Almost Human (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Simon Says

Woman: The year is 2048.
Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated.
Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape.
Police are not prepared.
Law enforcement combats this corruption With a new line of defense.
But not all are created equal.
Rudy: The idea behind the drns was to be as human as possible.
They were based on a program called synthetic soul.
John: That's one of the crazy ones.
I'll lead you in? Let's go.
Woman: Now all cops-- Human and manmade together-- Take on the battle to watch over us all.
All right, listen up.
Last night's solar flare knocked out power Approximately six hours ago.
In accordance with the rolling blackouts, We're going to start using auxiliary power In about two minutes.
What genius put you in charge? Captain maldonado did.
And as our energy marshal, I must inform you that our charge ration protocol Is in effect.
All androids are being charged at a priority basis.
That means not all of your androids Are gonna be fully charged.
The good news is the donut machine Does have a full charge.
But we are out of chocolate sprinkles.
Kennex, please.
Shut up.
As long as your androids are in the green level On the energy, then they're cleared for duty.
And I don't want to hear any complaining That your synthetics are running too slow.
That includes you, kennex.
And your leg.
Hey, pal, I've had it up to here with you.
(laughter) oh, that's funny.
Why don't you slip into something more comfortable, Like a coma? (grunts) What the hell was that? That's for giving the mxes charging priority! Paul: It's policy! I'm gonna write you up, android.
(grunting quietly) Let him go.
I'm sorry, that was wrong.
But it is your fault.
What? You don't understand.
I barely got half a charge.
And it messes me up emotionally, man.
Are we cool? Say we're c We're cool, okay? Back up.
As long as we're cool, yeah.
We'll see what happens at your, uh, Next fit-for-service review.
All right, captain energy, you can take your cape off.
(laughs) He's obviously not fit for duty.
I'd take a partially charged drn over a fully charged mx any day.
Come on.
This charging thing's not acceptable, man.
It's not fair.
All right, there it is, people.
Back to work.
Real nice.
Where were you on that, huh? I was waiting-- Oh, shut up.
Go get me a coffee, black.
Two sugars.
You, uh, You get a little cranky when you don't get enough sleep, huh? My personality interface is the first thing that suffers.
Then all my other systems gradually shut down In an effort to save energy.
It's infuriating! Mxes always take priority.
Th-they're sitting in first class and I'm sitting in coach.
Yeah, I tell you, that coach is the pits.
All those people and you got to share The same tiny bathroom.
I'm talking about a social injustice here.
And you're talking about tiny bathrooms.
I need my own space, john.
Oh, come on, not this again.
Yes, and we're gonna keep talking about it Until you talk to the captain.
I talked to the captain.
What'd she say? She says you're city property.
You have to be supervised, even when you're off-duty.
Okay? That's just the way it is.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
(grunts) What about your place? My place? Mm-hmm.
What about my place? The back room.
The back? Can I have it? Back room? My back room? The back room at your place.
No, no.
The back room.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's-that's-that's my trophy room.
Your what? Yeah, that's my trophy room.
That was high school, man.
I know.
Time to move on.
Time to grow up.
Mo? Easy for you to say.
You weren't all-city three years in a row.
All what? All-city.
Three years running.
Man, I tell you, You walk into that gym today, You look up in the rafters And all my records are still up there.
Single season passing yards: Kennex, 3,256.
Most touchdowns in school history: Kennex.
Brags about himself: Kennex.
Come on, can't I relive a few glory days? That's all you got left.
May as well.
Oh, I can still hear those crowds.
"kennex! Kennex!" I was fast.
You should've seen me.
They used to call me the white cheetah On account of the fact that I was so fast.
(roars) Hey.
They used to call me the white cheetah On account of the fact that I was so fast.
It's like, "cheetah! Cheetah!" Man: So, when do you think you're gonna get home? Woman: Well, as long as ken doesn't want us to start us On the arctic project yet Maybe 6:00? What do you think about making Your famous spinach lasagna for us? Oh, ramon, I'd have to go to the store.
Can't we just order in? Oh, come on.
I've been making dinners for the past month.
Max and I are dying for an edible meal.
Well, in that case (chuckles) (tires screech) Whoa! No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, I don't need, I don't need I don't need.
(sighs) Everything okay? Yeah, just some guy.
I'll call you back.
Electronic voice: Call terminated.
