America in Primetime (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

The Misfit

the man american prime time this is not the standard resigned from the fda and really can be seen missiles has the cdc is not a normal person you know there are a star on of strange people in this world wide we see here people who were and television for some reason they often are u corporate funding for miracle in primetime is provided by which drive all our lives is writers artist actors to connect with other people through what we did the viet its best connects with you directly personally because it's a small box in your house review continues room maybe next year dubious no more internet connection have with anything other than the people next blood the tv because it's honest and because of the smaller major lindemann they're being told for the small screen actually getting a little diversion nobody in the early morning review for tab having tv's always been listening to has taken medium for taking character you know there are racial harris lenders during their slightly inappropriate people do are socially awkward or people who are missing any sort of thing and kit were filtering slugs mary slaney news it's not a normal person someone who over house almost zero self-awareness uh pensera wisdom discussing things that they thought of would never say or has to be is someone who doesn't fit into the world of the audience belongs to and television for some reason they often how kind of a drama both things are appealing they are in fact miss fitness with the capital anythign to see institutions sort of undone uncensored inappropriate way facilities just appears to be there doing it and we really are in the age of the nerds you know the people that uh we all look up to someone like bill gates you know one of the most famous american is working kid from seattle big computer started standards are kind of revered in continuing different means we asked people like or you're really talking about a relief it and then you get along with everyone it's pretty small percentage of people that would go them related as a universal experience shipment is project bankrupt in suburban seattle as fight a nerd princess myself breyer high school explain dungeons and dragons debate club model united nations pewter club marching band website bells posts i'd know that and mirrored worlds pretty well who stands to stand for and still waiting is the most of our characters immediately the existence of many different times one of those grievances and did you receive great summer rains uh life story he cried and i remember it photo album relatives of his we were pretty rural and that will help you passed that around deaths are has stopped was discover on on season three three deflate is actually farmer welcome strong arm in all click cell phones the face down on the streets weird people with the growth for myself here you know have a lot of family members release all together the kind of art but they're they can be just weirdo and just as you have planted your seat in the ground i am going in when my scene in you their social misfit style hedonists that that the klan action person it comes from preacher manic lov roles i've decided to try and even our next three years trending towards him dishonest technique such trapping some with silence fell of the others characters everything fit they're all this and none of us at the same then something or opponents as a that's what we've heard bucks comedy by its very nature uh is derisive you are picking on somebody somebody doesn't matter who it is not a candidate for this city it can be physical features you volpi prophetically true people fight at all three it can be trusted include but in order to get a laugh your actually pointing at and shining a light on some sort of peter generic for specific forever when you do it with the mystic in the midst that doesn't crumble everybody feels better the that's hot case sheet gets tight cake that guy has reports you may he's being treated worse than me and he is not bad killed iti pistons in television shows message every show ever watched you can't be too careful these days there are a lot of strange people in this world from a different just a question tv shows politicizing janet babylonian not even sure what the opposite about i just like to see those characters the those characters killing it was a mess he was kind of course corpo experiment two p wasn't it there's been some the versions about certain kind of a comedy character just doesn't get it exaggerating the way kind of relates to how how a lot of us feel that's it people of the characters hapless just kind of you won't hear any error breed and alone the there's adams this mourning and grieving multi painful fish finished they can shoot fictionalized cannot plus apologies and when i was a little boy i was probably father by my scriptures and uh one day's somewhere personal let's go for let that that was going on this kind of families of the world and others set of rules it's hard to certain way there was a certain style mystery just never knew i was going to happen next strikeouts wonderland initiative always institution removed that's the forties fifteen sixties forays were filled with war and its aftermath fifteen everybody words of the very straight their roots effortsthrough forced from formating yes indeed school done list but the kind of people use like those of you and your theories fifties television family there on that road the people who were a little bit from whom to prevent pollutants that had very