Almost Paradise (2020) s02e10 Episode Script


Hey! Alex!
You made it.
Ah, hard to believe
it's finally happening.
Yeah, I know.
She's going to be amazing.
Running her own undercover
task force in Manila.
She worked hard for this promotion.
Well, she deserves it.
Damn right, she does.
Isn't that right, Chief?
What was that?
- Detective Alamares.
- Yes.
- The champagne's arrived.
- Great! Okay.
- Excuse me, Alex.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Wow! Well, this is nice, huh?
Yeah, uh, it's too much.
Honestly, it's embarrassing.
Well, everybody's happy for you.
- I'm happy for you.
- Are you?
Of course. What do you mean?
- Nothing.
- Look,
this job is a huge recognition
of all your hard work, your talent.
I'm gonna miss you.
Alex, you're making
too much of all of this.
I'm not moving to
Denmark. It's just Manila.
We'll still see each other, right?
I don't know about that.
I put the gift shop up for sale.
You did? Why?
My benefit program ending and then,
the ex-wife signing over the
family ranch in Texas back to me,
just, there's nothing
keeping me here
What do you mean "now"?
If I could have everyone's
attention for just a second, please.
Thank you. Thanks.
I would like to say
something about my partner,
my dear friend, Detective Kai Mendoza.
I was assigned to partner with Kai
from her first day on the force.
They thought an old vet
like me would be a good match
for a young, overly ambitious
rookie. Remember that day, Chief?
And over time, I've had the special
privilege of watching her grow
into one of the finest detectives
this island has ever seen.
So, I would like for you
to join me in a toast
as we wish Detective Mendoza
great success and prosperity
in her new endeavor.
To Kai!
- Thank you.
- Come here.
Say a few words to your fans.
- No. No, no.
- Come on. Come on.
- Kai! Kai! Kai! Aw
- Thank you, but no.
I'm sorry to be doing this now, Kai.
But we knew we could do it here safely.
Alex Walker, you're
under arrest for robbery,
grand larceny, and attempted murder.
- What?!
- Chief!
Is this some kind of joke?
I only wish it was.
What's going on?
My name is Alex Walker. I'm ex-DEA.
One of my first assignments
took me to an isolated beach
right here on this island.
I sold what little I had and
bought myself a gift shop.
Just peace, no stress, no drama.
Boy, was I wrong.
What did he do?
He shook down this
drug dealer for money,
nearly beat him to death.
- Wait!
- Hey!
Come here!
Thought you were
supposed to be on a plane.
Not till tomorrow. Why would
Alex do that? It makes no sense!
He lost his government payments
and his gift shop
wasn't doing very well.
He saw a chance to make a score
and go back home with
money in his pockets.
I don't buy it. You're
not telling us everything.
Show me the evidence!
- I can't.
- Why not?
Because you don't work
here anymore. Excuse me.
Chief! Chief, Chief! We know Alex.
We've been through hell
and back with this guy.
This accusation does not ring true.
Remember, the first time
Alex came to this island
was because he was mentally
unstable. Perhaps he had a relapse!
Let me look into it. Okay?
I'll get to the bottom of it.
Please, Chief he's my friend.
That's exactly why you can't get
involved! It's a conflict of interest!
Stay out of this! Ernesto,
that's a direct order!
So you must be the ex-DEA
agent we were told about.
There's been another murder.
Where this time?
In the showers. It's
Patricio, the old guy.
They cut his throat.
Watch your back, ex-DEA man.
Witness declarations.
But please, this has to be the last one.
I can get in a lot of trouble
for showing these to you.
Alex is accused of shaking down
small-time drug dealer Miko Cabrero,
who's being treated at a
secret hospital location.
Allegedly, Alex watched him make
a sale, followed him into an alley,
pistol-whipped him, and shook him
down for a large amount of cash.
- I've got the witness report.
- Mm-hmm.
Two people said they
overheard the whole thing.
We have to talk with them.
They're listed as anonymous.
The report says they
recovered the cash Alex took
and are having it analyzed
by a forensics team in Manila.
Yeah. Do you think this
is some sort of a frame-up?
Could Chief Ocampo be right?
Maybe we don't know
Alex Walker after all.
Alex Walker?
- Damn it.
- Sorry.
I heard you were being sent
here. What are you in for?
It's a long story.
I'm sure. You on some secret
undercover mission or something?
Come on, tell me. I can help you.
Not this time, Mikey.
You do know who they're
holding in this prison, right?
- I do.
- There's a lot of dangerous people here.
You need to be careful.
Come with me.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Alex, trust me.
