Almost Paradise (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Deus Ex-Wife Machina

It's happening again!
Warden called us about the cable.
Service area is over there.
Thank you.
I got 50,000 hits off the last one.
I got 72,000.
What's our first piece
of business, boss?
Find a contractor in Mactan
and bring me Alex Walker.
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
All right, huh?
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Now, listen, I am a terrible cook,
but I can make a mean
breakfast sandwich.
Well, it looks good.
Listen, there's a special
ingredient in there,
but I can't tell you what it is until
we get to know each other better.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
- Wow, it's good.
- Good, good.
Thanks for coming over early, too.
I got a lot of stuff planned
for our day today, our date day.
I'm gonna honest with you.
This online dating thing is
just, it's been a disaster for me.
Until right now.
I saw your profile.
I couldn't believe it.
Y-You like scuba diving.
You like the Kansas City Chiefs.
You like kickboxing.
You know what I mean?
I was like, "What are the
odds? What are the odds?"
I'm talking too much.
I'm talking too much.
- I'm nervous.
- No, it's fine.
I feel the same way.
It's terrible out there, but it's
nice to finally meet someone who's
Who's amazingly interesting?
- Good at Wordle?
- Honest.
I have been hurt too many
times by dishonest men.
In my last job, it forced
me to be dishonest a lot,
and it didn't work very well for me.
So that's why I came
here, you know, to be open,
to be well, to be
an honest human being.
Hello, Alex.
Uh, and who are you?
I'm Claire.
I'm Alex's wife.
- Oh.
- No, no, no.
I should have known.
Not wife. It's ex-wife, all right?
I mean, technically, yes,
we're still married, but
What are you doing here?
What is this, Smack Alex Walker Day?!
You got our daughter kidnapped
by a psychopathic killer?!
I also got her out of it. You
always leave out the good parts!
You don't get points for that!
Well, you didn't come
8,000 miles to slap me,
so what are you here for?
I've been trying to contact
you for the last three months.
The time has come. We
finally have to do it.
Our divorce papers.
You never signed them.
I'm heading to Sri Lanka to see Evelyn.
She's been stationed in Colombo.
I-I know where our daughter is.
So I thought I'd get
you to sign in person
and see how you're doing.
I'm doing fine.
What's this?
The trust deed to the ranch.
No, no, no. The ranch?
you know that selling the property
was always part of the agreement.
Looks like our past
has come back to haunt us.
Jace Vargas escaped from
prison two hours ago.
The Waterboarder? The guy who
likes to drown his enemies?
- Yes.
- Alex is gonna freak.
He went through hell with us
trying to take that guy down.
Didn't he try to waterboard Alex?
Well, the call I just got from
Cebu won't make him feel any better.
Apparently, they
questioned Vargas' cellmate.
Since he's been there,
he's been very obsessed
with getting revenge on Walker.
He's going after him.
Now, until Vargas is back in custody,
I'm trusting that the two of
you will keep Walker safe, okay?
Alex should go to
ground until it's safe.
He should, but he won't.
He's gonna wanna get involved.
He's gonna get all crazy and obsessive.
He's gonna ignore our entire operation
and go after the guy himself.
No question.
Did you forget how to spell your name?
Claire? You don't sign something
like this without reading it, okay?
That's how you end up
with an extended warranty
that doesn't cover explosions.
Just sign it, Alex.
This moment means nothing to you?
No sentiment? Not even
a little nostalgia?
We haven't seen each
other in four years.
Well, that's Why rush it?
Claire, I've, uh, got the car sorted.
meet Bob Rafferty.
Hi, Bob.
Hope this isn't, um, "awkward."
Ah, there's no need for air
quotes, Bob. It's awkward.
I was just telling Alex that we decided
to spend a few days at the Paradise
before heading off to introduce you
to Evelyn in Sri Lanka,
where we're getting married.
So soon!
Which is why
Listen, you know, you-you guys are
staying here for a couple of days.
I'm practically your host.
Because you run the gift shop?
Yeah. I'm gonna take
you guys to lunch, okay?
I don't want you to worry.
It's on me, all right?
Just throw in one of your
meal vouchers if you can.
I guess there's no harm.
You have no idea.
Huh. First name. You get the
last name after lunch, all right?
You guys, go get checked in.
I'll meet you in the restaurant
just right off the lobby.
I'm starved.
I know what you're doing.
At this rate, it's going
to take forever to get to Alex.
Ah, this traffic!
You know, Vargas has probably
got his people mobilized,
and they mean serious business.
We gotta tell Alex
everything. We gotta warn him.
I'm gonna call him right now.
