Ally Mcbeal s05e12 Episode Script

The New Day

From Atlanta, Georgia To the Gulf Stream water To Californ-i-a I'm gonna spread my love Oh, baby, night and day Gimme gimme good loving Every night Hey, you know it's all right, child now Gimme gimme good loving Make it all right So where did he go this time? - Mexico.
- Mexico? - Vacation, but - But? - Well, he's leaving the firm.
- What? Not fully, but he's now a part-time Biscuit.
- I know the semester's started- - I've seen her transcripts.
- She should have no problem.
- Great.
- Dress code? - No.
Considered it? They tend to minimize bullying and class distinction and help academic focus.
- We feel they inhibit individuality.
- Fine.
He'll still try cases sometimes.
He's just not a name partner.
What'll the firm be called? Fish? It'll be fine, Nelle.
Everything will be great.
What's up? - John's in Mexico.
- He is? - The little guy? Oh, he's not little.
Big, then.
Mexico? - Security? - Yes.
Are bags searched? How do you handle the mail? - It's an elementary- - Tragedies happen at elementaries.
- Not this one.
- What about bees? - Bees? - My daughter had a reaction once.
- It's winter.
- Spring is coming.
- We have a nurse.
- Trained? - Kids per class? -26.
- That's a lot.
- There are private schools.
- They're elitist.
- You're not? - Was that a putdown? - Not at all.
Does this school have a policy against putdowns? - I think you pushed too hard.
- I "pushed too hard"? So I shouldn't worry about bullies or security I should just go with it, and if my child dies, them's the breaks? - You plan to be a total nightmare.
- You have no idea.
I've been down this road The New Day Walking the line That's painted by pride And I have made mistakes in my life That Ijust can't hide Oh, I believe I am ready For what love has to bring I got myself together Now I'm ready to sing I've been searching my soul tonight I know there's so much more to life Now I know I can shine the light To fiind my way back home Baby Rise and shine, Maddie.
Come on, honey.
We gotta get up and go to school.
I'm not going today.
Of course you're going.
It's your first day.
Let's go.
I made pancakes.
Ally, did you hear what I said? I'm not going to school today.
Maddie, it's your first day.
School is not an optional thing.
You're a responsible mom.
Have a cookie.
- Sweetheart.
- I'm not going! Got it? You get your pissy little ass up and to the breakfast table.
Now! One, two - Ally.
- Not now.
I'm- Thank you.
Richard needs you.
- Tell him I can't.
- Won't take a second.
- It's Maddie's first day- - She's starting to bug me.
- Stop pulling me.
- John's gone again.
- Oh, brother.
Where is he now? - Mexico.
Mexico? - He'll be back, but not as partner.
- What do you mean, not as partner? He's staying on of counsel, but he won't be a name partner anymore.
So, what are you gonna call the firm? Fish? I want to change the name.
I thought I'd run it by you.
- Why? - I want to change it to Fish and McBeal.
Do I look like I have time for jokes? It's not a joke.
I want to make you partner.
Ally? I'm making you partner.
This is where you hug me.
Tongue, even.
Now? I just- I just got to a point in my life where I don't even want it.
- Now? - Now.
Fish and McBeal? Yeah.
It would sound better if it were McBeal and Fish.
Yeah, forget it.
- Fish and McBeal.
- Yeah.
Fish and McBeal.
Fish Fish and McBeal.
Fish and McBeal? That's the rumor.
Aren't you just devastated? He's making her partner.
Just a rumor.
You never heard it from me.
Couldn't you just scream? Share.
He said he had to make layoffs due to the economy.
- Were you surprised to be one of them? - Yes, since I'd won most of my trials.
- But then he told me the reason.
- Which was? I have AIDS.
That's the reason Mr.
Cobb gave for firing you? - Yes.
- Did it affect your job performance? No, and he was very diplomatic about it.
He said the firm had to make some difficult choices about its future.
Since, statistically, I didn't figure to be alive in the future it didn't make since to keep me on.
- He was very honest? - Brutally.
- Were you honest? - I beg your pardon? When you interviewed for the job, you were HIV-positive? - Yes.
- Did you advise Mr.
Cobb? No.
My medical history is my private business.
As a lawyer, you know this.
