All Rise (2019) s03e19 Episode Script

Come Hell or High Water

ANNOUNCER: Previously on All Rise
Rachel made herself my maid of honor.
But she says you need to
have a bachelor party, too.
I mean, you can't make me suffer alone.
I was going to ask you if
you want to be my best woman.
They want you to throw an upcoming case.
But it's not that simple.
Because if you help them just once,
you'll be indebted to them forever.
The people are unable to proceed
within the statutory time frame.
- Motion to dismiss.
- Kurilinko is going to chew you up
and spit you out inside a chalk outline.

Good morning, Your Honor.
- Mr. Callan.
- Miss Kansky.
Lo, whatever this is, you
could have just called me.
- I'm going to be late for work.
- Wow. Someone's in a mood.
- I've got a headache.
- Well, I wanted to see your face
when I showed you
Picked them up last night.
You have exquisite taste.
- Thank you.
- But tonight is all about
your bachelor party.
Everything is ready to go.
Oh, yeah, about that. The
catering company just called.
The waiters have canceled.
- What?
- MARK: It's okay.
- We can get the food ourselves.
- No, absolutely not.
- No, I'm on it. Sherri?
- I'm on it.
Mark, a good JA never executes plan "A"
without having a plan "B."
Other than that, we're good to go.
We've got drinks, poker table,
- strippers
- Strippers? No, no.
Amy and I have a strict
"no stripper policy".
And you were just telling me this now?
- I told Robin.
- Is Robin planning your party?
He's been texting and calling me.
I thought he was helping.
Look, just figure it out, okay?
I don't want Amy being
mad at me right now.
Is it just me or did
he seem a little, "hmm"?
- So, cancel the strippers?
- Yes, please.
EMILY: Mr. Watkins.
What is going on?
Carol is taking a
little time off to attend
to some family business,
and she left me in charge.
So, you're taking over her office?
No, no. It's just temporary.
And I was just looking
over the to do list
that she left me, and
I honestly have no idea
how I am going to run this office.
I am crazy busy with my own cases.
Well, you are the boss, delegate.
Right. You know what?
This might be a great
opportunity to inject
a little holistic
advocacy into this place.
- I love that.
- EMILY: Yeah.
So here you go. That is for you.
Felon in possession of a firearm.
It looks like he was recently paroled,
and his parole officer
saw him with the gun.
Okay, well, I will try my hand
at holistic law with this one.
- Okay.
- LUKE: Thank you.
I'm technically your
boss right now, so
- Have a good day.
- Right. Right.
- Have a good day, sir.
- LUKE: Have a good day.
- Bye.
- EMILY: Bye.
- Okay.
What is so urgent it
can't wait for tonight?
Well, you're you're coming tonight?
TONY: Of course, I'm coming.
It was lovely getting Lola's invite.
I'm a little nervous that Lola
is going overboard
with this whole thing.
Wait a minute, you are worried
your party is going to be fun?
Okay, fair enough. Look, I'm
just I'm in a mood, all right?
I lost my contacts this morning,
and I've been squinting all day.
It's Anyway, I was
going over this case.
Your name came up.
People vs Fred Lawrence.
Twenty-five years ago you tried the case
that sent Mr. Lawrence to prison
under the old three-strikes law.
But you also helped him out.
He pushed for him to get resentenced
under the reformed
the three-strikes law.
- Got him a shorter sentence.
- TONY: Yeah, I remember him.
Yeah, the man loved playing guitar,
and he always had something nice to say.
And his sentence was unfair.
He got out about a year ago,
and he was picked up
recently for gun possession.
I want you to take the case.
No, no, I haven't done
this for a while, Callan.
And Bravo is not going
to take that lightly.
There is no better man
for this job than you.
Hey, are you going to be
home within the next hour?
- Rachel, Hi.
- Sure, hi.
Look, I already have
your outfit for tonight.
I just need to drop
it off. Are you home?
You picked my outfit? I
have two dresses right here.
Yeah, but I have the dress,
and I just need to drop it off,
so I'll see you soon.
Oh, and, Amy, I just
I I want to say thank you
for letting me do this.
It really means a lot.
Thank you, Rachel.
Wait, so, you got Amy a dress?
Say that like it's crazy.
- Mom.
- Why didn't you tell us
you were getting married?

What are you doing here?
GABRIEL: It's good to see you.
What's going on? Is everything okay?