This is Alex Walker. Leave a message.
This is it, Mikey. We got
this big time. This is it.
You know, I tried to get a job
singing in the lounge here once.
I got so nervous, I
forgot all the lyrics.
Now that we're working for Jace Vargas,
you don't have to be a
performing monkey anymore.
If you pull this through,
before you know it,
I'll be his right-hand man and
you will be my right-hand man.
It's a good thing your uncle got
shingles and kicked this job to us.
Hey, it's not luck. It's that
thing you're always saying.
Ah. "In every life, there is a moment."
That's right.
And this is mine.
Jace Vargas' right-hand man.
Oh, yeah.
Let's go.
I know it's in there.
Yes, we have you in
here as Mrs. Alex Walker.
That is just the sexist way
the credit card company
still lists my account.
Here's your e-key
card, Mrs. Alex Walker.
That's our target.
Alex Walker.
Mrs. Alex Walker?
If you'll follow me to your room.
Let's go.
So, Bob, what is it that you do?
Oh, uh, I'm in risk management.
Bob is with one of the
largest insurance companies
in the world.
That's amazing. Wow.
Well, you must travel
to some exciting places.
No, no, no.
I'm, uh, more of a numbers guy, yeah.
Try to keep the company from
doing anything too extreme.
You'd be surprised at what some
of these crazy agents get into.
Insurance agents?
Oh, boy, oh, boy. Yeah.
Yeah, they're a breed.
Well, you went completely in the
opposite direction, didn't you?
You see, the thing is, Bob
isn't afraid to be cautious.
That's like saying someone's
not afraid to be scared.
No offense, Bob.
Says the man who's
basically only afraid of one thing:
moving on in his life.
I have so moved on.
Then why won't you let me move on?
Sign the papers.
Well, I feel like there are
some issues that are in play here
that I could really use your input on.
Why, don't you Why don't you,
uh, give us a second, honey?
Yeah. Yeah.
I-I did want to look
into the turtle tour,
you know, to make sure
the boat is fully bonded.
I'm gonna go now.
Why are you doing this?
You so don't wanna be married to me.
- We're divorced.
- What's the catch?
The ranch.
Ah. Hi.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. Uh, this,
um, turtle spotting tour,
I'm assuming that the boat and
the operator carry full coverage?
- Coverage?
- Mm-hmm. Insurance?
- I believe so, sir.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
And, um, when was the last time
there was a safety inspection?
- I'll go check.
- Okay, thanks.
Don't talk.
I have a gun in your back. Come with us.
Is this a kidnapping?
- Shut up!
- Oh, okay, okay.
Okay. I'm cooperating fully.
And you should know
that my company carries
excellent K, R, and E coverage.
What's he talking about?
That's, uh, kidnap, ransom,
and extortion insurance,
- so there is no need for violence.
- Shut up!
We have to sell it.
I know you don't have the
money to buy my share from me.
All right, but my grandpa
grew up on that ranch.
Ugh! You're being sentimental.
You live halfway around the world.
You just don't wanna grow up.
- Like Bob?
- Like Bob.
Bob is one of the most
empathetic people I've ever met.
He cares about people.
I don't care about people?
Oh, you only care that
people see you as a hero.
Bob, Bob just cares.
Thank you for this.
Ah. My pulse is racing again.
That hasn't happened in a while.
See what you did?
Yeah, the heart attack is mutual.
Sit down and let's just finish this.
Hey, where you going?
Alex, what is happening?
Bob's been kidnapped.
Do something! Go after them!
I know. Where's the
car? Where's your car?
- That's your car?
- Yes!
Give me the keys!
No, the insurance only covers me.
Bob sure rubbed off on you, hasn't he?
Oh, my God! What's wrong with you?!
Is that Alex and some woman?
Go. Go.
What is he doing?
I don't know. Maybe
Maybe he's on a date.
It's like they're tailing someone.
No, no, no. Don't get too close to 'em.
They're gonna know you're following 'em.
Don't lose 'em!
Stop backseat driving.
I took that stupid performance
driving class just like you did.
Great honeymoon.
All right, but you don't
know how to tail somebody!
That's because I'm a normal person!
All right, all right, all right.
They're turning. They're turning.
Stop narrating.
Bob is in there, and
they could kill him.
All right, they're not gonna kill Bob.
All right, this is a business here.
I've dealt with these people before.
Where the hell did they go?
You gotta be kidding me!
Alex, what the hell is going on?
We have a huge problem.
- No, we have a huge problem.
- They have Bob.
Who's Bob?
So Jace Vargas broke out of prison.
The Waterboarder?
We were coming to tell you.
