Alpha Males (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

On a Monday?

[classical music playing]
And these go
in the main walk-in closet, right?
All up there.
If it doesn't fit, then the guest bedroom.
If not there, the garage.
I don't remember this much clothing.
[Daniela] Brands send me clothes now, hon.
Uh, at least they used to.
I find it insulting
that Stefan can stay here, but I can't.
Do you really need two maids here?
Where are we, Downton Abbey?
Well, Daniela was feeling bad
about firing him.
- Not about kicking me out.
- Hasn't mentioned you at all.
Sweetie, can I put some of your
workout clothes out in the hallway here?
- Don't need to be hung up.
- Of course, honey. Whatever you want.
Friends are nothing but placeholders
until you have a girlfriend.
You asked to move in.
You're really hurting my feelings now.
And I've been crying way more often.
What are you doing?
- Taking my PlayStation.
- You don't have to go in such a rush.
Not gonna stick around
where I'm not wanted.
- [cell phone rings]
- [sighs]
[Ángela] You don't mind
my calling on a Sunday?
Me, why? We're a couple of workaholics.
Because I've been rereading
this pilot, and I have a few notes.
You don't like it?
Thought we already approved it though.
I just feel like
Pablo's character is really stupid.
He's this big macho guy, then he gets
all complex. I don't like that guy.
And I'm taking the inflatable duck!
You're dripping everywhere,
dumbass. [exhales]
- Pedro?
- Yes. Hey, I'm sorry.
It's just I don't understand
why everyone hates his character.
Oh, why don't you come over,
and we'll discuss?
Wouldn't it get too distracting
with the kid running around?
No, Oliver is with his grandparents.
If you don't mind,
let's do it tomorrow at work instead.
Okay. So, not much of a workaholic
after all.
Who was that?
Uh, my mother. She's so happy you're here.
Hmm. And you?
I'm happy as well.
[Daniela] Mm.
I don't get why you're holding
onto your apartment downtown.
It's just in case, so I have somewhere
to go on days when I want a break.
So is this a trial period or what?
It's cruel, but yeah.
[both chuckle]
[Pedro exhales]
And I'm taking this cocktail shaker too.
Is he crying now?
- Yogurt and huh, what's this here?
- Pieces of fruit.
Whoa, Esther has really
bad handwriting, my God.
What a completely dumb idea it was
to come grocery shopping.
Get a different fabric softener.
That one messed up my washing machine.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I guess we do look
like a bunch of sissies out here.
We know you are
for taking back your girlfriend.
Daniela's aware that you give
your boss foot massages at work?
She even calls me on Sundays.
Yeah, though you
decided not to report that.
Have you ruled out
giving her a regular bang?
Talk to her. She's a smart woman.
I'm sure she'll back off.
Get some pizza.
Oh, yeah? What should he say?
"You mind cooling it
with the flirting? I'm not interested."
She's his boss.
Say you're back with your girlfriend.
Problem solved.
Actually, that's a good idea.
What's he doing?
What the hell, man?
My favorite thing is
picking out some rando,
putting stuff in their cart,
watching their face at checkout.
- You motherfucker.
- [laughs]
Have you finally gotten laid or not?
Again? I haven't had a chance to.
Or you haven't realized
you gotta read the signals.
Pressuring your buddy to go and get laid
is yet another form of toxicity.
The signals are nonverbal.
- Ladies communicate subtly.
- [cell phone rings]
- What do you mean "nonverbal"?
- [Santi] Oh, Patrick!
Oh my God, it's Patrick.
Patri Hey, Patrick!
Start touching their hair like this.
They lick their lips,
or they fidget their hands.
Or uncross their legs.
- Or they'll ask you to rub their feet.
- [chuckles]
Awesome, that's great, motherfuck
uh, man, oh, man, I meant.
I'll tell him now.
Very cool. Great to talk to you, Pat.
[chuckles] He just finished
making the new course for boys.
He loved my idea. Oh, I'll send you
the link so you can register Ulises.
- [Luis] Mm-hmm.
- [chiming]
- Whoa! Super Like. [laughs]
- Check this guy out!
