Alpha Males (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

I Feel Kind of Deconstructed

[classical music playing]
Hello, honey, I'm back home.
[Raúl] Hello, sweetheart.
Look, the kids are here.
The kids?
- Hey!
- Hey! What's going on?
Oh, fuck. It's been forever, my dude!
Because the two of you
are boring and married.
- Oh, shut up. You're jealous.
- [laughing]
I think we should toast.
Grab yourself a beer, bro.
- Easy, Luis.
- Go grab a beer.
No beer tonight. I have an interview
tomorrow, and I wanna be ready.
Seriously? Aren't you a buzzkill?
But we're here for once.
Doesn't it bother you that we're old
and none of us have jobs? [chuckles]
- Well, you have money, though, right?
- Yeah, but don't you have any pride, man?
I guess. I feel kind of broken down.
Jesus, nothing's gone right
since we took that damn course.
That's 'cause you didn't understand it.
I have Patrick's number.
Should we call him?
- Time to go.
- What? Hey, hold on.
You can at least
let us finish our beers, right, man?
No matter how hard you try,
you're not gonna find work.
You've been cancelled.
You taught that virility course.
It's your own fault.
No, Daniela leaving him
on a live video is what did him in.
Shh! Don't mention Daniela.
He's not over it.
You're the one who never got over Luz.
Well, okay, but I'm honest.
I'm a man that owns his vulnerability. Ha.
- Good job.
- Yeah.
Bro, good job. Hmm.
[Luis] Hmm.
[Esther] You didn't get groceries?
- Wait, when?
- [Ulises] Mom!
[Esther] After you drop them at school.
I can't go shopping for us today.
I go in at eight. I told you that.
But I have driving tests in Móstoles.
- [Ulises] Mom.
- What?
I threw up a little.
That school is a breeding ground
for a bunch of diseases.
- [Esther sighs]
- [Luis] What are you doing?
You're so gullible.
It's just bread he mushed together.
- Ulises.
- Go to school to learn to lie better.
He doesn't want to go
to school because Adri beats him.
Who's Adri?
A bully who hits everyone.
- Hit them back.
- Have you told them you're being bullied?
What are you saying?
He can't do that. It's social suicide.
Don't you remember how school was?
There are rules there,
just like in prison.
Esther, fighting violence with violence
turns into a masculinity that's toxic.
And that's what that course taught you?
You just behave
and talk to Miss Erika, okay, my boy?
Hey, hey, hey!
I can't drive him to school.
I'll pick them up this afternoon. Go on.
I love you.
My head really hurts.
I think I have a fever.
- Ulises, listen to your mom.
- [door closes]
If anyone starts anything at school,
kick them back on their shin.
Kick them where?
You aim right here
and kick 'em really hard.
Be brave, son.
Then they'll leave you alone. Hmm?
[Blanca] Seven minutes per kilometer.
- Oh! [chuckles]
- It's a good workout.
Yeah, it was. I'm getting better.
- Good morning, sweetie.
- [Santi] Oh!
Wanna go shower?
Uh, no, you can shower first.
I'm gonna stretch.
Dad, I wanna say sorry. I thought
you were emotionally closed off,
but you've done really well
learning to forgive.
Mom looks so happy.
I hate her.
- Huh?
- I stopped loving her.
- You stopped loving her?
- [Santi groans]
Your ten-people theory worked.
So, it's really your fault.
Why did you get with her?
I don't know. I'm just kind of
Can't you tell I'm suffering, honey?
You're always like this.
That's why your nickname is Misery Guts.
No, I'm not. I mean, I don't
I'm empty, you know.
Like, I'm a very horrible person.
I am, and it's even awkward
when I have to make love to her.
So, what will you do?
Well I'll leave her?
What? But she's so calm right now, Dad.
Okay. What can I do?
I really can't live like this.
I get it, but you suck at breakups.
Your last date almost killed you.
She was marvelous.
I just have one request.
Please don't make me move again, eh?
