Almost Paradise (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Old Times

Worked late again, Mr. Banico?
I always say, "One today
is worth two tomorrows."
Yes, I've heard you say that many times.
- Good night, Mr. Banico.
- Good night.
What the hell?
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
I bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
All right, this is your moment, Walker.
You are in the red zone.
All right, this is your time.
You are ready. You are prepared.
And you're late!
Well, just be careful, you old coot.
Oh! Cookie!
- Cookie!
- I gotcha.
I got you. Come on down.
You saved my wife's life! Thank you!
Oh, truly young man, you are a hero.
Listen, don't mention it. You
guys enjoy your time at the resort.
- Now be more careful next time.
- Well, this chair is heavy.
- You're no feather either.
- Oh, says Santa!
No. No, no! Here, let me
help. Let me help you get that.
Let's go this way where we can
get it straightened out there.
- There we go. Let me grab this.
- He knows best.
- Yeah, well
- Thank you so much.
- Oh!
- Here we go.
Did you guys know there's a ramp
on the other side of these stairs?
I told you there was a
ramp around here somewhere.
Oh, hush up, Colt.
What's your name, son?
- I'm Alex.
- Well, Al Alex, you are a life-saver.
I nearly threw my back out
coming down those stairs.
I'll tell ya, I hear
you, man. I hear you.
Thank you so, so much.
Can you come for lunch?
I can't. I Lunch! No, damn it.
I'm late for my own.
You guys enjoy. Yeah.
That boy had too much cologne.
He smelled like a cathouse.
Have they IDed the victim?
Yes, he was an employee of the casino.
Alex, I'm sorry. I forgot to call you.
I'm going to have to
cancel our lunch today.
What's going on? Are you all right?
I'm fine, but I'm sorry.
We'll have to reschedule.
Okay, because, you know,
if something happened,
I'm here for you.
That's very sweet, but this
really doesn't concern you.
Uh, Ann
I'm serious, Alex. Stay out of this.
I've compiled all the interviews,
photographs and lab
reports you asked for.
- And it's all in this file?
- I made you two copies.
Nice work.
Hey, guys. Come on in.
What are you doing?
I'm just familiarizing
myself with everything.
I came as soon as I heard what
happened at the Villegas Hotel.
You know about the murder
at the casino parking lot?
I do now.
Was it somebody that worked
there or was it a customer?
Was it an out-of-town gambler?
What do we got so far for suspects?
This isn't a joke, Alex.
This is police business, okay?
And get away from my desk.
You know what? Fine,
Kai. All right? Fine.
I'm Ev You know what? It's
not fine. Every it's not fair!
Every time you guys ask me to
come help you, what do I say?
- Mostly no.
- Okay, well
that's true, but sometimes I say
yes, okay? And I come through.
And now I'm coming to
you guys. I want in.
- What do you say?
- No.
No. Look,
I'm friends with Ann,
okay? I'm close with Ann.
And the fact is, is that I
saw her today. She was upset.
I just want to help.
And that's precisely why you can't
get involved, you're not objective.
Besides, she requested
we keep you out of it.
- She wouldn't do that.
- Alex, she did.
All right, fine. I'll
stay out of it, okay?
But because she asked me.
Detective Mendoza, may I have a
word with you here in my office?
Have a seat.
Is everything okay?
I wouldn't call this okay.
This arrived from Manila today. I
thought you might want to read it.
Not okay.
- I got accepted?
- They want to name you as lead detective
for their new undercover
special task force.
- I can't believe it.
- Everybody will be so proud of you here!
- I can't wait to tell them.
- No, wait.
- Please
- Wait, I don't understand.
Uh, this has been your dream
for as long as I can remember.
No. I mean, yes.
- It's just a lot to take in.
- You deserve this, Kai.
You've proven yourself
over and over again.
You're finally getting the
recognition you deserve, huh?
Yes. Of course, I'm thrilled.
I mean, this is a big change.
I'd have to move to Manila and I'd
have to give up my position here.
Kai, this is a resort island.
I'm very proud of what we do here, I am.
Manila is the big time, and
only the very best are chosen.
- And they want me.
- Yes, they want you,
and now we're gonna call
them up and tell them
that you're accepting the position, huh?
Please, just keep this between us
until I can wrap my head around it.
