Almost Paradise (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

All In

This was to be your
father's penthouse apartment.
Every detail built according
to his exact specifications.
It's a tragedy he died
before this was finished.
The security technology built into
this apartment is second to none.
And so, now that you've
inherited my brother's position
as CEO of our families' businesses,
we think it's best for
you to make this your home.
Especially considering
the break-in and shoot-out
that happened in your
house a few months ago.
It's just all so
It's an enormous
responsibility, Uncle Johnny.
I've been Head of
Operations for over 20 years.
I knew your father well.
He really believed in you, Ann.
We all do.
You have the backing
of the entire family.
I'll do my best to live up to
the confidence entrusted in me.
Come, let me show you
the command center.
This is the heart of
the Villegas empire.
It was designed with a military-grade
encrypted video-conferencing system.
You can speak to any of our
teams in any part of the world
in complete privacy and secrecy.
Additionally, you can access
the entire casino system
from inside this room.
All the motion sensors are in place.
It seems my father went to great
lengths to upgrade our security.
There is a lot at stake here.
Which is why the Board of Directors
brought in a world-renowned
security specialist.
Ann, let me introduce
you to Mr. Barton Coyne.
Ms. Villegas, what a
pleasure to meet you,
even if it is in cyberspace.
Mr. Coyne, I've heard of you.
You have quite the reputation.
Barton Coyne Security
has a perfect record.
Zero loss to theft in any casino
that has utilized my system.
We have a saying, "Reputation
is the residue of results."
Why do you think this is necessary?
My Uncle Johnny here has run
security for us for many years.
Let me bring your attention
to the other monitors.
On this one stretch of land in
Macau, three of the four casinos here
were robbed of millions of
dollars by the Trask Force,
who leave a fake I.O.U.
signed by "James Trask"
in place of the stolen money, though
this is believed to be an alias.
With the Villegas Casino
having recently opened
to such great fanfare,
you're now a prime target.
My worst nightmare.
Which is why the Board
of Directors has hired me.
I'll be arriving in the morning
to personally implement
our security protocols.
We won't let this happen to you.
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
Alex, your phone is ringing.
Can you answer it, please?
I'm with a customer.
- Sorry about that.
- Hello? Who is this?
How about a snow globe?
Ann? Ann who?
- Oh, he's with a customer
- Shh.
Hey, this is Hello, this is
- Alex Walker.
- I
Alex Walker.
It's Ann.
I'm sorry?
We were shot at together, remember?
Oh, yeah, right, right, right.
How are you? Hi. How are you?
We finally opened the casino.
I heard. Congrats to you.
Alex, I need to talk with you.
I was thinking we could have lunch.
- Really?
- Are you free tomorrow around 1:00?
You know, I I think.
Let me check my schedule just
real quick, but I think it's okay.
Hold on one second.
I can make it. I'm gonna have to move
some stuff around, but I can make it.
I'll meet you just inside
the casino, past the lobby.
That works for me.
Great. See you.
All right. Bye-bye.
Okay, who was that?
That's the one that got away.
I knew she'd be back.
Looks like we've got a bogey.
It's a little early in the
day for a blackjack cheat.
I don't know, mornings are slow.
Maybe he thinks we won't
be paying attention.
And now is as good a time as
any to test our removal protocol.
ICSDB has IDed a black
hat entering the casino.
Come with me, Mr. Murphy.
Uh, I'm not Mr. Murphy.
- Hey, don't cause any trouble.
- I'm not Murphy.
- Listen, I'm here to see Ann Villegas.
- Sure you are.
All right, not again! I'm
not the guy you think I am!
- Alex, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
You know, your security
team's a little aggressive.
He's been identified by the ICSDB.
The ICS the I what? The what?
Casino Security Database.
Ann, say hi to Felix Murphy.
High-end card cheat.
Felix Murphy?
His name is Walker. Alex Walker.
What's going on?
- Uh
- You know this man?
He's a friend of mine. I
have an appointment with him.
What's a friend of Ms. Villegas doing
in a database for casino undesirables?
Yeah, about that
I went undercover once as a card
cheat to bring down a drug ring.
Riverboat casino in Costa Rica,
and then, you know, my
identity got flagged.
You're American. DEA?
I'm ex-DEA.
And I've been trying to
get out of that database
for as long as I can remember.
Caused me all kinds of problems,
especially at my cousin's
bachelor party in Vegas.