Did you discuss partnership during your interview? - Yes.
- You knew McKinley-Cobb invests - in the futures of its associates? - Yes.
When you took the job, it was unlikely you'd ever become a partner, wasn't it? I think your question is, "Would I live long enough?" Correct.
That is my question.
How long do the doctors give you? Your Honor, these are private issues- Overruled.
Your client is suing.
She brought this into a public forum.
- Are you symptomatic, Ms.
Bridgeman? - I'm starting to become symptomatic, yes.
I apologize for the question, but I must ask again.
How long do the doctors give you? About two years.
By "smooth read," I mean simply that.
The books you can read smoothly.
You should be engaged by the story.
If a read is too difficult, if you're having trouble following the story, this would not be a smooth read.
Put it down.
On your own time, when you read, it should be fun.
Once you finish a book, check it off so I can keep track.
- Yes? Must the books be from your list? Can she read one not on the list that appears to be smooth? And if there's one I don't want her to read- Is there a book you find inappropriate? The kids are reading a novelization of Annie I wouldn't want her reading.
Looks like Goldilocks.
That chunky little boy insulted my daughter.
- Ms.
McBeal- - I'm sorry, but I'm concerned about her meeting new friends.
That fat kid is nasty and prejudice comes in smooth reads because bigots cannot spell.
I wasn't discriminating against AIDS.
I had to make hard choices about who to keep.
Let's be fair.
Kelly Bridgeman having AIDS was the determining factor.
- Yes.
- You don't see this as discrimination? Law firms lose money on young associates.
We're willing to do so because we're training tomorrow's partners.
If Kelly won't be here tomorrow, I know how cold this sounds I have a fiduciary responsibility to the firm, to the other partners.
- Business is business.
- I object to that.
- You said it.
- Business dictates we discharge her in good times or bad, Ms.
Before September, when times were good, we employed her, even though But with the losses we are now taking, unfortunately, this is a new day.
Could she perform her job, Mr.
Cobb? - Well, actually, no.
- What couldn't she do? One part of an associate's job is to build a client roster and to service that roster over time, in the future.
She has neither.
I hate to sound cold.
So in a sinking boat, throw the sick and elderly over first? It's not that.
You lose on associates? Didn't she bill out more than her salary? - The clients weren't paying their bills.
- That's true with all your lawyers.
- Correct- - She's the one you fired.
- The one with AIDS.
- Objection.
That is not fair.
- Is fairness a goal with you? - I am a fair man, Ms.
Lipp, but- - You dumped the one with AIDS.
- It wasn't because she had AIDS.
- You said so yourself- - I did not fire her for having AIDS! - Then why? It's because she's dying.
There's a difference.
Would you care to explain the difference? Our firm, it has to rebuild, Ms.
Lipp economically and emotionally- - What do you mean, "emotionally"? - Look, I've stated my reasons.
Sir, what do you mean, you're rebuilding emotionally? Answer the question, sir.
Two of our people were on the first plane, Ms.
We've all had to deal with loss.
The last thing we now need is So you're protecting the other members of your firm from more loss.
You say it like it's nothing.
Trust me, it's not nothing.
- Why am I not partner? - Partners split the pie.
If I split it three ways, I get less.
That's not acceptable.
What I don't find acceptable is that answer.
I expect something appropriate.
Do you consider John Cage kind? A man of compassion? I do.
And I should look to you to fill that void? Bygones.
The workers like Ally.
Nelle, you're not a liked person.
Off you go, now.
Ally, you got calls from a few parents.
- Parents? - Confirming the play date.
- What play date? - Maddie's having some thing.
- I just invited a few kids over.
So? - You didn't check with me.
I thought you wanted me to meet friends.
- That's not the point, Maddie.
- What is the point, Ally? I am the parent, and I am in control of what goes on under this roof.
And I am already becoming my mother.
- I'll call off the play date.
- That is not the point either.
I just seem to keep missing the point here, don't I? Why don't we just set up a fail-safe, and you check with me on things first.
Would that apply to vomit? Because I'm about to puke.
Yes, it would apply to vomit.
I didn't send for a plumber.
Look, Maddie, it isn't very interesting, okay? You're testing her because you're not convinced she wants you.
Well, she does.