Yeah? You can't make a call?
You guys don't have a phone?
We did. Several times.
It's too hot for Vargas and
his crew to operate in Mactan.
He knew they'd be recognized.
The entire Mactan Department
worked on his bust.
He probably hired outsiders.
They must have thought Bob was you.
That's ridiculous. Nobody's
gonna confuse me with Bob
Did you make a reservation under Walker?
It's still my name, thanks to you.
Who is this Waterboarder?
Again, he's somebody that I
helped lock up, and he hates me.
And if he thinks Bob is me
He's gonna kill Bob?
We already contacted
the American Embassy.
He doesn't need a passport.
He needs to be rescued.
Okay, look, he's not gonna harm Bob.
His beef is with me.
I don't care.
I just want Bob back.
Nothing will happen to
him as long as we keep them
from getting off the island
to wherever Vargas is hiding.
We just, uh, put checkpoints
on the bridges and ports.
Yeah. Do we even know
who these guys are?
Thanks to Alex's insistence,
the hotel installed audio
to their exterior security cameras.
We can lay low at Chito's.
Who the hell's Chito?
No idea. I'll pour over
anyone connected to Vargas.
But in the meantime, the
safest place for the both of you
is at the Paradise.
And Alex, please don't try anything.
We're gonna be at the hotel. Just
let us know if you learn anything.
Please, just stay there, okay?
Security detail will be there just
in case they come back to get you.
We can't just sit at the hotel.
They said to let them handle it.
And you trust them?
These guys are like family.
You see, this is your problem.
Your work family tells you
to do something and you do it,
but then when your actual family
Well, you're not You're not
actually family anymore, are you?
Still married.
And the guy I married
wouldn't give up like that.
What makes you think I'm giving up?
We're not going back to the hotel?
Do you have any idea where we're going?
All the bridges and ports
are gonna be monitored.
They're gonna have to find
another way off this island.
They can't take a large watercraft
because it's just too visible,
so they're gonna be looking for
small marinas, fishing villages.
You see, Claire, it's like playing
a three-dimensional game of chess.
You gotta think like a criminal.
You gotta look for some kind of
disturbance in the everyday fabric.
Yeah, or we can just go to Tampalasan's.
Yeah. Wait, what?
They said they were
gonna lay low at Chito's.
Oh, while you were busy mansplaining,
I was actually being observant.
I wasn't mansplaining,
I was cops-plaining,
and there is a big difference, okay?
And then you
you got
to me ♪
Beautiful dreamer ♪
Awake unto me ♪
Where's the beer?
Right here, boss.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Ah.
- Mmm.
I'm not trying to cause trouble,
but, uh, are you aware of the fact
that members of organized
crime are 40 times more likely
to die violently than
the average citizen?
How do you know that?
Oh, uh, it's my job.
Yeah, I calculate risk for a living.
And this is my job.
Stop talking!
Mikey, you're up!
Wait, wait, Mikey!
Where do you think you're going, huh?
Uh, Chito said that if I did well,
I could have a spot on Saturday night.
Wait, we have a job to
do, and it's not singing!
"In every life, there is a moment."
Maybe this one is mine.
Not a word.
All right, give me your
phone. Give me your phone.
- Give me the phone, Claire.
- All right, here. My God.
Kai, it's me.
We found the car. It's at
a place called Talapasan's
- Tampalasan's.
- Temple Asan's.
They're at Tampalasan's.
You couldn't do what you were told?
Told by whom?
We're on our way. Wait for us.
That place is dangerous.
Really? 'Cause I'm hearing singing.
Listen to me.
That is a hangout to some of the
island's most dangerous criminals.
Do not go in.
All right. I promise I won't go in.
All right, I'm going in.
Listen, you stay here and you wait.
Backup is on the way.
You literally just told
them you weren't going in.
I said you weren't
going in, so don't go in.
love's sweet lullaby ♪
And I must do much more
than try and just try ♪
Okay, I'm gonna do it ♪
- One, two ♪
- That's him.
This is me not loving you ♪
No more storms to weather ♪
- Saying, what else could I do ♪
- Mikey.
I'm going in.
to be your forever ♪
This is the me ♪
Now, if only that were true ♪
He's not in here.
No, no, no.
You can't be in here.
You can't be in here.
Claire, you gotta go back.
They've got Bob in that
storage room over them.
Yeah, right.
You were very good out there.
You have an excellent voice.
What do you know about singing?
My father was a choir director,
so I know about singing.
You could be a professional.
Everyone in the Philippines can sing.
If you don't have the money for
a band, arrangements, costumes,
you're nobody.
So you kidnap to be a somebody?
