All Rise (2019) s03e20 Episode Script

Sometimes Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

LOLA: Previously on "All Rise "
- I think I want a wedding.
- Wedding it is.
I am marrying Amy.
I will be right there when you do.
AMY: You ready to join Armstrong,
Patterson and Stevens?
Do we really wanna do this?
Can I buy you a cup of coffee sometime?
LOPEZ: So cute! You need
to tell Mark, though.
- Now.
- Okay.
So, who'd you get the money from?
VIC: The Kirilenkos.
The Russian crime family?
I shoulda never told you about him.
What I'd like to discuss is the
murder case involving Rupert Costa.
I will find the best possible
outcome for Mr. Costa.
I love you, Mark Callan.
It'll be Mr. and Mrs. Mark
Callan in a couple of days.
Oh, you're that confident I'm
gonna take your last name, huh?
I am that confident.
Radio silence so terrifying ♪
I didn't decide this ♪
AMY: What time is it?
Mm, I don't know. Maybe five?
AMY: There's still so much
left to do for the wedding.
MARK: Baby, I know you want
things to be perfect, but,
let Rachel do something with this.
She is your Maid of Honor.
Please, I've had to wrench
some of these lists away from her.
I mean, it's our
wedding, I wanna feel like
I've had something to do with it.
Last chance.
Last chance for what?
To run,
kicking and screaming down
the street away from me.
From Vic, from my childhood baggage.
AMY: Seriously?
You've just met the train
wreck I call a family.
I mean, everything about
this says it shouldn't work,
but yet, here we are.
For better, for worse.
Radio silence, so terrifying ♪
I didn't decide this ♪
Is there anybody out there? ♪
I just want you right now ♪
CARMICHAEL: Whew! Moses just texted.
He is taking Bailey to a cupcake party.
- ROBIN: Okay.
- I swear, that man keeps
that girl on a constant itinerary.
- ROBIN Yeah.
- She's damn near as busy as we are.
ROBIN: Uh-huh. Yeah,
okay. Keep me abreast.
- Sorry.
- ROBIN: It's okay, babe.
- What was it?
- [ROBIN] Nothin',
Ivan Kirilenko is under
constant surveillance.
I've got 24-hour security
on all my family and friends.
All is well.
Good to know.
Hopefully there will be no
more secret sting operations
until after the wedding.
- I promise.
- Mm-hmm.
And you promise me that
you'll stay vigilant.
I don't need to remind you
that you're still the judge
in an ongoing trial with the
Kirilenko's most dangerous hitman.
be careful.
- I always am.
- Okay.

- Mm?
- Mm.
You trying to be late for work?
Wait a minute, is this just a
cheap ploy to get me to stay home?
- It's work.
- Bye, husband.
- ROBIN: Bye, wife.
Coffee for the lady at law?
Oh, I see someone has beat me to it.
You must be under it this morning.
I'm post-prelim, babe, with
very little time before my trial.
And the client
Your client Nori Byrd,
I like the sound of the name.
- Sounds artsy.
- [CHUCKLING] Yeah, well, my artsy client
isn't the most cooperative.
Ooh, she's up for murdering her husband?
Which she is insisting she didn't do.
- It's also a missing bodies case?
- LOPEZ: Yeah.
Too bad that doesn't always
equate to a non-murder.
Okay, so what's the play here?
I agreed to meet with Berger,
who will most likely leverage the fact
that there is no
physical body, for a deal.
Okay, so all you have to
do is convince your client
- to take the deal.
- LOPEZ: She's not going for it.
But there is overwhelming evidence.
Bare minimum, Mrs. Byrd will
spend a very long time in prison.
You're gonna find a way to help her.
I'm gonna send someone by
to pick up the tux, okay?
- All right. Thanks.
- Knock, knock.
- CALLAN: Hey.
- Early wedding gift.
Boss, you didn't have
to bring me a gift.
Oh, come on, I couldn't
come empty-handed.
Hey, this is fancy. Thank you.
Still, it's a bold move you coming
down here, what with the, uh,
Bravo recall and all.
Uh, Bravo's actually the
one who brought me over here.
That makes no sense. Why?
To take over the Rupert Costa case.
CALLAN: I'm I'm sorry, what?
CHOI: I'm taking over
the Rupert Costa case.
- Why?
- Oh, hey, Sara.
- Everything all right?
- SARA: What?
No, what, God, no, I'm not nervous.
What are you talking about, Teddy?
- Dumb.
- Okay.
Oh, is this about you and Gabriel?
Odds are, Mark probably already knows.
You know, this reminds me of the
gameplay sequence in Battle Planet,
where two Gorgoknights are
conflicted with the task
Teddy, just cork it.
Or not.
I have all the evidence,
I have the witnesses,
I have everything handled.
Why would he give the case to you?
It is just a level of added protection.
I don't need protecting.
CHOI: You're getting married
in a few days. Come on.
Take this as an opportunity
to get your house in order.
What house? Wait, who who's house?
Choi, you can't just
drop that and then leave.
- Enjoy the wine, Callan.
- CALLAN: Choi!
- TEDDY: Mr. Callan, did you
- Teddy. Go back to work.

