Almost Human (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Blood Brothers

The year is 2048.
Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated.
Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape.
Police are not prepared.
Law enforcement combats this corruption with a new line of defense.
But not all are created equal.
The idea behind the DRNs was to be as human as possible.
They were based on a program called Synthetic Soul.
That's one of the crazy ones.
- I'll lead you in? - Let's go.
Now all cops human and manmade together take on the battle to watch over us all.
Excuse me.
Detective Kennex? May I help you? John? What are you doing down here? I was, uh I was just looking, uh, for you.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm-I'm, uh I'm, uh I'm great.
I'm sorry I'm late.
They're replacing my chest plate.
We have to go by Rudy's later and pick one up.
We'll we'll do that.
Oh, I can't get it out of my head.
What are you talking about? The life-sized Ken doll.
That's what's bothering you? I'm the one that lives with them.
I have no privacy, and they glare at me with their lifeless eyes.
I'm miserable.
You need to talk to Captain Maldonado.
Talk to Maldonado about what? - I need my own place.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- You saw how awful it was down there.
- Yeah.
It's burned into my brain forever.
Welcome to my world.
You're, uh you know, you're not like that down there, are you? Not that it's any of your business but my designer was much more thoughtful.
I'm made to look human.
- Oh, okay, good.
- I can show you.
No, no, no.
What are you doing? No, no.
Oh, my G Is that all for one person? Dude, put it away.
You're a robot.
What what do you do with it? Probably the same thing you do with yours nothing.
I do plenty with mine.
- Oh, yeah? - Plenty.
Yeah? What's up with Detective Stahl? - What about her? - The way she smiles at you the way she says your name John Oh, please, don't.
- She likes you.
- Come on.
- We work together, so - John your fake leg is really sexy.
Captain Maldonado, you said you oversaw the investigation of this case.
Can you elaborate on what you found at the crime scene? I saw Dr.
Fuller, the victim, lying dead on the ground in a parking garage, adjacent to a clinic where he worked as a fertility specialist.
- Could you be a little more specific? - Yes.
There were three shots two bullets to the chest, one to the head at point-blank range.
I know that because the residue from the gunpowder had blackened the wounds around Dr.
Fuller's skin.
Sounds brutal.
It was.
Whoever did this must be a horrible person, with a record of doing horrible things.
I call your attention to Exhibit C.
This is the weapon that was found next to the body of.
Liam Fuller, is it not? Yes.
It's a high-capacity assault pistol, banned for street use.
Were my client Ethan Avery's fingerprints on the gun? No, they were not.
Nor were they at the scene.
And did you find his - DNA at the scene? - No, we did not.
You're telling me that my client, an upstanding citizen with no criminal record who donates a good portion of his inheritance to charity Objection, Your Honor, irrelevant.
Move it along.
You're telling me that my client, Ethan Avery, brutally murdered Dr.
Liam Fuller Yes, that's correct.
and you have no physical evidence - to connect my client to the crime.
- No.
- Thank you.
- But what we do have - Captain.
- That'll be all.
- No.
That's not all.
What we have is two eyewitnesses who saw your client murder Dr.
Fuller - in cold blood.
- I said no further questions.
Two witnesses who are not related to each other, - who were both at the scene of the crime - I Your Honor.
- who were able to pick out of a lineup - Objection.
- Sustained.
- separately, that man, Ethan Avery.
That shuts the door on reasonable doubt.
- Your Honor - That's enough, Captain.
You may step down.
Thank you.
It's so stressful, isn't it? All this waiting.
It's my first time being a witness.
Have you ever been a witness in a murder trial? No, I've never been a witness.
I like your scarf.
It's your grandmother's, isn't it? How did you know that? She told me.
I'm sorry, but my grandmother's been dead for a year.
I know that.
I'm a psychic.
And a medium.
A little bit of both, I guess.
A medium psychic? On good days, I'm a petite psychic.
The lawyer asked me not to mention it on the stand.
But we're not on the stand, so No, I can't tell her that, she's about to testify.
