Ally Mcbeal s03e17 Episode Script

I Will Survive

¢Ü And here's a little songfor all you romantics out there whose first love just diedfrom a brain tumor.
It's a picture of the boy next door First I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking I could never livewithout you by my side Thinking how you did me wrong And I grew strong And I learned how to get along And so you're back from outer space I just walked in and I found you herewith that sad look upon your face I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key If I had known for just one secondyou'd be back to bother me! Go on now, go!Walk out the door! Just turn around now! 'Cause you're not welcome anymore! Weren't you the onewho tried to hurt me with goodbye? D'you think I'd grumble? D'you think I'd lay down and die? Oh no, not II will survive Oh, as long as I know how to love,I know I'll stay alive I've got all my life to liveI've got all my love to give I'll survive, I will survive It took all the strengthI had not to fall apart Kept trying hard to mendthe pieces of my broken heart And I spent, oh, so many nightsjust feel sorry for myself Ally? Ah! I w-wuh, I was being chased.
-Pygmies?-Worse! Disco.
Well, obviously, you have to be able totestify that she was insane and ---- Mm I don't like this word, "insane.
" I, I, um I realize that, but if, if Nora is to escape being convictedfor first-degree marriage, uh Murder.
Then, it's your testimonyas her therapist that ---- Ally, Richard wants to startthe staff meeting, he needs to head out.
Can he start it without me? You don't want to miss this one --he's hired somebody.
When I was a boy,my dog got hit by a car.
M-my parents rushed right out,got me a new puppy.
Best therapy in the world.
This is Mark Albert.
Excellent litigator,he'll be a major addition to the firm.
Starts today.
Let's all give him a warm welcome.
Chirr, chirr, chirr, chirr Billy dies, and you run outand get a new puppy? Uh I'm putting him on the Mills trial,so you know, bring him up to speed.
Why? Because Billy was first-chair.
With him now uh, un-unavailable.
And Ling and I will do just fine.
Even so ---- Never mind even so.
Ally, it's a murder trial.
There could be publicity ---- And Ling and I are fine, even -Another hand ----No, we don't need a new puppy! He's on the case.
First days are always awkward.
-Richard, why did you hire him?-It's the only way he'd work here.
Richard, you know what I mean.
Ally, we need the help.
Billy pulled the sled around here.
It's not like it's,it's not like you do any work.
Mark's the best litigatorwho's available and young.
-Oh please! He's the best one at what?-This firm fully supports ageism.
Plus, he specializes in criminal law.
He's got a stable of high-paying,reprehensible people.
-This isn't just -----Is John in on this? John is AWOL,he went off to New Hampshire.
On account of Billy being dead,or Nelle dumping him, I, I ---- -I don't like the new guy.
You don't like him.
-Do you know him? I don't need to know him,I just have a bad feeling.
How long have you worked here? What does that have to do with it? Well, you've been herelong enough to know when you say something negativeabout a person, uh, in this room He's here.
How h-how did you ? We haven't really met.
Mark Albert.
You might want to wash that.
You know, growing up, my buddies --they used to call me Ally.
Last name Albert, nickname Ally.
Nobody will be calling you Ally here,Mark.
I'm the only Ally.
In the world, I bet.
That was a joke.
Richard forgot to mentionthat you were so funny.
I understandhow close you were to Billy, and I'm very sorry about your loss.
Thank you.
I'll try not to step on your toesduring the trial.
Thank you.
-Well, nice to meet you.
When I saw him, I I don't know what happened.
I really God, I still can't believe it.
Just like that.
Can you cry like that? Well You killed a man, Nora.
If you don't cry up there Do you have any crying tricksyou can teach her? What are you looking at? See this picture?His name was Billy.
Last week, he died of a brain tumor,that's sad! You feel like crying yet? What? This is new to me --telling clients to cry.
Well, she's in trouble here.
What's going on? Ling was justcoaching the witness to lie.
Not lie -- just embellish.
It's hard to make killersseem synpathetic.
Thank you.
You people are going to get me off, right? I can't be spending my life in jail.
You will get me off? Excuse me for one second.
Elaine? Oh, Ally.
This cassettejust came for you from the Biscuit.
Uh thanks.
Uh, d-do you hear that? -What?-That beat.
-A beat?-A disco beat.
Boom-pa, boom-pa,boom-pa, boom-pa You hear it?You hear it? A disco bass beat? Yes.
You hear it? No.
What was your relationshipwith the victim, Ms.
Holt? I was his physical therapist.
