All Rise (2019) s03e18 Episode Script

Pretty Ugly

MARK: Previously on All Rise
I've been summoned to DC.
- What if they want you back?
- My GMAT days are over.
- SHERRI: Mom, where are you going?
- Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
His heart is gonna boom if he knows
that I'm going back to
the community without him.
No, no, you cannot
leave me here with him.
Sherri, where do you keep the kimchi?
VIC: Mark Callan, Head
Deputy District Attorney.
They want you to throw an upcoming case.
But, if you help them just once
you'll be indebted to them forever.

Your words and ♪
What do you think about
me getting this beauty?
A Porsche 911?
What is this? Revenge For
everything I put you through?
I'm kidding, I'm kidding, kidding.
It is $180,000 and a two seater.
Where does Bailey even go?
That's what grandparents are for.
Okay, I also think it might
look nice in a used one.
Mm. You do realize the pretty lady
doesn't come with the car, right?
I don't want her.
You would look so much better.
Next to it.
In it.
- On it.
- Ooh.
EMILY: All right, for the trial.
DARLENE: Bright colors
are more flattering.
Well, it's all we've got right now.
Okay, so shall we begin, Miss Schmidt?
Let's start by reviewing your
work history for the jury.
I used to do medical
billing for a podiatrist.
Feet, not so exciting.
But two years ago, I
started with Dr. Vasquez,
a plastic surgeon
and so handsome.
It was different.
Let's go over what happened that day.
I took a tire iron to my
boss's shiny white Mercedes.
And Dr. Vasquez came down to the garage,
yelled at me, but I
- I swung at him, I couldn't stop.
- Why?
I needed to show him
that he couldn't get away
with what he did to me.
No matter what some jury said.
I don't trust juries.
You'll have to move past that.
Like water off a duck's back?
Have I told you about
my boyfriend, Larry?
We had season tickets to the Dodgers.
I'm not photogenic, but this one's good.
Put it in my client folder.
It's really lovely, Miss Schmidt,
but I need you to stay
focused, all right?
The best we can hope for
here is to reduce the charge
from premeditated attempted murder
which carries a sentence
of seven years to life.
I should see if this fits.
Darlene, what matters here
is the strength of your case
- and not the way you look.
- Please, stop the BS!
It's always been poor Darlene
and the great "fucking rape me
- and get away with it" personality.
- Darlene,
I am on your side. I
am gonna fight for you.
Now, Judge Carmichael made a 402 ruling
that is very bad for us.
- What does that mean?
- It means that we can't mention
the doctor was acquitted of raping you
or use it for your defense.

EMILY: Thank you so much.
BOTH: Non-fat decaf latte
with half a pack of brown sugar.
- You know me so well.
I was in early prepping a client
and I thought I'd beat you to the line.
And on my way in, I
stopped to pick you up this
because I know your hands get dry.
- You are so sweet.
- Considerate.
Soon, we'll be wearing,
like, matchings sweat suits.
Oh, yes, I like that.
- You do?
- Sure.
Yeah, me too.
Did Frank just bow to you?
I'm head deputy DA,
people honor my presence.
You should really work on your curtsy.
SARA: Oh, good morning.
Hey, you two are working
on that case together right?
How's it going?
Attempted murder of the
fancy plastic surgeon.
Judge Carmichael was
enthralled by my arguments
during the pre-trial motion hearing.
I expect to cruise to victory.
Oh, there is the good doctor now.
This time, Miss Castillo,
please try not to cross any lines.
Let's remember, you are this man's
victim advocate,
not his bestie at a slumber party.
Yeah, I am well aware of that.
Apparently, Maggie
hates slumber parties.
Well, there go my Saturday night plans.
DR. VASQUEZ: Now, don't get me wrong,
you are a beautiful woman.
But just a little Restylane injected
in your nasolabial folds, and ten years,
Do you offer advice
about cosmetic procedures
wherever you go?
Well, if I can help I do.
Wow, the symmetry of your face
Do you want to know
just the just the tiny
miniscule improvements
that I would suggest?
No, no, no, I am not doing a damn thing.
