Alphas s01e09 Episode Script

Blind Spot

A possible Red Flag prisoner is in our offices.
Cameron said that he and Nina had him subdued, and now they're bringing him here.
I thought Sullivan wanted an approach and evaluate.
See if the man is an Alpha or any Red Flag connections.
Clearly things went another way.
So we still don't know what his ability is? No.
Well, it's a good thing we got this thing up and running.
That's not your birthday, is it? Super bowl III.
Jets beat the Colts 16-7.
Yeah, but you couldn't have been old enough to have been there.
I was six months old.
I even have a photo of my dad holding me while he was watching the game, so that makes me a Jets fan for life, baby.
And we're coming.
You see what we did last year, right? Yeah, that's football, right, Bill? Uh, yeah, football.
Anyway, so we got bulletproof, polarized glass.
We've got industrial-grade surge suppressors, fire-retardant foam.
And the best part is we got an emergency lockdown, the whole office.
So the windows, doors, everything shut.
Now, if only we can get D.
to buy us a new car.
Can they do that? Oh, gosh, Bill, I-I don't know.
I've allowed this to go so far beyond what I envisioned for all of us.
Doc, you got to get over that.
We're not longer just your patients.
We're a government asset.
What's the expression, dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? You got to go with the flow, right? Isn't that what you always tell me? Look, ever since that mess with Jonas Englin, I've lost my ability-- I'm here, right? I'm good with it.
You're good with it, so-- No, I'm not all that good with it.
It's not who you are, and the D.
isn't happy either.
Actually, I'm trying to figure out a way to get the ability back.
You're a fine investigator, Bill, but as far as the government's concerned, we are a group of Alphas.
Well, you're not an Alpha.
You're still here, right? - And besides, Doc - Huh? Jeannie and I are thinking about renovating the kitchen.
So, please, keep those checks coming.
This isn't gonna work.
This isn't gonna work.
They ignored my checklist.
I made a detailed list.
Sleep gas dispensers and telepathy blockers and some automated gun turrets.
Gary, those things don't exist.
Yeah, I like the old Bill better.
You'd take things seriously, and your veins would pop out when things weren't right, and this isn't right.
Why aren't your veins popping out anymore? I don't have to worry about that anymore.
Why are you still here, then? You're not even an Alpha anymore.
If I wasn't here, you'd miss me, right? You being gone and you being different are the same thing.
Whatever, Bill.
Ow! I got it.
Are you hearing me? What was that noise? Check, over? Bill, Ten-four? Uh, Rachel, this is not a police radio.
- You can speak normally.
- Okay.
I hear them.
They're in the elevator with Dr.
All right, thanks.
Sorry about this.
Were able to confirm any Red Flag connection? We barely sat down before he got suspicious.
What about an Alpha ability? I tried to push him, but it just didn't work.
I want to run some MRIs first, then we can put him in the holding cell.
Let's move fast before he wakes up.
Doc, you okay? Uh, yeah.
It's just, um Don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand people like me Please don't wake him up.
Relax, Rachel.
You know I still have my gun, and I am a better shot when I'm not all amped up.
You know, Bill, I was thinking, if I dosed you with a mixture of adrenaline and steroids, we might be able to jump-start your ability.
Doc, I am not interested.
All that got me was issues, right? Marriage issues, work issues and-- No, I-I understand your concerns.
Who needs it? We might.
We all have our issues, but we're learning how to control them.
Yeah, well, I'm all in control now.
Thank you very much.
All right, let's see what we have here.
Paperwork already? God, you're so motivated.
I used to ignore it and pretend it would go away, but it never did.
Cream, no sugar, right? I pay attention.
I wonder what tipped Kern off to us.
Guy's an obstetrician.
He sees happy couples all the time.
I guess he didn't see that in us.
And what, we don't buy the whole happy-couple thing? No, look, I'm not saying that.
Rosen thinks that it's a bad idea, you and me.
Wait a minute.
You told him? Well, he's our shrink.
Why, is it because, um because I'm divorced and in A.
? Or maybe it's because I have a kid.
We work together.
It would be unprofessional.
No, we do things in this job all the time that are unprofessional, and you know that.
That's not it.
He thinks that I'd be bad for you, and He might be right.
Cam, I've screwed up every relationship I've ever had.
Me too.
So we're perfect for each other.
Hey, guys.
Um, Doc found something.