I would like you to meet Gina.
Oh, my God, I I've
been dying to meet her.
But, okay, wait. I ask again.
What's going on?
I have been fighting with
everything that I got.
But I don't think I'm
going to get 50-50 custody.
I can't afford a lawyer
that can make that happen.
Okay, well, I mean,
you are a great father, the
judge is going to see that.
Oh, family courts tend
to favor the mothers.
I mean, I don't want to take
Gina's mom away from her.
But all I want is my time with her, too.
You know, it's really admirable
how you're fighting so hard for her.
I mean, a lot of people
would take this opportunity
to just walk away.
Yeah, I mean, I was
offered a job in Oregon
that I had to turn it down because
I don't want to be an absent father.
Everyone I love is here.
If your client is found guilty,
you can fight to have her
sentence at a re-entry program.
You know, I have seen personally
the positive impact that can have.
And if your client is found
not guilty, guess what?
She's still going to need help
getting her feet back on the ground.
Miss Lopez, if you don't mind,
I have a preliminary hearing to get to,
I don't have time for this right now.
Okay, yeah. I I'll
see you later then.
- Hi.
- Oh, boy.
Okay, so, Emily,
this is Gabriel Salas.
Gabriel, this is Emily Lopez.
Mucho gusto. I've heard a lot about you.
Oh, same Gabe Gabriel.
Gabriel. Gabriel.
Oh, my God, okay, that's good.
- I guess, I'll just leave you two to it.
- Okay.
- I'll talk to you later, Sara.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Nice to meet you.
Ah, he's so cute.
You guys are so cute.
You need to tell Mark,
though, now. Pronto.
- Okay, I will. All right.
- Okay.
I was going to call. It
just it happened so fast.
This isn't new, Mom.
Amy's just doing what she always does.
- Keeping us at a distance.
- Addison don't start.
You've barely been back
for any family reunions.
And when you come, you act
like you don't want to be there.
And when you call, you
always keep it short
because you've got something to do.
We know you hate us,
but you need family at your wedding.
- I don't hate you.
- Hi.
Oh, hi!
Addison. Alena, hi.
I am so glad you could make it.
Are you surprised? Surprise!
- Very.
- So, for tonight,
I thought she'd glow in
either pearl or eggshell.
You mean white or white?
No no, they're they're not white.
They're they're they're pearl
- or eggshell.
- They look exactly the same.
They're totally different. I vote pearl.
Okay. Yeah. She votes pearl.
Why didn't you tell me you
were inviting my family?
Oh, I thought you mentioned
you wanted to reconnect.
- I just thought this would be
- How did you even find them?
I'm confused. I mean, what's going on?
Eggshell. I'll wear eggshell.
Felony petty theft
with two prior strikes
got you life in prison.
It's how it worked back then.
The old three strikes law.
I'm so sorry, Fred.
Some had it worse than me, much less.
So, under the new reform,
you were resentenced
and released to parole.
So, help me understand why you
are wasting your second chance.
Why did you show the gun
to your parole officer?
I didn't showed it to
him. He saw me with it.
- He said you were bragging.
- Look,
I get this is your job.
But you don't need to be asking
me all these personal questions.
I got a gun. I got
caught. That's simple.
All right.
So, you took 180 days
on the parole violation.
Any time you get for
your gun possession,
charge will be concurrent
to that time by law.
I'm going to do my best
to get you a good deal,
and get you out of here, okay?
One last question.
What was the gun for?
Does it matter?
Look, I get that you're stressed, Mark,
- but you can talk to me.
- Lo, I'm fine.
No, you're not. You were
a little snippy earlier,
and I shook it off because I remember
how it was in the days
before I got married.
But now you're telling Robin things
that you should be telling
me as your best woman.
- Hold on, are you jealous?
- What? No.
Look, I just want everything
to be perfect for you.
Look, it will be, but I got to go.
We'll talk later, okay? Bye.
He just hung up on me.
Mark Callan. Wow.
It's been a minute.
- I'm sorry, have we met?
- Rhonda Taylor.
The last time our paths crossed,
- I buried you in court.
- MARK: Right.
You represented the
negligent obstetrician
who left a husband without his wife,
and two children without their mother.
Why are you in my office, Miss Taylor?
We were very impressed
with how you handled our previous DUI,
and we need you to
get rid of another one.
People vs Rupert Costa.
