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Nine One One

Hello? Sir? Are you okay? My wife.
Oh, I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
Is there anything I can do? Depends.
Are you an angel? A saint? A prophet? No.
I'm an attorney.
Oh, that figures.
I'm standing here, asking the Father to deliver me some kind of heavenly sign, and he sends me a lawyer.
Well, God works in mysterious ways, they say.
What? Actually, I could use an attorney.
I was just fired by my congregation.
I might have a case for wrongful termination.
Why did they fire you? They said I could no longer perform the function of the job.
Because? I don't believe in God.
I've been down this road Nine One One Walking the line That's painted by pride And I have made mistakes in my life That Ijust can't hide Oh, I believe I am ready For what love has to bring I got myself together Now I'm ready to sing I've been searching my soul tonight I know there's so much more to life Now I know I can shine the light To fiind my way back home Baby Oh yeah You took this guy's case? He's clergy.
Not all religions believe in God.
There are some sects that don't.
- And what's his? - Methodist.
It's a tough sell, I admit.
That doesn't mean- - How can a minister not believe in God? - His wife was killed.
I'll try to settle it or make it go away.
He seemed like he needed help, and I couldn't say no.
Could you just allow this for me, please? I don't ask for much.
- I don't! - Uh Let's see, Hooley v.
the town of Jackman, Massachusetts.
- Mine.
- What's it about? - I don't know.
- You don't know? No.
I am meeting the client at 10, youngster, and I will know then.
Move along.
Speaking of sexual harassment, we need you to sign waivers.
Our office Christmas party is Wednesday night.
- Jenny, you can bring your mother.
- I don't like you dogging my mother.
Where's your Yuletide spirit? 'Tis the season to get your jolly.
I'm tired of pulling the religious sled.
What's that song? - "Wattle Wonderland"? - Winter.
Party Wednesday.
Parents welcome.
- He canceled Christmas? - Basically.
The parade, the street decorations, they're not doing any of it.
- Did the mayor say why? - The town is in a recession.
He thinks it is irresponsible to spend on nonessential- Oh, but this is Jackman.
I go there to buy ornaments.
- They have a Santa's Village.
- That's partly the reason.
The manufacturing plant and village burned down.
It was our town industry, so because it's Christmas, the mayor The kids are heartbroken.
- Can't you have a parade on your own? - No, we can't get the permit.
McBeal, the board adores your client.
We want him to continue being the minister.
You know that.
- I can't question God? - Of course you can.
You're saying you don't believe in him.
It takes the pep out of the hymns.
Actually, what I said to the congregation was that God no longer believes in us.
Or if he does, he simply no longer cares.
How can we have our minister saying that? Of all the ridiculous motions to put before me.
- That's not a productive start.
- You can't sue for canceling a parade.
This isn't just a parade.
This is about Christmas.
Christmas? - Perhaps you've heard of it.
- Have you heard of contempt? I have, but if you held me in it, how would I know, you grumpy lump? - I apologize.
You hit a holiday nerve.
- I've put up with you for five years.
All I ask, your curmudgeon-ness, is that you listen to my client.
He paid taxes to this municipality.
He moved there, in part to participate in events, and now this one is gone.
Just give us five minutes.
Is there a root canal you're running late for? Let's have a rock 'n ' roll Christmas Just like we used to know Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh A rock 'n ' roll Christmas And I'll meet you by the mistletoe Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Rock around the tree Go Santa go, go, go - You shouldn't do that.
- Why? - It's too sexual for a holiday party.
- To women you're a stocking stuffer.
I'm up here as a "stocking stuffer"? It's Christmas.
Birth of Christ, conception, sex.
You're the ocean.
I'm the sperm whale.
Let's have a rock 'n ' roll Christmas Just like we used to know, ooh Yeah a rock 'n ' roll Christmas And I'll meet you by the mistletoe There's no way I'm gonna be able to get a court to reinstate you if this is how you truly feel.
Is it? Well, I'm sure in time, I- You know, I probably should have asked you this before but how did your wife die? She was shot.
A man came to rob her.
She fumbled opening her purse, so he shot her.
And you blame God.
You're the expert, but I believe that the Lord gave man free will.
Which, given the times, would seem to be an abuse of discretion, right? You know, as a minister, you must deal with death a lot and you have had to comfort families who have lost loved ones.
And what do you say to them? I fire off a few sacred platitudes and pray that they buy it.
I know that isn't true.
McBeal, I can't even help my own son.
He- What kind of a minister could I be? Do you want to tell me about your son? He's an amazing kid.
And when he sings it always seemed to me that it sounded like the voice of God to hear music coming from him.