Hi, there.
I'll see if I have anything.
You know, this is really (grunting, coughs) (sighs) (coughs) What is this? What is this?! Female electronic voice: Ready to play? Who are you? Electronic voice: Follow the instruction If you want to live.
Do not deviate.
I am watching.
Who's doing this? What do you want from me? Electronic voice: Once you accomplish these tasks, I will tell you how to disarm the bomb.
Ramon: A bomb? Step one.
Open the briefcase.
Electronic voice: Step number two.
Go to the bank where you work.
Ramon: Tell me what's going on here! What are you doing to me?! Ramon, you're back.
What is that? Vilma, I-I'm sorry.
I need your help.
I need you to transfer $427,000 onto this device.
What? I-I can't.
You know that.
Ramon, what are you doing? I'm sorry, someone's making me do this.
If I don't, they'll kill me.
(quietly): Please.
Hurry, I don't want to have to hurt anybody.
(quiet laugh) I don't have much time.
Okay, okay, okay.
Please! It's almost done.
Hurry, I Ramon: I have your money.
What do you want me to do? Electronic voice: Ready for the code to disarm the bomb? Yes, yes.
Yes! John: Show us responding.
We have eyes on a vehicle Matching the description of the bank robber's car.
(amplified): Police.
Pull over.
Dude! Roll the window down! (amplified): Police! Pull over! My bad.
Electronic voice: If you want to live, do not pull over.
All right, let's shut him down.
(tires screeching) Electronic voice: Do not stop under any circumstance.
Electronic voice: Run now.
Police! Aah, no! Don't Dorian, there's something around his neck.
What is that? They said it's a bomb.
Dorian: Get back, john.
Somebody put this on me.
I need to follow instructions.
I need the code to shut it off.
It is a bomb.
Who did this to you? Uh, a window washer.
He had some kind of chemical.
Get it off me! It's live.
Can you disarm it? It would take me at least five minutes to find the lead wire.
(groans) There's not enough time.
Put up the shield.
John Put up the shield.
I'm sorry.
We will find who did this to you.
I promise.
We will find them.
Tell my wife I John, there's nothing we could do.
He said something about a window washer And a chemical.
Can you detect anything? Traces of fetanyl oxide.
A toxin that causes temporary blackouts.
Fetanyl oxide? That's dangerous stuff.
You could wake up find an unwelcome roommate Charging in your trophy room.
You have no idea how he got there.
Do I look like I'm in the mood, john? I'm vulnerable right now.
Found the data recorder.
The emp blast fried the circuits.
It'll have to be reconstructed.
Let's get that to rudy asap And see where the car has been.
Got a bitcoin.
Any money on it? (electronic whirring) $427,000.
Disco face, really? Yeah.
A camera.
They're all over the car.
Someone was filming this? Yeah.
Who does that, john? (bangs on roof) that is sick, man.
Dorian, will you stop Punching things? I'm sorry.
(phone ringing) low charge again.
(ringing continues) Kennex.
What are we dealing with, a victim or a criminal? Victim, But he definitely robbed the bank.
We found the money.
What about the bomb? Well, he claims someone attached it to him.
We found traces of fetanyl oxide, And the whole car is covered in cameras.
You mean someone was watching this? Yeah, or filming it.
What else? Said he needed a code to disarm the bomb, Which he was gonna get if he followed instructions.
Instructions? From the bomber? I'm guessing.
We also found the data recorder for the car.
We're getting it to rudy asap.
See what information you can pull off of it.
Copy that.
Paul: So why him? Why target ramon? I don't know.
He was such a good guy.
You know, ramon was about to take his wife On an orbit vacation.
He couldn't stop talking about it.
Everybody loved him.
Okay, well, he was a loan officer.
He must have made some enemies.
Sometimes people have a hard time being told no.
Did anyone ever threaten him before? Not that I know of, no.
But it's true what you said.
A lot of people can't accept hearing no.
How many people did ramon deny loans to? He worked at the bank for almost a decade Thousands.
We're gonna need to see the files on all of them.
Valerie: Captain, I need you right away.
What's going on? I need you to transfer Valerie: Whoever put the bomb on ramon medina Broadcast the whole incident live.
Cyber-crimes went back and found this On an unpatrolled area of the internet.
Hmm, dark net.
I don't have much time.