You're working with the Russians?
Let's just say I'm a
friend of Ivan Kirilenko.
These are murder charges
and the presiding judge
is Lola Carmichael.
So, just making it go
away is not that simple.
Well, lucky for you, I'm the
defense attorney on the case
and very, very amenable to a plea deal.
Throwing out that DUI
was a one-time thing.
And Vic's record is clear.
So, unless there's something else
I was really hoping that
we could resolve this
before your upcoming nuptials.
See you soon, Mark.
That's better.

Oh, hey, give this a
read. It's fantastic.
Hey. Here you go.
Andy, hey.
Your work in court
today was outstanding.
- Okay.
- The passion in your closing argument
really resonated with the jury.
I just want you to consider
the reentry program as an option, okay?
- At least look into it.
- I appreciate it, Miss Lopez.
Oh, I'll get right on that.
It's like pulling teeth.
The day that you plant the seed
is not the day that you eat the fruit.
Oh, wow, okay, Oprah.
Thank you. Thank you.
- How's your case going?
- I'm going to file a bail motion.
Okay, Mr. Lawrence has
quite the criminal record,
but I'm really glad you're trying.
He's been a victim of our system,
and he might be a little bit bitter, but
he's not dangerous.

Oh, girl, you would not believe it
but it took Rachel and
I 27 tries to come up
with the perfect signature cocktail.
Now, all we got to do
is name it, are you okay?
My mom and sister are driving me crazy.
I had to get out of there. Of own house.
Wait, I thought you were excited
about reconnecting with them.
We call each other on
holidays and birthdays.
I visit every now and then.
I like it that way. It's
called having boundaries.
Girl, yes, I know a little
something about boundaries.
Well, if you ever need
an ear or anything
Thank you, but I I
came here to escape them,
so can we please just
talk about anything else?
Right. Oh, well, how
about Quinn Sunrise?
- Quinn and Tonic.
- Oh, my God, that is the winner.
Okay, brains and beauty,
I know, that's my friend.
Mr. Lawrence is always
getting in trouble.
Missing his check ins, uncooperative.
When I saw the gun,
I had to do something
- before he used it.
- You're his parole officer.
Did he ever hurt you or anyone?
That's what I'm saying. I
made sure that didn't happen.
TONY: He was not a violent man.
He only got a life sentence
because of his two priors.
Not because he stole
some shoes for his nephew.
Hell, I was the prosecutor on the case,
and I didn't agree with the sentence.
The three strikes law was ruthless.
TONY: Yeah, tell me about it.
People were being sentenced to life
for stealing a candy bar.
But Mr. Lawrence got a second chance.
- And he blew it.
- But he was a good man.
That man doesn't exist anymore.
This man, he loves chaos.
As outlined in my motion, Your Honor,
it is not only fair,
but also humane
to release Mr. Lawrence from custody
on supervised release.
Prior to recent events, Mr.
Lawrence has been a good citizen
and a good neighbor, he's already served
25 years of a previous unfair sentence,
and he's already done 180
days of his parole violation.
Thank you, Counsel. People.
Your Honor, Mr. Lawrence
was given a second chance
and decided to waste it
by violating his parole.
I mean, he poses a risk to public safety
by quickly seeking firearms.
So, the people's position
is that the defendant
should remain in custody
during the pendency
- of this case.
- Thank you,
is the motion submitted by both sides?
Your Honor, my client
just reentered society.
The only way he felt safe
was by carrying a gun.
I ask that you give him
the opportunity to discover
that he is safe and
that he can trust people.
The bail motion is granted
and the defendant shall
be released from custody.
It is the opinion of this
court that the defendant
does not pose a risk to public safety.
Mr. Lawrence,
you have now been given a third chance.
I do not grant this lightly.
Please, stay out of trouble.
Counsel, thank you for
getting here so quickly.
I understand that you
want to enter a plea deal.
- Yes, Your Honor.
- No, Your Honor.
The people are having a
hard time securing witnesses
who would like to request a continuance.
And although I am not opposing,
I am open to negotiating a plea deal.
Mr. Callan, do you think you'll be able
to secure those witnesses in
a reasonable amount of time?
Honestly, Your Honor, we
would take all the time
you'd be willing to give us.
Unfortunately, you've already
had enough time, Counsel.
The trial will proceed as scheduled.
I will see you in court.
Hey, is everything okay?