We got a meeting.
Yeah, we're on our way.
How can Kern be blind? Because he has no optic nerve.
The MRI revealed something, uh, well, pretty interesting.
It's as if they never developed.
So, even if his eyes were functioning properly, as they appear to be, no visual data would ever reach his brain.
Which is why I couldn't push him.
He couldn't see me.
Look, when things got ugly, that guy dodged around his desk, and he ran straight for the door.
There is no way he's blind.
Well, unless he's an Alpha, which I have some ideas about, uh, but I need to run a few more tests.
So we're talking about a blind Alpha that's a baby Doc and a member of Red Flag? Where's my phone? Who's got my phone? Bill? Bill! Bill! Gary, I've been here the whole time.
What are you talking about? Yeah, where'd you put my phone? Gary, I've been here the whole time.
Gary, your phone is right here.
Oh, well, that's not okay.
People shouldn't be touching my phone.
It was a gift.
It's special.
Yes, okay, and it's back in your hands.
- It's fine.
- Yeah.
No, it's not, 'cause it's open to data files, and those are private.
Yes, Gary's phone is private.
Please, no one is to touch it unless they have Gary's permission, all right? Yeah, and the answer's no.
To get back to our case, the reason Dr.
Kern is here-- D.
suspects that he's been doing some sort of research, and they are hoping that we can figure out why.
And more to the point, a radicalized Alpha who is also an obstetrician, that's a disturbing thought to say the least.
Well, we cleaned out his office-- hard drive, cell phone, patient files.
Meds, vitamins, blood samples.
Which, Rachel, you'll take a look at? Yeah.
That's great.
And, Gary, you will look into the cell phone and computer transmissions? That's just data mining.
People without abilities can data-mine.
Well, you know, we all can't do that.
- I can't do it, Gary.
- Neither can I.
No, we all know that you are so much more than your abilities, Gary.
- You have very many talents.
- I know.
I'm amazing.
My lucky day.
Gary? Hello? Hello? Who's there? Did you call me? I'm working.
Do not disturb, that's my I.
chat status.
I should get a sign.
Hey, Gary, were you just there by my office? Rachel, you're not making sense.
I told you, I'm working.
I work in my office.
Bill, will you remove the mouth strap? You sure? Yes, I have the test results I need.
I just would like to speak with him.
Okay, whatever.
Let me tell you something Happiness is a warm gun.
And mine is a Sig 226.
You got me? I want my lawyer.
Yeah, and I want a Reuben sandwich.
I'll have my lawyer pick you up one.
Well, unfortunately, Doctor Kern, you're being detained because of suspected involvement with a terrorist organization.
The only organization I belong to is the A.
So, what, Alphas, ability, Red Flag-- that means nothing to you? Bill, will you take the cuffs off, stand him up, and have him face the glass? Get up slowly.
Keep your arms up.
Turn around and face the wall, please.
What is this, a cavity check? That's just as I thought sonar, echolocation.
- So he's like a bat? - Or a dolphin.
You can sit down now.
So that's how you see Very interesting.
You have no optic nerves.
However, the audio-processing capabilities of your brain, your voice box, the chambers in your sinus passages are all significantly enhanced.
You're an Alpha.
But of course you already know that.
This isn't going to end well.
Is that a threat? Hey, Cley, Rosen and I are going to keep working with him, and Rachel's nosing around through what we found in his office.
Yeah, Rosen thinks that he's probably said about as much as he's going to, so why don't you come scoop him up? All right, what, two hours? From Knoxville? All right, have a safe flight.
Doc, can we talk? I'm a bit busy, Cameron, can we-- No, it won't take long.
Look, I just wanted to say, um, me and Nina If you just give us a little space and let us figure some things out for ourselves I'm only trying to look out for the both of you.
Well, I get that, but we're adults.
We get to make our own mistakes, so, please, just let it go.
I'd like to, but as your psychiatrist and your employer, I don't think I can do that.
And I don't think you're in a place to make that decision.
Am I interrupting? I'm always interrupting.
I'm sorry, but I found something in the box I was going through.
It's important.
Here, look at these.
"Building blocks for a better baby.
" Yeah, they're vitamins for pregnant women.
I decided to break one open and take a look inside-- you know, really take a look.
Rachel, what did you find? DNA active human DNA inside the vitamins.
Active human DNA introduced into a developing fetus could cause multiple birth defects, severe mutations.