Tell me what? She thinks you're ruining her scarf with your oily skin.
Her words, not mine.
I think your skin is lovely.
I told you, nobody wants to hear that.
Haley Myers? They're ready for you.
Don't worry.
You're gonna be great.
Please raise your right hand.
That wasn't nice.
I told you.
I shouldn't have said anything.
I always do that.
Is the State ready to call its next witness? Uh, yes, Your Honor.
Um, as you know, the two eyewitnesses are in protective custody, so to ensure their safety, we're going to be broadcasting their testimony remotely.
That's fine.
The State calls Haley Myers to the stand.
Have you been sworn in? I have.
You may be seated.
State your full name for the record, please.
Haley Jolene Myers.
And what is your profession? I'm a registered nurse.
Thank you, Mrs.
You were at the parking garage - the day in question, were you not? - Yes.
I was.
You were going to your car, correct? It was around 8:00 a.
I had just finished my shift.
And can you tell us what you saw? I, um Yeah.
It's all right, Mrs.
Just take your time.
I saw a man striding toward a parked car.
He was moving quickly, like he had a purpose.
Then I saw he was holding a gun.
Myers? Something's happening.
The safe house has been compromised.
Deploy now.
No! Someone help her! Where's the other one? Whoa! Maya Vaughn.
I'm a police officer.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
What do we got? A single shooter, entered by force, discharged a large-caliber weapon, took out the bailiff first.
Then shot and killed Haley Myers, one of the witnesses in the case against Avery.
Any DNA? Prints? So far, nothing to give us an I.
- Armor-piercing.
- Yeah.
Probably purchased on the black market.
Any idea how the shooter found the safe house? We found this tracker on the bailiff.
Someone must've figured out he was on the protection detail.
Followed him here.
Any word on the other witness? Yeah, she's alive and in custody.
Good thing.
Because right now, she's the only thing standing between Ethan Avery and his freedom.
I've got an eye for you.
An eye for me, that's funny.
Morbid, making your MX hold the bin, isn't it? Oh, he can handle it, right? Affirmative.
I can hold more than a metric ton, which converts to I'm collecting pieces for Rudy.
If he can reassemble the MX, he might be able to pull some footage from its CPU.
- Mm.
- I.
the shooter.
The Knights just scored.
The score is now two to one.
Hey, whoa whoa, buddy, stop.
- I'm recording it.
- Oh, sorry.
He's been updating me.
I didn't know you were a fan.
Glad I can surprise you.
I better, uh They just scored again.
Hey, you're ruining it.
Sorry Unbelievable.
I bet you're having a pretty bad day.
A witness under police protection murdered in front of an entire courtroom.
You're not gonna get away with this.
Get away with what? I was in court.
With you.
You think you're so smart.
I don't get how a guy with a 180 IQ could be so sloppy.
Your assassin didn't complete the job.
I'm sure the warden told you I've had no visitation, phone calls or correspondence since I got here, so how could I pull off hiring a hit man from solitary confinement, - Lieutenant? - Captain.
You were on the news about that ordeal at the wall.
I came out of that all right.
I'm surprised you're not more highly ranked for a woman your age.
I-I bet you have one of those plaques hanging on your wall just to show everyone how far you've come in such a short amount of time.
No ring.
Been single a long time, haven't you? You don't know anything about me.
I know that you don't like me because people respect me.
Because what I do amounts to more than just buttoning up a business suit and barking orders from a desk, hoping that people will take me seriously.
You think this far-fetched scheme of yours to put me in jail will make you feel important? Well, let me be the first to tell you that you're not important.
You'd be content if just one person could see you and want you.
But they don't, do they? All those men you work with, they just walk right past you.
Like you're invisible.
No matter what you do, no matter how bad you want it, at the end of the day, it'll always be just you.
You're a son of a bitch.
I know you killed Dr.
I know you're behind the murder of Haley Myers.
And I am gonna personally see to it that you never get on the other side of the razor wire.
I hope you get your man.
Can you tell us what happened when you were at the safe house? I was listening to the testimony.