Yeah. It's fine.
See you at the party.
What's up with him?
I have known that man long enough
to know something's not right.
Maybe he's just really
nervous about his wedding.
Well, whatever it is, I just
wish he would talk to me about it.

To think about love is
to spend a whole lifetime ♪
Trying to put together the pieces ♪
Seriously, I'm just so honored to
be part of your big day, Mr. Callan.
That's very sweet of you, Biswas.
But you are showing us your cards again.
Apologies, gentleman. I
should write this down.
Come on, man, you have
to learn as you go, man.
- This is not Poker University.
- Okay, give a kid a break, all right?
Hey. How you holding up?
Yeah, I've been testing
these things out all day.
They are kind of bulky.
LOLA: All right, all right, all right.
- Gentlemen,
it is time for a toast.
Raise your glasses, please.
So, some of you might not know this,
but Mark used to be a total
player back in the day.
An appreciator of women.
So, this wedding might
come as quite a surprise,
but I knew that he had
a tender little heart
deep, deep down.
- Do you want to know when I knew?
- Yes.
Well, it was Valentine's Day
and I was single, and
- You are not telling this story.
- And I wasn't happy about it.
And Mark not only ditched the girl
that he was with at the time
to come and hang out with
me, but he brought ice cream
and rom coms and I thought,
"Wow, this is a great friend."
Objection, Your Honor.
Violation of privacy.
But, halfway through out
my best friend's wedding,
- Mark is sobbing.
- This is not true.
LOLA: Uncontrollably.
I'm talking about bawling.
He went through a pack
and a half of tissues.
And that is when I knew
that you were going
to make a great husband
to someone one day.
- To Mark.
- To Mark.
Here, here.
To Mr. Callan.
- ROBIN: Cheers, buddy.
- Thank you, guys for coming.
It's Nyree ♪
Oh girl, please top me up.
[ALL] Hi.
Hi, what took you so long?
- Here.
- Thank you.
I'm kind of jealous you get
to spend much time with Mark.
- He's my friend, too.
- Yeah, well.
Our friend has been being
really weird to me, so
It's not going great over here either.
I invited Amy's family,
thinking that that's
what she would want.
And I started World War III.
Well, then you better fix it.
I'm gonna fix a drink.
Okay, okay.
Okay, ladies. [LAUGHING]
Get ready for our
main game of the night.
A scavenger hunt.
Oh, my, my.
I can't believe you didn't
call, Amy Leticia Quinn.
- Leticia?
- Well, Rachel called, so
When Collier died,
you didn't call.
We had to read about it in
the local newspapers obituary.
Alena and Addison,
have you tried our Quinn and Tonic?
- I'm sober.
- Since when?
- Oh, wow.
- Don't start.
Oh, my God, I feel like we just stepped
into a family therapy session.
Yeah, let's just step
on out of it, okay?
How did it go with you and Gabriel?
He wants me to meet his daughter.
Sara, that's a really big step.
Yeah, I know, but it's only
because he doesn't think
he's going to get 50-50 custody of her.
I mean, his ex is being so difficult,
and he just he can't
find an affordable attorney.
I feel really terrible
that I can't help.
Oh, come on, it's not your fault
that you can't take outside cases.
Why don't you ask, Ness?
You know, maybe she can
bring it to Amy and Rachel
or take the case
herself. They do pro-bono.
- RACHEL: You're not picking up?
- I did the last four times.
Listen, you should have just let Robin
plan the whole thing.
You can't be all things to all peoples.
LOLA: Rachel, I'm not
trying to be anything.
I really just want to
know what's going on
with Mark and why he
won't talk to me about it.
You and Mark will be fine.
Look at us. We're fine.
Because that's who we are.
We are more than our bad days, Lo.
How many of those have you had?
ALENA: You abandoned us.
AMY: I started a life.
You ran away. You married Collier.
Who was the best thing
that's ever come your way.
And then you ran away from him, too.
Let's just see how long it
takes you to run away from Mark.
You know what? I didn't run away, Mom.
I left the Ozarks because
I was young and in love.
I didn't know who I was
or what I wanted to be.
But I am not 18 anymore.
And Mark is the love of my life.
And you haven't even
said, "Congrats, Amy."
I know you're hurt, and I
know we have a lot to unpack,
but this is not the time and place.
So, if you just came here to
fight and to judge, then
then you can just leave.