I'm not gonna get into that.
Can you make sure that's taken care of?
Though it is nice to know
that it works so well.
- We'll see that it's done.
- Thank you.
My apologies, Mr. Walker. I'll
leave you to your business.
- Alex.
- Mm-hmm?
Let's go.
That was delicious. Thank you.
So, what do you think?
What do I think about the lunch or
what do I think about your apartment?
I think the lunch was amazing.
And I think the view
is spectacular.
And the casino?
Casino is very impressive.
It was my father's crowning achievement.
Unfortunately, he died
just before we opened.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Ann! They told me you were up here!
Uh, Uncle Johnny,
this isn't a good time.
I'm having lunch with a friend.
Yeah, I'm Alex. Alex Walker.
Uh, this is my uncle, Johnny Villegas.
Do you know what he's done now?
Yes, and I'm sorry, Uncle
Johnny, but he's the expert.
We have to let him do things his way.
I used to be the expert
on security in this family.
He fired me.
Barton Coyne! Big shot!
And my own flesh and
blood let him do it.
You know the Board of
Directors want him here.
What can I do?
Don't let them fire me!
You aren't fired!
You have an ambassador position.
Emeritus status.
The Board thinks it's
more fitting for your age.
So that's it?
I'm a glorified floor greeter now?
I'm so sorry about that.
We've always been a family operation,
but Uncle Johnny's old school.
He was a P.I. for years.
Goes on his instincts.
He doesn't believe in
modern tech-based security.
Old dog, I get it.
There's a lot at stake here.
I think we're just all
feeling the pressure.
I have a feeling you didn't call
me over here for just lunch, huh?
No, I didn't.
I wanted to ask a favor of you.
You need to understand.
My father had been dreaming
of this place for years.
He bankrolled our entire
family fortune on this.
He put up all our properties,
all the hotels around the world,
all against the loan
to build this place.
Seems like his bet's
paying off, though, huh?
The casino's a success, no?
We've only been open for a short while.
And to a lot of fanfare.
Right now, we're the golden goose.
But if we were to be robbed,
especially a high-profile one
that hits the press,
it could cripple us.
Ruin our reputation.
The bank would call the loans
and the entire house of
cards could fall apart.
My family would be in ruins.
How can I help?
I've seen you in action.
You have a brilliant analytical mind.
Your years undercover working
with high-profile criminals
gives you a unique
understanding of how they think
and what they would do.
Well, why are you telling me all this?
Don't you have that guy Barton
Coyne? You don't trust him?
It's not that. It's just
I don't know him.
I know you.
All right, so, what, you
want me to take a look
at the security system they're
putting in, just get my opinion on it?
No, not at all.
What What do you want from me?
I want you
to rob the casino.
She wants you to rob the casino?
You can't steal her heart, so
she wants you to steal her money?
It's not like that, okay?
She wants me to beta test
her new security system.
So she wants you to break the
security system in order to fix it?
Look, man, white hat
hackers do it all the time.
They break into computers
and see if there's any flaws.
But the family hired a
top guy, um, Barton Coyne,
- from Zurich?
- Yeah, you know what?
This guy's all hat and probably
no cattle, if you know
It's an expression. It means all talk.
So you wanna do this because Ann
has the hots for Barton Coyne?
What? That's not what I said.
Didn't have to. I could tell.
Man, I hate casinos,
gambling, the whole bit.
So materialistic, so phony.
Well, Ernesto, you're in luck because
this has nothing to do with gambling.
This is about crime prevention.
The Villegas operation has
reason to be apprehensive.
I have been reading on this Trask Force.
Nobody has any idea who's behind this.
Not the PNP, not the
Americans, or the Interpol.
Every attempt to catch them have failed.
Exactly. And why is
that, huh? Why is that?
Because police work is reactive.
It's always after the fact, okay?
We have a brilliant opportunity
here to be proactive.
You know? Get out there and
solve the crime before it happens.
I distinctly heard you say "we."
Well, I can't jolly well
rob a casino by myself.
- Here it comes.
- I knew it.
Like, this is a great change
of pace for you guys, huh?
Get you to be able to see
inside the criminal mind.
Does, uh, Ann's security
team know about this heist?
Of course not.
That wouldn't That
wouldn't make any sense.
We're officers of the
law, not criminals.
It's two sides of the same coin.
He's serious. Can you believe this?
He wants us to help him
clean out the casino.