This isn't Russia, you can't
just strong arm a district
Oh, hey, Teddy, you got a minute?
If this is about the scratch
on the side of your car.
- What scratch?
- I think I can rub it out.
- Bye.
- Hold on, the Anna Sutton felony DUI case,
- give me the details.
- Well, the accused was driving
while under the influence of drugs.
She crashed into a lamppost,
severely injuring her passenger,
totaled the fancy beamer, so
it's weird she got a public defender
but it's not her car.
It's registered to an Yvonne Kirilenko.
Where've I heard that name?
What do you do for a living Dr. Vasquez?
I'm a plastic surgeon.
People think that I just do
breast augmentations and facelifts,
but I also assist with burn victims
and I volunteer to help
children with cleft palates.
Can you tell the jury what transpired
in the surgical center's garage
with your former
employee, Darlene Schmidt?
[SIGHS] She bashed in my
skull with a tire iron.
I am lucky to be alive.
I mean, look look at this.
My career is over.
MAGGIE: In this video,
previously marked
"people's exhibit one,"
is this Miss Schmidt
coming at you the day of the incident?
I have here
what appears to be a tire iron
that I'd like to mark as
"people's exhibit two."
- So marked.
- MAGGIE: Now, I recognize
that this may be difficult
for you Dr. Vasquez,
but please,
can you walk the jury
through the attack?
How did she strike you?
EMILY: Objection, Your Honor!
Is is whatever,
this is really necessary?
MAGGIE: The people are demonstrating
the nature and the force of the attack.
Overruled, you may answer Dr. Vasquez.
Well, first, she struck me in the ribs
and then she brought both of her hands
up in the air like this
arms bent at a 90 degree angle,
and then she just came down
with everything that she had.
Was that how hard she hit you?
Rachel made herself my maid of honor
and she keeps calling every ten minutes.
I mean, I don't have time to talk about
bachelorette parties or cap
sleeves versus strapless.
- But it should be strapless, right?
AMY: Hello!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah,
it's just new job brain.
- AMY: Okay.
- Just go talk to Rachel.
- Okay,
but she says you need to
have a bachelor party too.
I mean, you can't make me suffer alone.
MARK: In Vegas?
I would need a lot of coffee
to wrap my head around that.
Okay, first of all, no mechanical bull.
And second, I don't know,
is the whole Cinderella
at the ball thing really my thing?
- LUKE: Miss Sutton, I think I got it all down.
- Wait is this
is this DUI gonna hurt my acting career?
I think one or two actors
have survived a DUI,
but injuring your friend
in an accident is serious.
And Miss Sutton, the BMW
that you were driving,
- it was registered to
- My dad.
Yeah, I kind of swiped it
from his garage in Vegas
so that I could get to auditions,
but he didn't report it.
Okay, so that's one less problem.
- Shit.
- I've got to get to scene class.
- Miss Sutton,
I'm gonna need you to focus.
You got me?
- Yeah.
- See you at the hearing.
Yo, Callan!
I'm facing off with your
grasshopper, Teddy Biswas,
in this DUI with injury case.
You're representing Anna Sutton?
Yeah, it's all about the
luck of the draw, bro.
Anyway, listen, you have
trained this kid too well, man.
When I asked for an offer,
he totally blew me off.
Oh, I gotta go. Later man.
Hey, Luke!

EMILY: Dr. Vasquez,
how would you characterize
your relationship
with the defendant, Miss Schmidt?
Strictly professional.
But you routinely worked late
nights and weekends together,
foregoing time with your wife,
with your family, isn't that true?
A big plastic surgery
practice like mine,
the books are very complex.
All those hours together,
didn't you share some
very personal things?
I told her a couple of stories
about how I grew up broke
and how I still have
anxiety about money.
Darlene is a very
easy person to talk to.
But, she mistook my kindness for more,
and she got totally obsessed.
Did anything physical ever occur
between you and Miss Schmidt?
- Objection, violates the 402.
- Does my wife have to listen to this?
I've already said that nothing happened.
LOLA: Miss Lopez.
Yes, Your Honor, I am asking
if their relationship ever evolved
into something intimate.