If now is not the time to
unpack it, then when is?
Please tell me Amy and her family
are just playing a
mean game of charades.
It's mean, but they are not playing.
Okay, I'm going to hang out here
with you where it's a lot safer.
Oh, wait. So, Luke tells me that
you're filling in for Head Deputy PD.
Yeah, so, Luke has been really great.
Everyone else in the office
seems to be a little hesitant
to accept my holistic approach.
Which, to be honest, is crazy,
because a holistic approach to law
is what can keep people
from re-offending.
Right. Right. Keep at it.
You know, I thought about
becoming a public defender
after I shadowed do.
- What?
- VANSESSA: Mm-hmm.
What made you change your mind?
- The insane hours?
- And getting underpaid?
I'm sorry, no offense, but
I am not about that life.
Yeah, yeah, it's not going
to make me rich, at all.
But I love it.
Yes, I do. I love it.
Especially when I can make a difference.
Look, you need to monetize
that incredible passion.
Imagine PD offices across the country
workshopping an innovative brand
of justice with their clients
known as the Lopez
Holistic Law Initiative.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- Right.
Okay. That's what I thought.
- Work on it. Work on it.
- I can see that.
Oh, what is the deal with these
itchy ass boxers you gave me?
You are wearing them though, right?
I am scratching in places I sh
shouldn't be scratching.
- You set me up, mother
Look, the Callan stripper show
will be streaming live at midnight
to some eager ladies
at a bachelorette party.
Oh, hell no. Is Amy in on this?
It was her idea. [LAUGHS] Oh, listen.
The ladies requested kindly
that you've kind of take it
old school, go pop locking.
- Yeah.
- You got this.
Imma spread the news. [LAUGHS]
There will be no live
streaming to me pop locking
in these goofy ass, itchy ass boxers.
You and Biswas is pop locking later.
Mark's gonna dance later,
this should be good.
- Are we missing something?
WATKINS: I'm not following you, Teddy.
It seems like you're just making
excuses for sucking at poker.
It's like the philosophy
behind James Caan's character
in the classic '70s film The Gambler.
Ooh, that's way before
your time. I'm impressed.
Caan's character in the film says
it's not about winning the
poker game. It's about losing.
That's the thrill, defying the odds.
- I totally get it.
Well, then, I wish you absolute defeat
in tonight's poker games. I
don't know about Carver, but
- I play to win.
- Hey, hey, hey. Watkins, Watkins.
If my mind serves me correctly,
the Caan character in The Gambler
- was a mess of a man.
- A sad man.
Torn and confused man.
You guys making fun of me on the sly?
Not on the sly, my friend, no.
Whoa, okay.
All right. Thanks for the
heads up. I'm on my way.
Everything okay?
Issue with the client.
Ah, Fred Lawrence?
Tell Mark I'll be back in a bit.

- Hey, man. Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Gentlemen?
- Thank you.
Thanks, Rob.
All right, brother.
Don't make a sound.
- Is it ok if I go talk to him?
Sure, you can go ahead.
One dollar? You held up this store
and threw away your freedom
for one lousy dollar?
You should have demanded
100. Hell, a 1000.
I just needed enough for bus fare.
I am busting my ass to
get your life back on track
- and you put off some shit like this.
- FRED: Whatever, man.
I didn't ask you get me release.
Didn't ask you to represent me.
Officer, what what
are we waiting for?
No, the court assigned me
because everyone deserves
the right to counsel.
Look, I told you from
the start, I'm a fuck up.
Always have been and always will be.
So, just let it go, man.
Cry me a goddamned river.
Officer, get me out of here.

- Where am I?
- Get out.
I'm not decent. I want my clothes.
- It's obvious that I'm not wired.

WATKINS: So, what happens now?
TONY: What do you mean what happens?
We prosecute.
- Your client robbed a store.
- For $1.
Not like he did a heist at the Louvre.
Are you kidding me right now, Watkins?
I mean, I know you're smarter than that.
There was no gun found on him.
Okay, the store employee
thought he had a gun.
- He asked for money for the bus.
- Because he had his hand in his shirt.
- Come on, Carver.
- TONY: You know how this works.
You know, the fact that your
client never using the violence
does not win any sympathy votes with me.
Okay? I've seen too many like him.
Why keep him locked up?
When did you lose your
sense of fair play, Carver?
My sense of fair play?