He doesn't sing anymore.
Is that what this is about? You not being able to help your son? John, I- - Hello.
- Hello.
Is there a reason you're dressed like an elf? Yes, Veterans Day.
Why would anybody dress like an elf? - Have we all forgotten Christmas? - Bite my head off.
- Or why don't you just bite me.
- Damn shoe doesn't even fit.
Can't even get a decent elf shoe, for God's sake.
What is wrong? I'm disappointed with mankind.
Did you need something? I was looking for you to talk to my minister client.
The one who doesn't believe in God.
Even my elf underwear is riding up.
John, I'm not really equipped to deal with somebody who's lost God.
Why not? I don't know.
I just From what I can tell, he's devastated because his son won't sing.
The boy can sing well, and since his mother died, he won't.
Any advice? You're good at these things.
Why don't you go talk to the son? Hi.
Excuse me, I'm looking- - Malcolm? - Ally? Well, hey! Wow.
- What are you doing here? - Well, I came to see- - Oh, my God.
- What? - Is your dad Harrison Wyatt? - Yes.
- And he's a minister? - Has something happened? - He's my client.
- He is? Yeah.
Oh, Malcolm I'm so sorry about your mother.
You know, I wish that you would have called me.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
It was rough for a while, but I'm really doing fine now.
Your dad doesn't think you are, and I know that he isn't doing well.
Why? What's going on? - Could I come in? - Of course.
It's not just a parade.
It's an event families look forward to for months.
To suddenly cancel it, it's arbitrary, hurtful and very unfair.
There are other towns with celebrations.
- Couldn't you take your children-? - It's not the same.
This is our town.
You celebrate holidays where you live, not in somebody else's yard.
What about the fiscal well-being of the community? Jackman's always had big Fourth of Julys, Labor Days, Halloweens.
We do it up.
That's who we are.
You want to cancel Columbus Day? Okay.
Labor Day, Presidents' Day.
If the town can't acknowledge those occasions, so be it.
But Christmas? No mayor should be able to cancel Christmas.
I'm sorry.
Oh, yeah Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney Stuck in my chimney Stuck in my chimney Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney - This doesn't seem to be a duet.
- Oh, it's a duet, trust me.
There he was in the middle Of the chimney Testing.
What's going on? We're rehearsing for the Christmas party.
- Pick another song.
- Why? This one's suited- - Pick another number or partner.
- What happened to holiday spirit? Just keep your grubby, horny little paws off Glenn.
I didn't know your father was a minister.
I thought you sang in somebody else's church.
Reverend Harris.
I used to sing in his choir.
You don't sing in anybody's church now? No.
- Is that because you're not able to? - I don't want to.
And I just can't make it happen.
- Do you think in time, it'll just-? - I don't know.
I always sang with my mother when I was little.
To her when I got older.
The truth is, I can't listen to music right now.
You know, Malcolm, you're so smart and- You know tragedies happen to good people.
Yeah, I do.
But my mother if you knew her If he wanted to take her, okay.
But tell me why she had to be shot in the neck bleed to death on the sidewalk.
- So you're angry at God.
- I'm not really angry at him.
You just don't feel like talking to him much.
I don't know what the problem is, but you can't hang in here as an elf.
- I'm preparing the mayor's cross.
- What's going on? The world seems so desperate.
Oh, that.
You know, Richard, privately every Christmas, I rent the elf costume.
I scamper around my house at night to imbue myself with good tidings.
Good idea to do it privately.
It's a tradition.
It started years ago when I went to rent a Santa outfit.
They were sold-out, as they always are, hence the elf costume.
But this year, the rack was filled with Santa Claus costumes.
Nobody wants to be Santa anymore.
How about that? And still you chose to be an elf.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say? We've all flatlined.
I don't know how to respond.
Other than, if you leave again because you're sad, can I redecorate your hole? I gotta get back to court.
Could you have possibly offered him something more? I've never been good with elves.
This party in the bar? It will, in fact, be a party, right? Yeah, of course.
Why? Because I think we all need one.
- This is not a year to celebrate.
- Why not, Mayor Horn? First of all, people died in that fire.
Second, we're in a terrible recession.
We can barely pay teachers.
A snowstorm? We can't afford to plow the streets.
So you, in your mayoral wisdom, decide to cancel the holiday.
I'm not extinguishing the holiday.
I won't authorize the wastiture- - Object to wastiture.
It's not a word.
- Sustained.
You're not just withholding funds.
You're denying a permit for people to celebrate.
Many people lost their jobs.
We had six firemen lose their lives in that fire.
This is not the time to be throwing parades.
That's your opinion.