He'd lost a leg due tohis blood circulation problem, and I was helping him gainuse of his prosthesis.
Uh, and during this therapy ? Well, we fell in physical infatuation with one another.
Holt, calling your attentionto the evening of December14th of last year.
We were at his home,making love.
-And what happened?-Well, during, in she came.
-She being ?-The murderer.
Do you see the personin this room, ma'am? I cartainly do.
The murderer.
Objectionnn! The witness has identified the defendant.
The term "murderer" is stricken.
Holt, what happened after the defendant entered the room? She grabbed his graphite leg and began to thump him wildlyon the head.
And then? He jumped out of bedand attempted to flee, which was made very difficult,she having his leg.
He was being thrashed by thevery thing he needed for escape.
Then, he pushed her offwith his right arm.
By this time, he was bleeding,hopping madly down the hall, she giving chase all the while,thumping him with his own prosthetic.
Then, she tripped him.
He went crashing down the stairs,and that was the end of him.
Then, she just droppedthe murder weapon and excuse me, the thumping device,and ran off.
He just lay there, one leg twitching,the other evidence.
You said "swinging wildly.
" So, you would say thatshe had a wild reaction, -would you say that?-Well, it certainly wasn't subtle.
As a lay person, how would youdescribe Mrs.
Mills' behavior? I'd describe it as murderous.
-She was very upset?-Quite.
Thank you, ma'am.
You must have been scared yourselfby all this, weren't you, ma'am? I was terrified.
It's not everydayyou see a man you care aboutbludgeoned with his own foot.
Terrified shocked, even? -Hmm, absolutely.
-Thank you.
Why did you get up and crossthe witness after I was finished? You noticed that, huh? I noticed it? You undermined mein front of the jury.
No, I didn't.
Can you tell me why you stood upto ask a little question? Yeah, sure.
I wanted to get inthat the witness was in shock a little.
Shock compromises the capacityto observe and comprehend.
And, since she is the leadand only prosecutorial witness, I thought it might be nice to showthat maybe she was wrong.
I am first-chair on this case.
I'm just taking Billy's place.
I don't mean ---- No, no.
You arenever going to take Billy's place.
Don't even think abouttaking Billy's place! Ally, how's he doing? What do you mean, how's he doing?He's dead, for god's sake.
I was talking about Mark.
I still don't knowwhy you hired him.
-I hired him because we need him.
-We don't need him.
We need to keep moving forward, Ally.
It's best for the firm, okay? I know how to run a law firm.
We can't get behind on our work.
Trust me on that, okay? Okay.
I walked into my bedroom,my very own bedroom.
And I saw my husbandmaking love to another woman.
What went through your mindwhen you saw this? Uh I lost all ability todistinguish right from wrong.
Excuse me? My face felt hot,my legs felt weak.
So, you reached for another one? Excuse me? Oh, yes! I saw my husband'sgraphite leg on the floor lying next to the bed,and I picked it up.
Why?I don't Oh, I don't knooow I don't Ah-ah-ah-ah! I just started swinging on him,I hit him with it.
Nora, did you love your husband? More than lifeI! He um More than life -Ms.
Woo?-I'm sorry, Your Honor.
In my culture, infidelity isworse than death.
To discover that your spouse was I'm sorry, I know I should bemore professional.
I just What the hell was that? Excuse me? Your fake crying! It is a murder trial.
You sound like a game-show contestant! -Hey, hey, hey!-Hey, hey yourself! I'm not going to havea trial of mine compromised.
== Oh, no, no, no, ho-hold onfor one second! Since when did it become your trial? When I saw the clown act -you two girls were doing out there.
-You know what? You're off this case! I'm not off this case! -Instead, I'll throw you off this case!-No, no, yes you are.
You know what, you get out! Look.
I realize you had somebodydie on you, -but that's not -----You ==.
All right!I'm sorry.
But there's obviouslya reason that Richard put me on this case to backstop you two.
We are fine, thank you.
Oh Ugh uh, quiet! Ally? Are you okay? Fine.
Nobody likes you yet.
Why are you meeting with Cindy Snell? Excuse me? Cindy Snell.
Why are you meeting with her? Oh, I'm, uh covering for John this week.
Cindy Snell is Ally's client, not John's.
-She is?-Yes.
Then, uh do me a favorand cancel her, would you, Elaine? Well, I can't.
She's allready in your office.
Well I'll get rid of her.
So, it was just a big, big shock, your seeing your husbandwith this woman? Yes, it was.
The idea of him being unfaithful --that was stunning? Yes.
Have you ever had a spousecheat on you, Mr.