That's No, that's not what I
You're not listening to
me, okay? We can only
You can't take more than a
million dollars, all right?
Anything above that, then they
notify the insurance company,
even if it's a test.
So you want us to steal their
money, just not too much of it?
I like the idea. You have my permission.
- Are you serious?
- Yes. Walker has a point.
An exercise like this will help us to
prepare to take on future attempts
by teams like Trask Force.
And the Villegas family
deserves our help.
They were a major donor to
my campaign for governor.
- Ah.
- Hey, huh?
Let's go steal a casino.
Why'd he do that and
just walk out the room?
I've stopped trying to understand
that man a long time ago.
You look like Luigi from Mario Brothers.
All right, look. Look at this.
- Well, now
- Okay.
Security knows what I look
like, so I need a disguise.
Isn't this a little revealing
for a work situation?
I don't I don't think so.
Let's go over the plan
one more time. All right.
You need to get a full assessment
on their defenses, all right?
We need numbers on all the
front line of their security.
I'm talking pit bosses, even
dealers. You know what I mean?
Anybody that has training
on how to spot trouble.
- Check.
- All right.
Now, you, you're gonna do
some human intel, all right?
Get the worker scuttlebutt, if you will.
Who's happy, who's not happy,
who's a screw-up, you know?
And find out who you can get to
help us, even if they know it or not.
- And what about you?
- I
am gonna be a janitor.
I'm gonna be up top, cleaning
the rugs on the balcony.
I'm gonna get a bird's-eye
view on everything.
So you're not doing anything?
I'm masterminding, okay?
I'm looking at stuff
from different angles.
That's how plans are made.
- Yeah, while we do all the legwork.
- Exactly.
All right, so we meet back
at the van at 0500 hours.
And remember
think like a thief.
The cage is like Fort Knox.
Forget about the cage.
There's easier ways to get
a million bucks out of here.
I was the one that placed that bet.
I obviously won it.
No, it's mine. You just
took it from my turn.
No, I didn't. Those are my chips.
- You really wanna go?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's do this, then, huh?
- Do you know who I am?
- Belligerents. Sector G-14.
Bad look. Not the Villegas brand.
Get them out. Now.
Eighty-six them.
Give it back, bro. I won it. I won it.
Hey, hey, hey, relax.
All right, all
right, break it up, break it up.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Come on, get him out of here.
Can you see what I see?
I see that.
So you'll be shadowing me
for the first week or two.
I can tell you're smart.
You'll pick it up quick.
Don't thank me. It's not brain surgery.
I have worked in casinos
all over the world.
You'd be surprised how many
people mess up a simple job.
Two mango mojitos, a
vodka and calamansi juice.
They're watching, you know.
Extra close 'cause it's
your first day of training.
I'm guessing they'll be watching
on my hundredth day as well.
Hi there, Johnny. How's it going?
Better since I'm looking at you.
Say hi to Natalie. First day on the job.
Welcome to the Villegas.
Johnny's a Villegas.
He's the head of security.
Not anymore.
- What?
- That slick son of a bitch Coyne moved me out.
Give us a second, will ya, honey?
Johnny, that is terrible.
That's terrible, Johnny.
Everything nowadays
is about the technology,
the algorithms, the machines.
No one values talent,
experience, resourcefulness.
Why don't you have a drink with me?
I can't. I'm working.
Sure, I get it.
I'm just a floor walker now.
That's very kind of you.
I know you've worked at the
finest casinos all over the globe.
That's true, but there is something
so authentic about this place.
This facade, for instance, I
see them all over the casino.
What is the story behind them?
Those are replicas of
all the original buildings
of the city of Cebu
when it was first built.
That's incredible.
My family puts a great deal of value
on Filipino history and tradition.
This was a very important
representation for my father.
Yes. There is something
special about this place.
And the people who run it.
- Hey.
- Hey, oh, shh. What?
I lost my ear pods.
My ear pods fell off, and I think
your carpet thingy here ate them, yeah.
Ah, there you go. Okay.
- What is this?
- It's money for another pair.
- But they cost more than that.
- I
Here you go.
But they're 900 pesos, all right?
All right, dude, that's
all the money I got.
You can get more money from this ATM.
I'm not about to
There are 15 ATMs in
and around this casino.
Now, they're so busy, they
get refilled three times a day.
Each one of these things holds
20 million pesos, all right?