[Blanca] Santi, there's no shower gel.
Oh, damn it, she wants to have sex.
You help her. Help her.
- Help her. Go on.
- Oh my God.
You're an idiot.
Hey, so tell me what to do.
Give me an idea or
- [air crackling]
- [Alfonso] Open wide. I can't see.
- [drill whirring]
- [knock on door]
Alfonso. Hey there.
Shit, Santi.
I'm in the middle of a filling.
Yeah, sure. I'll be quick.
It's just Blanca really misses you, okay?
And she regrets ever leaving you.
I left her.
Oh. No, she's really sorry
for what she did to make you leave her.
And she'd like
to give you another opportunity.
No, for you
to give her another opportunity. Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm. Hold this for me.
[air crackling]
No way.
I've blocked her on all social media.
I feel for you, man.
It's a good thing we got away
from that insane bitch.
Uh, "insane bitch"
is a little patriarchal. Hmm?
Let me know
if you need your teeth whitened. Hmm?
[drill whirring]
[hip-hop music playing]
The way you move that body, body
Girl, just move ♪
Pedro, I'm Ángela. How are you?
Good. My pleasure.
You're the creator
of that virility course, right?
Ma'am, it's already noon.
[Daniela] Leave me alone.
You have the fitting
for the Influencer Awards.
[groans] I'll go tomorrow.
And bring me a croissant with chocolate.
Are you sure?
What about the Eco Bikinis ad?
Are you mothering me right now, Patricia?
No, no, no. I'll go get a croissant.
Let me sleep. You're making me nauseous.
At six o'clock,
you have your book signing.
[exhales] Stupid book.
It's called a deconstructed croquette.
Because that sounds cooler
and more modern.
- It isn't deconstructed. It's just flat.
- Quiet. But this isn't a croquette.
It's it's something else.
It's lost the essence of a croquette.
- That's what I think.
- Hmm. It tastes the same.
- I got the job, my dudes.
- Come again?
The production company.
I'm the new director of fiction.
Oh, damn.
And my boss is fucking awesome.
She doesn't care about my past.
- [bangs table] Come on!
- Way to go, champion.
- Right on! Yeah!
- Amaze-balls, sweetheart.
- Now the mortgage can be covered.
- [laughing]
I [sighs]
Well, I'm done with Blanca.
Oh, no way.
Told you guys.
You each owe me 20 bucks. [laughs]
You guys bet on my relationship?
Hey, I'll win if you hang on for a year.
And what are you gonna tell her?
You're gonna get murdered.
Hey, how did Luz dump you?
- [Luis] Oh, bro.
- [Santi] Hey, man, I want ideas.
[Raúl] Luz didn't leave me.
That was both.
The two of us agreed to take a break.
- Yeah.
- [Pedro] Don't say anything.
Just move out secretly,
and then you can leave her.
- Why's it always gotta be me?
- Well, she won't leave.
- Hey, there's room at Pedro's house.
- Balls, there isn't.
- Patriarchal.
- We going there?
[Raúl] "Unleash Your Inner Goddess."
Hey, your girl has written a bestseller
and is doing a book signing?
Sort yourself out, okay?
I'm not supporting you.
For one thing,
we're not about to sleep together.
Ha. Patriarchal.
[Raúl] Well, why couldn't I be
a house husband? Hmm?
It's a respectable job.
I should get paid for it.
Tell him about the croquette.
Open another restaurant.
The place next door is available.
I've just realized
that I don't like any type of work.
[chuckles] Right.
- When I'm back with Luz, I'll move out.
- Yeah.
[Raúl] What?
She'll fall in love with me.
Uh, the falling in love thing.
I mean, it's not so simple.
- Not like burping.
- Mm-hmm.
It's an intentional act.
And I don't think Luz is desperate
to get back with you anyway.
No, she will.
It's a matter of time. Want something?
Uh, will you tell him
Luz is seeing someone?
You want Esther to kill me, Santi?
Oh, shit. The kids.
