Almost Paradise (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Ghost Month

[ERNESTO] Alex, good morning.
Hey, what are you guys doing here?
Uh, we wanted to buy you breakfast.
Too late.
We'll get the coffee, then.
I've been here for two years, guys,
you've never bought me breakfast.
What do you want?
Ocampo got a tip from
a contact at Interpol,
and they've had a spike in
alerts from the Philippines.
- Mm.
- And the word "Mactan" popped up more than once.
And that's it.
Well, we thought maybe you could
get in touch with your pal Lockhart
and get the skinny.
Chief Ocampo just wants
in on whatever's going on.
Right, and for that I get breakfast?
That doesn't rate dinner, rate drinks?
It's just a phone call.
Yeah, well, I don't exist
to advance Ocampo's career.
It's not all about his
career, okay? [SIGHS]
Look, if something's going
down, we need to know about it.
To protect our people.
Okay, well, the problem is, is
that if I ask them for a favor,
then I owe them a favor.
I don't want that.
That's the way I
learned you can't help
Hang on.
I know I locked this door when I left.
- Hey, guys.
- God dang!
What are you doing, man?!
You scared the hell out of her.
I'm sorry.
Don't bring that in here. What,
are you making a sacrifice?
It's not a sacrifice.
I'm trying to manifest a Ferrari.
Shouldn't you manifest
a driver's license first?
It's not for me.
It's for my dad.
It's for you dad?
It's Ghost Month, and my friend Lim says
that during Ghost Month,
you can offer the spirits
what they wanted the
most during their lives.
My dad, he used to look at pictures
of Ferraris in car magazines.
I know he's a restless, hungry ghost.
Can I come back after school
to restock on merchandise?
I have to buy more construction
paper. I wanna make him an SUV.
Go get the construction paper.
I'll restock the shelves.
Thank you. [GIGGLES]
- Hungry ghost?
It's a Chinese Buddhist tradition.
People who suffer violent
or mysterious deaths
are believed to manifest
themselves as restless spirits.
Plus, there are special rules,
which, if you don't follow
then these hungry ghosts can make
things quite unsettling for you.
Are you serious?
You're not in Kansas anymore.
Well, I'm from Texas, and it's stupid.
Have I ever told you the
story about my sensei?
- Here we go.
My sensei's name was Michael Batacan.
He was my martial arts
instructor at the Academy.
Batacan never liked me. He
worked me harder than anyone else.
Constantly berated me.
"Alamares! Matuon! Focus!"
We never spoke again after the Academy.
But one night, years later,
I was in the thick of it,
fighting off three members
of the Balanbam gang.
What I didn't know was
there was a fourth man
with a knife behind me.
Then, from out of nowhere, I hear
that unmistakable Batacan bark.
"Alamares! Matuon!"
It made me turn, and I
avoided death that night.
When I looked around for
Batacan, no one was there.
Later, I found out that he had died
in a car accident an hour earlier.
And let me guess, this
was during Ghost Month.
It's not superstition, Alex. It's
a belief that death isn't final.
Spirits can transcend, make
themselves felt by the living,
especially when they
have unfinished business.
No disrespect, Ernesto, but
I'm from Texas, all right?
We only believe in the three G's:
God, guns, and gas production.
"Ghosts" starts with a G,
and they have their ways
of making you believe.
[STAMMERS] Did you do that?
That's, like, seven bucks, man!
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
[KAI] Alex, this market is a great place
to find Ghost Month merchandise
to sell at your gift shop.
Let me get this straight.
People buy this stuff,
then they burn it,
and then they gotta buy it again?
You're absolutely right. I'm selling
the wrong stuff in my gift shop.
Well, those are nice.
It's very, uh, resort-y.
Kai, I appreciate you
showing me all this,
but I have a feeling this is
not why we're here, so what is?
- Alex, we're friends, right?
- Mm-hmm.
And friends do things for one another.
Like make phone calls to
Washington to get information
- that a friend really needs.
- And there it is.
Look, this is our island.
If they know something we
don't, we need to be clued in.
It's only right.
What makes you think Lockhart's
gonna give me any answers?
[SCOFFS] He idolizes you.
You're like a hero to him.
I hear he even cites you as an
example to young desk jockeys.