Holy shit.
I guess I just matched with Blanca.
Which Blanca? His ex? [chuckles]
Hmm. You what? What?
You matched? You "liked" her?
To be polite
'cause she gave me a Super Like.
Blanca wasted a Super Like on you?
Mm. She wants to go get dinner.
- What the hell, dude?
- Relax. God, I'm not gonna do anything.
- So why meet up with her?
- I don't know. Just as friends.
He'll fuck her, right?
- [laughing]
- Yeah, but you're not friends.
Okay, fine. We won't go out.
It's not like I even care, dude.
The fact that you considered it
at all hurts me. Raúl, it hurts me.
This here could be the end
of our friendship.
That goes for all of you.
- What's that got to do with us?
- You laughed too.
- Dude, she's your friend's ex.
- [Raúl] Mm.
What would you do
if Santi went out with Luz?
- Knock him out.
- Well.
Look, look, look. [laughing]
- Raúl, are you ever gonna grow up?
- Not a chance.
That's good. And thanks.
Are you okay?
- Yes. What?
- You just seem a little absent.
You haven't been coming over as often.
Maybe I've overwhelmed you
with the baby stuff.
No, no, no. Not at all.
It's because of Álvaro, right?
- Huh?
- [Héctor] You can't stand him.
Luz, I do notice certain things.
Okay, it's, um, not that I don't like him.
It's just that he seems a bit lost.
Poor fellow. Just a kid.
Yeah, he's a kid.
I worry about him,
but he told me that he's met someone.
Ah, that's great.
Maybe he'll get lucky.
Imagine if he makes me a grandfather?
But, Héctor, do you wanna be
a father or a grandfather?
[chuckles] I want both,
so they can play together.
No, no, I'm not getting my hopes up.
Álvaro's a lost cause.
Well, that's just
the impression that I get.
I think he's still dealing
with old traumas.
You know, his mother abandoned us
when he was still a newborn.
You've never mentioned that.
[Héctor] So as a result, he's always
getting involved with older women.
He's looking for a mother.
Poor thing.
[Esther panting]
You went and fucked
an immature, traumatized little boy, huh?
Well, congratulations.
You're now officially a MILF.
No, because I'm not a mother.
Well, then an "ILF."
Hey, can we sit down here?
I know it's wild,
but I have to breathe when I'm talking.
- We've been running for ten minutes.
- Ah, there you go.
Listen, I've done some thinking about
your situation. And I have a theory.
The thought of having a kid terrifies you.
And so you're sabotaging
your relationship with this silver fox guy
since you think being a mother
is a betrayal of who you are,
of your principles, of your career,
of your body, of your sex life.
- No. Not at all.
- Mm.
I wish I'd had an honest friend
who'd open my eyes when I needed it.
It's like, I left Raúl for being childish,
and now I'm the childish one.
I like you more now
that you're less perfect.
[both laugh]
- So how's your open marriage?
- It's fucking great.
- Not been hit on once.
- [chuckles]
All right, come on.
I'm getting cold. Let's go.
[Esther] God, look at this bitch.
That ass on her. Wait!
- Come on!
- [Esther groans]
So, you still mad or what?
My God! Why do you do that? Come on.
Have you decided though?
Is our thing serious?
Do we celebrate our anniversary now?
Uh, Paula, this isn't
a good place to talk, you know.
So, how about you invite me over?
Tonight? Hmm?
That way I can meet your kid,
the one you go to the movies with.
- Uh, my place? You mean, uh, where I live?
- Mm-hmm.
And I can check
if you lower the toilet seat.
Yeah. No, it's just, uh, look, ever since
we separated, my place's been a disaster.
You know? I clean. I do.
I do. It's pristine. Really, it is,
but I don't have the time to
- Santi.
- What's up?
- Is there something you're trying to hide?
- Me? I've got nothing to hide.
Well, you're inviting me over.
"Course for the prevention
of toxic masculinity in children"?
Yes. The idea's to handle problems
before they arise.
And the most important thing is education.
- I gave him the idea.
- No, the idea came from Santi.