bad for loosening because the addams family was at the end of the reinstatement have tried to live this suburban life i think some of them grew up in different states of actually being alive personal lives their misfits but they have a conference about who they are in fact if there's a difference he's absolutely adorable scared mom trial facing uh strange experience underneath there the healthiest family on television parents really doing something with her do don't be scared enough so that is not only that amanda selectivity and any show adult care fits star trek coral western or a cop show or certainly officer set in a taxi depot izapata families taxiway them easy into a forty seven am in he's punitive melting pot i'm all these different characters they were the family but they became apparent this family of misfits who had dreams grader and working in the school right help application candidates except and it was just beautiful metaphor for life and god kasi although i a m spotted what it you look at it really shouldn't is a wild card is a crazy karen there he had he had antenna happily diploma is like the left so we see somebody here that he got its really pushing hegemony the you never saw anybody at tel aviv's that means this is the worst lost users relative to reveal of him in the file it get will use this evening indicating opens it comes down the digipak and memory loss advocating to see that he's not you know all forget that these this little guy he brought the house staff and you know just the character rough day mostly broadcast networks were more strongly suggesting that every character needed to be like a ball and they can't do anything that's going to upset anybody because we really need to real for them deleted commonsensical files when i get to know you know discount does not like it really haven't seen the fields axia donna has seen like an old team because lovable because he was really fun they played out just how unlikable he was units great great grades sitcom valid and have a good uprooted weather starts right up his service where you begin to sympathize with mine on my way to some events and are you we have to change the ppm uh alliance character crescent locker rooms copycat lonely tro hearing u hearing must not be in the world clinton township understand summary another book entitled did you ever been violated and he tells us heartbreaking story about having to buy clothes and the children section going getting the family i have to go to the world menstrual orchestrated police department that make you feel for and such an interesting way says oh no i know is that remain upi's is nicely kind of incident and we you know had this really really sweet moments financial level didn't u paris that's not bachche completely going too far uptown to talk about a downtown for my comedy is always dangerous but i've you know just don't get one stab i think mister characters succeed when they see something very true almost by accident about everybody fits problem often is named to provide tete-a-tete pushed some buttons certain characters entertainers in that way and they actually you know on their own way they they do provokes infarction conversation that's about it my mother caught caught you don't know why you know dough whistle people is that there's the question that nobody else can because they're they're dumber for their you know from another land or whatever it may then clearly steinfels willing to talk about last friday nobody else in television to talk about the rest of the i have net but doing back-to-back and what anything in that as well start to get altogether allow any air paquette notes yes left i think you could well i tell i can hold out longer to heal that'll make it interesting his accidentally territory at least convinces the renowned guitarist get away with the contest address actually scratching our heads growing cocaine knowing davis in advance warning if this is the uh the only thing that the kind of his coming because hiring didn't disclose it until the day of the reform party was just madly trying to get up to speed with this subject matter and can we do it should we do it you make it through the night yes i am proud to say i did so there's still a master your domain yes yes i have to quit the show if they didn't the stated the print on the air does it make it more than a process successful from top to the wynonna unclean and of course that on the stand timeout parachute said hey levitt for couple the what seinfeld was an experiment it didn't have pretty sure structure it's certainly didn't have traditional characters writers somehow felt they had to present characters that more are more vulnerable more respectful and somehow they were merely has re-opened the used to be the than this this manus plan layout but i have to fit into the real world the beverly hillbillies did tried would just the beverly hills the same for all the evidence bayern you know the the newer drugs are not trying the world has to work according to them crime not sure coloration dared to do that before mark frost insists time dot together and would have copies i think we started this to parse as interest boulevard as somewhere along the lines this society eighteen of this standards in a small town in northwestern united states twenty khz discount has a move six years the woods sps it's a small town buses so there's the phone and diner people against the sheik people from school they're all normal but just like um what you get to know people's you discover many many many keeley aaron's dealing with the logs