I just need some time.
There's no fingerprints. Not
on the body, not on the car.
- Interesting.
- What the hell is that on the door handle?
Glue. StayTek Epoxy. I used
it to fix our metal shelving.
- I got a little detective on my hands.
- See? I told you I could help.
No, no.
What are you doing? I
can't see the picture.
- You can't see, that's right.
- Why not?
Because it's a dead body, and
it's gross, and not for your eyes.
Fine. Just tell me
what's in the picture.
He's got a plastic bag over his head.
His face looks like he's been poisoned.
If they suffocated him, why
would they also poison him?
I don't know. I don't
know. I don't know.
- Maybe they were making a statement.
- You're pacing again.
Well, that's what I do
when I'm crime solving.
Cool, keep pacing. I like it.
Well, this all seems
familiar to me, you know?
Gluing the means of escape, the
whole plastic bag over the head.
- Don't forget the poisoning.
- That's right.
I remember there was this hitman
back in the day, back when I was a kid.
- You were once a kid?
- Back when I was a kid
- Okay.
- Somehow his crew went down and he just,
he just vanished, you know?
No one ever saw this guy again.
Do me a favor. Look up, um
Look up "The Chemist. Hitman. Texas."
The Chemist Texas
Whoa. This was a very bad man.
It's starting to come back
to me now. He was famous.
He was with the Dixie Mafia,
and I remember he devised
some pretty grisly ways
to kill his victims, too.
That's the statement.
He was using the modus
operandi of The Chemist.
He wants someone to know that
he was the one who did it.
- Modus operandi?
- Yeah, it's Latin.
It means a person-specific
way of doing something.
I know what M.O. means. How
do you know what M.O. means?
American detective shows.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
I wonder if they got a picture
of him in there on your phone.
- This one?
- That can't be the same guy.
- For the drinks, sir.
- Oh, thank you very much.
- The Chemist?
- Thank you.
You put the sunscreen in the bag.
Put the sunscreen. Look. Here, look.
No, no. That is for lips, right?
I'm getting burnt, not chapped.
Oh, look. Look who it
is, it's our hero! Hello!
- Uh, Steve?
- It's actually Alex.
- Alex.
- Good to see you guys!
- Oh, my gosh!
- Hello.
- Please, join us, have a beer.
- Oh, no. I co okay.
It's the least I can do
for saving my wife's life.
Oh, well, it's good to know
that I am at least worth a beer.
Well, if it makes you feel any
better, I never say no to a beer.
How long are you guys stayin'?
We're leaving Friday.
The cheapskate here bought
our vacation on Groupon.
Have you any idea how expensive
this trip would've been
if we had the full ten days you wanted?
Especially on the holidays!
- Where are you guys visiting from?
- North Dakota.
- Oh, North Dakota.
- Yeah.
Since I retired, every winter we have
to find someplace for me to thaw out.
And we, we always wanted to
see this part of the world.
Well, see, you fooled me,
Colt, 'cause with that accent,
I figured you for a Southerner.
Oh, once a Southerner,
always a Southerner, I reckon.
- Hey.
- Oh, I, I left when I was 20.
Met Cookie on a job in Fargo
and the rest, as they say,
- is history.
- History.
You guys met on the job. A lot
of travel in your line of work?
There's not much travel required in the
oil seed refining business, I'm afraid.
- Oil seed refining.
- Yeah, North Dakota.
- Right.
- It's the nation's capital.
Oh, we did it all.
Canola seed, flaxseed, mustard seed
Oh, for goodness sake, don't
get him started on his seed.
We'll be here all night.
- Are you okay, son?
- I am, yeah. I just, uh
I think I misjudged some things.
Thank you so much for the beer.
I have got to get back to
work. You guys enjoy every
- Oh!
- Oh. Oh. I'm sorry.
No, no, no. Don't sweat
it, honey, Colt will fix it.
I've got some epoxy
glue back in the room.
You travel with epoxy glue?
Yeah, StayTek. It
works great with metal.
Well, fortunately, you
brought that glue, huh?
I never leave home
without it. Comes in handy.
Always have a whole pharmacy
with me whenever we travel.
I really wish you guys
weren't leaving so quick, man,
I'd love to show you the island.
- You know the island well, then?