But it was all thanks to my son,
who sexually assaulted
his daughter because of porn.
You let your son watch porn?
- No, I just meant
- [Erika] I love the idea.
- Feels very modern.
- [Patrick] Perfect.
Yeah, and I'm actually a police officer,
so I could work with him
and tell the students about safe driving.
But what does safe driving
even have to do with toxic masculinity?
Well, testosterone actually
causes many accidents.
- [chuckles]
- [Erika] Hmm.
If you like the idea, let's agree
on a date for me to come and give a talk.
Well, we could even do it tomorrow.
They'll be overjoyed when I tell them
they're not having math class.
- [laughing]
- Tomorrow, perfect. Good. Hey, great.
Whew! I'm, uh
I'm getting a little nervous
because kids can be quite
a demanding audience, hmm?
- [cell phone rings]
- Excuse me for one minute.
Yes, Patrick Garay speaking.
No, I'm not happy with the
with the service.
No, no, honestly, I'm not a free iPad?
- Excuse me.
- Of course.
[Patrick] Listening.
Patrick is so great. He deconstructs you
like a genius. [chuckles]
- You've surprised me, Luis.
- Mm.
And I just wish all dads
took such a proactive approach
to addressing the problems
their kids encounter.
You know, I'm just a man of action.
[both laugh]
[clears throat]
I'm overwhelmingly bored
with you, Anthony.
Your presence makes me
hate you, the way that you speak,
the way that you eat, the way you breathe.
I miss feeling alive.
I don't feel anything. Nothing!
Kiss me.
No! No! No! No!
I don't believe any of it, Esther.
It's just that I don't
It's the kiss. I'm not really feeling it.
- It's the climax of the scene.
- Yeah, but
[instructor] Madeleine is desperate
to finally feel something.
Yeah, yeah. Mm.
[instructor] Because of her marriage,
she's drowning in misery.
But but I'm old enough to be his mother.
- Connect with your imagination.
- Okay.
Have you never been
in a relationship that's ruined?
- That's dying?
- Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yes.
The anger.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- [instructor] The impotence, desperation.
That fear that she'll never feel anything
ever again.
- [sobbing]
- Yes, there you go!
I used to feel like I was living.
Now I feel nothing!
- Now, kiss me! [gasps]
- [both moaning]
That's it! That's the Madeleine
that I wanted to see.
- So
- Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. It's just I really
got into the role of Madeleine.
Don't worry about it.
I wasn't expecting the raspy tongue,
but it did feel very organic.
- Uh, want a drink?
- [Esther] Hmm.
On a Monday?
Luis, hey, you pick up the kids.
We're staying late
to rehearse some really intense scenes.
You're seriously gonna jeopardize
your dream career
for a relationship
that most likely won't even pan out?
But I like Paula a lot.
Things are serious.
Yes, I'm in love. What's wrong with that?
Boy. The hell?
She wants to come here for dinner.
Here, um to eat here.
And Mom. Don't let her find out.
You're really gonna hurt her.
What do you mean?
Isn't she on body number eight?
For sure. She still needs two
to forget about you.
- Is she meeting someone tonight?
- Move. Let's see.
She writes them down here?
That's to get in my head.
There's a Raúl, but she crossed it out.
How's it going, dude?
Uh, hey, I was thinking it over,
and I wanted to apologize for what I said.
I had a toxic masculinity moment.
Blanca isn't my property, obviously,
so you can take her out
whenever you feel like it, okay?
- Tonight, for example. You got any plans?
- Ooh! I really feel like staying home.
You sure? Might lose
your shot with her man, hmm?
'Cause I know she has
over 100 likes on her profile.
- Is she trying to fuck? Just ask her.
- She gave you a Super Like, you idiot.
But maybe she just
Super Liked me for revenge.
[splutters] Can you just go out, asshole?
She likes you.
But does she give head?
I know she didn't before.
So, I'm going to
that dinner I mentioned earlier.
[Daniela] Hmm.
Good luck, honey.
Feeling nervous?
A little. It's just these coproduction
agreements are never easy to settle.