It's disrespectful to be celebrating in the streets.
Given the state of things, a public party is blatant inappropriate-ism.
It's a fake word.
Move to strike.
Mayor, please use real words, sir.
Look at me, and let me ask you this.
- I missed the question.
- I haven't asked it.
- He's tinkering with my rhythm.
- Just ask your question.
What about the people, sir, who need this holiday? As a mayor, Mr.
Cage, a politician I have to look beyond what the public needs and consider what they want.
Most of the people do not want this parade.
Most didn't want the Christmas tree in Main Street.
People aren't in the mood for Christmas.
What about those who are? Again, I repeat, out of respect for our economy and the lost lives I think we should be allowed to mourn, out of common courtesy-ism.
Elves are working overtime Making lots of toys Reindeer hooves on all the roofs Good little girls and boys - Come on.
- It's Christmas, damn it.
Big old cups of steaming cider Falling asleep by a cozy fiire It's the warm and fuzzy time of year It's the warm and fuzzy time of year With all due respect, it isn't normal for a minister to preach that there is no God, so I have to question- - I'm not allowed to be in crisis? - You can, but so is he.
- Well, then let me deal with him.
- But you're not.
Have you ever had somebody you loved suddenly die? The man I loved more than life itself laid down in front of me and died in my arms.
Would you like to see the scars? If it were just you telling me to leave you alone, I might accept that.
But it's not just you.
It's him.
- I hear you're still coming on to Glenn.
- Jenny, they're Christmas songs.
When a guy moves on somebody else's girl, they settle it with fists.
With women, they talk things out.
I prefer the guy way.
- You're gonna hit me? - Well.
- That's a warning.
- Excuse me, Jenny.
Don't ever push me.
Oh, but, Elaine, I will.
Oh, Jenny, you're mistaken.
All right! John, I'm sorry! - Fistfights in the office now? - I didn't realize- Let's all beat each other up! - 'Tis the season! - What's going on? Your girlfriend punched me! Why don't we all just fight? No, it isn't that I no longer believe in God nor is it I don't think he's good, it's just Just what? He's not enough.
I want to lead the congregation.
How can I stand up there and convince them he's enough? And I guess I haven't been able to convince Malcolm, either.
What do you say to that? I wish I'd known how inadequate he was before she died.
- I would have been more prepared.
- You think so? You think I was prepared? The thing that surprises me is you must have gone through this with hundreds of congregants.
You know eventually they will come out of it.
- Why don't you believe that you will? - Because Suzanne- You know that after she was shot, she was laying there on the sidewalk and she looked up at the man who mortally wounded her and she asked him to dial 911.
She's looking at the man who shot her and somehow she sees enough good in him that she believes That was Suzanne.
And you know, where I was caught so unprepared was not that she died but how gone she is.
I've been in church for 15 years, preaching the eternity of our souls and I'll tell you, she's gone.
Every day, she's more gone.
I'm sorry, Malcolm.
I'm sorry.
Well I must tell you that I reject everything you just said.
You know, four years ago, I met an 8-year-old boy with cancer.
And he hired me to sue God, actually.
And Billy.
Now, I do sometimes see him as a ghost.
I know that it's me summoning him up in a way.
But I get to talk to him in my mind, and I get to talk to him in my heart.
And he'll never be gone because I'll never let him go.
It's because your mother's still here that you can't sing.
And it's because your mother is still here that you will sing again.
- I don't know if I believe it myself.
- You don't? Well, I try to.
I certainly need to, but The truth is that it plays right into my biggest fear that when people are gone, they're gone.
My grandmother and Billy The idea that they're nothingness that we all become nothing.
- Do you believe that we have souls? - Yes.
Tell me something good, anything.
I just need to hear something good.
We have souls.
- Did they put the parade back on? - Not yet, that's Wow, that case has really gotten to you, hasn't it? It just so taps into what I was saying a week ago.
We have all become so deadened.
Now we're canceling parades.
- Where's the hope, for God's sake? - Are you deadened? You've seemed so sad lately, and Well, that's what this is, isn't it? It's not that town.
You've lost Christmas.
I'm behind on my Christmas shopping.
It makes me anxious, that's all.
I haven't lost anything.
A little late to be putting up a tree, isn't it? Christmas Eve? Well, yeah, but I guess it's better than not putting one up at all.
I just came from the church.
- I got my job back.
- You did? Oh, well, that's That's fantastic.
I'm doing the midnight service tonight.
At least, I'm gonna try.
That's great.
Assuming I can come up with something to say.
- What do you feel? - What do I feel? Yeah.
Well, I feel I feel I need to believe in what you said.
I need to believe somehow that she's still here.