Now, if you do the math, that is
That's, in American, that's roughly
Three hundred and forty
thousand U.S. dollars.
No, I know. Thank you,
Kai. I knew that. Thank you.
So three machines gets
us over the finish line.
How are we gonna break
into three ATM machines?
Well, we're not.
You see, the money's only
vulnerable when it's on the move.
Employees used to steal
money out of the drop box
from the tables to the
counting room, all right?
That's when they came up with
the locked drop box cart, okay?
But they don't use that for ATMs.
They use these.
That's a banking cassette.
Yeah, and once a day, they
pull money out of the vault.
They put 'em in these cassettes,
and then they wheel
'em out in a handcart,
all right, and that cart hits the
ATM machines and refills 'em all.
- How many guards?
- Two.
One to push the car
and one to protect him.
So they're more careful bringing
money in than taking money out?
Still, there are two
guards wearing radios.
One can easily alert the rest.
If we've learned anything, it's
that Coyne's security system
overreacts to any sort of
disturbance on the floor.
I mean, hell, you saw it.
They almost abandoned a handcart
when there was a little scuffle nearby.
You're planning to start a scuffle?
We're gonna turn their
strength into a weakness.
See, Coyne's security system
relies on the ICSDB service
to identify any known cheat
or card counter, all right?
Once Coyne's facial recognition
system spots an undesirable,
security are on 'em like white on rice,
and they're not afraid to get physical.
So we're gonna wait for the
system to identify a cheat?
We're gonna make the
whole casino filled with cheats.
We're gonna fool the ICSDB
into thinking that half
that casino are known cheats.
After that, security will be overrun,
and then it's just a matter of timing.
But how are we gonna
hack into an ICS Database?
- Cousin Angelo?
- Cousin Angelo.
Well, this is all great,
but we're gonna need
a lot more information.
The timing of the
guards going to the ATMs,
and we're gonna need an escape
route for once we have the money.
- And then we're also gonna need
- We're gonna need an inside man.
Need a refresher?
I'm good.
How's the training going?
Fine. But, uh, when I
heard about what they did to you,
it makes me wonder how loyal
they are to their employees.
Margot told you?
She didn't need to say much.
Well, it's this outsider, this Coyne.
Somehow, he's got my niece trusting
him more than her own family.
What if I told you there's
a way to show him up?
Make him look bad in her eyes?
All right, thank you for coming.
Uh, I wanted to meet here because
I want everyone to be crystal clear
that we are doing this
under the supervision
of the Mactan Police Department.
It just seems wrong planning a heist
from inside the police station.
Fake heist.
A paradox inside an enigma.
Very Tarantino.
Ernesto has filled you in
on what we need you to do?
Yeah. I'll hack into the
International Casino Security Database,
change IDs to be flagged
as gambling cheats.
That's the idea.
But wait, how will I know
who's inside the casino?
How do I know which IDs to change?
Look, you're gonna have access
to the casino's security cameras.
All you gotta do is intercept the images
as they are transferred to the database,
and then just give
'em a new designation.
Yeah, but the casino is a closed
system. I can't hack into that.
That's where I come in.
I'll give you remote
access to my computer,
which will be logged
into the internal system
from inside the casino.
Okay, but, you know, these facial IDs
happen in the system
in a matter of seconds.
- Doesn't give me a lot of time.
- I know.
Can you do it?
It's possible.
But is it probable?
All right, good enough.
Johnny, aside from getting
us access to the security,
can you get us a guard
outfit with an ID badge?
Maybe a key card?
I can make that happen.
I'm also gonna need a schedule
when the ATMs are reloaded.
- Done.
- Okay, but let's get this straight.
This is a security test.
Ann wants us to do it,
but our ultimate goal is to
make the Villegas more secure.
And to make a monkey
out of Barton Coyne.
You're early.
Yeah, I thought I'd get a head start.
I didn't wanna be one of those
people who screw up an easy job.
Hey, sunshine.
Hey, Johnny.
Last night was amazing.
I knew you'd finally
succumb to my charms.
Shush, Johnny. You wanna get me fired?
Anything going on?
All good, boss.
Excuse me, sir. Your drink.
Did you want something else? No?
Hi. Did you want a drink?
Whiskey. Whiskey sounds good. Mm-hmm.
Yes. Rum cola, please.
Okay, you got it.
We've got a bogey.
What the hell is going on?
It's a flood. A mob of
cheats hitting the casino,
hoping we can't catch them all.