- Everything will be fine. You'll see.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, all right. I'll be back later.
- Well, I sure hope so.
- [chuckles]
Sir, ma'am, I'm sorry
to bother you like this.
Tell me, Patricia, quickly.
I really don't need
any help with the house.
It's much more work with Stefan here.
He keeps moving things around.
And he doesn't understand
how to properly fill the dishwasher up.
Patri, just show him how.
But he just won't listen.
Well, then you
should speak louder. I'm out.
Baby, don't get nervous.
You'll start sweating.
I'll try not to.
- I love you.
- Wait up! Heading downtown?
What's up? Don't you have a car?
I'm outta gas, and I wanna drink.
- [Pedro clears throat]
- [engine turns over]
She's pretty chill about you going out
to dinner with your boss, huh?
Shut up, asshole.
- Mom, I'm on shift till ten.
- [Ulises] I got you!
[Marga] They don't listen.
These kids just will not listen.
They haven't had a shower, nor dinner.
You stop that, damn it!
Kids, listen to your grandmother!
Tell Esther to come and sort this out.
It's her job.
Well, she can't. She's at rehearsal.
- [Iris] Stop doing that. Come on. Get off!
- Public intox.
- Mom, gotta go. Something's come up.
- [Marga] This is the last time, okay?
- The cops. Run. Run!
- [crowd clamoring]
Guys, on a Monday? Really?
Come on, scram. Scram!
Hey, take your bottles, guys.
I'm not picking up after your shit!
Come on, move it!
[Esther exhales]
[Luis] Esther.
Oh, hey. [exhales]
Shh, don't worry.
This is my husband and his lover.
- [laughing]
- [Luis splutters]
- Esther, please, put that out.
- Hey, can you take me home?
- I'm so stoned right now.
- [grunts]
Hey! Hey [hisses]
God damn.
What did you tell your wife?
Me? Nothing.
- We do have an open relationship.
- Hmm.
She thought that you and I,
with all that time in CrossFit,
she thought that, uh,
there was something there.
[Rocío] Hmm.
It's not like we'd be
the first colleagues that [chuckles]
You know, all these hours
we're together and the close proximity.
- Huh?
- Hmm.
- No?
- No.
What are you doing?
This bouquet is too floral.
It doesn't fit
in a divorced guy's house at all.
Here, you can't see it there. Okay.
God damn it!
Why does your mom always
have to shed so much hair? Really?
Wow, you really know how
to make life complicated.
If she asks, say we have a poodle.
And this shit right here
- [doorbell rings]
- [gasps] Your girlfriend!
- [Álex] Hello.
- Hello. How are you?
- I'm Paula.
- Álex. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'll open this now.
I think my dad really needs it.
- Uh, hi.
- Hello.
She's, uh she's a jokester.
You'll get to know her.
Please. Uh, right there, yes.
- Ooh, hey.
- Hmm.
- Oh, shit!
- You scared me, God.
Yeah, no, it just fell over
when I walked past.
I'll put it back later.
- You got a nice place, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
You decorated on your own?
- Yes. Of course. Who else would?
- [chuckles]
- [gasps] Oh! Oh my God.
- Oh! Huh?
- These are my favorite candles.
- Oh.
- Is this cypress or fig tree?
- Hmm?
[sniffs] Hmm, fig tree.
No, cypress.
Oh, no, it's, uh,
'cause I alternate, 'cause I like to.
[both laugh]
I have a poodle.
- No!
- Yes.
And where is it?
Upstairs. Because he's blind.
And lame. Well, mm, he can
hardly walk down the stairs anymore.
And why don't you let him come down?
Because he chews on the cables.
Yes, well, that's why he's blind.
Because he got electrocuted
from the vacuum cleaner cable.
- That's how.
- Ooh. Did any teeth fall out?
[huffs] Sure, yes. We feed him
with a syringe, imagine that.
Poor dog.
Yes, it's terrible, terrible.
It's hard because sometimes it
- [Álex] Here's your wine!
- [grunts]
Oh. Ah.
- Hey, thanks.
- Thank you.
