Almost Human (2013) s01e06 Episode Script


Woman: The year is 2048.
Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated.
Dangerous advancements forever alter The criminal landscape.
Police are not prepared.
Law enforcement combats this corruption With a new line of defense.
But not all are created equal.
Rudy: The idea behind the drns Was to be as human as possible.
They were based on a program called synthetic soul.
John: That's one of the crazy ones.
I'll lead you in? Let's go.
Woman: Now all cops, Human and man-made together, Take on the battle to watch over us all.
Male voice: I would treat food poisoning (baby crying, woman coughs) With clear liquids.
Normally, I would prescribe migraine medication, But with the frequency of your headaches, And the fact that they tend to occur at the same time of day, It suggests the possibility Of a neurological syndrome.
I'm going to recommend a 13% Thir-thir-thirteen percent chance to rule out Rule out what? What's wrong with me? Man: What the? Come on! Hey, can I get some help here? My machine froze up.
I need to know what's wrong with me.
Red light's on.
Someone will come.
(gasps) I need a surgeon.
(people exclaiming) Woman (recorded): Warning.
Sterilization Compromised.
(gasping) I don't want to hurt anyone.
I am going to have a heart attack.
Doctor: Sir, just-just take it easy.
I need to be put On life support.
I need a cardiovascular surgeon.
Now! If you just down the gun, Tell me what's going I need a single Isomer anesthetic and a heart-lung bypass machine.
You have one on the second floor.
(panting) Go ahead, maureen.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
Elman, o.
I don't want To hurt anyone.
If you just put the gun down (speaks cantonese) You are not listening! (gasping, murmuring) Maureen: He's crashing.
Get a crash cart.
Let's get a ekg.
I'm sorry.
(rapid beeping) they killed me.
Maureen: I've got a pulse.
They killed me (flatline) (music fades in and out, static crackling) (thumping) The hell's wrong with this thing? Keep banging on it, caveman.
That should make it work.
(music fades in and out, thumping dashboard) Hmm.
(horn honks) dorian: Now you just ran a red light.
It was yellow.
It was red.
It was yellow.
John, it was red Would you like me to print out a photo replay? Yeah, why don't You issue me a ticket while you're at it.
Already did.
Oh, come on.
Give me A break.
(groans) I'm here to protect you, john.
Invalidate the ticket.
Insurance premiums are designed to keep people in check.
I don't make the rules.
I enforce them.
And apparently I'm the only one Who follows them.
You know what, You should break a rule or two now and then.
Look good on you.
Dispatch: Suspicious death.
Mary's hospital.
Show us responding.
(siren chirping) (indistinct chatter) Well, look what we have here.
Woman (recorded): Insert your hand Palm down into the scanner.
Insert your hand palm down Must be weird seeing another version of yourself.
Dorian: It's weird seeing one of us do something like this.
We were designed to be cops.
You were designed to be a cop? Hmm.
Come on.
(beeping, whirring) Victim I.
S as leonard li.
Cause of death, Cardiac arrest.
He was diagnosed three years ago With terminal congestive heart failure.
He should've died then.
Doctor: He had a bio-mech heart.
It's a pricey organ.
Not as dependable as a perfect stem cell regrow But a good upper-middle class heart.
John: So why are we here? There's no record of any transplant for him.
He's not on any official recipient list.
And there's something else.
They killed me.
(gasps) They killed me I don't want to hurt anyone.
If you just put The gun down (speaks cantonese) You are not listening! (speaks cantonese) Dorian: It's cantonese.
He said, "it's almost 9:18.
" Doctor: That's weird.
That was his time of death.
They killed me How could he have known that? Maldonado: What do you got for me? The coroner's office has delivered the heart to rudy For analysis.
According to Surveillance, mr.
Li seemed to know Exactly when he was gonna die.
Like someone killed him.
So we're calling it a homicide.
His mother's here now.
Valerie's sitting down with her.
We'll see what she can tell us.
Let me know what you find.
Copy that.
This is drn 494.
We're taking him with us.
No, no, no, no.
We're not.
Dorian, that's hospital property.
Take him back.
John, he is a highly decorated police officer.
An android given a synthetic soul like me, Designed to connect with people.
He's not a mechanic.
He's a cop.
Was a cop, dorian.
He was a cop.
Now he's a janitor with a tool belt.
