
[INDISTINCT]. We're family.
Next time, Lo, call me first.
Girl, there is not gonna be a next time.
What? You plan on lookin' up
my sixth-grade boyfriend?
Well, hell, I might.
It's dry out here in these streets.
Oh, Rachel.
I love you.
And I I am sorry.
Please, let's just promise each other
transparency always with everything.
Yes, girl. Always.

You're really, uh, perfecting
the Asian squat over there, Callan.
It's always how I imagined
my career would end, sir.
Well, you know you're welcome
to a bigger chair.
No, I really wouldn't wanna
break up the set.
Well, I'm not gonna get
in between you and your ball.
You're really rockin' the Ray-Bans
in that graduation photo.
Your family looks very proud.
Yeah, well, Mom and Dad were.
My sister was pissed because
she missed a beach party.
She still in Hawaii?
Take me through the George
McAllister direct again.
Okay. 500th time's the charm.
Whatever it takes, man.
My partner's office is better.
Because of all the noise,
office merger
Thank you again for the doughnuts.
Oh, it's no bother.
Sidecar Doughnuts is right by my hotel.
I'm stayin' at the Fairmont.
I heard Kevin Costner
hangs out in the bar.
Wow. Kevin Costner?
- Good to know.
So, might you tell me
the nature of this meeting, ladies?
Miss Ketchem, we ask
that you consider dropping
the charges against Maya Avila.
It's not your business.
The charges against the defendant
are a Texas matter.
The only reason Maya
used someone else's ID
was because of your witch hunt.
I understand you don't
agree with our values.
But we are just as passionate, so no.
- I will not drop the case.
- So, I suppose that you believe
that victims of rape and incest
should lose their
abortion rights as well?
They're all babies from
the moment of conception.
Okay, sure, you are
all for the sanctity of life.
With your gun rights,
and your school shootings.
Oh, you're all for pro-life
until the kids are born
You think that every child slain
by a gun doesn't affect us?
I am a mother.
In fact, I was Maya.
Pregnant in high school.
I didn't wanna keep it.
But when the ultrasound
showed my little boy
eight weeks along, and
I heard his heartbeat
well, it changed everything.
And when they asked me,
I heard myself say I was keepin' him.
Oh, my son, Jason, is my whole life.
He's graduatin' pre-med.
AMY: Well, you must be so proud.
And you're obviously
a very strong woman.
But you had a choice.
Under your law, Maya doesn't.
And you weren't facing
prison for your choice.
It's been nice, ladies.
And you can keep the doughnuts.

Why is the DA going so hard at me?
I know dudes who killed people.
They plea, do 15, 20, they out.
This Bravo's trying
to put me away for life.
Between the victim being
a beloved community figure
and the recall, this trial
is political, and I'm sorry.
I rob houses, I'm not a killer.
The only reason I had the gun
was because my cousin was killed
by a security guard doing a robbery.
When the door opened
I didn't know it was an old woman.
It happened so quick.
I could tell the jury that
I acted off impulse, right?
Dante, admitting
to the crime will not help.
- I feel bad for Mrs. McAllister.
Doing all kinds of stuff for the people.
I wish her charity would've
done somethin' for me.
- One in three.
- What what is one in three?
Black men get arrested in their life.
And get a degree in crime.
I know I fit that.
I've been in and out
of juvy since I was 12.
I can understand why you feel society
hasn't been there for you, I can.
But it is still no excuse
to take a human life.
I don't wanna die in a jail cell.
See if you can still get me a deal.
My client is willing to plead
to first-degree murder.
- Yeah, sure
- BRAVO: Sorry, Miss Lopez,
but the people decline.
We are back in session, Mr. Callan.
Dr. McAllister, you've
testified that you were
in your bedroom when you heard
three loud popping noises outside.
- What happened next?
- I ran to the window
and saw the defendant
running out of our guest house.
How did you know it was the defendant?
Because I opened
my window and yelled out
when that man looked up at me,
I'll never forget his face.
Thank you. No further question.
Miss Lopez, would you
like to cross-examine?
LOPEZ: Yes, Your Honor.
I am marking a photograph
as defense exhibit E.
Take it to the witness.
Thank you so much.
It appears to show
a wall.
Attaching the main house to a backhouse,
with large Ficus trees planted along it.