You would not understand.
I understand that
everybody wants to matter.
You probably matter to lots of people.
You're sure important to Mr. Vargas.
I wish I was as important
to him as you are.
I get it.
We all wanna be the most
important person in
in somebody's life.
You gotta go back to the car, okay?
- I'm not going back to the car!
- Listen, wait for the cops.
I will take care of this.
- Alex Walker!
- What?
- Is that you?
- Huh?
Yeah. Yeah, it is you.
You're the one who helped the
police put my cousin Tito in jail.
No, you got the wrong guy.
No, it's you. It's you. I don't
forget a face, especially a kano.
Well, we all look alike, don't we?
Hey, Chito, what do we
do with rats at this bar?
Oh, God.
They're getting away!
You know what, guys? I'm
gonna I tell you what.
I'm gonna grab my friend. We'll
just go right out the way we came.
We're gonna leave. No
problems, no problems at all.
You're not going anywhere.
Break it up! Break it up now!
We gotta go now!
We're gonna get him back, Claire.
I promise.
I've been waiting for
this a long time, Alex Walker.
Who's this?
Alex Walker, boss.
I found him at the hotel
where you said he'd be.
This isn't Alex Walker, you idiot!
Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt,
but am I not randomly being kidnapped?
Am I missing something here?
Oh! Boss! Boss!
It wasn't my fault, boss!
It wasn't my fault, boss!
What about him? In the tank, or
you want him waterboarded first?
I don't get a lot of pleasure
from drowning young men,
but I get enough.
Wait! This was all Amado's fault!
I I tried to tell him this is
not Alex Walker, but he insisted.
You think I'm stupid?!
- No!
- No, it's true! It's true.
I heard all of it.
Mikey kept saying I wasn't
Alex. It was all Amado.
Yes! See?
You knew you were the
wrong guy the whole time
and you didn't say anything?
He thought I was lying to save
myself. He swore he'd kill me, too!
Bring 'em. I'm gonna kill 'em both.
No! No, Mr. Vargas! Wait!
We can use this guy to get Walker.
I have an idea.
You were told to stay in the car!
In my defense, we all
knew that I wouldn't.
That is a horrible defense!
Patrols have searched
Cebu and Mactan shorelines.
There's no sign of him.
- It's Bob.
- Put it on speaker.
Hey, honey. Uh, it's me.
Bob, Bob, are you okay? Where are you?
Put Walker on.
I'm already on the phone, Vargas.
Just you.
No, that's a nonnegotiable.
Because I don't want
her involved, that's why.
Vargas, you touch one
more hair on Bob's head
and I promise you, you will pay.
I'm gonna trade myself for Bob.
No. You can't.
We've done this kind of
thing before with Alex.
He knows what he's doing.
- No, I-I cannot just stay here and wait
- You gotta drive me.
- What?
- What?
Vargas wants Claire to drop
me at an exchange point.
Once they have me, they release Bob.
No cops or they kill him.
You're going to your own
execution and you want a ride?
That's what Vargas wants. That's
not what we're going to do.
How much time do we have?
Two hours.
I'm on it.
We're gonna find him.
Are you sure you're
gonna be able to do this?
It'll work.
Bob's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna be okay.
We're heading on the
Cansaga Bay Bridge now.
Team one in place.
Team two in position.
When you've got Bob, I want you to
get out of here as fast as you can.
Head back to the police
station and wait there.
Did you just child-lock me?
Why are you doing this?
You don't even know Bob.
Well, I'm not doing it for Bob.
Agent Walker!
Good to finally see you again.
It's ex-Agent Walker.
Why is everybody
forgetting the exes today?
Just slowly walk towards the van.
Let Bob go.
You first!
All right, same time.
Same time, man.
When you get to the car, make
Claire get out of here fast.
"Make Claire"? Have
you actually met her?
Bob? Bob!
- We gotta go.
- Yes.
I was waiting for this for a long time.
We can't just leave him.
He knows what he's doing.
We gotta go. Please.
Yeah. Yeah.
There's a radio under the seat.
Grab it.
The package has been delivered. Go!
Let's roll!
Let's move! Let's move!
What's going on? Do you have Alex?
I think we're out of range.
- No, we should go back.
- There's nothing we can do.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Okay! Oh, my God! Oh, man!
Get your hands off of her!
- Bob!
- Claire!
Claire! Claire!
Keep your hands in the air
and step out of the vehicle.
Where are they?
Hey! Bring him over here. The driver.
Hey, where are they?
Where's Vargas?
And where did they take Alex Walker?
Hey, hey. Kai, Kai.
Keep cool. Keep cool.