I'm not asking about
anything covered by the 402.
Overruled on that basis.
Dr. Vasquez, you just
said that nothing happened,
but you didn't say that
during this trial, did you?
Objection, 402 grounds again.
Not quite, Miss Palmer. He
said, "Nothing happened,"
the defense can clarify.
Overruled, Dr. Vasquez, go ahead.
Yes, she accused me of something
that she totally made up in her head.
And did she make up
that you referred to her
as a butterface?
Everything but her face,
a dog, a double bagger?
Did she make up that something happened
- that sent her to the hospital?
- Objection, 402 grounds again.
Miss Lopez has got to
be kidding with this.
Sustained, Dr. Vasquez,
do not answer that.
Miss Lopez, tread lightly.
Dr. Vasquez, I'm just
I'm having a hard time
understanding how Miss Schmidt,
who you just said, in your own words
was, "so easy to talk to,"
suddenly smashed your
head with a tire iron?
- You would have to ask her.
- I didn't have to,
she told hospital staff
that you violated her.
402! 402!
Violate could mean many things.
Sustained, go any further
and I will be forced
to find you in contempt.
Oh, my God, come on, all of you,
would you please look at my wife?
Why would I ever touch that woman,
- let alone rape her? I was exonerated.
Both of you in my chambers.
- Court is adjourned.
Yes, Your Honor.
Your 402 ruling in the pre-trial hearing
expressly forbid any mention of Dr.
Vasquez' rape trial in this case.
Miss Lopez just tap
danced right off the line,
and you just let her
slide right over it.
Watch your tone, Miss Palmer.
Need I remind you of the
leeway that I gave you,
when I allowed for you to smash
a cantaloupe in my courtroom.
Honey dew.
That said, bringing
up the rape trial now
is not only prejudicial to the jury,
it is also effectively
asking them to try him again
and we do not have double
jeopardy in this country.
In this case,
the doctor was the victim
of a brutal crime, period.
Your Honor, the defense fully abided
by the court's 402 ruling,
but when the doctor
brought up the rape trial
on his own, he opened
the door to admit it.
Miss Palmer, the court
did instruct Dr. Vasquez
not to answer the defense's question.
Miss Schmidt believes
that Dr. Vasquez raped her
with no consequences.
My client allegedly
attacked him in a blind rage,
a crime of passion.
The jurors need to know
what drove my client to act.
- Oh, come on!
- I will take both of your arguments
- under consideration, go!
Thank you, Judge Carmichael.
Save your thank yous. I
have not made my ruling yet,
but I did not appreciate
how you kept pushing.
Your Honor, I know this
is really not a good time,
and thank you for all
the time you've allowed me
to have with my father.
My neighbors just called,
- and it's not an emergency
- Sherri, what do you have,
like, three-years time off?
112 days, yes.
- Then please, go.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
SHERRI: Dad! Dad!
- Where are you?
- I'm back here.
- Oh, thank God.
- Hi!
Dad, I had a Whoa! Okay.
Um, uh let's cover up.
Okay, Dad, my neighbor can see you.
- Hi.
- Lisa, what are you doing here?
I'm sneaking some Twizzlers.
Wow, you look
Like a circus clown? I know.
I lost my ID, I'm headed
to HR for a new one.
I take it as a personal mission
to never have another
hideous ID pic again.
Yeah, like shooting from half court.
Hi, Lisa. What are we talking about?
ID photos.
DELGADO: Mine looks like a mug shot.
Hey, Lisa, before you head down to HR,
I would love to get both
of you ladies opinions
on an upcoming ruling I have to make.
Is this the medical biller
trial that's in the news?
I already excluded the
doctor's previous rape trial,
it's not pertinent to
the serious crime at hand
but then he brought it
up himself on the stand,
courtesy of Emily Lopez's prodding.
Oh, boy, you gotta let it in.
- That is what the defense wants.
- LISA: It's highly prejudicial.
Do you really want the
defense hammering the witness
about a crime that
he's been acquitted of?
I'd exclude any further mention of it.
The jury already heard it,
you can't unring that bell.
LISA: But you can stop
pulling on the rope.