grace nightline has something to tell you fifteen went and i don't believe we've been introduced creating these key police in this world which is you know first blush flirtatious insanity you could say we all have a television set in our brain and using transactions and see what comes on the businesses there there it is it's not his crystal-clear as the story finally when it's finished but it's mike stopwatch like that david lynch's use of americana disparity between the dark underbelly between our expectation of what that world it's my head but it's really like you know if there are murders in small town people have been teenagers and jealous wines and broadview stn all of that behind that norman rockwell painting for happily uses sierra leone self-harm has these numbers are still there babyheart sketches picture telephone call from a one-armed man and name mike decommissioning was bob good luck don't different mike anderson bob billions about a convenience store and tend to fire walk with me twenty second century representations he will constantly hear people bring it out dealing was just like he felt that this ruling twin peaks was not that you felt emotions like sadness or happiness you just don't this visceral feeling of dread then strangeness the dream sequences then i just seriously feastrex where would you feel resisting that breaks the sound that the other but could not could not believe that they just seem like religion plate to military answer those a or it's so hard in a misdemeanor man it is is one of those years it is so strange you wouldn't have thought audiences would be able to swallowed mister realism in prime time television and they did and they loved it my relieved and i really think going outside orders bob i think i sort of grew up with an outsider's perspective for a variety of reasons that i still haven't as a writer on love writing when their personal residence and whether they know and their misfits around by find characters who are insiders you're getting at right who were doing the right thing were well-adjusted organized motivated by swimmers room math and interestingly values drink there really boring david fisher in six feet under is a game and treats you if not really so he's living in a sort of outside bubble and jason course i take those struggles seriously please start helmet the middle east feels this loneliness with your love i've felt a sense of responsibility when i was cast in the role of david because i didn't recognize he was totally unique at that point a fully fleshed out central gay character with uh a complex relationship a complex relationship to his works to his family to his sexuality he wasn't incidentally day he wasn't comic relief he was in the neighbor upstairs with a little dog he was stated he was right there in the in the middle of the old you have to write when you know because then you can bring this need bring it on our steward and that's the world because those of us is a real through you could expanding we'll maybe we can talk with her bonded my relationship with the character's relationship with their mortality is behaving for me my sister was killed pricing sturgeon yourself in that sort of you know that my life have been very fortunate that i've been able to reinforce that through my work make your own doubt that quickly general powell almost always or and it seemed to be the emotions with with respect my feelings are usually more schooling should not bad person you are eleven schools for something other than highways tickets interesting when somebody has a new jerk reaction of fear uh towards something that has different when you have a definite have a death wish i could happen to think that judgment i could two people based on the actions of the few individuals within that group kids won't know i will not let you put yourself or this farm deja walt because that's why harder as a stronger can be such a potent arena in which explore these kinds of things documents turned on the citrus intent truths about what is normal and why do we see here people who were different than we are peoplebank weakness dot oh we're full that kelly crowe support vampire topped discounted the idea was enormous but what's your idea come on a world where there's vampires hands wear wool and shapeshifter there's a run of the minister of of empire struggling for assimilation which i think it's important to sort of will get that struggle in a way that is not really mister heart felt about the real struggles that minority status americans don't think you people deserve special rights the same rescue him mundra saying there's a reason to use our the way they are scott injustice hates rational rose it makes you think about how often people don't feel exactly in synch with everyone else's was about being an outsider being different olympic team in my work is the struggle to be authentic in increasingly nonsensical world maintenance happening then missus parallels pertaining to mothers and how much people like to see came out its is in no did you get about online i wanna vindication message enough fails to meet is kind of revolutionary detailed assay this woman is deeply flawed and she's also a good mother deal with that united states and tear is about and women here is a wife and mother who also happens to have a decision about kennedy disorder on which is also known as the awful personalities as one hundred anti-religion and none of you are the freaks just for everybody else gone away kathy is he realizes that she thinks unusual she is definitely struggling to huh fear is seventy