There's some people here
you really need to meet.
Alex Walker!
You remember me?
How 'bout me? You put
us both in this prison.
Me, too. I would not be
here if it weren't for him.
Ex-DEA agent Alex Walker. Remember me?
I'm the one that you threw in that
fire pit made for roasting pigs.
Well, it's good to see
you got out all right.
You know that every single one of
us here are in here because of you!
Yeah. Or, you know, it could've
been major crimes you committed.
I'm just sayin'.
Well, I got something to
say to you, Alex Walker.
Thank you so much!
Yeah. I can't breathe.
Because of you, my life has changed.
Yeah. Ours, too.
Like, it's like we've been given
a second chance to do good things.
I would've been a criminal my
whole life if it weren't for you.
Me, too. And when I'm out, I
can finally pursue my dream
as a singer.
- And he's really good.
- Yeah, really good.
Oh, I know, I've heard
him sing. You guys
you're not holding a grudge?
- No.
- No.
Alex, all of us here
are grateful to you.
And we'll protect you.
You'll protect me?
If we can't talk to witnesses
or even review the evidence,
we need to talk to Alex.
He was transferred from the holding
cells here early this morning.
To where?
Let's find out.
Hurry, we don't have much time.
I'm looking wait wait wait
Transfer papers
- No, no, no, no. No way.
- What? What is it?
They're having Alex wait for
trial at the Cebu Provincial Jail.
They can't put him in there. That's
where they're holding Jace Vargas,
- "The Waterboarder."
- Ocampo signed the transfer papers.
Why would the Chief put Alex
in a prison that Vargas controls
when they know Vargas
has sworn to kill Alex?!
Why would Ocampo want Alex dead?
Unless, unless it's not
Alex he wants to die.
The Waterboarder has tried to kill Alex
at least three times. Even from prison.
Do you think Alex asked Ocampo to
send him there so he can kill Vargas?
The Chief has never been shy
about using extreme measures
to reduce crime on
the island. But murder?
Alex thinks he has to get rid of Vargas
before Vargas comes after him again.
So Alex set this up so
he could kill Jace Vargas?
Those are his main Lieutenants.
But Vargas's gang is huge.
That's why Big-Bones,
here, started his own gang,
for everyone who didn't want to get
dragged into Vargas's web of crime.
They leave you alone?
Most of the time they just let
us do whatever we want to do.
Things have been getting tense.
There've been a couple murders here.
And they blame it on us.
Was it you?
No, I just want to do my time.
We'll try to keep it on the down-low.
But Vargas has half the
guards on his payroll.
He lives like a king in here.
King Rat.
Gather 'round.
In case you haven't
noticed, we're under attack.
We have to be more vigilant than ever.
I still can't believe
they killed Patricio.
He was in his 60s. He was
due to get out next year.
You know Big-Bones's
guys were behind this.
We gotta get revenge!
In due time.
We can't just go start a war.
It'll bring the heat down on us.
We got too much business
going on right now.
We don't need the attention.
Poor Patricio.
Where were you when they killed him?
What do you mean, boss?
Patricio, he was alone in
the showers when they got him.
You were assigned to look after
him. Where the hell were you?!
Are you kidding me? You sent me away.
I told you to get the protection money.
I didn't tell you to leave poor
old Patricio all by himself.
Remember, you
You never leave anyone vulnerable!
Patricio is dead because of you!
Let this be a lesson!
Unless you want them to
take us out, one at a time,
you must stick together!
You must stay loyal!
It's us against everyone!
If we input all the old files, we
can cross-reference all the cases,
get a better overview of everything.
Great, then hackers can get
all the information at once
instead of a piece at a time, huh?
Mm, the new tech's pretty secure, Chief.
Retinal scans, fingerprint verification
your thinking's old school.
If you want to get ahead
here, don't call me "old."
Sorry, boss.
Write up a proposal. I'll
see if we can afford it.
Chief, you've got a
call from Warden Zamora.
I'll take it in my office.
Oh, Warden, it's good to hear from you.
I just wanted you to know that
everything is going on as planned.
I heard there was a murder
shortly before Walker arrived.
We're investigating it.
It could come in handy for us.
I was thinking the same thing.
Just do what you can to help
Walker in his mission. Okay?
As I've said before, this will
solve problems for both of us.
On this we agree.
- Dr. Sanchez?
- Yes? May I help you?
The prison psychologist?
I told you it was her.
Thank God we found you.
Is everything all right?
We've been trying to
reach you for several days,
but apparently we have the
wrong contact information.
Let me explain. We're
from the Governor's office.