- [clears throat]
- [both laugh]
It's just that I've never lived
on my own. [chuckles]
'Cause at 25,
I moved in with my girlfriend,
and then I just went
from one relationship to another.
I know. Confronting one's own solitude
is a part of maturing. You know?
Raúl, sounds like you're going through
a post-breakup depression.
Have you tried sertraline?
Me? Oh, no way. I'm doing totally fine.
All that stuff with Luz, I'm so over it.
Of course I miss her,
sure, but I've stopped going
and waiting outside her work,
and I don't go
on WhatsApp to see if she's online.
Her Stories I do watch
because of the notifications.
You should try this ten-bodies cure.
I've done eight so far. I'm a new girl.
I don't wanna fall into that stereotype
of the oversexed heterosexual male
who's always trying to screw.
Guess you also took that goddamn course.
Looks like you're
not number nine, are you?
- Blanca, you're my friend's ex. Come on.
- So then why did you return my like?
- Good manners.
- [clicks tongue]
Well, and because a man and a woman
can also meet up for a chat over dinner.
Man up, Raúl.
Tinder is really to date and forget.
I'm perfectly fine, honestly.
I mean, it's true that
I think about Luz, but in a much more
more healthy, more relaxed
[Blanca] Ugh, and I even got my toes done.
- Pardon me a moment.
- Where are you going?
The bathroom.
Raúl, not again. Please stop it.
I no, no. I swear.
This is just a coincidence.
But, you know,
life's trying to tell us something, huh?
- Yes, and I have no clue what it is.
- [chuckles]
How's the geezer?
You're still with him, huh?
Well, it's great, really.
You deserve it.
You are an incredible woman,
and I'm such an idiot.
- Raúl, I don't pity you.
- I don't want you to.
I'm just apologizing.
Only a total asshole
would be capable of hurting someone
who loves him like you did.
You know, we
everyone makes mistakes
and screws things up now and then.
I didn't deserve a woman like you.
That's certainly true.
Well, okay then.
- You don't hate me then?
- Only a little.
Here's the check for you, sir.
No. Still waiting on our orders.
The lady took everything to go.
Are you happy about your reincorporation
into the entertainment industry?
- Very. [chuckles]
- [Ángela chuckles] Yeah. Yeah?
And we managed to sell my series,
and I have a wonderful boss too.
[chuckles] Aww, thanks.
And actually, my girlfriend and I got
back together, the love of my life,
so I couldn't possibly ask for more.
And how's that relevant?
Well, I really wanted to tell you, Ángela,
because we had a a certain chemistry,
and I didn't want to
From you?
Well, from you.
I mean, it came in this direction.
Not the other. Uh
I'm very flattered by your interest, but
Pedro, which one of us booked this table?
Well, I did, but, well, that was
because of the pressure I felt from you.
Pressure, like when?
When you gave me a foot massage?
That time you stripped down
in front of me because you wanted to?
[chuckles] Well well,
when you put it that way.
No, just I thought you were trying
to accuse me of harassment.
- No. No way. [clears throat]
- Well, good thing you weren't.
More wine?
Better get the bill.
My dad knew he was gay
ever since he was little.
Mm. But, uh, then he married your mother?
Well, it's because
he kind of had to, you know [chuckles]
- I was so happy about the separation.
- Oh, yeah, mm-hmm.
My mom was not.
She was the first woman who sued
her ex-husband for fraud for being gay.
Oh, wow.
I have the newspaper articles
somewhere at home.
That is such a beautiful story.
And, well, it is also so tragic, right?
It it shows how difficult life is.
Well, then, so we're all done here. Yeah?
Right? Guess we're all done now. Okay!
And you've already met my daughter, right?
And saw my house.
House? All normal, all good.
All right, let's go.
Where are we going?
Aren't we sleeping here?
Oh, no. I guess I forgot to say,
uh, my daughter's a very jealous kid.
And she just met you, so
- Well, I didn't get that impression.
- No, if you knew her, yeah.
Yeah. And, well,
and then there's the poodle.
- And he's very territorial, you know?
- But the dog can't see, Santi.