I got up and went to the bathroom.
And then I heard a shot.
And then another one.
Did you ever get a look back at who was shooting? No, the door was closed.
I knew if I didn't do anything, I'd be next, so I went to the window and opened it.
- And that's when you climbed down.
- Yes.
And I just started running.
- Did you ever look back? - No.
So you didn't see the shooter.
But Haley did.
Haley? The other witness.
Haley told me she saw the killer.
You said you ran away after the shots were fired, so when did she tell you? About ten minutes ago.
Um, sorry, I'm not quite following you.
I'm a medium psychic.
But on good days, I'm a petite psychic.
I can communicate with her spirit.
Miss Vaughn, we don't usually get our leads from spirits.
- We like to deal in facts.
- Well, this is legit.
I had the Cerebellux procedure.
It worked on me.
Cerebellux procedure? It's relatively new and unproven.
It's meant to increase percentage of brain usage in human beings.
Enhancements have been known to add sensory abilities or a notable increase in intelligence.
Maybe you should try it, John.
I was one of the positive results.
When I touch items, like, anything, really, the voices start in my head.
And if I'm holding an item of a deceased person, well, then they just start talking to me from the beyond.
That's fascinating.
That's insane.
I'm sorry, sorry.
You know what happens when I get nervous.
I just can't stop talking.
Haley's upset.
She wants me to get to the point and tell you who killed her.
Who? Ethan Avery.
Ethan Avery? Uh, Miss Vaughn Ethan Avery was sitting in a courtroom across town Could you please lower your voice? Sorry, she really needs you to listen.
Ethan Avery murdered her.
She knows it for sure.
She saw his face.
Okay, uh Thanks, Maya.
We'll be right back.
- Medium.
- Psychic-medium, actually.
She's a kook.
She says that Ethan Avery is the one that killed Haley Myers in the safe house.
Ethan Avery was with me in court.
It's impossible.
That's what I said.
Look, I think the real problem here is the D.
's last living witness belongs in a puzzle factory, not giving testimony on a witness stand.
Hello, my fellow law enforcers.
Sorry to interrupt.
But I thought you might like to hear this.
We all know that facial replication technology exists, DNA can be fabricated, fingerprints can be planted.
The human vocal chords can't be faked.
Recorded, yes.
Duplicated, yes.
And to the human ear, they can seem identical.
However, if an auditory specialist, like moi, tirelessly analyzes the audio print, it is possible to discern whether or not a voice is a recording or as in this case, organic.
- Anybody get that? - I do.
Thank you, my friend.
I pulled some audio from the hologram testimony, and picked out a voice from the safe house.
The killer's voice.
This voice.
Where's the other one? That voice is 100% not a recording.
Those are coming directly from vocal chords.
Which means that whoever was saying this was actually in the room with the witnesses and fired that gun.
And the voice belongs to wait for it Ethan Avery himself.
What about an identical twin? That would explain why someone with his voice killed the witness and the bailiff.
We checked that out.
Avery's an only child.
Narcissistic, sociopathic But what's the ultimate in narcissism? What if Avery cloned himself? No, we checked with the Anti-Replication guys.
They said there's no case file on Avery.
Oh, come on, those ARD guys are so backlogged.
I wouldn't trust their records.
Hello, people cloning is complex.
Unless Avery had a secret Ph.
D in biogenetics, he wouldn't have the skills.
We did a thorough background check on Avery.
If he was harboring a clone, we would've found evidence.
Wait a minute, Dr.
Fuller's a fertility specialist.
I mean, we don't know why Avery killed him, but cloning's a reproductive technology.
What if there's a connection we missed? Right, we've never been able to establish motive.
Or any connection between Avery and Fuller.
Let's check it out.
Uh, you sure you don't mind? Oh, no, it's fine.
Here this was hers.
I'm sorry.
I'm not getting anything.
How long ago did your wife pass away? My ex-wife.
I was just hoping she was dead.
I don't think this is gonna work.
Yeah, that's what she said.