It already looks like the
prosecution is hiding something.
So, keep the 402 ruling in place?
[SIGHS] I side with Miss Palmer.
I'm with Lopez.
Great, I have to rule in
this cage match by tomorrow.
But, thank you. I think.

SHERRI: Dad, what did you do your hair?
HARRY: I dyed it.
How did I get all this grey?
You know,
you have too many mirrors in your house.
It makes the room look bigger.
Dad, I was worried, I
called you several times.
Why didn't you answer your phone?
I can't hear the phone from out here.
I got you an iPhone. It's wireless.
I don't know how to use that i-thingy.
Linden community,
there's no mirrors.
We don't focus on ourselves.
When I get here,
I look so old.
Dad, the tanning, the hair.
What is this about?
Your mom.
Your mother doesn't
think I'm hot anymore.
She's changed, boopy.
She used to support all
my dreams, but now
But now, she has goals of her own
which you would know, if you listened.
All of this isn't going to win her back.
But then, why should
I care if I get better?
Hair looks good though, huh?
Good morning, Miss Lopez.
You ready for Le Petit Château?
Table in the back, candlelight,
- wear something slinky.
- That's tonight.
- Tonight.
- Uh-huh.
Babe, my client takes the stand today,
and I have been busy
prepping for that all week,
and I am just
Would you hate me if we
stayed in, sweats, burritos?
Ooh, the two of you all loved up
and sweats with burritos,
that's just so comfy.
- I'll make it up to you.
- It's all good.
I like comfy.
- I will see you ladies later.
- Okay.
I wonder if Gabriel and I'll ever
have what you and Luke do one day.
Enjoy the pink cloud
stage because Luke and I,
we're just kind of starting
to veer away from that.
Oh, my God, Emily, shut up.
What you two have is beautiful.
We all are just so used to turmoil,
that familiar seems unfamiliar.
Thank you.
- TEDDY: Hold the door.
- Hi, Teddy.
Bye, Teddy.
I was just headed up to
judge Delgado's courtroom.
I need you to interview every
business within a five block radius
of Anna Sutton's DUI
accident on La Brea.
But that will take hours.
Prelim starting in, like
- I'll handle the prelim.
- You, but you
Go, the Head Deputy District
Attorney is speaking.
Where is Mr. Biswas?
Studying for a spelling bee?
MARK: So sorry, Your Honor!
- Callan
- You are not Mr. Biswas.
That is true, he is cuter however,
he had another pressing issue.
So, I will be taking over.
- Surprising, since you're the new
- I know, I know,
the new Head Deputy. I still like
getting in the trenches, Your Honor.
Your Honor, I'd like
to request a continuance
- to further examine
- No need for that, Mr. Watkins.
The people are unable to proceed
within the statutory
timeframe, Your Honor.
Motion to dismiss.
[SIGHS] Very well.
The Defense motion
to dismiss is granted.
You are free to go, Miss Sutton.
Stay out of trouble.
Really? Unable to proceed?
Take it at face value, Watkins.
Because of Dr. Vasquez'
testimony yesterday
you will be hearing
further clarification
about a previous trial
in which he was acquitted
by a jury of his peers.
You are not to draw any
inferences from that information
except as it pertains to
Darlene Schmidt's state of mind.
I take no delight in having to
reverse my initial 402 ruling.
Miss Lopez, call your first witness.
EMILY: And Miss Schmidt, what
was your work relationship
- with Dr. Vasquez?
- I was his medical biller,
I kept his practice in the black.
So would you say that Dr. Vasquez
became dependent upon you?
I think so. Yes.
Dr. Vasquez was terrible at accounting,
lived way beyond his means.
- How did he reward you?
- DARLENE: He didn't.
He'd insult me in front of the
staff during the work hours,
then come crying to me at night.
- EMILY: Why did you stay?
- DARLENE: I have a sick mother.
I needed the job.
I did finally find the courage to quit,
but he begged me to stay. Then
he kissed me.
And this was consensual?
DARLENE: At first.
I thought this is everything I wanted.
My happily ever after.
Dr. Vasquez said he had feelings for me.