LOPEZ: Let's go over the events
that occurred that night again.
How did you get the blood
underneath your nails?
BYRD: Okay, we got into an argument,
it got physical, I scratched him.
Later, I pass out.
When I wake up, I'm covered in blood,
holding a kitchen knife.
- What happened next?
- BYRD: I run through the house,
searching for my husband.
At first, I think it's
one of those home invasions
you hear so much about, but then,
when I can't find him, I, um
When I can't find him, I
Okay, um, listen.
Your blood alcohol level, it was 0.20.
Drinking alcohol doesn't
make me a murderer.
I'm just no, I'm I'm trying to
Do you have a habit of
drinking till you black out?
I can't believe this is happening.
This is like a nightmare
I can't wake up from.
My husband is dead,
and I have no idea how that happened.
Do you know what that feels like?
LOPEZ: Hey, it's okay. Nori.
I believe you.
And there was a lot of blood.
There was a lot of it.
So it is going to take
everything that I have got,
to get the jury to believe you.
Thank you very much, have a great day.
Have you heard from Mark?
- Mark Callan?
- No, why?
Something I need to be briefed on?
I have just been informed
that DDA Thomas Choi
is taking over the Rupert Costa case,
which I think is strange,
because he's coming
all the way from Pomona to do so.
Good morning. Have you heard?
guess this is big news.
Well, yeah. Who do you
think it's gonna be?
Lisa Benner was tough,
but she was also fair.
I can't imagine anyone taking her place.
Wait, what are we talking about here?
The presiding judge position.
They'll be announcing a
new one today or tomorrow.
CARMICHAEL: Interesting.
I mean, it could only be
Marshall or Laski, right?
Or it could be neither.
Could even be a new
candidate in the race.

Good morning, Berger.
- Miss Lopez, thank you for meeting me.
- Sure.
Oh, kind gesture, but I stopped
drinking coffee a while ago.
It's harsh on the nerves, but thank you.
I was hoping to save
the court some time.
Considering first-degree murder
carries 25 years to life in prison,
I'm willing to offer
voluntary manslaughter.
Berger. You don't have a body.
You can't prove a crime was committed.
Everything you have is circumstantial.
You can do better than that.
BERGER: Do your client a favor.
Give her the sales pitch.
It's that or risk 25
years to life after trial.
Circumstantial evidence
travels far in this,
lovely state of California.
Were you the first person on the scene
the night Archer Byrd was murdered?
- Yes, sir.
- LOPEZ: Objection, Your Honor.
- Alleged murder.
- There was a lot of blood
for someone not to have been killed.
Miss Lopez, overruled.
Think we could keep it orderly, you two?
I will try harder.
BERGER: Thank you, Your Honor.
Officer Claude, please
explain how you found yourself
at the Byrd's residence that night.
A neighbor heard arguing,
and thought that there was
a domestic violence incident.
I was already patrolling
on that side of town,
so I was the first officer on the scene.
LOPEZ: Objection, hearsay,
speculation and 352.
Objection overruled.
I'll allow it for the non-hearsay,
purpose of effect on the listener.
BERGER: And what did you
see when you had arrived?
Mrs. Byrd exiting the driver's
side of a vehicle, covered in blood,
holding her cell phone in one hand,
and a bloody knife in the other.
BERGER: What happened next?
CLAUDE: I placed Mrs. Byrd into
the back of my patrol vehicle,
drew my firearm, and then
entered into the house
based on exigent circumstances.
And what did you find?
CLAUDE: A bunch of destroyed,
fairly expensive computer processors.
But there was no forced entry.
I reached the conclusion that
a crime had been committed.
- Objection, foundation.
- Sustained.
And what else did you
find, Officer Claude?
More blood.
I mean, it was everywhere.
In all my years on the force,
I've never seen anything so gory.
LOPEZ: Objection, relevance, and 352.
No further questions, Your Honor.