Wait, uh, what was that? That's Haley.
She wants me to deliver a message.
What is it? What'd she say? The message isn't for you.
I wanted to ask you a few questions about Liam Fuller.
You knew him, didn't you? Yes.
I read about his murder.
It chilled me.
Although I hadn't seen him in many years.
Actually, I found an article by Dr.
Fuller that was published 22 years ago on stem cell cloning.
It mentions Adelaide Jones as his research assistant.
That's you, right? That was Dr.
Fuller being generous.
Did you stay in touch with Dr.
Fuller - after the study was over? - No.
When they passed legislation banning cloning, research funding dried up overnight.
Fuller had to give up that work and refocus his career.
By any chance do you recall an Ethan Avery taking part in that study? I wouldn't know.
The subjects were anonymous.
I've looked for more of his work on cloning, but I haven't been able to find anything.
We worked a lot out of his mother's house.
If his old research still exists, you might try looking there.
Uh, have you seen Maya? Maya? - The witness? - Yeah, yeah.
The one I asked you to watch? Yeah, look, she asked me to go get her a cup of coffee.
- I come back, I can't find her.
- Paul, I couldn't have given you an easier job.
You think it's easy to take care of bananapants all day? What are you doing? I'm checking the surveillance cameras around the precinct.
If she left, we should be able to trace her I've got her.
She's walking down Eighth Street.
No, no, wait why don't you just go re-read the How to Be a Cop manual? Hey, Maya.
Nice day for a walk.
I'm going to see Haley's parents.
She wants to talk to them.
Did Haley ask you to do that? I have to give them a message.
Tell them that she's okay.
Haley is definitely not okay.
Look, why don't you hop in the back? You can either hop in the car or I'll arrest you for jay-walking.
Either way you're coming with us.
Why did you leave the police station? What were you possibly thinking? I wasn't thinking, I was listening.
Something you could probably learn to do.
Tell me about it.
We're doing our very best to try and protect you.
And you're wandering around like a walking bull's-eye.
You're in protective custody for a reason.
People are trying to kill you.
John, has anyone ever told you about your energy? I have.
It's very troubling.
You're surrounded by a very strong aura of red.
"Strong aura of red.
" Great.
It's the color of anger and frustration.
And apples and Christmas.
It pushes people away from you.
I can tell that's not what you want.
- You know, I kind of like being by myself.
- Really? 'Cause when we met, John, I got a very intense vision.
I'm getting an intense vision right now.
It was all dark.
There was a bright light.
And there was, um - running.
- So, you're telling me to run towards the light? No, you're not running.
Someone's coming towards you.
Someone very special.
It's also a very strong smell.
Is it New Spice Special Reserve? 'Cause sometimes he wears too much aftershave.
- No, I don't.
- No, not that.
Something else.
Now you're talking.
You on the other hand when I read you, everything is quiet.
See, now I know you're way off base.
'Cause this guy is anything but.
Get down! Watch out! Watch out! I'm going out.
But you can't! You don't have a chestplate! Maya, no! John, she's hit! Eli! Leave him! We got to get the hell out of here! I need an ambulance now! Ethan Avery?! We got a lead on who killed Haley Myers in the safe house.
Who? Ethan Avery's clone.
He looks exactly like him, - ten years younger.
- What about the others? I don't know.
I didn't get a look at their faces, but if I had to guess, I'd say they were clones, too.
They're well-trained, well-armed, and proficient.
Stahl's gone to Fuller's mother to track down his research.
Have you heard from the hospital? Yeah.
Maya's got a chipped collarbone and possible internal bleeding.
That's not good news.
How the hell did they find her? I have no idea.
We weren't at a predetermined location.
Stahl checked the precinct surveillance.
She wasn't followed when she left.
We're sweeping the cruiser for tracking devices.
She has to pull through.
If we don't have her, we have nothing on Avery.
We can't connect her to Fuller.
I know.
He's winning.
Avery's winning.
I'll call you if I get anything else.
Try not to move too much.
Is Detective Kennex okay? He's fine.