But then, I heard this voice saying,
"He's using you to make money, Darlene.
Do you really hate yourself so much?"
So I I pushed him away,
said I had a boyfriend,
but he didn't take no
for an answer. Then
he forced himself inside me.
Miss Schmidt, why did
you go to the garage
the day of the alleged incident.
I went to damage my boss's car.
EMILY: And when he caught you?
He looked at me like I was pathetic.
Objection, speculation.
Miss Schmidt doesn't know
what was in Dr. Vasquez' head.
It's lay opinion, Your Honor.
Overruled, I'd like to
see where this is going.
When Dr. Vasquez gave you that look,
- how did you feel?
- It's all a blur.
It was banging around in my brain,
stupid stuff.
Never having a date to
the prom. [CHUCKLING]
The reassurances.
There's a lid to every pot.
You'd make a great nun.
But, it kills you.
Miss Schmidt, how did
Dr. Vasquez' acquittal,
- how did that make you feel?
- Furious.
The jury didn't believe me,
wouldn't believe me because of how I
Did you know right from
wrong in that moment?
He cared about me, I swear.
I was the only one who
gave a crap about him and
EMILY: Miss Schmidt,
that's not the question.
A man like him isn't supposed
to love someone like me
and he hated me for it!
Sustained. The jury will
disregard Miss Schmidt's answer.
Counsel, approach the bench.
Okay, Miss Palmer, no
more editorializing.
Miss Lopez, take some time for
your client to collect herself.
Court is in recess.
- HARRY: Six.
- CAMILLE: Where is he?
Oh, Harry, look at your breathing.
Sherri said that you stopped
taking your medication.
Honey, you could die.
I still take that junk.
- Why Sherri, you lied to me.
- It was an emergency?
And you know what you like the Fonzie.
- HARRY: Really?
- The Fonz or Fonz, not the Fonzie,
is that the last time
you watched TV? Wow.
How did you get her here?
I might have said
something about the FBI,
and suing the Linden
community, you know,
there's a chance you can't go back.
You would end our
lives without asking us?
Like never, never, ever.
- Oh, my God.
- What am I supposed to do now, honey,
- it's been 30 years.
- Anything you want, Mom,
anything you want, you are free.
HARRY: You know, Camille, I've
been here for some time now,
and and being with
Sherri is kind of nice.
You know what, what we could
do is we could rip out this lawn
and start our own neighborhood garden.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah!
You know what else La
La Land is known for
besides tanning and
beaches? Guest houses.
Are you kicking us out?
No, you know what, I I
I have to think about this.
Me too.
Miss Schmidt, according
to security records,
your key card was swiped within minutes,
sometimes seconds of Dr. Vasquez' card
more than 200 times last year.
Was that so you could ride up and down
on the elevator with him?
Well, like you heard,
we worked a lot together.
So, on the day that you
vandalized Dr. Vasquez' Mercedes,
you knew that he would see you do it.
You wanted it, timed it
because you were looking
to have a confrontation, weren't you?
Objection, argumentative.
Overruled. Answer the
question, Miss Schmidt.
No, I didn't mean to hurt him.
- I don't know
- Oh, that's right.
Your emotions were so overwhelming
that you can't recollect
bludgeoning Dr. Vasquez' skull
- with a tire iron.
- Objection, argumentative.
Your Honor, I'd like to revisit
the garage security footage.
Miss Schmidt, right
It appears
that you pause before
striking the victim.
- What were you looking at?
- I have no idea.
MAGGIE: At 4:42 p.m
a car passed by here.
And if we follow your line of sight,
it appears that you
stopped to look at it.
Do you remember that?
- I don't remember anything.
- Oh, that's right.
Because you were so overwhelmed
in this moment of passion.
And yet, somehow you stopped.
Contrary to what most people believe,
pre-meditation does not
require some drawn out plan.
Pre-meditation can occur within seconds
and in this case, within six seconds.
Six seconds for you
to calculate your plan
because you were cognizant
- of your guilt
- Objection, argumentative,
- Isn't that right?
- foundation, speculation.
No more questions, Your Honor.