five thousand traumatic comedy city is a funny show biz rooted in something that's really quite disturbing wonderful now that's happening that's cases the least characters on television is the trivial eight o'clock an action sympathetic definition calmly catholic if you're not settling steve but and adding our realizing that admiral is normal remove be like to think of ourselves in our society is being lost murderers package along with the hold of life school for good toward peace parent members reading uh locate the united states and the globus that's not marked being more foreign surprised and posting content sounds about right nine of the role to be enough after audio then you've thrown at me and get the heavyweight see this as you see a very good use the mister which is again the person that is lesser than us they're the ones we can look down on somewhere that's that's the missus to use them says she expects that both the mayor of the society and and as people take a look at themselves what we do now we can do homework dvd's it u audiences can connect with that being here because were flying were all flying m in fact that they the offensive creative material is that this is that which doesn't have knowledge of flux where people behave well in a perfect like a copy of my body a lot of the eighties television was very kind of uh there's a lot of very good including stuff you know that uh i don't know i mean alike because they show but it was so you know everyone's going to princeton and everybody's smart he was invited to mean reviews partially reaction to all of that financially entitled to see the inherent dat at the daily decimal system five fatal beating handsome characters have no desire to get better for the distinctly uniform they described as the disabilities can get it cracks me up for it ice in the district court said you know i love the board identity like it more of the first or george wendt norm from cheers white incident on i do think that that's what it is the people trying to succeed in life and a half the graphical st different recently his son expiry parity fitzco and my dvd box sixties click dvds box usage and decide us treaties from beginning and what's all seventeen upsets i guarantee if a tree price closing time each one has to start to face whether they fit in society are you are always the one who's out of bed visit or something on our wedding what made you the updated that i was promising heidstra was this it's the same coming great social rolex paramount which you've bob all these kids into a building an equally thing we all have in common is wednesday well if you're one of the popular people in high school you were in the center of the action endured observing in and you weren't having uh thoughts about it really because you were living in and uh the nba and resentment and all these emotions obtained admitted that creative person uh wanna do it is such a recall take dot citizen colin unless something here that is is it just today it's a lovely interests you water route for the person who has the least chance to succeed free speech was my tends to recreates my actual experiences in high school coffee grew up has endured michigan from left to make a high school show that was about with his personal life is about which was what the hell out of beatings apparently a lot of humiliation size etc russians what i did was on the first day i created this questionnaire dedicated out all the writers instead what was most humiliating thing that ever happened to night school what's the worst drug you took what's the matter is you're parents are dotted you with several for two weeks and just told personal stories and mind that for the whole season it became a collective uh spewing the pain by this government nigerian she'll be perceived as a man at the station by the ladies need parisians jumps it was actually something that i really did that he claims that we as a kid he thought would be called for purpose freezing nights it but i think the war it was humiliated permit i walked in the door i didn't have a different in a second i think all day and i couldn't get out it does seem that you have to go through a bath pain to become it professional common life mostly because of the and he was you know it home oklahoma helmut com hehe now announce it buying something different to express his individuality makes him a whole are well then i guess we should all be proud to be home loans you glance the problems with teenagers read continue to have for a whole lot disappoint with regard to grandma how is that in one of my doing i'm doing the right things like everything turned out alright remind me when i go drop off my kids at school just even interacting with the parents and i feel is v even worthless as i did when i was eleven years old mike and feel that while people applauding that mainly the middle of the night because an abuse of brown people assume succeed in this business cyclical letterman and leno and have tremendous success should have every reason to think that you're afraid the secure and the situation rather don that is right next to the dominican republic oren visitation the inconceivable insecure that curtain is a perfect metaphor for how uh someone wants to be seen when we come to the curtain it's like how we are in life when we want people to think of a certain way and then on the other side of the curtain is one where are we also chicago darpa okay do you find out what he's doing how we have to leave how we see in the line is just that in the severity of the whole thing it is just the inflation