- Oh, I live here.
- Got a little gift shop.
- Never would've guessed.
- How long you been here?
- A couple years now.
I couldn't do it. I get too
homesick for the old U.S. of A.
Football games, the
parades, the barbeques.
You, uh plan on staying here forever?
I don't know. I just don't know.
I mean, I love it here, but
- well, I do get homesick.
- You sound like a Southerner to me.
- Yeah, from, uh, Lubbock, Texas.
- Hells bells.
Tell me, you know if, uh, a place called
the Starfield Motel is still there?
I had me a crazy weekend once
there a long time ago.
Right across from that Windmill Museum.
Last time I was there, it was there.
Huh. You grew up there?
Oh, I had a family
ranch outside of town.
- What happened, did they sell it?
- No, I still got it.
Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, if I
had a ranch in Texas, you
you could not tear me away
from it. I'll tell you that.
Colt? I have a facial at the spa.
- I gotta go.
- Oh, let's take this off.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, don't mention the
motel to the missus.
What happens in Lubbock,
stays in Lubbock.
That's gotta be a
signature. Glue to keep the door shut.
It doesn't make sense to me, man.
I reviewed the casino tapes.
There's a few shady
characters here and there,
but it is a casino, after all.
Where did they go once they got inside?
And who are they, exactly?
I should have gotten all their
names and done background.
This is a murder investigation.
We're looking for suspects.
Right. Sorry. I'll figure it out.
Be kind. I remember
when you were a rookie.
I was never that bad.
No, of course not. You
were always a star, Kai.
We're all going to miss you terribly.
- What?
- The Chief told me about your promotion.
Congratulations. Manila
is very lucky to get you.
He swore he wouldn't tell
anyone. He told you? Really?
Yes, he did, and I'm a
little hurt you didn't.
I didn't because I
haven't accepted it yet.
You're kidding!
Kai, this has always
been your dream job.
What's holding you back?
Nothing. It's just It's
just a really big decision.
I don't know, it would mean
a lot of time undercover.
And look at what being undercover
for so long did to Alex.
Do I want that happening to me?
Do I want to end up like Alex?
Maybe you should talk to him about
it. He's got firsthand experience.
I didn't think about that.
Yeah, it'll be good to get his opinion.
Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm gonna go
over to the hotel and talk to him.
- Or you could just call him.
- I could, yeah, but
it would be better to talk
to him in person, you know?
Yeah, okay, thanks. Bye.
No, listen to me. Will you listen to me?
Uh, yeah. I'll hold.
He's looking up the file.
Found something.
In 1993, the week they
opened the Windmill Museum,
there was an unsolved
murder in the parking lot.
See if y Lockhart.
You got him on file? Fantastic, man!
Oh, no, I'm gonna get it
over to you right away.
Thank you, man! Thank
you, brother. All right.
What are we getting him?
We? No, not we. Me. Fingerprints.
They got prints on file for The Chemist.
If we match those to
Colt, we got our man.
So, we cut off his fingers
and send them to Washington?
- No, what? Cut off Cut off what?
- His fingers.
Why would you say something like that?
You don't have to cut somebody's
fingers off to get fingerprints!
I know, but if he murdered people,
it would be better if
he doesn't have fingers.
No more R films for you.
This from the man who has
me go through homicide files.
Here's the problem.
If he thinks I'm trying
to get his prints,
he may get wise and blow town
before I can get the heat on him.
So how do you get his
prints without him knowing?
Alex! You're a frogman now?
How you guys doing?
- Yeah.
- I'm out there diving in the reef, man.
I get out there every
chance I can, you know?
Be careful there,
you're getting me soaked.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- What have you got there?
What, this? Oh, this
They have the most amazing colored glass
- out in the sea.
- Oh.
I'm telling you, I mean, I
collect them, man. Check this out.
Oh, well
Wow, this is beautiful.
Yeah. If you look at it
with the sun through it,
it's absolutely quite amazing.
- Sea trash?
- Yeah.
Ah, no, thanks.
I'm not cutting myself on
somebody's discarded Coke bottle.
Yeah, no, but see,
it's not like that, man.
This glass has been in the
ocean for maybe 20, 30 years.
The ocean floor acts like a tumbler.
It polishes 'em. It refines 'em.