If that man sends me to
voicemail one more time
Who, Callan?
He is not answering
my texts or my calls.
Do you think he's gettin' cold feet?
SHERRI: No. You saw him the other night.
- He loves Amy.
but he has been dealing with a lot,
and he has a tendency
to get in his head.
Now being taken off this case
I'm gonna sneak out and go and see him.
No, no, no, no, no. Not a good idea.
But I'm his best woman.
That's what best women do.
At least this one do.
You know you never listen to me, right?
RACHEL: Son of a
AMY: What? Are you okay?
- What?
- André's pissed
because of the money he
spent preparing the merger.
He even sent us a bill.
Wait, a bill for a
hundred thousand dollars?
We never signed a contract. The
merger never even went through.
Hey, um, just got off the
phone with André's paralegal.
- And what did he say?
NESS: André had big plans for the firm
and he lost a lot of money
when we all decided to
pull out of the deal.
- And a bruised ego.
- Right, but to bill the firm?
Yeah, well, not exactly the
wedding gift you were expecting.
Okay, you know what?
This is all just a
misunderstanding, okay?
We'll talk to him,
and we'll get it straightened out.
We're not gonna let that man ruin
our girl's upcoming nuptuals, right?
We'll just I don't know, we'll
we'll talk to him after the wedding.
Okay, well well,
I'll be on my honeymoon.
What kind of honeymoon?
Can we afford honeymooning?
- Yeah, you'll figure that out.
- RACHEL: I don't
I think we did. You just can't go.
- You're just gonna
- AMY: Yeah.
- It's there's a
- Holiday Inn up the street!
What has Bravo told you about this case?
I know it involves the Kirilenkos.
I know you've gotten way
too close to this case, Mark.
- And I know
- TAYLOR: Knock, knock.
What are you doing here?
I heard that Thomas is the new
prosecutor assigned to the case
and I wanted to see
if he would be amenable to a deal.
The DA's office is not at all
interested in making a deal.
Did Mark inform you that
the Kirilenko family is involved?
I'll see you in court, Miss Taylor.
You should tread lightly as well.
You have no idea what
you just set in motion, Choi.
WATKINS: I looked into Archer Byrd
after the officer mentioned
that his processors had been destroyed.
Discovered something interesting.
- LOPEZ: Yeah?
- He was a small-time
crypto miner, he used a
half a dozen processors
to manage his digital coinage.
He didn't have a
normal checking account?
No, he only dealt in digital currency.
So, whoever killed Mr. Byrd
could've tried to gain
access to his digital wallets,
passcode information,
and then destroyed the
processors to cover up their tracks.
Can we trace his account?
It won't be easy.
I mean, they could've
moved the illicit gains
across hundreds, even
thousands of transactions.
LOPEZ: Okay, so so, it's impossible?
Mm, not impossible. Just difficult.
But I know a firm that
can forensically look into
Mr. Archer's financials
and crypto accounts.
CALLAN: You need to push
this case on another judge.
I don't want this blowing back on you.
And operate in fear?
What precedent does that
set for me as a judge?
So not the moment to be stubborn, Lo.
I won't be bullied off the bench.
They know where you live.
Look, Robin and the FBI
are taking measures to
ensure all of our safety,
and I have the utmost confidence
that we will all be protected.
be careful.
You do the same.

TAYLOR: Your Honor, the defense
was informed this morning
that a different prosecutor
is taking over the case.
The new prosecutor
informed me that they intend
to call a witness that is
not on their witness list.
I am making a motion that
this witness be excluded.
Mr. Choi, when did you
first learn of this witness?
Your Honor, the people only
became aware late yesterday
that this witness had
information critical
- to the prosecution's case.
- The fact that the prosecution
just learned this information does not
excuse the fact that
it's late discovery.
I am asking this court
to exclude the witness's remedy
for discovery violation.
I am not going to exclude
the witness, Miss Taylor.
However, I am ordering the people,
to make the witness available
to the defense for an interview.
Oh, of course, Your Honor.
In fact, he's in the hallway.
- Your Honor.
- The people would like to call Vic Callan.