Yeah, 'cause I'm the poster boy
for field agent mental health.
What is this again?
[KAI] It's a remembrance
wall for the dead.
Ernesto said there's rules
to this Ghost Month thing.
What are they?
Is it like "step on a crack,
break your mother's back"?
No, that's matricide.
Let me see if I can
remember all of them. Um
Don't hang your clothes
outside through the night.
Don't stand too close to a
wall or sleep facing a mirror.
Don't take the last ride of the
day. Don't take pictures at night.
And, oh, don't whistle in the dark.
Ernesto believes in all these?
Well, you know him. He's, uh,
very in touch with his spiritual side.
Wonder if I'm always gonna
be a fish out of water.
Well, that's really up to you, Alex.
If you don't wanna be an outsider,
you really have to let this
place become a part of you.
And you could start by
helping us by calling
- Ooh.
What was that for?
Taking a picture at night.
Ghost Month.
I'm a rule breaker.
You gonna start
whistling in the dark now?
Let me give you a lift home before
you start attracting hungry ghosts.
Is that the last ride to the hotel?
- Might be.
- I'm gonna catch it.
Alex, you don't have to prove anything.
Hey, Ghost Month, baby,
huh? I'll see you soon.
Unless the ghosts get me!
My brother.
The usual?
Yeah. Double, please.
Straight up.
Rough night, huh?
Uh, just
Cleo? Brother? Psst.
Anything wrong?
[ALEX] Don't look now.
Hey, don't look now.
The guy in the red jacket,
is he staring at me?
There's nobody there.
Who are you?! What do you want?!
As you can see, it's a
two-week NBI training course.
I would travel to Manila next month.
Which is traditionally a
slow period in Mactan, Chief.
I like your ambition.
The National Bureau of
Investigation is very selective.
Congratulations on being invited.
There's a small cost involved, Chief.
Transportation and lodging, mainly.
Yeah, and we're gonna have to
pay your salary while you're gone.
It's not a vacation, sir.
I'd be learning things I could
share with the whole department.
[OCAMPO] Of course.
Have you made any progress with
Walker on the Interpol alerts?
For now, Alex doesn't think he
could be of any help to us, Chief.
Has he made the call I requested?
Not yet, sir.
The first thing that my father
taught me when I was a child
was that everyone has
something they want.
For instance, I love Choco-Stix.
If I did my chores, I would be rewarded.
Now, I know there are
things that you want.
This training program, for example.
And you know that there
are things that I want.
It's quite simple.
You get what you want
when I get what I want.
You know what I'd like to do with
the Choco-Stix right about now?
[CHUCKLES] Don't get too upset, partner.
The Chief knows that you doing the
program will benefit
the whole department.
We'll get you there.
The only thing he's interested in
is a headline in the newspapers.
[ALEX] Yeah, that's good.
You got the hair down.
But the lips are
I think the lips are
thinner, but the eyes
What's going on, Alex?
Last night after I left you,
somebody started following me.
I first saw him on the jeepney,
and then I saw him back
at the bar at the hotel.
And then I think he broke into my room.
He broke into your shop?
[ERNESTO] What do you mean?
Well, I turned, he scared
me, and I confronted him.
- So you had a fight?
- [ALEX] Maybe.
I mean, something happened,
and then I woke up.
It was a dream?
I wasn't asleep on the jeepney
and I was awake at the bar.
You okay, Alex? You look a little shaky.
- What?
- What about this, Mr. Walker?
Oh, that's good. That's
real good. That's him.
That's the guy. This is the guy.
What? You guys know this guy?
You're certain that was the man you saw?
Ernesto, I've been trained to
observe things. This is the guy.
Believe it or not, we happen
to know exactly who that is.
[ALEX] Who's this guy?
You're not gonna tell me who the guy is?
[GRUNTS] We'll tell you,
but you have to make that
phone call to Lockhart.
[ALEX] Yeah, yeah.
Bingo. That's the guy.
His name was Ivan Ramos.
- What's his name now?
- Alex, he's dead.
Ivan Ramos was killed in an
explosion at his factory a year ago.
There was an investigation.
No foul play was discovered.
His death was ruled a tragic accident.
This guy's not dead.
