Alphas s01e10 Episode Script

The Unusual Suspects

I couldn't understand.
They just kept saying the same thing over and over again.
Tell me about the shooter.
He was brainwashed.
You did murder a federal prisoner.
I couldn't control that.
The best place for you now is with us.
I've always been better off on my own.
So this is how we deal with Alphas? When things go wrong, we assassinate? It's not what I signed up for.
Red Flag must have used her to encode some of their transmissions.
You work for Red Flag.
No, Gary, they work for me.
Are you really my friend? Of course I'm your friend.
Gary, I know you like Anna.
But remember, I'm your friend too.
Yeah, I know.
But you're not one of us.
Great report.
If you like fiction.
Well, I'm sure Agent Nathan Cley will be more than happy to fill in the blanks.
I'm sure he will too considering he's already raising hell over at the DOD.
You think I'm gonna let this slide.
Then you've really misjudged me too.
A man with your abilities could make a lot of money, if he went into business for himself.
It's never gonna happen.
I don't care what Cley says.
This was a bad idea.
Yes, we do seem to be learning by trial and error, hmm.
Mostly error.
Things aren't going to get easier, are they? You're late.
You're not with the committee.
I'm not.
You're one of them, aren't you? Some mistakes never go away.
Some do.
Don't say no for an answer and there's no telling where we've been 'cause people don't understand understand, understand people don't understand But I'm not supposed to go to work today.
- I took vacation time.
- I know.
But I need your help with something in the office.
It's the New York Auto Show at the Javitz Center, and it takes four days to see everything.
Four, that's why I took off today.
Gary, don't dawdle, come on.
I've already seen all the English, French, German, and Italian cars.
I'm working my way east.
And today's Asia, 'cause there's a system.
I know how much it means to you to see the car show, but I promise you won't miss that much.
Yeah, 'cause tomorrow's America.
You know Americans still make a lot of cars.
Like that one.
What are they doing here? I don't know.
Get down, get down, get down! Damn it.
Agent Harken.
Hey, tactical.
Have we got a case? Nah, you don't.
But we do.
Bag him.
Hey! Alphas.
I've never seen it.
Come on, everybody's seen Casablanca.
It's the greatest love, bar, spy, tuxedo movie ever made.
I figured you for more of Field of Dreams type of guy.
Nope, never seen it.
I refuse to believe Mr.
Baseball hasn't seen Field of Dreams.
Mm-mm, I won't go see any movie that I know is gonna make me cry.
If one sneaks up on me, that's fine.
A little while back, I took Tyler to see that movie, uh, Up.
Totally sideswiped me.
But I'm not doing that to myself on purpose.
I thought Casablanca had a sad ending.
Oh, no.
Bogie was much better off with Claude Rains.
Rachel! Rachel! Run! What the-- Dr.
Rosen! Dr.
Rosen! Help! I demand to know what's going on.
You're not in a position to make any demands, Lee.
The cells you're in are soundproof.
Signal proof.
Escape proof.
Alpha proof.
Nathan? What have you done? You're in Binghamton, along with the rest of your team.
And you're going to be here until I find out which one of you is the traitor.
Come on.
Let's go.
This way.
Rosen! Keep walking.
What are you doing? Nathan, have you lost your mind? When Sullivan hears about this-- This was Sullivan's call.
She ordered you to tranquilize us like animals? That was my call.
I don't want anyone else getting dead on account of your team.
Nathan, you still haven't told us what we're accused of.
Harold Freeman, Mitchell Stentz, Karl Baxter.
Sound familiar? Yes, of course.
Scientists who work for MK Ultra.
The Cold War Alphas program, they were all part of it.
What about them? They were your predecessors in a way.
Recently deceased.
Nathan, don't be coy with me.
Just tell me what's happening.
Each of them were killed late yesterday by a quick-moving necrosis that spread through their veins in a matter of seconds.
No toxins detected, no puncture marks, so I can tell you none of my team has this ability.
