Almost Paradise (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Bahala Na

I'm sorry. I have to go so often.
It's one of the many
indignities of old age.
Please don't apologize.
I'm so grateful you agreed to do this.
It's a story that needs to be told,
and it needs to be told now
before this election takes place.
It is not something I
want to take to my grave.
You're actually doing
me a favor, Ms. Manalo.
Where were we?
Your unit had just reached
the coast near Davao.
The submarine was there
but intelligence was not good. Not good.
You talked about the unit splitting up.
You stayed with your
leader, Alejandro Fernandez?
Yes. And that's when it happened.
Dinner's here, Mr. Calendas.
Take it away. I need
to talk to Ms. Manalo.
It's okay, Victor. We can
start again in the morning.
You need to eat.
That's right Mr. Calendas. You
need to keep your strength up.
I so appreciate that
you're speaking with me.
The pieces of the story are
beginning to come together.
I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early.
Be quiet and be quick.
[PANTS] It's done.
Good. What are you so happy about?
I found this. Cool, yeah?
Bet it's worth big bucks.
I said not to touch anything!
I didn't touch it, I took it.
We have to get rid of that.
It's evidence, you jackass!
[ALEX] My name is Alex
Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress
no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
Every time I kill one of
them, three more pop up.
Technically, for every
one termite you see,
there are 200 more you don't see
when you have an infestation.
Mm-hmm. Uh I have a
[STAMMERS] an infestation?
It's the worst I've seen
in my 25 years in the job.
I'm thinking it'll take
four, maybe five days.
Days? Days in a row? Use
your little sprayer thing!
I won't be using that.
This is a tent job.
You'll have to move out
and close shop for a while.
Do Do what? For a few little bugs?
A few bugs that are eating the
wood holding this place together.
With an infestation this bad,
it's only a matter of
time before pshh
How much is this gonna cost?
You see that?
That's a soldier termite.
They guard the colony with
those big pincers of theirs.
You might want to be
careful with those guys.
- [EXTERMINATOR] Should I start today?
- Yeah.
- Hey!
- [ERNESTO] Alex Walker!
Welcome to my house. You made it!
I did. Thank you. Thank you.
- Only took you two years. I'll take that.
- Yeah, but made it, all right?
Thank you again, man, for letting
me stay while I tent my place.
Of course. Only one
more can't hurt, right?
Yeah. "One more"?
All these people live with you?
You take care of all of these people?
No, Alex. We take care of each other.
Is everybody a family member?
Pretty much. Meet my Cousin Angelo.
[ALEX] Hey, what's up, Angelo?
[ERNESTO] This is Alex.
- Cool.
I wonder what he thought I was.
Hey, normally, I'd have
you bunk up in my room,
but Linda's coming over for the weekend.
- Dive shop Linda?
- Mm-hmm.
Is that really a thing a now?
So far, so good. [CHUCKLES]
You're gonna bunk
with my grandpa. Silvio.
An Amboy?
I'm getting a drink.
Angelo, where's my wallet?
It's on your desk.
And my glasses?
Um, kitchen.
Are you wearing my army jacket again?
Clean it and put it back!
Yes, sir!
W-why does Angelo know where
all your stuff is at? [CHUCKLES]
Angelo puts those tracking
things on all my stuff
- so he can find them with his phone
- Ah.
Because Angelo is helpful.
He doesn't bring me roommates.
He can be a little cranky.
- Yeah.
No, it's a fact. We need
security and economic opportunity.
And I come from a family
that has provided both to our
country since its founding,
starting with my grandfather,
Colonel Alejandro Fernandez.
[MAN] Did you all see that?
She did it again!
Talking about her
grandfather's accomplishments
like they're her own!
No matter where you go, they're
all the same, aren't they?
[LINDA] Lolo, let me
help you to your seat.
The food is ready.
[ALEX] It looks wonderful.
[ANGELO] Okay.