He's looking for the shooters right now.
We're all just glad you're okay.
The bullet's impact was 37 millimeters from puncturing your lung.
You were very lucky, Maya.
I don't think anyone's ever called me that before.
I never thought of myself as lucky.
Why is that? The week before my 19th birthday, my parents died in a car accident.
The police said it was instant.
I'm-I'm sorry.
That's okay.
We all know that we're gonna lose our parents.
I just assumed it would be years later.
Definitely not both of them at the same time.
Everyone said, "With time, it'll get better.
" And I tried, but I was living in the house that I grew up in.
I didn't want to move.
It was my home.
That's why you got the procedure.
I heard it helped people connect to the other side.
Everyone told me not to do it, that it was a fraud, that hearing voices was a sign of mental illness, but I didn't care.
I signed up right away, followed all the rules, did everything they suggested.
And then when I woke up I knew something was different.
When I heard the first voice, I was terrified.
It was so clear and no one else could hear it.
When the shock wore off, I knew I had the ability.
That must've been amazing.
Realizing you could reconnect with your parents.
That's what I thought.
While I was recovering from the procedure, there was a fire.
Our house burnt to the ground.
And when I went back, it was just ash.
And I needed something of theirs to touch, to connect to them.
But everything everything was gone.
The irony is, I talk to dead people all the time.
But I can't talk to the people who matter the most to me.
What'd you find? There are no trackers, Detective.
Your vehicle is clean.
I want you to turn this phone into a secure comm, okay? Completely off police channels.
One moment.
Ooh, a secure line.
What's the occasion? Rudy, did Valerie deliver the MX destroyed at the safe house? Ah, yes, Detective Stahl, she graced the lab with her presence.
Check the MX's comm tech.
See if it's missing.
It's not there.
In fact, the whole ear is missing.
That's how they did it.
That's how they followed Maya.
They stole it, and they're monitoring police comm signals.
Hello? We should take a look inside.
Do we have probable cause, Detective Stahl? Yes.
I'm worried about Mrs.
Fuller's health.
She's an old lady.
No problem.
I'll notify the precinct of our location.
Anybody home? Mrs.
Fuller? Clear the upstairs.
The second floor is clear.
Send this and all the files on this computer to Maldonado immediately.
Stop right there.
All police frequencies have been compromised.
We have to assume that Avery's clones have heard everything we've broadcast.
Lom is setting up an encrypted frequency.
Should be up and running in 15 minutes.
Captain, this was sent by Detective Stahl via her MX.
She marked it urgent.
She found the connection.
Fuller was the one who cloned Avery.
How do you know? This is a letter Dr.
Fuller sent to him, threatening to publish his research and expose the clones.
That's why Avery killed him.
Wait a minute.
Valerie sent that on the compromised frequency.
What's her status? Detective Stahl logged in in a farmhouse on Old Sawmill Road.
The locator in her cruiser indicates it was parked out front.
It's Stahl.
Valerie, listen to me.
You got to get out of there.
You must be someone very special.
Who is this? I think you know.
Of all the people she could have contacted when her life depended on it, she chose you, Detective Kennex.
Let me speak to Detective Stahl.
That's not the way this works.
You have someone I want, and clearly we have someone you want, so let's see how we can accommodate each other.
You listen to me, you hurt her in any way I suggest you listen, Detective.
I'm going to send you a set of coordinates.
I want Ethan Avery brought to that location in two hours.
You will come in one car.
If you bring reinforcements, we will know.
If there are drones in the area, we will know.
If we detect anything amiss, she's dead.
And don't even try coming to this house.
I know you know where we are.
Wow, you must be the smart one.
We all are.
You have two hours.
They won't negotiate with you not even for me.
You're not gonna get what you want.
I beg to differ.
You should've heard him on the phone.
You're important to him.
I say we kill her anyway! They shot Eli! And they'll pay for it, but not right now.
We have to get Ethan back.
We have to put the family back together.
You're not a family.
Why do this for a murderer who's held you hostage your entire life? Because he is us.