No, the ability belongs to an assassin who works for Red Flag.
But you do have access to the MK Ultra files.
The unredacted ones.
The ones with real names, addresses.
Well, I don't know what that proves.
They've been in my possession for years.
Except each of these received a call from your office only hours before they died.
Encoded with the original MK Ultra signs and countersigns.
Your phones.
Codes you and yours had almost exclusive access to.
Someone in your group identified these old men and set them up to die.
Nathan, if anyone's being set up, it's us.
There are any number of ways these could have been faked.
Phone taps, hackers, not to mention Alpha abilities.
Occam's razor.
The simplest explanation is usually the right one.
All the evidence points back to you or someone from your team.
Red Flag tried to kill me, Nathan, and my team.
You think one of us is suddenly a sympathizer? Sympathizer Double Agent, mole, financial opportunist They all mean traitor.
Nathan, I know my team-- better than you, better than anyone-- and I trust them completely.
I'm reading evasion.
Pain and contempt.
He doesn't like you.
What you just said, that wasn't the truth.
Look, I'm not working for Red Flag.
I'm not helping Red Flag.
I don't know these gray hairs.
And I sure as hell don't have any reason to want them dead.
Seriously, come on, who kills an 80-year-old man? What's the point? Just wait a few months.
He's being honest.
I think.
I mean, it's not 100%.
I told you that.
Red Flag had you kill before.
It wasn't me.
It was mind control.
So you admit to being susceptible to mind control.
Well, you want me to say that maybe I'm working for Red Flag and I don't know.
Well Considering the things I've seen in the last few months, can't rule it out.
I feel that while significant strides have been made in expanding the use of her ability, she still lacks the emotional maturity required to realize her full potential.
That's just rude.
Dark glasses in a meeting.
I could sit behind you.
Or blindfold you if you'd rather go that route.
Scared of making eye contact with the evil mind-bending Alpha? Have it your way.
Got to wonder.
Full potential.
What do you think Dr.
Rosen meant by that? I don't know, maybe that I, uh I could go a week or two without pushing someone.
Actually pay rent on my loft.
Drive a car I didn't borrow.
So you admit to being a thief and a con artist? I've been working for the D.
for years.
Haven't had any problems with my lifestyle until now.
Disillusionment doesn't happen overnight.
Those roots take time to grow, and when they do, small buds appear.
You think we don't know what happened with Skylar Adams? Helping Skylar was the right thing to do.
No remorse.
So basically, you just go around doing whatever the hell you want.
Damn the consequences.
I told you.
Anna is my friend.
And there's no rule against talking to your friends.
It's sign that I'm improving my social interactions.
Your friend is a Red Flag terrorist.
Yeah, I know that.
But we don't talk about work.
You're hiding your signals.
I know you are, 'cause I can feel them, but I--I can't reach them.
So you never said anything to Anna about the MK Ultra program? No, that would be work.
When you interrogate people, it's very important to pay attention to what they say.
So what do you talk about? It's private.
That means that it's none of your business.
That woman hurt people, Mr.
She's dangerous.
No, that's not true.
Anna has never hurt anyone.
Yeah, she hurt me one time, but then she apologized.
And she says that Red Flag doesn't want to hurt people either.
It's just sometimes they have to to protect other Alphas.
That's people like me.
You're a signal bully.
That sucks.
Anyway, you hurt people too.
You hurt me with some sleeping bullets.
And I didn't want to go to sleep.
I just woke up.
I can't read him.
His expressions, inflections-- they're all over the place.
Now you and I both know I'm not Red Flag.
How many different ways you want me to tell you this? Hey, I know you're not the mole.
Oh, now you I can read.
That was a lie.
Look, we had to bring you in along with everyone else.
Otherwise they would have been suspicious.
Well, you shot me, what--18 times? You did a really good job selling that.
You and I are more alike than what you want to admit.
Guys saddled with jobs they don't particularly want.