Guys, I just saw him.
Maybe he has a twin.
No, not even a brother.
Ghost Month.
No, there's an explanation for this.
Well, maybe you shouldn't
have taken that last ride.
Oh, no, don't. Not you, too.
There were hundreds of pictures
on that wall of remembrance.
You know, you could've
subconsciously fixated on that one.
And you're always kidding around about
breaking the rules
and attracting ghosts.
Maybe the power of
suggestion, and a drink or two,
made you see things.
- Or it's Ghost Month.
- Stop.
All right? I don't
hallucinate when I drink.
Most of the time.
And I had seen this guy before an
ounce of alcohol touched my lips.
Either way, we've kept
up our end of the bargain.
"Join the State
Department," my father said.
- "See the world," my father
- [ASSISTANT] I'm sorry, sir.
There is a call for you on
line one. He says it's urgent.
- Who is it?
- [ASSISTANT] He wouldn't say.
- Lockhart. Who's this?
It's Alex Walker.
We spent a month together one
week in a Filipino typhoon.
[LOCKHART] Walker. Your
voice is actually triggering.
I'm getting flashbacks of wind,
rain, automatic weapons fire.
Yeah, well, I'm glad you have such
a strong memory of our time together.
What can I do for you, ex-Agent Walker?
Interpol alerts
concerning the Philippines.
What do you got for me?
[LOCKHART] There's a book of rules
and regulations about an inch thick
regarding inter-governmental
and the sharing of information.
Talk to me off the record, then.
Every email, text, and phone call I make
is recorded by the
United States Government.
There's no such thing as
"off the record" anymore.
Yeah, but you're a maverick, right?
I mean, you don't play by the rules.
Enjoy the sunshine in Mactan,
but you know how it is, Walker.
There's always a storm brewing.
I've been there during typhoon season.
Weather changes in a weekend.
Yeah, well, see, you're not as
useless as you look, Lockhart.
You could've been a
great balding weatherman.
At least I'm not scamming
tourists with knockoffs.
I get my merchandise from
Singapore just like everybody else.
[LOCKHART] Or China.
And sell to the Europeans on
vacations at an obscene profit.
Oh, you're just mad
'cause I'm a free man
and you're still part of the machine.
You hear that? That crackle?
That's your brain calcifying.
Trust me, Walker, you're
gonna come crawling back to us.
You sure about that?
As sure as the sun sets in the East.
Thanks for trying, Walker,
but I guess you don't
have the juice anymore.
- You happy?
That was humiliating.
I'm sorry you had to do that.
What are you talking
about? You should be happy.
He just gave us a ton of information.
- He did?
- [ALEX] Yeah, he did.
Hey, the sun doesn't
set in the East, man.
He's giving us
confirmation. It's Friday.
This weekend, something's
going down in Mactan
between a European buyer
and contraband from China.
[KAI] That's why he was saying all that
stuff about how the weather changes
during the typhoon season.
[ERNESTO] And the knockoffs from China.
Fentanyl as heroin?
Yeah, he said everything we needed
to know without saying it out loud.
What about the crackle
and your brain calcifying?
That was an insult.
Man, this Lockhart's good.
So I guess we're all square.
No, we're not all square. I still
got an open case here, all right?
And I'm not convinced that there's
a dead man following me around.
You owe me one. So I'm
gonna take this file just for today.
You know what I mean? Just
peruse it over, you know?
[CECILIA] Did you know Ivan?
Oh, something like that.
But I don't know you.
I'm his mother, Cecilia.
Are you a Sun Devil?
Am I a Sun Devil?
Arizona State Sun Devils,
where he went to school
where we went to school.
That's how I know him.
Yeah, I'm American. Alex Walker.
I know, I could tell.
- Huh.
- That's why I asked.
Miss Ramos, can I ask you
Please don't be offended by this,
but are you sure that Ivan
is dead?
Of course, he's dead.
I know, it's just, you know,
I mean, you know how things go.
It's like the last time I
saw him, back in the States,
he seemed so
I do still speak with him, you know.
You do?
He's a hungry ghost.
He built that business
with his bare hands.
How could he make such a tragic mistake?
No, I don't believe that that
explosion was an accident.
You think there was foul play?