That was the best pancit
palabok I've ever had.
Thanks, Alex. It's my
family's secret recipe.
[ALEX] Ah, does Ernesto know
how lucky he is to be with you?
Well, listen. I would
like to thank all of you,
uh, for taking me in and
making me feel like it's home.
Sir, let me help you to your room.
I'm going to the bathroom.
You want to hold it for me?
All right. All right.
Sorry about earlier.
Yeah. Well he doesn't have
anything against me, does he?
No. He has a thing with Americans.
I thought Filipinos liked Americans.
It goes back to his
service during World War II.
For any Filipino alive at that
time, the war never leaves them.
See, it wasn't just Pearl Harbor
that was attacked in December of 1941.
Ten hours later, they
hit the Philippines.
By March, after Corregidor,
MacArthur retreated
and we were occupied by the Japanese.
It was left to guerrillas,
people like my grandfather,
to keep the fight going.
Lolo, I was just telling Alex
about your service in the war.
Did he care?
Of course, I did. My
grandpa was in a B-17.
They flew out of
Foggia, Italy. I don't
I don't know a lot that happened
here in the Pacific, but
he was a
When was this picture taken?
It was taken near Davao.
Before my last mission.
But I don't want to talk about it.
Sleep well, Lolo. I'll
see you in the morning.
All right. All right.
Let the dead bury the dead.
I'll just sleep here on the floor.
Hey, what are you doing? Hey!
Hey, what is it? Hey!
Take care of them!
Take care of them! Hey!
- Hey.
- Here.
Thank you.
How's Silvio?
[SIGHS] Good. Resting, finally.
But I wonder if he's more
shaken up than he's letting on.
He snuck into the house
with all these people there
without anybody noticing.
Feels like a professional job.
The signs are there.
Who puts a hit on somebody in his 90's?
- Why?
- [ERNESTO] I don't know.
But I do know one thing
It's not gonna happen again.
Hey. What's this?
A list of Philippine World War
II vets like your grandfather.
Not a lot of them are still alive,
but three of them died in
Cebu in the past two weeks.
Take a look at cause of death.
Asphyxiation. All while sleeping?
The coroner wouldn't certify
them as natural deaths.
Now, with what happened to Silvio,
it's pretty clear that they weren't.
Did anything else unusual happen
in the days before he died?
Any visitors, perhaps?
Yes, and did you get her name?
Okay. Thank you so much.
You've been so helpful.
And I'm so very sorry for your loss.
[ERNESTO] And you said that
she was from the SunStar?
And if I need to reach you
again, is this the best number?
Thank you, ma'am. Thank you again.
Well, two of them got a visit
from a reporter for the SunStar.
Maria Manalo?
Bingo. That's the one.
- [LINDA] Hey.
- Hey. How's he doing?
He's fine. He's mostly mad
that he's confined to the house.
Everything okay out here?
Well, the family and
well, half the neighborhood
have this place on lockdown.
A Navy SEAL team couldn't
get through this joint.
You know, it gives Ernesto
peace of mind that you're here.
[SILVIO] Of course.
Because he's the "American."
Lolo, he's here to help.
They're always here to help.
To help themselves. [CHUCKLES]
And it always goes
badly for the Filipinos.
You know
I did kind of save your life
when that guy tried to kill you.
Ah! Ten more seconds and I
would have broken both his arms.
I don't need help from any American.
Silvio, what is it? Why do
you dislike Americans so much?
Do you really want to know?
We were waiting for our next mission
eating sweet potatoes and rice.
Maybe we got a chicken
from a local farmer.
I just received a
package from Melbourne.
And it's directly from
MacArthur's headquarters.
There is a German industrialist in Cebu
working with the
Japanese called Bluthner.
But he is not German.
He's an American spy by
the name of George Rowe.
He has obtained detailed maps
outlining the Japanese
defenses from Luzon to Mindinao.