Working with people we can't completely trust.
You can't actually sit there and tell me none of your coworkers fits the profile of someone who might go over to the other side.
You know what, if they didn't before, you are sure driving them in that direction.
That's a very qualified answer, Agent Harken.
We're on the verge of making a massive move against Red Flag.
And your team has a mole that could jeopardize the entire initiative.
Are you telling me you don't want to identify that person? You're a trained investigator.
You've got to suspect someone.
Who's tops on your list? Mr.
Hicks? Ms.
Theroux? Okay, yeah.
People in the office say bad things about the government.
But Nina doesn't mean anything by it.
Not that I'm singling out Nina.
We all say bad things about the government.
That's not what I meant either.
I am relaxed.
It's justwe all worry that, one day, men in black will swoop in and, well, we'll end up here.
We're afraid of this.
Of today.
Ask her if she has a boyfriend yet.
Isn't she a little young for you? Excuse me? Never mind.
There's someone behind the glass.
I wouldn't worry about that.
Who's there? I know someone's there.
I can hear your heartbeat.
Hi, Rachel.
It's Eric.
Long time.
Eric Letrobe? I know him.
We brought him here two years ago.
Eric, what are you doing? I'm reading your micro-expressions.
So far, so good.
Cley said if I help out, he'll get me out of this dump.
So maybe once I get out, you and I can catch a movie.
Eric, can you please tell Cley that I'm telling the truth? Or maybe go to a show.
Les Miz, or The Producers.
'Cause I know a guy.
Eric, I don't even think those shows are running anymore.
If the two are you are done, I'm trying to conduct an investigation.
More like a witch hunt.
It's not a witch hunt if one of you is guilty.
And one of you is.
Unless you're wrong.
And then you're turning friends into enemies.
Is that a threat? What do you want me to tell you? I--I know who the mole is? I don't.
You want me to pick someone at random? Hicks.
He's handsome.
Too handsome.
Time to change the plan.
Hey, Gary.
- You okay? - No.
So what's next, huh? What are they gonna do? What does Cley want? Hey, Rachel, just try to calm down.
I am calm, okay, Bill? You don't seem that calm.
Why are you letting him do this to us? I'm not letting him do this, Nina.
This is--this is Cley's game.
- Game? - Yes.
Well, he's obviously interviewed all of us individually and hasn't found a suspect.
So he's brought us all here together.
Anyone could have accessed our computers.
The invisible girl No, I checked.
No one but us has ever read those MK Ultra files.
So we're his only suspects.
Everybody relax.
None of us works for Red Flag.
Cley says that-- that I'm the informant because I talk to Anna.
- What, you still talk to Anna? - Yeah.
But I don't tell her anything.
Gary, what do you talk to Anna about? Well, I don't talk about work.
Gary, you shouldn't be doing that.
No, I just told her about my new jacket, that it sucked.
You guys, listen.
Cley has a plan, all right? His initial interrogation didn't work, so he put us together like this for one reason, and that's so we can find out amongst ourselves who the traitor is.
- There is no traitor.
- Well Obviously they think there is.
And what if we don't? If you don't, I'll have no choice.
I'll send every one of you to building seven.
He can't do that.
Do I even want to know? Building seven, it's Where they send the worst of the worst.
And once an Alpha goes in They never come out.
We'll get out of this, okay? What do you think they do in building seven? Seriously, Nina, when I dream about it, I'm on some sort of a metal table.
And there are these shadowy figures with sharp objects, but I can't see them.
Even with my ability, I can't see them.
Rachel, are you gonna sit here and talk about your damn dreams? We need to be figuring out how the hell we're gonna get out of here.
- Bill, not helping.
- Yeah Pissing and moaning's really helping.
Harken, you're amped up.
Just chill out.
I'm in Binghamton, okay? And my wife doesn't know where I am.
I've no idea when we're going to get out of here.
So it's a little more than just being amped up.