I've seen tabletops made out of sea
glass. It's actually very valuable.
She knows what I'm talking about.
This is the biggest one
I found. Check it out.
It's not it's not sharp.
Yeah, very pretty. I, I wouldn't
have no use for it, though.
Well, I think it's lovely.
Yeah, very lovely. I'll tell you what.
You think it's so lovely, you
take these back to your house.
- Oh.
- I got a bunch more back at home, huh?
- Thank you!
- Take care, guys. Enjoy the day.
Well, what a nice guy.
How you doing?
I think there's a problem with
this bill. I'll be right back.
Alex, we've known each
other for a while now No.
Alex, there's been something I've
been needed to express to you. No.
I think you know how I feel.
I put my leg down and the rotor
hit it and tore my pants off.
I'm not I'm not telling
you any more stories.
You try having a social
life with my workload.
Yeah, well, you don't want to end
up alone with 13 cats, just saying.
Well, I'm turning 35 and still
alone. I think there must be a reason.
Don't do that. Don't sell
yourself short like that.
I was a little surprised when you called
and said I had to come here right away.
I wasn't expecting champagne.
Well, it is a beautiful afternoon,
and I wanted to share it with you.
Why do you keep looking at your phone?
Not only did I want
to share it with you,
I may have some very interesting news.
Hang on
- It's a match.
- A match?
- You wanna fill me in?
- The fingerprints. It's a match.
I know who the killer is.
- Excuse me?
- I know about the murder at the casino,
- and I did a little investigating.
- Wait, you did what?
- I looked into it.
- How dare you!
- I specifically told you to stay out of this.
- No, I know.
If I wanted your help,
I would've asked for it.
You have no right butting into my life,
you arrogant, self-centered,
Chief. Yes, I've made my decision.
You can call Manila and
let them know I'm taking the job.
I printed these out just like you asked.
Thank you.
Hey, partner. Where are you off to?
Ah, report paperwork needs filling out.
I need some last information
from Ann Villegas.
I just got off the
phone. Manila is thrilled.
I was thinking maybe we three go
for a celebratory drink tonight, huh?
- Yeah.
- Sure. Sounds great.
- Good.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Alex.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Somewhere private.
All right, let's go.
Okay, Alex. What's so secret?
I'm returning this.
The casino murder file.
I assumed it was you
when it went missing.
I'm returning this with more
information than I stole.
The Chemist, hitman for the Dixie Mafia?
Yeah. There's your killer.
And you got matching prints?
- Alex, this is fantastic.
- Yeah.
I'll get this to the proper authorities,
and we can arrest him today.
- No, no, you can't do that.
- Why the hell not?
Because we can prove
he's a wanted murderer.
We cannot prove that he
did the casino killing.
Identical M.O. He's on the
island at the time of the murder.
I think we can make a case.
We don't know who hired him to do it.
We don't know why this guy's
dead, and more importantly,
we don't know
why Ann Villegas didn't
want me to know the truth.
- What are you thinking, Alex?
- I think somebody has something on her.
I mean, she's not
acting right, you know?
I mean, I think somebody got to her.
- Blackmail?
- I don't know.
But I need time to
figure this out, okay?
If we arrest this guy
right now before knowing,
Ann's life could still be in danger.
And if he gets away in the meantime,
we've allowed an internationally
wanted murderer to escape.
I'm sorry, Alex. We've
got to report this.
Listen, just give me till
the end of tomorrow, okay?
Look, if I can't find anything
by then, you take him down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Let me get that for ya.
- Thank you.
- I'm so sorry, man. You all right?
- N-No, Alex. I'm not all right.
You got my wife so
excited about sea glass,
I gotta go snorkeling
tomorrow to find some more.
That sounds like fun!
Oh, about time. I am starving.
You know what? That's my fault, I almost
had him dump everything on the floor.
I just can't get my head screwed
on tight today, I don't know.
You gonna join us?
You know what? I am. Thank you.
Everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I just
I mixed up some appointments today,
and I let some people down
that I made promises to.
I gotta get more organized,
you know what I mean?
Does that ever happen to you guys?
Colt, what's the name of
that program that we use?
Don't get me started on the technology.
We just got him used to a fax
machine, and we bought a laptop.
Now all I gotta do is figure
out how to use the computer.