I want all security
on the floor right now!
You fix this!
Sir. Ma'am, you've been
identified by the ICSDB.
You're gonna have to leave.
What?! I've never cheated at cards
in my life! What are you talking about?
Man, what the hell is
going on over there?
That's gambling and alcohol for ya.
Hey, man.
You better keep a better watch on this.
Look, maybe it's better if
you take this back to the vault
until this whole thing blows over.
What do you say, huh?
Wait, don't we need a key?
No. No, they unlock the cart
when they leave the vault.
That's it. The exact
amount we needed to steal.
Man, I gotta admit, crime is fun.
Don't get used to it.
You guys bring this to Ann and Coyne.
I'm going to grab my computer
from my office inside.
I've documented the entire crime on it,
step by step, so we can
show them how we did it.
Can't wait to rub it in Coyne's face.
Sometimes good old human resources
is better than algorithms, huh, Johnny?
Let's go.
Thank you. Got it.
Hey, nice work.
I could use a guy like you in security.
Cool, 'cause I could use a job.
Good. While I'm gone, you change
back all those IDs we flagged.
Put everything back
to what it was, okay?
You got it.
How did you get access
to this apartment?
Had a security ID card.
What's the meaning of this?
Don't you know we had a robbery?
I do.
That's why I thought
you might want this back.
Do you have 35 more suitcases?
Wait, what? What?
An I.O.U.?
For 36 million dollars?
From James Trask. Trask Force.
Hey, what are you doing here, baby?
Leaving early?
Uh, looking for you.
You won't believe it, but it worked.
It actually worked!
We've gotta go. Now.
Why is he here?
Margot, what is this?
Can't you do anything right?
Don't kill him here.
Let's take him with us.
Hi. You've reached the voice
mailbox of Detective Kai
Hi. You've reached the
voice mailbox of Detective
This can't be happening!
Ann, I know you're upset.
You asked me to test your security.
Your test allowed the Trask gang
to hit my casino for 36 million dollars!
You ruined my reputation
with a stupid prank.
Maybe you should look
in the mirror, Barton!
You hire someone to rob your casino and
you don't tell me, and it's my fault?
It was a test!
Do you realize what you've done?
I had intel that Trask had
people inside the Villegas.
I was setting a trap to expose them,
but you two had to
play your little game.
You knew the Trask gang was here,
but you didn't tell the police.
I was gonna wrap up the whole gang.
Trask himself was embedded here.
We couldn't identify him,
but I had solid information
that he was trying to
turn your Uncle Johnny.
That's why I had to let him go.
Uncle Johnny?
He wasn't working for Trask.
He was working with us.
He doesn't like you.
Where is Johnny? He
was supposed to be here.
I can't believe this is happening.
Ann, did you tell
anybody about our plan?
How could I tell anyone?
You didn't even tell me!
Until I saw what was happening
in the security cameras,
I had no idea what you were all up to.
Do you think that Angelo
would have told anybody?
He's been by my side
since we brought him in.
- He wouldn't tell a soul, Alex.
- I know.
That only leaves Johnny.
Uncle Johnny is loyal to our family.
He would never do anything to hurt us.
What about Margot?
- Who?
- Margot, the cocktail waitress.
I heard Johnny say
he saw her last night.
He's desperate to impress
her. He has a big crush on her.
Margot, I can't believe
you could do this.
Actually, we had an
entirely different plan
until you spilled the beans
on your fake heist last night.
When we realized you had a
much better distraction set up,
we changed our plans to take
advantage of a lot more money.
I guess I should really thank you.
This is Alex Walker. Leave a message.
Hi, this is Detective Alam
Why do you still have
your phones turned off?
The heist is over!
Hopefully, I still have
Johnny's backdoor access.
This is all completely faked.
How do you know?
It says she lived and
worked her entire life in Hawaii
up until she moved here.
There are no casinos in Hawaii,
yet she knew the casino
life inside and out,
and she knew intimate details
on casinos all over the world.
Gather all the footage we have on her
and get it to Interpol right away.
Ernesto, you guys in there?
Angelo, we're here.
Sorry about this, but you guys
still have your phones turned off.
Where are you? What are you doing?
Where's Uncle Johnny?
I saw a woman and some
of the security guards
drag Johnny to a van,
so I followed them.
Wait, wait, well, followed them where?
They just pulled into the
Cebu Port Authority, Pier Four.