Okay, you know what, Bill? You need to please calm down.
You Dr.
Rosen now? We all need to calm down.
Bill doesn't like being in jail.
He likes putting people in jail.
It's two different things.
All right, Bill, you're a cop, so-- I am a Special Agent.
There's a difference.
All right.
Now what I want to know is, does this actually work? You put your suspects in a room and you see who breaks.
It works all the time.
You put the suspects in a room just like this.
You make them sweat, and then you watch them wait.
- Wait for what? - You wait to see who's calm.
It's usually the calm guy that's guilty.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Well, Bill is never calm.
He can't be calm.
It's biologically impossible.
- And Rachel's always nervous.
- Hey.
And I'm agitated and have a bad attitude.
So we're innocent.
The three of us are innocent.
Let's go.
Bill, come on.
You can drive me home.
Gary No, come on.
I'm opening the door.
Gary, they're not just going to let us out, okay.
And plus it's more than just seeing who sweats.
Cley's got Eric Letrobe with him.
One of your ex-patients, Doc? No, not exactly.
An Alpha we found.
He reads faces.
He uses his ability to con people and win at poker games.
Perfect Hey, Eric! How's life treating you in here, huh? Nice and comfy? The food's crap.
I've had it before.
It's not that bad.
Look me in the eye and say that.
- Oh! Ah! - You all right? Ah, I just Eh, it's my back.
That dam cot is just-- Okay, you know what, we need to get him out of here now.
Yes, I think we--we all need to get out of here.
Oh, this is not all right.
All right, we need a doctor in here now.
She's worried, and the pain is real.
Ah, my back is out.
I need a spasmolytic methocarbamol.
Okay, his muscles are in spasm.
Let's get him down to medical.
Can I get a gurney, please.
Put the rest of them in their cells.
Let's go.
Yeah, I'm going.
Hey, don't touch me! No one's supposed to touch me.
Hey, tell them to be careful with Dr.
Rosen, okay.
He's in pain.
Just keep moving.
You're making a serious mistake.
Hey! Eyes front.
Come on, pal.
This is no time to act stupid.
Got all the time in the world.
That's the best you can do? Get in.
Get in! Unh! They're all the same.
Aah! Go to sleep.
Let's go! Lock it down now.
I hear someone.
Okay, they're coming from the hall.
- Ah! - Let's go.
Thank you, doctor.
I'll get the medication on the way out.
The pain was real, but I guess he was exaggerating a bit.
Aah! Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
We gotta hurry up, because they're inside, coming.
Say the word.
Who do I drop? Say the word.
They're all within range.
I just need a target.
Stand down.
You're letting them go? Six assets, one traitor.
I'm not a wasteful man.
We'll adjust.
The FBI busted a smuggling ring out of here.
Some Somali gun runners.
This place has been vacant ever since.
Yes, well, are you certain no one will think to look for us here? Wasn't my case, so I shouldn't be tracked to this.
Hicks, I need you to secure the rest of these exits.
I'm on it.
Gary, what do you see? There's wireless cameras far away.
There's some trucks' CBS, radio--there's Wi-Fi.
There's satellite TV.
All right.
Doors are chained shut.
Now what, Bill? I'm not heading back to Binghamton.
We need to keep moving or split up.
Give ourselves a chance to get away.
Get away to where? Can't go home, can't go back to the offices.
Ah! Nobody's going anywhere until we figure out who this traitor is.
We don't even know there is one.
Hicks, there are three people dead, and they were lured to their death by calls from our office.
So unless it's the UPS guy, it's gotta be somebody in this room.
No, it couldn't be the UPS guy.
The MK Ultra files are on the cloud server.
You have to have a password to get on there.
Did you guys look at those poor old men? It was horrible.
I wouldn't too many tears.
Did you read those files? Human experimentation, forced drug trials.
They didn't exactly treat their patients with kid gloves.
Then you're admitting that you had access to these files.
Yeah, Bill, I read the files.