The Governor?
You've been named Correctional
Employee of the Year.
Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.
The Governor has awarded
you a free trip to Manila.
Flight and hotel completely paid for.
But the flight leaves in a couple hours.
I know it's so last minute.
As I said, we've been trying so hard
to reach you for the last several days.
I-I don't think I can
The Governor's office has called the
Warden and he is
thrilled about your trip.
You're completely covered.
- I guess, if the Warden's okay with it.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I mean, I haven't seen
my mom in quite some time.
Well, your plane ticket and
hotel information is inside.
Well, thank you! This
is This is so unexpected!
- Yes!
- It is!
- Thank you!
- You're so welcome.
Got my ticket into the prison.
You gave her your plane ticket
and hotel thing, didn't you?
The Manila task force can wait.
You sure you want to be doing this, Kai?
I'm not gonna let Alex
throw his life away.
Aside from normal scrub down,
there was an incident
in here this morning.
I don't want to see any blood or
remnants once you guys are through.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Somebody got killed here this morning?
Yeah. Vargas usually has the
guards block off time just for him.
But I guess, this time, he wasn't here
and one of his guys got shanked instead.
Yeah, well
looks like they cut an artery.
Yeah, they slit his throat. I
saw them taking away the body.
And his chest was bloated
up like a balloon! So gross!
Other than taking a shower, is
that the only time Vargas is alone?
Only in his cell. He spends
a lot of time in there.
But he's got guards on his
payroll who protect him there.
He never leaves?
Not even when there's a C.D.C.
A what?
Contraband Detection and Control.
So when the guards hear about
contraband circulating in a block
they wait until night time,
move everyone out, then toss the cells.
And the doors stay open?
Until the inspection's done.
Everybody else goes out in the
yard, and Vargas stays by himself?
A few of the guards call him out,
but he's paid off enough that
they usually just let him sleep.
Depends who's on duty, really.
Some of these guys you
can't really buy. You know?
Is that one of the incorruptible guards?
We're in.
Afternoon, sir. Sorry.
I, uh
I'm new here.
And I heard you might be the
guard that can help me out.
I'm trying to get my
hands on a cell phone.
And somebody told me
that you might know a guy
in Cell Block One or Cell Block
Two that can sell me one now.
I am happy to make the
right financial arrangements.
Do you want a month in solitary?
Wrong guard.
Wrong guard.
Well, I, uh, I'll take that as a "no."
We need a C.D.C. in
Block One and Block Two.
Toss the cells.
Okay, everybody, this is a C.D.C.!
Get up and move to holding.
Hey! What are you doing here?
We're here to stop you
from ruining your life.
I don't need Wait, wait, who's "we"?
Hey! This way.
Who's there?
I thought you were leaving for Manila.
Yeah. I am.
You're such an idiot!
God, how could you do this?!
Wait. You stayed because
No, don't Don't do all of that.
Not after you and Ocampo
did this behind our backs.
The Warden's involved, too.
Not better.
This is why we couldn't tell you.
Because we would tell
you that it was stupid?
Right. No
Alex, you can't execute people
like you're some sort of vigilante.
You think I'm here to kill Vargas?
You two Who do you
It was her.
Wha If you're not here to kill
Vargas, then why are you here, Alex?
Well, I might as well let
the cat out of the damn
thing you keep a cat in.
Talk, please!
When Vargas took out a hit on
me, Ocampo started looking into
how he was running a criminal
empire from within the prison.
And it was way bigger than
anything we ever imagined.
Okay, this guy has moles in court
systems, police departments, banks.
He's making millions
from inside his cell.
And we were trying to
uncover his entire network
by going straight to the source.
And I was this I was this close
to getting my hands on the
phone with all his contacts.
And you guys blew the operation.
We wouldn't have blown the
operation if we knew what it was.
I still can't believe Chief
Ocampo left us out of it.
He had to leave you out of it.
He thinks there might be a mole
in the Mactan Police Department.
- He suspected us?!
- He trusts you!
He trusts you. He wants the
mole to think that he didn't,
that you didn't know what was
going on, that you were mad at him.
He was trying to keep you out of danger.
But he could risk you?
We figured since Vargas
was trying to kill me,
there was no reason to put
your names on the list as well.
- Still stinks.
- Yeah.
I can't believe this.
He has a problem in house
- and instead of going to us
- Mm-hmm.
After everything we've been
through with him, he goes to you?
What do you want, what
do you want me to say?
He wanted the whole thing
siloed. To protect you.
Well, we're in it now.
Yeah, you're in it now. Any
idea how to get that cell phone?