Take him back.
My shift's over, man.
Hey, buddy, do me a favor.
Don't Don't call me "man," all right? He's just running his colloquial routine.
I'm just running My colloquial routine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, I get it.
This is my car, okay? This car doesn't move with him in it.
(engine starts) Hey.
Hey, what are you doing? (tires screech) whoa! Hey, hey Whoa, will you stop that? I'll stop, but he's coming For a ride-along.
Dorian, You don't drive this car.
You think this is the first time I've done this? Hey! Hey! Dorian, It violates every Will you just You should break a law or two, john.
It looks good on you.
He can ride with us.
(sputtering) So, what case are we working on now, man? Transplanted black market modified hearts.
That sounds like A complex operation.
Yeah, man, this is no tooth extraction.
That's An insightful observation.
I'm sorry.
What were you saying? I was distracted by the sound of good police work.
Don't listen to him.
He's grumpy on the outside, Morose and malcontent on the inside.
(beep) kennex.
Rudy: John, where are you? (sputtering) I'm in ride-along hell.
What's up? Okay, well, the model that was in mr.
Li is called A vastrel alpha, a top-of-the-line bio-mech heart.
I wish my colonoscopy looked this clean.
I found something.
Dorian: What is it, rudy? Some kind of graphene circuit modification.
There's a few of 'em in there.
Drn 494: Randy, why are they in there? What's their purpose? It's rudy.
I'm not sure yet.
I'll have to run diagnostics.
All right, thanks, rudy.
Let us know what you find.
(beep) (sputtering) Bet your friends at the hospital are real, uh, worried about you.
It's getting kind of late.
(sputtering) (tires screech) Okay, One of you's getting out of this car, And I don't care who.
Well, that was easy.
What is he doing? Don't move! Police.
Oh, no.
(clank) (crash) (clang) (whooshing) (whizzing) (clang) (clang, crash) (crackling) (bystanders murmuring) woman: Um, Can I leave?! (grunting) john: Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy.
What are you doing? Give me your cuffs.
This is raphael vasquez.
He's wanted for armed robbery.
Was Wanted.
I did my time.
Three years ago.
Update your files.
(grunting) Dorian I gave him his case files back.
Obviously they're outdated.
My bad.
Sorry, sir.
(grunts) What's wrong with you? Have a nice day, man.
John: You gave him His case files back? And access to portions of the police database.
What is going on?! We were on our way to vastrel and, uh Do you have any idea How much those things cost? Yeah.
Get going on the vastrel case.
Okay, w-we're on I just want to sincerely apologize for Buddy, I don't want to hear you, okay? I want to see you in the back of the cruiser.
(sighs) Why? Why are we taking mr.
Fix it for a ride-along? When I was decommissioned The second before it happened I just kept thinking, "I really hope there's someone there to wake me up again.
" I just want to be a cop, man.
I just want to be here.
And then You woke me up.
It was you.
You were that person for me, john.
Well, we all make mistakes.
I want to be that person for him.
Okay, fine.
I swear, he so much as steps one more foot outside This vehicle, and I'm tossing him over the wall, okay? I'm gonna be that guy for him.
(speaking cantonese) (computer translation): Another solution.
There were no other roads to consider.
Nobody would help us.
(continues in cantonese) (translated): We could not get insurance.
We had no choice but the black market.
I understand.
I loved him.
I loved him.
Valerie: She said leonard Had the transplant a year ago at this place.
The building doesn't exist anymore, But when it did, it was abandoned.
Amazing he survived the surgery in these conditions.
Even a black market heart had to be paid for.
Look into his financials.
Track back the money trail, find out who these people are.
Woman: Here at vastrel, We focus on the big things Woman: May I help you? We're here to speak to pauline rivera.
Of course.
Rivera's office, please.
What? Don't you think you should donate something? These children can't pay for technologies That would improve their lives.
Maybe you should wait in the car with your new buddy.
You have a synthetic leg.
Technology has improved your life.
Are you ashamed of that leg? Nope, of course not.
You never want to talk about it.
Now you don't want to donate.
Look, I'm fine.
I donate.
How much? As a percentage of your income? I'm not I don't have to tell you that.
Well, the national average is four percent, So when you say "donate" Okay, look, if I donate, will you shut his mouth? That what it's going to take? (trilling) (keypad beeping) (chirping) (clears throat) How much did you give? Enough to buy plenty of silence.