I once fought my butt off
to get a cop locked
up for excessive force.
The judge found him not guilty,
and I lost my shit
right in the courtroom,
and it cost me my damn job.
So do not preach to me about fair play.
I hear you, Carver.
I might not understand it all.
But I hear you.
Why don't we just go back to the party?
All right?
Let's celebrate our friend, Callan.
Coffee's on you.
- Oh, Amy Quinn.
- Oh, my goodness.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- I'll be fine.
I'm I'm sorry about
what happened in there.
I'm I'm so embarrassed.
No, don't be embarrassed.
No, I can totally relate.
My parents in the last two weeks
have suddenly become
my teenage children.
Oh, it's bizarre. It really is.
You know, Mark used to
tease me all the time
about coming from the Ozarks
- and having no trace of an accent.
- You have no accent.
I always feel like the
black sheep of the family.
I hated my parents.
We wake up one day and realize
our parents aren't superhuman.
It's like a shock to the system.
You know, I spent the whole bus
ride out of Missouri trying to
pray away my accent.
- There it is.
You erased your accent.
I changed my last name.
It's funny, here we are
facing the thing we've
spent a whole lifetimes
trying to run away from.
We're going to get through
this, Amy Leticia Quinn.
Is Leticia really your middle name?
- It is.
- It's beautiful.
So, Addison and I will be
heading back home tomorrow.
It was unfair of us
just to drop in on you.
You know, not long before
Collier passed away, he
he left me a letter,
and he mentioned you.
He said he never thought
of you as his mother-in-law.
- He always thought of you as
- As his mother.
He told me that.
Hey, how about we show
these Hollywood folks
how you put the Missouri
stank on a Quinn and Tonic?
Thank you so much.
right, ladies, attention.
Listen, since I can't be
in two places at one time.
And since we all love our
dear friend Mark Callan,
we should all be with him.
So, this party is now going co-ed.
Come on, ladies. Let's go.
- Your chariot awaits.
- Our chariot?
- Party van.
Good job. Come one, bride.
I pulled out singles.
- Oh, goodness.
- Yes.
That's gonna better our plans.
- Run, jump.
- I know.
That's why you my bestie.
Just shake that booty, ow ♪
I like it like that
baby, I like it like that ♪
I like it like that
baby, I like it like that ♪
I like it like that
baby, I like it like that ♪
I like it like that
baby, I like it like that ♪
Luke. Have you seen Mark?
They said he went out and
grabbed some more food.
Yeah, I know with Robin, but
I can't reach either of them.
Lo, where the hell
is Mark? Amy's asking.

MARK: The suit was a nice touch.
You Russians really go above and beyond.
- Mr. Callan.
- You ruined my bachelor party.
My apologies.
Please. Let's talk.
IVAN: Again. Forgive my rudeness.
I'm pretty sure you know who I am.
My name is Ivan.
I'm cousin to Sergei Kirilenko.
A man you convicted last year.
Sergei executed a man in cold blood.
IVAN: You were right to put Sergei away.
He should rot in prison for what he did.
He prefers violence.
I prefer pacifism.
But this is not about my cousin.
What I like to discuss
is the murder case .
you're handling involving my..
dear friend Robert Costa.
I told Ivan that you
refused to work a plea deal.
The DA's office would
never let me settle.
It is a shame that Judge
Lola Carmichael won't give
- How do you say?
- A continuance.
IVAN: That should give you more time.
You'd have better a shot at
getting the case thrown out.
It's not that simple.
I will find the best
possible legal outcome
for Mr. Costa.
One that makes you happy.
Thank you.
I trust you will.
I almost forgot something.
I apologize.
Your glasses were destroyed on arrival.
But I'd like to replace them for you.
I prefer my contacts.
A pleasure to have met you, Mr. Callan.
Congratulations, on your wedding.
WOMAN: You can keep the suit.
We had it tailor made just for you.
How did you find me?
The boxers Amy wanted you to wear.
I planted a micro tracker
in the elastic band.
It works on bras, so why not boxers?
MARK: I'm not complaining.
Plant all the trackers on me.
I already have.
MARK: Ivan's playing KGO.
He's on to this sting.
I'll check the cloud and
see how much was recorded
and I'll take it from there.
Good thing they gave me my clothes back.
You can get changed so we can get back.
I'm going to tell Lo what's going on.
She's already been digging.
The idea of Lo and Amy
getting dragged into this shit.