CALLAN: Are you fucking kidding me?
He came to us.
You should have told me.
- Mark, it wasn't my call.
- CALLAN: Oh, who's call was it?
Bravo didn't think
you'd go along with it.
CALLAN: I wouldn't have. I'm not.
This it's not happening.
CHOI: It's done, Mark.
Mark! Let it go!
BERGER: Miss Higgins, how long
have you known the defendant?
Two years. I'm a publicist.
We met at a photoshoot.
Nori was a photographer
for a client's press event.
Can you please tell the court
what your relationship
is with the defendant?
Objection. Relevance.
Overruled. Please answer the question.
we were lovers.
BERGER: How long did the affair last?
Objection. Uh, relevance.
I'd like to see where Mr.
Berger is going with this.
Overruled. Please answer the question.
A year. But it wasn't an affair.
It was a relationship.
We loved each other.
Still do.
Was Mr. Byrd aware of this relationship?
HIGGINS: Yes, he
came home early.
- Found us together one day.
- BERGER: What happened?
HIGGINS: They got into a huge fight.
I grabbed my stuff and left.
Later that night, Nori called to
say that it was over between us.
She was gonna try and
make it work with her husband.
- But she didn't, did she?
She came over, a few weeks later
said she still loved me.
She was torn.
BERGER: She wanted to start
up your relationship again?
She said she wished
Archer would just disappear.
So that we could be a couple.

Witness protection? Are you serious?
It's the only way to
protect your father.
That's even more of a reason
why Vic shouldn't be testifying.
CHOI: Without Vic's testimony,
there is a very good chance
Costa walks free, is that what you want?
I want him to be safe.
No one is safe, as long as Kirilenko
and his thugs are on the streets.
Vic. Listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
Can I be alone with my son, please?
Vic. This is not
You know, I can't remember the last time
you called me Dad.
I think I think you were five.
I mean, I don't blame you.
I was I was terrible at it.
And after your mother
I who am I kidding?
I just wasn't a good father.
I didn't know how to do right by you.
And all I wanted to do
was give you a good life.
And it seemed the more I
tried, the more I fucked up.
Just once,
I wanted to look into your eyes
and see how proud you were of me.
And this is my shot, kid.
To be that hero
I always wanted to be.
VIC: Please.

SARA: Hey, Mark, can I
speak to you for a minute?
It's a work-related matter.
Yeah, just, uh, give me a minute.
Yeah. Of course.
Hey, what are you doing here?
- AMY: Lola called.
- I don't think today is the day
to say whatever it is you need to say.
SARA: Well, I might lose my nerve
if I wait much longer.
Why did I see Vic leaving
with Robin and Choi?
Because he agreed to
turn state's evidence
against Ivan Kirilenko.
They're placing him
in witness protection.
Mark, that's that's serious.
Well, André Armstrong
is billing the office
for a hundred thousand dollars.
Oh, my God, of course he is.
This is a really nice way for us
to be starting off our life together.
AMY: Well, considering
everything we've been through
the past few years gotten
through that together
we'll get through this, too.
Vic will be fine.
And so will we.