Rivera will see you now.
Thank you for your donation.
He has a synthetic leg.
John: Somehow this heart found its way Into a man named leonard li.
Do you have any idea how that may have happened? No idea, but It's definitely one of our hearts.
You are aware That it's illegal to resell bio-mech organs.
We are very aware of that.
Vastrel complies with all regulations.
Jacinta, I sent you a serial number.
Can you bring me the file, please? What about this piece? We found it in the heart.
That doesn't belong.
It's aftermarket.
Voids the warranty.
Well, lucky for you, mr.
Li's dead.
Jacinta: Here you go, Ms.
The heart is registered to a sylvia golinski.
She passed away two years ago.
What happens when someone dies? What then? The funeral home destroys the bio-mech organ, Then sends us verification That it's been destroyed.
And how is it verified? Well, they send us a Document.
That's failsafe.
We're gonna need that document.
(beeping, click) Oh.
Doctor, thank god.
I'm dr.
I believe I can find you a heart.
(whooshing) (beeping) (whoosh, high-pitched whirring) Henry mills? Detective kennex.
We're investigating The cremation of a woman here two years ago.
Sylvia golinski.
You're cops.
I know you know how many people die every day.
Dorian: We also know statute to keep permanent records.
This is a letter to the vastrel corporation, confirming The destruction of mrs.
Golinski's bio-mech heart.
With your signature.
Henry: We have to take out any inorganic parts And destroy them.
Otherwise, they mess up the machine.
But you didn't destroy ms.
Golinski's heart Henry.
We found it In someone else's body.
You might want to tell us how it got there.
I sold it.
How many have you sold? A lot.
Over the years A hundred? John: A hundred? Henry: It's only Illegal so the people Who manufacture them can make more money.
Do you refurbish the hearts? When I find one, I make a call.
Who answers? Oscar answers, A guy named oscar.
I don't know his last name.
Showed up here, Offered to buy any bio-mech hearts I came across.
Said he knew people who needed them.
That because of me, they'd be staying alive longer.
And these perfectly good hearts are going in the trash anyway.
Just because something is used Doesn't mean it's got no value.
He comes by, makes the pick-up, And pays me.
(phone ringing) Kennex.
I checked into leonard li's financials.
On the 15th of every month, He makes a transfer to an unmarked account.
Always for the same amount-- For how long? It's been going on for 25 months like clockwork.
All right.
Keep looking.
Did rudy reach you? No.
Why? Rudy: John, I think I know what their function is.
John: The modifications? Yeah.
This is a custom version of a terahertz Frequency transponder and limiter.
What it does, What all of these little mods working together do-- They limit how long the heart will function.
So, effectively, it's a timer.
The timer would count down precisely 30 days.
Unless someone resets it remotely, At the end of the 30 days, it would stop.
The mods shut down the organ.
That's what they're designed to do.
Whoever gave mr.
Li this heart Did not reset it for him.
That's what he meant at The emergency room, when he said, "they killed me.
" And he was right.
Rudy, there could be more than a hundred of them out there.
This is an extortion racket.
They're all on borrowed time.
Henry? You're gonna call oscar, Tell him it's time for a pickup.
I'll help in any way I can.
(garbled radio transmission) Man: North side's still clear.
Standing by.
(whirring) John: Can you stop with the light show back there? Drn 494: I'm running through my files.
I don't understand why I'm not a cop anymore.
Why was I decommissioned? (garbled radio transmission) There were some problems with our model.
We were considered emotionally unstable.
Some went so far as to call us Crazy.
Still holding on to that one, huh? Drn 494: How did they know Which of us Was unstable? They designed a test.
It's called the luger test.
To weed out faulty drns.
But the powers that be got nervous.
Gave up on fixing the flawed drns.
Decommissioned us all, And replaced us with the mxs.
But truthfully, I don't know if the luger test was accurate at all.
(garbled radio transmission) (click) Paul: Where the hell is this guy kennex? Henry, you better not be wasting our time.
Yeah, well, I said he'd show.
I never said he was punctual.
He will be here.
Just be patient.
Drn 494: Did they ever do that thermal upgrade? Yup.
Here, check this out.
(quiet pop) They updated these, too.
You're kidding me.
They're removable remote cameras now.