This video, I can't figure
out what's bugging me.
Well, if you can't
figure it out now,
maybe take a break.
Oh, my God, your face.
I can see your fear.
I can see that you're scared
that we're turning
into this beans sweats,
- no sex couple.
- Ooh, how do we go from
beans and sweats to no sex,
we're nowhere near that.
Listen, I am so gonna put
a smoking hot dress on
- for you, like, so soon.
- Whoa.
- Well then, maybe I'll do the same.
- Oh, yes, please.
This video is really
bothering you, isn't it?
Yeah, it's it's just like
Let me take a look.
Okay, well, at least we know
it's a Dodgers fan, decal see?
- It's the same Honda Civic.
- LUKE: And the same decal.
Larry, Darlene's boyfriend was driving.
She stopped to look at him,
he must've driven her
to the garage that day.
That guy would do anything for her.
I gotta find Larry. Maybe
he can help with the case.
Or hurt it. There could be
bad blood between those two
and then you've got a
terrible witness on your hands.
I've got nothing left to lose.
You know, attractive people
have an unfair advantage
in the judicial system.
And in life.
Ooh, when I think about it,
first thing I thought
when I saw you was,
"Goddamn, he's fine."
Does that make me shallow?
Well, the only reason I
stopped and talked to you was
because you were killing that
little sundress you had on. Woo!
So, wait a minute, would
you not have pretended
to ask for directions
if I wasn't good looking?
you are a force of nature,
kind, great sense of humor
but no.
Ow, I'm just I'm
just being honest, baby.
But look,
I truly enjoyed unwrapping
this beautiful package.
Finding out how amazing you really are.
I was thinking I might
wear the powder blue tux
that I wore to my prom.
Yeah, but you didn't get laid
- when you went to prom.
- Zing!
AMY: Oh, look.
Vic, you're here, in LA,
twice in two weeks, everything okay?
Everything is great.
I just came to visit my son
and his beautiful bride-to-be.
We're making dinner, you hungry?
Always, and I will be right in.
I just need to chat with
my boy for one minute.
So, my 250 grand debt
evaporated overnight.
What the hell did you do?
Maybe you're better at
business than you realize, Vic.
VIC: Oh, come on, I raised
you to be smarter than that.
I was headed to Panama,
I can take care of myself.
I always do.
But you're here now, with us.
So, why don't you come inside,
help me and Amy make dinner?
Kurilinko is going to chew you up
and spit you out inside a chalk outline.
I should've never told you about him.
Ah, garlic!
You know what the secret to garlic is?
You just keep adding more.
Please, please, don't
put Larry on the stand.
Okay, look, I subpoenaed him
to keep you out of prison
for the rest of your days.
Think about your mother.
I'm sorry, but this is not your call.
- Miss Lopez.
- Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Dipner,
please tell the jury what
led up to the encounter
between Miss Schmidt and
Dr. Vasquez in the garage?
It was two days after Vasquez got off.
There was a plan to smash
up that obnoxious car of his.
- EMILY: Miss Schmidt's plan?
- It was my idea.
EMILY: What happened next?
I chickened out.
And Darlene,
she looked so disappointed in me,
so she grabbed the tire iron,
and she went into the garage herself.
I yelled at her to stop, but
she just said I should wait.
- Did you?
- LARRY: For a while,
but it was taking so long,
I started freaking out.
I drove around the garage
looking for her, and that's
when I saw that doctor screaming at her.
Mr. Dipner, did you
hear any of the argument
between Miss Schmidt and Dr. Vasquez?
Yeah, I heard Vasquez yell.
EMILY: What did he say, Mr. Dipner?
He he shouted
"You're too goddamned ugly
for anyone to believe
that I raped you."
And then, she went nuts.
I I didn't recognize
who that person was.
So, you saw this
crime of passion,
and you stopped it, and
you helped the doctor?
I drove off.
And left her there.
But none of this would've
happened if it weren't for me.
It was my idea to wreck his car,
and I am so sorry that
guys like that doctor,
they get away with everything.
EMILY: No further questions, Your Honor.
LOLA: Cross, Miss Palmer?