We have to get Vargas out of his cell.
He'll just take it with him.
Not necessarily.
You have an appointment.
With who?
New psychologist.
Not interested.
They said it's mandatory.
Hey, man. There's a batch of
delicious biko in the mess hall.
First come, first served.
I can't leave.
Yeah, go ahead, I'll
cover you. It's going fast.
- Okay.
- Hey.
I'll be with you in a
minute. Please wait outside.
All right, where is
it? It was right here.
No one keeps me waiting.
I'm here! What's this about?
And five, six, seven, eight
Ooh, ahh!
and right
left, right right, left
Alex Vargas is on his way back.
I found it, but it's not a real phone.
It's set up as an access terminal
into the prison's computer system.
Everything we need is piggybacked
to the administration servers.
- You said the Warden was friendly, right?
- Yeah.
Knowing this, Kai should be able to
access it through the Warden's computer.
Fine. Go. I gotta put this back
before he realizes it's gone.
- Hello, Alex.
- Oh.
Jace Vargas. Man, is this
where they put you up?
What a crazy coincidence, huh?
How's the waterboarding going?
'Cause you know what they say, if
you don't use it, you can lose it.
Warden? You in here?
Come on.
Alex, you honestly think you can come
in here, hunt me down like a caged dog?
I I'm just here for the free food.
You think you're funny.
I know I'm funny.
Let me guess how this
plan's supposed to go.
You fake some criminal act,
something you can easily clear later,
you get someone on the inside
to pull some strings that
ensures you end up here
where you can lay low, watch me,
try to figure out how I operate.
When the time's right, you strike,
take me out and with
me, my entire network.
Who's the funny guy now, huh?
Here's the flaw in your plan, Alex.
You think you snuck in here
so you can finish me off.
But the truth is, I sent for you.
I brought you here so
I can finish you off.
Which is what I'm about to do.
- Nowhere to run to this time, Alex.
- All right, all right
Now you're in my world.
All right, but before you guys,
you know, kill me in your cell,
which is a little incriminating,
maybe we can find some sort of a, uh
a friendlier arrangement.
I don't want a friendly arrangement.
I want the least friendly
end for you possible.
Big-Bones! Big-Bones! Vargas and
his guys have Alex in his cell.
They're gonna kill
him. We need a lockdown.
Yah! What?! What?!
Lock it down. Lock it down, now!
All prisoners, return to your cells.
Well, they're calling
us to dinner, boys.
We better get there
before the mush gets cold.
- What do you say?
- You don't get a last meal.
Everyone! Back to your cells, now!
All prisoners, return to your cells.
I said "everyone."
Yes, sir.
All prisoners, return to your cells.
All prisoners, return to your cells.
Something's happening out
there. We should hurry.
Vargas has been piggybacking off of the
prison system ever since he got here.
Every order he makes is instantly washed
over like it's official prison business.
He can move trucks all over the island.
He can clear funds
through almost every bank.
And he's got contacts at every port.
Look at this list. Oh, my God.
Very nice! Very nice!
Look how they make you all
scatter, like a bunch of rats!
It's almost like they control
this place. Well, they don't!
I control it! This is my world!
This is my prison! It belongs to me!
Everyone belongs to me!
Alex Walker, where are you?!
There's no escape.
Alex is one of us.
If you want to fight one of us
you're gonna have to fight all of us.
Sounds good to me.
If it's a bloodbath you want,
then it's a bloodbath you get!
This is everything!
Everyone on Vargas's network.
Everyone on the take. Names,
bank accounts, payoffs
I don't get it. How can all this be on
the prison system without them knowing?
It can't.
Stop! Stop!
Vargas! You want to fight
somebody, you fight me!
This is between me and you.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.
Right now. You and me, one on one.
Unless you don't have the stones.
Why would I fight you? I
ain't got nothing to prove.
I don't want to get my
hands dirty. Finish him.
It's because you're a little man.
These guys have been fighting
your battles for so long.
Without them, you're just a coward.
You're on the take, too?
How much did Vargas pay
you for your integrity?
My integrity? Oh, my.
You really don't know how
the world works, do you?
Warden, working for
Vargas is not worth it.
You think I work for Vargas?
Vargas works for me.
You want to fight me?
Yeah. You just let me
know when you want
Okay, let's fight
Oh, you're cheating, huh?
- Oh!
- A cheater
You know what, cheater's
never What was the word?
Get him!
You sure you want to keep
going with this, Jace?
Because I really don't want to totally
humiliate you in front of all your men.
What am I talking about? Of course
I do. So we finish this right now!