It's the key to the
retaking of the islands.
Now, MacArthur is sending
a sub to pick him up
at Bagacay point near Danao.
That takes us through a
heavy enemy concentration.
That's why Carlotta's coming.
The Japanese know that
the map is missing.
We need to get Rowe out of there
before they realize that he has it.
Good afternoon, sir.
Where are you going?
Ah, up to Mount Mayoug, sir.
We are bringing, uh, sweet
potatoes to your headquarters.
- Sweet potatoes?
- Yes, sir.
[JAPANESE SOLDIER] Sweet potatoes.
Go. And don't waste time.
[SILVIO] Thank you, sir. Thank you.
We'll arrive at the pick-up point
at eleven hundred hours
tomorrow, just south of Danao.
But there's an enemy
encampment in Danao.
Why not do the transfer off Bohol?
Bohol is too shallow to get a sub in.
The military intelligence
needs this information
if you want to retake the Philippines.
Victor, you must understand.
Everyone here must understand!
Getting this man and
his map off the island
will be the most important
thing we do in this war.
I understand, Hepe.
Carlotta is correct.
The mission is important,
but we are not to engage the
enemy unless absolutely necessary.
Our mission is to deliver the American.
Did you not say that our
mission is always the same,
to kill the enemy?
Is that what she told you?
Well, when she is in charge,
that's what we will do.
In the meantime,
I will give orders.
Come with me.
What was that all about?
Alejandro is the head of our unit,
but that's because he has money
and he went to military
school before the war.
But Carlotta is our true leader.
You would rather follow a woman?
She is no ordinary woman.
Already, she is a
legend in the Resistance.
The entire Japanese officer corps fear
that she will appear and slit
their throats in the night.
She did that?
Seven times.
Well, it seems you're
positively moony over her.
Don't worry, Mr. Rowe.
Carlotta will get you to your submarine.
I promise you,
Washington is going to honor
each and every one of you
when this damn war is over.
Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Now, let me guess.
The American government
didn't honor your men.
They honored some.
Where are you going, Lolo Silvio?
Angelo! Where is my wrist watch?
[ANGELO] One second. You
left it in the kitchen!
I mean, guess he has his
reasons for being bitter.
Bitter isn't the right word.
Disappointed, maybe.
The U.S. Government
hasn't exactly been great
about keeping its promises.
Maria Manalo? Maria Manalo is, uh
one of our best investigative reporters.
And when was the last
time you heard from her?
Maybe three or four days ago.
She's been in the field
working on a story.
Can you tell us what the story is about?
I only know some of the broad
parameters at this moment.
But you understand it would be a
violation of journalistic ethics
to talk to you about it.
Mr. Basilio, we have reason to believe
that several recent
deaths have a connection
to visits from Ms. Manalo.
You can't think she's responsible.
Not necessarily, but she
might be in danger herself.
I only know that she was
working on a human interest piece
on the last of the WWII veterans,
how they'll all be gone soon.
This is her desk.
She keeps it neat as a pin. My
guess is you won't find much.
Does it mean anything?
It does to me. It's my address.
If you hear anything from Ms. Manalo,
please have her contact us immediately.
Absolutely, Detective.
And you do the same.
I hope you guys find more
out there than you did here.
Thank you, again, Mr. Basilio.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let's put a plainclothes
stakeout on her apartment.
- Already done.
- Kai Mendoza speaking.
[WOMAN] I hear you're looking for me.
If you want to find out what's going on,
meet me at the Solea
parking lot in one hour.
Section C-3. Come alone.
Detective Mendoza?
It all started three weeks ago.
A man at a nursing home reached out.
He said he had an important news story,
but when I went to see
him, he refused to talk.
He seemed scared,
but he slipped me a list of names.
I began contacting them,
all old men in their 90's,
but none would talk to me.
- Was Silvio Alamares on it?
- He was.
but one of the others agreed to talk.