You told me that you
and Reya were friends.
BYRD: We are. We were, I
- I didn't think she would tell the police.
- LOPEZ: This is not good.
Your relationship with Reya
shows evidence of motive.
I know she was a mistake, okay?
I was in a bad place with my drinking.
Every day with Archer was a living hell.
You have no idea what it's like,
being with an abusive man.
BYRD: Reya was my escape.
LOPEZ: Okay.
[SIGHING] Could she have done this?
Could Reya have done this?
The the the jealous girlfriend?
BYRD: No. No.
She she was hurt that
I didn't leave Archer
couldn't leave Archer,
but she would nev
Miss Lopez, please.
I swear to you, I
never I would never
I did not kill my husband
and I know that she wouldn't either.
Please, Miss Lopez.
And then what did Mr. Costa do?
VIC: He told me that if
I didn't pay off my debt
by the end of the month,
he was gonna give me a heartbreak.
On the street, that's slang
for putting two bullets
here and one here.
- TAYLOR: Objection, speculation.
- Overruled.
CHOI: Are you aware of what happened
to William Doyle, the
victim in this case?
VIC: You're damn right I
am. It was all over the news.
Someone shot Bill twice in
the heart and once in the head.
Uh, we've we've
already presented evidence
for the killing, Mr. Callan.
- Did you know the victim?
- VIC: Yeah, I knew him.
I mean, we weren't exactly tight,
but we would show up playing
cards together in the same spots.
But I knew that he owed
the Kirilenkos money,
of who Mr. Costa is the primary muscle.
- Objection, speculation.
- Overruled.
VIC: It's true.
I saw Bill about a week before he
died at a card game out in Barstow.
The man was scared
out of his wits, okay?
He owed the Kirilenkos 60 large,
- of which he was two months overdue.
- TAYLOR: Objection, hearsay.
CHOI: It's an excited
utterance, Your Honor.
The declarant was clearly emotional
when he told the
witness this information.
Your Honor, I have to ask
if your relationship with this witness
is affecting your rulings.
That is absolutely not
the case, Ms. Taylor.
Her Honor's not the biggest fan.
- CARMICHAEL: Mr. Callan.
- Can't blame her.
- Please.
- CHOI: Mr. Callan.
What happened after the defendant
told you about a heartbreak?
VIC: Yeah, sure. Started
to punch me, okay?
Sucker punched me once in the stomach,
then he hit me in the face,
and then when I fell,
he started to kick me.
So, do I get to choose
what state I wanna live in?
I mean, 'cause I don't want any place
that has tornadoes or Bigfoot.
We'll take that into account.
Your dad did great.
Well, a few bumps, maybe.
So, now what?
Given that Vic's testimony
in the state trial
can be used in the federal
case against Kirilenko,
the U.S. attorney wants
to move him out of here.
Federal witness protection.
Great, so I'll never see him again.
Look, I know you're mad.
CALLAN: What you did
it took courage.
Well, better late than never.
You know, I'm so proud of you.
You get to start this whole new life.
And you have one moment
where you saw me
the same way I see you every day.

My love to Amy.
Take care of yourself, Dad.
You too, kid.

- Have you talked to Mark since
- Nope.
I could hardly watch him
while his dad was up there.
I know, Mark and Vic have a challenging
and complex relationship,
but at the end of the day,
- it's still his father.
- Yeah, I can certainly relate to that.
How is it going with
your parents, Sherri?
Oh. It's good.
I I finally found them a
place that they both enjoy.
- Oh.
- SHERRI: Semi-enjoy.
Okay, they both hate it,
but they're together,
and at least they're
they're willing to try to like it.
Challenging and complex.
Challenging and complex, yes.
Hold you to till the end of time ♪
Would anyone other than Mr. Byrd
have access to the
blood he donated there?
I see. Okay, thanks.
You're planning on putting
Dracula on the stand?
This case is so bizarre.
Who knows?
I'm just trying to follow up
on the amount of blood
that was found at the crime scene.
It was confirmed that it
was her husband's blood,
but he did work at a blood bank,
and he did have blood stored there.
Okay, interesting theory.
It's a crazy theory, but I have nothing.
Probably because my client's
story doesn't add up,
and yet, here I am, trying to
make it real.
That's why you're the
best at what you do.
Oh, my God.
LOPEZ: What you are looking at,
is footage from government CCTV cameras
in Playa Santa Cruz.
A beach town in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Recorded yesterday at 8:37 Central.
Dr. Sharp, how did you
obtain this footage?
We put flags on all of
Mr. Byrd's financials.
Including his Bitcoin accounts.
This footage was taken
outside a Bitcoin ATM.
Could this have been pre-recorded?
SHARP: Uh, no, their CCTV
systems are encrypted,
and state of the art.
- LOPEZ: Could it be fake?
- SHARP: No way.
- This is the real deal.
- Objection, foundation.
LOPEZ: Your Honor, we
have already established
that the witness is an
expert in cyber security,
surveillance and cryptocurrency.
I also have a PhD in
electromagnetic physics.
- Overruled.
- LOPEZ: Dr. Sharp, have you identified
the person in this video?
We ran this video through the latest
facial recognition software.
And it is 100% Archer Byrd.
- BERGER: Objection. Latest?
Would you care to explain
that to Mr. Berger?
I used the same software
that the US government uses
to track down terrorists.
Only our package has
some other really cool features.
LOPEZ: In light of this evidence,
the defense is making a motion
to dismiss pursuant to
penal code, section 1118.1.
I think that makes sense.
The motion is granted.
Case dismissed.
You are free to go, Mrs. Byrd.

- Are you okay?
I was starting to doubt myself.
My sanity.