of ego that needs to be different about somebody's been sitting in my chair somebody else reports to the dollar goldilocks and three bears beverly something for the invite your likely to be sent out a memo coming up to five sanket going past the two future ones character and these are very very characters uh in very driven and recieved which one of these two you design stampeded was hilarious digital scrapbook covers on the straight with the reserve had myself international finance experts as well i think that separately anything done facility commendation after before so no problem graces the nineteen truths that he was doing is you're killing commanders two hundred years stories on listen uh suffering from conference on with hitler and try to talk about going out there and they're retort was response and believed broke for commercial carries with it appear back to the world refrigerant cctv camera connected to see him having sex with and state defense teams on top goes the lazy bastards and defeated fat fifty that show remains larry discussed really sophisticated level of pathetically s blacks with larry you know you and i have something in common yes yes we did on body probably don't know that out than i a m while he spent the day by ex-wife for francine no i was referring to a charity work with hopefuls grosses people would say well we're such a fool of yousuf or a distorted terribly need let's take a look at my favorite i was there for about five years and everything and learn about storytelling i'd need to learn from being ron carey and gary thesis a that the larry sanders show is about group of people who love each other but show business gets in the way so that was a secret those characters ralph seeking lower they're just covering it because it's not stage spent on nothing this idea of just it's safe to have an audience and you just there's only so much of yourself that they can reject part often but getting consent of cameras okay is off limits you the certain elements of comedy always they always have to be there narcissism is one of them and every character needs to have a fatal flaw for a series of fatal flaws synonym bilities you something about themselves the very definition of narcissism is you can see beyond the typical no sin the center of the universe is you and all you everything else revolves around it i would say development is very heavily and forms by the idea of marisa system is kind of a a modern problem every one of those characters with self involved in the it's gotten there because they they have found insist to do that development company president and with investors using the company fastest personal piggy bank it's all about grief because of our look we're going to have at the time the big screen is what's going on and worldcom enriches of the hobbling meltdowns where well-to-do families were fighting each other suing each other stealing from each other lying about each other and it was just horrible and uh we thought was pretty funny they're gonna keep dad imprisoned at least until this gets all sorted out also the attorney said that if the whole food companies expense account interesting i would expect that to the keeping details interesting that think whether masses as more always be funny in comedy hit the it might be a temper of thing it might be white man and powerfully consumed the narcissus it does seem to be a very very strong voice in comedy right now i think the stuff about twitter and face book this very hard but i don't don't think it's about communication i don't think that needed to do the same despotic great confusing narcissus never had any idea that their you know their raging ast they have their logic they see the world a particular way and uh pay for the viewers gifted is neutral it is we can present that in a way that is somehow still not only funny black canopy limbs china winning is saying george look on videotape eurostar bullet hello receded poorer case with the trade analysis and from the entire talked with a lot of the comedy came from people truly not understanding why their behavior uh was anti-social and checked out again new vp of development for nbc to universal kmart but we all came out now so far when a narcissistic is not a sociopath not not beyond redemption and not incapable of functioning in the world but still larcenous still coming up for number one protection for white house lawn coming up for it mhm five inches stack there's a correlation with uh how normal people related interactions but it vision and it doesn't dr conflicting understand what it sees things a lot of time hope yeah of course to make is pretty interesting to see that sunny kinda they'd really knows you know where the other towns lines pardon and um manages to stay on the playing field no when when when when steven dividends on partner track into a handy is a black eight black faces many first last name steven back we've heard of catholics remarkable people blacks musical very athletic penetrated swimmers again i'm talking about the family blackie is african-american mo i don't care about well i know that is the kind of thing we tell ourselves for trusting of the families of their work genuine cultural tensions remain due to go to the movies she would be able to screen jack view uses boom sensitivity to other people and we're disappointed with i have just exactly the point is not a vehicle is the level of self-awareness defeated attains a greater levels of morrison knudsen he doesn't care about them are seeing that with this day for five missions bayside finished form one