Now, Dr. McAllister, this wall and trees
are right between your window
and where you claim you saw my client.
How could you possibly have seen him?
- Objection, argumentative.
- Sustained.
You think I lied?
We demoed that wall
and removed the trees
two months before my wife was murdered.
Reba wanted to put an herb garden there
for our grandchildren.
- Miss Lopez.
LOPEZ: Yes, Your Honor, um
Uh, could we have a recess, Your Honor?
The court will now
dismiss for a brief recess.
WATKINS: It was not your fault.
The property photos
and the police report
were from a dated Redfin listing.
You would think that the
police would photograph
- the actual house, but
- It doesn't matter.
I still should've confirmed
the photos myself.
But the wall being
demolished is interesting.
You're acting like
you still can win this case.
Well, just a hunch.
I'm right.
WATKINS: You're right about what?
Bravo made a mistake.
A big one.
MARSHALL: Miss Lopez.
It is still your cross.
LOPEZ: Dr. McAllister, the structure
where your wife's office was located,
that's actually a converted garage
that nobody sleeps in, correct?
Yes, Reba wanted her own workspace.
- It's her office.
- And as you earlier testified,
this garage is no longer attached
to your main house by
any structure, correct?
- That's correct. Why?
- Objection. Relevance.
It goes to the elements
of proving residential burglary.
to speak with the attorneys.
The court will take a brief recess.
Jury, you are dismissed.
Dr. McAllister, if you would please
step down and leave the courtroom.
Thank you.
Counsel, would you
please approach the bench.
Miss Lopez, where is all of this going?
Residential burglary requires
an inhabited residence,
not a detached garage
that nobody sleeps in.
I have building records
confirming that this structure
is still a permitted garage.
Permits? This is ridiculous.
- It's a murder trial.
- What is ridiculous is that
you could have only charged my client
with felony murder but you didn't.
You wanted to put him away for life
to save your job,
so you went for the max
by adding a special circumstance,
only you screwed up
the underlying felony.
I will be making a motion
to dismiss this case.
Dismissed? My wife was murdered.
- What is going on here?
- George, you cannot be here.
Dr. McAllister, would you please
leave the courtroom immediately.
Why is this lawyer trying so hard
to put this monster back on the streets?
Dr. McAllister, I do
not want to have you
forcibly removed from the courtroom.
Your Honor, that won't be necessary.
George, please, come with me.
Mr. Bravo, if you do not have
a very good answer to her argument,
I am inclined to grant her motion.
Your Honor, the guesthouse is attached
to the main house by a covered walkway.
The people would
like to introduce photos
to the record to corroborate this.
I happen to have the photos right here.
Thank you.
Aha. I see a picture of you
and your wife on a beach.
Well, she's not my wife. Yet.
JUDGE: But the shorts what?
It's more of a European-style trunk.
Just keep scrolling, sir.
Of course, yes.
Oh, yes, I I I see
a walkway, and, uh
very nice trellis.
A trellis is legally not a structure
pursuant to the statute.
This is a reach, Your Honor.
Ah, well,
after a review of the, uh, evidence
submitted by the people,
I am now inclined
to deny your motion.
But I am going to allow the parties
to submit evidence
relating to the occurrence
of these crimes
in an inhabited residence.
Let's let the jury decide here.
REPORTER: The Reba McAllister
jury is out.
One can't help but wonder
what DA Bravo was thinking
knowing that 12 women and men
hold the future of his job,
his career, and could
absolutely cement his legacy
Sir, that pen thing is really
The trellis photo was
not in the police report.
- How did you know?
- I went to the crime scene
and I took photos.
Choi taught me that in my first trial.
Nice to know Choi's good for something
other than sniping behind my back.
Sir, the reason why
Choi and other people
in this office are against you
is because of the way you treat them.
You act like you live on Mount Olympus.
- I'm Zeus, I presume?
- Did it even occur to you
to discuss with the other
experienced prosecutors
in this office your reforms
before you announced them?
I'm not a fan of town halls, Mark.
- Right.
- Hey.
- AMY: My doctor just called.
You still haven't
dropped off your sample?
I'm kinda busy here.
- What's the rush?
- My receptionist's husband
just found out he has enlarged
veins in the scrotum,
which causes DNA damage.