Yeah, that's what I was worried about.
Hold on a second.
I smell blood in the hallway.
It just started bleeding.
I haven't had one of these since I was a kid.
Oh, gosh, look up.
Are you dizzy? - No, it's okay.
- Headache or anything? It was just a few broken capillaries, nothing serious, but were you picking? I don't pick.
Here, take this.
You'll be fine.
Just clean it up, okay? Yeah.
Are you aware you have mitral valve prolapse-- three millimeters of displacement? You just did an ultrasound of my chest.
You should get that looked at.
Well, I have a heart exam twice a year.
I'm monitoring it, but, uh thank you for your concern, though.
Like you, I took an oath do no harm.
I may be an Alpha, but I'm a doctor first.
I hope you'll keep that in mind.
No harm.
What kind of doctor gives active human DNA to pregnant women? Someone who cares about the future.
Whose future? You're aware of Renestrin-- new drug that allegedly prevents birth defects? But what it really does is interferes with the fetal development of more evolved children.
What you're really saying is it prevents babies from being born as Alphas.
Consider my special vitamins the counteragent.
Are you planning to distribute your counteragent all by yourself? Can any of your team read minds? No.
Well, I guess there's some questions that aren't meant to be answered.
Rosen, I know what's going to happen next.
Men with guns will whisk me away to some government facility.
That would be a tragic, tragic error.
Well, I'm afraid the real tragedy is you choosing to join a terrorist organization.
Red Flag isn't as monolithic as you think it is.
Well, regardless of its scope, you and your friends tried to assassinate me.
Fringe elements, radicals, not representative of the mainstream.
You know, it's amazing how often people use that term-- "fringe elements.
" Hmm.
Occurs to me that the I.
, P.
, K.
-- all fringe elements whose very existence depends upon the support of their mainstream fellow travelers.
I've read your field reports, Doctor.
You advocate a future where Alphas and normal humans cooperate for the common good.
That's the future I want.
We should be working together, comparing notes.
You're inviting me to join Red Flag? I'm afraid I don't meet their entry requirements.
I see a time coming soon where the unenhanced will be able to join our cause.
That's where you belong.
Kern, if you're willing to disclose what exactly it is you're up to, I'm willing to intervene on your behalf.
I'm disappointed for you, Doctor.
Well I'm not the one going to Binghamton.
What makes you think I am? Bill? Hicks? Come on, guys, this better not be a joke.
This guy's holding out on us.
Any ideas how we break him down? - Well, he's sonic guy, right? - Yeah.
Maybe it's time we pull out the Captain & Tennille's Muskrat Love.
- Sonic warfare.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it's been known to work.
Just remember, anything we force him to listen to we got to hear it as well.
Trust me, we used the same trick on detainees in Bagram.
Still feel sick every time I hear Copacabana.
- I love that song.
- Oh, come on.
I do.
It's one of my favorites.
You hear that? Gary screwing with the computers again? I can't get in the system.
It seems like it's running some sort of keypad retrieval.
- Have you seen Rachel? - No, not lately.
She's not in her office, and no one's seen her for a half hour.
Why don't you scream for her? Yeah, I did, okay? She's gone.
What? - Rachel? - Rachel? Rachel, if you can hear us, say something.
Nothing, nothing.
There's something wrong with the security cameras.
Gary, come here, come here.
Show me what you're looking at.
- Pull it up on the monitor.
- Okay, it's glitchy.
Give me Rachel's office an hour ago.
Something's making it glitch.
Okay, okay, there she is, in her office going over the stuff from Kern.
Can--can you fast-forward? It's glitchy, though.
It's glitchy.
Okay, wait, wait.
Here, here.
And then she leaves.
Oh, no, wait, wait.
I found her.
Hicks! Nina! Stay here.
This way.
Rachel! Rachel? Rachel, where are you? This is the last place she was seen on camera, right? Yeah.
Rachel! - Oh, my God.
- What? Over here.
It's blood, and it-- I got blood here, too.
Okay, and these look like drag marks, right? Starting over there.
No, they start here.
Well, she couldn't have just evaporated.
What the hell? Rachel, where are you? Rachel? Hey, take a look at this.
Was this like this when we moved in? What are you doing? Where's Rachel? Rachel? Which one's Rachel, the tall one? - The other woman.
- I never met her.