I don't want to make accusations,
but who benefited the most
after Ivan died?
His new partner, Joshua.
He came into the business
when Ivan needed a loan
to grow the factory.
And not even a full
year after Ivan died,
he seduced Nina.
Nina is?
Ivan's widow. He married her.
She doesn't understand that he's evil.
And he runs the whole company now.
Someday, the truth will come out.
And finally, Ivan can rest.
Can I tell you a secret?
Of course.
I'm going to speak with Ivan tonight.
Will you come with me?
Yes, ma'am.
[CECILIA] The path through the
Afterworld is dark and dangerous.
That's why we need a trusted guide.
Her name is Shaman Evangeline.
She's in extremely high demand,
especially during Ghost Month.
She will perform the Pag-anito.
The what?
It's like a Filipino seance.
How did you hear about her?
The internet. Five-star ratings.
Nina is meeting us here.
I thought that with Ivan's wife,
a devoted friend, and me present,
it should give Evangeline the best
chance to summon Ivan's spirit.
[GIRL] The shaman will
be with you shortly.
I'm so sorry. Sorry I'm late.
I know how important this is to you.
Nina, I'd like you to meet Alex Walker.
He was a good friend of
Ivan's from Arizona State.
- [ALEX] Yeah.
- Alex?
Pleasure's mine.
I don't remember Ivan
mentioning your name.
Yeah, well, we kind of lost track
when he moved back to the Philippines.
I'm really sorry to
hear about his passing.
Ivan told me he didn't have
many friends in America.
So you must have shared
his great passion.
Yes, I did.
You sang together?
Yeah, it was more of a
Waylon-and-Willie thing,
if you know what I mean.
Ivan's passion was opera.
Yeah, yeah, it was.
Mine, too.
The problem is, is that you
can get your ass handed to you
in Tempe, Arizona, for stuff like that.
So we had to keep the
opera on the down low.
The shaman is ready for you.
We call upon the anito
and the spirits of the dead to join us.
Feast on our offerings
and guide us in our journey.
Ivan Ramos.
Your family and friends
wish to greet you warmly
and to communicate
their love and sadness
upon your passing.
Join hands with me.
We reach across the great divide
that separates the living and the dead.
Ivan, use my body and my voice.
Announce your presence
and let us embrace your spirit.
He's with us.
It's been so long.
Ivan, is that you?
My love, can you see me?
My beautiful Nina.
I miss seeing your beautiful face.
My son, have you been
able to find any peace?
troubled. I roam the unknown.
Alone and confused.
Is there something you want to tell me?
I know you must. I feel
your presence constantly.
want to tell you something.
I love you, Mother.
But I want to know
more about your death.
We know the police were wrong.
Ivan, why are you still a
hungry ghost? What happened?
How did you die?
things to tell for one session.
for you to purchase
a series of sessions?
All right, all right,
all right. That's it.
Game over, Madame Bullshitska.
- [CECILIA] Alex
- No, it's a con. It's a con.
How dare you! I've got a
five-star rating on Yelp!
I bet you do.
I'm gonna show you something.
You get a little column of
water mist right about here
and then
project an image
of the deceased on it.
How do you get cold air
in the Philippines? [GASPS]
How's that?
Now, the voice and everything else
controlled by foot pedals.
- [ALEX] Cecilia.
- Cecilia! Cecilia!
- [ALEX] Cecilia.
- Mother! Mother! Mother!
You're preying on a distraught mother.
A widow.
You're a fraud.
I have to make a living, that's true,
but I am no fraud.
I have a gift.
And I'm not a liar.
You are.
You don't know Ivan.
You saw him.
That's why you're here.
I feel he wants to tell you something
beyond the grave.
He didn't say anything to me.
Ivan revealed himself to me.
Just like he did with you.
Prove it.
When I saw him, he was
wearing a red jacket.
And he only said two words:
"The Skull!"
Hey, where's Cecilia?
She felt too angry
and humiliated to stay.
Also, she felt like a fool to think
that this was the way
to connect with her son.
Are you okay?
Hey, listen to me.
It's over, all right? That was fake.
[SNIFFLES] I know. I know.
But recently, I've been
seeing Ivan in my dreams.
I feel like he's angry with me.