What's the range, man? Few hundred meters.
You guys are killing me.
Drn 494: Oh.
(clattering) (indistinct radio chatter) Henry (over radio): Oscar.
Oscar: Hey, man.
You ready for me? Yeah.
Just one today.
See ya.
(whooshing) (computer beeping) (beeping) Paul (over radio): Aerial drone engaged.
Thermal tracking online.
(beeping) He's parked outside the back of a warehouse.
I'll take the south side.
You cover the entrance.
Dispatcher (over radio): has confirmed Suspect has entered the building.
(beeping) The building structure is blocking the thermal.
I don't know how many are in there.
Oscar: Directions were good This time.
Can you turn it up? (beeping) Keating: You're late.
Give it here.
Dispatcher: Team 110-21, we are affirmative For tactical approach.
In position and waiting for orders, sir.
Copy that.
What are we waiting for? Let's get in there.
Yeah, just sit tight.
We're waiting to see who else shows up.
Bring me the bath.
Bring it here.
Don't spill any.
Can I watch while you cut her? They're doing a transplant.
Go, go, go.
Finally! No.
You stay there.
You sure? I Stay in the car.
Police! Don't move! Everybody down! Move! Put your hands behind your back! You, too, let's go.
All right.
Let's go, go, go.
On your knees, hands on your head.
Behind your back! I'm with you.
Ma'am, can you hear me? Ma'am, open your eyes.
Can you hear me? Amelia: What have you done? I need that heart to live.
What have you done? What have you done? (siren wailing in distance) These interrogations may take a while.
Uh, that's okay, I, um I won't rearrange anything.
(phone rings) (beep) Woman: Did you reset the timers for number 47 and 36 yet? No, as per your instruction.
The cops are all around us.
We need to shut down.
Don't reset anyone-- destroy everything And get out of there.
Just tell me what you need me to tell you So I can get the hell of here-- tell me what you need to know.
I'd love to know why you think you're Walking the hell out of here with those priors.
But right now, rasputin, Let's start with-- how'd you get involved in this? I deliver Things-- I am a courier, I work for a lot of people, I don't ask questions.
Maybe this time you should have.
What are you looking over there for? You afraid of the doctor? Is that who hired you? Is he the one who arranges The sale of the hearts? You think you saved me from something? You killed me.
Amelia If you had gotten that heart, they would have Doubled the payment and then tripled it, Till you couldn't pay it, and then they would have turned yours off, too.
(laughs softly) (crying): I just want more time With my family.
Wouldn't you? (softly): Yeah.
(phone ringing) People are calling.
They're trying to pay us.
Woman: They might be able to trace the reset signal back to you.
They've got the doctor and they've got the courier.
I'm afraid.
John: Do you have any idea what kind of sentence comes With running an organ-trafficking ring? I'm not running anything.
Then who is? Someone who cares about people, Regardless of how much money they have.
Tell me about this woman, andrea, who hired you to transport the hearts.
She called me, wanted to use my service.
You never asked What it was you were transporting? A kilo Of metal meth.
I don't want to know.
Mob money.
I could care less.
Long as I'm paid.
Okay, okay, how you get paid? Monthly retainer transferred to my account.
And when did this arrangement start? Three years ago.
Point is, I do not know these people.
I want to go home.
I am tired.
Woman: They're too close.
If they get to me, you're going down, too, remember that.
Shut down.
Are you at home? (sighs): Yes.
I'll be there shortly.
(line disconnects) (ringing) (ringing) Automated voice: The comm you are contacting is not available.
Where are you? You can't just leave me.
You know what will happen.
Keating: Don't you see what I'm doing here? I'm helping people.
Yeah, you know, I'd almost go with you on that Except for the mods that you put on the hearts.
You know Timers which run out to zero.
What are you talking about? You modify the hearts, then you put them in people.
When they can't pay you what you want, You let the timers run out and they die.
That is not true.
Those mods are for remote diagnostics, In case any problems arise.
W-we We can Is that what they told you, dr.
Keating? Look, I understand.
You were manipulated.
It's not easy to accept that.
Now, don't you want a chance to make that right? Her name is karen.
Automated voice: The comm you are contacting is not available.
The woman looks real.
They all only know her by one name: Karen.
She's compartmentalized her entire operation.
Nobody knows anything more than they have to.