Kessler? No.
But, now that you bring it up,had you ever been cheated on before? Well ---- In fact, your husband had beenguilty of infidelity with another woman before his affairwith Marianne Holt, hadn't he? Yes.
You not only knew about that, you also knew he was sleeplingwith Ms.
Holt, didn't you? I thought it was over.
Oh, you thought it was over.
But just a week prior toyour attacking your husband with his prosthetic leg, you two had a public fightover his affair with Ms.
Objection! Mrs.
Mills' state of mind is not relevant.
Not relevant? You're arguing insanity.
State of mind goes to that.
Oh, whatever! So, Mrs.
Mills, you knewyour husband was unfaithful.
You also had particular knowledgeof this affair.
Didn't you? That still doesn't meanit wasn't davastating.
But you said you were shocked.
I was! I was in a terrible situation.
Do you know what that can doto a person? -Well, why didn't you just leave him?-I don't know.
-You don't know.
-I couldn't leave him.
Why not? I j I just I couldn't leave him.
Why? ¢Ü I never can say goodbye,no, no, no, no, ah I never can say goodbye Every time I think I've had enoughand start heading for the door There's a very strange vibrationpiercing me right to the core It says, "Turn around, you fool, you know you love him more and more" Tell me why,tell me why Is it so?I don't wanna let you go No, never can say goodbye,boy, ooh-ooh-ooh, baby I never can say goodbye,no, no, no -She just lost consciousness.
-We got her.
All right.
Follow my finger, please? I really feel o-okay.
Why don't you rest?We'll check back within a while.
She just blacked out? Yes, just slumped right over on the table.
You can see her now.
-What is it? I think she just fainted.
Has she been under a lot of stress? Her old boyfriend diedright in front of her.
Excuse me, I'm in the room, you don't have to talklike I'm not in the room.
Are you okay, sweetie? You look so awful and sound bitchy.
I'm fine.
I I just haven't beengetting enough sleep.
Maybe you have a brain tumor.
-Are they contagious?-No.
I'm fine.
Can I leave? Uh, one more test,and we'll release you.
We should probablyget back to court, then.
Lipps takes the stand.
I prepared the testimony, I should ---- -I can do it.
-I don't want you doing it.
-Could I have a sec with Ally, please?-Sure.
-I'll wait right outside.
Look I, I don't know how to say this without sounding like a complete ass, -but -----What? Okay.
A person you loved just died,it destroyed you.
You fear love, you may even loathe it.
For whatever reason,I detected some chemistry between us.
Which I'm sure is the last thingthat you must want to feel.
Is it possible that you see me as a person you couldperhaps be interested in, and therefore you loathe me? You're right.
You're unable to say that without sounding like a complete ass.
You really think I'm interested in you? It could be off base, but you seem toprotest a little too much.
Well, if you really want to know the truth, I do have a secret thatI would like to share with you.
Could you, um, lean in,so I can whisper? I'm glad to see you'regetting your strength back.
I got to get back to court,I'm taking on that expert witness.
Sex, gangs, peer pressure,you need to find out Rage can be such a compounding force.
It can totally subordinateall sense of reason.
Can rage ever cause a personto lose his or her conscious control? Well, in extreme cases, it can render a personunable to control her actions.
In this situation, we had a womanwhose esteem was inextricably bound upin her love for a man who ridiculed that love.
He not only obliterated itwith his actions, he overtly humiliated her --disgraced her, if you will.
And I think when she saw his leglying there on the floor in this phallic state, she went onto automatic pilot.
How do you mean, automatic pilot? It's possible she didn't knowwhat she was doing.
She saw the man she lovedwrapped up in the arms of another woman, and she succumbed toa blinding rage and snapped.
Wow, doctor, aren't youthe expert witness! You managed to useall the right buzzwords: rage, automatic pilot, snapped.
Because I believe that's what happened.
Is it your testimony thatshe didn't know that she was hitting her husbandon top of his head with that graphite leg? I'm sure she knew she was doing it.
Are you saying thatrage excuses murder? I didn't say! Just because you're angry,you're able to commit homicide? I'm saying, in certain instances,a person can lose control, that's all! Lose control? Her aim wascentainly under control.
I really think you should fire him, Richard.
Ally Oh, it's insensitive to just go outand bring in somebody new.
And the fact that it's himjust compounds ---- A-Ally, I, I loved Billyas much as you did.
You did not.
A-all right, I, I liked him.
The point is, he was boring.
What? Ca-can we just move on? This ==.