They're gonna dump the money on a
boat and get it out of the country.
Angelo, stay right where you are,
but stay out of sight
and keep an eye on them.
- We're on the way.
- Got it.
You don't really think you're
going to get away with this, do you?
You're so naive. You
still think the good guys always win?
This is the one.
Put the money in the container.
It'll be shipped off within the hour.
What about the old guy?
Put his body in the container,
too. That way, no one will find him.
But I thought you cared for me.
Oh, baby, that was just pillow talk.
Hold it right there!
It appears, my dear,
that you're surrounded.
- Johnny!
- Stand down!
Uncle Johnny!
What's going on here?
Hello, Ann.
Meet my old teammates from
my private detective days.
They may be older now, but still loyal,
and still fantastic shots.
But how?
Margot and I had been
casually flirting with each other.
But when I told her I was
no longer head of security,
she was genuinely rattled.
Oh, I could see it in your eyes.
You were recalculating,
so I became suspicious.
And so I thought I'd drop a bait
and see if she would take it.
So you told her the plan.
And the more I told her,
the more chummy she got with me.
And so I knew if she was
going to rob the casino
while we went out the service entrance,
she and her team would have to
leave from the employee entrance
by the loading docks.
And sure enough, there she was.
But you had people waiting
here to get the drop on her.
How did you know she
would bring you here?
When you pulled into the "let me slip
into something more
comfortable" routine,
I went through your purse
and saw you booked a hotel
room in Guam for tomorrow night.
I checked the Port Authority records
and saw a container ship
was leaving for there today.
And only one container was
listed as "personal and private."
This one.
Well, lady and gentlemen,
you're all under arrest.
Let's get 'em out of
here. This way, miss.
I'm so glad you're safe, Uncle Johnny.
So we still have to get all
this money back to the casino.
- Lend a hand?
- Yeah. Yeah. I got these.
I don't think you'll
be taking those anywhere.
Throw the bags out to us and
step inside the container.
You're gonna take the money.
You're gonna shoot us
and you're gonna stuff
us in the container, huh?
You catch on quick.
- Yeah, I don't think so.
- I wouldn't come any closer.
You know how Uncle Johnny spotted Margot
and set her up to fail?
I spotted you.
You see, I knew you were
James Trask from the beginning.
Did you really?
I don't know.
So you also have old gunmen
who are about to pop out of
nowhere and rescue you, huh?
Nah, I don't need 'em.
You see, I already took all
the bullets out of your guns.
Get up.
Easy. Easy.
I thought you removed the bullets!
Huh? Did I say that?
Did I?
Did I say that?
I was told you wanted to see me.
Please come in.
What's all this? It's not my birthday.
As Head of Operations, it is
my privilege to reinstate you
as Head of Security for
Villegas Family Businesses.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
And I would like to personally apologize
for ever allowing anyone
to come between us.
I love you, Uncle Johnny.
I love you, too, Ann.
I'm sorry, the store
is closed for today,
so come back tomorrow.
Yeah, Alex has a hot lunch date.
He does?
He really likes her.
He said that she's
the one that got away.
- He said that?
- Yeah.
So come back again later.
- No, wait.
- Ann.
- Hi.
- Sorry about that.
Yeah, well, you're a little early.
Actually, I'm a little late.
Huh? No, that's what I
was trying to meant.
So who's this charming
keeper of the gate?
I'm Rita.
Nice to meet you, Rita.
Yeah, she works with
me here at the shop.
Not like
Not like child labor-type stuff.
She more helps out. She helps out.
Her mom is up cleaning
some rooms at the resort.
So anyway
- He's like my uncle.
- Oh, I
We should get going,
yeah, 'cause I've got a
fantastic lunch planned for us.
You're the hot date!
Oh, thank you, Rita. Thank you, Rita.
Bye, Alex!
What do you think?
It's charming.
I know she's not much,
but I love her, you know?
This is really cute, Alex.
You know, I was
I was nervous, but
I wasn't nervous,
I was excited this morning
just thinking about it.
I mean, I was nervous, but, you know.
Well, I mean, you're
I had the hotel whip this up.
I know it's probably not gonna
be as good as your private chef,
but there's some pretty good
cooks at the resort, so
This is wonderful.
I had a feeling you'd like it.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
I think I'm starting to figure you out.
I wouldn't count on that.
Please, please.
- Let's eat.
- Please. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
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