I know there's a lot of disturbing video stream there, But shouldn't someone be monitoring for murder? They are.
They just can't keep up.
John: Police! Pull over! And you think the person Who put the cameras on this Did it for attention? Not just attention, approval.
This is about putting on a show Police! And getting as many views as possible.
You'd be surprised How many get off on this live violence.
You should've seen the comments.
They wanted this bomb to explode.
What is this world coming to? Dorian: Find the lead wire How many viewers watched this? It went from four to hundreds to over 3,000.
Can you find the original feed? Not yet.
It was rerouted via encrypted software.
Dorian (on video): John, We have to put up the shield.
John: I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no! Dorian: There's nothing we can do.
(ramon gasping anxiously) Tell my wife I Yeah.
(sighs) What kind of bomb was it? Propylene oxide.
The filler is typical, but the wiring Is very sophisticated-- multiple decoys.
I'm still trying to reconstruct it.
This charger is an insult, dr.
Well, at least it will give you A jolt of energy, like an espresso shot.
(indistinct radio broadcast in asian language) John: Dude, I think you're picking radio korea.
You'll be tip-top Once the damage from solar flare is dealt with.
I want to move out.
He doesn't want to sleep with mxes.
Well, who would, really? I shouldn't have to charge with them, john.
It's the law, dorian.
Look, having your own space isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Sure, you can build robotic butterflies To your heart's content, but It can get lonely.
(indistinct radio broadcast) It can get really lonely.
(radio broadcast continues) Is there anything on the data recorder We found in the car? I'm running a recovery program.
It should be about finished now.
(computer blips) Hey, uh, rudy, Do I need to worry about mr.
Happy over there, And you know, the reasons why drns were, uh Decommissioned? Not, this is This is just a minor, uh, Personality glitch.
Nothing like the erratic behavior That caused the drns to be recalled.
Dorian's vital functions Shouldn't be immediately affected.
Of course, his, uh, His mood swings could get worse, Depending on his level of activity.
Humans, off.
See what I have to deal with.
Hard to charge, too much chatter.
So, I was able to reconstruct The communication off the card's data recorder.
Electronic voice: Follow my instructions If you want to live.
And these messages were transmitted to mr.
Medina, I believe, by the bomber, When he took over the vehicle's comm system.
Whoever did this has state of the art security software.
Wait a minute, there's an address.
This must be where he was headed.
And one last instruction.
We should check it out.
Hey, who's a happy toaster? Rudy: Told you, every little bit helps.
Dorian: When we stopped ramon, That timer was under a minute.
That address is ten miles away.
He would've never made it, Even if we hadn't pulled him over.
(asian language radio broadcast resumes) Is he gonna be okay? Rudy: That should stop soon.
Come on, let's go check out the address.
Clear! Clear.
Female voice: Three plays for the price of one.
Dorian: It's the only thing on.
Three plays for the price of one.
Any explosives? Dorian: All clear.
Voice: Three plays for the price of one.
It said enter b-47.
Voice: Three plays for the price of one.
Thank you for your selection.
(whirring, beeping) (gasps) He's watching us.
He knew we'd see the instructions.
He knew we'd come here.
Her name is jeannie hartman.
Who is she? My guess The next victim.
(phone rings) hello, can I help you? Simon: I want a dozen roses.
(line crackling) yes.
What color? A red-orange.
I'm sorry, the solar flare Really did a number on the signals.
The red-orange, did you say? (static crackling): Yes, I'm on fuller road.
I'm-I'm having some trouble hearing.
Uh, talk to my daughter, jeannie.
She's the driver.
So, where are you? Right next to the park.
Okay, did you want to include a message? No.
All right, thanks for choosing mid-city floral boutique.
Dorian: Mr.
Hartman, we believe your daughter may be in danger.
How long ago did jeannie leave the shop? I-I tried calling, But she's not answering.
Do you have a location on the van? Gps says it stopped On fuller road, uh, at morris park.
Willows park.
I said "morris park.
" Wait, sorry.
Yeah, yeah, morris park.
We-we got it; we know where that is.
We're close.
Dorian: What do you remember about the caller? I-I could barely hear him, But there was some kind of static.
My daughter, is she all right? We're gonna make sure she is.
(filtered breathing) (collar blipping) What have we got on the missing girl? Yeah, jeannie hartman, 28.
No arrests.
Her dad owns a flower shop where she works.