That's not gonna help.
Get him out of here!
Okay, they can't be far.
Let's split up and search
every possible route from here.
You see anything, radio the rest of us.
Ernesto, riding with me.
Let's hear it.
- Hear what?
- How you think
you're gonna talk your way out of this.
That's why you took the switch, right?
You think that you're
gonna somehow spin a story,
manipulate me into not killing you.
Isn't that right?
I don't think so.
If you were gonna just kill me,
you would've done it on the bridge.
I think you have something planned.
Maybe try waterboarding me again?
I got something better in mind for you.
There's a hundred places
these guys could be hiding.
But Vargas wouldn't just go anywhere.
Get inside his head. You're good
at that. Think like him, Kai.
Like a psychotic, egomaniacal murderer?
Who likes to drown and
waterboard his victims.
- Water World.
- Water World.
Hang on!
Every night in prison, men screaming,
rotten stench,
the heat, the rats
Well, I'd sleep like a baby,
dreaming about what I was
gonna do to you when I got out.
Glad I could help.
Ah, our esteemed guests have arrived.
- Alex!
- Claire!
No, Alex. No talking for you.
No conning. No stories. No lies.
Why are you doing this to us?
I want Alex to watch you die.
I want him to drown in his own sorrow
and guilt.
I'm gonna go for a
walk. Stay here, okay?
All units, heads up. We've found Vargas.
I repeat, we've found Vargas.
The 20 is Water World Park.
That's Water World Park.
Get here now.
Do we wait for them to get here?
Come on.
All this time I've been
fantasizing about this day,
and never in my wildest dreams
did I think I could have the chance
to make you watch your own wife die.
Oh, it's delicious.
Leave her alone! You
can take my life instead!
I plan on it.
I think someone's outside. I can't
Say again.
False alarm.
Everything clear. All good.
Come with me.
Bring Walker. Mikey, watch them.
The rest of you, spread out
and see what you can find.
Mikey. Mikey, listen to me, please.
Let us go. There's no
one forcing you anymore.
Free us and we can all leave together,
and we will vouch for
you with the authorities.
Shut up!
You know ultimately
that Vargas will turn on you.
Look what he did to Amado.
You don't know Mr. Vargas.
But I know you, Mikey. You
have a talent and a dream.
You said, "In every
life, there's a moment."
Well, this is yours.
To do the right thing.
For yourself and others.
Tell the rest of the
men to meet us back inside.
Let's grab the others as
hostages and get out of here.
Where the hell's the couple?
Mikey? Mikey!
You can quit now, Vargas.
You lost your advantage.
I still have you.
Vargas, you ever heard of
the Dunning Kruger Effect?
It's when really stupid
people think they're smart.
Shut up, Walker.
You have a choice here, Vargas.
You can know you're an idiot
and do the smart thing. Hmm?
Or you can continue
to make bad decisions.
I'm smart enough to know you're
wearing a bulletproof vest.
And I'm smart enough to know
it doesn't cover your head.
Drop your weapon!
That only holds seven
rounds, doesn't it?
You forget I can reload the clip.
Yeah, and you forgot to
watch where you were driving.
Don't try it.
Are you okay, Mr. Rafferty? Mrs. Walker?
Yeah, we'll be all right.
Ah, this is the man I was told about.
We wouldn't be alive
if it weren't for him.
You'll have to answer for
your role in this, hmm?
But we'll see how we can
get you a reduced sentence
or preferential treatment.
Meanwhile, I suggest you make good
use of your time in there, okay?
Zappin' it to ya ♪
The pressure's everywhere ♪
Goin' right through ya ♪
- Make it stop. Make it stop.
- The fever's in the air ♪
- Make it stop!
- Oh, yeah, it's there ♪
Don't underestimate the power ♪
Of a lifetime ahead ♪
Electric youth ♪
The power you see ♪
The energy comin' up ♪
Comin' on strong ♪
You gotta admit, it's not that bad.
- Yeah.
- Good moves.
- Good moves.
- Yeah.
Okay. Okay.
A toast.
To putting Vargas behind bars
- Yeah.
- for good this time.
- Mm-hmm. Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
I actually have another toast.
To Bob,
who is 83% more heroic
than he ever thought he was.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
Ah, thanks.
- Glad you're all safe.
- Mm-hmm.
Of course.
- Yeah, I just wanna
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
What's this?
I signed the trust
deed back over to you.
You keep the ranch.
Sometimes, you gotta do
what's best for yourself
and others.
Bob and I will be fine.
And I know it's a
really, really big ask
but take care of yourself, Alex.
You, too.
Hey. What's that?
It's just a decision.
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