Mr. Dipner, when Miss
Schmidt attacked the doctor,
did he have a weapon?
Was her life in any danger?
- No.
- No further questions.
Well, well, well, new secret staircase.
Let's test out the
acoustics. La, la, la.
Lo, I've only got a second.
I gotta meeting, so
Really? You okay?
What's going on? Is wedding
planning getting to you?
Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
What's up?
LOLA: You gotta fill me in on your case.
Head deputy DA takes over a prelim
on a DUI injury case, and then drops it.
- What's going on?
- Cops made procedural mistakes,
and there was different
testimony from the witnesses.
And you didn't shake out any
of those inconsistencies sooner?
That is very un-Callany.
What, are you monitoring
me? Is this what judges do?
You guys sit around and you gossip?
No, what? Mark Seriously?
- Yup.
- Go good.
Go good.
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
LOLA: Foreperson, please hand
the verdict form to the bailiff.
Thank you.
Will the defendant please stand?
Go ahead.
As to count one, attempted
murder with pre-meditation,
we, the jury find the
defendant not guilty.
As to count two, attempted
voluntary manslaughter,
we, the jury find the defendant guilty.
LOLA: Ladies and gentleman of the jury,
thank you for your service.
Court is dismissed.
We got a lesser charge,
which means a more
lenient sentence, okay?
The jury believed you,
this It's a win.
I'm still going to prison.
- My my mother.
- Listen,
our office does holistic law.
I will make sure she
gets social services.
I will.
By the way, Miss Lopez,
you look beautiful today.

- Success!
- [LOLA CHUCKLES] Let me see.
Wow, Lisa,
you have elevated ID picture taking
to the next level.
Okay, smoke show.
Make-up artist is my back-up gig.
Have you ever had one
of those days as a judge
when you wanna break
glass in case of emergency?
Ooh, too many to count.
Lisa, you have been finding
an awful lot of reasons
to visit the HOJ lately.
Are you sure you didn't
lose your ID on purpose?
I thought that the court of appeal
would be a scholarly
challenge, but maybe
- maybe it's not for me.
- That's a big realization.
Yeah, I I miss the
vibrancy of trials.
The witnesses, the
juries, the messiness.
The judge's chambers.
You are forgetting the
headaches and the bailiffs
- kung-fuing people into submission.
- [LAUGHING] Oh, yeah.
Oh, speaking of messiness,
This trial today was pretty damn ugly.
Yeah, despite my hardline,
I know how troubling it is that a woman
who might have been
violated is going to prison.
Yet, if every victim sought
justice through vigilantism
It would be anarchy.
But still, if our justice system
weren't so susceptible to bias,
victims might not resort to taking
matters into their own hands.
Well, on a lighter note,
let's admire my handywork one more time.
- It's pretty damn good.
Oh, my, Carmichael are you okay?
- Yeah.
- We need a less dangerous carpet up here.
Is that the royal "we" or are
you toying with coming back?
I plead the fifth, Your Honor.

Hey, where are you?
I thought we were
meeting in your chambers?
LOLA: Look up.
You didn't
I did not cash out
Bailey's college fund,
but I did rent her for the weekend.
Wife, you are so far beyond
any model in any ad, ever.
Let's take this baby for a
spin, see what she can do.
But, within the speed
limit 'cause I am a judge.
Come on, baby! [LOLA SCREAMING]

God, I'm exhausted.
Oh, little babushka.
I swear she's melting.
Can't get the gain without any pain ♪
If this is the end,
I'm giving my all ♪
I'm going out with a bang ♪
I'm going out with a bang,
I'm going out with a bang ♪
Only the tough will remain ♪
I'm rolling even if
it goes up in flames ♪
- I'm going out with a bang ♪
So, who's it from?
Uh, just for the neighbor kid.
Somebody must have left
it here by accident.
- You coming in?
- Yeah, yeah,
- I'll be right there.
- Going out with a bang ♪
Only the strong remain ♪
I'm going out with a bang ♪
I'm going out with a bang, ooh ♪
I'm going out with a bang ♪
I'm going out with a bang,
I'm going out with a bang ♪
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