Any connection with the loan officer? Well, we checked their social network and profiles, And no connection so far.
Mx: Captain, detective stahl has asked for you.
She found something.
Thank you.
Valerie: The bomber's broadcasting.
Maldonado: When did the feed start streaming? A little over three minutes ago.
Where on the dark net does it originate? The signal's pinging off different mirrors.
I can't get an origin yet.
John It's me.
We found the live broadcast.
I'm watching her online.
John: Copy that; we're almost there.
(children shouting playfully) (whimpering, gasping) Kids Get away from here now.
Now! (phone chimes) (whimpering continues) (phone chiming) She's in the gazebo.
John: Copy that.
Jeannie? I'm detective john kennex.
This is my partner, dorian.
We're here to help, okay? Rudy, we got another victim wired with explosives.
I'm gonna need your help So I can preserve processing power.
I'll patch you in.
(collar beeping) Just be as still as you can.
I don't know if you should be doing this.
He-he said to follow instructions.
Oh, it's gonna be okay.
I promise.
I know you're scared.
Try and stay calm.
We're gonna get this thing off of you, But if I say anything wildly inappropriate, Please forgive me.
Rudy, if I can just get a better look At the menace x device inside Dorian, no.
The device is An mxk-402.
The circuitry is totally different.
Rudy: But it requires a very specific series Of sequential maneuvers, which I will talk you through.
Mind if I see that? Uh-huh.
Jeannie: Please don't let me die.
You're doing really great.
Just relax, okay? We're gonna have you Out of here in a minute.
(beeps) You're doing great, jeannie.
Doing really great.
Just hang in there.
I know who did this.
His name is simon.
I, um I met him online.
He wanted me to meet him at this park.
Do you have a last name? No, I don't know any of that.
It's It's just his online dating profile.
I can use a laser to slice through The locking mechanism.
Don't! I mean Probably best not to.
Um, it'll disrupt the circuit And set off the detonator.
Can you see a silver panel Closest to the timer? Copy.
You need to get to the wires underneath Without cutting any of them.
Dorian: Okay.
I need you to be very still, jeannie.
(text alerts beeping) You're doing good.
So tell me, this guy, what does he look like? Um, he was tall, Um, six feet, maybe, with dark hair.
John: How long ago did you meet him? A couple months ago.
He brought me a bouquet of red-orange roses.
But he was so creepy, You know? I just got this bad feeling, so when He went to the car to get the picnic basket, I, um, I took off.
Good instincts.
Jeannie: I left the roses on the bench.
And that's why he's making me hold them, you know.
It's like he's-he's forcing me To go on this date with him.
I just wanted to meet somebody.
I mean, I deliver flowers to people that are in love Every single day, And then I go home by myself.
Hey, jeannie, listen to me.
Automated voice: Warning: Drn charge level 47%.
It's gonna be okay, okay? Just relax.
I promise you, tomorrow You're gonna have a great story to tell.
I've removed the casing.
There's a red wire that's running into the timer.
Uh, probably a decoy.
Look for the initiator.
Put up the shield.
Put it up and step back.
Now, john.
Four hands are better than two.
Come on.
Tell me what to do.
Dorian: Okay, rudy said this has to be done In a very specific order.
You see these red and yellow wires? Right.
Pull them apart.
Just don't touch the white wire.
Green, john! I said don't touch green! Dorian, I really need you to be sure about this.
I am, john.
I need you to hold them open So I can clip the battery in between.
Just keep still, jeannie.
Like that? Yeah.
Very still.
Dorian: Almost.
Clipping lead wire now.
There we go! We're good.
Bomb's disarmed.
We're clear.
You're good.
Told ya.
We did it! We did it! Love ya, man! Okay, okay, buddy! Love ya, man.
Take it down a notch.
All right.
No, no! You cannot gloss over this moment, You understand?! Come on! Bring it in! Bring it in! Bring it in here! Your hair's so soft.
That's good.
Come on We survived.
Hey, hey, you're hurting her.
We survived.
Okay, less pressure.
Aah! Okay, okay, good, good.
No! Maldonado: Our bomber, simon lynch, We're working on a current address for him.
We tracked his credit cards To the delivery of some electronic equipment.
We're checking it out.
This is what we got from his dating profile.
"shy and looking"? Yeah, shy, looking, and deadly.