I don't even mess with that. I mean,
did you even bring it on the trip?
Yeah, it's in the room, but
look, I gotta be honest with you.
I prefer the old ways.
You know, you had a black
book, you wrote on paper.
I'd rather chuck the computer
and get a day planner.
Oh, yeah, Mr. Big Shot. You wanna
throw away the expensive computer.
You can't even afford
ten days in a resort.
Hey, Kai.
It's not a good time for me. I'm
getting ready to step out, so
Sorry, I just really
needed to speak with you.
- Well, you could of called.
- Not about this.
What am I looking at?
That's Ann talking to a known criminal.
I ran his record, his name is Flaco.
He recently was released
from prison, and
he has a history of violent crime.
Why is Ann talking to him? And
why is she handing him an envelope?
What are you trying to say?
I'm saying Ann might not be
the person you think she is.
No, Ann is the victim here.
Or it's the reason why she
didn't want you involved.
- Did you talk to Ernesto?
- No. Did you? Did he tell you?
Wha Tell me what?
I got the job in Manila.
I'm leaving in a couple weeks.
- So you're leaving the island for good?
- Yeah.
Hey, that's good, right?
That's good. That's great. You know?
That's what That's
what you wanted, so
Yeah. It's been a dream for a long time.
Well, I am happy for you.
- Alex
- I got two tickets for the show tonight,
and I used my mom's employee discount.
Thank you Your mom's
discount? I don't get a discount.
- Why don't I get a discount?
- I don't know.
You two going to a show? Is
that where you're rushing off to?
No, I have school in the
morning, and I'm late, so bye-bye.
- See you guys tomorrow.
- Thank you.
Two tickets?
I see.
- Uh, I should go.
- Okay.
I'll let you get on with your night.
Well, hey. You know, we should
We should get together
and celebrate your new job.
You guys are gonna love this show.
There's over 7,000
islands in the Philippines,
and this show presents
the dancing styles
of all the different provinces.
I hope they do that fire dance.
I've always wanted to see that.
This is very generous of you!
- You guys enjoy.
- Uh, you're not joining us?
No, do you know how many
times I've seen this show?
But you guys are gonna love it.
Those tickets, they
come with free drinks.
Ooh, free drinks. That's good.
All right. All right.
Password, password. Uh
Ah! You gotta be kidding me. Okay.
"As per our usual agreement, the payment
will be arranged" blah, blah, blah.
"Once the target is secure"
blah, blah, blah,
blah. Okay, here we go.
"Once you secure the location, you
are to eliminate Target NCDL25."
Who the hell is Target
NCDL25? It can't be this easy.
Okay, okay, okay.
NCDL25 is Alex Walker.
I'm the target?
Don't kill him. Not yet.
Now that we know who Flaco works
for, we have to keep eyes on him.
You sure he's in there?
I paid off the barkeep to
tip us off when he came in.
So, what's the play? We go in,
shake him down for information?
There, that's him.
Something's going down.
Only one way to find out.
They better get here soon,
he's gonna wake up any minute.
Let's get to work.
- That's him!
- Who?
The killer.
How'd you know he's the killer?
Alex matched his prints to
a famous American hitman.
Were you planning on telling me?
Of course, but I promised Alex we'd wait
until tomorrow before we go after Flaco.
All right, let's go.
I'm not lucky at craps. Maybe I should
just try blackjack. Maybe poker, man.
You can't use this elevator.
- Is it broken?
- Yeah, come back later.
All right.
The elevator stopped
at the penthouse floor.
- Ann's apartment?
- Uh-huh.
The most secure room
in the entire building.
So we call for backup
and bring out the badges.
If we tell them we're coming, they'll
do something rash. This is on us.
All right.
Wakey, wakey.
Oh, you walk, huh?
I busted my back trying to
get you down them stairs.
I'd give you something for the pain,
but it would kind of,
uh, defeat the purpose.
What exactly is the purpose?
To kill you in the most
excruciatingly painful way imaginable.
I kind of figured that. Why here?
Our employer doesn't just want you dead.
He wants to watch you die.
Now, this room has he
most high-tech military-grade
encrypted video-conferencing
system in this part of the world.
I know what this room is.
It's the Villegas penthouse.
The control room.