You can do more with your sonar than just find things.
I'm chained to a table.
I can't run around abducting people with my voice.
Besides, my hearing is quite good.
The number of heartbeats on this floor hasn't changed since I awoke.
How many are you hearing? Do we really have to play this ridiculous game? There are eight.
There have always been eight.
Yours, mine, and the six members of your team, I assume.
We haven't been properly introduced.
Kern, there are only six of us, that includes Rachel and myself.
Plus you, that's seven.
What? Have things Have things gone missing around your office Strange sounds, computers turning on randomly, people sensing someone nearby without ever seeing anyone? You have an unwelcome guest.
What are you saying, That--that Rachel's been kidnapped and that the person is still here in the building? Let me solve your problem.
Let me help you, or we're all dead.
Why should I believe anything you say? All right, don't.
But one member of your team is down already.
Ignore me, things will only get worse.
Let me out! Before it's too late, let me out! You need to let me out! I'm the only one who can keep us alive.
Don't need to hear that.
I don't trust that guy for a second.
Look, I searched the entire office again-- still no Rachel.
And we got nothing to go on except what Kern is saying.
I can't wait for Cley to show up and get this guy out of here.
Not until we find Rachel.
Yeah, I think we-- we should at least consider what Kern is saying.
An intruder would certainly explain some of the strange things that have been happening here.
Hey, Doc, earlier today, I thought I was imagining something, right? But I felt that someone was watching me.
I turned around, and there was no one there.
Exactly, Bill.
That is called proprioception.
It's one of the ways we have of processing the million bits of information in our environment around us.
Like you said, if you find yourself in a room full of people, you sense something.
Then you feel compelled to turn around, and they're looking right at you.
That's our proprioception at work.
So our proprioception says someone's here, but our eyes say there isn't.
Yes, well, unlike Rachel, when we're looking for something, we rely on our vision.
But vision can be deceptive.
How many dots do you see? Two.
All right, now hold this with your right hand.
All right, close your left eye.
Look at this dot and move the paper slowly towards you.
One of the dots just disappeared.
Into your blind spot.
You've all heard of one.
We all have one.
It's a hole or gap in our visual landscape which exists because of the way our brains are wired.
And we might be dealing with an Alpha who can exploit this phenomenon.
Okay, let's say that there is an Alpha here, right, that does that-- how do they get into that gap? Bill, I don't know.
They might be able to send a signal that swells the optic nerves, thereby expanding collectively the blind spot and move into it so nobody can see them.
I still don't buy it.
I mean, there's cameras everywhere.
An Alpha might be able to mess with our brain, but how does he get past the cameras? The cameras are glitched.
Someone's made them glitchy.
There's dropped frames and time lag.
Enough to get around without being seen? Yes, yes.
But it's only our cameras.
It's only the cameras inside this building.
Yeah, the camera across the street looks into this building every 15 minutes.
And that's why I won't go to the bathroom at three minutes after or at 18 or 33 or 48, yeah.
Gary, Gary, Gary, come on.
Okay, watch this.
Who is that woman? Wait.
Who's that woman? Hicks, behind you! Where'd she go? I can't see her.
Cameron? Hicks, what happened? I never even saw her.
This isn't good.
That's a lot of red.
Get a pressure bandage on that right away.
Come on, she's activating the blast door! Password's been changed.
Well, all the phones aren't working either or the Internet.
Yeah, and Rachel's missing.
Hicks is on the D.
Even if Cley gets here in time, he couldn't get in.
Don't worry about that now.
Maybe Gary can override the lock system.
That's worth a try.
Ah, stupid security glass! Gary? Gary, what are you doing? I'm using two chairs.
- Gary, no.
- I tried one chair.
Now I'm using two.
- Gary, Gary-- No, Dr.
Rosen, I used one chair.
- I'm speaking to you, Gary.
- Yeah, let me use the chairs.
I need your help.
Will you come with me? - I am helping.
- Come with me, please.
It won't kill you, but no bouncing off the ceilings for a few days, okay? Well, I'm glad someone paid attention during the first-aid class Harken made us take.
Okay, come on, come on.
We got to find Rachel.
I'll get Rosen to give you some pain pills.
Not good for you.
Don't care.
That witch took my phone.
- What witch? - The witch! That's the word my mom uses when she's angry.
She uses another word, too.
She took Rachel, and she took my phone.