(laughs) Classic, paulie! Yeah! His personality's a little off-kilter today.
A little? Yeah.
Well, you should've given him charge priority.
Oh, please.
Why? What happened? What does that mean? John: Nothing.
Okay, let's focus.
Jeannie hartman fled the date before it was over, Went onto the forums telling women to stay away.
Ramon medina turned lynch down for a loan, Citing him as "unstable and unqualified.
" He's getting revenge on that people that rejected him in some way.
It's about control and humiliation.
It gets worse: Lynch was accepted to the police academy.
He trained on the bomb squad, he was kicked out Due to psych issues sergeant james morton.
We've got a protection detail on him, And background's flagging Anyone who might have had a conflict with lynch.
We've got his address: Looks current.
Paul, assemble a tactical team.
Kennex, see me.
Dorian: You heard sandra! Roll out! (taps table) Are you sure it's safe having him in the field With these mood swings? Yeah, look, he's a little edgy, but I'll keep an eye on him.
He'll be okay.
(indistinct background radio communication) Hey, dorian, why don't you hang back? (voice slows): Sergeant whiskers, I'm fully capable of doing what's necessary.
But dorian, you just John, I am fully capable of doing sergeant whiskers.
Okay, listen, dorian, I know you're capable.
I just want you to conserve your charge, okay? (voice slows): I can't just hang back because I have a low charge.
I have a reputation to keep, you understand? I was just starting to feel accepted by our fellow officers.
This is important to me.
Boy, am I glad to see you.
Never thought I'd say that, but there it is-- Don't quote me.
Wish I could say the same.
(voice varies in speed): Hey, paulie.
Let's let bygones be bygones, huh? What do you say, little man? All the windows and doors On simon's trailer are completely wired.
It's booby-trapped.
The bomb team's gone through it.
It's impossible to disarm.
We need to do a controlled detonation.
And you, no explosives for you today.
(groans) Detective kennex, csi radioed Asking for you.
They found something Up the road.
All right.
No, no, I got this.
Why don't you guys, uh, hug it out? Officer: Sir, the drone's in position.
Light it up.
Computer voice.
Detonation commencing: Five, four, Three, two What do you got? Ready for the next round? And you didn't see our suspect anywhere in the vicinity? Officer: No, like I said, The request for kennex came over the comm.
Hey, paulie.
Paul: Is that what I think it is? His locator chip.
He could be anywhere.
We're gonna get him back.
I want every available drone in pattern over that road.
Do we have a description of the vehicle? Based on the tire treads dorian found at the scene, It's a larger vehicle-- truck, van.
Find it.
And monitor the dark net.
If john is lynch's next victim, I want to know the second he starts broadcasting.
(various indistinct conversations) (bomb collar beeping) (phone rings) (ringing continues) Hello? Lynch, I presume.
Detective kennex, you ready to play? Look, if you want to kill me, lynch, go ahead.
But the people in this square have done nothing to you.
Simon: It's true, but you did.
If there's collateral damage, so be it.
Let's go over the rules.
Things have changed a little bit this time.
One-- If you alert anyone to the fact that you have enough explosives Under your coat to level a building, I'll detonate the charge.
Two, if the cops or the bomb squad come close to you, I'll detonate the charge.
This time, you're on your own.
Three, if the police try to evacuate the area, I'll detonate the charge.
(laughs) Then why don't you just blow me up right now? Oh, my viewers wouldn't like that.
They want a good show, and you're a big star.
You're gonna help me get my viewers back.
Well, pal, it doesn't seem Like you're giving me much of a chance.
I'm giving you a chance.
Have a look under the bench.
(children chattering in distance) You like to disarm bombs and save people? Like to be a big hero? (laughs) Then save yourself, "hero.
" The whole world's your stage.
Valerie: Captain, lynch is broadcasting.
It's john.
Maldonado: Can you see where they are? Valerie: It's the seymour building.
He's downtown.
I want bomb squad dispatched To the seymour building immediately.
Simon: We're not so different, you and me.
Yeah? Last time I checked, I wasn't a homicidal maniac.
Simon: You forget, detective.
See, I have access to trashed data.
I went through everything that I could find about you.
I'm flattered.
I know about the raid.
I know that you didn't just lose your leg.
See, those men died because of decisions you made.
Yeah, maybe they did.
But that doesn't make us the same.
I disagree.
People didn't want you back on the force.