Wh-wh-wh-why does everybodyhave to move on so damn fast? Wh-wh-what is wrong withjust staying still and crying? And I mean, who made up that stupid rule, anyway, that life just goes on? -I mean, John Cage stopped his life.
Wait, wait.
What do you expect us to do? -Sit around and have a seance?-He's the only one who's sensitive.
-Can we bill for that?-I don't expect you to hire another person! Well, we need another body! Billy is dead!!! And we loved him,and he is going to be dead forever, and you just go out and, and hire somebody tofill up his office before we We're all trying to survive this, Ally.
Maybe you can walk byhis empty office all day long, I can't.
You're not the only onewho needs to survive.
I'm sorry.
I, uh I, I, I do know th-that,that you've been hurting, too.
You know, Mark's a good, uh lawyer.
He'll, he'll, he'll bring in money, and that's that's the bottom line, so Hmm.
-You okay?-Fine.
You okay? -I'm fine.
So, uh back to work.
Back to work.
Back to work.
Okay, all righty.
Murder two? That's what they're offering.
There's no point in taking it.
It's a life sentence.
I'm assuming you have plans.
Plans for what? A life.
If not,we can take the deal, but ---- I am not taking a life sentence! Don't take a tone with me, Nora.
I wasn't the onewho offed your husband.
And you were a terrible crier! -What's going on?-Evidence is all in, the summation's tomorrow,Mark's going to do it.
Mark is giving the summation? His nickname is the Closer.
Did you know that? Yes.
But that may have nothing to dowith the way he practices law.
-Where is he?-He's in Bill his office.
Uh I'm going to go in therewith an olive branch.
Richard wants this to work,so let's make it work.
-Uh-uh-uh!-What the hell? Ally, hi.
Could you give me a sec, Stacy? -Sure.
What ---- I get my teeth cleanedthree times a week.
Having the chair just saves time.
I let the hygienist make house calls.
Three times a week? It's the little things that win trials, Ally.
Fresh breath, clean teeth.
What planet are you from? Cute.
Every lawyer has his way.
This just works for me.
Fresh breath and clean teeth.
It, it's, it's how you ---- Are you going to cut me any slack, -or you just -----I came in to cut you slack, and I found you in a dentist chair.
You're a nut.
And please don't mistake thisfor chemistry.
I would really love towork out our differences.
But I have a closing to work on.
I thought I would be allowedsome space in my own office, == No, no, this isn't your office, and it doesn't become your officewith a stupid piece of tape! Hey.
Thanks a lot for making mefeel so damn welcome.
-You got to give him a chance.
-No, I don't.
-I don't have to give him anything.
Why? Because he isn't you.
He's just a lawyer, Ally.
Brought in to make us forget.
Nobody's asking youto forget anything.
You hate him, you hate God.
Anybody else? Yeah -- you.
For dying.
You know, I I can't even wear black! You know?Because you weren't mine! And, and may-maybe,maybe that's why I feel so alone.
And, you know,nobody really understands ho-how much I and, and what I I know.
Ev-everybody, everybody sayslife has to go on, and it just feels likesuch a big insult to you i-if, if life just goes on.
Just remember meevery now and again.
That'll be enough.
Oh, o-okay.
Anything you can do for me? I'll make sure it never rains,when you're outside.
I don't believe you.
Billy I need to say goodbye to you.
I know that, too.
Why did he come here? Because I offered him a job.
Why wouldn't he ---- He has his own nice little practicewhere he got the profits.
Is he getting equity here? What's going on? Richard and I are having a discussion.
When I joined this firm,you promised I would be the first associateto be made partner.
If that doesn't happen ---- Nelle, promises I make are irrelevant.
You should know that.
Why are they irrelevant? Because I don't keep them.
Hmm! It would behoove youto keep this one.
¢Ü I've got all my life to liveI've got all my love to give And I'll survive,I will survive Hey, Richard, Nelle.
Still being chased byGloria Gaynor? She's not here, right? Mm, no.
Ally, wh-why don't youfix her up with Al Green? I-it would beat haunting you.
I think the distraction is good.
It i-it keeps me from -Oh, no.
-What? ¢Ü Buddy, you're a boymake a big noise I hear At least it is not disco.
This one's not in your head.
I hear it, too.
¢Ü Singing, we will, we will rock you! ¢Ü We will, we will rock you, ¢Ü Buddy, you're a young man, hard man ¢Ü Shouting in the street, I told you, Richard,this guy is a major kook.
He should be in a rubber room! Morning, folks.
What are you doing? Pretrial anthem.