Let's finish it.
Not so funny now, are you?
No, the funny part's over.
But you're gonna wish it wasn't.
Kill him! Kill him now! I'll pay
everybody double for two months!
He'll pay you until
he decides to kill you.
What are you talking about?
How many of your own guys
have died recently, Vargas?
Huh? How 'bout Patricio? Ask Patricio
Oh, you can't ask Patricio.
Nah, they killed Patricio.
They didn't kill him.
Vargas killed Patricio.
That's how he keeps you guys
all in line. Keeps you loyal.
You guys, got you running scared,
huh? And Patricio knew this.
And he was going to the
Warden with this information,
but Vargas found out about it.
He lured him in the shower
where he was guaranteed privacy.
Vargas killed Patricio.
Don't listen to him. He's
lying. I got witnesses.
Glasses, tell 'em!
What? No. You sent me away.
You told me to collect the
protection money, right?
That's what I did.
You were with Patricio.
- It wasn't me. It wasn't me!
- Yeah, it was you, Jace, it was you.
How do you know for sure?
'Cause we were in charge of
cleaning up the blood in the shower.
The coagulation texture in
the blood led me to believe
this guy was dead long
before Jace cut his throat.
You see, there's something you
don't know about Jace Vargas.
He has kind of a sick fetish. He
likes to watch his victims drown.
That's why they call him
The Waterboarder, huh?
Mikey, what'd you say the body
looked like when they wheeled it out?
His chest, it was all
bloated up like a balloon.
Yeah, common reaction to drowning.
You see, Jace bent the shower
head, shoved Patricio's face in it
and filled his lungs up with water.
And you enjoyed every minute of it,
didn't you, you sick son of a bitch?
But the drowning would've
pointed back to him.
So he cut his throat.
Hide the cause of death.
Don't listen to him! Kill him!
Kill him!
You killed Patricio.
Detective Ernesto Alamares.
You work for Ocampo?
Complicates things, doesn't it?
On the contrary, it's perfect.
His rogue cops screwed up Alex's bust
and got you all killed in the process.
Ocampo won't believe
it. He isn't stupid.
Oh, yes, he is.
How do you think I was so easily
able to take Walker into my prison?
It was your idea?
Of course it was!
Giving Walker to Vargas allowed
me to acquire Vargas's businesses.
Vargas only cared about killing Walker.
He was happy to make the trade with me.
Now, I own it all.
And within the safety of this prison,
I can run it without suspicion.
I'd put that down if I were you.
Chief, how long were you listening?
I've been outside the door
for the last five minutes.
More than long enough.
Kai uncovered all the evidence
in the prison computers,
even the names of all his
accomplices and informants.
Including the mole coming from
inside our own police department.
- Mm, nice work.
- Yeah.
I never really liked that one.
Don't listen to him.
Kill him! Kill him now!
Do as I tell you!
I I'm Jace Vargas!
I'm The Waterboarder!
Come back! Come back!
It's over, Jace.
No, it's not. You didn't kill me.
I didn't kill you. I
killed your reputation.
For a man like you,
that's worse than death.
You're done.
Take him back to his cell.
You lived up to your
word and kept Alex safe.
- I told you we could!
- Wait, wait, wait a minute.
You were in on this, too?
Of course. I suspected the Warden
was dirty from the beginning.
And I couldn't send you here
without someone watching your back.
Now, uh, about that early release
I'll talk with the Governor.
Thank you for showing up for me.
Next time, just tell us what's going on.
- All right? All right.
- Promise.
Get that checked out.
I know you're just gonna
try and say something funny.
And it's just gonna be annoying.
But I know all you
really want to say is
thank you.
you're welcome. Okay?
Grab these
So I guess I'm sticking around.
What made you change your mind?
Just thought about what's
really important to me and
it wasn't being in Manila.
And you're happy with this decision?
I'm at peace with it.
Alex, they want you to
sign the contract now.
So I can fax it back to them.
All right. Well, give it to me.
Is that the sale of the gift shop?
This is a deed to the ranch in Texas.
I got a really great offer on it.
I'm glad you're staying, Kai.
We would've really missed you.
I would've missed you, too.
So you're not selling the gift shop.
Nah, these people need snow globes.
So you're staying, too?
Of course.
Now that I got a reason to.
Hey, you two. Come on, we
gotta finally have that toast.
Thank you, Chief.
To Kai Mendoza. We're
so glad you're back.
It's like you never left.
She didn't.
To Kai.
To Kai.
You can't break up a good thing.
- No.
- No.
It's just not done, right?
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