See, we've both Had bad psych evaluations.
The difference is That you got a second chance.
But not me.
I got kicked out of the police academy.
That black mark has followed me forever.
That's why I couldn't open the bar.
That's why I couldn't get a loan.
(chuckling): I feel for you, pal.
I mean, where is a psychopath To get a bank loan These days? I said "no cops"! Hey, easy, lynch.
I got fans that want to get close.
If they evacuate, I'm blowing you and them To hell right now.
Paul, stand down.
He knows you're there.
We can't risk civilian casualties.
How does he know? They're not in line-of-sight of the cameras.
He's here.
He's watching.
He needs a vantage point.
Dorian: There.
The clock tower.
Suspect is on site.
Copy that.
Have a sniper take position.
He's in the clock tower.
Get yourself ready to take a shot.
That was bad luck.
What are you going to do now? He's holding something.
Valerie: It's a dead man's switch.
If we kill lynch, he'll let go And the bomb will explode.
Call off the shot Immediately.
Paul: You heard her.
Stand down.
(bomb collar beeping) Simon: Ah, trying to get the token.
You think that you can use it to separate the wires.
You better hurry.
People are getting excited.
They want me to blow you up.
(straining): Yeah I'm getting kind of excited myself.
(grunting) Yeah, well, these people don't care If you blow me up or if you kill yourself.
They just want a show.
Those are bold words, Considering I can obliterate you And everyone around you.
Well, that wouldn't be fair, now would it? You wanted me to play.
Or are you going to rig it so I can't win, Like you did with ramon? Paul: Lynch's positioned himself So he has a view in all directions.
If we approach the tower, he'll see us coming.
I've calculated a path to evade his cameras.
I can climb it.
And then what? Once I get to the top, I'll transfer an electrical charge.
His muscles will tense And he won't be able to let go of the trigger.
Do you have the charge left? (beeping) Automated voice: Warning: Drn charge level 15%.
I have enough.
Can you do that? Simon: My black marks just kept following me around.
See, people should've respected me Like they do now.
That doesn't give you the right To kill people, though, does it? Tell me you never killed anybody.
Hey, buddy, I'm a cop.
That's part of the job, sometimes.
You hide behind a uniform.
Y You You don't understand! Justice is justice! Is that what this is? Automated voice: Drn charge level 11%.
Drn charge level 10%.
(sighs) Automated voice: Warning: Drn charge level 8%.
(alarm beeping) (inhales) Game over, detective.
(grunts) (grunts) Dorian: Suspect Is secure.
(panting) (laughs) (laughs) (laughing louder) What are we drinking to? Winning.
Here's to winning.
How's dorian? Yeah, he's recharging.
You know, I gotta admit, I'm gonna miss his little outbursts.
They were kind of hilarious.
Hmm, yeah.
Tell me about it.
What did the doctors say about lynch? Severe electrical burns, but he'll live.
At least the trial will be open and shut.
Yeah, well, we got at least 1,000 witnesses To put on the stand.
Yeah, not sure I'd like to be in the room with them.
You know, As crazy as that guy was, He was right about one thing: Black marks, they do follow you around.
You know, sometimes I walk through this precinct, And the way people look at me, like John, don't let him into your head.
You've done nothing but a great job Since you've been back.
Well, I got you to thank for that.
If you hadn't ignored that psych report There was a psych report? I got a favor to ask you.
What are we doing here? Taking care of your charging problem.
I don't have a charging problem, I fully charged at the station.
John: That's not what I meant.
Hey, here he is! This is going to be great! Dorian: What? What's gonna be great? Would you say peanut butter and jelly Are just two foods? They are.
They're They're two foods.
No, it's a sandwich, Isn't it? That's what I'm saying.
Is when they're together What I'm saying is: Who's ready for Some crazy nights out on the town? Me.
You coming? We can take photos.
Hang 'em up on the walls.
We can meet women, we can invite the women back here.
You could even talk to the women for me.
No Obviously, your women are yours, definitely.
Did you talk to captain maldonado? You wanted out.
I got you out.
(mumbling): This is not what I had in mind, john.
What? So, what's the plans, roomie? I thought maybe we'd have a quiet one tonight.
Checkers? Chess? I'm a very particular person.
What happens in the lab must stay in the lab.
I have some sleeping issues.
Have you ever heard of night terrors?