His name was Victor Calendas.
We spoke briefly, and the bones
of the story began to emerge
a big story. A career maker.
But before we could even
speak again, he died.
Two of the other men on the list
died under identical circumstances.
Then they came to my house.
- "They"?
- Two men. Scary looking guys.
Drove a black van.
Like that one?
Mactan PD! Stop!
Get out of the vehicle!
- I said, get out now!
It must be one hell of a story.
Journalists have been killed for less.
We need to get you somewhere safe.
These are professional killers.
I can't think of anywhere that's safe.
Don't worry. I know a place.
The time is 10:58 PM.
Sir, will you please provide
your name and your consent
to be recorded for this interview?
Silvio Alamares.
I consent.
So, just to confirm,
in early 1944,
you were attached to a
Waray guerrilla platoon
commanded by Alejandro Fernandez.
- I was.
- And you participated in the mission
to deliver the American
operative, George Rowe,
to the U.S. Armed Forces
in the Far East near Danao?
I did.
And the mission was successful?
Only for the Americans.
Our friends in the village
left us a bangka boat
tucked away just off the shore.
We will take him out a
half mile off the reef
where the sub should be waiting.
[SILVIO] But when we
reached our destination,
we made a terrible discovery
What did you see out there?
enemy has moved closer.
They're just two kilometers away.
But, Hepe, the bad news is
they have a machine gun nest
on the next bluff overlooking the shore.
We'd be dead before we
got halfway to the boat.
How many men were there?
Two men, and a Type 96 gun.
We will need to split up.
I will go with the
American down to the boat.
I need one volunteer to go with me.
[SIGHS] You will take
the rest of the men.
Go inland, approach from the rear,
and take out that machine gun nest.
No, we should wait until nightfall.
Do it silently. Cut their
throats while they sleep.
You keep the sub waiting that
long and it might be gone.
Then we will be stuck with the American
with the entire Japanese
army looking for him.
Yeah. It's nice to be wanted. [CHUCKLES]
It's a suicide mission.
Then we can switch positions.
You can take the American
down to the boat with Silvio,
and I will go with the men.
No. We've got this.
Let's synchronize.
The machine gun will
be neutralized at 10:50.
Follow me!
So we're just gonna wait
here until 10:50, then we go?
- That is right.
- How are we gonna know?
Are we just-Are we gonna hope that
there's dead men on that machine gun?
If Fernandez says the
nest will be cleaned out,
then the nest will be cleaned out.
Again, how are we gonna know?
Because we will hear two carbine shots
and no Type 96 machine gun, Mr. Rowe.
We haven't heard any
gunshots on our way here.
They should've gotten there by now.
What do you think's happening?
They might have caught them
by surprise using their blades.
That's Fernandez's specialty.
[ALEX] Well, it depends on how
good you think Fernandez is.
But one way or another,
I gotta get on that sub.
[SIGHS] I'l go first.
If anything happens to me,
you take care of him
and his information,
do you understand?
Private Alamares. That was an order.
Come on.
Leave me!
No! No!
Get him to the boat.
[PANTS] We got 'em.
Carlotta, we got 'em! Hey.
- Come on! Let's go. Let's go.
- She's gone.
- Let's go now!
- She's gone!
- Help me! Help me!
- She's gone!
- Help me! Let me bury her!
- Let her go!
- Let her go! She's gone!
- We gotta get to the boat!
- I can't leave her! I can't leave her!
- Get to the boat, get to the boat.
[SILVIO] I spent the rest of the war
in an Australian military hospital,
but in the end, the mission
was deemed a success.
According to MacArthur, the
intelligence from Rowe was key
to the retaking of the
islands several months later.
Fernandez and the others were honored
for their role in the mission
but I
never heard from Rowe or the
American government again,
and more importantly,
Carlotta's sacrifice
went completely
As if
w-we it never existed.
Well, Silvio, for what it's
worth, I am truly sorry.