Well, no, you know, he can smell very well
because his nose is hypersensitive,
you know?
So it's even worse.
Hold this, and we'll go for a drink, okay?
- Where are we gonna go on a Monday night?
- We'll party somewhere and
Uh, nice. The dessert
I ordered for us. Thanks!
[Blanca] What the hell are you doing?
[exhales] Your date is an idiot.
I'm going to bed.
How'd it go, dude?
Bad. Oh, fuck. Awful.
Raúl, weren't you gonna screw Blanca?
No, I was messing with you.
I don't even like her.
What's happening, you weirdos?
You can go fuck yourself, Luis.
- So, why did you meet up with her?
- What's wrong?
- So I could see the look on your face.
- Say what?
Hey, are you even listening to me?
Ángela went and flipped
the whole thing around on me.
Now it looks like I'm the harasser.
- [Santi] What did she say?
- Why am I even listening to you?
I told you to report her.
I meant Luis.
Uh, me, why?
You should have given her
the "regular bang."
You're about to get fired.
Now you really have to report her,
but do it before she fires you.
- Ugh, god damn it!
- Have you been fired again?
- Luis, hang up.
- You and I need to talk.
Well, Esther went out
and got stoned off her ass.
Peter, what's going on, dude?
Hey, when you encounter
a problem with harassment,
how do you
go about reporting it internally?
What did you do?
No, no, not me.
I'll go talk to her, man.
We'll get a nice gift for her.
Tell me what process I should follow.
- The victim would go to human resources.
- Mm-hmm.
Ah, may I come in?
Yes, come in, come in. Have a seat.
- What is this?
- Cristina is currently on maternity leave.
Why the hell do we keep hiring women?
Okay, tell me what happened.
There's someone harassing me.
Lucky. Who did it?
- Ángela.
- Our boss?
Shit! I'd have just fucked her.
- Can you start writing this down?
- Yeah, all right.
[Pedro exhales]
Pedro, could I have a quick chat with you?
I wanted to apologize
for how things ended last night.
Yes, I do feel an attraction towards you.
I was surprised
when you threw it back at me,
and I didn't react well.
- Oh.
- [chuckles]
I truly thought
it was a mutual flirtation.
And I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry. I never meant
to make you feel uncomfortable.
I mean, uncomfortable
With the amount of time
that we dedicate to what we do,
there's practically no time left
to meet people outside of work. [chuckles]
And sometimes
I start getting a little lonely.
Course, course.
That's all. [chuckles]
Why don't we move on?
Huh? Pardon. Uh
It's just, uh, you caught me by surprise.
Because I thought
I was about to get fired.
No way. Why would you?
Don't send it! [panting]
- [Roberto] What?
- The email.
- But I've sent it out.
- Delete it!
Fuck, dude. It's an email, not WhatsApp.
[Pedro clicks tongue]
[Roberto] What's wrong?
- You're an idiot.
- Well, hello.
Why did you tell your father
that you've met someone?
- Let's go to a hotel.
- You're insane, dude.
Two days. And if there's no chemistry,
I'll drop it. I swear.
Álvaro, I don't know
if you're looking for a mother
or hate your father or both things.
- But stop complicating my life.
- Mm.
Don't you get the feeling that
we have that kind of connection
that feels all wrong at first,
but turns out to be amazing?
[cell phone ringing]
It's my dad. Pick it up. Pick it up.
Hi, hon.
[Héctor] Where are you?
We have our appointment.
Our appointment?
First, we'll analyze the quality
of the sample from Héctor.
Then we'll begin the ovarian stimulation
as soon as you have your next period.
This clinic's success rate is 70%
on the first attempt.
Science, huh? How how incredible.
Hey, kids. What is a man?
Traditional masculinity
has historically been defined
by all that men don't really want.
So in opposition to their mothers,
they don't wanna be a baby.
In opposition to women,
they don't wanna be effeminate.
And in opposition to other men,
they don't wanna be homosexual.
Still, maybe he should've geared it
towards kids a little more, you know?
Oh, they love this stuff though.
Look how they're so into it. Hmm?