thousand one hundred involvement in the polygraph patient always prostate grooming about the print shack america's next big cough and eighteen holes ghosts or and are one of the class modified still on afterwards poor people and racism kotian and recycling i played a great round of golf and west bank a c for my victory that's been the evolution of the mister is that they don't want her sink little of themselves or think that they take it on I and i know that this about that larry the character this is itself is being right i'm right and almost all situations financed these people that come in the defense and both no it's not like the one thing that this is the best thing that's happened he doesn't like to follow conventions still await cracks terrorists the president at that i think i'd like to thank you dipak at panels will hold places like let me guess although none of our national have the freedom say anything that i want anything that occurs in a anything that i would never say indian in my life enjoyed a sample of desert abusing your sample intelligence well as the it is for sale have it iraq and mean different things all of this is the name of you don't know what uh enjoy xd that's not really glaring is making it was like it is per meri might like to be celebs who was it was the intention stoicism the person on the show the real person says the fraud this one is the faith this once fake and that was real as as simple as that if you don't relate to a character at first yourself with that distant your just a jerk but if you stay with it long enough at some point i will guarantee you with the writing about shows design cake kate to to force you to really traveling trip trent conditions denial that attractive tulika further hitting where these and every fly-by-night really 'cause it's very comfortable these interviews get very hot yes that i'm sorry i didn't see overhead check it out for some time next generation of wearing pajamas but i don't wear pajamas on applying alec sing i liked whistle what's that the bongos on my leg elected in the tape was just but i don't do it okay interested somebody sitting next to me okay larry's gift of life is that everything within same everything challenges him everything thing initiatives by he perceives everything as a threat but but but well no not everything offend him it's not a moment rethink radiated character actor for his death it's over thinking what he's gonna sing police going to be he walks through life and who has experience and he reacts to it it's not long distance even if it's in india the someone forty-fourth often law itself great like you could start for two months ago i just a lots of the land and curb has actually become the boat ride across set i brush my teeth with an hour it was it was horrible popped um we're talking to you them myself we're doing really well uh really yeah without the lab itself two eight percent what's the difference election so instead of being the guy that walks into a situation perceiving some sort of attack that was never there larry or curb mail walks into situations enigmatic stuff lately outside of services and level the lines why it is not to my friend i could be a lot of ok well maybe if you talk already your friend i'll talk a lot of celebrate grateful take landfall right elimination like-minded sometimes there these outsiders who they blame boy spitzer dysfunctional but really peel away you keep finding very very soon believable aspects of that in the city personality has gotten to know this is an inspiration it's nice to see someone like me and it was interesting selected place for you sixteen and with however promptly itself it doesn't look like them to alvin lim first hospitals schools and i think it's a laugh at political efforts alone consulting group deal it would really has done in normal kids are the ones that are where they can agree on goldman's here defeat has the scratch image the the we are all going to stick to your local stream there's been an evolution that's reflected the on television that people are starting to understand that siemens are flawed that's what you'd like the article notes like this this is my fantasies thank you for your face now from moscow related people know what a mess through s how many people actually relief suppressed did a little bit like looking like that determination and faith alone in great story telling you feel close to the world to close that humanity and that's why we like the shows because it reflects most people's struggle it has to have some element truth between recognize every dysfunctional family needed really talk too much arrayed around too much but the thing that could bring us together was leather in on the television have terrible dinners were not and watching television comments that's really really important to me family sitting around and laughing together and developing there's just something very intimate about watching television it's in your house it's this harley venue your in a relationship with what's happening on the street candidates basket of bring people together and help the financial trimmed something and i'll as she read experience houston millions of other people who are watching the same thing and there's something something time at cosmic about that dissect connectedness that i get un beepers and you know that the perfect with the career to watch full episodes of the city's or to learn more about the program visit peace let's dont to border america in prime time on dvd rw fluently physician he has done for us one eight hundred claimed he has said