[Raúl] Where are you going?
- He's adorable.
- [sighs]
And he wants to take me kiteboarding
in Mauritius.
[scoffs] But I can't. I can't.
No way. Best not to make plans
until his divorce is finalized.
So, you get sexy divorcés with money,
and I get teens with all their issues.
I've got the wrong job.
Have you met anyone?
How's the open relationship?
Would I meet someone? I have no life.
- And Luis?
- I wouldn't know.
I told him not to say anything.
But why? That's why it's fun.
He can't even go to the grocery store.
Where is he finding someone, hmm?
- If I press this, does the car stop?
- [brakes screech]
- Oh shit!
- [laughs] Sorry.
- [Esther exhales]
- [cell phone vibrates]
- "The gross teacher"? [chuckles]
- Erika, what's up?
Ulises kicked Adri on the shin today.
- Oh, yeah? Hmm.
- [exhales]
That must have been painful.
I swear, we told him to speak up
if he was being bullied.
- Well, it seems he didn't listen.
- [Luis groans]
But come on. I mean,
my kid was just defending himself, okay?
If Adri kicked him then, well,
what goes around comes around, right?
[Erika] In this school,
we have a zero-tolerance policy
against violence based around gender.
"Violence around gender?"
He only hit Adrián.
No, no. Adri, like "Adrián."
Adri, like "Adriana."
[Esther sighs]
[woman] You've really helped me.
Since I started doing
your morning routine,
I feel like a whole new me.
That's super, Claudia.
The only thing is
I don't like matcha, so I drink chai.
That works as well.
And also, I bought the cellular rebirth
antioxidant serum that you promoted,
but it doesn't seem to work.
Claudia, sorry, but I have a line.
Oh, sorry. [exhales]
- [Daniela] What's your name?
- [Pedro] Pedro.
Well, you didn't leave any space
on the page for me, Pedro.
[sighs] I thought maybe we could
meet up one day and just talk.
I don't want people to see us.
You screwed up my course
when you humiliated me online.
Hmm. Is that why you're here?
To blame me for it?
- No. I wanted to see how you are.
- I'm great.
Can't you tell? Look at the line.
Well, I'm doing damn well too.
I got a new job.
- Good for you. Here you go.
- Exactly.
[Pedro exhales]
[women chattering]
What's your name?
[woman 2] Carlota.
Hey, I did that cryolipolysis treatment
that you said was magic,
but all my cellulitis returned.
Hey, Luz. What a coincidence.
Oh, right. This is
where you work. [laughs]
You're this close to getting
a restraining order against you.
Yes, I'm here for you,
but it's not what you think.
Oh, no?
It's a legal thing.
I'm opening a new restaurant.
And I was hoping you could
do the paperwork.
- [exhales]
- When'd you get a moped?
I only did your paperwork
because we were together.
Well, yeah. Well, we could
always get back together. Hmm?
I'll see ya.
Forget that. Just help me as a friend.
[scoffs] Since when
have we been friends, Raúl?
Since right now?
[scoffs] Have you registered
the name of the business?
No, I'm still thinking about it.
But you have financing?
Yes. That's all sorted out.
I have an investor.
[engine turns over]
Another restaurant, honey?
Weren't you feeling done
with the food industry?
Because I was burned out, Papa.
This time off has helped me
to reinvent myself.
Doesn't that mean
to start doing something different?
So, will you lend me the money or no?
- Hon, do you like this house?
- Sign for me here and here.
It has two bedrooms.
It's right next to your school. Yes.
I looked into it.
We can move tomorrow, hmm? In secret.
While your mom's at her course,
the self-awareness one, and
Hey, what's that form?
Permission for me to work as a minor.
What do you mean, "We're moving?"
First, we move out. Then I leave her.
What do you mean, you're working?
- Dad, just tell her.
- Where are you working?
Wait, not serving drinks?
You're getting revenge
on Mom for Alfonso. Hmm?
It's not revenge.