They're on the server.
I read everything on there.
Yeah, I read them too, Bill.
I feel so left out.
I basically use it to check box scores.
You want us to believe that you're the only one that didn't have access to these files? Sorry to disappoint.
But you know, I can tell you the era and the whip for the entire Giants pitching staff.
Fear the beard.
I don't know what that means, Hicks, come on.
Okay, so what now? We interrogate each other? Oh, Nina, you can push everybody.
- Rachel-- - No, that would work.
'Cause you couldn't push me.
And, Nina, you can't push yourself, can you? That wouldn't make sense.
No, it doesn't make any sense.
Bill's in overdrive.
He can probably ignore you.
And I've spent eight years learning how to avoid your influence, so Are you still hurting, Dr.
Rosen? Nothing that a swim and a hot bath and a good night's sleep won't cure.
I know how to find the traitor.
- What? - How? Get me a phone, then I'll call Anna.
You're gonna ask the head of Red Flag who the informant is.
Yeah, I'll ask Anna.
This Anna thing, we're really gonna need to talk about.
Gary, you can't talk to Anna.
Hey, guys, guys, I got this, okay? I've interrogated hundreds of suspects in the past, okay.
It's very simple.
You just go through the last few days, you make a timeline.
Good old-fashioned police work, all right.
Now I don't need any mind control to do it.
Nobody needs mind control or anything like that as I know who the traitor is.
Yeah? You found them? Scranton.
All right, send the coordinates to my phone.
I say you could touch the station? That is some misplaced hostility.
Doc, come on.
Are you gonna tell us, or are you gonna make us guess? I'm trying to decide how to handle this.
It's not easy.
I care about all of you.
And to be honest, I'm deeply disappointed.
Well, it wasn't me.
I didn't do it, so it must be someone else here.
Gary doesn't lie.
We all know Gary doesn't lie.
No, I do lie.
I've been practicing.
It's a social skill.
Like the other day when I said I was going to have a pudding pop.
I was lying, 'cause I don't like pudding pops.
That was a lie.
I do like pudding pops.
Gary I just knew we didn't have any.
Well, I'm hoping that the traitor will, for lack of a better word, confess.
- Cley's almost here.
- What? - He's on the phone.
- How? There's a spy satellite tracking us.
Gary, you just telling us this now? Yeah, I just found out right now, Bill.
He's on his way.
- All right, Doc.
- 20 minutes away.
Okay, we should run.
Steal another car.
Seriously, I can't go back to Binghamton, Dr.
I can't do it.
Running away would be pointless, obviously.
So, if the person, whoever is responsible for this, would step forward, I'll know that they are redeemable.
And I will do everything that I can to protect them.
If not, I have no other choice but to turn them over to Cley myself.
And we, uh, have 20 minutes.
No, we have less than 20 minutes.
Yep, this is the car they stole.
Satellite lost track when they moved into the industrial park.
Well, there have to be 40 or 50 warehouses around here.
- Anything? - Noise.
Between the train depot and the factories down the street, there's too much clatter.
They're cornered.
Eventually they always end up cornered.
We'll go warehouse to warehouse.
Hunt them down, flesh them out, take them down.
Start all over again with Eric.
Sooner or later, one of them will crack.
All right, I'll wait here.
You come and get me if you find them.
- Nope.
- Man, where's the trust? You can tell what people are thinking, who do you trust? Let's go.
Okay, whoever did this, just come forward and confess.
I promise we will forgive you.
Doc says he already knows who it is.
So why don't you can the theatrics.
Hey, what is that supposed to mean? It means stop babbling! Cameron, just dial it down a bit, okay? You're looking pretty jumpy there, Hicks.
Says a guy who's sweatin' through his shirt? Yeah, I sweat, okay? I sweat when I'm amped up, okay? You're amped up.
Maybe crush a crate.
Maybe that'll help you.
Yeah, how about I crush you? Guys, guys, I can hear headsets.