Before I go into court, especially when I close,I like to fill myself with music.
Sort of a theme song.
A theme song?You like to go in with a theme song? And fresh breath.
What are you going to sayin your closing? What can be said? She picked up a hard objectand repeatedly beat him until he fell down a flight of stairsto his death.
Was she angry?I'm sure she was.
In a rage?Could have been.
But anger doesn't excuse a homicide,ladies and gentlemen.
We live in a society of law and order.
Law and order means, you don't kill peoplebecause they make you angry.
Law and order means, you don't resort to violencebecause you feel pangs of jealousy.
Law and order means that when you go back to that room to uphold your oath,you do exactly that.
The fact that Nora Mills was angry, that fact that she loved the manshe killed, doesn't make Mark? Mark? Mark! He finished his closing.
This might be a very good timefor you to get up and do yours! I think his bulb is a little dim.
Law and order law and order is a television show,albeit a good one.
The nucleus of Nora Fields,believe it or not, was her love for her husband.
Now, you heard the therapist testifyas to the power of this love.
It was also, in Nora's mind, immortal.
That is the thing about great loves.
We think they're immortal.
They can live forever.
Even after people involved don't.
When Nora walked into that roomand saw what she saw, it was as if her own centerhad been destroyed, and nothing else mattered.
The psychiatrist said she was lost --those were her words.
She was lost.
And she remains lost.
The love that she had for her husband turned out to be false, or at least finite.
And now, she feels likeshe's not even entitled to cling to it after he's gone.
And she sits there, empty.
A love that she cherishedmore than life itself was taken from her.
Suddenly gone.
And in part, she felt gone.
Then she snapped.
They just offered manslaughter.
Manslaughter?Should we take it? Why? Manslaughter is the worstthey could come back with.
It's not much of an offer.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
I'd be the onewho serves the life sentence.
I'm going to turn the offer down,Nora.
Let's go for it.
All right.
But I can't justsit here and wait.
I need to walk.
I better go with her.
What do you know about me and Billy? Just that you used to date him.
Why? Hmm.
Uh, just some of the thingsthat you said in your closing, they, they hit me you know, close to Uh, as much as I mourn his loss, I I, I realize or, I um his dying left me so empty because well, I don't know, maybe becausewe had broken up.
So, I don't feel entitledt-to cling to the love that I had with him.
Maybe a part of me always thought I would get it back.
That may be why the hole feels so big.
Your love with him --it was real at one point? Yes.
Well, then, you own it.
You're entitled to cling to it.
Your last memory of himshouldn't be where you left off, Ally.
Remember himthe way you want to.
You survive that way,and so does he.
The defendant will please rise.
Foreman, the juryhas reached a verdict? We have.
What say you? Commonwealth vs.
Nora Mills, on the count of murderin the first degree, we find the defendant, Nora Mills not guilty.
On the count of murderin the second degree, we find the defendant, Nora Mills not guilty.
On the count of manslaughter, we find the defendant, Nora Mills not guilty.
All by reason of temporary insanity.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,the state thanks you for your service.
We are adjourned.
¢Ü At first I was afraid,I was petrified Kept thinking I couldnever live without you by my side ¢Ü But then I spent so many nights,thinking how you did me wrong And I grew strong,and I learned how to get along And so you're backfrom outer space I just walked in to found you herewith that sad look on face I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key If I had known Any word from John? I think he'll be back soon.
-He's okay?-He is recovering.
That is Gloria Gaynor up therefor real real, right? -You want me to tell you?-Better not.
-Ally, dance?-Um actually, I'm, I'mgoing to head home.
I'm beat.
-Sylvie?-It's Elaine.
I'd love to.
-Um Mark? Welcome.
-Don't hump me.
-I'll try not to.
Night, guys.
-You want me to walk you?-Mm, no.
I'm fine, thanks.
Uh, Ally? I'm sorry.
It's my nature to, uh I, I did not mean to be,uh, insensitive, uh Mm.
I know.
So you, you're,you're okay uh, really? -I'm surviving.
-Oh, it's, uh ¢Ü And so, you felt like dropping in, and just expect me to be free Now I'm saving all my lovingfor someone one who's loving me Go on now, go!Walk out the door! Just turn around now! 'Cause you're not welcome anymore! Very funny.
¢Ü Oh, we never knowwhere life will take us I know it's just a ride on the wheel And we never knowwhen death will shake us And we wonder how we will feel So, goodbye, my friend I know I'll never see you again But the time togetherthrough all the years Will take away these tears It's okay now Goodbye, my friendSee ya.

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