We need to put these
assholes down and fast.
Listen. My team is on it, okay?
I just need you to be cool.
I got you Callan.
Robin said they were coming right in.
- And here they are.
- You okay?
- MARK: Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll explain
to you later, okay?
- Hey.
- Hey.
What the hell is going on?
And don't give me any BS.
Let's just say I was out
solidifying my future.
- Speaking of.
- Hey.
Mark, this is my mom, Aleena,
and my sister, Addison.
- Hey.
- Oh, I do the hug thing, baby.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Oh, Amy Q, he's cute.
Amy has told me so many
amazing things about you both.
- I'm so happy to meet you.
- He's cute and a liar.
Okay, Addison, you're
doing so good there.
Why don't you come over here
and tell your future
mother-in-law all about yourself.
the hell are you still doing here?
Mr. Salas, is Gina's mother fighting you
on physical custody,
legal custody or both?
- I think both.
- Yeah.
And Gabriel is an excellent father.
Do you think that my kidney trial
will affect the custody case?
- SARA: No
- It shouldn't.
Sara, can I talk to you for a minute?
Excuse me.
Have you told Mark you're in a
relationship with your former client?
[SIGHS] Okay.
I will tell him, Amy.
- Okay.
- But, you know.
Do you think you'll be
able to help Gabriel?
I understand both parties
have agreed to this deal.
- Yes.
- We have, Your Honor.
Mr. Lawrence.
This is a charitable offer,
given the maximum penalty in
your case is 25 years to life
because of your two prior strikes.
Now, the People have asked the
court to dismiss both strikes
and offer you a high term sentence
of five years in state prison.
Do you understand this agreement?
Yes, Judge.
Mr. Lawrence, you held up a
convenience store for exactly $1,
and I know why you did it.
You wanted to go back to prison.
Been in and out of Pam most of my life.
Prison is my home.
It's the only community
I know, Your Honor.
You hear all this talk about
people not making it on the inside.
I don't think I can
make it on the outside.
I appreciate your candor, Mr. Lawrence.
I believe our system has failed you.
Receiving a life sentence
for a simple petty theft
set you on a path few people
in this country ever get off.
It's why I became a prosecutor.
It's why I became a judge.
I look at you and I see my father,
my husband, my uncles, my cousins.
Young boys and men in my family
who for the same mistake could have
or did end up on that same path.
And I am sorry.
I've just changed my decision.
I would like to see the
parties reach an agreement
for you to be released on
probation and ordered to participate
in a community transitional
re-entry program.
This will assist you in
finding stable housing,
gainful employment and health care.
Mr. Lawrence, we will all help you
to become a productive
member of our community.
Thank you, Judge.
Court is adjourned.
- I appreciate it.
- WATKINS: Thank you.
Hey, I got your text. What's up?
The Lopez Holistic Law
Plan in full effect, baby.
Lola approved?
Fred is going to get
the help that he needs.
And when I told him
about the music program
The one where former
inmates play for prisoners?
Yeah, you should have
seen his face light up.
I'm so happy it worked out.
Oh, and check it out.
They coming around.
- Hey.
MARK: Lo, honestly, it was
a perfect bachelor party.
And the fact that I
got a gun pulled on me,
kidnaped by the Russians
- didn't make it any less so.
- Mark, I'm being serious here.
I can tell you. You
didn't call me Marky Mark.
What were you thinking?
Taking that kind of a risk?
I mean, getting in deep
with the Kirilenko's
over your dad's death
and going on an
undercover sting operation.
Who do you think you are? John Wick?
And don't think I didn't
ring Robin's neck over it too.
I'm more of a Jason Bourne vibe.
But I'm sorry, Lo. Okay?
You put everyone's life at risk,
including your own.
Robin's got us all 24 hour surveillance.
I don't want you to worry.
Lo, the reason I did all this
is because I'm trying to put my
father's drama behind me, all right?
So, I can move on into
this new chapter of my life.
You want to know why?
Cause, your boy is getting married ♪
Hey, he's getting married ♪
Oh, God. And you deserve it.
You deserve all the
happiness in the world.
But don't change the subject.
Not done being mad at you yet.
I am not going to let
any of this stop me.
All right? I am marrying Amy.
- Come hell or high water.
- Come hell or high water.
I will be right there when you do.
- MARK: Yeah, you will.
- LOLA: Cheers.

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