They're searching for us.
They're going to be here very soon.
Hey, is there a bathroom around here? Hey, it's my downside.
When I get nervous I have to pee.
No, your downside is you're a distrustful, depressed miserable human being.
Oh, yeah.
You know what people don't realize? That ignorance of what other people are thinking is one of the keys to human happiness.
Lets you have friends, lovers.
Lets you keep a job.
You know, they told me this office thing was a fast-track to a cushy position in D.
House in the burbs, good schools for my kids.
Still livin' in upstate New York.
I feel your pain, brother.
Somehow that didn't make me feel any better.
Come on, let's get this done.
So, people, time's up.
Okay, so who is it? He doesn't know.
You're bluffing, right? Look, for all we know, it's Cley.
Or someone above his head.
Someone is setting us up to take the fall.
It can't be Cley.
He doesn't have access to our passwords-- he doesn't have access that we know of.
He doesn't have access, Hicks.
She's right.
It's not Cley.
- I'm sorry, Cameron.
- What? I know about the cash deposits to your secret accounts.
Gary told me.
The deposits are cash, but they email statements.
And its different amounts.
- There's $3,120, $1,960.
- No, listen to me.
You don't understand.
Different times of the month.
It's for my kid.
Seem pretty nervous there, Hicks.
Yeah, you're damn right I am.
I should have never let you on this team in the first place.
Should have sent him to Binghamton a long time ago.
I knew it.
I knew it was you.
- Bill, don't! - No, no, no! That's enough! Just let him go, please.
Unh! Are you okay? Bill! I didn't do it.
- Bill! - Aah! No, no, no, no! Bill! Bill! Stop fighting! Hicks, stop! Unh! - Get on the ground! - Get down! Hands up! Down on the ground.
It's Hicks.
I need to get Gary out of here.
- Get him on the ground! - It's not him! Back up! Back up! It's not Hicks, okay, it's not him.
Rosen, they were fighting each other.
I know.
Come on, Gary.
Friends aren't supposed to fight.
Hey, Doc, remember me? Not now.
- Down on the ground now.
- Okay, stop, everybody.
It's Rosen.
He's the mole.
What are you talking about.
Rosen just said it was Hicks.
That man is an imposter.
His blood type is wrong.
That's not Dr.
Oh, God, he's got Gary.
About time.
You know what they call it when you die in your sleep? Millionaire's death.
Creighton wanted you alive to take the fall.
Looks like that's changed.
I love to improvise.
Uh! Oh Dr.
Rosen, we should go back and help our friends.
Gary, I've told you we are helping them.
And the best way to do that is to erase the MK Ultra files from the cloud server-- But you said the MK Ultra files are important.
They are.
And you're the only one who can do that.
Yeah, well if they're important, why delete them? It doesn't make-- Oh, that's gross.
Rosen, don't do that in there.
- Are you sick? - No, I'm fine.
No, you're not fine.
Vomit is the body's way of telling us we're not fine.
Do you ever shut up? Come on, Gary.
But that won't grow anymore now, Dr.
It's delicate.
It's a philodendron.
Come on.
Come on, Gary.
Gary Yeah, it got warm.
How long is this going to take? To erase every file all at once? It'll take a while.
'Cause the connection's slow.
And the IP address, it keeps changing.
That's why I'm the only one who can delete them all, because I'm the admin.
Don't do that in the plant.
Go and do that in the bathroom.
Don't worry about me.
Just concentrate on your work.
Gary? Step away from that man.
He's not me.
You're not Dr.
Your hair is too short.
I know, Gary.
He must have cut it.
Why I don't know.
To measure my skull, to match the color of my hair.
It's not important, Gary.
What's important is that this man This man's an Alpha.
Don't listen to him.
That's the only possible explanation for how he looks like me.
No, no, he His face is moving.
Yeah, you're not Dr.
That's his Alpha ability.
He can change his face.