From in here, our client
will see everything,
and no one in the world will know,
or be able to trace it back to him.
We know from experience just how
tough security is to get up there.
Even if we could get past those guards,
you'd need the key card to get
that elevator to the penthouse.
There's another way
up. Through the kitchen.
You weren't kidding when you
said you brought a pharmacy, huh?
Do you have anything for flatulence?
Because, damn it, Cookie, you
gotta get off the spicy curry.
I'm gonna wash up, fill these up
with water, and then I'm good to go.
Oh, right on time.
I noticed this when I was working
as an undercover as a cocktail waitress.
They bring the food to the upper
floors through this elevator.
It looks like you need a key
card to get that elevator.
Hey, yeah, okay.
Wait! Hi.
Hey, man.
Can you hit the
penthouse for us, please?
Thank you.
You know, it's customary to
give a dying man a last wish.
Ignore him. He's in the
bargaining stage of dying.
That's enough, Alex.
Unless you want to see
this gal's brains blown out,
you better sit yourself down.
Sure, we'll be ready by then.
Make the zip ties tighter
this time. Add tape.
I am, woman!
I don't know why I haven't given
him a shot of suxamethonium.
He'd be paralyzed.
Wouldn't be able to move.
Client wants to see everything.
Keep the guns at his head till we begin.
All right, who is it?
Who hired you? Who?
He moves a muscle,
shoot him in the spine.
Three guys, all armed.
I got an idea.
Okay, the client wants
to start with Ann.
- No.
- Wants to watch Alex witnessing her die.
I'm sorry, Alex.
If I had known
You did. You lied to me, Ann.
I didn't lie to you. I just
didn't tell you what was going on.
Believe me, I had no idea
their plan was to kill you.
What did you think was going on?
They approached me about
using our command room.
Said they needed the tech in here.
I told them no, so they killed
my floor manager as a warning.
Said that if I didn't
cooperate, more would be killed.
I was trying to keep you out of it.
You don't make deals with
criminals, Ann, with killers.
You should've told me.
Then if you couldn't have told me,
you should've told Kai or Ernesto.
They're your friends.
I'm running a casino.
You don't understand
how much is at stake.
Sometimes in this business, you have
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What?
There is a line in life
that you do not cross, ever.
And y
I'm sorry.
Hey, wrong room. No one ordered food.
Are you sure? I was told Ms.
Villegas ordered this personally.
Client's going live.
Freeze! Both hands on
top of your head now.
How did you know to come here?
I saw you hand an envelope
to Flaco in the parking lot.
I figured the key card
to this room was in it.
Thank you. They were going to kill us.
You should've told us,
Ann. We would've helped you.
We could've protected you, Ms. Villegas.
I just didn't want
anyone else to get hurt.
Ann, you're not alone
because you work so hard.
You're alone because you don't
know who your friends are.
Now, who is it, huh?
Who's supposed to be on the
other side of this video call?
Who hired you to kill me?
I've been doing this work since
before you wore long pants.
I didn't get to be me by
ratting out my clients.
Yeah, I kinda figured you
weren't gonna give me any answers.
I'll tell you what, though. It's
gonna be fun beating it out of ya.
Don't bother. We already know.
- What?
- When Kai identified Flaco
as the criminal Ms.
Villegas was talking to,
we did a background check on him.
He just got out of jail where he
was a lieutenant in a prison gang.
A gang run by someone
we've dealt with before.
You're always so
entertaining, Mr. Walker.
Ah, you remember me! I'm touched.
Congratulations, you just
doubled your sentence.
Good luck getting evidence there.
Why do you think I picked
that room you're in?
Nothing on that system can be
recorded or saved or decrypted.
The judge will accept
our eyewitness testimony.
Mm. Maybe. Who knows?
Yeah. Well, these two aren't
getting any younger, are they?
I bet they'd be willing to testify
for a more lenient sentence.
You don't get it, Alex.
You think just because you got
me locked up, I can't reach you?
Keep me in this cell. It
doesn't matter. Here, I'm free.
Wherever you go, whatever
you do, I'm coming to get you.
Give it your best shot, Water-douche.
Your false bravado doesn't fool me.
I know you're scared.
So you better grow eyes
in the back of your head
'cause you ain't gonna
know when it's coming.
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