Ugh, I don't know what it is, okay?
When guys get dumped, they get so hurt.
Honey, whose side are you on?
Family, a movie and pizza?
Wow, marvelous. Yeah.
- [chuckles]
- I'll get ready, and we can go.
Don't look at me like that.
No. I'm being kind.
It's her turn to leave.
Things are so easy with Iris.
We should have just had girls.
Why are people obsessed
with names that are unisex?
I mean, why don't they
just call her Adriana?
How much time do you save
shortening that name to three letters?
Seriously, try it. Adriana. [scoffs]
Esther, this is serious. We're raising
our son to be a potential abuser.
Oh, God.
Should I call Patrick? Maybe he runs
a deconstruction course for children.
My boy isn't being deconstructed. Hmm?
Stop punishing him. I already told him
he was in the wrong, and he's very sorry.
- Come on.
- No, no, no. I'll go speak with him.
- Right now?
- [Luis] Mm-hmm.
But it's late.
- I kicked her really hard like this.
- [Luis groans]
She burst into tears,
and then she took off.
Well, but don't
you feel sort of bad, son?
Why should I?
She was bleeding.
Wha um
Listen, son, it's not okay to kick.
Especially girls.
But why? Adriana stopped bothering me.
Right. Right, but boys and girls are
different, you know, physically. Hmm?
Us boys are a lot stronger.
We can do more damage.
That's what Mom told me to do.
- [groans]
- Esther?
Did you really tell our son
the solution was to kick Adri in the shin?
- Oh, I was sleeping. Come on.
- You were running away. I saw you.
Okay, yes. It's my fault.
I thought Adri was a boy, okay?
I don't care if it's a boy or a girl.
Violence is never an option.
- I disagree with you.
- Tell Ulises to apologize to her.
Adri should say sorry.
It's on you if he gets expelled.
Okay, fine, tomorrow I'll make sure
he apologizes to that little witch.
Yeah, but we need to be more united.
I don't want Ulises
growing up to be sexist.
That course has brainwashed you.
[Luis sighs]
Oh! [mutters]
We have some of those here.
I like my whiteboard.
Some greats were born on this.
Was Evil Bitch there?
No one understood the irony.
Look, Pedro, I'm well aware that
your projects are a little bit sexist
and bordering on misogynistic.
[Pedro] No, I'm not sexist anymore.
I did a course on the deconstruction
of masculinity.
No, no. Re reconstruct yourself.
- Huh?
- Want our projects to have a counterpoint.
I want them to be feminist,
but not propaganda.
Oh, so I I'm here to be a dude?
Yes, I'll introduce you
to your team. Come on.
- Come on.
- Something rural?
But, Ali, they work really well.
Ali, Olga, Bea, this is Pedro Aguilar,
our new director of fiction.
Good luck.
[chuckles] Okay. Hi, ladies.
[sighs] Tell me what we're working on.
[classical music playing]
[Luis] It's just I really think
- It's just that I can't Here I am.
- [exhales]
- I'm trying to deconstruct.
- [winces]
And my wife is teaching my son
to go through life
beating the crap out of everyone.
- Luis.
- What kind of society are we creating?
We're going backwards,
making things worse.
Adolescents are denying
violence based around gender.
- If we don't educate this generation
- [grunts]
- well, we're gonna have problems.
- [groans, sighs]
- [horns honking]
- That's for sure. Julián, the car, bro.
- Julián!
- [tires screech]
Ooh, shit!
- [bell rings]
- [shouting]
It's her. Oh, shit.
Okay. [clears throat]
Hey! Hi!
You must be Adri's mother.
Yes. And you're the mother of the abuser?
No, listen, Ulises is very sorry,
and he wants
to say sorry to your daughter, right?
- Not really.
- Ulises.
We don't accept apologies from sexists who
don't care about violence based on gender.
Violence based on gender?
Your sperm whale of a daughter's
at least a foot higher than my boy.
- Did you call my daughter a sperm whale?