The bitch got my gun.
- I think it's from-- - That sounded like my gun.
- Bulletproof glass - Gary.
Excellent idea.
- It's crackly.
- Gary.
Do you have my phone? Do you have Rachel? Gary, Gary, I need you to see if you can get the computer systems back online.
- Don't leave his side.
- Got it.
- Cameron.
- Rachel--I'm on it.
- This just in my gut.
- Hey, hey, where is she? Where's blind spot girl? You mean the person who just tried to shoot me? Or free you.
I say "day," you say "night.
" We're never going to find common ground like this.
Yeah, you want common ground, why don't you start with a name? Griffin.
Her name is Griffin, but I suspect it's a nom de guerre.
Red Flag considers her an unsanctioned variable.
What exactly does that mean? Someone who sells their services to the highest bidder but supports no cause, has no allegiance.
A person should believe in something, don't you think? You two I respect.
Even though you're wrong, at least you're loyal to a cause greater than yourselves.
So you're saying that she's just a mercenary doing anything for money? My ability can be extremely useful in finding her, not to mention your missing compatriot, Rachel.
- Rachel, yes.
- I don't think so.
Then you guys waltz out of here laughing your asses off.
Good try.
Does it look like I'm laughing? Griffin's after me.
She'll do whatever it takes to get me, including killing all of you.
Look, either you're a target, or you're an accomplice, but either way, you're staying right where you are until we hand you over to Cley.
The blast door-- I can't get it open.
Why do we always have to fight other people with abilities? It's annoying.
I guess I'm not meant to be normal, huh? I'm sorry, Bill.
I hoped we'd have more time to talk, but-- you know, weigh the pros and cons and let you have more time to make your own decision about this.
You know, when you used to talk to me like this, it used to make me cranky.
Well, I'm afraid it will again.
So the decision has been made for me.
How long's it take? Should take effect immediately.
All right, let's give this sucker a test-drive.
Come on, Bill.
I can do this.
I can do this.
You should be able to by now.
The drugs should be kicking in.
Doc, it's not happening.
It's not happening.
Look, I'm not sweating, right? My heart rate feels normal.
I'm not feeling any rush or-- - Do you want to? - Of course I want to.
No, that's not what I'm asking you.
What are you saying? You think it's in my head? Well, your ability to do this has always been linked to an emotional state of yours.
You can't have one without the other.
We are not gonna die because I can't get this up.
Well, that should make you angry.
All right, all right, stop.
Stop, stop.
You can't do this, all right? It's okay.
Now, we can't find Rachel.
And I think we're going about this the wrong way.
I think we need to go on the offensive.
Are you sure this is going to work? That's it, break up the patterns.
The more abstract the background, the harder it should be for Griffin to blend in.
It's messy.
I know Gary, but we're gonna clean it up, Gary, I promise.
Gary, move.
Gary, Gary, move, move.
I am.
I am.
Gary, stay right here by-- sit down by that pillar.
Okay, camera's on.
Ten cameras.
Nina, be careful.
You bleeding again? No, it's fine.
We'll get Rosen to look at it, okay? Over here.
Look behind you.
She's running.
- There! - Where? Footprints in the creamer.
Gary get in your office.
Lock the door.
She's in the MRI room.
Nina, get back here.
Where is she? Where'd she go? It's a trap! Bill, that door.
Get out.
Oh my God, Gary.
Gary? Damn it, she's got us.
Gary! Gary! Open up, Gary! Gary, get to your office and lock the door.
- Gary! - Okay.
Son of a bitch.
Gary! D.
don't move! Stop hiding.
Come out.
Open up! Stop hiding.
Okay, you're only making it worse for yourself.
Just please-- you have to stop hiding.
you're under arrest.
Stop hiding! D.
you're under arrest now.
- Go to your office! - Please, stop.
You have to stop, please.
Stop, please, don't! - Hey! - No, no.
Oh, that felt so good.
Gary, are you okay? So how do you do this-- fool our brains so we can't see you? I've never given it much thought.
Why don't you cut me loose, and we can figure it out together? I could even give you a demonstration if you'd like.
Didn't think so.
Kern referred to you as an unsanctioned variable.
I prefer Ronin.
Sounds cooler.
I mean, I've been following him for two weeks, and then you lot scooped him up, so thanks for that.
Why don't you just let me take Kern and leave? It's the easiest solution to your problem.