No. I'm sorry.
You weren't even born.
Life works this way!
If we'd only waited a few more minutes
for Fernandez to reach those guns!
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
What do you mean?
When you put this together
with the pieces of the story
that I was able to get out
of Victor Calendas and the others,
I can tell you exactly
what happened that day.
You said two men.
The sentries weren't there
when I spotted them earlier.
I told her it was a suicide mission.
At best, we can get one of them
before they turn the machine gun on us.
What should we do?
We head back to base.
Let's go.
Let's head back to base.
Sir, do we really leave Hepe
Carlotta and Silvio to the enemies?
If we can't get the gun,
it will do Carlotta and
the others no good at all.
There's still a chance they
can make it down the hill
and get out of range
before they are seen.
- But, sir. We can still
- That's an order!
I am not giving up
on all of our lives for no reason.
Let's head back to base.
Leave me!
Don't you all be fools.
- Follow me.
- Get him to the boat.
He dived into the nest.
Both grenades went off
and cleared the nest.
He saved that mission.
What was his name?
It is lost to history.
[FERNANDEZ] We need security
and economic opportunity.
Oh, it's called family legacy.
The love and sacrifice,
all for the Filipino people.
No! No, no, no, no.
So what you're saying
is that Alejandro Fernandez, Sr.
wasn't the hero he claimed to be?
The story had always been
that Alejandro Fernandez
heroically led a secret
mission during the war
that led to the ultimate
victory over Imperial Japan.
Over the years, as the
family became more well known,
the legend grew.
As it always does.
It came to include Fernandez
personally bayonetting two soldiers
before throwing the grenades
that took out the gun emplacement.
What about these other guys?
The the guys that were there.
Why didn't they come forward?
Mainly because Victor
Calendas and the others were
put on the family's payroll for life,
but also because of guilt.
So their empire was built on a lie.
I personally believe Victor Calendas
and the other veterans were killed,
and Silvio was almost
killed, to protect that lie,
and to ensure the
election of Ruby Fernandez.
Hey. How's it going?
[SIGHS] I'm just writing the wrap-up.
I called my boss.
He's going to meet me
at the paper in an hour.
It's 2:00 AM.
He wants to see the source documents
and hear the tapes for himself.
He's nervous about libel.
Any mistake, no matter how small,
could bring the newspaper down.
What's the expression?
When you strike at the
king, you can't miss.
Okay. But, Maria, you
know you can't leave here
until we've got those men.
Every minute counts.
The election's only days away.
It's got to be in the next edition.
It's too dangerous. No
story is worth your life.
You're obviously not a journalist.
Well, how about I take those in for you?
It's not that simple.
I have to lay it out for him in person.
He's going to take a big
risk running this story.
I have to appeal to him
as a fellow journalist.
Okay. Well, we all need
a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow, Ernesto and
I will go with you.
Do I have a choice?
No. Sorry.
Then, I guess I have more
time to nail the landing.
I'll even spend the
night here, too, okay?
We'll make sure to get you to the paper
first thing in the morning, okay?
[BOY] Have a good night, Angelo!
Does Angelo ever sleep?
Thank you for meeting me so late.
Of course, Maria.
Let's see what you have.
Everything's there. More
than I need for the article.
Enough for follow up pieces, too.
And the audio recordings?
All in here.
What the hell?! Where's my motorcycle?!
- Angelo, what's going on?
Somebody stole my bike!
My helmet, and even Great
Grandpa's jacket is gone, too!
[ERNESTO] She's gone.
She must have disguised
herself as Angelo
and stole his bike to
get past the sentries.
She went to the office. That's
exactly what I told her not to do.
You've done incredible work, Maria.
You are a first-rate reporter, and
I'm so sorry that I have to do this.
Do what?
What are you doing!?!
- You know what you have to do to her.
- Yes, sir.
So, you're on the Fernandez
family payroll, too?