- You called Ulises an abuser.
And abusers exist 'cause of the education
they get from crappy mothers like you.
- He's being operated on.
- Yeah?
They said the first 24 hours are critical.
And have you spoken with him?
Go back home, Luis.
There's nothing you can do here.
- But it's
- Huh?
You call me as soon as you
know something, please, okay?
Of course.
[cell phone rings]
- Esther.
- [Iris] Hi, Daddy.
Uh, Iris, honey, are you okay?
Mom just kicked Adri's mom on the shin.
It happened outside of the school.
She dropped her cell phone while they
were fighting, and the screen broke.
- Oh, she's coming over.
- [sighs] Put your Mom on, Iris. Ir
[cell phone rings]
- Raúl, I can't talk now.
- [Raúl] Dude, eight o'clock.
Party at my house. I mean, Pedro's house.
But what's the celebration?
To celebrate life, god damn it!
Everything's going so great.
- [line clicks]
- Yeah, sure. Great.
[bell dings]
I'm saying we have to be careful
with stories about revenge with women.
We don't want to stereotype.
- Look, the woman's been raped.
- If she doesn't get revenge, no series.
Okay, sure, but I think
the characters are sort of boring.
Isn't it a stereotype that
the rapist is a son of a bitch?
Uh, what?
Why'd he rape her?
Because he's a son of a bitch.
- 'Cause he has a penis.
- Okay, yes, he's an asshole.
But why is he an asshole?
Hmm? Hmm?
Well, for example, I don't know.
Because [gasps]
Because when he was a young boy,
his grandfather abused him.
That's it. That's a classic.
The old pedo. Kind of like, um, Heidi.
Why can't it be his grandma? Huh?
Grandmas don't abuse. They make cookies.
- Isn't that a cliché?
- [Ali huffs]
We've been working
on this series for months.
Tomorrow, we have to
pitch it to the platform.
Well, it's still early.
We need to think this over. Hmm?
The night is young. Do you like sushi?
- [chuckles]
- [Ali] Yeah, right. Please.
Go ahead and think it over.
I'm heading home right now.
You've never heard of conciliation, right?
I would stay, but if they're going home
Hey, Pedro, how is it?
Did you all get along?
Yes, yes. They have potential.
You're going to love working here.
I promise you.
- Hey, Pedro. Roberto, from payroll.
- Hey.
- [laughs]
- [Roberto] Another guy, at last.
We needed some testosterone around here.
- This place is full of estrogen.
- Pardon.
This company is full of skirts.
Go for a drink? And I'll give you a list
of the ones that aren't lesbos.
I have too much work.
Not tonight, but next time.
Okay. Whenever you want, Peter.
- [laughing]
- [chattering]
[laughing] Long time, no see, dude.
How's it going, honey?
- What a great house.
- Yeah.
[women chattering, laughing]
- [woman] How many drinks have you had?
- Excuse me.
- [woman 2] Oh, who knows? A good amount.
- Santiago!
- Sorry, sorry.
- Huh? Excuse me.
- Why did you invite Diego?
- Because you said to invite who I wanted.
Girls, Santi.
Do I have to explain it to you?
- Raúl, I don't know any girls, dude.
- What about Tinder?
- All my Tinder girls here? Are you insane?
- [Esther] Where have you been?
The hospital. Julián had a heart attack,
and they're operating now.
- Yeah, right.
- If you answered your phone
What happened?
Was he chasing a criminal in a shoot-out?
Oh, no. He was sitting in the patrol car.
We just had some coffee, but you know
Okay, but if he dies,
they'll say it was "in the line of duty."
Won't they make him a hero?
What do you mean, "if he dies"?
He's younger than me.
- Let's get some wine.
- [Santi] Young people die sometimes.
Your mom is at home.
She's watching the kids.
- What?
- [Esther] Mmm!
[Luis] Hey, by the way, honey, uh,
did you kick Adri's mom
outside of school today?
- Did the other parents see you?
- You got a call from Erika?