Well, that's interesting.
He says we should release him to stop you, that you're our problem.
And you don't know who to believe, huh? You seen your walls lately? What are you talking about, the cracks? Yeah, we noticed some cracks on the beams.
There are cracks everywhere.
You got a sonic Alpha in your holding cell.
He's trying to break out of here.
And he's been trying since the minute he woke up.
These vibrations, well They take time to build.
Yeah, I don't trust her.
For all we know, she's working with Kern.
I'm sorry about the knife, handsome.
See, I don't like it when people get close to me.
I don't like it when they can see me either.
That's why Kern's so annoying-- the sonar.
Who are you working for? Let's just say it's someone that's interested in Kern's research.
His so-called vitamins? Look, I get paid for delivering Kern's research, which I've already gotten off your computers.
I get a bonus for bringing in Kern.
I can't do that if I'm dead.
Let's just call a truce.
You let me take him out of here.
I get my fee.
You get to live.
We all win.
Rosen, he's bleeding again.
Come with me.
Still bleeding.
What's going on? It's probably the vibrations.
It's okay.
It's not like I'm dying or anything.
You don't want Doc here thinking you actually care about me.
Very funny.
Doc, Doc, take a look.
- Look.
- Give me this.
Right there.
Oh, my goodness.
I can hear the rumbles.
It's getting worse.
Doc, I think you need to take a look at him.
I wasn't hurting anyone.
Don't make me hurt you.
Whatever happens to us is gonna happen to you.
If you bring this whole building down-- All I wanted was to bring more Alphas into the world.
Why is that wrong? Why are you treating me like a criminal? Bill, Bill, we've got to get inside there and stop him.
- Here, take this.
- What is this? Ether.
It's not elegant, but it's quick.
Aah! It's hot as hell.
He's turned the cell into a reverb chamber.
It's shaking the whole building, and it's creating heat.
The metal might be at the breaking point.
Rosen! Duck and cover.
Bill, duck and cover.
Gary? Gary, watch her.
Yeah, okay, I'll do both.
I'll watch, and I'll cover.
I'll cover us.
He's lost too much blood.
We got to get him out of here.
Hicks, come on, come on.
- Take him to the blast door.
- Yeah.
I'll find Rosen.
Who hired you? I was told to bring you in alive, but that's never gonna happen.
Who hired you? No! It's too late! So much for my bonus.
You know, a man with your abilities could make a lot of money if he went into business for himself.
That's never gonna happen.
Yeah? Well, I owe you one.
And I hate owing people.
So I'll pay you back.
Stanton Parish.
What the hell is that? You better find out.
Who knew office work was so dangerous, huh? Stanton Parish? Yeah, yeah.
It was something that, uh, Griffin threw at me as a parting gift, I guess.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a place, a person.
- I don't know.
- Well, we'll look into it.
Yeah, well, the sooner the better, Doc.
I told you that we needed gun turrets, Bill.
You know what? I talked to your mother and asked her, could we fight Alphas in your bedroom? And she said no.
What's up with that? That's not helpful, bill.
My house would be the worst place to fight.
And anyway, my bedroom's off-limits.
Gary, no, that's a great place.
I think, you know, we can keep them as prisoners there or-- Yeah, yeah, I know what you're trying to do, Bill.
You're trying to annoy me, but it's not gonna work.
You know, you were a lot less annoying when you didn't have your abilities.
And now that you've got your ability back, you're annoying again.
You're Bill again.
You're the old Bill.
You're damn right I am.
Nina, you don't have to clean up my office.
Yeah, well, don't want your wound to open up.
Rachel would smell blood-- I get it, you like me.
Don't be so, uh Don't be so juvenile.
Come on, I saw how you reacted when I got cut.
I would've done the same thing to anyone.
Well, how about this? Now, that's pretty grown-up, huh? Wow.
I don't care what Cley says.
This was a bad idea.
Yes, we do seem to be learning by trial and error.
Mostly error.
So no more prisoners in the office, right? Oh, I certainly hope not, Rachel.
You know, you, uh, saved all of us-- dropping Griffin and detecting Kern's ability.
Just trying to earn my paycheck.
I scanned the entire office.
There's no sign of Griffin.
She got away.
And I'm assuming that she took the data on Kern's vitamins with her.
She probably delivered it to her new employers, whoever they are.
Things aren't gonna get easier, are they?