And you're a smart kid, so you're setting up boundaries during this honeymoon period while she tries to prove she loves you.
Well, here's where you got it wrong, though.
She doesn't have to love you yet, and maybe she won't.
- I'll ask you not to parent my child.
- I'm just trying to help.
I'm sorry.
- Don't go in there.
- Why? Let her come to you.
She needs to apologize.
- She's 10.
- She's old enough to apologize.
You two still care about each other.
We have to work this out.
Lipp, she sued me.
I was happy to work this out.
She engaged a lawyer, filed a complaint that alleges that I discriminate against people with AIDS.
Owen, the reason you just gave in court isn't legal grounds for firing somebody.
- So I'm victimized by my honesty? - Oh, yes, prejudice is okay - if you come clean with it.
- And lying's okay if you're sick? - I didn't lie.
- You sat there and discussed the future 10 years down the road.
Did you ever say, "By the way, I'm dying"? So I shouldn't try to live, to work? Kelly, it isn't just about you! I'm the one with AIDS, Owen.
My immune system is shutting down.
- This is about me.
- What about the people who love you? It's at their own peril.
You don't care, fine.
- I'm the parent here! I have to care! - You're senior partner, not a parent.
I did nothing wrong.
I won't settle.
What, you don't like it? Cheerios is one of the few things I can actually make.
The Cheerios are fine.
The chatter's annoying.
- Could I get you some juice? - Could you? I'm sure you can.
You look able.
May you? I'll let you know.
Is something the matter? I think I'm just nervous about the play date, that's all.
Now, I'm sure it'll be okay.
- You'll be here, right? - Yeah, absolutely.
I'll be interviewing some sitters, but I'll be here.
Are you really okay? - It's my Chanel! - I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Maybe you should stay home.
- No, I can't.
I worked to get this play date.
I can't cancel.
I may never get them back.
A hundred thousand? - That's a lot of money, Corretta.
- I don't find that funny.
- I don't mean to be funny.
- He fired her for having a disease.
- Don't give me your closing.
- Fine.
I'll just give you "no.
" Look, you might very well win here, I admit that but my client, for whatever reason, he's entrenched.
You saw how he is.
He'll appeal all the way.
What are you saying? He'll drag this out till she's dead? - I'm saying my client is very entrenched.
- I'm offended by that.
You should be.
And maybe you should talk to your client.
I will, but please talk to yours.
- What kind of violent images? - Of me hurting her.
I know that I never would, but - Is there something wrong with me? - Oh, Ally.
Of course there is.
But some of the most evil people make excellent parents.
You're seeing a violent image right now, aren't you? What's that? - It's nothing.
- No, those are the books.
Richard's letting you look at the books.
You really are a partner! How, um - How do the others feel? - Corretta's happy for you.
Glenn and Jenny are too, but they're scared John is going.
And Nelle - That jealous, catty bitch.
- Somebody call me? Nelle.
- Ally.
- Come to congratulate me? - Let's get something straight.
Your promotion is due more to Richard's anemic leadership than your legal talent, which still remains elusive.
- Nelle.
- Ally.
I have no intentions of flexing my muscles as partner.
Should you make life difficult for me - You'll have some trouble.
- Ally? Just try to push me around.
I have no time for these power games so if you could do your time sheets and have them on my desk by 5.
- This isn't gonna work at all.
- Well, it's all up to you my little associate.
Oh, and honey? Remember when you do your hair now to check the top of your head for my footprints.
- Are you saying we can't win now? - No.
- Then what, Raymond? - Law favors her.
The Disabilities Act- - You said AIDS wasn't a disability.
- Not necessarily.
I am not settling.
Please lower your voice.
She's sympathetic.
She's also dying.
If the jury thinks you're discriminating against her they could hit you with a very big number.
We agreed before we started, the pragmatics favor me.
Why are you bailing on me? You're saying she has a stronger side.
She does! You can't discriminate because of AIDS.
My son had AIDS, all right?! So don't you accuse me- Your son died of AIDS? Last year.
So I do not discriminate against Is that what this is about, your son? It has nothing to do with this case.
That's why I never even told you.
You talk about safeguarding your firm emotionally.
- Are you protecting yourself, Owen? - No! No, that is not it.
Last night, you referred to yourself as the parent.
I want to settle this case.