- No, Iris with your phone, which also
- Hmm.
How many times are you
gonna break your phone screen?
- It was self-defense for our son.
- Right.
I defended us.
It's all on camera.
In the group chat, there are seven videos.
- What?
- You shouldn't have silenced it.
Now I get it. Ulises doesn't need
a deconstruction course I guess.
- It's you who does.
- You calling me masculine?
No, I'm saying
you're the one who has toxic masculinity.
- How about we enjoy the party, dear?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll drink to that. [inhales]
- [Luis] Yeah.
- [chattering]
- [laughing]
What's going on?
[huffs] What?
- Did you get the ice?
- What ice?
I left you a message.
Who are all these people, dude?
I have work.
Exactly, we're celebrating
things going well.
You got a job.
I'm gonna open a restaurant.
And I'll get back with Luz.
Raúl, she's seeing someone.
- Who?
- Luz.
- My Luz?
- [Pedro] She's not your Luz, fucking hell.
Get over it.
You're making a fool of yourself.
Yeah, it's hard for heteros
to find love, but for gays even more.
I mean, with, you know,
the whole dark rooms and all that stuff.
- [laughs]
- I mean, the magic kind of goes away.
I wouldn't know. I've never been to one.
- Oh, no?
- No.
I think they're gross, you know.
Oh, yeah?
I thought it was like
a kind of gay initiation ritual, isn't it?
Come on, you can get your ID
without an exam.
Go to the Ministry of Equality.
You pay their fee
and get your gay certificate.
- [cell phone rings]
- There's a fee? Hang on.
Excuse me. Oh, shit.
- [rock music playing]
- [chattering, laughing]
- Luz isn't single?
- What?
- That's what Pedro said.
- Blanca's calling.
Santi, yes or no?
Oh, ask Luis. He's the informer.
Hey, honey. Hey.
[Blanca] Hey, the removal guy is here
to give us a quote.
What removal guy?
Dad, just be honest.
Santiago, what's happening, dear?
- Can I take the table apart?
- Shh!
No, listen. [chuckles]
I was gonna tell you it all today.
I swear. When I get home
Where are you at?
Where do you think I am?
Doing an evaluation in San Chinarro.
He's at a party at Pedro's.
Are you partying
with our friends without me?
- No, no, no, no. Blanca Blanca! Blanca.
- [line clicks]
Oh, God.
- Hey, why did you tell Raúl about Luz?
- It was Pedro.
Paco, listen,
what are you doing in my house?
- I told you to come Wednesday.
- It is Wednesday.
- How do you know she's seeing someone?
- Esther.
- Dude, shut it.
- Doesn't matter. He knows about it.
- Paco!
- Oh, so they talk?
- What am I supposed to do?
- Who is this guy?
- Listen, Raúl, I don't know anything else.
- Just ask Esther.
Oh, no, she'll kill me.
Hey, guys, hey! You invite all
these people and then leave me alone?
- Listen. Uh, just one thing.
- Wait, no, Raúl! Wait. Raúl!
- Could I spend the night here?
- [scoffs]
- [cell phone rings]
- Pedro! Fuck sake, my phone again?
Oh, man, here we go. What?
[Álex] Mom is on her way.
No, she shouldn't come.
No, she's already left. I'm giving you
a heads-up 'cause I love you.
- [line clicks]
- [exhales] No.
Luz, I found out you're seeing someone.
And I'm not hurt by that.
What hurts is that you lied.
It's so sad we can't be good friends.
Nothing, no big deal. I'll clean up.
[Patricia] Sir.
Patricia! [exhales]
Oh, thank God, you've come back.
All right, someone broke something.
No, I'm here because Daniela is not well.
She's depressed, irritable.
- I think she's experiencing burnout.
- What?
I found it on the Internet.
It's caused by work-related stress
that gives you
a feeling of generalized exhaustion.
Come on, what are you
telling me for, Patricia?
I mean, listen,
tell her she can read her book
and unleash her inner goddess.