Otherwise - Otherwise what? - Otherwise, evil wins.
Yeah, well we can't let that happen.
Punch anybody lately? Women hit on you because they think they can.
Sorry? I mean, they see that you're with me and they figure you're gettable because you're handsome and I'm You're what? You're prettier than me, and I'm okay with that most of the time.
But the laws of nature require beautiful men to be with beautiful women, so I just get insecure.
First of all, you're the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.
Second, I love you.
You're not just saying that because you think I need to hear it? I'm saying it because it's true and because Elaine needs to hear it.
I'm sorry.
I would never hit on somebody else's boyfriend.
Not for real.
That's what it looked like, and that's what it always looks like with you.
On this occasion, it was part of the act.
As for what it always looks like what you have to realize with me is my whole life is pretty much an act.
- Nobody's saying they can't celebrate.
- He's denying a permit to parade.
That's more than just holding back funds.
If families want to hold celebrations, that's okay.
- I'll be dressed as Santa.
- I'll be sorry to miss that.
But in this town they have had a catastrophic year.
Financially, humanly, it is simply not a time for rejoicing on the streets.
And to automatically throw a parade because it's a Christmas tradition well, to me, that mocks joy.
You don't just check the calendar and start laughing.
That trivializes happiness.
It also ignores the profound loss.
And the mayor of this town doesn't believe in doing that.
With all due respectful-ism to the mayor's opinion this is no year to be skipping Christmas.
The people of Jackman have been knocked to the ground.
When that happens, we get back up.
It's who we are.
That factory, Jackman's economy was built on hope and optimism and it needs to be rebuilt with those same ingredients.
As to the human loss, as profound as it very much is it is no honor to the fallen for the surviving to stay down.
We're not asking to be out on the streets slurping margaritas and singing "Que SerĂ¡, SerĂ¡.
" We just want to go on.
And sometimes to do that, it helps to celebrate.
Good will toward men, peace on earth and joy.
A lot of things Christmas stands for in this country.
Of course everybody hurts for those firefighters.
They are heroes and they represent the best of what we are.
But I think that instead of going dark let's let the lights shine, in their honor.
Yes, we need schoolbooks.
We need snowplows.
But as a people this community has an emotional need now that they have never Uh It's just not a year for skipping Christmas.
- Ally? - Malcolm, hey.
Hey, thanks for coming in.
- Did you hear my dad got his job back? - That's why I wanted to talk to you.
I'm sure that he went to the board and said all the right things and I realize maybe what I said yesterday had some effect, but - But what? - Well I might have gotten him most of the way back, but We both know that he's not all the way back.
You need to sing.
- I'm not sure I can.
- You need to try.
For your mother, for your father and for you.
That it? Yeah, that's it.
Ally, are you okay? I'm fine.
Well Merry Christmas.
You too.
He didn't take long.
Well, I'm sure he's anxious to get to Whoville.
- I apologize.
Be seated.
A court has no authority to order a mayor to throw a parade.
However, withholding the permit, that seems arbitrary.
If the citizens want to congregate, rejoice on their own time and dime the government shouldn't stop them.
Mayor Horn, this is a time when your citizenry has to learn to deal without things, but I agree with Mr.
If there's any year you need Christmas Judgment for the plaintiff.
- Oh yeah, candles burning low.
- Lots of mistletoe Lots of snow and lights Everywhere we go Choirs singing carols Right outside my door - I can't get close to her mother.
- Her mother's getting married.
I can, but she plans to be faithful.
Where's the hope in that, I ask you? That's what Christmas means To me my love That's what Christmas means to me my love We come here to celebrate the birth of Christ to rejoice in the spirit of the Lord and to celebrate love itself.
Hatred took the life of a woman I cherished.
And in so many ways I felt that the soul of humanity had been murdered.
But then so many of you proved to me as long as humanity resides in our hearts it is truly immortal.
I promised my son- He's here tonight, to try to climb back in the saddle as well.
He said, "Dad, get me up there quick," while he's able.
So, my son.
Who can say for certain? Maybe you're still here I feel you all around me Your memory's so clear Deep in the stillness I can hear you speak You're still an inspiration Can it be That you are mine? Forever love And you are watching over me From up above Are you gently sleeping Here inside my dream? And isn't faith believing All power can't be seen? As my heart holds you Just one beat away I cherish all you gave me Every day 'Cause you are mine Forever love Watching me From up above And I believe That angels breathe And that love will live on And never leave Fly me up to where you are Beyond the distant star I wish upon tonight To see you smile If only for a while To know you're there A breath away's not far To where you are I know you're there A breath away's not far To where you are You stinker!
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