Yes, you're right, Gary.
And his entire bone structure.
And even the color of his skin, his vocal cords.
I imagine it must be incredibly painful holding another shape like this.
It's no picnic being you, that's for sure.
All hunched up, pretending to be so damned understanding.
Well, why don't you let it go? I'll kill him, you little brat! No, no, no, you won't because you need me to delete those MK Ultra files.
But I won't.
I'm not going to help you because you helped Red Flag kill those three MK Ultra people.
Three of them! You killed Freeman, Baxter and and Stentz? Yeah, they're dead.
I saw the pictures.
They were the last three remaining staff members of the program.
While you make me out to be a traitor, you wipe out MK Ultra Why? What's in those files? What is it you don't want me to see? - Stop! - No, no, no, no! - Dr.
Rosen - Gary! - Dr.
Rosen's got a gun.
- Where is he? I don't know what he's going to do, but he's the mole.
He's down there.
I don't know what he's going to try and do, but he's the mole.
Gary, just slow down.
Anna told me.
We should leave.
That's not Gary! Oh! Ah! Oh, God.
I'm so damned tired.
Look, I'm not the traitor here, all right? You all are.
You've sided against your own kind.
And now you're nothing but government thugs.
Was that necessary? No, but you know what, it feels really good.
Where is Gary? I'm here.
It's the real me.
That's the fake me.
He was fake Rosen before, but the real Dr.
Rosen is here now.
His leg hurts, and he has bad hair.
So the Alpha who tried to kill me? Gone by the time we got there.
But your theory seems sound.
Kill the MK Ultra players, erase the data, leave you holding the bag.
Yeah, well whatever Red Flag was looking for in those MK Ultra files, or whatever they were trying to bury, must have been pretty important.
Important enough for that morphogene to risk his life for it.
True believer.
Had him shipped straight to building seven.
Eric, why exactly are you here? His idea.
Eric's getting out of Binghamton soon.
I thought you two could work together from time to time.
Oh, really.
Call it work release.
Hey, he meant that.
That was sincere.
It's likewe bonded.
Don't push it.
Hey, Doc, I'm--I'm your man.
Even part time, freelance.
Well, I'll keep it in mind, Eric.
More honesty.
That is It's so refreshing.
All right.
I'll be in the car.
Don't try to run.
Why would I run? I got a job offer waiting.
You know, Nathan, I was a little dismayed at the way you treated my team.
Tranqing them like they were rabid dogs.
Throwing them into cages.
You set a very dangerous precedent doing that.
Lee, you had a mole.
A Red Flag Agent inside your team.
If I hadn't acted quickly and decisively, you would have been dead or framed.
Or both.
And I'm supposed to thank you for that? You could.
Or you could worry about how Red Flag is gonna come at you next.
Because they will.
I'll call you.
Well, I thought he was pretty cute.
Really? Yeah, those bank deposits were cash.
That's the beauty of card shows.
Look, I'm the guy who pitched two perfect games in a row.
Yeah, in the minor leagues.
It doesn't matter.
Never been done before.
Hasn't been done since.
Makes me collectible.
I'm a statistical freak.
No, that makes you the greatest flameout in the history of Minor league sports.
Regardless, I get I do five or seven shows a year.
My shame is Tyler's college fund.
At least you two are talking again.
Ah, we're one big happy family.
Yeah, and still waiting on my apology.
Rosen still owns me two more vacation days.
And, uh, there's a motor show in Detroit.
We should go.
It could be a roadtrip, and then while we're there you could pick out a new car.
Gary, what's wrong with my car? Your driving an accountant's car.
So, you know what, that's not funny.
You know what, why don't you get your little girlfriend Anna to take you? Hey, be nice.
What? I'm being nice.
She's just my friend.
Look, I say one snarky thing and you guys are all on my ass.
Forget it, I can say whatever I want.
Bill? Bill? Bill? Dr.
Rosen? Dr.
Rosen! Bill.