I think I can do so for 300,000.
That's within your policy, Owen.
Let me settle it.
You asked to see them.
It's not like I volunteered.
- You're paying us with your own money.
- I have plenty.
- How long has John not been paid? - Few months.
We'll bounce back.
We'll be fine, in time.
- Is that why you offered me partner? - You earned partnership.
You're not buying in, if that's your concern.
It isn't.
Now, Richard, I'm I'm no accountant, but things won't be fine.
You have too much overhead.
You can't keep paying out of pocket.
Accept the partnership, and I'll accept your input.
I only work till 5:00.
I'll miss some days completely and weekends are out.
The offer stands.
I lost John.
I can't lose you.
- Is John ever gonna come back? - Yes, he'll be of counsel.
He'll help with the big trials.
But day to day? No, I can't lose you.
Oh, I gotta go.
She came home early.
She's up in her room.
What happened? - Her playmates canceled.
Oh, God.
- I should go to her, right? - You should go to her.
In fourth grade, kids used to throw rocks at me.
I don't want your pity.
Just help me get even.
If you retaliate, you just stoop to their level.
Ally, I want to stoop.
- Do you have access to their books? - During recess.
- I never said this.
- We never spoke.
Draw naked men in their books.
Complain that the girls are picking on you because you won't.
The teacher gets their books - finds the pictures and suspends them.
- You are so awesome.
- Remember, I never said this.
- Of course not.
- I've never seen a naked man, so - And you won't until your 25th birthday.
Victor! Hey.
You got a second? I'd like to discuss some plumbing.
Are you nuts? - It's none of your business.
- You can't tell a kid to do that.
- Did I ask for your opinion? - No, but what good could come from this? - I don't want her to be a victim.
- She'll get kicked out of school.
- What is wrong with you? - You're fired.
- What? - You heard me.
- Get your little wrench and go.
- You can't fire the plumber.
- Why not? - Mass.
General Laws.
Chapter 17, Subsection 2A.
It's illegal to fire a plumber before he's done.
It's to protect us from getting sued.
I'd think a lawyer would know that.
- As soon as you're done, I want you out.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Go fix the pipes.
- Fine.
It's a good offer.
- I want my job back.
A jury can't give you your job back, Kelly, only money- Please don't lecture me.
I know what a jury can do.
- Three hundred thousand dollars- - Is more than I can ever spend.
- Shall we put that on a billboard? - You wanna beat me up? I think we'll win, but you were less than forthcoming when you were hired.
It is a risk if we don't settle.
Risk is hardly a deterrent with me.
That much should be obvious.
I don't want to just go off somewhere with a big pile of money and wait to- I need to be vital, Corretta.
I need to work.
Living is about waking up every day to battles and victories and losses.
You could work someplace else.
- Do pro bono work or- - I want to fight.
They shouldn't have fired me.
If I lose, I lose.
I want to fight.
- I thought you had a sitter.
I fired her.
- Why? - She wasn't right.
- Why? - You'll laugh at me.
- I promise I won't laugh.
- She didn't like Moulin Rouge.
This is important because? A mother and a sitter have to sync up.
Moulin Rouge was a litmus.
She didn't embrace it, so I couldn't embrace her.
- You're laughing at me inside.
- Where's Maddie? In her room.
And I have a meeting at work, but she won't come to work.
She's still upset about the play date.
She's blue, and I'm stuck.
- You laugh at me inside one more- - I'll watch her.
- I've got lots to do here.
- Could you? Yeah.
Thank you.
I will be back by 5, but just Oh, thank you, Victor.
Thank you so much.
I really owe you.
Oh, and did you like Moulin Rouge? I loved it.
See you at 5.
The law is clear.
You cannot fire somebody because of a disability unless he or she is unable to do the job.
Kelly Bridgeman is an excellent attorney.
She can do the job.
Owen Cobb admitted as much.
She was discharged because she might die soon and he didn't want his employees to have that emotional hardship.
What is that? You're sick, you're dying, we don't want to have to look at you? Mr.
Cobb said, "Things are different since September.
It's a new day.
" And maybe he's right, but I thought the new day was supposed to be about rediscovered humanity.
People treating others with more compassion reaching out to those in need.
Have we gone back to the old day already? Business is business.