Let's just say it's definitely not
in my interest to see them brought down.
You're a journalist! You're
always telling us about ethics
about standards!
Yes, but you haven't learned about power
and the lengths people will go
through to get it and keep it.
Let's go.
Hi. Excuse me. Have
you seen Maria Manalo?
She hasn't come in yet.
Are you sure?
You might want to check the
Managing Editor's office.
I guess I'll never get to
write this part of the story,
but I've got to know,
how does it all work?
Who gives the orders? Ruby Fernandez?
For someone who's seen what you've
seen, you're so naive, Maria.
The people at the top are kept clean.
They do not know what's
been done in their name.
It's called plausible deniability.
How does anyone become so corrupt?
Well, you know what they
say about corruption.
It all starts with a cigar.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey, what's this?
Uh, this is a broken phone piece.
Purple casing.
Just like Maria's phone.
She kept everything on that
phone. Recordings, photos.
Excuse me. Where does this door lead to?
The back stairs to the parking lot.
Well, we know she didn't
leave the way she came.
I told her not to come here without us.
If they grabbed her, she
could be anywhere right now.
The helmet is here. The
motorcycle is here
but didn't you say she was
wearing Silvio's jacket?
Angelo. Angelo, listen.
You know how you put those tracking
things in all of Great Grandpa's stuff?
Did you happen to put one
in Lolo Silvio's jacket, too?
How much farther?
No more than two kilometers.
It looks like they're parked
at the edge of the jungle.
She's investigating
something in the jungles?
Following up on a story
she was told, or what?
Either that or somebody's got a
warped sense of poetic justice.
They want to end the
story where it began.
Now, I need you to tell me
who else knows the whole story.
No one. At least no one left alive.
You're lying.
Why would I tell you? So
you can kill them, too?
If you don't tell me, I will have
to kill your friends and family
on the chance that you told them.
Isn't it better to sacrifice some people
instead of all your loved ones?
You have one last chance.
Who have you spoken to about this?
I will never tell you.
What a fool you are.
A noble journalist willing to
die to protect your sources.
At least I won't die
a disgrace like you!
Ah! Ah!
I will shoot her. Put down your gun.
[BASILIO] I'm gonna need your car.
- Are you all right?
- "All right"? Are you kidding me?
I've got the story of the year!
- What about your phone?
Backed it all up on Angelo's system.
He's got everything in that room.
- Congratulations, Maria.
- Thank you.
It really was the story of the year.
And it's still unfolding.
We've got two great young reporters
full time on the Fernandez family beat.
Forgive me for interrupting.
Alex, Kai, Ernesto,
this is Mrs. Aurora Velasco.
- Hi.
- The owner and publisher of the SunStar.
- Hello.
- I'd like to personally thank you
for what you've done for Maria,
for the paper, and for journalism.
Our job is to give the public the facts
and let the chips fall where they
may, and they always fall eventually.
- Trust me.
- Okay, I will.
Since we are thanking
people, you've saved my life.
I will always be in your debt.
And I especially want to thank you
for using your contacts in Washington
to finally put things right.
The package arrived this morning.
[ALEX] Your grandfather's
finally gonna get
the recognition he deserves.
Lolo Silvio?
The watch.
There is also back pay
on his military pension.
And there's one more thing.
So, once the records were found
and Maria was able to
supply the whole story,
the Department of Defense
issued the medal and the check.
I don't know what to say.
- Well, there is one more thing.
I can't believe this.
Well, it's true. Carlotta survived.
She was found by villagers
and taken to safety.
It was a long recovery,
but after the war,
she went to the United
States, married, had a family.
She taught high school history.
In the 1960's, she
became a U.S. citizen.
She died in 2010 at the age of 81.
She lived a good life. [SNIFFLES]
I love you, Lolo.
Hey, Amboy. Come here.
Angelo, I want you to put
that tracking thing on this!
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