Yeah, but we broke the chain.
She's got to know that we're looking at her.
There's a lot of money involved.
If she's smart she'll fold up her tent.
If that happens, and other people's bills come due There'll be no one there to reset their hearts.
Paul: Because we're doing our jobs, They're gonna die.
(indistinct radio chatter) It's another vastrel alpha.
My mother used to hide money in her sock.
(siren wailing in distance) Bit coin.
Totally untraceable.
How much has she got on there? (whirring, beeping) She wgoing to make her payment.
They didn't care.
We were right.
They're shutting down.
Man: A sudden cardiac arrest.
It's another vastrel alpha.
The wife's here, But she's been sedated.
She's still in shock.
How long before I can talk to her? At least an hour.
All right.
Thank you.
(whirring) (comm rings) kennex.
Valerie: I found something they have in common.
They all applied for transplants Through vastrel's in-house aid program.
The four victims we've id'd so far And amelia, our patient, All of them were rejected due to lack of insurance By the same case administrator.
What if someone is using the list of rejected applicants To target buyers for secondhand hearts? Who is the administrator? Pauline rivera.
Detective kennex.
When people apply to vastrel's aid program, You handle their cases, correct? Yes.
What's this about? Is this the woman who approached you? No.
Are you sure? That's not her.
Detective, I assure you I have done nothing but (comm rings) Maldonado: He says she's not the one.
Does anyone else have access To the list of people denied transplant? Only I have the decryption key.
Where is your assistant? Jacinta.
That's her.
(tires screech) Scan the house.
John Floor is warm.
That's what my thermal was picking up.
What is that? A chemical reaction.
Molecular chlorine breaking down blood.
This room's been washed.
There should be more.
More blood? More bodies.
Keating said this has been going on for a long time.
It's kind of hard to believe that every single recipient Was able to keep making their payments, right? So you're saying someone must've been "turned off" Before leonard.
Probably more than one.
So why haven't any more bodies With modded secondhand hearts shown up? Good question.
Here's a better one.
These assets are expensive and lucrative.
If someone stops paying, you don't just flush an asset Like that down the drain, do you? P.
Has no records of bodies recovered With hearts missing for the last three years.
Try missing persons.
Cross-reference with the list of patients denied vastrel hearts.
I have 36 matches found already.
No bodies recovered in any of these cases.
Who do we know who gets rid of bodies? (whirring) Call the drone for backup.
Listen to me.
You can be valuable to me out here.
You see anyone come out here You follow protocol and you stop them.
Just connect with me now, jump On my system, and you'll have protocol at your fingertips.
Come on.
Take it.
It's okay.
I can't.
I trust you.
I'm terrified, dorian.
I'm sorry.
Stay right here.
I'll be right back.
(loud whirring) (clanging) Don't move! (clattering) (thumping) (gunshots) (gunshots) (panting) (grunting) (panting) Put him in a cube.
You look pleased.
I spoke to ms.
Rivera at vastrel.
They've offered to replace every one Of the secondhand hearts at no cost.
Well, one of their employees was involved in an extortion racket.
They're just covering their asses.
Still makes me happy to see the result.
It's a good result.
Haven't seen your model in a while.
Probably think it's amusing, huh? All us humans running around Trying to get more time.
Must be nice to have all the time in the world.
Dorian: What are you doing? I was looking at my cases.
This case in particular, 4378.
A woman's boyfriend was in the house alone With the woman's son, a little boy.
There was a standoff, and, um, The woman's boyfriend wanted to Kill the little boy with a shotgun.
I used my thermal imaging to track the location Of the little boy.
He was hiding underneath the sink.
And the boyfriend kept looking for him.
I knew it was just a matter of time before he found him.
I broke protocol.
I went into that house And I killed him.
When I found the little boy He looked up at me And he just hugged me for a long time.
His name was philip.
That look was the most human connection I've ever had.
That was my proudest moment as a cop.
I didn't realize how much I missed that.
So thank you.
Down in the 42nd.
Yes, and Kennex! Thank you.
I appreciate what you did for me today.
You're an incredible cop.
I'm sorry you couldn't have been one for longer.
Do you remember your precinct? No.
Do you remember any of your cases? No.
Do you remember a boy? Called philip.
A young boy.
You okay? You know what would make me feel better? What? If you let me drive.