Bottom line.
The 12 of you sit in that box representing society.
Why don't you go back to that room and tell us what day it is.
It is different since September.
We are more humane.
At least, I think so.
So why shouldn't an employer protect against the suffering of his workers? Two people from McKinley-Cobb were on Flight 11.
The office is still trying to recover.
Maybe today, we have both economic and emotional bottom lines.
If you've ever known someone or cared about someone who died of AIDS the pain can take you.
Yes, this case is harsh.
Reality often is.
Kelly Bridgeman lost her job, but Owen Cobb had a fiduciary responsibility to consider the interests of his fellow partners, the other workers.
This was not discrimination.
Maybe he shouldn't think about employees healing.
Maybe he should just be senior partner.
Look after profits, corporate growth.
I'll echo Ms.
Lipp's request.
Go back to that room and tell us what day it is.
- Hey.
- Never mind "hey," just say you accept.
- I accept.
- Well, excellent.
What's going on? Nobody closes the door for good news.
Why'd you close it? - Is it for something sexual? - No, Richard, nothing sexual.
- Oh, bugger.
- I've been going over the books.
You're driving this place into the ground.
My father manages a law firm - so I do know the business end.
- Well, fine.
- You're administrative partner.
Ideas? - We need to restructure.
We need to let somebody go, maybe two.
I can't fire people.
It isn't in me.
That's why John left, isn't it? He couldn't either.
Well, you know, he wouldn't say, but maybe.
I just can't do it, Ally.
I'll check the productivity reports and I'll do it.
It's in you to? You could really fire someone? I love this place, Richard.
Sometimes partners make tough decisions.
- You're gonna can Nelle.
- I'll analyze the productivity reports.
Her salary's the highest.
She doesn't like you.
- She's the natural candidate.
- I'll check the productivity reports.
And I don't want anyone knowing I've been paying out of pocket.
- Yeah.
Are we clear? - Clear.
- The plumber cooks.
- Wow.
You did all this? He likes to cook.
- You should be all over him.
- Thank you, Maddie.
Please eat your dinner.
- I set a place for you.
- Well Maybe you should freshen up? Oh, Maddie, I think you're probably fresh enough for both of us.
- My day went much better at school.
- It did? Except for the homework, which I'd better get started on.
- Thanks for the dinner.
I appreciate it.
- It's nice to cook for someone else.
I looked up Mass.
General Law, by the way.
Chapter 17, Subsection 2A.
- Nothing about plumbers.
- Am I being fired again? You know, I'm- I'm sorry.
You know, it's just, it's so much.
I was made partner which I've always wanted, just not necessarily now, and It's just, like, children.
It's just the timing and I'm sorry.
I don't know you very well, but you're starting to sound a little pathetic.
- Excuse me? - Complaining about being partner? I wasn't complaining- - Over getting a great kid? - I'm not- - You just did.
I heard it.
- Did not.
- You're fired again.
- What? Collect your tools, get out.
I'm tired of you judging me.
- I'm not judging you.
- When will you be done? - I can be done tomorrow.
- Good.
Then be gone.
You're whacked.
You fire a sitter because she doesn't like Moulin Blush- - Rouge.
- Whatever.
- And now you're gonna fire me- - You don't know me, okay? Your life is simple.
Mine is not.
Mine is treacherous! And now you're laughing at me inside again.
I am not.
It's tough enough raising a kid alone, even for a week.
I haven't done it alone.
I've had you.
What'll I do when my pipes work? - I could still babysit for a while.
- Really? Yeah, I Could use the extra money.
- Well, okay.
For a while.
- All right.
- Victor? - I could use the extra money.
Foreman, the jury has reached a verdict? - We have, Your Honor.
- What say you? In the matter of Bridgeman vs.
McKinley-Cobb we find in favor of the plaintiff and order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of $360,000.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this concludes your service.
We're adjourned.
- Sorry.
Well, it could have been worse.
- Yes.
Thank you, Raymond.
- Can I give you a ride home or? - No, thanks.
- How about we celebrate? Dinner? - You know, I I think I'm just gonna sit here by myself for a little while.
- Sure.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
And, thank you.
- You need a ride? - Yes, actually.
Come on.
- Oh, and, congratulations.
- Thank you.
You stinker!
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