That's why I came here even
though I know Cecilia hates me.
Why would you say that?
Because I married Ivan's
business partner, Joshua.
Cecilia thought he was evil,
and that he had something
to do with Ivan's death.
And recently, Joshua, my husband
he's been acting differently.
Abrupt, secretive
And you're starting to think
that Cecilia is right about him.
I don't blame you if
you think I'm crazy,
but I think Ivan is trying
to warm me from the Beyond.
Okay. I don't think you're crazy.
What are we doing here?
This is a closed case.
'Cause you owe me one
and I don't have a car,
and I think something was overlooked.
I think Ivan's partner, Joshua,
wanted the factory for himself.
Because a fake shaman said
a dead man spoke to her?
You can't dismiss a
warning from the Beyond.
Not during Ghost Month.
What does "the skull" mean anyway?
Maybe it's literal.
Like there's some forensic
evidence involving a head wound
that the coroner overlooked.
We gotta exhume Ivan's body.
Are you out of your damn mind?
Look, his mom said that he
was suspicious, all right?
And the wife says he's acting hinky.
She's scared. She could be in danger.
[KAI] Yeah, okay, can you
please get an affidavit
from the ghost so we
could show it to the judge?
Okay, look, that's him.
It's Joshua Bautista,
Nina's current husband.
Let's follow him.
Well, I think both of our cases
just had a head-on collision.
- What are you talking about?
- The g
- The guy shaking hands with Joshua?
- [ERNESTO] Yeah?
[ALEX] Sobek Kruskal.
He's one of the most notorious drug
traffickers out of Eastern Europe,
known to the DEA, known to Interpol
as The Skull.
Please, what do you want from me?!
Hungry ghost. Hungry ghost.
Joshua Bautista?! [GASPS]
Nina? It's Alex Walker.
That's what I'm calling about.
Can you meet me somewhere?
These two men in the photographs
we have had under
surveillance since Friday.
Joshua Bautista, a Filipino citizen,
proprietor of RB
Import-Export in Mactan,
and Sobek Kruskal, AKA The Skull,
a Hungarian national.
We have reasons to believe that
a fentanyl smuggling operation
is imminent.
Our goal is to catch them
en route with the shipment.
Now, if there aren't any more
questions, go get prepped.
Thank you.
I'm so glad you called.
He just got worse last
night. Now I'm really scared.
All right, listen to me, I'm here now.
And I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
Is that the reason why
you wanted to see me?
It's a little embarrassing,
but I had a dream.
About me?
No. Ivan.
And Joshua, too.
You know what?
When Ivan died, I was weak.
It felt like I'd lost everything.
And Joshua, he made me feel safe again.
Yeah. You were vulnerable.
You had gone through a
traumatic experience, all right?
That's not That's not your fault.
No, I should have listened when
Cecilia warned me about Joshua,
that he only wanted the factory.
And if I'm out of the way, it's all his.
Listen, some things are
getting ready to happen.
Very dangerous things I don't
think you should be around.
What do you mean?
It's better if you don't know.
Do you have friends or family
that are not on the island,
somewhere you can just
go stay for a few days?
I do.
But why are you doing this, Mr. Walker?
Just because of a dream?
And maybe
I'm starting to care about you.
Kruskal is there, preparing the trucks.
The unit is ready to
roll out on my command.
Hang on. Why are you waiting
for the trucks to hit the road?
Why not just storm the loading dock?
Because we don't know
what kind of defenses
they have inside the factory.
They're more vulnerable on the highway.
- [ERNESTO] They're on the move.
- We're a go!
- Let's go.
Nina, what's up? What's going on?
Alex, I'm scared.
Well, where are you?
I'm at the factory.
I told you to stay
away from the factory.
Yeah, but he made me come
here after I confronted him.
He's really angry. He has a gun.
All right, look, just
stay away from him, okay?
Get somewhere and hide.
I'm on my way to you.
- Alex, we gotta go.
- Just stick with the plan!
- Alex!
Hey, hey, hey.
She told me you'd come.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
[GASPS] Are you okay?
I'm fine.
He raised his gun. I had to shoot.
- He's dead.
[ALEX] Don't touch him. Don't.
Men are so predictable.