Varicocele, otherwise
known as "hot balls".
I do not have roasted chestnuts.
A healthy man filling up a small cup
should not be brain surgery.
Do it, Callan. I'll send the messenger.
Yeah, hold on.
Sir, I just need to hit the head.
- What if we get a verdict?
- Oh, it'll be quick.
All right, it's on, I just
need you to do that thing.
Your closing was off the charts.
Bravo did not prove
first-degree burglary.
You just need one juror.
- Are you counting corn nuts?
- Sorry, I'm just
this trial
I cannot believe I might bring down
a district attorney who's
willing to experiment
with progressive justice.
Bravo's fate is not on you.
- And
- What about Dante?
In and out of the system his whole life.
What if he'd had resources.
This is exactly why I still feel
holistic law is key.
When people have support
and they have skills,
they're less likely to turn to crime.
I'm just gonna grab George some tea.
We're set up in the conference room.
- How's he doing?
- I mean, he's he's worried.
- He didn't mean what he said.
No, he did.
But I get it, I might've just
you know, freed the person
who killed his soulmate.
Oh, Emily.
Your Honor, documents confirming
the defendant's identity,
including a copy of her
original birth certificate,
will arrive by the end of day.
Thank you for that update,
Madame District Attorney.
Your Honor, given that
the 48-hour notice period
has been met, we'd like
to request a 1275 hearing.
Granted. DA Ketchem, what is
Texas's position on bail?
Bail? When did bail come up?
Two days ago, when we first
noticed the 1275 hearing.
This is a setup.
Nobody said anything about bail.
And nobody told you to show up
in a California courtroom
without a copy
of the California Penal Code.
Here you go. Page 973.
I flagged it for you.

It has gotta be that damn garage.
They should have reached a verdict.
Maybe they broke for a long lunch.
Speaking of which, I am starving.
What snacks are you hiding from me?
No, no, no! Sir! No, sir! Do not
Oh, what is this Oh, God!
I am so sorry.
This is, uh, this is it's
Wha you've seriously been
racing around HOJ with spunk
in your [INDISTINCT] bag?
I did consider putting it
in your mini fridge,
but it was full, so
Aw, should I even ask?
Amy just wanted to make sure
that my boys can swim.
You're not short on production,
that's for sure.
Who knew it could be so complicated
to start a family, right?
- Yeah.
You know, the, uh
reason I'm wearing shades
in this photo is because
I was stoned out of my mind.
- No way.
- Yeah.
And my sister, she's, uh, on Maui now,
but we don't talk.
But that's a
longer story for another day,
but she does let me FaceTime
with my nephew, Kiyoshi.
He's awesome.
He's named after my grandfather,
who died in an internment camp
during World War Two.
You know, it's the reason
I became a prosecutor.
To ensure that those with power
don't abuse it in such horrible ways.
I had no idea.
You're not exactly a sharer, sir.
You know, there's this hole
in the wall in Koreatown
- that makes the best Manhattan
- I am all for that.
But, uh, better head back to court.
Jury's reached a verdict.
- Okay, okay.
I'll just
You're not bringing that with, are you?
The idea of releasing
this defendant on bail
when she has already fled
Texas to escape arrest?
This is outrageous.
She couldn't be more of a flight risk.
No bail bondsman
will post a dollar for her.
We agree with Miss Ketchem.
Our client does not have
the financial resources to post bail.
Which is a problem when wealth
is a factor in deciding
who gets released, pending trials.
It it hurts poor people.
Our own district attorney
has rejected cash bail.
We therefore request that
the court does the same,
and only considers
whether our client's release
poses a danger to the public safety.
Given this is supported
by the California Supreme Court,
I will follow it.
Mrs. Avila, please stand.
The court finds the defendant does not
pose a risk to public safety,
and orders her immediate release.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Your Honor, I'm heading back to Texas.
My office will notify you
regarding our next steps.
That is your prerogative.
Court is adjourned.
I should've known
your local rules better.
But an ambush is still an ambush.
And to a lot of good people,
this is not a victory,
but a loss.
So, when can I go home?
That warrant will
still be waiting for you.
Unless there's a radical
change in Texas laws,
you can't go home.

Thank you.
Would the parties please rise?
The defendant please face the jury.