Well, anyway, I really hope
this will help them out
'cause it's a real shame
when even at this young age,
we see some very sexist behaviors arise.
Ah. All these fathers
who won't deconstruct themselves.
[Erika sighs]
[Luis inhales, exhales]
- What are you doing?
- Wha
[splutters] I do have
to head to the police station
because, uh, duty calls.
And let me you let me know
how it all goes, yeah?
[Patrick] It's a defense mechanism,
a way to protect ourselves,
something we've learned since birth.
Hey there.
- [sighs]
- Brother, brother.
Dude, don't.
No, it's gluten-free.
The boss wants to see you.
- Who, me?
- What did you do?
- For wh [huffs]
- No one ever tells me anything here.
Dude! [exhales]
José Antonio, you're making me
a little petrified now.
Something happen between you?
Is there a problem with her?
All right, now.
This is no time for bullshit.
No, no, we're very good colleagues.
And we do CrossFit every day together,
at six in the morning.
Well, she came to me and requested
a change of partner, urgently.
And who am I supposed to patrol with now?
Ooh, my first day! Really nervous.
[chuckles] I'm gonna remember
this day forever.
- Wanna take a selfie?
- No.
Okay. Okay. Yeah.
So right here's the kitchen.
I mean, sure, it's nice,
but, uh, how many square meters?
It's 42, but they've put it to good use.
- That's enough for one person?
- Divorced?
- Separation. I've gotten over it.
- Oh.
I actually got divorced two years ago.
My God, the dating scene's a nightmare.
No, it's not easy, no. Mm.
And the whole Tinder thing, not for me.
Ugh, it's just so goddamn hard
to connect with someone.
Yes. Like everything
feels so mechanical, right?
[both moaning]
- [woman gasps]
- Is that an induction stove?
[exclaims] No idea. The oven is new.
I don't really care. I just use it
to store all my pans. [grunts]
And? Did you get a place or?
The offer to crash with you still stand?
She said that I'm a huge liar,
and and she asked
if she was my sidepiece.
God, I really fucked this up, huh?
I don't understand you.
Why can't you just be honest?
"Honey, you can't come to my house,
because I still live with my ex."
That sounds terrible.
- It sounds normal.
- Oh, everything's so easy when you're 18.
On the fucking street
when I'm 44 years old.
I'm gonna end up as a waiter
or doing door-to-door sales.
Hold on. What's the main
problem here? Paula or your work?
Both at once.
Because she's my boss's daughter!
[sighs] All right. Let's think it over.
I can't think right now.
What are you doing?
It feels really wrong to be helping you
given how bad you hurt me, honestly.
I just feel this tension.
Blanca, I'm about to sign the most
important contract of my life.
You know how much I'm going to earn?
No, better not tell you that, no.
But you still owe me a vacation
in the Maldives as my divorce present.
Yeah, yeah.
- He abandoned me four years ago.
- The one who left was you.
She started screwing our dentist.
Three years,
the whole time Álex had braces.
I kept our place, obviously,
and Santi moved out.
- And I got back together with her.
- To get vengeance.
It was not to get vengeance.
He met you and left me again.
No, I left you first, and then I met her.
Please try and be honest, could you?
But he's a nice dude.
A little boring in bed.
That's just the lack of experience.
Come on. What about
the ten women from Tinder, huh?
- [Blanca] Hmm?
- The ten from Tinder?
[groans] I like you.
Really, Paula.
And I've totally fallen for you.
And I lied to you
because I didn't wanna lose this,
and I know living with your ex is
It's normal. Hmm. And temporary.
She's looking for a place.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes.
And, well, that's our story. Now you know.
There anything else
you've forgotten to tell me?
Uh, no, no, no, no, that's, uh, all.
Great, then. Now we can have
an honest relationship. Hmm?
I still wanna meet that dog.
What dog?
[Raúl] What's up? How's it going?
Santi, you go fuck yourself, you asshole.
Ángela apologized to me
after I'd already reported her.
Holy shit.
What's happening, you guys?
Are we gonna paddle or what?
Now they'll fire me for sure.
Or her. Or both of us.