Cecilia was right. Ivan's
death wasn't an accident.
But it wasn't Joshua.
You arranged the explosion.
I'm guessing you romanced
some demolition expert.
Because he doesn't
want to make real money.
And I have expensive taste.
What about Joshua?
Lack of ambition.
But more of an idiot, like you.
You're right, Alex.
You're going to protect me.
That's why you killed
Joshua and he killed you.
That's what the police is gonna think.
You walked right into it when
you faked being Ivan's friend.
Oh, you're such an easy mark.
And what's next for you, Nina?
I have plans with a European investor.
And killing Ivan, killing me,
it's just the cost of business?
I'm afraid so.
But I must admit, I will
wonder what might have been.
You were so sweet when you
told me you cared for me.
I didn't say that.
- No?
- No.
I said maybe I was
starting to care about you.
- And then maybe I didn't.
I'm so happy you're alive.
- Please!
- Ivan was my friend.
My partner.
How could I let you do this to me?
- The dishonor!
You get all that?
Put him in the back. Come on.
Heard it all, loud and clear.
Man, we are making this too
easy for the Regional Prosecutor.
[KAI] I almost feel sorry for her.
I bet you this is the first time she
couldn't flirt her way out of trouble.
Well, beauty is a burden.
Trust me.
Tell me about it.
Oh, you, too?
Yeah, well, for professional reasons,
I hide that part of my life from you.
Love hurts.
Yes, it does.
You all right, man?
I should be. I'm alive.
I wanna thank you.
And I wanna punch you.
There's a lot I gotta work out.
Yeah, well, it's gonna take a minute.
When you came to me this morning
and told me what she was gonna do
You didn't believe me.
I was angry at you for making
me see her for who she is.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't beat
yourself up about it too bad.
You weren't her first victim and you
sure as hell wouldn't
have been her last.
Heck, I bet even The Skull
would have been crying in
his beer before too long.
You know, there's something
I still don't understand.
How'd you know I was innocent?
You saw me meet with Kruskal.
How'd you know I was being set up?
- [QUIETLY] Ivan told me.
- Ivan?!
[STAMMERS] Man, come on!
He talked to you?
Not exactly, all right?
I had a nightmare, right?
He was chasing me through the woods
and he buried both of us in a grave.
And I knew right there,
we were both in danger.
I knew we had the same common enemy.
[STAMMERS] That's it?
That's not it. I mean,
there was more to
Listen, man, it was
a hell of a nightmare!
So I I owe my life to a dream?
I guess sometimes you
gotta listen to your dreams.
Last night, under my
leadership, the Mactan P.D.
shut down a sophisticated international
drug trafficking operation,
seized over two million
dollars' worth of contraband,
and arrested its principals.
This should demonstrate that
well-funded international
agencies like Interpol
are not the only ones who
can use modern, rational,
and scientific
crime-fighting techniques.
- And t
[OCAMPO] I'll take your questions later.
For now, I'd like to bring
your attention to two people
who were most influential
in this success.
- Detective Kai Mendoza
- and Detective Ernesto Alamares.
Congratulations are in
order for our colleagues.
And Detective Kai
Mendoza has been chosen
to take part in a
prestigious training program
at the National Bureau of
Investigation in Manila.
We are very proud of her.
What are you doing?
You burning cars again?
I didn't wanna smoke up the shop again.
Well, I got something for you.
There you go.
- An SUV!
- That's right.
Thank you.
You think he'll like it?
Oh, I know he's gonna like it.
See, where he's driving, they
don't give speeding tickets.
Who's the joss money for?
Well, that's for my dad.
He was always broke.
[ALEX] You're back?
I never left.
Yeah, well, that's not creepy at all.
I want to thank you.
Do I get to make a
wish now or something?
I could use next week's
winning lottery numbers.
It was a joke.
Are you here to tell me something?
What is it I need to know?
If you're lucky, your
life is filled with people.
And family.
And love.
But in a blink, it's over.
Most of the names are forgotten.
The days, too.
All this happens quicker
than it takes for an arm
to reach out and draw back
as if touched by flame.
I hope now you can find peace.
You won't see me again, Alex.
You held my hand at the edge of a cliff,
but it's time for me to let go
and see what's on the other side.
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