He did this to me.
Archer will face justice.
I promise.
Thank you, Miss Lopez.
Thank you so much.
You're so welcome.

Hail, hail, the black sheep ♪
We are blood, we are family ♪

ADDISON: I just love all
these little soaps and lotions.
Woohoo! This band rocks!
You're not actually
wearing that, are you?
What, I thought I was
gonna have some fun.
That isn't fun, that's, like,
a Halloween costume from the '80s.
Hey, Addison. Addison. Addison!
Do you mind checking on
the flowers for me, please?
Oh, of course. No problem.
So appreciate you.
Thank you. She was driving me
- Amy Latisha!
- Well, she was!
RACHEL: Okay, um, so don't panic.
Well, I'm obviously gonna
panic when you say that.
That's fair.
Um, the caterers aren't here yet,
but but but I am
sure they're on their way.
Oh, my God. I can't breathe.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- Okay, sweetheart.
It's okay. In. And out.
In. And out, okay?
Let me go make you some sweet tea.
With all the little
lemons, and the sugar.
Wow, I finally found the Amy whisperer.
Okay, and if it's okay with you,
I'm just gonna lock the door.
- In and out. Okay.
ROBIN: One for me. One for you.
- Ooh, make that a third.
- ROBIN: Okay.
- WATKINS: Ooh, you look good, man.
- Thank you, sir.
ROBIN: A little pre-gaming
for the man of the hour.
CALLAN: Yes, indeed.
Gentlemen. Cheers.
- Here, here.
- Cheers.
- Lookin' fresh.
- CHOI: Hey, hey.
How's the groom?
I'm gonna go check on
Lo. See you in a bit.
I'm right behind you.
See you later.
Hey, I know this hasn't been easy.
You're just doing your job. I get it.
Bravo handed me this case, because
Vic insisted on testifying.
We are both prosecutors.
Your dad's testimony
just got Costa convicted
of first-degree murder, man.
He will be in prison for
at least the next 20 years.
Probably the rest of his life.
Not on the streets hunting your dad.
I did not want this case.
But you, my friend
I did not want this case.
So, I determined that putting Costa away
would be the best course of action
to minimize our risk to Vic.
And you.
And Ivan Kirilenko?
We will deal with him
when the time comes.
Doesn't mean it isn't hard to take.
Yeah, I get it.
Thank you.
Here's to your future, my friend.
CARMICHAEL: Good evening,
friends and family.
[GROANS] That's too scripted.
I can tell you one thing
about my best friend,
- Mark Callan, and that
- Care if I join you?
I've been known to be
a little motivation.
I'm trying to work on
my best woman's speech.
I don't wanna put anybody to sleep.
Well, who doesn't love a good nap?
I'm serious.
I want for this to be perfect for them.
Like we were.
- Like we were?
- Yeah.
Need I remind you, the flower girl
cried the entire time
'cause she had stage fright?
- Ooh!
And your uncle, who got
drunk at the reception
and split his pants,
callin' himself doing
the electric slide.
Wait, wait, no
bad-mouthing Uncle Bruno.
That man invented the electric slide.
- Let him tell it.
God, look at us.
Look at all that we have
been through this year.
And we're stronger for it.
Yes, we are.
- Love you.
- I love you.
Uh-oh, hold on, I got you vibrating.
Oh, is that me? That's mine.
You care to share?
It looks like I am being
permanently transferred
to the LA DA's office.
- Yes!
- ROBIN: So, you stuck with me.
Hey, thank you, man. Appreciate it.
CARMICHAEL: Crisis averted.
Wow, look at this,
puttin' all them other
best women to shame.
Thanks, Mark, you know,
you don't look too bad, yourself.
- I don't know.
- CARMICHAEL: Let me just
All right. Hey, how's Amy?
She as crazy as I feel right now?
Crazier, but Rachel's got it handled.
I gotta say, you know, Rachel
has stepped up big time.
Yeah, you know, Amy has finally
started to feel like family, too.
How are you feelin' about Vic?
It's a strange feeling actually
caring about his well-being, but
Listen, Vic is always
gonna land on his feet.
And you are still surrounded by family.
Including your new one. You know why?
[SINGING] 'Cause Marky
Mark is getting married.
Man, we never thought
this day would come, right?
CARMICHAEL: Nope, but here we are.
- Are you two out here gettin' mushy?
- Wait, how's Amy?
- Oh, she is a mess,
but don't worry, I
gave her some Vicodin
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?
RACHEL: I'm just kidding!
Oh, my God. She is beyond ready.
We all are. Mark, you did good.
But so did Amy.
Thank you for taking
care of her, seriously.
Man, look at the three
of us. All grown up.
- RACHEL: I know.
- CALLAN: Let's get in there, man.
I gotta get murried.
- CARMICHAEL: Come on. Come on.