How far would you go to save yourself? They want to meet in the woods north of the city.
There's a road at each end.
What about aerial surveillance? Maybe helos? These guys have tech capable of spotting our assets.
You can't seriously be thinking about taking Avery out there.
Paul, if we don't comply, they won't hesitate.
They'll kill her.
Check out a transport vehicle from the motor pool.
I'll prep Avery for travel.
Captain, you can't just give in.
This is my case.
We're gonna do it my way.
Call Rudy.
We're gonna need his help.
Scanning me for weapons, Captain Maldonado? What's the occasion? It's standard procedure.
You're being released.
Released? Please tell me you finally got your man.
Enjoy your freedom.
It'll be short-lived, I promise.
- He's clean.
- Thank you.
Have transport standing by.
Avery's ready for release.
You must have a guardian angel.
Get her in the van.
All right.
Everyone's in position.
Let's get started.
Calibrating scanners.
Linking scanners with our GPS coordinates.
No drones.
We're good.
Get set up.
And scanners are locked on.
All right, let's get 'em.
Bring her out! Get your hands off me.
You set? Initializing hologram projection.
It's him.
I've got to admit, it shows some real spine on your part, coming down here in person just to let me go.
Your clones put us in a tight spot.
They are remarkable, aren't they? Yeah, that's one word for it.
Slight problem.
We're getting short on the hallway.
This needs to happen fast.
Do you really think, after this is over, you can all just disappear? I kept them hidden for over two decades, I'm sure we can disappear for a few more.
- Okay, Rudy, how we looking? - Not so good.
About 20 feet at most.
It's not him! Stahl! What's up? Did Dorian just flip that van? Why hasn't he done that before? You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
- We got Stahl.
- Copy that.
What the hell's going on? Why am I not being released? You're not going anywhere, you son of a bitch.
When I stepped into the garage, I saw a man.
He was walking towards a parked car, carrying a gun.
And then what? I saw the man shoot Dr.
Fuller three times.
And without any doubt, can you see the man who pulled the trigger in the courtroom today? Yes, I do.
Can you point to him, please? That man right there.
Let the record show that the witness identified the defendant, Ethan Avery.
Thank you, Miss Vaughn.
Your Honor, the State rests.
Court will adjourn.
We will resume again in one hour.
I got to say, you held yourself together really well up there today.
Really? I was so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf.
Well, you didn't look nervous.
You did great.
Listen, I know you're a skeptic, but remember the energy I was telling you about the other day in the car? Yeah, the, uh, the red one that repels anything and everyone around me, except for bourbon and someone coming towards me, right? Mm, that one.
Just so you know, the universe has a way of working things out for us.
All the wonderful things you've done, it's already being erased.
I think we both know where this is going, so I wanted to be the first to tell you that you're going to jail forever.
In the next few days, people will be talking about you, about the killer, the cloner, the novelty that is Ethan Avery.
In a few years, people will bring up in passing the egomaniacal philanthropist who made duplicates of himself because he thought the world needed more of him.
And decades and decades from now, while you're in jail rotting away alone, Ethan Avery will be forgotten.
It will be like you never existed.
Hey, Sandra.
Yeah? Oh, nothing.
I just wanted to say, uh, just wanted to say you look nice today.
Hey, Dorian.
I wanted to catch you before you left the courthouse.
I wanted to give this to you.
What is it? I've been thinking about your parents, what happened.
I thought I'd look into it.
There was an arson investigation.
Yeah, they never figured out who did it.
I know, but this box was in the evidence locker, and I had it released.
Maybe there's something in here that might work for you.
I hope it helps.
Hi! Want some company? Yeah, sure.
Where'd you get the booze from? My desk, top drawer.
Never know when you're gonna need it.
Boy, you really are full of surprises.
What are you doing in here this late? Had to log some evidence downstairs.
What's your excuse? Ah, I was just finishing off a report.
Thought I'd catch the second half of the game.
Yeah, is that okay? "People running" Yeah, it's soccer.
You okay? Yeah.
Cheers, Detective.