I know you both still love each other.
Give another chance to your love!
[Diego] How are things going with Luz?
No more Luz. I'm done with her.
Now, I'm gonna focus more on my career.
But didn't you sell the restaurant?
Uh, no. She sold it for a euro.
I'm opening a new one.
I already got it financed.
Got the money from my parents.
It's kinda sad.
You don't need a partner, do you?
You know someone who wants
to invest in my gastrotheque?
Tell me about it. I could be interested.
[Luz] Why tell Luis I'm seeing someone?
It's because we have
nothing else to talk about.
Your life is a lot
more interesting than ours is.
A toxic Raúl,
just what I needed right now.
But, I told him not to tell anyone.
Well, turns out
your husband has a big mouth.
I'll never tell you anything.
Yeah, a heart attack.
Yeah, and he's younger than me too.
So we we have to enjoy life.
Like your community. No kids.
- No commitments.
- Why did you have to tell Raúl?
- Huh?
- But I didn't say anything. It was Santi.
- Why did you tell Santi?
- No, it was Pedro.
It was because I thought that I could
trust this guy, all the guys.
So, you told all these fools?
Great job, Luis. Very nice.
- Esther. But, Esther
- We will be talking at home later.
Why is she the one
who can always get upset?
- I can't
- Shh!
- I can't do this anymore.
- Hey, hey, I just saw Blanca.
Huh? Now? No fuck Tell her I left.
- She's right there.
- Where? Oh!
Uh, Blanca. It's good that you came
because we need to talk.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, no way.
Yes, it's just that
I mean, I don't know what you think, okay?
But, uh, the thing is,
you and me, I think that something's not
I mean, I think that we [groans]
I think that we may have
gotten back together a little too soon.
If we give it some time
- You're leaving me. That's it.
- [sighs] Leaving?
Uh, hmm, a bit, you know.
Well, I mean, if you agree with me.
[clears throat] I understand.
You serious?
Yes. [gasps]
But this time you don't
have to be the one moving out.
Because it's my turn, right?
[chuckles, exhales]
[gasps] But if it's okay,
I might need a little time
to find somewhere to go, yes?
Of course.
- Yes, of course. Come here.
- [exhales]
- [sobbing]
- Shh! No, no, no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, Blanca, Blanca, Blanca.
You were doing so well.
No. You were handling it so well.
No, no. Shh! Blanca, wait, hang on.
Breaking up after getting back together?
Your spirit is vengeful
and very patriarchal. Hmm.
You have no idea.
- [knock on door]
- Blanca, do you wanna eat something?
- There are mini croissants. With avocado.
- [Blanca] Leave me alone! I'm begging.
No, I don't trust Diego.
He might have some other motive with this.
Well, look on the bright side.
You can't fuck it up by screwing his wife.
- Would you mind going home?
- [laughing]
I'm here trying to humanize a rapist.
Hmm, so your job isn't going well?
Not that great.
It's all girls and a pig, man.
You serious? Any photos?
You wouldn't like them. They're writers.
Have you guys realized that
we're halfway through our lives?
And what's left is bad.
Hmm, I don't know if this is
the best time to get depressed.
[Pedro] Raúl,
I won't forgive you for this.
I found two people screwing
in my bathroom.
- Esther and Luis made up in your bed.
- What? When did
At Ulises' birthday party.
The hide-and-seek winner found us.
- [laughing]
- Ugh, that's so damn gross, dude.
- [sighing]
- Ah, life is so absurd.
Come on, guys. Get up.
[groans] Who's coming in for a swim? Hmm?
- All right. We'll do it this time.
- Huh?
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
[all] Hey!
The idiot jumped in again.
You did it again, bastards?
- Come on, guys, help me clean up. [scoffs]
- [Raúl] Yeah.
This place is a wreck.
You need to hire a new maid.
Isn't that patriarchal?
I'm gonna do some laps now.
Swimming is good for the heart.
[classical music playing]
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