In the matter
of the people of California
versus Dante Akinjo,
we the jury,
in the above-entitled action,
find the defendant
guilty of the crime of murder.
We further find the special circumstance
that the defendant committed
murder while engaged
in the crime of residential burglary
- to be true.
MARSHALL: I'd like to thank
the jury for your service,
you are excused.
I'm sorry.
David almost beat Goliath.
Can you imagine if I'd won?
WOMAN: If you need anything
MCALLISTER: Thank you. So much.
Um, just
LOPEZ: Dr. McAllister,
I just wanted to say that, um
that I'm so sorry for your loss, your
I know that everyone
has a right to an attorney.
But how do you sleep
at night, Miss Lopez?
It'll be okay.
WATKINS: Hey, you
did not deserve that, Em.
That man is still overcome with grief.
No, part of the job, right?
It's the shitty part,
but, you know, part of it.
I just wanna I just wanna go home.
Done, and I'm making you
my world-famous, grandma
Watkins lasagna tonight.
- Yes, please.
- CARMICHAEL: Come on, ladies.
I thought happy hour
was supposed to be happy.
It is. But that was an intense case.
So, just, thank God it's over
and now we can all vent.
Hell yeah. Thank you, Judge Carmichael.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Don't thank me.
All I did was follow the law.
- California law.
You know the flood of women
who will be seeking
asylum here will be skyrocketing?
It just breaks my heart to think that
Bailey will grow up in a world
stripped of the very rights
I had growing up.
We are entering a national crisis.
I will not go quietly
back into the fifties.
Now, what is Sherri doing?
- Gettin' lit.
- Oh!
I just wanted to thank
you for inviting me.
I know that perhaps I would not be
Sherri, stop being weird!
All right, let's turn these
frowns upside down.
- Toast to
- Us!
- Cheers.
- Mm.
Yes, yes, yes. Whoo! Okay.
So, change of subject.
Anyone? Go, go, go, go, go.
I got Mark to whack
off at the HOJ today.
- What?
- Huh?
It's a long story, we're just
testing his swimmers, and
Oh, my God, I need
to stop drinking, no
No, no, no, no, this is
too good, this is too good.
Attorney-client privilege.
- Overruled.
I'm going to get some more chips.
AMY: You ready to join Armstrong,
Patterson and Stevens tomorrow?
Do we really wanna do this?
I mean, personally, I
I would love to just stay
a small, all-female firm.
- I know that's right.
- RACHEL: I'll talk to Andre.
Working with him is getting
too complicated anyway.
We have a lot to sort out.
- SHERRI: Tuesday booze day.
SHERRI: Okay, I will take these. Okay.
No, no, no, not for you.
- What?
- To Sherri.
To Sherri!
Well, we did it, Callan.
Sorry if I was a pain in the ass.
I venture to say full hemorrhoid, sir.
You really have no
filter with me, do you?
It's why I hired you
to be my head deputy.
You, uh, tell me when
I'm being an asshole.
Just don't make it a habit.
Thank you, sir, and noted.
But I gotta ask, now that your job
is a bit more secure, which
Bravo are you gonna be?
The hardliner or the progressive?
- I'm not sure.
But I do know I'm not
going back on my reforms.
Once you retreat, you never
regain your lost territory.
You can always go back to being
that stoned surfer on the beach, sir.
- Oh, fun times.
Now I need to ask you something.
Please tell me you didn't
use my private bathroom.
REPORTER 1: There he is.
REPORTER 2: District Attorney Bravo
Can we expect to see you
in another high-profile trial?
Well, first, I give credit
to my head deputy, Mark Callan.
His quick thinking and
preparation are the reason
we won this trial.
Now, as for me, I'll be returning
to running my office and leave
the heavy lifting in court
to my amazing prosecutors and staff.
I just wasted three
days in California
watchin' a bunch of liberal lawyers
protect a fugitive
who committed a felony
to get an illegal abortion in Texas.
We need to end sanctuary states,
which is why I am runnin'
for congress
- MARSHALL: Your Honor.
- where I will join the fight
- to make abortion illegal
- How did you get past Sherri?
It seems that she is not at her desk.
I did come in through the main door.
I'm sure you have something to say about
- the way I handled this case.
I have never been prouder of a judge.
You saved that young woman.
And I have two daughters.
it is personal.

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