BRAVO: Well, I hear this
has been a long time coming.
Amy Quinn,
I could not have asked
for a better partner.
You challenge me,
you push me to be better.
You encourage me.
You never, ever,
- ever let me get away with anything.
CALLAN: I just
could not imagine my life without you.
AMY: Mark.
You have taught me
the meaning of true love.
- Just keep going.
- BRAVO: Okay. All right.
Then, by the powers vested in me,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- You may, well, kiss the bride.
Okay, all right, all right, all right.
SHERRI: So, did you ever get
around to telling Mark about Gabe?
Oh, I sure did. I just
ripped that Band-Aid right off.
- And?
- SARA: He was really
short with me, so honestly, I
I have no idea where I stand.
SARA: Hey, Mark. Hey, congratulations.
CALLAN: Thanks.
Actually, can I talk
to you for a second?
Um, I just
I was super stressed out the other day
when we talked, and, forgive me,
if I was acting like an asshole.
If you guys make each other happy,
if you complete each other
you should go for it.
Um, so, does it mean
I I'm not suspended?
That's ultimately Bravo's call.
- But, uh, we're good.
- Thank you, Mark.
MAN: Hey, Mark, Mark, Mark.
- Beautiful wedding, man. Beautiful.
- Okay.
BERGER: Who knew you
had such good taste?
So glad you guys could come.
WOMAN: Let's give it up
for our bride and groom's first dance!
Have to find a way, oh, oh ♪
Through the darkest day, oh, oh ♪
Don't you be afraid, oh, oh ♪
Love can find a way ♪
Under clear, clear blue
skies for endless days ♪
Chilling, chilling in the sun ♪
Beach life, surf's up, ride the tide ♪
- Where are we going?
- What?
Oh! Oh.
How is this for an anti-beans
and sweats relationship?
- Yes, it's good.
- Mhm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry, hold on.
Hang on, wait a second.
Paradise ♪
No fucking way.
Man found shot to
death in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Wife is being held for questioning,
it's Nori Byrd.
As in your Nori Byrd?
The one that you represented
- in that no body case?
- Yeah.
Apparently she found Archer and
and took her revenge out on him.
Is that double jeopardy?
Holy shit.
You're sexy with those hips, girl ♪
I like the way you dip, girl ♪
Come here and let me hold some ♪
Get lucky, take you
home or something ♪
You sexy with those hips, girl ♪
I like the way you dip, girl ♪
Come here and let me hold something ♪
Get lucky, take you
home or something ♪
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♪
You sexy with those hips, girl ♪
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♪
Ooh! Oh, my God, girl.
Looks like Rachel found a new friend.
Wait, here she is, here she is.
This man is dancing me under the table.
He's someone's plus one,
and he wanted to meet you.
Hi, you must be the lovely
Amy Quinn Callan to be.
Amy Callan. Wow.
I'm Amy Quinn, at least professionally.
Of course, of course, right?
How else could you two lovely ladies
be the famous Audubon and Quinn?
Oh, whoa. Fan of both.
Okay, uh, who did you
say you came with again?
I didn't, I just, uh, really
wanted to meet you both.
And now, you've been served.
- Have a great wedding. Love it.
- RACHEL: Get out!
I can't believe André
served us at your wedding.
That's facts ♪
I rip it and I flip it ♪
Don't hold back ♪
- Red or white?
- Oh, red. Always.
You're never gonna believe who's
contemplating returning to the HOJ.
Ah. Can't even imagine.
- Judge Lisa Benner.
- Hm.
How great would that be if she
was our presiding judge again?
It would be amazing.
But you already knew that, didn't you?
[CHUCKLING] To old times.
Cheers, my friend.
Hey. I wanna walk with the groom.
Come on, Callan. Let's go.
No doubt about it, I'm on fire ♪
So you better come and get a
little piece of my sunshine ♪
You get it going, all inspired ♪
Come on, feel the love ♪
Baby, look at my pocket,
blowing up, you can't stop it ♪

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