You did what you had to do, dude.
- Equality.
- What's wrong now?
How do I prove the harassment now?
Yeah, well, maybe you misinterpreted.
They did deconstruct us after all.
I told you
that you didn't have any evidence.
She made me give her a foot massage.
I think she was tired. Men don't know what
it's like to wear high heels, you know?
- Are you backtracking now, asshole?
- Pedro, I think you like to be desired.
Yeah, we all do,
but I did not instigate this at all.
You should have listened to me
about giving her a regular bang.
Shut up with your regular bang bullshit.
What the hell do I do now?
Identify as a woman.
Then you can't get fired. It would be
wrongful dismissal. For discrimination.
What are you saying?
I think that'd probably
turn into a whole other thing.
Raúl, do you realize
how long the trans communities
had to fight like hell
to be protected and validated?
And now here you are, trivializing
everything they fought for, you idiot.
You'd win for sure, Pedro.
Going from sexist pig guru to transgender?
Now, that's one hell of a journey.
I can't say I identify as a woman.
That's crazy.
[Luis] Guys, are we up
for paddle or not?
[Pedro huffs]
Pedro, can you reschedule the casting?
The board's called me in. It's urgent.
- Why?
- [Ángela exhales] No idea.
Esther, Rocío is pissed off at me now.
- Because of you, they've put me with
- Have you read the parents' texts?
- Hmm?
- [Luis] What's going on?
See how you're always
in silent mode? Look.
Three hundred and sixty-three messages?
No, just give me a summary.
That dumbass teacher Erika
organized these secret workshops
to make our son girlier.
[Esther] She told Ulises he's
a potential rapist because he's a boy.
Look, I think it's fine
to explain to kids
But the kid is 11 years old.
But he did touch the babysitter
while she was sleeping.
His hormones are all over the place.
You're the one who groped your cousin.
While we were playing doctor.
Who gave this stupid woman the idea
that she could indoctrinate our kids?
No one's gonna be deconstructing my kid.
- I don't think it's bad.
- All the parents agreed to confront her.
- Okay, well, fill me in later.
- Luis! All the parents.
- [woman] I mean, look at these kids.
- [clamoring]
Please, don't.
Don't speak over each other.
- Please, a moment of silence. Silence now.
- [clamoring]
This school should be teaching math,
not this progressive bullshit.
So what if my son
likes playing with toy cars and guns?
Is it a crime to be a boy?
No, I'm not saying that.
Please, I'm asking you.
- Please, please, just let me explain.
- [clamoring]
Please, just let me talk!
All right, I want to apologize to you all.
I should have given you prior notice
before introducing this material.
But I wanna clarify that this curriculum
didn't come from the school.
It was the initiative
of one of the dads in the class.
- Not gonna say who it was.
- [man] I can't believe what I'm hearing.
This all is disgraceful.
We're getting the principal involved.
- [clamoring continues]
- Don't you dare let it happen again!
[Héctor] How are things
in Barcelona? The case?
Great. Great, great, great.
But, um, I think
I gotta stay an extra night
because, well, there's a game on,
and the judge asked for an adjournment.
[cork pops]
Why don't you take advantage
and go have dinner somewhere nice?
Want me to make a reservation?
No. Uh, no, no, no. I'll, uh,
I'll just let you know, okay, my love?
I love you. Ciao. Ciao, ciao, ciao.
[sighs] Oh, I feel terrible.
You'll get over it.
- [muffled dance music playing]
- [crowd chattering]
You're having a party?
Of course. Your welcome party.
For me?
Hey, boys! This is my new roomie.
[men cheering]
You guys are so freaking nice.
[exhales, mutters]
[Daniela] Baby!
Oh, what's wrong?
Oh, today was an intense one.
Wanna have dinner? Patri!
No. I'm not hungry. Going to bed now.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey, listen, come here.
- Come.
- What's up?
[Daniela inhales]
Pedro, mm. I wanna be a mother.
- Huh?
- Wanna have a kid?
- [Patricia] Oh, yes, a little baby!
- [Daniela laughs]
[classical music playing]
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